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00:20 Hello
00:21 and welcome to
00:23 Exalting His Word.
00:24 My name is Shelley Quinn
00:25 and I hope that you'll be able
00:27 to stay tuned with us for
00:28 the next 30 minutes.
00:29 The Bible truth that
00:31 we'll introduce today
00:32 can bring you great joy
00:34 and peace and victory
00:35 over all the circumstances of your life!
00:37 Today, we're going to look into
00:40 the most liberating truth
00:42 in the Bible.
00:43 God's perfect law of liberty!
00:46 Our theme text
00:48 for this program is
00:50 Psalms 138:2
00:52 and that verse says that
00:54 God magnifies
00:56 and exalts his name
00:57 and His Word above all things.
01:00 And he magnifies
01:01 His Word even above his name.
01:05 You know because
01:06 this is a life changing truth
01:08 I frequently like
01:10 to rehearse this.
01:12 And each week
01:14 as we go over this,
01:15 we can allow God to
01:17 imprint on our minds
01:19 what is His top priority.
01:22 Because God exalts His word
01:26 above everything.
01:27 That means nothing.
01:29 Absolutely nothing
01:31 is more important to God
01:33 than His word.
01:34 He has assigned His word to
01:37 the highest rank of importance.
01:39 He has given it
01:41 the highest position of praise.
01:42 God exalts His word
01:44 above everything because
01:45 in the word of God
01:47 there is creative transforming power.
01:50 Power to accomplish all of His will.
01:54 Let me ask you a question.
01:56 Do yo really understand that
02:00 God has a plan for your life?
02:02 Would you like
02:05 to put His plan into motion for you?
02:08 The word reveals God's plan for you
02:12 and it contains the creative power
02:14 to transform your life.
02:17 If our creator
02:18 exalts His word above everything else,
02:22 what do you think should be
02:24 most important to us?
02:25 God is watching and waiting for us.
02:28 To come to Him and embrace His love.
02:32 He is eager for us
02:33 to overcome our identity crisis
02:35 and learn the privileges in
02:37 the power that's available to us
02:39 if we've accepted Him as our Savior
02:42 and Father God.
02:44 Let me explain what I mean
02:45 by identity crisis.
02:47 You know, most of us
02:49 don't understand
02:51 God's plan for our lives.
02:52 We don't understand
02:54 what it means
02:55 to be recreated in His image.
02:57 We have little appreciation for
02:59 the power of God
03:01 to change us.
03:02 We simply don't recognize
03:04 who we've become when
03:05 we've accepted Christ as our Savior.
03:07 So we suffer from an identity crisis.
03:10 But if we would learn to exalt God's word!
03:13 Oh over our limited human understanding,
03:18 God will give us
03:20 the victory in overcoming
03:21 our identity crisis
03:23 and our lives will be forever changed.
03:27 Today, we're going to discuss
03:29 God's boot camp for eternity.
03:33 More important than that,
03:34 we'll examine God's perfect law of liberty.
03:39 If we understand
03:40 and live by
03:42 the perfect law of liberty
03:43 we will be empowered by God
03:45 to put His word into practice.
03:48 God will set our hearts free
03:51 from our earthly burdens!
03:52 He will teach us to be
03:54 more than conquerors over the problems
03:57 and the weight of sin.
03:59 Let's pray
04:00 and ask God's blessing over us
04:02 and invite the Holy Spirit
04:03 to be our teacher.
04:05 Heavenly Father,
04:07 we come once again Lord
04:09 to entreat you that
04:11 you would teach us your will.
04:14 Father God teach us
04:16 who we are in Christ.
04:18 Teach us the plan that
04:19 you have for our life.
04:21 I ask now for a special
04:22 anointing of the Holy Spirit
04:24 over my mouth
04:26 and over the ears of everyone
04:29 who is listening Father that
04:31 the Holy Spirit
04:32 might lead us into your truths.
04:36 We give you all the praise
04:37 and the honor and the glory,
04:39 in Jesus Name, amen.
04:42 It's important for us
04:44 to understand that,
04:46 right here and now,
04:47 Christians are living in a training camp.
04:50 In some ways,
04:51 we can compare our experience with
04:54 the US military boot camp.
04:56 Where,
04:58 new recruits receive training
04:59 in Government authority
05:01 military discipline
05:02 and weapon usage.
05:04 Did you know that
05:06 the term "boot camps" stands from
05:08 the issuance of military footwear.
05:12 And it was military issued boots!
05:15 And new recruits
05:16 are drilled to
05:18 the point of exhaustion
05:19 in this foot gear.
05:21 Sometimes they
05:22 find it difficult to
05:24 appreciate the systematic
05:25 training system.
05:26 The limits of
05:28 human endurance are tested
05:29 and the development of
05:31 inner strength is demanded.
05:33 You know,
05:35 some soldiers question
05:36 the value of their
05:37 boot camp experience that
05:39 is until they enter battle.
05:43 I recently saw
05:44 a US military pilot who
05:46 was interviewed on television.
05:49 And, an Iraqi missile
05:52 had shot down his plane
05:54 and he'd been taken captive.
05:56 On camera during the interview,
05:59 he credited
06:00 his survival to
06:02 the training that
06:03 he had received in boot camp.
06:04 And he was quite appreciative!!
06:07 Life on earth is
06:08 the training camp for
06:10 the people of God.
06:12 In the practice of His word,
06:15 we are trained for
06:18 the battles of life
06:19 and a much more critical mission.
06:22 Eternity.
06:24 Our training ensures
06:25 our success here on earth
06:27 and our maturity to manage
06:29 the eternal inheritance that
06:31 God wants to give us
06:34 with wisdom.
06:35 God promises in His word that
06:37 when He creates a new heaven
06:40 and a new earth
06:42 He will not permit sin
06:44 to rise again.
06:47 Only those who have been trained
06:50 by practicing His word
06:52 will understand the wisdom
06:54 and the love of God's eternal plan.
06:58 The value of our training
06:59 will be forever acclaimed!
07:02 The errs of eternal life
07:04 we'll have learned through experience
07:07 not to repeat
07:09 the rebellion in sin that brought
07:10 such horrible consequences!
07:13 Only those that are trained
07:15 by practice in His ways
07:17 will be suited for
07:19 God's eternal inheritance.
07:21 In this parallel application to boot camp
07:25 we can say that God's recruits
07:28 are issued foot gear.
07:30 Our feet have been fitted
07:32 with the Gospel of peace
07:34 and since gospel means
07:35 good news...
07:37 then I guess you could say that
07:38 we've been registered in
07:40 the "Good News Camp"!
07:42 In this camp,
07:43 we're being trained in
07:45 the authority of God's government
07:47 and the disciplines of love,
07:49 joy, peace
07:50 and obedience.
07:52 The Lord of Hosts issues us
07:55 weapons of Spiritual warfare
07:58 and these powerful weapons
08:00 can take our thoughts captive
08:03 and make them obedient
08:05 to His will.
08:06 Our weapons can pull down
08:08 the vain arguments by which
08:10 the enemy tries to build
08:12 a stronghold in our minds.
08:14 In our camp
08:16 it would seem that
08:18 some strategies of
08:19 our commander and chief
08:21 are difficult to understand.
08:24 As the Lord's army
08:26 we often think that we
08:28 should use all of OUR might in the battle.
08:30 That's often our attitude,
08:32 isn't it?
08:34 Well, this error causes great
08:36 discouragement and exhaustion
08:39 among our ranks.
08:40 We miss the greatest weapon
08:44 and aid of our training.
08:46 In fact, we miss
08:48 the most powerful weapon in God's arsenol.
08:52 [information on screen]
09:02 Unlike the US military,
09:04 God does not train us
09:07 to draw on an inner reserve of
09:10 human will power.
09:11 Rather, the Lord instructs us
09:14 not to do anything
09:16 in our own strength!
09:18 Jesus said, apart from Him
09:20 we can do nothing!
09:22 God wants us to
09:24 depend totally on Him!
09:28 To overcome all of
09:30 the obstacles of our lives!
09:32 Jesus said that
09:33 His power is made perfect
09:37 in our weakness.
09:38 Our training prepares us
09:40 to stand firm in faith.
09:42 Knowing that the battle belongs to the Lord
09:46 and that He gives us the victory.
09:50 Drawing on God's strength is
09:52 the only way that
09:54 we overcome our weaknesses.
09:56 The only success route in
09:59 our training camp for eternity.
10:01 You know the Lord often has to lead me
10:04 back to Galatians 3:3.
10:06 There the Bible says that
10:08 we are foolish to think that
10:11 we can perfect our walk
10:13 by the power of our human flesh.
10:17 Instead, we must rely on the provision of
10:20 the power of the Holy Spirit.
10:23 This is
10:24 the most important strategy
10:26 to avoid the enemy's missiles.
10:29 And even if a surprise attack strikes
10:32 and the enemy takes us captive
10:34 our only hope of survival
10:37 and eventual release is
10:38 to draw on God's power!
10:42 There is a second camp here on earth.
10:45 It's a slave camp that some mistakenly call...
10:49 'Camp Feel Good'.
10:51 Because this camp follows
10:53 the downward trend of the world system.
10:56 Recruits find it easier to march in step with
10:59 the majority and do what comes naturally.
11:03 There's not rigorous training.
11:05 There's no rigorous discipline.
11:08 Instead people in this camp
11:11 follow their own consciences
11:13 and decide for themselves what's right and wrong.
11:16 Since God's complete authority is not considered,
11:21 they think they are walking
11:22 in freedom from His laws.
11:25 Free to do as they choose.
11:27 But, what they don't recognize is that
11:30 the master deceiver...
11:32 ...Satan himself,
11:34 is manipulating and controlling their actions.
11:38 This evil leader
11:40 prows around,
11:41 plotting their destruction while
11:43 parading as an angel of light.
11:45 He leads by deception.
11:48 Counterfeiting the good things of God
11:50 and promising freedom to his troops.
11:53 Expecting freedom these poor souls
11:56 don't realize that
11:58 they've become slaves to corruption.
12:00 For the Bible says
12:01 that a man is a slave to whatever
12:05 has mastered him.
12:06 The deception is so cunning that
12:08 the draftees of "Camp Feel Good"
12:10 aren't aware that they're walking in darkness
12:13 along the broad path to destruction.
12:16 Proverbs 14:12 says,
12:19 There is a way that seems right to a man but
12:25 its end is the way of death.
12:30 Oh, if only these poor precious souls
12:32 would stop their march of madness,
12:36 and stand in attention to God,
12:39 He would open their eyes from darkness
12:41 and He would deliver them
12:43 from the mistaken identity!
12:45 God will bring them into His marvelous light
12:49 and guide their steps to the narrow path of life
12:53 where they'll find joy in His presence.
12:56 Well, it's time for a quick announcement
12:58 and then we'll be right back.
13:00 Please stay tuned because
13:02 we're gonna be talking about
13:05 God's wonderful law of liberty!
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13:24 Please send your love gifts to...
13:40 Let's look at a wonderful promise of God that
13:44 is found in Hebrews 10:16,17.
13:49 Listen to what God says...
13:51 [text on screen]
14:10 Before God ever laid
14:12 the foundations of this earth
14:14 He had the Calvary plan in mind.
14:18 He knew what humans would do
14:22 and how they would exercise
14:25 the gift that He gave them of free will.
14:29 Free choice.
14:30 So, God had this plan in mind because
14:33 He knew that we couldn't save ourselves.
14:36 In fact, he planned to open a new
14:40 and living way where
14:42 we can return boldly into his presence.
14:44 And that way is a sacrificial blood of His Son.
14:50 The price that He paid to
14:52 buy you and me out of bondage.
14:55 He did for us what we couldn't do for ourselves.
15:01 Salvation is a gift.
15:02 There's nothing you nor I can do to save ourselves.
15:05 We're saved by grace through
15:07 faith in the completed work of
15:09 Jesus Christ on the cross.
15:11 But more importantly,
15:13 or just as importantly,
15:14 in His continuing intercessory work
15:19 as our High Priest.
15:20 Even though salvation is a gift,
15:24 the Bible still reveals that
15:26 eternal salvation is ours ONLY
15:28 if we obey God.
15:30 This principal is recorded
15:32 all throughout the Bible.
15:33 But it's stated very sysinchly
15:36 in Hebrews 5:9 where it says that
15:39 Jesus became the author of
15:42 eternal salvation to
15:44 all who would obey Him.
15:46 Here's where the Apostle Paul had to say
15:51 about salvation by faith
15:52 and obedience to God's ten commandments.
15:55 It's found in Romans 3:31
15:59 [text on screen]
16:18 How can God place conditions of obedience
16:22 upon the promise of the gift of salvation?
16:26 Why does He put His laws into our hearts
16:29 and write them in our minds.
16:32 In Matthew 5:19
16:33 Jesus said that if
16:35 we break the commandments
16:36 and teach others to do the same,
16:38 we'll be called "least" in
16:40 the kingdom of heaven.
16:42 In the New Testament book of James,
16:44 we're warned that if
16:46 we break even one of
16:47 His Ten Commandments,
16:49 we're guilty of them all.
16:50 Does a Holy and Righteous God
16:52 ask more of us than
16:54 we can deliver?
16:56 The answer is revealed
16:57 in God's perfect law of liberty.
17:01 Let's look at that perfect law of liberty
17:05 found in James 1:25
17:09 [text on screen]
17:25 The same author who wrote
17:27 "break one commandment guilty of them all"
17:30 here, in James 1:25,
17:33 shares the secret of walking in God's will.
17:38 I give glory to God for
17:39 increasing my understanding
17:41 on His perfect law of liberty!
17:43 It's my compass.
17:44 And it sets my heart free
17:46 to walk in joy
17:48 and without fear.
17:49 I believe that it's going to do
17:51 the same for you.
17:52 God's word reveals that
17:55 everything He expects of us,
17:58 He has already empowered us to do.
18:02 The law of liberty is this...
18:05 [information on screen]
18:22 Do you remember what Jesus said?
18:24 It's in John 15;5
18:26 He said...
18:27 [text on screen]
18:32 Now listen to the advice of
18:34 the Apostle Paul...
18:35 [text on screen]
18:51 In other words, he's saying
18:52 work out your salvation
18:53 with self distrust.
18:56 With serious caution.
18:58 Tenderness of conscience.
18:59 Watchfulness against temptation!
19:02 Timidly shrinking from
19:04 whatever might offend God
19:06 and discredit the name of Christ.
19:08 I used to read these words
19:11 and I absolutely would
19:13 cringe because
19:15 I didn't understand
19:16 the law of liberty.
19:18 I often felt defeated
19:20 because I took
19:22 the advice out of context.
19:24 I barely noticed
19:26 the power of God's plan that
19:29 Paul revealed with
19:30 his continuing comment.
19:32 And this is what it goes on to say...
19:35 [text on screen]
19:59 Do you see the beauty of
20:01 God's promise to us here?
20:04 It is God who works in us
20:06 to cause us to desire His will.
20:11 As we draw nearer to Him,
20:13 seeking instruction,
20:15 He puts our will
20:17 in perfect alignment with His.
20:20 He changes the desires of our heart.
20:23 You know
20:24 the Bible tells us
20:26 in Jeremiah 13:23 that
20:27 we can not change ourselves
20:29 anymore than a Leopard
20:31 can change its spots!
20:32 And listen to the council of
20:34 the Apostle Paul gives us in
20:37 Romans 8:13.
20:39 In fact, if you have your Bibles
20:41 you might want to turn there
20:43 and mark this because this is
20:45 one of my favorite promises.
20:48 In Romans 8:13, he says,
20:53 "For if you live according to the flesh,
20:56 "you will die, but
20:58 -Now notice this..
21:00 "If by the spirit you put to death
21:04 "the deeds of your body,
21:07 "you will live."
21:09 Do you see the promise there?
21:11 It is only by the power of
21:14 the Holy Spirit that
21:16 we can put to death
21:18 the misdeeds of our flesh.
21:21 By God's grace and power
21:23 he will renew our minds.
21:26 He will transform our attitudes.
21:28 He will change our desires!
21:31 The promise goes much further
21:33 if we'll just cooperate
21:35 with our Creator God.
21:37 Once our minds
21:38 have been restored
21:40 and He lines up our will with
21:43 His way of thinking,
21:44 it's up to us to step out,
21:48 in faith!
21:50 God won't force us
21:51 to do anything against our will.
21:54 But if we'll take that first step,
21:57 God promises that His power
22:01 will show up
22:03 and the...
22:05 That He will give us..
22:06 the continued power
22:08 to walk in a way that
22:09 pleases Him.
22:11 Let me paraphrase
22:12 this amazing promise
22:14 for you because
22:15 I want you to have this in your heart!
22:18 This comes from what
22:19 we just reviewed
22:21 in Philippians 2:12,13
22:22 When we come to the Lord,
22:24 asking Him to teach us His will,
22:26 He works us,
22:29 -in us to line up
22:31 our will so that it be
22:33 in perfect alignment with Him.
22:36 That's the first phase of His powerful act.
22:40 Is to renew our minds
22:41 and place His desires in our hearts.
22:44 Then we must work out
22:48 the saving Grace that
22:50 He has put in our hearts
22:52 by one simple step.
22:53 There is a one foot gap
22:56 between these two stages.
22:58 Stage one is
23:01 our mind being renewed
23:03 to walk in obedience to His will.
23:06 But,
23:08 we must turn our willingness
23:10 into resolve and take action.
23:13 Not depending on
23:14 our own ability but
23:16 depending on the leading of
23:17 the Holy Spirit.
23:18 As we step out in faith,
23:21 the second phase of
23:22 God's wonderful promise begins
23:24 and God pours out
23:27 power from on high!
23:29 By the power of
23:30 the Holy Spirit we can
23:31 press forward and carry out
23:33 the goals that has God's given to us
23:37 to obtain His promises.
23:39 Let me read what
23:41 the Apostle Paul wrote to
23:43 the Philippians
23:45 and suggests that
23:46 we should also
23:48 think about this.
23:51 He said
23:54 in Philippians 3:12-14
24:00 [text on screen]
24:43 If we're walking in
24:44 the perfect law of liberty
24:46 we can depend on God's power
24:49 to walk according
24:51 to His good pleasure.
24:53 Knowing that after we have done
24:56 the will of God,
24:57 he will make certain that
24:59 we receive the promise.
25:01 YES, it requires an effort!
25:04 But it is a Spirit empowered effort.
25:08 I hope that you aren't doing
25:12 what I was doing in the past.
25:14 I used to take the baton that
25:18 the devil handed me
25:20 and beat myself over the head
25:21 with guilt in condemnation thinking...
25:24 "Lord what's wrong with me?
25:25 "Why can't I be a consistant Christian?
25:30 "Why is it three steps forward
25:32 "and two steps back?"
25:34 I really did suffer
25:36 with a lot of guilt but
25:38 it was because I was trying
25:41 to do it in my human effort.
25:44 And when I'd learned
25:46 the perfect law of Liberty
25:48 God changed my life.
25:50 He really did!
25:52 And I hope that's what He is doing for you today.
25:54 To recognize that
25:56 He will cause you to be all that
26:00 He has called you to be.
26:02 Well our time is running out!
26:05 It goes by so quickly!
26:06 I hope you've been encouraged today
26:09 to recognize that
26:10 apart from Jesus
26:12 you can do nothing.
26:14 I hope you'll learned
26:16 to depend on God totally for
26:18 the power to walk in obedience
26:21 and be blessed.
26:22 Understanding his perfect law of liberty
26:26 has changed my perspective.
26:28 As the Holy Spirit leads me
26:32 in a faith a walk of
26:34 the perfect law of Liberty
26:36 God is transforming me.
26:37 He makes my experience here
26:40 in this earthly boot camp for eternity
26:43 an experience of great joy
26:47 and pays as I trust in him.
26:50 And that's my prayer for you too.
26:53 Please tune in next time
26:55 when we'll discuss
26:58 the power of God's promises.
27:00 And discover the pathway
27:03 to His blessing.
27:05 May God multiply
27:07 His mercy,
27:08 His love,
27:09 and His grace to you.
27:11 And may He watch over His word
27:14 to perform it in you
27:16 as you cooperate with him.
27:18 And the best way to cooperate with Him
27:21 is just going to the Lord in prayer
27:25 and asking Him to give you
27:27 the desire for His word.
27:30 Asking him to teach you from His word.
27:33 Please remember this!
27:35 It is so important that
27:38 we spend our time
27:40 making that which is most important to God
27:44 the very thing that is
27:47 also most important to us
27:50 and that is Exalting His Word above all things.
27:57 Goodbye.


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