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00:19 Hello!
00:21 My name is Shelley Quinn
00:22 and I welcome you to
00:23 "Exalting His Word"!
00:25 I'm so glad that you could join us.
00:27 We've got a wonderful program today
00:29 about the Power of
00:31 God's Promises
00:33 and His pathway to blessing.
00:35 First, I'd like to explain
00:37 the theme verse for this program.
00:40 Is Psalm 138:2
00:43 And that verse says that
00:44 God exalts His name and His word
00:47 above all things
00:49 and that He exalts His word
00:51 even above His name.
00:53 Now, what does that mean?
00:55 It means,
00:56 that God finds nothing
00:58 more important than His word.
01:01 It means that
01:03 God has promoted His word to
01:05 the highest rank of importance
01:07 and the highest place of praise.
01:10 It means that God has
01:12 given His word m ore power than
01:17 any other force on earth.
01:18 There is transforming power
01:21 in the word of God.
01:25 I know that since this is what is
01:29 most important to Him,
01:31 His word,
01:32 and since He has granted His word
01:35 the power to accomplish all of His will,
01:38 that you and I should re-examine
01:41 our attitude about the Bible.
01:43 Don't you think so?
01:45 If we understand God's will
01:46 and the plan that He has for our lives,
01:49 we will no longer suffer from
01:53 the identity crisis.
01:54 The word of God reveals not only His plan
02:00 but it also has
02:02 the creative life giving power
02:05 to work out His plan in us.
02:07 God's word is alive and it is active.
02:12 And it is a source of power that
02:14 you and I can plug into.
02:17 Let me ask you,
02:18 are you plugged in to the power of God?
02:23 Our life here on earth is a training ground.
02:28 A boot camp for eternity
02:29 but as we're trained for eternity,
02:31 our experience here on earth
02:33 can be filled with joy.
02:35 And it can be filled with peace
02:38 if we understand God's plan for us.
02:41 He wants us walking in
02:42 the perfect law of liberty
02:44 which can be defined as this...
02:46 That you and I must recognize
02:50 our absolute total dependence
02:53 upon Jesus Christ
02:54 to perform a work in us that
02:56 empowers us to walk in
02:57 the commandments of God.
02:59 Our Lord said apart from Him that
03:02 we could do nothing.
03:03 But God will empower us to do everything
03:06 He asks us to do.
03:09 Depending on God's power to work in us is
03:12 the first great principle that
03:15 will help us overcome our identity crisis.
03:17 Today we're going to examine
03:20 the second great principle that
03:22 works hand in glove with the law of liberty.
03:25 And that is understanding
03:28 the transforming power of
03:29 God's promises at work within us.
03:32 These two great truths combined,
03:35 will cause us to understand God's plan
03:36 and who we become when
03:38 we accept Christ as our Savior
03:42 and we are included in Christ.
03:45 Before we get into the word,
03:47 let's go to the Lord in prayer
03:49 and ask Him to send
03:51 the Holy Spirit to be our teacher.
03:54 Heavenly Father,
03:55 we come before you
03:57 in the name of Jesus Christ.
03:58 And we thank you Father God for your word.
04:01 And we thank you Father for
04:04 the power of your promise.
04:05 And I pray in the Name of Jesus that
04:07 the Holy Spirit will teach us
04:09 the power of promise.
04:11 I pray you will send him just now,
04:13 to anoint our ears
04:17 and to open our hearts
04:19 to receive your word.
04:20 For your Glory in Jesus Name, amen.
04:24 In II Corinthians 12:9
04:26 the Bible says,
04:28 [text on screen]
04:33 These are the words of the Lord.
04:40 I chose the NIV Translation for
04:42 this verse because
04:44 it more accurately depicts
04:46 the original Greek.
04:47 The word power there is "dunamis".
04:50 It means the power...
04:53 the dynamite power of God that
04:56 keeps on working in us
04:58 to complete the good work that
05:01 God's begun in us
05:03 and bring it to perfection.
05:05 Christ never expected us to
05:07 walk the narrow road of salvation
05:11 by our own power.
05:12 I keep saying this but it's so important!
05:15 Apart from Christ
05:17 we can do nothing to save ourselves.
05:20 We can't obey God by our own power!
05:24 Obedience is by grace.
05:27 What do I mean by that?
05:29 Well, we've got to take a closer look at
05:32 what grace really means.
05:35 Most people would say
05:36 it's the unmerited favor of God.
05:39 But, what exactly does that mean?
05:41 Here's a simple but profound definition that
05:45 may change the way you look at God's grace.
05:50 Grace is the unmerited,
05:54 undeserved favor or
05:58 gifts of God.
06:01 Let me repeat it this way.
06:02 Grace is the undeserved
06:04 unearned gifts of God.
06:08 The two greatest gifts of grace that
06:11 God has bestowed on us is
06:13 Christ in us.
06:15 Our hope of glory
06:16 and the power of His indwelling spirit!
06:20 No wonder Christ said that
06:23 His grace was sufficient!
06:24 He pours His life giving power into us
06:29 and perfects the good work that
06:31 He has begun in us.
06:33 This reminds me of a verse in II Timothy
06:37 and it's chapter one verse 12.
06:39 Now, I'm gonna try to speak it to you
06:41 although it's hard for me to speak this verse
06:44 in a natural intonation.
06:47 The scripture that
06:51 this verse is
06:52 -is also the refrain of
06:53 one of my favorite songs that
06:55 I remember often singing in church
06:58 when I was a child.
06:59 Every time I read it,
07:00 I'm actually singing it in my heart.
07:03 And it goes like this...
07:04 "I know whom I have believed,
07:09 "and am persuaded that He is able,
07:12 "to keep that which I've committed
07:16 "to Him until that day."
07:20 Are you persuaded?
07:23 Are you persuaded that
07:25 Christ is able to save you?
07:29 If we will learn to depend
07:32 on His power to walk in
07:34 the law of liberty.
07:36 Being confident of
07:38 this very thing that
07:40 He who began a good work in you
07:43 will carry it on to completion
07:46 until the day of Christ Jesus.
07:48 Then, praise God, we'll understand that
07:53 salvation is all about Him.
07:56 It's not up to us!
07:59 All God asks of us is
08:01 permission to work in us.
08:04 Daily we must choose
08:07 to give Him permission
08:10 by coming to Him in surrender.
08:13 We want to surrender
08:15 control of our lives to him
08:16 and walk in cooperation with His spirit.
08:21 This wonderful law of liberty will keep us
08:24 walking in obedience.
08:26 We'll recognize God's commandments
08:29 as His law of love.
08:30 Ten wonderful promises that
08:33 He will empower us to do!
08:35 The joy of our salvation
08:37 will be restored as we learn
08:39 to depend totally on His power
08:43 to work within us.
08:44 With minds that are steadfastly
08:47 fixed on God,
08:49 we'll walk in perfect peace.
08:50 He frees us from condemnation.
08:53 In Romans 8:1 the Bible says...
08:57 [text on screen]
09:10 Oh how I pray that
09:12 God is working in you even now
09:15 what He is also working in me!
09:17 Through the understanding of His plan.
09:19 The perfect law of freedom keeps me looking
09:23 into the word of God
09:25 to learn who I am in Christ Jesus.
09:28 By faith I accept what God has to say about me.
09:33 By grace I am who God says I am.
09:37 Even if I don't see the evidence yet!
09:40 I will do as He does.
09:42 And I will call things that
09:45 are not yet tangible or
09:47 evident to my senses
09:49 as though they already existed.
09:51 I want you to experience this because
09:54 it WILL restore the joy of your salvation!
09:59 Empowered by grace
10:02 and through our faith in Him,
10:03 we can put His word into practice
10:06 and be blessed according to
10:09 the promise of James 1:25
10:10 that says...
10:12 "But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty,
10:14 "and continues in it
10:17 "and is not a forgetful hearer,
10:18 "but a doer of the work.
10:21 "This one will be blessed
10:23 "in what he does."
10:26 Jesus said,
10:27 I am the way
10:29 and the truth
10:30 and the light.
10:31 Jesus promises a way out of
10:34 our identity crisis.
10:36 In Him is life
10:37 and that life is the light of all men.
10:41 Christ the living word
10:43 is the only way out of darkness.
10:46 to heal us and deliver us from
10:48 our destructive behavior.
10:49 The word of God is life to us
10:52 bringing truth that has power to change!
10:54 And as His word enters into our hearts
10:58 it sheds His light of understanding
11:01 into the darkness
11:03 and confusion
11:04 and it shows us the way out!
11:08 Putting His word into practice
11:10 brings great blessings!
11:12 And it brings great blessings
11:16 and it trains us for the eternal inheritance that
11:19 we've been promised.
11:21 You know,
11:22 we have been promised
11:24 the mind of Christ.
11:25 In I Corinthians 2:16 Paul says that
11:28 we've been given
11:29 the mind of Christ.
11:31 And the Bible is the mind of Christ.
11:32 The more we put God's word into our heart,
11:35 the more we'll operate by the power of His mind.
11:38 Why would we want to walk in
11:41 our limited understanding when
11:44 it is so pitifully inadequate.
11:47 We have His great wisdom
11:50 right here that
11:51 we can learn to lean on.
11:53 The authority of God's word.
11:56 In Isaiah 46:10 God says that
12:01 I know the end from the beginning
12:03 and I make it known from
12:05 ancient times what is going to happen.
12:08 And He says my purpose will stand
12:11 and I will do all that I please!
12:19 the power of promise is this...
12:22 [information on screen]
12:37 That's Jeremiah 1:12
12:40 God's overall purposes will stand firm.
12:44 God's watching over His word to perform it
12:47 and He will not let His plan be defeated.
12:50 In fact, the Bible tells us that
12:52 He regards all things as if
12:56 Even though they may not yet be revealed
13:00 to the physical senses of humanity.
13:03 If this study is of interest to you,
13:07 -And I hope it is...
13:08 Then you might want to consider
13:10 the following announcement...
13:12 Stay tuned!
13:14 We'll be right back!
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13:30 Please send your love gifts to...
13:45 God offers us new life through Christ!
13:50 A glorious life here,
13:52 right now
13:54 and then forever!
13:55 Still He has made us agents of free will
13:57 and the Lord will not force us
13:59 to accept his gifts.
14:01 Instead we must give Him permission
14:04 to work in our lives.
14:05 He intervenes by invitation.
14:08 Invite Him in.
14:10 Ephesians 1:11 says that
14:12 He works all things
14:14 according to the wisdom of
14:16 His plan for your life.
14:18 Now how do we know God's will?
14:21 His plan for our lives?
14:22 We can know the end from the beginning!
14:25 Because it is written
14:27 and in the Bible it says this...
14:30 [text on screen]
14:40 God's will for us is that
14:43 we be separated from worldly evil.
14:46 That we be sons and daughters
14:49 who partake of His divine nature.
14:52 That we be Holy.
14:54 Can we achieve this?
14:56 No way!
14:57 But can He achieve this?
14:59 Yes!
15:01 If we'll only let Him
15:02 have His way with us,
15:04 He will do an incredible work in our lives!
15:08 God's plan is to conform us to
15:10 the very nature of His son.
15:13 Through the life of Jesus Christ,
15:16 He plans to restore
15:18 and establish humanity to the creation
15:22 He originally intended.
15:26 When we receive Christ as our Savior,
15:28 we have a spiritual union to Him.
15:32 Listen to what the word of God says
15:35 in I Corinthians 6:17.
15:39 It says that
15:40 He who is joined in the Lord
15:43 is one spirit with Him.
15:46 And in I Corinthians 1:30
15:49 the Bible says...
15:50 That God includes us
15:52 or positions us spiritually in Christ.
15:56 And we're also told that
15:57 every single promise of God belongs to us
16:00 if we are abiding in Christ.
16:05 God works out all of the circumstances of
16:08 our life for our eternal benefit.
16:12 To help conform us to
16:14 the image of Christ.
16:15 Our destiny is to become like Jesus.
16:21 We must look into His word
16:24 and get into His promises
16:27 to see a new vision of who we are.
16:32 The new identity that we assume in Christ.
16:36 To partake of His divine nature,
16:38 we must partake of His promises
16:42 and make them ours.
16:44 Let's examine what the Bible says.
16:47 The wonderful news as found in II Peter 1:3,4.
16:54 [text on screen]
17:30 Now, let's unpack all the promise that's
17:33 in those few scriptures.
17:36 God has already equipped us with
17:40 everything that we need to do His will.
17:43 His spirit and His word supply the divine power.
17:49 And because of His loving character
17:52 and His righteousness,
17:54 God has vowed to do for us that
17:58 which we can not do for ourselves.
18:02 The creative power of God is in His word.
18:06 God's promises empower us to escape evil.
18:11 That's what that scripture just said!
18:14 But more precious than that
18:16 His promises bring new life in us.
18:20 And cause us to absorb
18:22 the divine nature of Jesus Christ!
18:25 Hallelujah!
18:26 You know, we've heard it said.
18:30 "Know the truth and the truth shall set you free."
18:34 Amen?
18:35 Well, not so fast!
18:38 But you think...
18:39 Now wait a minute!
18:40 That's scripture!
18:42 Yes, it's scripture.
18:43 But it's taken out of context.
18:45 We can't read that verse that's found
18:49 in John 8:31
18:50 without including
18:52 the rest of Christ's instructions.
18:54 And in the other verse it says,
18:57 "if you abide in His word,
19:02 "then we will be His disciples."
19:06 His disciplined followers.
19:08 And then you will know the truth
19:11 and the truth will set us free.
19:15 Simple acquaintance with His word
19:17 does us little good.
19:19 The blessing comes from the knowledge we gain
19:22 through living in His truths.
19:25 The knowing game through experiencing God
19:28 in our daily lives.
19:31 God's love is unconditional but
19:33 his promises are not.
19:34 They are based on obedience to His will.
19:37 Which is the only pathway to blessing.
19:40 Consider this verse from Hebrews 10:36.
19:45 [text on screen]
19:54 What does the Bible say?
19:56 After we have done the will of God
20:00 we'll receive the promise.
20:02 That's why it's important to abide
20:06 or live in God's truth.
20:09 When we choose to walk
20:11 according to His instruction,
20:13 are we willing to conduct our lives for His glory?
20:19 If we do,
20:20 we'll escape evil.
20:22 If our practice is to live in His word,
20:24 we'll partake of an ever increasing measure of
20:29 His divine nature.
20:30 The Holy Spirit will lead us from
20:33 one level of His glory to the next.
20:38 I get so excited when
20:39 I talk about his glorious truth!
20:41 I just want to shout it form the roof top!
20:45 Just pause to consider this.
20:47 All that we have to do
20:49 to overcome evil is depend on God's power
20:54 to live in His word.
20:57 He has vowed to give us
20:59 the divine nature of Christ
21:01 as we live in His promises.
21:04 It's not us performing His word.
21:08 It is God fulfilling His word in us.
21:12 By the power of His Holy Spirit.
21:15 How much simpler could he have made
21:19 His plan for our lives?
21:22 We can stop grieving God.
21:26 WE can quit quenching
21:28 and resisting the Holy Spirit.
21:31 We can be emptied of our old sin nature.
21:34 Just a little more each day
21:36 as we're trained for our
21:39 glorious eternal inheritance.
21:42 By simply choosing to obey,
21:44 we can tap into the power that is
21:48 a greater supply of the Holy Spirit that
21:52 Paul referred to in Philippians 1:19
21:58 The more we obey
21:59 the more God gives us the Holy Spirit.
22:02 And the more that we become like Jesus.
22:06 We'll focus on this on a later program.
22:09 But for now, just pause and consider
22:13 what the Bible says in Acts 5:32.
22:16 [text on screen]
22:33 My heart breaks when I talk to Christians
22:37 who feel defeated and discouraged
22:40 and unworthy!
22:41 It doesn't have to be that way!
22:44 If they only knew their identity!
22:48 And if they only knew
22:51 who they were in Jesus Christ!
22:53 So few of us walk in the abundant life that
22:56 He wants to give us.
22:57 Right here and now because
23:00 we don't understand
23:02 the privilege of obedience.
23:06 Our all loving,
23:07 all powerful Father God wants to do
23:10 much more than we ever imagined.
23:14 He is willing to do all things in us
23:18 for us and through us.
23:22 It's critical we know who we are in Christ.
23:26 There's only one way to accomplish this.
23:30 We learn our identity in Him by
23:34 living in God's promises.
23:37 It comes by experiencing a relationship of
23:40 absolute dependence on God and His word.
23:43 God wants His slumbering church
23:46 the members of Christ's body
23:49 to wake up
23:50 and walk in true union
23:52 with the living word.
23:53 It's time to abide in His word!
23:56 Plant His promises
23:57 and allow God to bring His word to life in us!
24:01 God will reward those who earnestly
24:04 seek Him in faith.
24:06 The promises of God
24:09 are ushered into existence by faith!
24:12 In the John 11:40
24:14 Jesus said,
24:15 "Did I not say to you
24:17 "that if you would believe
24:20 you would see the glory of God?"
24:22 Are you ready to live
24:25 in absolute dependence upon
24:27 the transforming power of the spirit and his word?
24:29 The seed of the miracle is in God's word.
24:33 Miracles from God will follow our faith
24:37 when we overcome our identity crisis.
24:40 God will be able to trust us with his power
24:44 just as He did with Moses
24:47 and Joshua
24:49 and Peter.
24:51 Well, I hope that you're beginning
24:54 to see today that
24:57 there is power in God's promises.
25:00 It is the power to bring us
25:03 and cause us to absorb
25:06 the divine nature of Christ.
25:08 If we'll just get His promises into our hearts
25:11 speak them over our lives
25:14 and except God's testimony about
25:17 who we are in Christ.
25:20 God will honor our faith
25:22 and He will bring up those promises to life in us.
25:27 I think that if we could just understand
25:30 these two principles to overcome
25:32 our identity crisis
25:34 the law of Liberty which means
25:36 we walk in absolute total dependence
25:40 on Jesus Christ
25:41 to do a work in us
25:43 to empower us to walk in obedience
25:45 to God's Commandments.
25:47 And then if we would understand
25:50 the power of God's promises that
25:53 we are who God says we are.
25:54 And if we'll we just take that to heart
25:58 and believe it
25:59 God will watch over His word to perform it!
26:03 He wants us to come to Him in faith.
26:07 He doesn't want us to be doubting
26:10 and disbelieving what He says to us.
26:13 His promises are solemn vows to us.
26:19 And when we get God's promises into our heart
26:22 and you know,
26:24 every commandment of God is a promise of
26:26 something that God will empower us to do.
26:30 When we get those into our heart
26:32 God will do something that
26:36 we've never experienced before.
26:39 Well our time together
26:40 certainly passes by quickly!
26:43 I hope that you are allowing
26:46 the Holy Spirit to
26:47 teach you how to depend
26:49 totally on God.
26:50 For the power to walk in obedience to him.
26:54 I hope that you're encouraged to know that
26:58 God watches over His word to perform it.
27:02 That means there's a power in the promises of God.
27:07 He will perform his vows in you
27:10 if you'll just cooperate with Him.
27:12 He will transform your life!
27:16 Please join us next time
27:18 as we start our study on planting
27:21 God's promises for
27:23 a harvest of blessings.
27:25 I think you'll really enjoyed this study.
27:27 May God multiply his mercy,
27:31 love,
27:32 and grace to you.
27:33 And watch over his word
27:35 to perform it in your life
27:36 as you cooperate with him.
27:38 Please remember to
27:40 spend your time making that
27:43 which is most important to God
27:46 the very thing that is also
27:49 most important to you.
27:52 "Exalting His Word"
27:54 above all things!


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