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Planting God's Promises Part 2 of 3

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00:19 Hello!
00:21 I'm Shelley Quinn
00:22 and I welcome you to
00:24 Exalting His Word!
00:25 Today, we'll be looking at
00:26 how to prepare our hearts
00:28 to receive the promises of God
00:30 and how to get the power of His promises
00:33 planted in our hearts.
00:35 But first,
00:36 let's discuss our theme text for just a moment.
00:39 That's Psalms 138:2
00:41 And in that verse the Bible says that
00:44 God exalts His name and His word
00:48 above all things
00:49 and that he magnifies His word
00:51 even above His name.
00:54 You know, this truth is so important!
00:57 It will impact our lives in a great way
01:01 if we understand it.
01:02 So, what does it mean?
01:04 It means that
01:06 God exalts His word
01:08 above everything.
01:09 That means nothing is more important to God
01:14 than His word.
01:15 He has promoted it
01:17 to the highest rank of importance.
01:19 He has assigned it
01:21 the highest position of praise!
01:23 And, He has empowered His word
01:27 with greater force
01:28 than anything else.
01:30 Creative life giving force
01:33 to accomplish all of His will.
01:36 I believe that
01:38 it's safe to say if God's word is
01:41 most important to Him that
01:43 it should also be
01:45 what's most important to us.
01:48 The Bible reveals
01:49 God's plan for our lives.
01:51 And it also has the creative life giving power
01:55 to put that plan into motion
01:58 and to transform our lives.
02:02 To get our reminds ready
02:03 to receive the Bible teaching for today
02:06 on planting God's promises
02:07 let's briefly consider a couple of things
02:09 about God's design for the harvest potential.
02:13 In the physical realm we know that
02:15 if we sow corn... we reap corn.
02:17 Sow wheat... we reap wheat!
02:20 Why?
02:21 By God's design!
02:23 The potential of the harvest is
02:25 wrapped inside this seed.
02:27 And in the spiritual realm
02:29 the Bible counsels us that
02:30 if we sow to our flesh nature
02:33 we reap CORRUPTION!
02:35 But if we sow to the spirit
02:38 we reap everlasting life!
02:41 The conclusion is obvious...
02:46 When Jesus told the parable of
02:48 the sewer and the seed in Luke chapter 8...
02:50 He described the word of God as "seed".
02:56 We can draw an obvious conclusion here.
02:58 Since God designed the potential of the harvest
03:02 to be wrapped inside the seed, then
03:06 all of your potential is
03:08 wrapped inside God's word.
03:10 I'd like to summarize
03:12 the four steps that Jesus identified
03:14 in Luke 8:15
03:16 for us to sow seeds and yield a crop that is
03:20 a hundred times greater than what was sown.
03:23 Here are the four steps necessary to
03:25 plant God's promises for
03:27 a harvest of righteousness.
03:29 [information on screen]
03:56 Before we begin today's study,
03:58 let's go to the Lord in prayer.
04:02 Heavenly Father,
04:03 we come today to ask
04:06 your blessing on this study.
04:08 We thank you Father God that
04:09 the potential of the harvest is in the seed.
04:13 We thank you Father for your design that
04:17 your word is life giving
04:19 transforming seed that
04:21 we can plant in our hearts Lord.
04:25 And I ask in the name of Jesus that
04:27 the Holy Spirit would teach us today
04:29 how to prepare our hearts to receive from you.
04:33 In Jesus name Amen.
04:36 Let's take a closer look at step number one...
04:40 Making our hearts good soil.
04:43 Soil prepared for
04:44 the planting of God's promises.
04:46 You know, most Christians
04:48 believe they are good soil.
04:50 Simply because they are the people of God.
04:52 Yet, if we think about what God said
04:56 in Jeremiah 4:3 to his people, of Judah
04:59 and Jerusalem,
05:01 He said,
05:02 "Break up your fallow ground
05:04 "and do not sow among thorns."
05:07 Do you know what fallow ground is?
05:09 It's ground that hasn't been plowed or tilled.
05:14 Now, what about us?
05:16 Is the planting ground of
05:18 our hearts hardened and unplowed?
05:22 Are today's Christians sowing among
05:26 weeds and thorns?
05:28 Christianity has changed
05:30 since the early church.
05:33 We're different.
05:34 We're comfortable.
05:37 Complacent.
05:38 Compromising.
05:39 It's easy to identify today's church age
05:43 with the Laodicean church of
05:45 Revelation 3.
05:47 So many of us think we have it all!!
05:50 And that we're in need of nothing.
05:53 This hardened attitude has left us with
05:57 untilled
05:58 unplowed ground.
06:00 We're sowing among thorns.
06:02 Focusing our attention on
06:04 the temporary things of the world
06:06 rather than the eternal things of God!
06:10 Our hardened hearts,
06:12 luke warm with indifference,
06:13 keep us from understanding our identity in Christ
06:17 and God's true purposes for our lives.
06:20 God's word cannot take root
06:22 and flourish in our hearts if
06:24 we have a hardened attitude.
06:28 We can learn
06:30 a valuable lesson by looking at
06:31 the ground of the earth.
06:34 If the ground is exposed to
06:37 the elements of nature for a period of time
06:40 without rain then
06:41 the soil becomes hardened.
06:44 And in this condition
06:45 the ground is unfit for planting seed
06:49 until its plowed!
06:51 We're not any different!
06:52 When all our focus shifts from
06:54 depending on the Spirit of God
06:58 and on His word
06:59 and when we allow our hearts
07:01 to be exposed to the elements of
07:04 the world system
07:05 a spiritual dryness
07:07 and a certain hardening of
07:10 the heart occurs.
07:11 And I could tell you from experience
07:13 when we allow this to happen
07:17 then our hearts just quench
07:20 the living water of the Holy Spirit!
07:22 And the result is suffocating
07:24 to our spiritual growth.
07:27 In fact, our hearts become dry
07:30 and crusty to the word of God.
07:33 Jesus wants our hearts to be good soil.
07:38 Gardens committed to Him.
07:39 Plowed and ready for the planting.
07:42 Now, most of us have some area of
07:44 our lives that needs plowing.
07:47 The center of our hearts may be good soil
07:51 ready to receive His word
07:53 while outside corners remain hardened.
07:56 For example;
07:58 -Some may accept all that He has to say
08:00 about salvation by grace
08:02 but deny the requirements of obedience
08:04 to His commandments.
08:07 Then there are those
08:09 who walk in obedience to His law
08:11 but reject His love
08:14 and forgiveness that
08:15 He wants to pour into their hearts
08:18 for others.
08:20 The Bible declares
08:22 God is love.
08:24 And God is Holy.
08:26 His Spirit is
08:27 the spirit of love and holiness.
08:31 You know, we must recognize that
08:33 any action that we take that
08:36 is not motivated by love
08:38 and holiness is not of God.
08:42 Because we sow among thorns
08:45 we spoil God's harvest of
08:48 righteousness in us.
08:50 And the heart of our Heavenly Father
08:53 is breaking.
08:54 I know that we can listen to
08:58 the voice of the Lord in Jeremiah 3:19
09:02 when He said,
09:04 "I thought you would call me Father
09:07 "and not turn away from following me."
09:12 God wants to cut away the thorns of
09:17 worldly habits and attitudes.
09:20 He wants our hearts to be plowed
09:22 and pliable
09:24 so we can receive His seed...
09:28 Our loving Creator desires that
09:31 we put forth an earnest effort
09:35 to seek Him
09:36 and to know the good plan that
09:38 He has for our lives.
09:41 If we're willing,
09:42 He is ready and able to conform us to
09:46 the image of His Son Jesus Christ.
09:48 The heart of our Father longs
09:52 to send showers of blessings upon us.
09:55 He waits for our cooperation.
09:58 Here's His message to us today...
10:02 [text on screen]
10:16 You know, only plowed grown is
10:19 fit for planting seed.
10:22 It's time that you and I
10:24 put the hand to the plow!
10:26 And here are some steps that
10:29 I've found helpful
10:30 in turning over
10:32 or tilling up my heart...
10:34 And getting my heart prepared for God.
10:39 Number one...
10:40 [information on screen]
11:00 We'll be right back to
11:01 discuss these four points
11:03 after these brief announcement.
11:05 So please stay tuned...
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11:40 We don't have much time
11:42 to spend on these steps but
11:43 let me quickly review these
11:46 and give you an idea of
11:48 how I go through this process.
11:50 To plow up my heart so that
11:52 I can receive from the Lord.
11:55 The first is
11:56 experiencing the joy of repentance.
12:00 You know,
12:02 with all of life's demands
12:03 it is easy to let
12:05 our priorities get out of order.
12:07 Some people think because
12:08 I'm in full time ministry that
12:11 I don't have this problem.
12:12 But, just as with any profession...
12:14 I can let ministry work take priority
12:19 over my relationship with God.
12:22 And then the intimacy of
12:25 my relationship begins to suffer.
12:28 Suddenly I am aware that
12:30 my constant companion is...
12:32 I'm just not aware of His presence.
12:35 And when I have
12:38 gotten to this point,
12:40 I realize that Christ is no longer
12:44 my first love.
12:45 And when I'm there
12:47 I realize how far I've fallen.
12:49 But what the Lord has done
12:51 in the past...
12:53 I used to just
12:55 beat myself up over this!
12:56 And I would let guilt and condemnation
12:58 keep me away from Him!
13:00 But now what the Lord has done is
13:03 He has taught me to
13:04 come quickly back to Him
13:07 because I understand
13:09 the perfect law of liberty that
13:10 I am totally dependent upon God.
13:13 And I've learned the joy of repentance.
13:17 I come before the Lord
13:19 and I humbly confess my sin.
13:21 And I just acknowledge
13:23 my complete dependence upon His power
13:26 to change me.
13:27 He gives me a new beginning
13:29 and He wipes my record clean.
13:31 Praise God I'm so thankful that
13:34 His compassion never fail.
13:36 They are new every morning!
13:39 And then the second step after that
13:42 I pray to be filled with the Spirit.
13:46 I ask God to forgive me
13:48 for grieving Him
13:50 and for resisting
13:52 or even quenching His Holy Spirit.
13:57 You know,
13:58 it is something that
14:00 we must constantly be aware of
14:03 how our actions are affecting the Lord.
14:05 I ask God to help me to die to self
14:09 and live for Him.
14:11 And I pray that by
14:12 the power of His Holy Spirit that
14:16 I will put to death
14:18 the misdeeds of my flesh
14:20 and be emptied of self.
14:21 Then, I pray that the Holy Spirit
14:24 will give me understanding of
14:27 God's spiritual words
14:29 and teach me His will.
14:31 Asking Him to teach me
14:34 to know God's character better.
14:36 To know His plan.
14:38 And to be taught
14:40 who I am in Christ.
14:43 I ask God to fill me
14:45 with His Spirit.
14:47 In Luke 11
14:50 Jesus said...
14:51 -You're gonna be familiar with this text...
14:53 Because most people say it this way...
15:00 "Ask,...
15:02 Ask and it shall be given
15:03 seek and ye shall find,
15:05 knock and the door shall be opened.
15:06 But did you know in the Greek it really is...
15:08 "Ask and keep on asking..."
15:12 "Knock and keep on knocking.
15:16 And He says
15:17 How much more
15:19 will your Heavenly Father
15:21 give the Holy Spirit to those who ask
15:24 and continue to ask for Him?
15:28 We also need to pray to be sanctified
15:32 by the word of God.
15:34 When Jesus prayed to the Father for us,
15:37 He said in John 17:17
15:40 "Father sanctify them by your truths.
15:43 "Your word is truth."
15:45 Every time I pick up the Bible
15:48 I always try to remember this prayer
15:50 and make it mine.
15:52 I ask God to do
15:54 a sanctifying work in me
15:56 through His word.
15:58 Creating a pure
15:59 and undivided heart in me.
16:02 I pray that
16:03 God will give me
16:05 the power to overcome!
16:06 And I give Him permission
16:08 to cause me to be all that
16:11 He has called me to be!
16:14 The fourth step is...
16:16 Pray for the desire to read the Bible.
16:19 You know I often pray that
16:21 God will give me an unquenchable desire
16:24 for His word.
16:25 A prayer that He is eager to answer!
16:29 I acknowledge to Him that
16:31 His word is life to me.
16:33 I ask Him to open my spiritual eyes.
16:36 And give me His wisdom.
16:38 If we humble ourselves
16:40 before the Lord in this way,
16:43 He will make our hearts good soft soil.
16:46 He will teach us to trust Him
16:48 and lean on His understanding.
16:50 Then the spirit
16:51 and the word will be ready to come with
16:53 a demonstration of His power
16:55 to change us.
16:57 Glory to God!!
16:58 Now it's time to talk about
17:00 broadcasting the seed of His word.
17:04 When the soil is ready,
17:05 it's time to plant the seed.
17:07 God will not disappoint us
17:10 when we approach Him
17:11 with a plowed up heart.
17:13 He will expand our trust in Him
17:15 and He will give us an increased measure of
17:19 faith in His testimony.
17:21 That faith comes
17:23 as we meditate on His word.
17:26 The Bible says that faith comes by hearing.
17:29 And when it says that faith comes by hearing,
17:31 it doesn't mean that faith produces... or
17:35 Hearing produces faith.
17:36 Rather, faith is
17:38 the broadcasting system that
17:40 broadcasts the seed of His word.
17:43 Excuse me...
17:45 Hearing is the broadcasting system that
17:47 broadcasts the seed of His word.
17:50 Let me explain what I mean.
17:52 Have you ever used your hand
17:54 to broadcast flower or
17:56 vegetable seeds in a garden?
17:58 You know, I've seen many folks that
18:00 sow wild seeds this way.
18:01 And it always fascinates me to see
18:04 the results come up in season.
18:06 Now, my gardening skills aren't the best,
18:08 so, usually when I plant something
18:10 I chose seedlings to plant.
18:12 Because I figure,
18:14 since they've already sprouted
18:15 they have a better chance of surviving my care!
18:18 Yet I do recall an exiting experience
18:21 I had in witnessing some dried up seeds
18:25 burst forth with life!
18:27 When I was on the third grade
18:29 I was curious where the seeds for
18:31 pinto bean came from.
18:34 Now my teacher explained that
18:37 the beans that we ate
18:38 were actually the seeds for the bean stalk.
18:41 She also said that
18:42 if we planted these beans
18:44 in warm soil and kept them moist that
18:47 they would sprout back to life.
18:50 My nine year old mind had
18:51 a difficult time grasping
18:52 how those dead looking beans
18:54 could produce a life plant.
18:56 And I wanted to see for my self!
18:58 So I set up an experiment.
19:01 Taking several pinto beans,
19:02 I wrapped them securely
19:04 inside a cotton dish towel.
19:06 And then, I set them
19:08 on the window sill.
19:10 And I moistened them.
19:12 They were in the sunlight
19:13 and I moistened them daily with water.
19:15 And in a few weeks
19:17 I peaked inside that towel
19:18 and found that they had germinated.
19:20 To my delight,
19:22 there were little green sprouts
19:23 coming out of each bean!!
19:25 You know,
19:27 the experiment wasn't performed because
19:29 I had great faith that
19:31 those pinto beans would sprout.
19:33 Rather I had faith
19:35 in my teacher
19:37 who appeared to be smarter than I was.
19:39 Her words had seemed
19:41 impossible of fulfillment.
19:43 But her explanation made me seek
19:45 an experience with the truth.
19:48 Faith was ushered in by hearing that
19:53 the possibility existed
19:54 and trusting in the person who told me.
19:56 And through that small window of faith,
19:59 I witnessed what seemed
20:02 like a miracle to me.
20:03 Dried up old beans were
20:05 transformed into living plants.
20:09 I've heard unfortunately
20:11 people refer...
20:13 ...some people have referred to the Bible as
20:17 a bunch of dead letters.
20:19 Even notable figures within
20:21 the evangelical community have
20:24 unfortunately echoed that sentiment of late.
20:27 And these poor confused souls,
20:30 promote the idea of
20:32 worshipping in spirit and in truth
20:34 as a concept that is somehow
20:36 above the word of God
20:38 and requires little attention to
20:40 the old writings of the Bible.
20:42 I believe that such comments
20:46 are blasphemous.
20:47 There's no other way to describe it.
20:49 I pray that the Lord will open
20:52 the eyes of these professed followers who...
20:56 ...So that they may understand
20:58 the life giving power of God's word.
21:01 Because obedience to the word is
21:03 the highest expression of worship for God.
21:08 Jesus said...
21:10 [text on screen]
21:25 God says there is life in His word.
21:29 If we want to worship
21:31 in spirit and in truth
21:33 we need to worship in the word.
21:37 Making the Bible our primary focus!
21:41 Jesus is the word become flesh!
21:45 He calls his word spirit
21:47 and He calls his word life!
21:49 It is by the power of its word that
21:53 we are sanctified by His truth
21:55 and develop His holy nature.
21:58 The Council of God's word is eternal!
22:01 Bible writings are not
22:03 inoperative words of the past.
22:06 In Hebrews 4:12 the word of God is
22:08 described as alive,
22:11 living and powerful!
22:14 You know
22:15 my pinto beans appeared lifeless
22:16 to a mind that could not comprehend
22:19 the miracle of life stored within them.
22:21 Likewise the word of God appears lifeless
22:25 to men without comprehension.
22:27 To those without the spirit of God.
22:30 The Bible is God's message to His creatings.
22:34 The writings are
22:35 inspired spiritual words
22:38 only understood by
22:39 the help of the Holy Spirit!
22:41 Now, I don't want to sound harsh
22:43 with my comments about those who call
22:46 the Bible dead letters.
22:47 I'm not judging the motivation of
22:50 these poor souls.
22:51 Rather, by the word of God
22:53 I can determine their actions are wrong.
22:56 Jesus would reply to these individuals saying...
22:59 You are in error because
23:02 you do not know the scriptures or
23:05 the power of God.
23:06 Christ warned us...
23:08 [text on screen]
23:30 We must be careful of what we hear.
23:34 We should always measure
23:36 the message by the scriptures.
23:40 It doesn't matter
23:41 how much theological training
23:44 a person has.
23:45 There can be no understanding
23:46 without the spirit of God.
23:48 We must guard our hearts
23:50 to prevent scholarly credentials
23:54 from swaying us.
23:55 There is only one standard for truth.
24:01 Romans 10:17 says...
24:03 [text on screen]
24:12 The broadcast system that God uses
24:16 to spread seeds of faith
24:17 is hearing the word.
24:20 Hearing introduces
24:22 the message of God's love
24:23 and His wonderful plan for our lives.
24:27 But, as we already studied,
24:29 hearing alone does not produce faith.
24:32 When the seed of His word is broadcast
24:36 it will not take root and develop
24:38 unless our soil is good.
24:42 Do you want more faith?
24:43 Open your heart
24:45 to God's broadcasting system.
24:49 Invest more time in hearing
24:50 church sermons,
24:52 Bible studies,
24:53 Christian television,
24:55 radio,
24:56 oh, tapes and books!!!
24:58 These are all wonderful tools
25:01 to renew the attitudes of our minds.
25:05 The most effective way
25:08 to broadcast the word is...
25:10 ...that I've discovered...
25:13 is to read the Bible out loud.
25:15 Hearing it with my own voice
25:17 makes such a difference!
25:19 And I often as I study,
25:21 I will read out loud.
25:23 This practice seems to
25:25 increase my focus
25:27 and open my ears
25:28 and cause my heart to open
25:30 and receive God's word.
25:32 You ought to give it a try!
25:34 When I discover a promise of God
25:38 I lay hold of it
25:39 and I claim it for myself!
25:40 Then I return God's word to Him
25:43 as an affirmation!
25:44 The affirmation is
25:47 a declaration.
25:48 Confirming that
25:49 I accept what God has to say
25:51 about me as absolute truth.
25:54 Let me give you an example.
25:56 If I were to read for example
25:58 II Corinthians 5:17 which says
26:02 if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation.
26:04 The old is gone and the new is come.
26:07 Then I might say thank you Father.
26:10 Thank you for including me in Christ.
26:13 Thank you Lord for making all things new!
26:16 I am a new creation in Christ Jesus
26:20 My old nature has passed away
26:23 and now my new nature has come!
26:26 You know something?
26:28 Hearing my own voice
26:30 speaking God's word is
26:31 the greatest way that I've learned
26:34 to usher in faith.
26:36 We're gonna be examining
26:37 the benefits of this more closely
26:40 in some upcoming programs.
26:43 For now
26:45 the most critical point to recognize is that
26:48 we should approach God in absolute trust
26:51 when we come to the scriptures.
26:53 The challenge that faces us is...
26:57 ...in learning not to
26:58 lean on our own understanding.
27:01 We need to
27:02 abandon human opinions.
27:04 We need to ask God to give us His wisdom
27:08 and by the power of His Holy Spirit
27:11 to teach us His will.
27:14 You know,
27:15 much of what God says
27:19 from our limited human viewpoint.
27:21 But our minds should readily accept God's word!
27:25 Believing in His testimony!
27:27 As being from the Almighty God
27:29 who cannot lie!
27:30 Well today we've learned
27:32 how to plow our hearts for
27:34 the planting of God's promises.
27:35 And how to broadcast His seed
27:37 into our hearts through hearing His word.
27:40 Please tune in next time
27:42 and we'll discuss
27:43 how to receive and retain His promises.
27:45 And persevere until He produces
27:48 His divine nature in us!
27:50 May God multiply His mercy,
27:52 love and grace to you.
27:53 And watch over His word to perform it.
27:55 Please spend your time
27:57 "Exalting His Word"!


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