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00:20 Hello.
00:21 My name is Shelley Quinn
00:22 and I welcome you to
00:24 Exalting His Word.
00:25 Have you ever really considered
00:27 the creative power of God's word?
00:29 That's what we'll be discussing today.
00:32 And we're going to learn how
00:34 you and I can put that
00:35 creative power to work in our lives.
00:38 It's important to exalt God's word.
00:42 Psalms 138:2 declares that
00:46 God exalts His name
00:48 and His word above all else.
00:50 And that He magnifies His word
00:53 even above His name.
00:56 God exalts
00:58 His word over everything.
01:00 That means nothing is
01:02 more important to Him!
01:04 God has promoted His word to
01:05 the highest rank of importance
01:07 and the greatest position of praise.
01:10 God has granted
01:13 creative life giving power
01:16 to His word.
01:17 Power to accomplish all of His will.
01:21 In fact, God has granted
01:23 more creative power to His word
01:24 than to any other force.
01:26 Today we are going to look at
01:31 a rather profound
01:33 yet simple teaching on
01:35 the creative power of God's word.
01:38 God wants you to experience
01:41 in a very personal way
01:42 the transforming power of His word
01:44 for your life.
01:46 Let's go to the Lord in prayer.
01:48 Heavenly Father,
01:50 we come today to ask for
01:52 your blessing on this teaching
01:54 and to ask that the Holy Spirit
01:56 will be our teacher.
01:57 And father
01:59 we ask in the name of Jesus
02:00 that you will sanctify us
02:01 by this word.
02:03 And help us Lord to
02:04 put your word into practice.
02:06 We praise you
02:07 and we thank you for
02:08 sending your word to heal us.
02:10 In Jesus name, amen.
02:12 Let me share a quick story.
02:15 There is a corner
02:16 in my kitchen that's dismal
02:18 even when the windows are wide open
02:20 and the sun is shining.
02:22 I bought a little Tiffany style lamp that
02:24 has very vibrant colors
02:27 and I placed it on
02:28 the table that's in that corner.
02:30 And when I plugged it in for
02:32 the first time
02:34 the whole room seemed
02:35 livelier and more beautiful.
02:38 In fact,
02:39 that lamp became
02:40 the focal point of the room.
02:42 So I just decided to
02:43 keep it on even during
02:44 the daylight hours because
02:46 it was just so cheery!
02:48 And one day
02:49 I walked into the room
02:50 and the lamp was out.
02:52 So I ran and I got a new light bulb,
02:54 I changed the light bulb
02:55 but there was still no light.
02:58 And suddenly I was impressed
03:00 with this thought;
03:01 what do you see?
03:03 Well I could still see the outline of
03:06 the various shapes of the design.
03:09 But there was no depth of colors
03:12 or no life to it.
03:14 So, I leaned over to
03:16 check the wall outlet
03:17 and I realized that it was unplugged.
03:19 I plugged it in
03:21 and as I raised up
03:22 I was impressed with another thought!
03:24 Now what do you see?
03:26 I saw a luminescent creation of beauty
03:31 with rich colors!
03:33 Plugging it into
03:36 the power source had brought
03:38 the multifaceted design of
03:41 this beautiful Tiffany lamp to life.
03:44 Did you know that you
03:45 and I are like that lamp?
03:47 God created man in His own image
03:51 and we are a marvelous
03:53 and complicated design but
03:56 the intention of our design is lifeless.
03:59 Its colorless unless
04:02 we get plugged in to
04:04 His power source!
04:06 If we get plugged in
04:08 God's great design
04:10 can be seen in us
04:12 and we will shine
04:13 with His radiance.
04:15 I love the way that King David said it!
04:18 He said,
04:19 "You are my lamp oh Lord.
04:21 "The Lord turns my darkness
04:24 "into light."
04:26 Today were going to
04:28 learn how to plug in
04:30 to God's source of power.
04:33 In 1996
04:35 God taught me how to
04:37 tap into the power of His word.
04:40 He led me to take hundreds of scriptures
04:42 and write them in the form of affirmations.
04:47 And as I practiced speaking
04:49 His scripture promises over my life
04:52 something amazing happened!
04:55 God began transforming me!
04:57 I started calling these
04:58 life affirmations from Scripture because
05:02 they really became life to me.
05:05 And today you're going to learn
05:07 why this practice can
05:08 change your life too.
05:12 In just a moment we'll carefully examine
05:15 two Greek words from the Bible.
05:18 And go into some depth of
05:20 their definition but don't worry
05:22 about storing the depth of
05:24 this teaching in your mind.
05:26 It's really a simple purpose that
05:29 I have for bringing this to you.
05:31 And that is to convince you of
05:34 the power of God's word.
05:35 When you see the power
05:38 we'll look at the way that
05:39 you can get plugged in
05:42 by speaking God's word over your life
05:46 with your living voice.
05:48 Sometimes is good to consider
05:52 the differences in languages.
05:54 I have a friend who speaks both
05:56 the English
05:58 and the Spanish languages fluently.
06:01 And when I heard her sing a song
06:03 one day was such a beautiful song that
06:06 she sang in Spanish.
06:08 I asked her
06:10 please translate that verse
06:11 into English for me.
06:13 And she just looked at me
06:14 and she said
06:16 "it doesn't translate!"
06:17 You know,
06:19 I'm still not sure that
06:20 I fully understand her reply but
06:22 one thing I do recognize is this...
06:24 The English language is somewhat
06:27 limited by comparison to
06:29 other languages of the world.
06:32 The Greek language is
06:34 far richer than English.
06:36 For example
06:37 multiple Greek words are
06:39 translated into our single
06:41 English word love.
06:44 In Greek there's a word for
06:46 unconditional love.
06:48 A different word for
06:49 brotherly love.
06:51 Another word for
06:52 the affectionate love of a friend
06:54 and the list goes on and on.
06:56 When the New Testament was translated from
06:58 the original Greek into English
07:01 we lost the rich under tongues of
07:04 these multiple words that are
07:07 simply translated into English
07:09 as love.
07:11 Now I wanna tell you,
07:12 I'm not a Greek scholar!
07:13 In fact,
07:15 I've never had any formal training
07:16 in the study of the Greek language.
07:19 But I am
07:21 an avid student of the Bible.
07:24 And my love for the word of God
07:26 has motivated me
07:27 to purchase many study guides
07:31 written by various
07:32 Greek scholars.
07:34 So when I study the Bible
07:36 here's how I do it...
07:37 I use several different translations
07:40 at the same time.
07:42 And then to see which
07:44 English translation provides
07:47 the fullest expression of
07:50 the Greek meaning,
07:52 I compare the verses to
07:54 the original Greek text.
07:57 When I first began
07:59 this method of study in
08:00 the fall of 1999
08:03 I noticed that
08:04 there were two Greek terms
08:07 LOGOS and RHEMA which
08:09 translate into English
08:12 as a single term WORD.
08:15 We'll look at these in just a moment.
08:19 But as I considered the limitations of
08:22 the English language
08:24 I wondered if a deeper study of
08:27 these two Greek terms
08:28 would reveal anything to me
08:31 and increase my understanding.
08:33 And sure enough!
08:35 As I dove into
08:37 the depth of this study
08:38 I found a great Pearl of value!
08:42 Let me tell you
08:43 right away that
08:45 it wasn't the scholarly definitions of
08:47 these two Greek terms that
08:49 fascinated me most.
08:51 Instead
08:52 it was the application of
08:54 these terms within scripture.
08:57 Here's how I studied them.
09:00 I reviewed
09:01 every single verse
09:04 in the New Testament.
09:05 Every reference that
09:10 used our English term WORD.
09:12 And then I looked up
09:14 and examined the original Greek
09:16 to find out if it was
09:17 LOGOS or RHEMA.
09:19 And as I studied that way,
09:22 I began to see
09:23 a fine distinction between
09:25 the use of these terms
09:27 LOGOS and RHEMA.
09:28 And they're are both simply translated
09:30 into our English as WORD.
09:33 I believe that
09:35 the Holy Spirit inspired
09:36 the choice of words penned
09:40 by Bible writers,
09:41 don't you?
09:42 There are subtle nuances within
09:44 the applied use of these two terms.
09:47 And what I discovered
09:49 helped me to understand
09:51 why affirming God's word
09:54 by speaking it
09:55 over my life brings
09:56 renewed vitality
09:59 and power to
10:00 my Christian experience.
10:02 Would you like to come with me
10:04 and dive deeper into
10:06 the divine reasoning of God?
10:08 Before we compare the definitions
10:11 let me explain that
10:12 they would derive in part
10:15 from multiple sources including
10:18 Vines Expository Dictionary of
10:20 the Old and New Testament words.
10:22 The Strong's Concordance,
10:25 word meanings in the New Testament,
10:28 and a volume that's called
10:30 Word Pictures in the New Testament.
10:32 But an equally important component of
10:35 my attempt to define these terms
10:38 came from their distinctive
10:40 application within Scripture.
10:43 Let's look at these definitions
10:45 and then I'll comment further.
10:48 [information on screen]
11:03 The vast unfolding of
11:04 the reasoning and the power of
11:06 the mind of God.
11:08 LOGOS is the expression of His will
11:11 and His purposes.
11:13 [second point on screen]
11:22 Because Christ is
11:24 the perfected revelation of God
11:26 to humanity.
11:28 [information on screen]
11:52 For example Jesus told Simon
11:54 to launch out into the deep
11:55 and cast out his fishing nets.
11:58 And Simon replied,
11:59 We have toiled all night
12:01 and caught nothing.
12:03 Nevertheless at your RHEMA word
12:05 I will let down the net.
12:07 Where we're concerned,
12:08 scripture indicates...
12:10 [information on screen]
12:20 As we continue in this study
12:22 an interesting pattern will develop that
12:26 will make the difference between
12:28 these two Greek words more evident.
12:31 The use of these terms within scripture,
12:34 indicates something exciting for us
12:38 and that is that you and I can
12:42 apply any instruction
12:44 any promise of God
12:47 from the Bible
12:48 as a RHEMA word.
12:50 A word from God that will have
12:52 an immediate
12:54 and practical application
12:56 to our lives.
12:58 Let me share a funny story
13:00 about being practical.
13:03 In 1996
13:04 a Baptist Pastor asked me to
13:06 come and preach to his congregation.
13:10 So, I went
13:11 and after the sermon was finished
13:13 everybody was coming up to me
13:15 and saying,
13:17 "Oh, that was marvelous!
13:18 "That was wonderful!"
13:19 And I got in the car
13:21 with my husband
13:22 and on the way home
13:23 I said well honey
13:25 what did you think?
13:26 And he said, "well
13:28 "it was very inspirational."
13:29 And I could just tell immediately by
13:31 the tone of its voice that
13:34 there was something he was thinking
13:35 that he wasn't saying.
13:37 So I said,
13:39 "inspirational but... what?"
13:42 And he looked at me immediately
13:44 and he said
13:45 Honey you've got to make it more practical!
13:48 Well I think that
13:49 I said something like
13:51 "That's an interesting observation!"
13:54 But what I didn't say that
13:55 I was thinking was inside
13:57 it was kind of a,
13:59 "Humph! How can I take
14:01 the wonderful DIVINE thoughts of God
14:06 the spiritual word of God
14:08 and reduce it to the ordinary mundane
14:14 practical things of this world?
14:16 You see my husband and I
14:18 had assigned a different value
14:21 to the word practical.
14:23 It meant one thing to him
14:26 and something entirely
14:27 different to me at the time.
14:30 A couple of days later
14:31 I was preparing a midweek sermon
14:34 and just an hour before
14:36 I had to leave for the church
14:38 the Lord impressed me with this thought...
14:41 "make it practical,
14:42 "look it up."
14:43 So, I went to my Bible and I opened it
14:46 to Luke 11:28
14:48 where Jesus said
14:49 Blessed rather are those
14:52 who hear the word of God
14:55 and obey it
14:56 and practice it.
14:58 Then I grabbed up
15:00 the dictionary to check
15:01 the definition of practical.
15:03 And guess what it said?
15:05 Practical means to
15:07 put into practice
15:10 or action.
15:11 God doesn't want
15:13 His word to be theory
15:15 or speculation
15:17 or just spiritual ideals to us.
15:21 He wants it to be practical!
15:24 Something that
15:25 we are putting it into practice.
15:28 And since that day
15:29 God has been teaching me to
15:31 present His truths in a way that
15:34 people can apply them to
15:36 their everyday lives by practice.
15:38 Well it's time for a brief announcement.
15:41 Please stay tuned because
15:42 we'll be right back to
15:44 continue our study.
15:49 If this dynamic series is
15:50 making a difference in your life,
15:52 then you should know about
15:53 a special study guide
15:54 written by Shelley Quinn.
15:56 Exalting His Word with
15:57 Life Affirmations From Scripture
15:58 is an in depth study of the word of God.
16:03 Please send your love gifts to...
16:19 Now and let's return to
16:20 our study on these two Greek words
16:23 LOGOS and RHEMA.
16:24 Because it does have
16:26 a very practical application to our lives.
16:29 I realize this is
16:30 some what a technical lesson but
16:33 please don't give up on me!
16:35 Because as we continue
16:36 the distinction between these two terms
16:39 will become much more clearer!
16:41 And there's great power
16:43 in learning
16:45 how to take God's promises
16:46 and apply them to your life
16:49 as a practical RHEMA word
16:51 of instruction from God.
16:53 This is the way that His word
16:56 enters our lives with triumph.
16:59 And it helps us achieve the overcoming victory.
17:03 God's word has great creative power.
17:07 The prophet Jeremiah said
17:09 God made the earth by His power.
17:13 He founded the world by His wisdom.
17:17 And He stretched out the heavens
17:19 by His understanding.
17:22 he said,
17:23 "Ah, Sovereign Lord!
17:24 "You have made the heavens
17:26 "and the earth!
17:27 "By your great power
17:29 "and outstretched arm.
17:31 "And nothing is too difficult for you!."
17:35 What was the dynamic power
17:38 by which God created the world?
17:40 Let's look at two verses in which
17:43 I have supplied the original Greek term.
17:50 [text on screen]
18:32 Remember
18:34 the definition of LOGOS
18:36 implies the vast unfolding
18:40 of the reasoning
18:41 and power of the mind of God.
18:43 The dynamic force of wisdom
18:46 and understanding by which
18:48 God created the world
18:50 was His LOGOS word!
18:53 The Bible testifies that
18:55 the power responsible for the creation of
18:57 all things was
18:59 none other than Christ Jesus
19:02 who is called in
19:03 the original Greek the LOGOS of God.
19:07 Christ spoke the reasoning
19:10 and purposes of His mind.
19:12 And he created something from nothing!
19:15 An act that only God can do!
19:18 He first spoke the LOGOS word to
19:22 create the heavens and the earth.
19:24 Yet in Genesis 1:1,2
19:28 the Bible says this...
19:30 [text on screen]
19:48 Now let's look at
19:49 what Hebrews 11:3 says.
19:51 [text on screen]
20:01 When it was time to equip
20:04 and perfect His creation
20:07 the Lord became very specific with
20:10 His commands
20:12 and the dynamic energy of
20:14 God's RHEMA commands
20:16 let there be
20:18 caused the completion of creation.
20:20 Equipping and perfecting all things.
20:23 The practical application of
20:26 the RHEMA word of God
20:27 put the framework on his creation.
20:31 Further still
20:32 the Bible tells us that the might RHEMA word of
20:36 Christ sustains
20:38 and upholds all things!
20:39 Let's look at Hebrews 1:3.
20:44 It says,
20:46 [text on screen]
21:05 God has a RHEMA command to
21:08 the earth that keeps it in its orbit.
21:12 And He's got another RHEMA command that's
21:15 called the law of gravity.
21:17 He has a RHEMA command to the seas
21:20 and the oceans that says
21:22 "you can come this far and no further."
21:25 God has a RHEMA command for
21:27 every object of His creation.
21:31 Everything is sustained by
21:34 His might RHEMA word of power.
21:38 Now, what about us?
21:39 The Bible says that
21:41 when we're born again,
21:43 we are God's work of art.
21:45 Recreated in the image of Jesus Christ.
21:49 To do the good works that
21:52 God planned in advance for us to do.
21:56 To walk in the path that
21:57 He had prepared for us in advance.
22:00 So, how does God recreate us?
22:03 When we look at our own experience
22:05 with the creative force
22:07 of God's power.
22:09 -His word.
22:11 We find an interesting parallel
22:14 to the creation process of the world.
22:17 Let's look at 1 Peter 1:23.
22:25 [text on screen]
22:29 -This is talking about us...
22:30 [back to text]
22:41 By His will
22:42 God chose to give us new birth
22:44 through His LOGOS word of truth.
22:48 Our rebirth happens when
22:50 we receive and welcome
22:53 the word of God.
22:54 Implanted and rooted in our hearts.
22:56 When we were born again
22:58 God made something of nothing
22:59 taking someone who was dead in sin
23:02 and making us alive in the spirit.
23:05 Making us a new creation in Christ Jesus.
23:08 At our spiritual rebirth,
23:10 we're just like little babies.
23:12 We're not the finished product!
23:14 We still require the daily process of
23:18 continued change that conforms us to
23:22 God's divine nature.
23:24 Just as the creation of
23:26 the heavens and the earth
23:28 begged completion,
23:30 we also need
23:31 the perfecting work of the Lord!
23:33 We're like a new lump of clay.
23:35 We should entrust our lives to
23:37 the Master Potter's hands.
23:39 God stands ready to equip us.
23:42 To complete and perfect
23:45 His work in us.
23:46 The Creator of the universe
23:48 will uphold and sustain us by
23:51 His mighty RHEMA word of power!
23:54 Let me summarize
23:56 these conclusions about
23:58 the creative power of
24:00 God's word from the study of
24:02 these two Greek terms.
24:04 [information on screen]
24:42 The entire Bible is
24:44 God's LOGOS word.
24:46 Making His word RHEMA means to
24:51 focus on individual Bible promises
24:57 and instructions.
24:58 To confess them over our lives
25:00 and to put them into practice.
25:02 It means that
25:04 we have to accept God's word
25:07 as something that
25:09 God will accomplish in our lives.
25:13 It is so important for us to remember that
25:17 it is not us performing His word
25:20 but it is the power of God working in us
25:24 watching over His word to perform it.
25:28 I tell you,
25:29 if you will just take these lessons to heart,
25:34 God will do a miracle in your life!
25:39 The miracle of God
25:42 is contained in His word.
25:45 In the next program,
25:46 we're going to develop
25:49 a clearer understanding of
25:52 the dynamic impact of this process!
25:56 For now,
25:57 we should just recognize that
25:59 there is power in the RHEMA word of God.
26:04 Power to equip us
26:06 and to complete the good work that
26:10 God has begun in us.
26:14 As I said earlier,
26:15 this is a profound yet simple teaching.
26:20 I thank you for staying with me
26:24 as I tried to escort you into
26:26 the depth of His creative word power.
26:29 What we've done is,
26:30 we've laid a foundation for
26:32 understanding our continuing study.
26:36 Next time
26:38 when we will look at the RHEMA word
26:40 in the context of scripture.
26:43 And what we're going to do is
26:45 let the Bible develop the definition for us.
26:50 You know,
26:51 it is so important that
26:53 we never let scholarly works really
26:56 determine our attitude about the Bible.
27:00 Something that I have learned is that
27:03 God's word never contradicts itself!
27:06 And it is interesting to study in the Greek.
27:08 Not everyone has that opportunity or
27:11 even the time to do that.
27:13 But it can help us sometimes
27:17 see something that's a little richer.
27:19 A little...
27:21 gives us a better understanding.
27:22 And I believe next week
27:24 you're gonna see
27:26 the exciting advantages of taking God's word
27:29 and making it your RHEMA utterance!!
27:30 I pray that the power of His Holy Spirit,
27:34 He will teach you
27:36 the dynamics of this affirmation practice.
27:38 May He multiply His mercy,
27:41 love and grace to you.
27:43 And watch over His word to
27:44 perform it in your life
27:46 as you cooperate with Him.
27:48 Please spend your time
27:49 making that which is most important to God
27:52 the very thing that is
27:54 also most important to you
27:57 Exalting His Word.


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