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The Benefits Of Rhema Part 3 of 3

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00:19 Hello.
00:20 My name is Shelley Quinn
00:21 and I welcome you to
00:23 Exalting His Word.
00:24 Today we'll discuss
00:26 how to increase
00:28 the effectiveness of our prayer
00:30 through the RHEMA word of God.
00:32 We'll see that
00:34 the Bible says no RHEMA word is
00:36 impossible of fulfillment.
00:39 And we'll learn
00:40 the power behind declaring
00:43 I am who God says I am.
00:45 I hope you'll stay tuned for
00:47 this exciting Bible study!
00:50 First as our habit is,
00:53 let's review our theme text
00:55 Psalms 138:2.
00:58 That verse says that
00:59 God exalts His name
01:01 and His word above all things.
01:04 And He exalts His word
01:06 even above His name.
01:08 What does that mean?
01:10 That nothing is more important to God
01:13 than His word.
01:14 He has given His word
01:15 the highest rank of importance.
01:17 God exalts His word because
01:20 He has given His word
01:22 more creative life giving force
01:26 than anything else on this earth.
01:30 And God assigns
01:31 the highest position of praise
01:33 to His word.
01:35 If we would only learn to
01:37 follow God's example,
01:39 our lives will be transformed.
01:42 We will walk in love,
01:44 joy, peace,
01:46 and experience the abundant life that
01:48 Christ came to give us.
01:51 Let's go to the Lord in prayer
01:53 before we begin.
01:54 Father God we thank you
01:56 for the word.
01:57 We thank you that
01:59 you sent your living word
02:00 Jesus Christ to die for us
02:03 and that He lives to
02:05 intercede in our behalf now.
02:07 We praise you.
02:08 We thank you
02:10 and ask the Holy Spirit to be our teacher.
02:12 In Jesus Name,
02:13 amen.
02:15 Let's quickly review
02:16 the difference between God's
02:18 LOGOS word and His RHEMA word.
02:19 As defined in the original Greek language
02:24 LOGOS implies
02:25 the entire expression of God's will.
02:28 The vast unfolding of
02:29 the reasoning of His mind.
02:31 The Bible is God's LOGOS word.
02:34 On the other hand,
02:35 RHEMA implies a specific word of God that is
02:39 used for a practical
02:41 and immediate function.
02:43 And whenever God gives a practical or
02:46 personal instruction to
02:48 an individual in the Bible
02:49 it is clearly defined as
02:51 a RHEMA word of God.
02:54 Where you and I are concerned,
02:56 the word of God becomes RHEMA to us
02:59 when we take a single Bible verse
03:02 confess it over our lives
03:04 and personally apply it.
03:06 Now let's look at John 15:7
03:09 to see how the Bible explains that
03:12 the RHEMA word increases
03:15 the effectiveness of our prayers.
03:19 Number one...
03:21 [information on screen]
03:41 You know what?
03:43 I've concluded that
03:44 abiding in the word of God is
03:47 the way that we abide in Christ.
03:52 As the entrance of His word
03:55 increases in our hearts,
03:57 something amazing happens in our minds.
04:00 God's thoughts start to become our thoughts.
04:04 His desires start to become our desires.
04:08 And we suddenly find that
04:10 we want to do all things for His glory.
04:14 To bring honor to His name.
04:16 When the word of God is in our hearts,
04:20 our prayers are
04:22 no longer vain babbling.
04:24 We start asking for His action
04:28 according to the will of God that is
04:30 revealed in Scripture.
04:33 Perhaps you're familiar with
04:35 God's promise in
04:36 Psalms 37:4 which says,
04:40 "Delight yourselves also in the Lord,
04:42 "and He shall give you
04:44 "the desires of your heart."
04:46 Isn't that a beautiful promise?
04:49 When we find our delight in God,
04:52 His desires become our desires.
04:55 We pray according to His purpose
04:58 and He hears and answers.
05:01 You know, sadly,
05:03 some preachers have taken
05:05 this promise out of context.
05:07 And they've stunned
05:09 an entire assembly of
05:10 "name it and claim it" believers.
05:12 But let me say this,
05:14 when our delight is in the Lord,
05:16 the focus of our desires is
05:18 not a new Mercedes Benz.
05:21 In fact,
05:22 when our delight is in the Lord,
05:24 we will know His will.
05:26 We will pray for His will to be done
05:29 and we will have confidence that
05:31 our prayers are being answered.
05:33 Let's look at I John 5:14,15
05:40 the Bible says,
05:41 [text on screen]
06:03 God has taught me that
06:05 praying His word back to Him is
06:08 the most effective way of
06:11 praying according to His will.
06:14 He watches over His word to perform it.
06:17 And He also declares that
06:19 His word does not return to Him void.
06:22 But that it accomplishes
06:24 all the purposes for which He sent it.
06:27 Returning God's word to Him
06:29 makes us like the watchman on the wall.
06:34 Let me read that to you because
06:37 this is a great verse
06:38 and I want to read it to you
06:40 from the Amplified version.
06:42 This comes from Isaiah 62:6,7
06:48 from the Amplified.
06:50 Listen...
06:52 "I have set watchmen upon your walls oh Jerusalem
06:54 "who will never hold their peace day or night.
06:57 "You who are his servants
07:00 "and by your prayers,
07:02 "put the Lord in remembrance of
07:07 "His promises.
07:08 "Keep not silence.
07:11 "And give Him no rest until
07:14 "He establishes Jerusalem
07:17 "and make her a praise on the earth."
07:21 Jesus said,
07:22 if we abide in Him
07:24 and His RHEMA word abides in us,
07:27 we can ask what we will
07:31 and it will be done
07:32 according to His word.
07:34 You know, in Luke chapter 18
07:36 He spoke of a parable
07:38 about a persistent widow
07:40 to show us that
07:41 we ought always to pray in faith
07:44 and not to give up.
07:45 We can pray without loosing heart if
07:48 we know we're praying according to His word.
07:53 As Christ concluded this parable,
07:56 He exposed the burden of His heart
08:00 with this sorrowful note.
08:02 He said, Never the less
08:05 when the Son of Man comes,
08:07 will He really find faith on earth?
08:10 Will He?
08:12 Will He find faith in you?
08:14 He will if His word has become your RHEMA affirmation.
08:20 If we're personally applying God's promises to
08:24 our lives we have reason to
08:27 pray with great confidence and faith.
08:30 The Bible says that
08:32 no RHEMA word of God is
08:34 impossible of fulfilling.
08:36 Let's look at Luke 1:37,38.
08:44 In Luke 1:37 it says,
08:49 [text on screen]
09:06 Luke 1:38 says...
09:07 [text on screen]
09:19 Now I don't mean to confuse you
09:21 by using two different translations to
09:23 provide sequential scriptures.
09:25 But that's the only way to bring out
09:28 the fullest expression of the Greek text.
09:31 Because in the Greek,
09:32 both scriptures refer to the RHEMA word
09:35 and you know something?
09:37 Most translations of Luke 1:37
09:40 stop at "nothing is impossible with God".
09:45 The original Greek text goes on to say that
09:49 no RHEMA word of God is
09:52 impossible of fulfillment.
09:55 These verses come from
09:57 the account where the angel told Mary that
10:00 she would give birth to the Son of God.
10:03 With incredible faith
10:06 Mary trusted God
10:08 and she received His word
10:11 into her heart
10:12 willing to apply it
10:14 personally in her life.
10:16 And God blessed her.
10:18 Because she believed that
10:20 He would fulfill His word.
10:23 The creative power of the word
10:25 went to work in her
10:27 and God birthed
10:28 His purpose in her.
10:30 By His power,
10:32 the word became flesh.
10:33 This is the profound thought.
10:36 And I pray that
10:38 the Holy Spirit is working in your heart
10:41 to bring understanding.
10:43 It is God's desire that
10:44 we recognize
10:47 the creative power in His word.
10:50 He wants us to
10:51 plant His word into our hearts.
10:53 He wants us to let it be
10:56 the word of faith that is
10:58 coming from our mouth.
10:59 He yearns for us to acknowledge His plan
11:04 and know who we are!
11:06 Who we've become since
11:08 we have accepted Christ as our Savior
11:11 and God has included us in Christ.
11:14 Our loving Heavenly Father wants to
11:17 bring His purposes about
11:20 in our life.
11:23 We'll be forever changed
11:25 if we could grasp this truth.
11:27 No RHEMA word of God is
11:30 impossible of fulfillment.
11:33 Understanding this will create the desire to
11:37 partake of His promises.
11:39 To the end result that
11:40 we will also partake of
11:43 His divine nature.
11:45 Our identity crisis
11:47 will fly out the window.
11:49 We'll recognize
11:51 the privilege of being called
11:53 the Children of God.
11:55 God knows the end from the beginning.
11:58 And do you know what?
12:00 So can we if
12:01 we can just get into HIS WORD!
12:03 Where His plan is revealed.
12:08 I know His plan is far greater than
12:10 what I am currently living.
12:11 And I trust that
12:14 Nothing He has promised is
12:17 impossible of fulfillment.
12:19 We just have to depend upon His power
12:21 to do the work in us.
12:25 Please stay tuned through this brief announcement
12:27 because we'll be right back to continue our Bible study.
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12:48 Please send your love gifts to...
13:04 God wants to increase
13:06 the measure of your expectations.
13:09 The measure you use will be
13:10 measured back to you.
13:12 That is a definite Bible principle.
13:15 An apathetic attitude
13:16 towards God's word is
13:18 a dangerous heart condition.
13:20 Jesus warns us of this in John 12:48.
13:25 He says that it is
13:26 dangerous to reject the RHEMA word.
13:29 What John 12:48 says it that...
13:33 [text on screen]
13:48 A loving Savior wants us to
13:51 receive all that He has for us.
13:54 He wants to equip us
13:55 thoroughly to do His will.
13:57 He wants us to depend on His power to
14:00 be made perfect in our weakness.
14:02 It is Almighty God
14:04 who will work in you to
14:06 line your desires up with His will.
14:09 It's the creator of the universe
14:11 who will work in you to
14:13 empower you to act.
14:14 We have nothing to fear
14:16 as long as we depend
14:18 on His power to
14:20 walk in obedience to His word.
14:24 That being true,
14:25 I still must consider this...
14:28 My conduct reveals
14:30 my attitude toward Christ
14:32 and the word of God.
14:33 If I refuse to receive His word as RHEMA
14:36 (A word that I'm obeying
14:38 (and actively applying to my life),
14:41 then I'm setting my self up to
14:43 have judgment pronounced against me.
14:44 Instead of for me in the last day.
14:48 At the point that I refuse to
14:50 receive His word
14:52 and put it into practice,
14:53 I am at the same point
14:55 rejecting Christ.
14:57 Let me proof that in scripture.
14:59 Starting with
15:00 I Thessalonians 4:7,8
15:04 [text on screen]
15:38 If you've been rejecting
15:42 the word of God
15:43 I pray that the Holy Spirit is
15:45 bringing you to Godly sorrow
15:47 and true repentance right now.
15:49 And I also pray that
15:51 He will prevent you from
15:53 being smothered by condemnation.
15:56 You know the Bible says that
15:58 when we confess our sins that
16:00 God is righteous.
16:01 He is faithful to forgive us our sins.
16:04 He will erase the record.
16:07 And by the blood of Jesus
16:08 He will remember your sins no more.
16:11 He is the God of new beginnings.
16:16 Jesus says that
16:17 we are blessed when we hear
16:20 the LOGOS word of God
16:22 and then obey it
16:23 and practice it.
16:24 This refers to hearing a commandment
16:26 or promise in the Holy Bible
16:28 and making it RHEMA
16:30 by personally applying it.
16:32 We need to recall
16:34 the perfect law of liberty that
16:35 we previously studied.
16:37 We must recognize our
16:38 absolute total dependence
16:41 upon Jesus Christ to
16:43 perform a work in us that
16:46 empowers us to walk in
16:48 the commandments of God.
16:50 Then,
16:51 we'll walk in the law of liberty.
16:54 And as the Bible says,
16:55 we'll be doers of the word
16:58 instead of just hearers
16:59 and we'll be blessed in whatever we do.
17:02 I want to read you
17:04 one of my favorite Bible promises that
17:06 comes from Isaiah 43:1,2
17:11 [text on screen]
17:36 Always remember this...
17:38 you are worth nothing less to God than
17:42 the price that He paid for you with
17:44 the precious life blood of Jesus.
17:47 He will complete the good work
17:50 He has begun in you.
17:52 God will pour His love into your heart
17:54 and empower you to love Him.
17:57 With all of your heart,
17:59 soul, mind and strength.
18:01 Did you know that
18:03 even in this response of
18:06 love to Him
18:07 we are totally
18:10 dependent upon Him.
18:13 God wants you to
18:14 come to Him in faith.
18:16 Earnestly seeking Him.
18:17 He will reward you beyond
18:19 your wildest dreams by
18:21 the creative power of His word
18:24 and the dynamite power of
18:26 His Holy Spirit
18:27 at work within you.
18:29 He will cause you to
18:31 be all that He has called you to be.
18:35 If you have your Bibles
18:37 please turn to
18:39 Ephesians 3:16-21.
18:42 This is my prayer for you
18:44 and I want to read it to you
18:46 from the New King James version.
18:50 Ephesians 3:16-21
18:52 "That He will grant you according to
18:54 the riches in Glory
18:56 to be strengthened with might
18:58 through His Spirit
19:00 in the inner man that
19:02 Christ may dwell in your hearts
19:04 through faith.
19:06 That you be rooted
19:07 and grounded in love
19:09 may be able to comprehend
19:11 with all the saints
19:12 what is the width and the length
19:15 and the depth
19:16 and the height to know
19:18 the love of Christ which
19:20 passes knowledge that
19:22 you may be filled with all
19:24 the fullness of God.
19:26 Now to him who is able to
19:29 do exceedingly abundantly
19:31 above all that we ask or think
19:34 according to the power that works in us,
19:38 The power of the Holy Spirit.
19:40 "In the church to Him
19:42 "be glory in Christ Jesus for
19:45 all generations forever and ever amen."
19:50 You know this is our fifth study
19:52 on RHEMA affirmations.
19:54 And we started by noting that
19:55 miracles follow the authority of
19:58 the word of Christ.
20:00 We've gone through a lot of teaching
20:02 just to prove the authority of
20:04 the words of Christ.
20:06 And what we want is to
20:08 let that authority be exercised
20:11 in our lives.
20:12 It's not important that
20:13 you remember the terms LOGOS or RHEMA.
20:16 What's important to remember is this...
20:19 [information on screen]
21:39 You know
21:40 the Holy Spirit
21:42 first poured out
21:43 the Life Affirmations From Scripture
21:44 into my heart
21:46 in 1996
21:47 as I was sitting in a hotel room in Houston.
21:50 And as He lead me in this process of
21:53 taking God's word
21:55 and making it my RHEMA utterance,
21:57 I was uneasy about something.
22:00 I noticed that
22:02 many of the affirmation began with
22:06 "I AM".
22:07 It seemed that
22:09 I was assuming something.
22:10 And it made me very uncomfortable to
22:12 speak in that way.
22:15 Suddenly I was impressed to say,
22:21 Still I was uneasy
22:24 speaking the affirmations in
22:25 the form that seemed that
22:28 He had given to me.
22:30 And then the Lord lead me to
22:32 Romans 4:17 that says,
22:34 "God who gives life to the dead
22:37 "and calls things that are not
22:39 "as thou they already were."
22:42 You know, His word says that
22:44 we are predestined to
22:47 become like His son.
22:50 I'm not there yet!
22:51 But God the one who knows
22:53 the end from the beginning
22:55 counts it as done.
22:57 Who am I to argue with God?
23:01 I think the reason
23:03 the Lord lead me to speak
23:06 because faith comes by hearing.
23:08 And He knew that I needed to hear it
23:11 by my own voice.
23:13 Without faith
23:15 we can't please our Heavenly Father.
23:18 You know
23:19 the next thought that was
23:22 impressed upon my mind was much deeper.
23:24 And I knew that
23:25 it had to be the leading of
23:27 the Spirit because
23:28 I was astonished at the concept.
23:30 It required much prayer
23:31 and reflection for me to accept it.
23:34 And now as I share with you
23:36 I encourage you to receive it
23:39 in the same prayerful attitude.
23:42 Let me first establish
23:44 the foundation for understanding.
23:47 When God told Moses that
23:49 He was going to send Moses to
23:52 the Israelites to deliver them from
23:55 the Egyptian bondage.
23:57 Moses wanted to know
23:59 what God's name was for reference.
24:03 And we find the record on this conversation
24:07 in Exodus 3:13,14
24:11 Let me read that to you.
24:13 "Then Moses said to God,
24:16 "indeed when I come to
24:18 "the Children of Israel
24:20 "and say to them
24:22 "the God of your fathers have sent me to you
24:25 "and they say to me
24:27 what is His name?
24:28 Moses asked God
24:30 What shall I say to them?
24:32 And God said to Moses
24:36 "I am who I am".
24:42 And He said,
24:44 "thus shall you say to
24:45 "the children of Israel,
24:48 "I AM has sent me to you."
24:53 God proclaimed His name as I AM.
24:59 You know such a declaration reveals that
25:02 God is not dependant upon any power
25:06 but His own.
25:08 He is almighty and all sufficient.
25:13 Maybe that's why I was
25:15 uneasy to affirm the "I AM".
25:19 But the Spirit of the Lord
25:21 led me to a deeper understanding of
25:24 God's purpose in beginning
25:26 my RHEMA utterances this way.
25:29 And at the same time,
25:32 He brought me into
25:33 a deeper appreciation for
25:35 the commandment of
25:37 not taking the Lord's name in vain.
25:41 This is what I was lead to understand.
25:44 Anytime that I speak
25:46 the words "I AM"
25:48 I should be cautious
25:50 by what declaration follows that.
25:54 If we declare something that is
25:57 not scriptural
25:59 for example,
26:00 if we say,
26:01 "I am SO stupid!"
26:04 We are in a sense
26:07 taking the Lord's name in vain.
26:10 On the other hand
26:11 when we proclaim I am
26:14 and follow it by an affirmation that is
26:19 from scripture,
26:20 we are in essence saying,
26:23 "by God's grace
26:26 "I am who God says I am."
26:30 And did you know that demonstrates that
26:33 we believe His testimony
26:35 and it brings God glory.
26:38 The Apostle Paul said it best.
26:41 He said, "but by the grace of God
26:45 "I am what I am
26:48 "and His grace toward me
26:50 "was not in vain."
26:52 You know once I gained that
26:56 same understanding
26:57 I was excited to speak
26:59 the affirmations over my life.
27:01 Just as He had given them to me.
27:04 And I considered them
27:06 accomplished in His eyes.
27:09 Calling things that have yet to be
27:12 revealed to my physical senses
27:15 through physical evidence
27:16 as thou they already existed.
27:20 Let me ask you,
27:21 isn't this the very essence of faith?
27:25 being sure of what we hope for
27:27 and certain of what we do not yet see?
27:31 Well, our time is gone for today.
27:34 May God multiply
27:36 His mercy love
27:37 and grace to you.
27:38 And may He watch over His word
27:40 to perform it in your life
27:42 as you cooperate with Him.
27:44 I just want to remind you
27:46 please remember to
27:48 spend your time making that
27:50 which is most important to God
27:53 the very thing that is also
27:55 most important to you...
27:57 Exalting His Word.


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