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00:19 Hello.
00:20 I'm Shelley Quinn
00:22 and I welcome you to
00:23 Exalting His Word!
00:24 Today's topic will be about salvation by Grace
00:28 and God's gift of redemption.
00:31 We're going to develop
00:33 an affirmation for you to declare
00:36 with your living voice to bring God glory
00:39 and set your heart free!
00:41 It would be a good idea to have a pen
00:44 and paper ready because
00:45 you might want to take a few notes.
00:48 Before we begin
00:50 as our habit has become,
00:52 let's review the same text for this program.
00:56 Its Psalms 138:2
00:59 and in this verse the Bible says that
01:03 God exalts His Word
01:05 and His Name above all things
01:08 and He exalts His Word even above His Name!
01:13 Now, what exactly does that mean?
01:16 It means that God has assigned His word
01:20 the highest position of praise!
01:22 Nothing is more important to God than His word.
01:26 And because nothing is more important to Him
01:31 He has promoted His word to
01:34 the highest rank of importance.
01:36 -That should apply to you and I as well.
01:38 God exalts His word above all things because
01:41 He has granted creative
01:43 life-giving force to His word.
01:46 Power that can accomplish all of He is will!
01:50 Today were going to learn how to exalt God's word
01:54 and return it to Him to set our hearts free!
01:58 But before we begin,
02:00 let's go to the Lord in prayer.
02:03 Heavenly Father
02:04 we come today asking that
02:06 you would circumcised our ears
02:09 and circumcised our hearts Father God.
02:12 In the Name of Jesus help us to
02:15 see You for who You are.
02:17 Help us to understand your great love
02:20 and the great gift of salvation and redemption.
02:25 And Father in the Name of Jesus
02:27 I pray that you would send
02:28 your Holy Spirit to be our teacher
02:32 and sanctify us by His word.
02:34 In Christ Holy Name we pray, Amen.
02:39 Now here's our first Life Affirmation from Scripture.
02:45 [Affirmation on screen]
03:14 What we are doing here is
03:17 we're taking Bible texts
03:20 and we're turning them into an affirmation.
03:24 A declaration declaring
03:26 God's testimony over our lives.
03:30 So let's take this affirmation apart
03:32 just line by line
03:34 and I'll show you the supporting scriptures
03:36 and where they came from.
03:38 The first line said,
03:39 "I am the redeemed of the Lord
03:42 "saved by His marvelous grace."
03:45 I got that from Psalms 107:2 which says,
03:50 "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so."
03:54 God wants us to testify
03:57 we are the redeemed of the Lord!
04:01 And Ephesians 2:4-5 is where I got the part about
04:07 being saved by His marvelous grace.
04:10 The Bible says
04:13 "But because of His great love for us,
04:15 "God who is rich in mercy,
04:17 "made us alive with Christ
04:21 "even when we were dead in transgressions."
04:25 It is by grace you have been saved!
04:30 Nothing I could do could earn or merit
04:33 His super abundant favor.
04:37 That's our next line.
04:38 "It is purely a gift of grace from the Lord."
04:42 You know, all things come to us by grace.
04:47 Everything that's good in our life is
04:50 by the grace of God.
04:52 And I got this from
04:54 four different scriptures that
04:55 I want to read to you now.
04:57 Galatians 3:10,13
05:02 I'll be reading from the Amplified.
05:04 And listen carefully...
05:06 it says,
05:07 "And all who depend on the law..."
05:10 Now the reason why I said listen carefully is
05:11 I used to think this was talking about
05:13 the Ten Commandments
05:15 but that's not the law it's talking about.
05:17 We're gonna see is the book of the law or
05:20 the book of Moses.
05:22 And it says;
05:23 "all who depend on the law
05:24 "who are seeking to be justified
05:26 "by obedience to the law of rituals are
05:31 "under a curse and doomed to
05:35 "disappointment and destruction.
05:37 "For it is written in the scriptures
05:39 "cursed be everyone who does not continue to
05:44 "abide or live and remain,
05:47 "by all of the precepts and commands
05:50 "written in the book of the law and practice them.
05:57 "Christ purchased our freedom
05:59 "redeeming us from the curse or doom of the law
06:04 "and its condemnation
06:05 "by Himself becoming a curse for us.
06:09 "It is written in the scriptures
06:11 "cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree."
06:16 (which means is crucified)
06:18 It is so important that we understand
06:21 we can not take a scripture out of context.
06:25 And if you read the book of Galatians
06:28 you will see that every time
06:31 when Paul is referring to the law
06:33 he's talking about the book of the law
06:35 which had all of the ritualistic symbolic
06:40 sacrificial things written in it
06:44 as well as the Ten Commandments.
06:46 But the book of the law was placed on
06:48 the outside of the Ark of the Covenant.
06:52 And it contained all of the curses in it!
06:55 And God told Moses you place the book of the law
06:59 on the outside of the Arc of the Covenant
07:03 as a witness against the people.
07:05 It was never meant to be permanent.
07:08 But in the inside of the Arc of the Covenant
07:11 he placed the Ten Commandments.
07:14 The two tablets of stone
07:15 written on the front and the back
07:18 by the finger of God.
07:20 John 3:16-17 is
07:24 one you ought to know by heart.
07:26 "For God so loved the world
07:28 "that He gave His only begotten Son
07:30 "that whoever believes in Him
07:33 "should not perish but have everlasting life.
07:37 "For God did not send His Son
07:39 "into the world to condemn the world
07:42 "but that the world through Him might be saved.
07:48 And in Romans 5:8 says
07:50 "But God demonstrates
07:52 "His own love toward us in that
07:55 "while we were still sinners
07:57 "Christ died for us."
08:01 And Ephesians 2:8-10 says,
08:07 "By grace you have been saved through faith.
08:11 "And that not of yourselves
08:14 "It is the gift of God.
08:16 "Not of works lest anyone should boast.
08:19 "For we are His workmanship."
08:24 In the Greek it says,
08:25 "We are His work of art.
08:28 "His handy work.
08:30 "Created in Christ Jesus for good works
08:36 which God prepared before hand that
08:39 we should walk in them.
08:41 Isn't that beautiful?
08:43 Now, let's put all of those back together
08:47 line by line,
08:48 and look at our Life Affirmation From Scripture.
08:52 We can confidently declare God's testimony over our life
08:57 and say, I am the redeemed of the Lord!
09:01 [affirmation on screen]
09:29 Please stay tuned.
09:30 We'll be right back after this announcement to
09:32 go through another Life Affirmation From Scripture.
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10:08 Well we're back with another
10:11 Life Affirmation From Scripture!
10:13 And here's our next Affirmation.
10:17 [affirmation on screen]
10:54 This is one of my favorite affirmations!
10:57 And if you will speak this over your life,
11:01 God will renew your mind.
11:03 He will help you to understand who you have become
11:07 since you have accepted Christ as your Savior.
11:11 Let's go through this one line by line.
11:13 And this one is kind of difficult to
11:15 break down line by line
11:17 because several lines actually come from
11:20 a couple of scriptures.
11:22 We began by saying
11:24 "I am a chose and redeemed person.
11:27 "He paid a price of unspeakable value for me
11:30 "and I am worth nothing less than the price He paid.
11:35 "I am bought paid for and covered by
11:40 "the precious blood of Jesus.
11:41 Before we look at those scriptures,
11:44 I just wanna make sure that you understand,
11:47 if you have accepted Christ as your Savior
11:50 this is God's testimony about you.
11:54 You know, even if you've yet to
11:56 accept Christ as your Savior,
11:58 God sent Jesus to die for us
12:01 while we were still sinners.
12:04 And, you are worth nothing less to Him than
12:09 the price He paid for you.
12:11 He lavished His love on you on the cross.
12:15 And if you are feeling worthless or
12:18 if you're feeling that
12:20 you have no value to God,
12:22 quit relying on your human understanding
12:25 and rely on what the word of God says!
12:29 You have great value to the Lord.
12:32 Now, let's look at the scriptures that support this.
12:37 I Peter 1:18-19
12:42 "You must recognize that
12:44 "you were redeemed or ransomed
12:47 "from the useless way of living
12:48 "inherited by tradition by the forefathers.
12:51 "You weren't redeemed with corruptible things
12:56 "such as silver or gold,
12:57 "but you were purchased with the precious
13:00 "blood of Christ the Messiah.
13:04 "Like that of a sacrificial lamb.
13:06 "Without blemish or spot."
13:09 And I Corinthians 6:19-20 says this...
13:15 "Do you not know that
13:18 "your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit
13:21 "who is in you whom you have received from God?
13:26 "You are not your own.
13:29 "You were bought at a price.
13:31 "Therefore honor God with your body!"
13:38 I love these verses!
13:40 Now, let's look at the next line...
13:43 The next line of our affirmation says,
13:45 "He has made me a member of a royal priesthood.
13:50 "A special person belonging to the Lord."
13:55 Let's look at those scriptures...
13:57 I Peter 2:9-10 is the first one.
14:02 And it says this...
14:03 "But you are a chosen generation
14:08 "A royal priesthood.
14:10 "A holy nation.
14:11 "His own special people that
14:14 "you may proclaim the praises of Him
14:18 "who called you out of darkness
14:20 "and into His marvelous light.
14:22 "You who were once not a people are now of
14:29 "are the people of God.
14:31 "You who had not obtained mercy
14:33 "have now obtained mercy!"
14:39 And then our next line says,
14:41 "I walk in the marvelous light of His kingdom.
14:46 And it is marvelous!
14:48 Acts 26:18 is where I got that.
14:51 Actually there's three verses that
14:53 I want to read to you.
14:55 Jesus was talking to Paul and He said,
14:56 I am sending you to open their eyes
14:59 in order to turn them from darkness to light.
15:03 And from the power of Satan to
15:05 the power of God that
15:07 they may receive forgiveness of sins
15:10 and an inheritance among those who are sanctified.
15:16 How?
15:17 By faith in Him.
15:19 And I John 1:7 says this,
15:23 "If we walk in the light as He
15:26 "(Christ) is in the light,
15:28 "we'll have fellowship with one another
15:30 "and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son
15:33 "cleanses us from all sin."
15:37 Hallelujah!!
15:38 And in John 8:12
15:41 Jesus spoke to them saying,
15:43 "I am the light of the world.
15:46 "And He who follows me
15:47 "shall not walk in darkness but
15:51 "will have the light of life."
15:59 "God grants me favor with mankind."
16:02 Let me read you three scriptures with that.
16:07 Psalms 5:12 says,
16:10 "For you oh Lord will bless the righteous.
16:14 "You bless them with favor.
16:17 "You will surround them as a shield."
16:20 Psalms 84:11 says this...
16:23 "For the Lord God is a sun and a shield.
16:27 "The Lord will give grace and glory.
16:30 "No good thing will He withhold
16:34 "from those who walk uprightly."
16:37 And in Proverbs 3:3,4 says,
16:42 "Let love and faithfulness never leave you.
16:46 "Bind them around your neck.
16:49 "Write them on the tablet of your heart.
16:52 "Then, you will win favor
16:55 "and a good name
16:56 "in the sight of God and of man."
17:01 Now, let's put all of those back together
17:03 and we'll see where that affirmation came from.
17:07 [affirmation on screen]
17:19 You can say that right now!!
17:21 "I am worth nothing less to God
17:24 "than the price He paid!!!"
17:28 [affirmation on screen]
17:48 Isn't that wonderful?
17:50 You know there's something so powerful
17:52 as we speak God's word over our lives,
17:56 He will absolutely rewire this computer
18:00 that's up here in your head.
18:03 He will renew your attitudes!
18:04 You'll see yourself as God sees you
18:08 and you'll quit being
18:10 beat over the head with your past,
18:13 you'll quit being beat over your head
18:15 with guilt and condemnation!
18:17 You can become just like Jesus!
18:21 That's your destiny!
18:23 Now let's look at our next affirmation...
18:26 It says...
18:27 [affirmation on screen]
18:45 Oh this is such a special affirmation to me!
18:48 Let's take in about apart
18:50 line by line
18:52 and I'll show you
18:53 the supporting scriptures
18:54 and where it came from.
18:56 First the line says
18:57 "His word is a lamp onto my feet
19:00 and helps me to walk
19:03 in Christ's footsteps.
19:05 That comes from several different verses.
19:09 Psalms 119:105 says,
19:12 "Your word is the lamp onto my feet
19:15 "and a light onto my path."
19:17 And Colosians 2:6,
19:20 I want to read this to you
19:22 from the amplified...
19:23 It says,
19:25 "As you have therefore received Christ walk
19:29 (which means regulate your lives
19:31 (and conduct yourselves)
19:34 "In union with Him.
19:37 "In conformity to Him."
19:40 One thing that I know is that,
19:43 so many of us think that
19:45 we're powerless over sin.
19:49 That's true if we're doing it
19:51 by our human effort.
19:53 But it's not true
19:54 if we're relying on the power of God.
19:56 Jesus Christ came to
19:58 destroy the works of the devil!
20:00 And if we will just rely on
20:04 the infused power of His Holy Spirit
20:08 and His word,
20:09 we can walk in Christ's footsteps.
20:13 As a matter of fact 1 John 2:6 says this...
20:20 "Whoever claims to live in Him
20:23 "must walk as Jesus did.
20:28 Now, you know,
20:30 I used to really
20:31 beat myself up over the head with
20:34 this scripture when
20:35 I first started speaking affirmations.
20:38 And I would say,
20:39 "Because I live in Him
20:41 "I must walk as Jesus walked."
20:44 And I thought...
20:46 "Oh, Lord I know I'm not walking like Jesus walked!!
20:49 "Help me Father!"
20:50 And when He took me to Philippians 2:13
20:53 and helped me to understand that
20:55 He's working in me to cause me to will
20:58 and to act for His good purposes.
21:02 And then He took me to
21:03 Philippians 1:6 that says that
21:06 God will complete the good work that
21:09 He's begun in us.
21:11 In Romans 4:17 that says that
21:13 God calls things that are not
21:15 as though they already were.
21:17 I realized this is what God is working in me!
21:21 He is helping me day by day,
21:23 conforming me to the image of Jesus
21:26 and helping me to walk
21:28 in the footsteps of Christ.
21:30 We just need to rely on His power.
21:32 And then,
21:34 II John 1:6 says,
21:36 "This is love that
21:37 "we walk in obedience to His command."
21:41 And His command is that you walk in love.
21:45 I have to pause here and say...
21:47 God is love and God is Holy.
21:51 So the Holy Spirit is
21:53 not only the spirit of holiness but
21:56 He is the spirit of love.
21:57 And when the Holy Spirit is in our heart,
22:00 everything that we do will be motivated by
22:04 the love of God.
22:05 and we have to understand that
22:07 anything that we do that is not
22:10 motivated by love and holiness,
22:13 is not of God.
22:15 That's important for us to remember!
22:17 And in Psalms 89:15 says,
22:20 "Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you.
22:25 "Who walk in the light of your presence oh Lord."
22:30 Now, the next line on that affirmation says,
22:33 "His word illuminates might path
22:36 "and shows me the direction of my future steps."
22:39 That comes from two scriptures...
22:42 Proverbs 4:18 that says,
22:46 "But the path of just is like
22:48 "the shining sun that
22:49 "shines ever brighter unto the perfect day."
22:54 And you know what that means is
22:57 none of us have all the truth yet!
22:59 But as we're walking
23:01 God increases our truth day by day that
23:05 we will come to a greater understanding of
23:08 who He is and who we are in Christ Jesus.
23:11 And in Psalms 85:13 says,
23:14 "Righteousness will go before him
23:17 "and shall make his footsteps our pathway."
23:22 Don't you love that scripture?
23:24 But now here's one of my favorite that
23:27 refers to the RHEMA word of God.
23:30 It says;
23:32 "He will sustain me with his powerful word."
23:36 That comes from Hebrews 1:3.
23:40 I'm going to read that from the Amplified.
23:42 "He (Jesus) is the soul expression of
23:47 the glory of God.
23:48 "He is the light beam,
23:50 "the out ring,
23:52 "the radiance of the divine."
23:55 And Christ is the perfect imprint
23:58 and He is the very image of God's nature.
24:04 Jesus said,
24:05 "If you've seen me you have seen the Father."
24:08 The Father is just like Jesus.
24:10 And it goes on to say that,
24:11 "He upholds and sustains all things
24:17 "by His powerful word.
24:19 "Upholding and maintaining and guiding
24:22 "and propelling the Universe!
24:25 "By His mighty word of power!"
24:29 Now, let's put that all together again!
24:33 What the Bible says in taking all of these scripture
24:38 we can now claim over our life that His word...
24:43 [affirmation on screen]
25:05 I have found in my personal Christian experience that
25:12 before I started speaking God's word
25:16 as my life affirmation,
25:18 before I understood that God's word is life to me, that
25:22 I sometimes felt like
25:24 I was in a roller coaster ride with the Lord.
25:27 One day it was up and the next day it was down.
25:30 And, when the Lord lead me to
25:33 start speaking His word over my life...
25:37 Declaring it with my living voice...
25:40 Lining up my thoughts
25:43 and my attitudes with what God believed about me
25:49 and what He vowed about me...
25:51 He changed my life!
25:53 And He truly does sustain me with His powerful word.
25:57 I want to encourage you that
26:00 if we would just remember that Jesus said,
26:05 "The Spirit gives life.
26:07 "The flesh counts for nothing."
26:09 And He said,
26:11 "The words that I have spoken to you are Spirit
26:13 "and they are Life."
26:15 That's John 6:63.
26:17 And then in Deuteronomy 32:46,47
26:22 God says,
26:23 "My words are not idle.
26:26 "My words are life to you."
26:29 IF we could only recognize that
26:33 there's transforming power
26:36 in the word of God.
26:38 Not only does God's word reveal His plan for you and me...
26:43 But, when we get that word planted in our heart
26:47 and we hold on to it
26:49 and we speak it back to Him,
26:52 it does not return void!
26:54 The Bible says in Jeremiah 1:12 that
26:59 God watches His word to perform it.
27:03 And, who is He performing His word for?
27:07 For those who have faith in His testimony.
27:11 I hope that you are enjoying this study.
27:14 And I hope that you will be able to join us next time
27:18 when we are going to study about
27:21 what it means to be included Christ
27:24 and how God conforms us to the character of Christ.
27:28 May God multiply His mercy, love and grace to you.
27:31 And watch over His word to perform it in your life.
27:35 I thank you and ask that you will spend your time
27:40 making that which is most important to God
27:44 the very thing that is also most important to you.
27:51 Get in His word!
27:52 Speak it over you life!
27:54 Accept His testimony.
27:56 And be "Exalting His Word"!


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