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00:19 Hello.
00:20 My name is Shelley Quinn
00:22 and I welcome you heartedly to
00:24 Exalting His Word!
00:25 Do you know what it means to
00:27 be included in Christ?
00:30 Do you know
00:31 how God changes us to conform us to
00:34 the character of Christ?
00:36 I hope you have a pen
00:37 and paper ready because today,
00:40 we'll be discussing these things!
00:42 And we'll be looking at how to tap into
00:45 God's source of power that
00:48 He's made available to us.
00:51 Before we begin,
00:52 let me explain our theme text
00:55 which is Psalms 138:2.
01:00 In that text the Bible says
01:02 God exalts His word above everything.
01:07 And what we want to see is
01:10 what really does that mean?
01:12 You know,
01:14 when I first read this verse
01:16 I missed the impact of it because
01:18 I just didn't quite understand
01:21 the depth of importance.
01:23 But as I studied in the Hebrew
01:25 I've found out something very interesting.
01:27 What that verse is saying is that
01:29 God has promoted as Commander and Chief
01:32 He has promoted His word to
01:35 the highest rank of importance.
01:37 Nothing is more important to God than His word.
01:42 He has given His word life giving
01:47 transforming power!
01:48 Power that is over everything else.
01:50 In fact, we need to ask our self
01:53 why does God exalt His word over everything.
01:57 The answer is really quite simple.
01:59 In I John the Bible says,
02:02 "In the beginning was the word
02:04 "and the word was with God
02:06 "and the word was God.
02:08 "And in Him was life.
02:10 "And in that life was the light of all mankind.
02:15 "And the word became flesh
02:17 "and He gave up His lifeblood."
02:21 Sacrificed His life for you and I.
02:24 That's why God exalts His word above all things;
02:28 and why we should as well!
02:30 Let's go to the Lord in prayer
02:32 before we begin our study.
02:34 Heavenly Father
02:35 we come today asking that
02:38 your Holy Spirit
02:40 would transform us.
02:42 Teach us Father God.
02:43 Help us to tap into the power source of your word.
02:47 And I ask a very special blessing
02:50 on my brothers and my sisters
02:52 who are watching this program.
02:54 And I ask a special blessing over me Lord.
02:56 That you would cause us to be all that
03:00 you've called us to be.
03:01 Help us to walk in step with your spirit.
03:04 Not lagging behind and not running ahead.
03:07 In Jesus name amen.
03:12 Now, let's look at all were first affirmation.
03:17 The first affirmation says...
03:19 [affirmation on screen]
03:52 Do you see what we're doing here?
03:54 What a Life Affirmation is
03:57 it's just taking the Word of God
04:00 and declaring it as our testimony
04:03 speaking God's word back to Him.
04:06 Now, let me show you where
04:08 I got this scriptures for this affirmation.
04:12 The first line says,
04:14 "I am positioned in Christ Jesus."
04:17 That's what God says about you
04:19 if you have accepted Christ as your Savior.
04:22 Let me give you the verses for that!
04:24 Ephesians 1:13-14 says this...
04:30 "And you also were included in Christ
04:35 "when you heard the word of truth.
04:39 "The gospel of your salvation."
04:42 "Having believed
04:44 you were marked in Him with a seal.
04:48 The promised Holy Spirit who is
04:52 a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance
04:56 until the redemption of
04:58 those who are God's possession.
05:02 You are God's possession!
05:04 And He has included you in Christ
05:07 if you have accepted Christ as your Savior.
05:10 I Corinthians 1:30...
05:12 I'm gonna read this from the Amplified because
05:15 it helps us understand it better.
05:17 Says this about you...
05:19 "But it is from Him
05:21 (from God)
05:22 "that you have your life in Christ Jesus.
05:28 "Whom God has made
05:30 (That's Jesus, He...)
05:31 (God has made Jesus)
05:33 "our wisdom from God."
05:36 He has made Him our righteousness.
05:40 (Which means to be...
05:41 (...He has put us in right standing with God.)
05:45 He has made Christ our consecration.
05:49 Making us pure and holy.
05:51 And our redemption providing
05:54 our ransom from eternal penalty for sin.
05:58 So, we see that in this verse
06:01 God has included us in Christ Jesus.
06:04 Now, let's look at the next line...
06:07 And this one is interesting!!
06:09 It says,
06:10 "Because I have received Christ as my Savior,
06:14 "I now have a spiritual union with Him."
06:19 1 Corinthians 6:17 says this...
06:24 "But he who is joined to the Lord is
06:28 "one spirit with Him."
06:30 You know when I first started
06:32 speaking that over my life,
06:34 and I would say
06:36 "Father I thank you because
06:38 "I am joined with Jesus Christ.
06:40 "That I am in one spirit with Him."
06:43 I absolutely knew that
06:46 I was calling things that are not
06:49 as thou they were.
06:50 I didn't feel like I was one in spirit with Him.
06:54 But the more I have spoken that over my life,
06:57 and I've been doing it now for nearly eight years
07:01 God is bringing that into reality.
07:05 God is causing me to
07:09 walk in step with Christ a little more
07:11 each day knowing that
07:13 I am really united with Him
07:17 and one in spirit with Him.
07:19 And He'll do the same for you
07:21 if you'll just start speaking His Word over your live!
07:25 It's wonderful!!
07:26 Now, the next part of our affirmation said,
07:29 "The law of the spirit of life works in me."
07:32 That comes from Romans chapter 7
07:36 and I'm gonna read verses 23-25 of chapter 7
07:40 and also Romans 8:2.
07:44 And this is what the Bible says...
07:46 "But I discern in my bodily members...
07:50 (that's the sensitive appetites
07:52 (and wills of the flesh.)
07:54 A different law,
07:56 a different rule of action that's at war
07:59 against the law of my mind.
08:01 And making me a prisoner to the law of sin.
08:06 See, in our human effort or
08:09 in our humanness,
08:11 we are prisoners to the law of sin.
08:13 But Paul goes on and he says,
08:16 "Who will release and deliver me from
08:20 "the shackles from this body of death?"
08:23 Oh thank God He will!
08:27 How?
08:28 "Through Christ Jesus our Lord!
08:30 "For the law of the spirit of life
08:34 "which is in Christ Jesus is
08:37 "the law of our new being.
08:39 "And that law has freed me,"
08:43 Paul said.
08:45 From the law of sin and of death.
08:48 Doesn't that give you hope and encouragement?
08:53 God never intended for us to
08:55 try to walk with him by human effort.
08:59 He will put the law of the spirit of life in us
09:03 and if we'll just learn to rely on Him
09:06 He does the work.
09:07 And praise the Lord
09:09 there is no condemnation for us!
09:11 When we're walking by the power of His spirit
09:15 and His word.
09:16 Now let's go on to our next line.
09:19 It says...
09:20 "When I look into the word
09:23 "I begin to see a vision.
09:25 "A reflection of who I am in Christ.
09:29 "And when I think and act according to the word
09:33 "I am blessed in whatever I do."
09:36 I got back from James 1:23-25
09:42 and let me read that to you...
09:44 "Anyone who listens to the word
09:47 "but does not do what it says,
09:49 "is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror
09:54 "and after looking at himself goes away
09:57 "and immediately forgets what he looks like."
10:02 See if we look into the Bible
10:05 when we open this Bible,
10:09 this is the mirror reflection of
10:12 who we are in Christ.
10:14 The Bible describes to us our new nature in Christ
10:19 and some of those things that the Bible says,
10:22 some of God's vows and promises about how He sees us
10:26 they sound incredible to our human minds!
10:30 But God vows this about us
10:33 and if we look into the word
10:35 we'll see this vision of who we are.
10:39 But if we don't go out and put the word into practice
10:41 we're like a man who's looked into the mirror
10:44 and then gone away
10:46 and forgot what he looks like.
10:48 If we're not practicing God's word,
10:51 we forget what God says or
10:54 who God says we are in His word!
10:56 So, he goes on on this verse and He says
11:00 "But the man who looks intently
11:04 "into the perfect law that gives freedom..."
11:08 (Do you remember that?
11:09 (We studied about the law of liberty
11:12 (relying on God to do a great work in us?
11:15 (To empower us to do His will?)
11:18 Anyway, he says...
11:20 "The man who looks into the perfect law that
11:23 gives freedom and continues to do this,
11:26 not forgetting what he has heard but
11:30 doing it he will be blessed in whatever he does.
11:36 Now, let's put that all back together again
11:39 and look at our life affirmation.
11:42 This is what you can say over your life if
11:45 you have accepted Christ as your Savior...
11:48 [affirmation on screen]
12:20 Let me tell you...
12:21 God wants you to know who you are in Christ Jesus.
12:27 If you don't know God's plan for your life,
12:31 and if you don't know who you are
12:34 once you've accepted Christ as your Savior,
12:36 then you're suffering from an identity crisis.
12:39 And the only way that you can overcome that
12:44 identity crisis is to get into the word.
12:48 Let God show you His plan for you life.
12:50 Accept His testimony about
12:53 what God has to say about who you are in Christ.
12:59 We must remember it is dangerous for us to
13:03 reject the testimony of God.
13:05 Because the Bible tells us in I John 5:10 that,
13:10 if we do not accept His testimony,
13:14 it's like we are regarding God as a liar.
13:19 No wonder without faith it's impossible to please God.
13:23 Well please stay tuned because
13:24 we're going to take a quit break for a brief announcement
13:27 and then we'll be right back to do our next
13:30 Life Affirmation from Scripture!
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14:07 Welcome back!
14:08 Now, here's our next affirmation.
14:13 [affirmation on screen]
14:59 Now, let's take that apart line by line.
15:02 This is something that if we can ever get
15:07 this first part into our mind,
15:10 God will totally change our lives.
15:15 And that is...
15:16 The first line was
15:18 "I am partaking of God's divine nature by
15:22 holding us to His promises."
15:24 I got that from 2 Peter 1:3-4
15:29 and this is what the Bible says...
15:32 "His (God's)
15:34 Divine power has given us everything that
15:37 "we need for life and godliness
15:40 "through our knowledge of Him
15:43 "who called us by His own glory and goodness."
15:47 God has given us everything that we need
15:51 for an abundant life here on Earth
15:54 and godliness to walk in holiness.
15:57 Now this scripture goes on to explain to us
16:00 how we'll do this.
16:02 "He has given us
16:05 "His very great and precious promises
16:09 "so that through them,
16:12 "through His promises,
16:15 "you may participate or partake of the divine nature
16:21 "and escape the corruption in the world
16:24 "caused by evil desires."
16:27 Do you see the power of that promise?
16:31 What God is saying is that
16:34 it is through the transforming power of His word,
16:37 if you plant His promises in your heart
16:41 and speak them back to God,
16:44 then what will happen is
16:47 God is going to make sure that you can escape evil
16:52 and He's also going to help you absorb
16:56 the divine nature of Christ
16:59 through the power of His word.
17:00 All of God's promises are His solemn vows to us of
17:05 what He will do in our lives
17:07 if we'll just come to Him in faith.
17:11 Well, let's go on...
17:12 The next line says,
17:14 "I am planting God's promises in my heart to ensure that
17:20 "I don't sin against Him."
17:22 Now you know where I got that one!
17:23 That's Psalms 119:11 that says
17:27 "Your word have I hidden in my heart that
17:29 "I might not sin against you."
17:33 And you know,
17:35 the more word we speak over our life
17:37 the more word that we hide in our hearts
17:39 the more that the Lord really does help us to
17:43 escape evil and not sin against Him.
17:45 I'll give you just a quick example...
17:48 The Psalmist said;
17:49 "Oh Lord set a guard at the door post of my mouth!"
17:53 And I began confessing that over my life!
17:57 And suddenly I found that
17:59 the Lord started delivering me
18:02 I guess is a good way to say it
18:04 from idle words!
18:06 He delivered me from
18:07 making judgmental comments about people.
18:10 Well, I should say "He IS delivering me!"
18:12 We all have a problem with that, don't we?
18:14 But, God will do a great work in you
18:18 if you will partake of his promises
18:21 and hide His word in your heart.
18:24 Now the next line of our affirmation says this...
18:29 "All of God's promises are mine."
18:32 Yes Amen!!
18:34 So be it!
18:35 In CHRIST!
18:37 Did you know that's what the Bible says about you
18:39 in 2 Corinthians 1:20?
18:43 It says,
18:44 "For no matter how many promises,
18:46 "no matter how many promises God has made,
18:50 "they are YES in Christ."
18:52 And that means to you that
18:55 if you are in Christ
18:56 all of God's promises are yours!
19:00 Our problem is
19:01 we haven't been partaking of His promises
19:04 the way the Bible instructs us to.
19:07 Now, if we do start partaking we can go on with this
19:12 and look at the next line.
19:13 "I eagerly anticipate
19:16 "the fulfillment of God's promises.
19:20 "And this eager expectation
19:22 "this hope is anchor for my soul.
19:25 "Keeping me from being double minded."
19:28 Let me read you the supporting verses for
19:33 this part of the affirmation.
19:36 Hebrews 6:17-19 says,
19:41 "Because God wanted to make
19:43 "the unchanging nature of His purpose
19:45 "very clear to the heirs of what was promised,
19:49 "He confirmed it with an oath!
19:53 "God did this so that by two unchangeable things
19:58 "in which it is impossible for God to lie,
20:01 "we who have fled to take hold of
20:05 "the hope that is offered to us,
20:07 "might be greatly encouraged!
20:10 "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul.
20:16 "Firm and secure!"
20:21 Now the next line of our affirmation says,
20:25 "Through obedience faith and patience,
20:30 I am confident
20:31 I will receive what my Father has promised.
20:35 I want to pause for just a second because
20:38 I always like to remind people
20:40 obedience is the pathway to blessing.
20:45 God's love is unconditional but
20:48 all of His promises are conditioned on our obedience.
20:52 Let me read to you the scriptural support for
20:56 this part of the affirmation.
20:59 Hebrews 10:36-38 says this...
21:04 "For you have need of endurance
21:08 "so that after you have done
21:11 "the will of God you may receive the promise."
21:16 And it goes on to say...
21:17 "For yet in a little while
21:20 "and He who is coming will come and not tarry.
21:25 "Now the just shall live by faith but
21:29 "if anyone draweth back the Lord says,
21:32 "my soul have no pleasure in him."
21:35 But don't miss Hebrews 10:36 there!
21:38 It says,
21:40 "After you have done the will of God,
21:44 "you will receive the promise."
21:46 We plant the promise in our heart.
21:49 We ask God to be all that He has called us to be.
21:52 We ask Him to lead us by the Holy Spirit
21:56 and then, we take that first step of faith
21:58 and God works in us not only to will but
22:01 to act according to His good pleasure.
22:04 And then, after we've done the will of God
22:08 we receive the promise, hallelujah!
22:10 In Hebrews 6:12 says this...
22:14 "Do not become sluggish but
22:17 "imitate those who thru faith
22:20 "and patience inherit the promises!"
22:25 Now, let's put all of those lines back together
22:29 and let's look at our affirmation again because
22:31 this is something that you can declare over your life!
22:35 If you are in Christ Jesus
22:37 this is what the Bible says about you.
22:41 This is God's testimony about you!
22:45 [affirmation on screen]
23:23 Now our next affirmation goes like this...
23:28 [affirmation on screen]
23:54 Now let's take this apart line by line
23:56 and see the scriptural evidence for this affirmation.
24:00 The first line says
24:01 "I am beholding the Lamb of God
24:04 "focusing on His love,
24:06 "light, life, and power."
24:09 I got that from a couple of scriptures...
24:12 John 1:29
24:15 The prophet John said,
24:18 "Behold the Lamb of God who
24:20 "takes away the sins of the world."
24:23 And I think that the Holy Spirit inspired him to say
24:28 "Behold Him".
24:30 Hebrews 12:2 says,
24:34 "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus
24:36 "the author and perfector of our faith."
24:41 Now, let's look at the next line.
24:43 The next line said,
24:46 "I become who I behold".
24:48 In other words,
24:49 I develop the character traits of
24:51 the one who occupies my attention.
24:54 Let me give you two verses for that...
24:58 Psalms 17:15 says this,
25:03 "As for me I will behold Thy face in righteousness.
25:08 "I shall be satisfied when I awake with that likeness."
25:14 I can't wait 'til resurrection morning when
25:18 everyone who comes up out of the grave
25:22 will be changed in an instant!
25:24 And they will behold him
25:27 and they will be coming out
25:29 and be satisfied because they were awake in His likeness.
25:34 And in II Corinthians 3:18 says,
25:40 "But we all with unveiled face,
25:42 "beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord
25:47 "are being transformed into
25:48 "the same image from glory to glory."
25:52 You know, glory really can be described
25:57 as God's character.
26:00 So, we're being transformed into the image of Jesus
26:02 from one level of His character to the next.
26:06 And the scripture goes on to say,
26:07 "Just as by the spirit of the Lord."
26:09 It's the Holy Spirit who is leading us.
26:12 And then the next part says,
26:14 "I will focus on His strengths
26:16 "rather than my weaknesses."
26:18 That's one of my favorite verses!
26:20 II Corinthians 12:9-10
26:23 when Jesus said,
26:24 "My grace is sufficient for you for
26:26 "my power is made perfect in your weakness."
26:31 And Paul said,
26:32 "Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly
26:34 "about my weaknesses so that Christ's power
26:38 "may rest on me for
26:39 "when I am weak then I am strong."
26:41 Now, let's put that all back together
26:45 and look at our affirmation.
26:47 [affirmation on screen]
27:08 I don't really understand what it is about humans.
27:13 We think that we need to
27:15 try to do all we can for God in our own effort
27:18 and God never intended it to be that way.
27:21 He wants us to rely on His power.
27:24 I hope that you've enjoyed today's study
27:26 and that you will join us next week when
27:28 we'll see how God renews our thoughts and attitudes
27:31 and how we can live in resurrection power.
27:34 May God multiply His mercy, love and grace to you
27:38 and watch over His word to perform it in your life
27:41 as you cooperate with Him.
27:43 Please remember to spend your time
27:46 making that which is most important to God
27:50 the very thing that is also most important to you...
27:55 Exalting His Word!


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