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00:19 Hello!
00:20 My name is Shelley Quinn,
00:22 and I welcome you to
00:23 "Exalting His Word".
00:24 We're gonna have
00:26 a good time today
00:27 in the Bible.
00:28 And I'm so glad that you can
00:30 join us for
00:31 this special program.
00:33 Today we're gonna learn
00:34 how to plug in to
00:36 the power that's available
00:37 to us from God.
00:39 And by his power to
00:40 leave all our past behind
00:42 and move on to victory.
00:45 But before we begin
00:48 let's once again review
00:50 the theme text
00:51 for this program.
00:52 It comes from Psalms 138:2.
00:57 And in that verse
00:58 the Bible says that
00:59 God exalts his name
01:01 and his word above all things
01:03 and that he exalts His word
01:07 even above His Name.
01:10 Two questions...
01:11 What does that mean
01:13 and why does God do this?
01:16 Number one
01:17 "God exalts his word" means that
01:20 he has given his word
01:23 the highest rank of importance.
01:26 More important to him
01:27 than anything else is his word.
01:30 And it means that he has given it
01:31 the highest position of praise.
01:35 God has granted creative
01:39 life-giving force to his word.
01:41 Power that will accomplish ALL of his will.
01:45 So why does God
01:46 exalt his word above everything?
01:50 Because in the beginning
01:52 was the Word
01:54 and the Word was with God
01:55 and the Word was God.
01:57 And the Word became flesh
01:59 and he died for us.
02:01 Jesus Christ was
02:03 is
02:04 and ever will be
02:06 the living word of God.
02:08 And when we hold the Bible
02:10 in our hands
02:11 it's like we're holding
02:13 the hand of Christ.
02:15 If we could only understand that
02:18 God's word is life to us.
02:20 He sent his Word to heal us.
02:22 And if we would get
02:25 into his Word
02:26 recognizing these things
02:28 our attitudes will be
02:31 completely changed
02:33 about the time that we spend in the Bible.
02:36 I want you to know that
02:38 Bible study and meditating on God's Word
02:41 can be true
02:43 a true joy.
02:45 Let's ask the Lord to
02:46 bless our study today.
02:48 Heavenly Father
02:50 we come to you in Christ
02:52 and we thank you Father God
02:54 for your word.
02:55 We recognize that
02:57 you are the giver of every good
02:59 and perfect gift.
03:01 And Father,
03:02 we ask for a special measure of
03:04 your Grace today.
03:06 Send your Holy Spirit
03:08 to teach us.
03:09 Help us to
03:10 plant your word
03:12 in our heart Father God,
03:14 and let it spring forth to
03:16 a harvest of righteousness.
03:18 In Christ Holy Name
03:20 we pray
03:21 amen.
03:23 Well,
03:24 now, let's look at
03:26 our first life affirmation
03:28 from scripture.
03:30 What we're going to be doing is,
03:31 taking
03:34 some scriptures
03:35 and speaking them back to God
03:38 declaring,
03:39 that His testimony about us is true.
03:42 And the first one says this...
03:45 [on screen]
04:11 Well
04:12 that's a little bit difficult to
04:13 say isn't it? [chuckles]
04:15 We are so... aware
04:19 of our own shortcomings
04:21 but you know there is power
04:23 in speaking God's word
04:24 over your life.
04:26 Because God calls things that are not
04:28 as though they already WERE.
04:30 He sees it as done.
04:32 And by faith
04:33 we should accept God's testimony
04:35 and speak it back to him
04:38 and EAGERLY anticipate that
04:41 God is going to do this
04:43 in our lives.
04:44 So now let's take this apart
04:46 line by line
04:47 and see where
04:49 I got it from Scripture.
04:50 We started off by saying
04:52 I am a new creation
04:54 in Christ Jesus.
04:55 That's what the Bible says in
04:58 II Corinthians 5:17.
05:02 It says,
05:03 "Therefore if anyone is
05:05 "in Christ
05:06 "he is a new creation.
05:09 "Old things have passed away.
05:12 "Behold
05:13 "all things have become new."
05:16 My problem and your problem is that
05:20 we dwell on those old things!
05:23 And God is saying they really
05:26 should not have any more part
05:29 in our life.
05:30 And He is changing us
05:32 in a daily progressive way.
05:35 Colossians 3:3 says this...
05:38 "For as far as the world is concerned
05:42 "you have died.
05:44 "And your new life,
05:46 (your real life)
05:48 "is hidden with Christ,
05:50 "in God."
05:52 If we would recognize that
05:55 it would be different for us
05:57 from this moment forward.
05:59 We'll go on and we'll look at
06:01 the next sentence of that affirmation.
06:03 It says,
06:05 I do not dwell on the past,
06:08 for God is doing a new thing in me.
06:11 And I just have to stop and say this...
06:14 I found myself,
06:16 after the Lord first
06:17 caused me to write
06:19 this affirmation,
06:20 I had been speaking it over my life for
06:22 probably for several months.
06:25 And one day,
06:26 I found myself
06:28 dwelling on something on the past.
06:30 And suddenly,
06:31 that affirmation sprung
06:33 to my mind
06:35 and I thought,
06:36 Lord, forgive me.
06:37 I'm not supposed to dwell on the past.
06:40 I am a new creation.
06:41 I'm not gonna look
06:43 at my circumstances.
06:44 I'm not gonna focus on my weaknesses.
06:46 But I'm gonna turn my eyes to you
06:49 and know that this is what
06:52 you are working in me.
06:55 And part of this verse
06:57 or part of that life affirmation
06:59 about not dwelling on the past,
07:01 it came from Isaiah 43:18-19.
07:07 And there,
07:09 the Lord councils us.
07:10 "Forget the former things."
07:12 In other words,
07:13 don't earnestly dwell on the past.
07:16 And He goes on and he says,
07:17 "do not dwell on the past because
07:19 "see I am doing a new thing."
07:25 Now, it springs up.
07:27 Do you not perceive it?
07:31 God is doing a new thing in you.
07:34 And if you are so busy
07:36 dwelling on the past,
07:38 you're not gonna recognize
07:40 what He is doing.
07:41 So, let's go forward now
07:43 and look at the next line.
07:46 It says,
07:47 my old nature has vanished.
07:50 Now, only my new
07:52 Christ like nature
07:55 exists.
07:56 To this day,
07:58 when I say that over my life,
07:59 I know I am calling things that are not
08:03 as though they already were.
08:05 That's what the Bible says in Romans 4:17.
08:08 That God calls things
08:10 that are not yet accomplished
08:11 in the physical realm
08:13 as if they already were.
08:14 Because in the Bible
08:16 in Ephesians 1:11,
08:17 it says that God works all things
08:20 according to his will.
08:22 Well you and I are destined to
08:25 become like Jesus.
08:26 So, I can say,
08:28 my old nature has vanished
08:31 and now only my new
08:32 Christ like nature exists.
08:34 And I trust that God is doing that in me.
08:38 That comes from Philippians 3:13,14.
08:44 And you know what Paul said there?
08:46 He said,
08:48 "I do not consider myself yet
08:50 "to have taken hold of it
08:52 "but one thing I do
08:55 "forgetting what is behind
08:58 "and straining toward what is ahead.
09:02 "I press on toward the goal,
09:06 "to win the prize
09:08 "for which God has called me heavenward
09:11 "in Christ Jesus."
09:13 Now, let's put it all back together
09:16 and let's look at this
09:18 in a new light.
09:20 Taking this Bible study
09:22 and speaking it back to God
09:24 as an affirmation.
09:27 [on screen]
09:52 If you will try this,
09:54 speak that over your life,
09:56 you'll be amazed as how
09:59 the Lord reprograms your thoughts.
10:03 And then,
10:05 you wont let the enemy,
10:06 the accuser of
10:07 the brethren
10:09 beat you up
10:11 all the time.
10:13 You know,
10:14 we do more damage to ourselves
10:16 by dwelling on the past
10:17 and not recognizing who we are
10:20 in Christ
10:21 than Satan does to us all day long.
10:25 It's something that we have got...
10:28 You know the Bible says,
10:29 that as we believe in our hearts,
10:32 so shall we become.
10:34 You've got to believe God's testimony!
10:38 That's the only way you are going to
10:40 overcome the identity crisis.
10:43 You've got to learn who you are
10:46 in Christ.
10:47 Now, let's look at our next affirmation...
10:51 [on screen]
11:21 Let's look at that...
11:23 It is by the power of his word
11:26 and his Holy Spirit
11:29 that God lights up
11:31 every area of our lives
11:34 and eliminates
11:35 the darkness of our souls.
11:37 Now, that came from
11:38 Psalms 119:130
11:42 which says,
11:43 "It's the entrance of his Word
11:48 "that brings light.
11:50 "It gives understanding
11:52 "to the simple."
11:54 I don't know about you,
11:56 but,
11:57 I consider myself
11:58 a simple person.
12:00 I'm a human being.
12:01 And my knowledge
12:03 can not match
12:04 the divine knowledge of God
12:06 but the entrance of his Word
12:09 will bring wisdom.
12:12 And Ephesians 5:13,14 says,
12:16 "Therefore, he says,
12:19 "Awake oh sleeper
12:20 "and arise from the dead
12:22 "and Christ shall shine
12:26 (or make day)
12:28 "dawn upon you
12:30 "and give you light."
12:32 I think that if we would only remember that
12:35 Jesus said,
12:36 "I am the light of the world,
12:38 "and he who follows me
12:40 "will never walk in darkness."
12:43 If we wanna follow him
12:45 we have to look into his word.
12:48 That is the entrance of
12:52 the Word brings light.
12:53 Let's go on to our next line
12:55 from our affirmation.
12:58 And we said,
12:59 He lights the lamp of my inner being
13:01 and he causes me to shine
13:04 with his radiance.
13:06 I stay plugged in to
13:09 my power source
13:11 and he gives my life true purpose.
13:14 I can testify to this
13:17 that if you will plug in to
13:20 the source of power
13:22 that God has made available to you,
13:24 plug in to his word!
13:26 The transforming power of his word
13:30 will literally
13:31 convert your heart.
13:33 I got that part of the affirmation
13:35 from Psalms 18:28
13:39 where the Bible says
13:41 it was David who said
13:43 "For you will light my lamp
13:46 "the Lord my God will
13:48 "enlighten my darkness."
13:50 And then Isaiah chapter...
13:52 Let's see,
13:54 chapter 60 verse 1 says,
13:58 Arise!
14:00 Arise from the Depression
14:01 and the prostration from which
14:03 circumstances have kept you!
14:04 Rise to a new life.
14:07 Shine!
14:09 Be radiant with the Glory of the Lord.
14:11 So arise and shine for your light has come
14:15 and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
14:21 Now, let's put this all back together again...
14:25 And let's speak this
14:27 knowing that we have scriptural support to say it.
14:32 That we can declare
14:34 "we are who God says we are."
14:36 And this affirmation says,
14:38 [read screen]
15:08 Can you see how affirmations
15:11 will plug you in to
15:13 the transforming power of
15:15 the word of God?
15:17 It's amazing!
15:19 And I hope that you will start
15:21 making this your practice.
15:23 Please stay tuned because
15:24 we'll be right back
15:26 after this announcement.
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16:01 Now here is our next affirmation
16:03 and I hope this is one you can use to
16:05 help someone and maybe it will help you.
16:08 It says,
16:10 [read screen]
16:28 I got that in part...
16:30 There's three scriptures
16:31 I want to give you.
16:33 We're gonna break this down.
16:35 It says,
16:36 "But you oh Lord..."
16:37 -This is Psalms 3:3
16:39 "But you oh Lord
16:40 "are a shield for me."
16:43 "The glory
16:44 "and the lifter of my head."
16:46 And Psalms 34:18 says,
16:51 "The Lord is near to those
16:54 "who have a broken heart
16:57 "and he saves such as have
17:00 "a contrite spirit."
17:03 And in Psalms 147:3
17:08 He says,
17:10 "He heals the broken hearted
17:12 "and binds up their wounds,
17:14 "curing their pains
17:16 "and their sorrows."
17:18 So, the next part of that says,
17:21 "Through Christ,
17:23 "my comfort overflows."
17:25 I encourage others
17:28 with my testimony
17:29 and share with them
17:31 the same comfort that
17:32 I have received from the Lord.
17:35 That comes from II Corinthians 1:3,4
17:42 And it says,
17:44 "Praise be to
17:45 "the God and Father of
17:46 "our Lord Jesus Christ.
17:48 "The Father of compassion
17:50 "and the God of all comfort.
17:53 "Who comforts us
17:54 "in ALL of our troubles
17:56 "so that we can comfort those
17:59 "in any trouble
18:01 "with the comfort that we ourselves
18:04 "have received from the Lord."
18:06 And in Psalms 32:7 says this,
18:10 "You are my hiding place,
18:13 "you shall preserve me
18:15 "from troubles.
18:17 "You shall surround me
18:18 "with songs of deliverance."
18:21 That makes me think of Cory Tamboun
18:24 and her book "The Hiding Place".
18:27 Then, Isaiah 43:1-2
18:32 one of my favorite scriptures says...
18:34 [text on screen]
18:50 This is what God is saying to you.
18:51 I've called you by your name!
18:54 You belong to me!
18:56 [back to text]
19:17 Then Deuteronomy 33:27 says this,
19:24 "The Eternal God
19:26 "is your refuge
19:27 "and underneath are
19:28 "the everlasting arms.
19:30 "He will thrust out
19:31 "the enemy from before you
19:34 "and He will say destroy."
19:36 Now,
19:38 let's put this back together
19:39 and look at this affirmation.
19:41 [read screen]
20:01 Now,
20:03 let's move on to
20:04 our next affirmation.
20:06 This is something
20:07 I speak frequently
20:09 over my life
20:10 and God is making it
20:11 come true in me.
20:13 [read screen]
20:41 This is really something that
20:44 I speak so frequently over my life
20:47 and I want to take apart
20:50 line by line for you.
20:51 Because I want you to
20:53 speak it over your life
20:54 and God will watch over
20:56 His Word to perform it.
20:57 The first line says,
20:59 "I have an unquenchable desire
21:00 "for the inexhaustible
21:03 "word of God."
21:04 In Psalms 42:1,2
21:08 The Bible says,
21:10 "As the dear pants for streams of water,
21:13 "so my soul pants for you oh God.
21:16 "My soul thirsts for you
21:19 for the living God.
21:21 When can I go
21:22 and meet with God?
21:24 You can do that every day
21:27 in your Bible.
21:28 And in Jeremiah 15:16
21:33 says,
21:34 "Your words were found
21:35 "and I ate them.
21:37 "And your Word was to me
21:38 "the joy and rejoicing of my heart.
21:40 "For I am called by
21:42 "your name O Lord God of Hosts."
21:46 Then in Psalms 119:103
21:51 the Bible says,
21:52 "How sweet are your words to my taste!
21:56 "Sweeter than honey to my mouth."
22:00 And in Job,
22:02 chapter 23 and verse 12,
22:05 Job said,
22:07 "I have not departed from
22:08 "the commandments of his lips.
22:10 "I have treasured
22:11 "the words of his mouth
22:13 "more than my necessary food."
22:16 And Jesus said to us
22:18 in Matthew 4:4
22:20 "It is written.
22:21 "Man shall not live
22:23 "by bread alone but
22:24 "by every word that proceeds
22:28 "from the mouth of God."
22:30 God's word is our spiritual nutrition.
22:34 And then the Psalmist in Psalms 119:11 said,
22:39 "Your word have I hidden in my heart.
22:41 "That I might not sin against you."
22:45 So then let's look at the rest of this affirmation.
22:50 As a disciple of Jesus Christ the Messiah,
22:53 I live in and according to his word.
22:57 Because I adhere to his teachings
23:01 I have an intimate knowledge through
23:04 personal experience of the truth
23:08 and the truth has set me free.
23:12 That comes in part from
23:14 John 8:31,32
23:21 If you abide in my word.
23:24 If you hold fast to my teachings
23:26 and live in accordance with them,
23:29 then you are truly my disciples.
23:33 Then you will know the truth.
23:36 And the truth will set you free.
23:40 And then Psalms 119:32
23:45 The Psalmist said,
23:47 "I run in the path of your commands.
23:50 "For you have set my heart free."
23:54 When our hearts are set free,
23:57 we will -by the power of God
23:59 run in the path of his commands.
24:01 then Romans 6:22,23 says,
24:05 "But now since you have been set free from sin
24:09 "and have become the slaves of Christ,
24:12 "you have your present reward in holiness
24:16 "and its end is eternal life."
24:20 For the wages which sin pays
24:23 is death but
24:24 the bountiful free gift of God is
24:27 eternal life through Jesus Christ
24:31 in union with Jesus Christ
24:34 our Lord.
24:35 And John 8:36 says,
24:38 "So if the Son sets you free,
24:40 "you will be free indeed."
24:44 So now,
24:45 let's put this all back together again.
24:49 And I encourage you to
24:51 speak this over your life!
24:53 [read screen]
25:24 You know,
25:25 just knowing the truth
25:28 wont set you free.
25:29 What it takes is that you are living in the truth.
25:35 We can consider the life of the Pharisees
25:38 and see this is an accurate statement.
25:42 The Pharisees had memorized verbatim
25:47 word for word the scriptures of God
25:50 yet they weren't living in accordance
25:54 to his word.
25:56 They were very legalistic.
25:59 They were very religious
26:01 but they didn't have
26:04 a relationship with God.
26:07 And because of that
26:08 they didn't recognize the Savior
26:11 the Messiah when He came.
26:13 We've got to be living in his word.
26:18 If we are believing in his word
26:21 we must be living in his word.
26:26 And I can tell you from personal experience
26:30 from the testimonies of
26:32 hundreds of Christians that
26:33 I've shared this teaching with,
26:35 that if you will get into the word
26:38 and speak it over your life,
26:41 instead of just studying it to
26:44 be able to answer questions when
26:46 you go to Sabbath school.
26:48 If you will let
26:50 God's word become part of you.
26:53 If you'll plant his promises
26:56 in your heart
26:58 and hold fast to
26:59 the promises of God
27:00 and there's something about speaking them
27:03 that will help you do that.
27:05 Then you'll find that
27:07 God will set you free.
27:09 Well I hope you've enjoyed
27:11 today's study.
27:13 And I really hope that
27:14 you will be able to join us again next time
27:18 when we're going to learn
27:19 how to operate in
27:21 the mind of Christ
27:23 and increase the measure of our expectancy.
27:28 God says
27:29 the measure we use
27:30 will be measured back to us.
27:32 May God multiply his mercy
27:35 his love
27:37 and grace to you
27:38 and watch over his word to perform it
27:40 in your life
27:41 as you cooperate with him.
27:43 Please remember to spend your time
27:47 making that which is most important to God
27:50 the very thing that is also most important to you...
27:57 "Exalting His Word"


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