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Adam's Mother's Birthday

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00:43 In shady green pastures,
00:48 so rich and so sweet,
00:54 God leads His dear children
00:58 along;
01:03 Where the water's cool flow
01:07 bathes the weary one's feet,
01:13 God leads His dear children
01:17 along.
01:23 Some thro' the waters,
01:28 some thro' the flood,
01:32 Some thro' the fire,
01:36 but all thro' the blood;
01:42 Some thro' great sorrow,
01:46 but God gives a song;
01:51 In the night season
01:56 and all
01:58 the day long.
02:15 Tho' sorrows befall us,
02:19 and Satan oppose,
02:23 God leads His dear children along;
02:30 But through faith we will conquer
02:34 and defeat all our foes,
02:39 for God leads His dear children
02:43 along.
02:47 He leads some thro' the water
02:51 and some thro' the flood,
02:56 Some thro' the fire,
02:59 but all thro'
03:04 the blood;
03:08 Some thro' great sorrow,
03:13 but God gives a song;
03:17 In the night season
03:27 In the night season
03:32 and all
03:38 the day
03:41 long.
04:04 Amen. Thank you, Pastor John.
04:07 Adam's Mother's Birthday.
04:08 Everybody loves a birthday. How many love birthdays?
04:11 You tend only to shy away from birthdays
04:14 after you get past 40.
04:16 Ummm... after I turned 45 I didn't really care
04:20 about birthdays as much as I once did.
04:22 And I'm told that most women stop their birthdays
04:25 at or about 39.
04:27 So birthdays tend to lose a little significance
04:31 the older you get... you almost hate to see them come
04:34 uh, uh, when birthdays come a little bit late.
04:37 But you think YOU'RE old.
04:39 You should see how old Adam's mother is.
04:42 She is a lot older than anybody here.
04:45 She's so old she cannot talk,
04:47 cannot walk, we have to carry her about.
04:50 I'm going to tell you in just a few minutes
04:51 who Adam's mother's birthday is. Shall we pray.
04:54 Father in Heaven, we thank you for Jesus.
04:58 And though this title is a little funny
05:02 the subject, you know dear God, is very, very serious.
05:06 It is something that you have asked us to keep in mind.
05:12 And so dear Lord, we ask that You would bless us this night.
05:15 Give us a clear understanding of what You want us to do.
05:21 Show us from Your Word the truth
05:25 and then help us, dear Jesus, to walk in that truth...
05:31 because salvation only comes as we follow the truth.
05:36 And we thank you for the truth
05:40 in Jesus' name. Amen.
05:43 Who is Adam's mother?
05:49 Have any of you guessed who Adam's mother is?
05:55 My production crew cornered me today in worship
05:59 and they came up with an answer. I think somebody leaked it out
06:03 who Adam's mother is, but has anybody guessed
06:05 who Adam's mother is? Perhaps you at home?
06:07 Anybody; just shout it out. Who was Adam's mother?
06:10 This is a good group.
06:12 I'm going to ask you... I'm going to introduce you, rather,
06:16 to Adam's mother. She's here.
06:18 She's been here all night.
06:21 Adam's mother is under this cloth.
06:24 Would you like to meet Adam's mother?
06:27 She's here.
06:29 Right here.
06:31 Here is Adam's mother.
06:36 Adam's mother is Mother Earth.
06:42 Adam's mother is Mother Earth,
06:45 and I've got to clean this up when I'm finished.
06:49 Adam's mother is Mother Earth.
06:51 If we go by the idea that it takes two to create,
06:55 Adam's father would be God...
06:59 Adam's mother would be? Mother Earth.
07:01 The co-respondents: God the Father and Mother Earth...
07:06 we get Adam.
07:07 Genesis chapter 2... what book did I say?
07:10 Genesis chapter 2. Turn with me if you will.
07:13 Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7.
07:35 Now a number of things are there.
07:38 One: God took earth,
07:43 formed man, breathed into this inanimate object
07:49 His breath, His Spirit, and man became -
07:53 not was given - became a living soul.
07:57 Now we're going to talk of that oh, I think umm
08:01 later on this week... I think it's on Wednesday...
08:03 we really talk about what it means to be a living soul.
08:08 But God the Father, Mother Earth,
08:11 breath of God... we've got Adam.
08:15 Adam's mother? Mother Earth.
08:17 Now if you think you've been tricked
08:20 I apologize... because you have not been tricked.
08:23 You have not been hoodwinked.
08:25 What you have been is marketed to.
08:28 I just marketed to you.
08:31 The same kind of marketing that is used to sell cars
08:36 and homes and computers and clothes
08:39 and appliances and soap and toothpaste
08:42 and a thousand other secular products
08:46 that mankind wants you to remember.
08:49 When they want you to remember something
08:52 they use a marketing device to try to plant that in your head.
08:57 So what I did is market to you.
09:00 I did that because there are three things
09:05 that I want you to remember.
09:07 Three things that I feel it is very important for you
09:10 to remember. And more importantly, there are 3 things
09:14 that God wants you to remember.
09:16 He wants you to lock down on these three things
09:19 because they are very, very important.
09:21 Three incredibly important things.
09:24 The first is... God wants us to remember
09:28 the crucifixion. What did I say?
09:34 Let's go to the book of Luke.
09:35 Luke chapter 22. What book did I say?
09:37 Luke 22 beginning at verse 19:
10:00 In other words, Jesus was saying
10:04 "do this to remember Me. "
10:06 "Do this to remind yourself of what I am doing for you. "
10:11 "Do this periodically so you do not forget
10:15 the sacrifice that I am making for you. "
10:17 Can you say Amen? Amen!
10:19 There are few things in this world more important
10:23 than the sacrifice that Christ made for each of us
10:26 on the cross. Can you say Amen?
10:28 It's important... and so Christ said "remember.
10:32 Remember, remember. " You see, they were confused.
10:35 The disciples were really hoping that Jesus would come
10:38 and break the Roman yoke.
10:40 They were really hoping that Christ would come
10:42 and get the Romans off their back.
10:44 That He would give them earthly glory.
10:46 And they didn't really like the idea that their King
10:50 was going to sacrifice Himself.
10:52 And so He did this. He broke the bread
10:55 and said: "Do this in remembrance of Me as a memorial
11:00 of the sacrifice that I'm going to make for you. "
11:03 That was the actual event inaugurated by Jesus
11:07 that we call the Last Supper.
11:09 Let's go to I Corinthians chapter 11.
11:11 What book did I say?
11:12 You're in I Corinthians chapter 11
11:14 and we're going to pick up the story at verse 23.
11:21 Here we go. We're reading from the Word of God,
11:23 New Testament, I Corinthians.
11:54 Paul is saying: "I am going to recount for you
11:58 what happened on that fateful night.
12:01 That Christ did something very, very special
12:06 which is worthy of commemoration and remembering. "
12:10 Christ laid down His life.
12:13 It wasn't taken by the Romans.
12:15 It wasn't taken by Pilate.
12:17 Christ made it plain: "You're not taking My life...
12:19 I am giving My life for you...
12:23 for you. "
12:24 "When He had given thanks He broke it. "
12:26 He said: "Do it in remembrance of Me. "
12:28 Let's pick it up at verse 25:
12:47 So we've got the broken bread... the body of Christ.
12:50 The spilled blood in that cup
12:53 talking about and exemplifying Christ's sacrifice.
12:57 Remember, ladies and gentlemen, as used in the Word of God
13:02 does not mean merely don't forget...
13:06 because God never forgets.
13:09 God doesn't forget.
13:11 God doesn't forget every good deed you do
13:14 and God doesn't forget every bad deed you do.
13:17 So when you're asking God to remember
13:20 you're not saying "God, don't forget. "
13:22 You're saying: "God, do something. "
13:24 I've got a sermon called Remember Me
13:26 and in that sermon I trace every time God remembers.
13:30 And I found out in studying for that sermon
13:32 that every time God remembers something
13:34 something wonderful and mystical happens. A miracle takes place.
13:38 Like the flood was raging and the Bible says
13:41 "God remembered Noah. "
13:43 Flood water stopped.
13:44 Rachel didn't have any children. She prayed.
13:47 God remembered her. She got two boys: Joseph and Benjamin.
13:49 Hannah didn't have any children. She prayed.
13:52 God remembered; God gave her Samuel.
13:54 Over and over and over there is this pattern.
13:56 When God remembers, a miracle takes place.
13:59 And so when that thief on the cross
14:01 turned to that cross in the middle and said:
14:03 "Jesus, remember me"
14:05 he wasn't saying "God, don't forget about me"
14:08 he was saying "God save me! "
14:11 "Do something for me. "
14:13 So when God remembers, God does ladies and gentlemen.
14:17 And so when God asks us to remember
14:19 He's not saying "Don't forget. "
14:20 He's saying "Do. "
14:22 When He says "remember" He's saying do. "
14:24 I want you to keep that in mind.
14:25 The Bible, ladies and gentlemen, is a book of "do's. "
14:29 It is a book of "do's. "
14:30 When God says "remember, " He's saying "don't forget...
14:34 but also "do. "
14:36 So... as often as you do this bread and do this cup
14:40 you are talking about Jesus, you are remembering Jesus.
14:43 You are glorifying Christ until He comes.
14:46 "For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup"
14:48 He's not saying talk about drinking the bread...
14:52 drinking the cup... or talk about eating the bread,
14:54 He's saying: "as often as you DO these things. "
14:57 As often as you eat and drink you are proclaiming
15:00 the Lord's death until He comes.
15:02 Now, this service is generally called in Christendom
15:06 the Last Supper.
15:07 And the ordinance that we have, the thing that we do,
15:11 is called holy what? Communion.
15:14 It's a general term used across denominations;
15:17 it is called Communion.
15:19 Uh, it's a time of re-commitment,
15:22 re-affirmation, re-consecration,
15:25 self-examination, and acceptance of the sacrifice of Christ.
15:32 Colossians chapter 1 verse 14. What book did I say?
15:35 Colossians chapter 1 and verse 14...
15:38 let's read from the Word of God. It says:
15:44 When we take Communion, we are re-affirming that we accept
15:50 Christ's sacrifice for us.
15:53 That His blood washes away our sins.
15:56 We are saying: "Jesus, I realize what You have done for me.
16:00 I accept what You've done for me.
16:03 I'm putting away sin.
16:05 I'm re-affirming and re-committing myself to You
16:08 and I am taking these emblems... these emblems
16:11 of Your broken body and Your spilled blood...
16:14 because I love You and I want to follow You
16:18 and I want to be like You. "
16:20 And so the bread and the wine are symbols of
16:23 Christ's atoning sacrifice on the cross for you and me.
16:26 You understand that? Say Amen!
16:29 All right. The first thing He wants us to remember is
16:32 His crucifixion. The second thing that we are to remember
16:36 is the resurrection. What did I say?
16:39 The resurrection. Remember the crucifixion.
16:43 Remember the resurrection.
16:46 As important as the crucifixion is,
16:49 the resurrection is equally as important.
16:53 Remember that thing I showed the other day:
16:55 Get it through your head... Jesus is dead?
16:56 The resurrection belies that.
17:00 If Christ had just died and stayed in the grave,
17:03 He would have been like everybody else.
17:06 So as important as it was for Him to die for us
17:09 it was equally as important that He was resurrected.
17:12 Can you say Amen? Amen!
17:14 All right. Let's go to the Word of God.
17:15 I'm in Colossians chapter 2. What book did I say?
17:17 Colossians chapter 2- you're with me - Colossians chapter 2
17:20 verses 11 and 12. Colossians 2:11-12. Here we go:
17:53 And so there is a linkage... a symbolism.
17:57 Baptism is a symbol of death, burial, and resurrection
18:03 in Jesus Christ. Can you say Amen?
18:05 That's why when we baptize we put you under the water
18:08 and bring you up out of the water: because it's a symbol
18:11 of Christ going into the grave
18:13 and coming up in newness of life.
18:15 That's why we don't sprinkle with water hoses.
18:17 We don't splash you in the face.
18:19 We don't drop rose petals on your head.
18:21 We baptize you as Christ did.
18:22 We take you down into the water
18:24 and bring you up out of the water
18:26 symbolizing that the old man is dead
18:28 and the new man is coming up in Christ Jesus
18:31 because that's the way John the Baptist did it of Jesus
18:33 when John baptized Jesus.
18:35 So that's the correct mode of baptism. But more than that,
18:38 it is a symbol of Christ going into the grave, staying,
18:43 and coming back up resurrected on that Sunday morning.
18:47 Do you understand that?
18:49 Can you say Amen? So we've got a linkage there.
18:51 Let's go to I Corinthians chapter 15.
18:53 Let's go to I Corinthians chapter 15 verse 14.
18:56 What book did I say?
18:57 I Corinthians 15. You're still with me. Here we go:
19:10 If Christ is not risen, I am wasting my time.
19:16 Huh? And if Christ is not risen,
19:19 you are wasting your time.
19:22 If Christ is not risen, all of the churches in the world
19:27 who proclaim the name of Jesus are counterfeit
19:32 and need to be closed down.
19:35 If Christ didn't come out of that grave,
19:38 then we are wasting our time.
19:40 Who are we serving?
19:42 If Christ didn't rise, we are serving a dead God
19:45 who could not help Himself and certainly cannot help us.
19:49 But praise God, Jesus is alive!
19:54 Amen? He is risen!
19:56 He is risen... Christ... is... risen!
20:00 And so I've got hope that even if
20:05 I die young, if I don't get my threescore and ten,
20:10 if life is hard and tough, I've got a promise of a better life.
20:15 You know I told a friend of mine
20:18 when I was pastoring the Adventist church
20:20 in Manhattan, New York
20:22 I preached 117 funerals.
20:26 117 funerals.
20:27 And at the end of every funeral
20:29 I made this statement:
20:30 death in Christ is not
20:33 such a bad thing.
20:34 Better to die in Jesus
20:37 than live without Him. You understand that?
20:40 Better to die in Jesus than live without Him
20:42 because if you die in Christ you've got the promise
20:45 that you will live again.
20:47 Why? Because Christ lives again!
20:49 Had a young mother... son walking down the street.
20:52 Gunfight broke out in a skating rink.
20:55 Son took two bullets, died. What do I tell that mother?
20:58 Young man... good grades.
21:03 Smart student... obedient son.
21:05 Just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
21:08 Loved the Lord.
21:10 In church every week.
21:12 And the mother is sitting there. My, I think it was,
21:14 18-year-old son shot down.
21:17 You know what I told her at the funeral?
21:19 I told her: "Your son is bullet-proof. "
21:22 I told her he is bullet-proof.
21:24 I told her: "even though your son got shot down,
21:28 he died in Jesus so he's going to live again. "
21:32 They didn't really hurt your child.
21:35 I said to her: "All they did was send your child to bed early.
21:39 He's going to sleep a little longer than most of us.
21:43 But on the resurrection morning
21:44 you're going to see your son again. "
21:46 He's bullet-proof. You see, once you're in Jesus
21:48 they can't hurt you.
21:49 Even if they take your life, they can't hurt you
21:52 because if you die in Jesus you're going to live again.
21:56 So they can't hurt you
21:58 once you've got on your... your robe of righteousness.
22:01 Even if... that's why you can walk through the valley of the
22:04 shadow of death and fear no evil.
22:06 Because even if they take your life they can't hurt you
22:09 because your life is hid - your soul is hid - in Christ.
22:13 And so I told that mother: "Don't you worry about
22:16 your child because he's bullet- proof. They haven't hurt him.
22:18 He's just going to sleep a little longer
22:19 than some of us. But on the resurrection morning
22:21 just like Christ came from the grave
22:23 he's going to come from that grave. "
22:25 That's God's promise.
22:27 We're going to talk about that a little more in a few nights
22:29 when we preach a sermon called "Soul Man. "
22:32 So if Christ be not raised, then there's nothing
22:36 that separates Him from any other very good man.
22:39 The thing that makes Christianity so wonderful,
22:43 so powerful, so great
22:45 is the resurrection.
22:47 That's the thing that separates my God
22:50 from every other god... small g...
22:53 the fact that He's risen.
22:57 The sadness of Friday superseded by the joy
23:02 of Sunday morning when Christ came from the grave.
23:07 And so baptism symbolizes that.
23:12 Also, the holiday that we generally call Easter
23:16 which is more accurately called Resurrection Sunday.
23:21 Easter is pagan; Resurrection Sunday is Christian.
23:24 That also commemorates that coming forth from the grave.
23:28 So two things now we've got to remember.
23:30 Stick with me. First we remember what?
23:33 Crucifixion. Important because that's
23:37 the day Christ died for our sins.
23:38 Then on the other hand, remember? Resurrection.
23:43 Because that's the day He rose from the grave
23:46 and gives me hope that when I die in Christ
23:50 I will one day live again.
23:51 Those are... it's two parts of the same handle.
23:55 You know, they go together. Crucifixion/resurrection.
23:57 Crucifixion/resurrection. They go together like...
24:02 like...
24:05 one hand and the other.
24:08 Like a left hand and a right hand. You cannot separate them.
24:12 Crucifixion/resurrection. They go together like...
24:14 all of a sudden my mind is blank.
24:17 Birds of a feather. Praise the Lord!
24:19 Wonder what that was?
24:21 Like birds of a feather. Like...
24:26 right hand and left hand. That's the best I can do.
24:30 So remembering the crucifixion
24:32 we are remembering the resurrection.
24:34 There is a third event that God has asked us to remember
24:39 that is equally as important as the former two...
24:44 because without it, none of this
24:49 would be possible. None of this would make sense;
24:53 none of this would be necessary.
24:57 God says we need to remember creation.
25:03 Amen! Now why is creation important?
25:06 For a number of reasons.
25:07 One: without creation, we wouldn't be here.
25:12 None of us would be here.
25:14 So crucifixion and resurrection without creation...
25:20 unnecessary. So God says: "remember creation. "
25:24 Remember that it was God who created you.
25:27 I'm in the book of Isaiah. What book did I say?
25:29 The Old Testament book of Isaiah
25:32 chapter 45. I'll give you a second to find it.
25:35 Isaiah 45... I'm at verse 12.
25:37 Let's read the Word of God. The Bible says:
25:54 And so God is leaving no doubt as to who made this earth,
25:59 and we are part of this earth.
26:00 God says: "I - My hands - have formed this earth. "
26:04 I want you to remember that.
26:06 Remember that it was God who made this earth.
26:09 Now that's very, very, very important.
26:12 If we would have remembered that
26:16 we wouldn't have theistic evolutionists.
26:20 We wouldn't have deistic evolutionists.
26:23 We wouldn't have atheistic evolutionists.
26:27 We wouldn't have Darwinian evolutionists.
26:30 We wouldn't have people going around saying:
26:33 "Daddy was a gorilla, Momma was a chimpanzee. "
26:38 We wouldn't have people saying that we came from the hand
26:41 of monkeys and apes and that all of this that you see
26:45 was mere chance.
26:48 You know, it occurs to me...
26:50 You've got to be kind of dense
26:54 to think - given all of the design in the world...
26:59 You look at a snowflake... every one individually made,
27:03 perfectly symmetrical and every single one different...
27:08 and say: "mere chance.
27:12 It is mere chance that we stand on two feet,
27:16 have two hands, five fingers on each,
27:19 five toes on each, walk upright, have a brain.
27:24 Have eyes, have ears, can see, think, and praise God
27:30 and all of that is just mere accident. "
27:34 Does that make sense to you?
27:36 It just doesn't make sense.
27:39 You've got millions and billions and billions
27:42 of worlds and galaxies, planets without number,
27:46 and it just happened?
27:49 It's counterintuitive... It just doesn't make sense
27:53 to think you can have design without a designer.
27:58 If you have an automobile that works,
28:02 somebody put that automobile together.
28:05 Amen? And if you drive that automobile long enough,
28:10 sooner or later that automobile will not work.
28:14 Amen! It's going to break down...
28:17 because things go from order to disorder.
28:22 If you leave a room to itself, come back five years later,
28:28 is it going to be just like you left it?
28:30 No. No it won't.
28:33 It will begin to disintegrate.
28:36 And if you come back 100 years later,
28:38 it will have disintegrated more.
28:40 We go from order to disorder
28:42 not disorder to order.
28:44 If you leave your room messy and come back that night,
28:49 is your room going to be in good shape?
28:51 I rather doubt it.
28:53 If you leave it messy and you come back 10 years later,
28:59 it's going to messy and dusty.
29:02 Amen! But it will not have any order because things
29:06 don't go from disorder to order.
29:10 They go from order to disorder.
29:14 And so the idea that we came from disorder
29:18 to what you see today
29:20 doesn't make sense.
29:23 It says there's got to be a God.
29:28 If something has a design, there has got to be a designer.
29:33 Can you say Amen?
29:34 So God says "don't forget that... because when you
29:37 forget that, you forget about Me, you get off base...
29:41 you get off track and you lose your way. "
29:44 So, one: remember creation.
29:46 Remember crucifixion.
29:48 Remember resurrection.
29:50 All of these are important.
29:52 But what about creation is most important
29:56 and why are we here today?
29:58 And what does this have to do with Adam
30:00 and Adam's Mother's birthday?
30:02 I want you to know... or let me say it this way...
30:06 Let me ask a question rather than give you a statement.
30:08 Is there anybody here that does not believe
30:14 in the Ten Commandments?
30:17 Praise the Lord... no hands.
30:19 Is there anybody here that believes it is all right
30:24 to commit adultery?
30:26 No.
30:28 Anybody here believe it is all right to lie?
30:33 No.
30:35 Is there anybody here that believes it is all right
30:38 to covet?
30:39 You know, somebody has something and you want it.
30:43 Is there anybody here who believes that it is all right
30:46 to flat out disrespect and disobey your parents?
30:51 No.
30:53 Is there anybody here who believes that we ought to
30:56 build idols and worship them?
30:59 No.
31:01 We're doing pretty good.
31:03 So let's go to one commandment...
31:05 the one commandment that God has said remember.
31:08 He's tacked on the word remember just like He did before.
31:12 Go with me if you will to the book of Exodus.
31:13 What book did I say? Exodus.
31:15 I'm in Exodus chapter 20
31:17 and I want to read beginning at verse 11.
31:21 We're reading now the Ten Commandments.
31:23 What's the very first word?
31:26 Remember.
31:28 The Bible says remember. That means it's very important.
31:32 Don't forget it. Remember the what?
31:35 "Sabbath Day, to keep it holy. "
32:20 Now, you will note
32:22 the Bible says "keep it holy. "
32:27 Amen? Didn't say make it holy.
32:30 I wonder why?
32:33 Why does the Bible say "keep it holy"?
32:36 Let's look at the word keep a little bit.
32:38 Keep... interesting word. It means to continue
32:42 or cause to continue in a specified condition.
32:47 To continue or cause to continue
32:51 in a specified condition.
32:53 Now, let's look at what the specified condition is.
32:56 What is the specified condition?
33:00 What is it?
33:01 Holy. The specified condition for the Sabbath is holy.
33:07 In other words, God has said "I have made this day holy. "
33:12 That's the condition. "Your job
33:16 is to keep it holy not make it holy. "
33:21 Because we cannot make anything holy.
33:24 Only a holy God can make something holy.
33:28 Amen? Listen, it takes God to make you holy.
33:31 You can't make yourself holy.
33:33 So when it comes to a day,
33:35 the only person who can make a day holy
33:38 is a holy God.
33:39 And so God says: "keep it holy. "
33:42 Amen? All right. Now, real quick
33:45 years ago I remember a lady said
33:49 to me: "You know, I keep all the days holy. "
33:51 And my answer to her was the same answer
33:53 I have to give to you... "No, you don't. "
33:55 You can't... because we are not holy beings.
33:58 We don't have the power to sanctify a day.
34:00 Only a holy God can do that. Amen?
34:02 We have the ability to keep... not to make.
34:07 We cannot bless; we cannot sanctify.
34:10 If God curses something, you can't bless it.
34:13 If God blesses something, you can't curse it.
34:16 We've got to do what God tells us to do.
34:19 That is why God says: "Don't make it...
34:22 keep it holy because I have already made it holy. "
34:25 We are called to keep the seventh day holy.
34:29 Now, how does the seventh day become Adam's Mother's birthday?
34:32 Well... your birthday is the day that you were born. Correct?
34:36 All right. When was the Sabbath born?
34:40 Seventh day! Amen?
34:43 It was born on the seventh day.
34:44 Day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4,
34:47 day 5 or 6 were incubation days.
34:49 God was putting things together.
34:52 On the seventh day He stopped His creation
34:54 and the Sabbath was born.
34:56 So the Sabbath becomes Adam's Mother's birthday.
35:03 Umm-hmm.
35:05 It's the day that the earth officially came into being.
35:10 When God stopped His creative work,
35:13 He created a special day.
35:15 The fact that He didn't work on that day
35:18 made it a special day.
35:20 The fact that He didn't work
35:22 made it a blessed day.
35:24 Made it a special day. It wasn't that God was tired
35:26 or that God didn't have anything more to do.
35:29 God wanted to set aside a temple in time.
35:32 Are you listening to me?
35:33 A very special day. And so God said:
35:35 "This is what I'm going to do today.
35:38 Today I am going to not work
35:41 as opposed to I'm not going to work today.
35:45 Today I am going to not work. "
35:49 And in doing that, He set aside a very special day.
35:52 I'm in Genesis chapter 2 verse 2.
35:54 Genesis chapter 2. Go with me to
35:55 the very first book of the Bible.
35:57 Genesis 2 and 2.
36:02 Here we go:
36:25 So the very fact that God ceased working on that day
36:30 made it a very special, sanctified day.
36:34 It made it a very holy day.
36:36 And so God ended His work, and in doing so
36:40 He both blessed and what?
36:44 sanctified. He blessed and sanctified.
36:48 Now what does it mean to bless?
36:49 Well, to the quick dictionary definition:
36:52 to bless means to consecrate and invoke divine favor.
36:58 When God blesses you, He shows you divine favor.
37:03 Amen? So you can say: "You know, I'm blessed of the Lord
37:06 because God has done this for me...
37:08 He's given me divine favor. "
37:10 So He invokes a divine favor on that day.
37:14 So that makes the Sabbath Day different than every other day -
37:18 can you say Amen? - because it carries with it
37:20 divine favor.
37:22 Now, sanctified. Let's go to sanctified.
37:25 Sanctified means to consecrate; to make holy;
37:31 to make of ultimate importance
37:34 and inviolability.
37:37 Very long term. Well, what's inviolability?
37:39 Inviolability or inviolate
37:42 means never to be infringed upon or dishonored.
37:47 Whoa!
37:50 Now let's recap.
37:52 We've got a day. It's a special day.
37:55 God blessed that day. And listen,
37:58 whenever God blesses something and you become a part of it
38:01 guess what happens?
38:03 You get the blessing. Amen?
38:05 So there's a special blessing in the Sabbath Day.
38:07 He sanctified it... which means He set it aside
38:10 for holy purpose. That's what sanctification is.
38:13 It's set aside for holiness.
38:15 So it's a day that we step outside of unholy activity.
38:19 And it's inviolate... which means it ought never to be
38:23 infringed upon or violated or dishonored.
38:27 So now we get a kind of an idea
38:28 of what the Sabbath is all about.
38:30 It's a blessed day. It's a sanctified day.
38:33 It's a day that you don't step on.
38:35 Amen? A day that you don't violate.
38:37 You know I love it when the dictionary preaches my sermon.
38:40 You can go right to the dictionary!
38:42 Blessed, sanctified, inviolate.
38:44 The Sabbath is the fourth commandment,
38:46 and it is as unchangeable as is God.
38:50 I am so glad that I don't serve a changeable God.
38:54 I am so glad that every time I come to God
38:58 I find the exact same God.
39:00 'Cause if you're like me, I have some days
39:02 when I really don't want to be bothered.
39:06 We all have good days and bad days.
39:10 Some days you're smiling, you're happy.
39:12 You know, you go to work and somebody says:
39:14 "Victor, how you doing, ugly? "
39:15 And they're just teasing.
39:18 You know you're not ugly; they know you're not ugly.
39:20 They're just playing.
39:22 But the day you hear that is the day you don't need that.
39:25 You know, 'cause you got up late and your keys are lost
39:28 and you're coming to work kind of mad
39:30 and you walk in and somebody's saying "How you doing, ugly? "
39:32 And they're just playing, but today I don't want to hear that.
39:35 And that's the day you get it.
39:36 But every time you go to God you find a loving Jesus.
39:39 Huh? Never changes His mind.
39:41 Never changes His Word.
39:43 If He says it today, it's going to be the same yesterday,
39:45 today, and forever. God does not change
39:48 and His Word does not change.
39:50 I'm going to the book of Malachi. What book?
39:52 Malachi. Chapter 3 verse 6.
39:54 Let's go to it real fast. Malachi 3:6
39:56 before my time runs out on me.
40:05 That's God's Word... "I don't change
40:07 and I don't change the things that have come out of My mouth.
40:09 So if I say the Sabbath is blessed,
40:12 it's going to be blessed forever.
40:14 If I say the Sabbath is sanctified,
40:16 it's going to be sanctified forever.
40:18 I'm not going to bless it one day and take back My blessing.
40:21 If I've set aside a day by not working on it,
40:24 it will always be blessed.
40:26 And everybody that becomes a part of that day
40:29 will always be blessed. " Can you say Amen?
40:33 Blessings on the day. God does not change;
40:35 His Word does not change.
40:38 So... God doesn't change, the day doesn't change.
40:41 The blessing does not change.
40:42 And God has something very special He wants us to know
40:47 about this day. God takes commandment keeping,
40:51 ladies and gentlemen, very seriously. Did you know that?
40:53 Very, very seriously.
40:56 We are not saved by keeping commandments. You know that.
41:00 You can't work your way into heaven.
41:03 But commandment keeping is part of salvation.
41:07 You cannot go to heaven breaking the commandments.
41:11 We keep the commandments not to be saved.
41:14 We keep the commandments because we are saved.
41:18 It's an emblem, and ensign, a sign of a saved relationship
41:24 with Jesus Christ. Christ said: "Why do you call Me Lord
41:28 and not do the things I say? "
41:30 Amen? So we don't keep the commandments to be saved.
41:33 We keep them because we are saved.
41:35 John chapter 14 verse 15. What book did I say?
41:39 Simple statement... short and sweet.
41:44 Now you will note that's found in the New Testament.
41:47 Commandment keeping is not just an Old Testament thing...
41:49 it's a New Testament thing. Amen?
41:51 Jesus said: "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
41:54 And the fourth commandment - the Sabbath commandment -
41:57 is a commandment, ladies and gentlemen.
41:59 So just like no lying, no cheating,
42:02 no stealing, no covetous, no idolatry...
42:05 The fourth commandment is part of those commandments
42:08 and must be kept by the people of God.
42:10 I John chapter 2 verse 4. What book did I say?
42:13 I John 2:4. I'm giving you a lot of texts
42:15 but I want to prove my point.
42:28 If you say "I know Him" and you don't keep His commandments,
42:31 you're a liar
42:33 and the truth is not in you.
42:35 And lying is a commandment.
42:38 "Thou shalt not lie. "
42:41 So you can't be saved unless you keep the commandments.
42:44 John 17:17... you know it well.
42:51 So every word of truth God's people are called to keep.
42:55 We read this before... talked about this before.
42:58 Jesus said - John 14:6:
43:08 Commandment keeping I say again ladies and gentlemen
43:11 is an indication of a relationship with Jesus Christ.
43:17 How do I know that I am in Him?
43:20 Because I read His Word
43:22 and I do what His Word says.
43:25 I don't discuss it only. I don't talk about it.
43:29 I don't reminisce about it.
43:31 I do it!
43:33 God says you are what you do... regardless of what you say.
43:38 I'd rather see what you do than what you say.
43:40 Amen? All commandment keeping is the same.
43:45 Don't lie, don't cheat, don't steal,
43:48 don't have any other gods,
43:50 remember the Sabbath Day.
43:53 Exodus says it is the Sabbath of the Lord.
43:57 I'm in Isaiah chapter 58. What book did I say?
43:59 Isaiah 58:13 and 14.
44:03 This is a powerful text... powerful text.
44:08 Remember talking about trampling on the Sabbath?
44:24 Here comes the promise...
44:34 When the Lord ends something
44:35 with "the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it, "
44:37 that's an ironclad guarantee, ladies and gentlemen.
44:39 Ironclad guarantee. He said:
44:41 "If you'll stop talking about secular things,
44:44 stop doing secular things,
44:46 stop thinking about secular things and involving yourself
44:49 in secular pleasures and focus on Me for one day,
44:53 I will cause you to ride upon the high hills of the earth.
44:58 And more than that... I'll save you!
45:00 And I'll give you blessings like nobody else. "
45:04 That's God's promise.
45:07 He said: "Do this, test Me, try Me. "
45:09 Now, we know what the day is.
45:12 We know what God wants us to do and not to do
45:15 because He said that in the fourth commandment.
45:18 He said: "Don't work,
45:20 don't do secular things,
45:22 don't involve yourself in other kinds of pleasures,
45:24 spend the day concentrating, fellowshipping,
45:29 worshiping Me. "
45:31 And that includes acts of kindness and charity.
45:35 Now we've got to find out when that day is...
45:39 because that's important.
45:41 We've got a little time. Mark 15:42.
45:43 We've got to rush now. Mark 15:42.
45:55 Let's go on. Preparation Day is the day before the Sabbath.
46:01 All right? The day before the Sabbath is called
46:04 the Preparation Day. Keep that in your mind.
46:05 Let's go to Mark 16:1 and 2.
46:27 All right, we've got a little time frame now.
46:30 Preparation Day is the day before Sabbath.
46:34 The day that Jesus rose is the day after Sabbath.
46:39 Amen?
46:41 It's that plain. So, the day that Jesus rose is what?
46:46 The first day.
46:48 So then, the Preparation Day must be the sixth day.
46:53 So that means Sabbath is the...
46:56 seventh day.
46:57 The day that Christ rose we call the first day or Sunday.
47:02 Sabbath is the day before Sunday
47:06 which makes it Saturday.
47:09 Plain? Understood?
47:12 Did I pull a fast one on you?
47:14 Word of God. Amen. All right, let's buttress our point.
47:17 So then, the Sabbath is the seventh day -
47:22 the day before the first day or Sunday -
47:26 which makes it Saturday.
47:27 Now, let's go to an often-used text.
47:29 I'm in Revelation chapter 1 verse 10.
47:32 Revelation chapter 1 verse 10. Here it is:
47:38 I want you to listen very carefully.
47:44 I don't want anybody to think I'm playing games with you
47:46 because this is vitally important.
47:50 We hear so often the term "The Lord's Day. "
47:54 That term appears in the Word of God
47:57 one time... and you just read it.
48:00 Revelation 1 verse 10.
48:02 Is that clear? You find it like that no other time.
48:06 What day then is the "Lord's Day? "
48:10 Is it Sunday?
48:12 I think not. Here is the proof from the Word of God.
48:15 The Lord's Day is the day of which Jesus is Lord.
48:20 Can you say Amen? Follow my logic.
48:22 Let's go to Philippians chapter 2 verse 11.
48:24 All right, here we go:
48:34 So Jesus Christ is Lord.
48:36 So the "Lord's Day" is the day of which Jesus Christ is Lord.
48:41 All right? So all we need to do is find out what day
48:44 Jesus Christ is Lord of
48:46 and then we'll know what the "Lord's Day" is. Amen?
48:49 And Amen. All right, let's go.
48:51 I'm in Mark chapter 2 verse 27.
48:54 Mark chapter 2 verse 27. This is the Word of God,
48:57 reading in the New Testament:
49:06 All right. That's crucial.
49:09 God made the Sabbath for you
49:11 because God knew if He didn't make the Sabbath
49:14 you'd work yourself to death.
49:15 You've got people working seven days a week
49:17 twenty-four hours a day killing themselves
49:19 trying to make money. And so God said:
49:22 "STOP IT! "
49:23 "Give Me one day and I'll refresh you. "
49:27 And I've got temperament in myself. I know a fellow
49:29 who owns several gas stations and a certain franchise
49:34 and he proved that with his gas stations open 6 days a week
49:37 and the blessing of God he was making as much money
49:40 as those gas stations open seven days a week
49:42 without the blessing of God.
49:43 True. God says: "You give me that day
49:46 and I'll take care of you. " All right.
49:47 Matthew 6:13. We've got to hustle through it.
49:49 My time is gone away.
49:50 Jesus said - Matthew 6:13-
49:52 Matthew chapter 16 verse 13 is what I want.
49:55 Thank you.
50:05 "Who do they say? "
50:06 That's a crucial question
50:08 because the Bible always explains itself.
50:11 Jesus is the Son of Man.
50:14 He is also the Son of God.
50:16 Peter said: "Thou art the Christ, Son of the Living God. "
50:21 Now let's go back to Mark chapter 2 verse 28.
50:24 Here we go:
50:36 All right, now let's push it all together.
50:41 The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.
50:46 The Lord's Day is the day of which Jesus is Lord.
50:52 Make sense?
50:54 Clear? The Lord's Day is the day of which Jesus is Lord.
51:00 And Mark chapter 2 verse 28 says
51:04 "Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. "
51:09 So the Sabbath is the? Amen!
51:13 Did I do it with mirrors, smoke? No!
51:17 Bible. Word of God.
51:19 So then the Lord's Day is the Sabbath.
51:23 So when John says in Revelation chapter 1 verse 10
51:26 "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day, "
51:29 what day was he in the Spirit? Sabbath!
51:31 Amen?
51:33 Because the Lord's Day is the Sabbath.
51:36 Mark chapter 2:27 and 28.
51:39 I want it to be clear because I don't want anybody to think
51:41 that I'm playing games with you because this is crucial.
51:45 Because the Sabbath is a commandment,
51:47 and the commandments are always good.
51:50 They're not just Old Testament.
51:52 They are New Testament.
51:54 They are eternal; they are forever.
51:56 Jesus said: "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
52:02 Jesus Christ then is Lord of the Sabbath.
52:05 In the Old Testament and we just proved it to you
52:08 from the New. Now you may be saying -
52:09 I've got to do this really fast -
52:11 the days have gotten all mixed up.
52:13 We don't know when the Sabbath is.
52:15 How do you know when the Lord's Day is?
52:16 When the seventh day is? Not true! And I'll tell you why.
52:18 Because of the way the days were numbered.
52:21 This is... these are... this is an amazing fact,
52:24 if I could put that in.
52:25 Back in the days of the Bible, the ancient Greeks
52:29 and the ancient Hebrews... they didn't use Sunday,
52:31 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
52:33 Those are Roman terms and came a lot later.
52:35 The ancient Hebrews and Greeks numbered their days
52:40 in relation to the Sabbath.
52:42 And when your days are numbered and not named,
52:45 you can't get mixed up.
52:47 So let's go to the screen.
52:48 We've got a couple of things here.
52:50 Sunday - this is in the Greek - it was called Kyriake.
52:54 Now that was a later change.
52:56 The original date was protee - Sunday or first day.
52:59 That's first day. Let's go to Monday.
53:01 Monday is Thepterra.
53:07 That's what that says there. That's in Greek.
53:09 That's Theptera which means second day.
53:12 Tuesday... Triti...
53:16 which means third day.
53:19 Wednesday... Tetarti... which means fourth day.
53:24 Thursday... Pempti... that's Greek,
53:26 I'm giving you a lesson in Greek -
53:28 you have to study Greek to get your degree from the Seminary -
53:30 is Pempti which means fifth day.
53:33 Friday... that's Paraskevi...
53:37 Paraskevi... that letter is a P.
53:40 That's Paraskevi... believe me.
53:45 It literally means Preparation Day.
53:48 That's what Paraskevi means. And then
53:51 you've got Sabbato... which is Sabbath.
53:54 So if you're an ancient Greek, you're not confused
53:57 what day it is because after Sabbath you'll say
54:00 "I'll see you tomorrow. " What's tomorrow?
54:02 First day. Amen?
54:04 Or "I'll see you in a couple days. " Well, this is first day.
54:07 A couple days is second day, third day,
54:09 so "I'll see you on the third day. "
54:10 They didn't have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
54:11 They had numbers. You can get confused
54:13 when you've got names, but when you've got numbers
54:15 you can't get confused because you'll always have 1, 2,
54:18 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
54:20 Amen? So the days can't get mixed up
54:22 because they're numbered.
54:24 The first day? Sunday.
54:26 Second day? Monday. You know?
54:28 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
54:32 And it was the same in Hebrew. Let's go to that Hebrew one.
54:34 Sunday or...
54:41 That's Sunday.
54:43 Monday. Let's go to Monday...
54:47 That's Monday... meaning second day unto the Sabbath.
54:49 Third day, Tuesday...
54:53 Which means third day unto the Sabbath.
54:56 Then Wednesday...
55:00 That's what that is... fourth day unto the Sabbath.
55:02 Thursday... oh, boy...
55:11 Fifth day unto the Sabbath.
55:13 Friday...
55:18 meaning Eve of the Sabbath.
55:21 And then... that's what you're looking at...
55:24 In Hebrew... Sabbath.
55:27 So how can you be confused?
55:29 Because every day is pegged to the Sabbath.
55:31 Well, first day unto the Sabbath,
55:33 second day unto the Sabbath, third day unto the Sabbath,
55:35 fourth day unto the Sabbath, fifth day unto the Sabbath,
55:37 Eve of Sabbath, Sabbath!
55:39 So you cannot be confused
55:41 because the days are numbered for you.
55:43 And so there was never any loss of time.
55:46 What was Sabbath at creation is Sabbath today.
55:49 Remember the seventh day to keep it holy.
55:53 Jesus says again, John 14:15:
55:56 "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
55:59 It's so very, very important
56:01 because it's a commandment of God.
56:03 It is a commandment of God.
56:04 And my time is slipping by, and I want to just close with
56:06 a couple things. There are all kinds of substitutes,
56:09 but here's the truth.
56:11 You will not find any command to keep any other day
56:14 in the Word of God. If you say "what did Christ do? "
56:18 I've got a text for you. Luke chapter 4 verse 16.
56:20 Luke chapter 4 verse 16.
56:22 It says Jesus' custom was to go in the synagogue
56:27 on the Sabbath Day and to read.
56:29 There it is on the screen for you:
56:37 So Christ kept the Sabbath. Amen?
56:40 Even in death, Christ kept the Sabbath.
56:42 He went into the tomb on Friday.
56:45 Rested on Saturday.
56:47 Rose on Sunday.
56:48 Now we don't have any call from Jesus to keep Sunday.
56:52 The call is to keep Sabbath.
56:53 And then we find out in Isaiah that from one new moon
56:57 to the next... and my time is slipping away so I've got to
56:59 get this fast... we're going to keep Sabbath in heaven.
57:01 No other day. The Bible says that we're going to keep
57:04 Sabbath in heaven. So, if we kept Sabbath at creation,
57:06 if the Hebrew nation kept Sabbath,
57:09 if we're called to keep Sabbath now,
57:10 we're going to keep Sabbath throughout all eternity,
57:12 why would there be a break in Sabbath right now?
57:14 No break! Sabbath at creation.
57:17 Sabbath in the Old Testament. Sabbath in the New Testament.
57:19 Sabbath throughout eternity. Clear?
57:21 All right, let's pray.


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