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Home Depot: A Hammer And A Nail

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00:23 With all of your soul, with all of your mind.
00:27 In this quiet place with you
00:33 I bow before your throne
00:38 I bear the deepest part of me
00:42 to You and You alone
00:46 I have no secrets for there are no faults
00:52 you have not known
00:55 I give my best and all the rest
00:59 to You and laid them down
01:10 with all my heart, I want to love You Lord
01:19 and live my life, each day to know You more
01:27 all that is in me, is Yours completely
01:37 I so love You with all my heart
01:52 Hmmm Hmm Hmmm
01:57 You faithfully supply my needs
02:02 according to Your plan
02:06 so help me Lord to seek Your face
02:10 before I seek Your hand
02:14 I know You know what is best for me
02:18 when I just don't understand
02:27 and following will be the answer
02:34 in every circumstance
02:44 with all my heart, I want to love You Lord
02:53 and live my life, each day and know You more
03:01 with all that is in me, is Yours completely
03:08 I serve You only
03:17 with all my heart
03:26 Awwwh Awh Awh!
03:44 Amen and Amen! Thank you Kathy so very, very much.
03:47 Our subject for tonight, our discussion centers around Home
03:52 Depot, Just A Hammer and A Nail.
03:56 Home Depot, Just A Hammer and A Nail.
04:01 Shall we go to the Lord in prayer Father God,
04:04 we thank You so very much for Your word.
04:07 We thank You for Jesus, we thank You for this Sabbath day,
04:12 this time that You have set aside so that we can turn off
04:16 the cares, the hustle and bustle of the world and turn
04:20 our minds toward Jesus.
04:22 We asked Father that You would be pleased to give us Your
04:26 Spirit because we want know and understand Your will,
04:30 we want to do Your will and we thank you so
04:33 very much, in Jesus name Amen!
04:40 Book of Hebrews was addressed to Hebrew Christians to affirm
04:48 for them the idea or notion that Jesus Christ
04:57 was and is all sufficient.
05:02 The Hebrew Christians were in danger of falling back into
05:06 Jewish habits, Jewish ways, Jewish lifestyle and
05:12 so Paul wrote to the Hebrew Christians to let them know that
05:16 those things that you were doing before, which were so natural
05:20 for you, and so comfortable for you, have now found
05:25 their fulfillment in Jesus.
05:27 It is now all about Jesus, that this once and for all
05:33 sacrifice that Jesus made allows Him to be the Minister and
05:40 the Mediator of the benefits of His own sacrifice.
05:44 We see over and over in the book of Hebrews this term,
05:48 how much more and we'll touch on that term a little bit later but
05:53 over and again Paul says to them, well you did this,
05:57 and this worked for them but how much more better is it
06:00 that we have got the real thing. We have Jesus.
06:04 So the book of Hebrews was written over and over again
06:08 to say that Christ is all sufficient.
06:11 We can say that even today, can't we?
06:14 All we need is Jesus, and when you have Jesus you
06:19 really have all you need.
06:21 So the question was, and is, what then was nailed to
06:27 the cross, what was Paul trying to say in the book of Hebrews
06:32 as respects what Christ did, and what we now have to do?
06:37 I was in Home Depot some time ago, it is actually one
06:40 of my favorite stores because I'm not a shopper per se.
06:44 I tend to want to get into the store and get out.
06:48 I don't like to linger too much until I go to a store like
06:50 Home Depot, there is something about Home Depot.
06:53 Well there is one other store, I am a tie guy.
06:57 I like ties, when I am sad I buy a tie to drown my
07:01 sorrows, when I am happy I buy a tie to celebrate my
07:04 happiness, I like ties.
07:06 It's not too expensive like going out and buying a car.
07:08 A tie is fairly cheap, fairly reasonable.
07:11 You can't always buy a suit or pair of shoes that is a little
07:15 too much; but a tie, if you shop where I shop you can
07:18 usually get a tie pretty reasonable.
07:21 So I am a tie person, I will spend some time
07:22 lingering over ties.
07:24 I do like Home Depot and when we moved into our house sometime
07:28 ago, it was an older home and needed a lot of fixing so I
07:31 found myself at Home Depot a lot.
07:33 Plaster and paint and caulking.
07:35 I made my way to the section of fasteners, there is a section
07:39 in Home Depot called fasteners.
07:41 It is in the hardware section.
07:43 I found nails and screws and braces and clamps and hooks and
07:48 retainers and caulk and solder and Velcro and putty, Staples
07:54 and cement, silicone and asphalt.
07:56 But my favorite in that section, was a thing called Gorilla Glue.
08:00 I love Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Glue will hold anything.
08:04 I believe Gorilla Glue, will hold a marriage together.
08:07 If you put Gorilla Glue on a husband and wife, it is my
08:11 favorite, Gorilla Glue will hold, Gorilla Glue is
08:14 better than Krazy glue.
08:15 So we have a big whole thing of Gorilla Glue at our house,
08:18 I love Gorilla Glue.
08:20 But I thought about nails, nail guns.
08:25 I did a project just a little bit ago in my wife's closet,
08:28 I put up one of those closet organizers deals.
08:32 You have to have a Ph. D. in physics to put those things
08:35 together, you follow the directions and you are drilling
08:39 holes, and fastening them A. to flange B., you are connecting
08:43 and trying to reconnect.
08:44 I said that I had a Masters degree in theology and almost a
08:48 Ph. D. in communications and I can't put this thing together,
08:51 it was tough.
08:53 But I thought about what was nailed to the cross.
08:57 What got nailed to the cross, in other words what did
09:00 Christ do to end the old system?
09:03 So my first text is Colossians 2
09:06 What book did I say? The book is Colossians.
09:09 Let's look at the term first and find where the term
09:12 was found, I'm in Colossians 2:14,
09:15 let's read the word of God:
09:35 so there we see the term.
09:36 There were certain things the Bible says that were
09:39 nailed to the cross.
09:41 And since the Bible is its best explainer,
09:44 the text says that there were certain things that
09:47 Christ took out of the way, nailing them to the cross.
09:50 The term simply means that there were certain practices
09:54 that were done in the Old Testament by the ancient Hebrews
09:58 that Christ brought to an end by His sacrifice on the cross,
10:03 Can you say Amen? Is that clear?
10:04 Alright are you with me?
10:06 So there are certain things that had their fulfillment in
10:09 Christ's death on the cross.
10:11 The idea is that at the cross, certain practices stopped,
10:16 they stopped because they had their
10:18 fulfillment in Christ, more accurately they had
10:22 their fulfillment in the death of Christ.
10:25 There were certain things that were going on, certain rules,
10:29 certain regulations, certain statutes that looked forward,
10:32 in Faith, to what Christ was going to do.
10:35 When Christ actually did it, then those things that looked
10:39 forward, in Faith, came to their end.
10:42 Now there are really five great laws in our universe,
10:46 in our world, five great laws.
10:49 The first we would call natural laws, or the law of nature.
10:53 The law of gravity is one of those laws.
10:57 If unaltered by any other circumstances, every time
11:01 I toss this microphone up is going to do what?
11:04 It is going to come down, and I need not to toss it
11:06 up too much because My technicians are having a
11:08 little worry because I may drop it.
11:10 So I will not toss it up too much.
11:12 Every time I toss this microphone up, the brethren
11:15 are looking at me, it is going to come down.
11:17 Because it is subject to the law of gravity.
11:20 That is a natural law.
11:21 There are many of those kinds of laws, there is friction,
11:24 there's traction, entropy, inertia.
11:27 There are certain kinds of laws of physics.
11:30 I did a little flying when I was a bit younger,
11:33 there is a law that keeps the plane in the air,
11:35 that deals with airflow, how air flows over a wing.
11:38 The air that is moving over top of the wing is moving faster
11:41 than the air under the wing which actually creates a
11:43 reversed gravity which lifts the plane up.
11:45 I cannot remember the name of that law,
11:47 but when you study flying and go to ground school,
11:50 you have to learn that law because it is a law that
11:52 keeps the plane in the air.
11:54 So there are natural laws that God has put in place
11:57 to keep our world regulated.
12:00 They are in movable, they do not change,
12:02 they are natural laws.
12:04 If you break natural law, you usually end up in
12:08 the hospital because natural laws are there
12:12 to keep you safe.
12:14 So if you jump out of a window that is 2 or 3 stories up,
12:18 natural law will take over and you are going to
12:21 end up in the hospital.
12:22 That is if you land on your feet, if you land on your head
12:25 something else may happen.
12:27 But those are natural laws.
12:29 Then the second great body of law is civil law.
12:33 We look at that Romans 13:1, Romans 13:1 tells us:
12:51 that justifies government, the idea of government
12:57 is God ordained.
12:59 You have to have rules and regulations in order to run
13:04 society, so the idea that you have a governing body and people
13:08 are subject to that government come from God.
13:12 Now I need to hasten to say, all governments are not
13:17 ordained by God.
13:19 Hitler and the Nazi regime, that was not God ordained.
13:23 Stalin, who killed 25 million of his own people,
13:27 not ordained by God.
13:28 Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, that was not ordained by God.
13:32 So particular governments may not be doing God's will, but the
13:37 idea that there is a government that gives laws and regulates
13:42 for the people, that is ordained by God.
13:44 Remember back in Israel's time, in the days of the judges there
13:48 was, or before the days of the judges, Israel was a theocracy
13:52 getting direct orders from God through a system of Priests.
13:55 But they looked at the Canaanite tribes around them and said
13:59 they had kings and we want a king just like they have a king,
14:02 so God said I will give you what you want.
14:05 But you are not going to like it.
14:06 So, of course, the first king was King Saul and immediately
14:10 things began to go bad.
14:12 The idea of government comes from God, though every
14:16 particular government does not come with God's blessing.
14:20 Which is why God sets up King's and takes kings down
14:24 as He chooses and as He pleases.
14:27 Green light says go, red light says stop,
14:31 yellow light says caution.
14:33 That is a government law and if you obey those
14:36 laws you are fine.
14:38 What if you got up one day and determined, I think for me
14:41 red light means go, how far you going to go?
14:45 You are not going to go very far.
14:48 If you don't hit somebody the police will stop you,
14:52 they take a dim view of individuals who go on red.
14:56 I know, when I was younger I tried that once,
14:59 you get a very fat ticket for going on red.
15:01 They don't like that.
15:03 Speed limit 55 or 65, that is a government regulation.
15:08 Do you see what I am trying to say?
15:10 If we obey these things we are fine.
15:11 If we break civil law we go to jail, or we are fined,
15:17 or we are otherwise penalized by the government.
15:20 The third great set of laws are health laws.
15:24 They are laws that deal with how the world affects our body.
15:29 We talk about new start, nutrition, exercise, water, sun,
15:34 temperance, air, rest and trust in divine power are
15:37 laws of health.
15:39 If we do these things are lives are better.
15:41 We think clearer, we live longer, we are healthier,
15:45 we are more available to do the work of God while we are
15:47 alive, these are health laws that each of us needs to follow,
15:51 we talked about that the other night.
15:53 If we break the health laws we wind up in a hospital,
15:57 the sickbed or perhaps even the grave.
16:00 So all these laws have benefits and if we obey them,
16:04 and they have consequences if we break them.
16:07 When we speak of the Bible the laws generally fall into
16:13 two separate categories.
16:15 What did I say, how many?
16:17 Two, we speak of moral laws or the moral law and we also
16:26 speak of ceremonial laws.
16:29 They are two separate bodies of law,
16:32 but they are vitally important.
16:35 Now why do we make a difference?
16:38 Well I make a difference between those two because
16:41 God makes a difference.
16:43 He separates the moral law from the ceremonial law.
16:46 Let's go to the book of Nehemiah, what book did I say?
16:50 I'm a Nehemiah 9:13,14 the word of God says:
17:31 so we are making a difference because the word of
17:34 God makes a difference.
17:36 We are drawing a line of separation because the word of
17:39 God draws a line of separation.
17:42 There are moral laws and there are ceremonial laws.
17:47 There is the Sabbath and that group of laws and then there are
17:50 other laws that were given to God's people.
17:54 So the Bible does make a difference, he even makes
17:58 a difference, or the Bible rather makes a difference
18:01 in where the laws were placed in the Ark,
18:05 once they were written.
18:07 Let's go to the book of Deuteronomy,
18:09 what book did I say?
18:10 The book is Deuteronomy 31: 24-26, and let's read
18:14 from the word of God.
18:41 Now two things I want you to know here.
18:43 One is where this particular law is placed, it was placed
18:47 beside or inside of the Ark, on the side of the Ark and the
18:52 Bible said Moses said to them keep it there so it will be a
18:57 witness against you.
19:00 Now the reason we are highlighting that word against,
19:01 is because we are going to see it again.
19:03 It is going to come back again and we need to
19:07 make special note of it.
19:08 So then this body of work written by Moses contains
19:14 ceremonies, and rules, and regulations, and Feast days,
19:18 and festivals, and certain civil things that were to
19:23 be done in case they were infractions.
19:25 All of this body of law was written by Moses at God's
19:29 direction and placed in the side of the Ark.
19:33 Amen, do you understand? You're following me, very good.
19:36 Exodus 31:18, let's go to it very quickly.
20:00 Alright let's look at the difference one was a group of
20:05 laws and regulations written by Moses, written in Moses hand,
20:11 with Moses hand, at God's direction and placed in the
20:16 side of the Ark.
20:18 The second body of law was written by God Himself
20:23 on tables of stone, and given to Moses.
20:27 So we are talking about two separate bodies of law,
20:31 and I am laboring on that point because just the other day
20:34 I heard someone say that the ceremonial law and
20:38 the Ten Commandments are the same.
20:40 But the Bible makes it clear that one group of laws
20:44 were written by Moses and placed in the side, the second group
20:49 was written by God Himself on tables of stone
20:52 and given to Moses and placed under the mercy seat.
20:56 Is that clear? Do you understand that?
20:58 Do you accept that? If you do say Amen!
21:00 A little bit louder, praise the Lord, I know you are with me.
21:04 So we have two sets of rules and regulations.
21:07 Many of these having their fulfillment in
21:10 Christ on the cross.
21:12 Rules and regulations, including a group of rules and
21:17 regulations is a little thing found in Exodus 21 where it says
21:20 an eye for an eye, and a tooth for tooth.
21:22 That is in that other group of regulations and I was doing a
21:25 study on that and people often say an eye for
21:28 an eye and a tooth for tooth but the Bible is saying let the
21:31 punishment fit the crime.
21:33 In the Canaanite law, for almost any infraction you could
21:38 surrender your life.
21:39 If you make a little mistake, you have to die.
21:41 So the Bible was saying, an eye for eye.
21:44 If I break your arm, by mistake, don't take my life.
21:48 Punishment for punishment only eye for eye,
21:50 not a knife for eye, eye for eye, let the punishment
21:54 fit the infraction.
21:55 And that is part of that group of laws, eye for eye and tooth
21:58 for tooth, if you knock out a tooth well tooth for a tooth,
22:01 not life for a tooth.
22:02 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, in other words
22:04 don't go overboard with the punishment,
22:05 do justly and love mercy.
22:07 That's part of that group of laws and it works
22:09 even until this day.
22:10 So these laws are beneficial to all men in all ages and we
22:14 don't need to stress the idea too much that the
22:17 Ten Commandments are transcript of the character of God.
22:22 They are as unchangeable as is God's character.
22:26 Malachi 3:6, it is a text we have used before and
22:30 we will restate it.
22:38 The Ten Commandments were written on stone by the
22:41 finger of God, the hand of God and they are an expression of
22:46 the mind of God and are as unchangeable as is God Himself.
22:50 It will always be wrong to lie, it will always be wrong to
22:54 steal, it will always be wrong to covet and do some of these
22:57 things mentioned in the Ten Commandments.
22:59 They were wrong when they were written, and ladies and
23:01 gentlemen they are wrong today, can you say Amen?
23:05 Aren't you glad that we don't serve a changeable God?
23:09 Aren't you glad that every time you go to God, He is the same?
23:12 And that God never has a bad day?
23:15 Anytime you go to Jesus He's there, He's willing, He's able,
23:19 and He is more willing, the Bible says,
23:20 to give us good gifts than our own earthly parents
23:23 are to do for us.
23:25 I'm so glad that I serve a consistent God.
23:28 One who does not change.
23:30 So then let's go to Revelation 22, what book did I say?
23:34 Now we have to move along, Revelation 22:14,
23:38 the word of God says.
23:49 Now of course the book of Revelation was written by John
23:51 the Revelator somewhere between 95 and 100 AD.
23:57 So Christ had been gone, ascended for about 65 years.
24:01 John is still writing about keeping the Commandments
24:05 and so John did not envision a time when the Commandments were
24:10 not to be kept because well after Christ had died and
24:13 ascended, at the close of the first century, John is writing
24:16 that we still ought to keep the Commandments of God.
24:19 So John never thought about a time when the Commandments were
24:22 not going to be kept.
24:23 Or that the Commandments were not going to be enforced.
24:25 Even half-century later John is saying Blessed are
24:29 they who do, who do what? Who do, who do, say it,
24:34 say it again, who, one more time, who, who,
24:38 who do His Commandments that they may have a right to
24:42 the tree of life.
24:43 John realized the eternal and unchanging nature of the moral
24:48 law, the Ten Commandments, ladies and gentlemen
24:52 are still enforced today. Can you say Amen?
24:56 James calls them the law of liberty.
25:00 James says that they do not bind you down, they free
25:03 you from this world and from the penalty of sin.
25:07 Paul says the Commandments are holy, they are just,
25:11 and they are good.
25:13 It will always be wrong to lie, always wrong to cheat, always
25:17 wrong to steal and nobody has any problem with that, why then
25:21 do we have a problem with little ole Commandment number four?
25:33 We except one, two, three, five, six, seven, eight, nine, what
25:40 is the matter with four?
25:45 The Commandments are not like a Chinese menu,
25:47 you take them all, and James says if you break one,
25:51 you break them all.
25:54 But what about those regulations that were put in the
25:59 side of the Ark?
26:00 I think you understand and accept with me that the
26:03 Commandments are still in force.
26:06 The question comes up that other body of laws placed
26:10 in the side of the Ark.
26:11 What about these ordinances, these feasts, these sacrifices,
26:14 these meat, drink, and grain offerings that look forward to
26:18 the sacrifice of Christ.
26:19 Let me give you an example, I am in the book of Leviticus,
26:21 what book did I say?
26:22 I am in Leviticus 5:5-7, turn with me in Leviticus.
26:32 Let's read the word of God.
27:20 Leviticus says that there are certain regulations
27:25 we have to do if we have sinned.
27:27 Has anybody brought with him tonight a lamb?
27:34 Any turtledoves? Pigeons? Goats?
27:37 Why have you not done that? Because it is unnecessary!
27:46 Why is it unnecessary? Because someone has done something
27:54 to make that unnecessary.
27:58 The someone is, Jesus.
28:01 What did He do? He sacrificed His life!
28:06 Jesus died, Jesus made a sacrifice that was complete
28:11 and thorough so now when I sin, instead of going to church,
28:17 dragging a lamb, or a ram, or dove, or a sheep,
28:23 I go to Jesus. Amen!
28:26 I fall on my knees at the feet of the Savior, and the moment
28:32 I fall down, if I confess my sins, the Bible says
28:37 He is faithful and just to forgive and to cleanse.
28:41 Praise God! You see that ought to make you happy.
28:44 If I were a jumping preacher I would jump right down
28:47 off this pulpit right now.
28:48 Because that is a good piece of news, it says I do not have to
28:52 slip the throat of a poor lamb and drain out it's blood,
28:54 all I have to do is get down on my knees and say
28:58 Jesus I have sinned.
29:00 I have made a mistake would You please forgive me?
29:03 The Bible says the moment I come to Jesus in faith,
29:07 Jesus writes down next to my name in heaven,
29:09 P A R D O N E D, pardoned. Amen! So it is not necessary now.
29:19 Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy are full of rules
29:23 and regulations and sacrifices and offerings and ordinances
29:27 that were entered into in faith.
29:31 They were done in faith looking forward to what
29:34 Jesus was going to do.
29:35 But Christ then would be the true sacrifice.
29:37 So let's jump over to the book of Hebrews, I'm in Hebrews 9,
29:44 remember I told you that the book of Hebrews was written to
29:46 Hebrew Christians who were in danger of sliding back
29:49 into the old Jewish ways?
29:50 So Paul wrote to the Hebrew Christians and one of the most
29:54 important things he said is in Hebrews 9:11, 12.
30:26 Can you say Amen? Praise God!
30:29 Paul is stressing the point, he is begging the point.
30:32 He is saying over and over again, you had bulls and goats
30:36 and rams and lambs and doves, now we've got Jesus. Praise God!
30:42 We have got Jesus and those rams and lambs and bulls and goats
30:47 could not really cleanse from sin.
30:50 It was a stopgap measure, it was a tie-over measure.
30:55 It was something to keep you until the real thing came along.
30:59 I had a student in Oakland College we went to visit
31:02 this lady that was famous for cooking meals.
31:04 She could satisfy any college student, you know when you're in
31:07 college as a student, Pastor Jim, you know when you were a
31:11 freshman until the time you graduate you are
31:12 hungry all the time.
31:13 You are never satisfied, any boys in college you are hungry
31:16 for 4 years, you never get enough food.
31:17 And this lady was famous for being able to satisfy young
31:22 college men, so we went her house one day.
31:24 Four of us and we said bring it on, the contest begin.
31:28 She went in the kitchen and she did little rumbling
31:30 and came out with a little plate of macaroni and cheese,
31:32 and a little plate of something else, a little plate of
31:34 vegetarian meat and we sat back and said, are you kidding?
31:36 This little bit of food. How is this going to satisfy us?
31:39 And we laughed at her, but you see what she was doing that
31:42 which is the stopgap measure, a little thing to hold us over
31:46 until she loaded the big gun.
31:48 So we cleaned up those little plates and they were
31:50 just gone and sat back and said this is ridiculous,
31:53 we are still hungry.
31:54 And then she came out with a big pan of macaroni and cheese,
31:58 and a big pan of collard greens, and big pan of greens,
32:01 and a big pan of vegetables, and a big pan of vegetarian
32:04 meat and we ate until we had to wave the white flag
32:07 and say we can't take anymore. And then she brought in the
32:10 desert and we slid under the
32:12 table because there was just so much food.
32:14 Well that is what the Bible is saying here, those goats, and
32:19 the lambs, and Rams, that was an appetizer, a stopgap measure
32:24 until the real thing was to come along.
32:27 That real thing which Jesus Himself.
32:30 When the real thing came along there was no need for the
32:33 appetizers anymore because the main course was being served
32:37 ladies and gentlemen, after the main course, dinner is through.
32:44 So Paul is saying that once and for all Christ made this
32:46 sacrifice and there is no need for any other because He is the
32:49 complete and total sacrifice.
32:51 The blood of bulls and goats and rams could never do it,
32:54 but Jesus could.
32:55 Let's go back to Hebrews 9:9, 10 this time.
33:36 So God is saying to his people, these things were good,
33:40 but when Christ came they are no good anymore.
33:43 When the full meal comes you don't want just a little
33:46 appetizer, you want the real thing and that of course,
33:49 is Jesus Christ.
33:51 The Living Bible paraphrases so well and in fact the Living
33:54 Bible does say, it is like a little appetizer,
33:56 a little faith before the real meal.
33:58 So they were types, they were shadows, they were looking
34:04 forward to the coming of Christ.
34:05 But I say again that when Christ came these things came to an
34:11 end. Is that clear? Do you understand me?
34:13 Are you with me on that?
34:14 I need you to understand that because there is a lot
34:16 of things going around today.
34:18 These things indeed did come to an end, but these do not touch
34:23 on the Ten Commandments of God which are eternal,
34:26 ladies and gentlemen, which came right on through.
34:28 Christ didn't died to bring an end to the Ten Commandments,
34:32 He lived up to the dictate of the Ten Commandments and then
34:35 ministers in our behalf and heavenly courts to this day.
34:39 So we have two things equally important.
34:43 We have the Ten Commandments and we have laws and ordinances
34:48 and I want to go now to the book of Colossians 2, let's jump
34:53 to Colossians, again, 2:14, 15. Here we go.
35:44 Now what is this text saying?
35:45 Simply that those ordinances, that we have just discussed at
35:51 length, those practices that look forward to the coming of
35:57 Christ, met their fulfillment in Christ and then as such ended
36:02 when Christ gave His life on the cross.
36:05 I need that to be thoroughly understood.
36:08 This text does not envision the Ten Commandments.
36:12 Can you say Amen?
36:13 Now there's some scholars that define this text as the hand
36:18 writing of a sin debt, and that is true.
36:22 Christ did indeed blot out and take care of and an annulled our
36:26 debt of sin on the cross, but it does not nullify the fact
36:31 that it also encompasses and accepts the fact that Christ
36:35 also ended those things which looked forward to His
36:39 death on the cross.
36:41 Why are they against us? Because if you are doing things to
36:47 try and earn favor of Jesus, or be acceptable to God,
36:51 that is legalism and unacceptable to God.
36:55 If Jesus says, simply come to Me and confess your sins and your
37:00 are still dragging around lambs and rams and doves and goats,
37:05 you are saying to Jesus, Your sacrifice is not
37:09 good enough for me.
37:10 You are saying I am going to have to do something on my
37:14 own to gain favor with God.
37:16 Jesus has said I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life,
37:23 no one comes to the Father except through Me.
37:27 So if you are trying to go to God any other way except through
37:30 Jesus, you are not going to get there ladies and gentlemen.
37:34 And so lambs and rams and goats and doves don't suffice
37:38 anymore because we have Jesus and that is what the whole book
37:42 of Hebrews is all about. It is now all about Jesus, Amen!
37:46 Let's go back to Deuteronomy, we are going to do a little
37:50 Bible hopping, Deuteronomy 31:26.
38:06 Do you remember we talked about that word against you?
38:09 Where did we see against you?
38:11 We just saw in Colossians 2, let's do a little
38:16 bit of work here.
38:18 Moses said in Deuteronomy 31, put this body of work in the
38:24 side of the Ark to serve as a witness against you.
38:29 Colossians says 2:14, "blotting out the hand writing of the
38:36 requirement, or ordinances, that was against us. "
38:40 See the same terminology?
38:42 Same terminology, so then that body of law that was against us
38:48 was put in the side of the Ark.
38:51 That body of law that stopped at the cross was against us,
38:57 do you see the same words?
38:58 So then that body of law, that was against us, that was put in
39:04 the side of the Ark, was the ceremonial law.
39:07 Does that make sense? Is it clearer?
39:10 It is the ceremonial law not the Ten Commandments.
39:14 So those who say that the Ten Commandments and the ceremonial
39:18 law are the same simply don't understand this point.
39:22 They were placed into different parts of the Ark, because God
39:26 wanted them to be separate, because God knew that one of
39:29 them would come to the end the day Jesus bowed His head
39:32 and died and said, "it is finished".
39:35 The other one would be eternal.
39:37 The other one would go on as long as there was a God
39:40 there is always going to be a law.
39:41 Just like you can't change who you are without power
39:43 of God, you are who you are or what God is making you.
39:46 God is what He is, God doesn't change and His law does not
39:49 change, praise God!
39:53 So then these laws are done away with, that includes the
39:59 feasts, the washings, all of those things that are part
40:04 of the ceremonial system.
40:06 Let's to Hebrews 1, I am going to skip a couple texts
40:08 because my time is getting away from me.
40:13 Hebrews 1:1, 2. Let's read the word of God.
40:34 So Hebrews, right out of the gate as it were, puts the weight
40:39 on Jesus, it is not about sacrifices anymore,
40:41 it is not about feast days anymore, it's not about
40:44 regulations and regimes and working and cutting and bleeding
40:50 it's about the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
40:53 Do you understand that?
40:54 It is very crucial because there are those who are trying to
40:57 say you need to work your way to heaven.
40:59 You need to try, you need to fight against sin.
41:01 You do not need to do that, it is like that lady said before,
41:04 how do I surrender?
41:05 That is the key, it is giving your life over to Jesus and
41:08 allowing Jesus to work in you, and through you,
41:11 and to you, and with you, and allowing God to do for
41:14 you what you cannot do for yourself.
41:17 And that is to save you in His kingdom.
41:20 He has in these last days spoken to us by His Son.
41:22 So Paul sets the foundation right there in the very
41:25 beginning, he is saying it is all about Jesus.
41:28 They had grain, lambs, rams, and pigeons, and doves.
41:32 Praise God we got Jesus.
41:36 Christ is better, Christ is the better sacrifice,
41:42 Christ is the complete sacrifice.
41:44 God gave His Son, Jesus is truly heaven's greatest
41:48 gift ladies and gentlemen, and when God gave us Jesus,
41:52 He gave heavens all, can you say Amen?
41:56 Hebrews 8:12, just a couple more texts.
42:28 He is saying, this is it.
42:31 This is all there is, it is all about Jesus.
42:35 Now let's harmonize that with Colossians 2:16,
42:39 we have a lot of text, I hope you are writing them down.
42:41 Colossians 2:16, let's go to Colossians 2:16.
42:57 Now that goes back to something we talked about the other
43:00 night, therefore, therefore let one judge you,
43:04 eat, drink, Sabbaths, new Moons.
43:08 There are those that say this means you can eat anything,
43:12 you can drink anything, and the Sabbath is done away with.
43:16 I want to pull out the pins from under that right now.
43:20 Because you always have to look at the context in which
43:24 something is written.
43:26 The context are sacrifices and festivals.
43:31 So when we talk about food and drink is talking about drink
43:37 offerings, meat offerings, not eat and drinking per se,
43:42 does that make sense?
43:44 The context is festivals, and the reason I know is because
43:49 later on it says, new moons and Sabbaths.
43:53 That is not the Sabbath, it's Sabbaths,
43:57 which were festival days, which were part
44:00 of that ceremonial system.
44:02 This is a little technical but it is something that
44:05 is important for us to know.
44:07 So this text does not say, as some have tried to make
44:11 it say, Christ died that you can eat squid, and octopus,
44:15 and lobster, or anything you want.
44:18 And you can drink alcohol and coffee and caffeinated things
44:22 which injure your body, that is not why Jesus
44:25 went to the cross.
44:27 He did not go to the cross to make alcohol acceptable.
44:30 He went to the cross to make you acceptable.
44:34 He didn't go to the cross to clean up the lobsters
44:37 and crayfish and crabs and oysters.
44:40 He went to the cross to clean up you and me, Amen!
44:43 This text does not say that, it is talking about
44:47 that ceremonial system.
44:49 It is say let nobody judge you in those things.
44:51 Don't get hung up upon those things anymore because Christ
44:54 has died now and you are free from all that.
44:58 You have got Jesus, can you say Amen?
45:01 Alright let's go quickly to Romans 8:34, and I have
45:05 to move really fast.
45:06 Romans 8:34, I am turning to a real quick in my Bible.
45:23 Praise God and we thank the Lord for that.
45:24 So Jesus now has made a complete sacrifice and He's in heaven
45:30 giving us the benefits of that sacrifice.
45:36 Back to Colossians, I know we are jumping back and forth but
45:39 we have to use all these texts so I hope you are writing them
45:41 down so that you can study them when you get a chance.
45:43 I'm in Colossians 2:16.
46:00 Oh is that 16, alright let's try to pull it together.
46:03 So let no one judge you in these things, new moons or
46:07 Sabbaths because they are done away with at the cross.
46:11 It is not the Sabbath, I want to re-emphasize, it is not the
46:14 Sabbath but a Sabbath, and those Sabbaths were done
46:19 away with at the cross.
46:20 Romans 7:23, and I think it will be my last text of the night,
46:23 Hebrews 7:23.
46:26 Here we go, Hebrews 7:23 and we are going down to 25.
47:05 That is the text that deserves to be underlined,
47:08 ladies and gentlemen.
47:09 Christ is making intercession for you, you don't have to make
47:13 intercession for yourself.
47:14 God is listening to His Son, pleading your case and mine,
47:20 and when we sin, we go to Jesus, Jesus intercedes to the Father
47:24 and we are forgiven and are right standing with God.
47:27 Amen! No more bulls, no more goats, no more lambs, no more
47:33 rams, only the Lamb that takes away the sins of
47:37 the world, your friend and mine, our Savior Jesus.
47:41 Do you let Him tonight? Do you really love Jesus?
47:45 Would you rather have Jesus?
47:48 Listen to the words of this song.
48:13 I'd rather have Jesus then Silver or Gold
48:24 I'd rather be His, then have riches untold
48:36 I'd rather have Jesus then houses or lands
48:47 I'd rather be led by His nail pierced hand
48:57 Than to be the king of the vast domain
49:08 or to be held in sins dread sway
49:19 I'd rather have Jesus then anything
49:28 this world affords today.
49:44 How many would truly rather have Jesus?
49:48 Do you think it is unreasonable for Jesus to ask you to turn
49:53 your back on the world and give Him your heart?
49:59 Do you think it is unreasonable when Christ says give Me one
50:03 seventh of your time? Give me 1 day out of 7?
50:08 I will give you blessings enough to keep you through the other 6.
50:15 Do you think it is unreasonable when Christ says,
50:20 give Me your body, give Me your life, keep it in good
50:26 working condition so that I can use you to touch somebody
50:32 who doesn't know about Me?
50:34 Do you think that is unreasonable?
50:37 Christ says give it to Me.
50:41 Than to be the king of vast domain
50:49 or to be held in sins dread sway
51:01 I'd rather have Jesus then anything
51:11 this world affords today
51:22 Do you really love Him? Stand with me if you do.
51:24 Stand with me
51:29 or be held in sins dread sway
51:41 would you rather have Jesus then anything
51:50 this world affords today,
52:00 this world affords,
52:10 this world affords today.
52:21 Shall we pray, Father God, we ask You to give us Jesus and
52:27 only Jesus, please take the world and give us Jesus.
52:32 We thank you that we are released from the past and
52:37 can look forward to a bright and gloriously future.
52:41 In Jesus name! Amen!


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