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05:04 Amen and Amen, Thank you Todd, so very very much.
05:07 Tonight's message is entitled Soul Man!
05:11 I'm going to ask you to turn with me if you will,
05:14 to 2 Samuel and we will read from Chapter 14 after we pray.
05:23 2 Samuel 14:14, but before we do that,
05:32 shall we not go to the Lord in prayer.
05:33 Father God we thank you again for the truth of Your word.
05:38 We thank you for Jesus, our Savior and our friend.
05:42 We ask You Lord again to speak to us and allow us to
05:48 hear your voice, and your words, because we need to know
05:54 the truth in these last days so that we can prepare
05:58 for that grand and awful day when Christ returns for His own.
06:04 Please dear Lord, teach us again this night and help us to be
06:10 doers of the word and not just hears only.
06:14 We thank you, in Jesus Name! AMEN!
06:17 How many have ever had a lie told about you?
06:24 About 50 percent.
06:28 It's not very pleasant is it?
06:31 It it's awful to have people think something about you
06:35 that is not true.
06:37 It is very difficult to put a stop to a lie once it begins
06:44 to circulate.
06:46 Because all you can say is it is not true.
06:48 People tend to believe what they want to believe.
06:52 What is sad is that even in our world today
06:56 people tend to believe a lie sometimes more than the truth.
07:01 Well a lie, in fact several lies have been told about God.
07:09 God has spent the last 7000 years of earth's history,
07:15 of earth's recorded history, trying to tell the truth
07:21 about certain lies that were spread about Him
07:26 even in heaven itself.
07:28 These untrue statements have reached planet Earth
07:34 and they have, as it were, defaced the image of God.
07:41 and so we want, as best we can, from God's Word to put to rest
07:48 one of the most vicious of those untrue statements.
07:53 Our message is called Soul Man!
07:55 I'm in the book of 2 Samuel, what book did I say?
07:58 2 Samuel 14:14
08:35 Now, before we go little further I want to go to the
08:38 New Testament to the book of 1 Timothy 6:16
09:08 Now if you didn't know who the text was talking about
09:10 the idea that it ends with honor and everlasting power means
09:15 we must be talking about who?
09:16 We must be talking about God.
09:18 Two things we need to establish right now.
09:22 Every person who has lived or who is living, unless they are
09:31 alive at the second coming of Christ, will at one time or
09:35 another, sooner or later, see death.
09:38 Is that understood?
09:40 All of us are going to die.
09:44 Unless Jesus comes and we are translated, it is appointed
09:49 unto man, Solomon says, once to die, and then the judgment.
09:54 1 Timothy 6:16 makes a very important foundational statement
10:03 It says that there is one being in the universe that has
10:08 immortality, it is not you, it is not me, it is God.
10:15 Now we need to nail that nail down, only God has immortality.
10:23 Amen! and Amen! everybody else then is mortal.
10:32 God alone has a immortality!
10:38 It is a biblical statement, it is true, it is fact.
10:42 only God has immortality. Can you say Amen?
10:47 Now, what about us?
10:49 Let's go to the very first book of the Bible, book of Genesis.
10:52 What book did I say?
10:53 I'm in Genesis 3:4
10:58 If indeed God alone has immortality,
11:02 where did the confusion come from?
11:04 Here is one of lies.
11:16 You will not surely die.
11:20 Satan, speaking through the serpent, twisted the truth
11:27 and that twisting of the truth of God, has spawned more
11:33 confusion and consternation, and unbelief, and woe,
11:40 and outright rejection of the grace and gospel of Christ than
11:45 perhaps any other.
11:46 What has come from that original statement
11:51 has confused many and turned many off against Christianity.
11:57 You will not really die, is not a God-given utterance,
12:06 it is a Satanic utterance.
12:08 The idea that when you die, you don't really die,
12:15 does not come from God.
12:17 It comes from the lips of Satan himself, do you understand that?
12:22 It is very, very important.
12:24 It doesn't come from God, it comes from Satan.
12:28 Because at Adam and Eve did not drop dead that second,
12:34 they believed it.
12:36 There are many who believe it and teach it today.
12:40 But it does not, I say again, come from God.
12:45 The moment you accept that idea, the idea that when we die
12:52 part of us lives on, you have created for yourself one big,
13:01 fact theological conundrum.
13:04 In other words, you have dug a hole for yourself and in order
13:09 to solve that problem, you have to deface the image of God.
13:16 Now I want you to listen very carefully, because this
13:19 is very, very important.
13:20 To get out of the Ecclesiological or
13:25 Eschatological quicksand that, that theology creates,
13:28 you have to throw mud on the face and reputation of God.
13:34 If you believe and preach and teach that when you die
13:40 you don't really die, you turn a loving God into a monster.
13:48 I am going to show you how in just a little bit.
13:51 Now let's head in another direction and try to tie some
13:55 of these things together.
13:57 What is man? It's a basic question.
14:02 What are we? Let's answer that question from the
14:06 book of Genesis, what book did I say?
14:08 Genesis 2:7 and let's begin to answer that question.
14:14 What is man, what are we anyway?
14:17 The word of God answers that question I'm in Genesis 2:7
14:21 The Bible says, Genesis 2:7 "and the Lord God formed man
14:28 of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils
14:34 the breath of life and man became a living being. "
14:40 Alright, let's look at it for just a second.
14:43 God formed man from the dust of the ground, breathed into
14:50 his nostrils the breath of life, and man became, the Bible says
14:56 a living being.
14:58 Let's go to the book of Job, Job 4:17 I will give you
15:05 a second to find it.
15:07 Job 4:17
15:26 Alright, first God made us from the dust and breathed into us
15:36 air and we became souls.
15:40 Now the Bible does not play with words or mince words.
15:44 It uses the exact terms for what it is trying to say.
15:49 The Bible says, God took dust, breathed into it air and man
15:56 was given a soul.
15:58 Amen! you're not listening, that is not what the Bible says.
16:05 That's what man says.
16:07 The Bible says, God took dust, breathed into a air
16:13 and man "became" a soul.
16:18 Didn't say man was given a soul, it says, man became a soul.
16:25 There is ladies and gentlemen a great deal of difference
16:28 can you say Amen!
16:30 Different becoming as oppose to given.
16:34 The Bible equation is this, I want you to get it.
16:38 Body plus breath equals soul.
16:53 Body minus breath equals?
17:04 Equals dust! Equals dust!
17:08 It does not equal soul.
17:11 Because to get to a soul, according to Genesis you have
17:15 to have body and breath, if you don't have body
17:22 and breath, you don't have a um hum, makes sense?
17:30 Let's go to the book of Psalms, what book did I say?
17:32 Psalms 146:4
18:01 Psalms says and uses the word spirit, there are some
18:07 translators who use the word breath, but all the translators
18:13 agree that which leaves the body is not a conscious entity,
18:18 we will come to that a little later, but rather the breath
18:21 of God that was given at creation.
18:26 The spirit leaves, or the breath leaves, and returns to God
18:32 who gave it, the body goes to the ground.
18:34 Now what is important in that text is that the Bible says
18:38 in that very day the thoughts do what? Perish!
18:42 They stop, doesn't come back and congratulates you,
18:46 and pat you on the back when you do good in a baseball game.
18:52 Doesn't come back to your house and haunt you at night.
18:54 Doesn't wait for you in the cemetery when the Sun goes down.
19:02 Thoughts perish! AMEN!
19:06 Right from the word of God the Bible does not use the word
19:12 spirit as a conscious entity that lives on after death.
19:17 I'm going to prove that to you in just a little bit.
19:18 So the Bible says in that very day the thoughts do what? Perish
19:23 So everything you planned to do tomorrow, what happens?
19:25 Gone! All the bills you have to pay, Gone!
19:37 Car payment, Gone!
19:39 House note, Gone!
19:42 Credit card payment, Gone!
19:45 Your thoughts perish!
19:53 So that which goes to God is not a thinking entity,
19:56 it has no personality.
19:58 Further proof let's go to the book of Ecclesiastics.
20:01 What book did I say?
20:02 I'm in the book of Ecclesiastics 9:5
20:33 So when you die how much of what is going on earth are you aware?
20:38 NOTHING!
20:41 You don't know, You do not know.
20:45 Let's go to verse 6, I'm in Ecclesiastics 9:5, we just read
20:49 5 let's go to 6.
20:58 So if you have a girlfriend or wife, and loved her
21:00 Are you still loving her?
21:01 People say I will love you forever, no you won't!
21:07 You'll love till you die.
21:09 Amen, bring it back up guys, let's finish.
21:23 So once you die, that's it!
21:27 Amen! That's it!
21:31 Once you die, that is it!
21:35 Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, is saying once you
21:38 die, no love, no hate, no envy, no jealousy, no malice,
21:42 no revenge, it ends when you close your eyes in death.
21:48 So if you don't get it right you don't get to come back
21:52 and say I'm sorry.
21:57 That's why you straighten things out why you are alive
21:59 ladies and gentlemen, because you don't get to come back
22:02 to say you are sorry.
22:03 Or if someone does you wrong you don't get to come back
22:06 and bug them.
22:13 Love, hate, envy, it all ends. Let's look at Ecclesiastes 9:10
22:33 So God is saying, Solomon is saying this also, under
22:37 inspiration from the Lord, what ever you have to do
22:42 do it now, and do it well because this is your one chance
22:47 ladies and gentlemen, this is it!
22:49 Whatever you do, put your whole body into it, put your whole
22:54 mind into it, put your whole soul into it, particularly
22:57 when it comes to serving the Lord because your life
22:59 depends on it.
23:01 Amen! Because when you come to the grave it's too late then.
23:06 There is nothing more that can be done, so do it now,
23:12 Because you don't have a part anymore in anything that happens
23:16 under the sun.
23:18 Amen! and Amen! Lets go to the book of Job, I'm in the book
23:23 of Job 14:14
23:38 So when we die Job is affirming that you're going to wait
23:42 someplace, we are going to stay someplace until the change comes
23:47 The change does not come at the point of death.
23:51 That's Job's point, it doesn't happen at death it happens
23:54 later on, and we are going to see what the later on is.
23:58 I'm in Job 17:13 now
24:02 I hope you are getting a chance to write these texts down or
24:04 outline them in your Bible because you can go back
24:07 and reference these things, it will be good to do that.
24:17 Job is continuing a series of statements that affirms the fact
24:21 that when I die after my toil here on planet Earth, I wait
24:27 as it were in the grave.
24:28 My house is then the grave.
24:30 I don't go anywhere, I wait and something spectacular
24:35 happens a little later on, and we will talk about that
24:39 in just a little bit.
24:42 The point I am trying to stress here is that there is no
24:46 indication anywhere in the Old Testament, certainly not
24:49 in the book of Job who discusses death quite a lot.
24:52 That when we die we ascend immediately into the
24:56 presence of God, and I want you to understand that, because
24:59 later on we are going to come to a text that seems to say that
25:02 I'm going to show you that it does not.
25:03 So the majority of the Scriptures that we have read
25:07 tonight, in fact all of them, have affirmed that we are
25:11 going to die, when we die we are going to the grave,
25:15 and we don't come back and haunt haunted houses or visit our
25:20 relatives on their birthday, or say nice things,
25:24 or even scores, when you die you die and ladies and gentlemen
25:29 as cold as it is, that is it!
25:32 That's why God says today if you hear His voice, do what?
25:35 Harden not your heart.
25:37 Because tomorrow is not promised to you.
25:39 So does the Bible say that the soul is immortal?
25:48 One word answer, Nope!
25:56 Your silence says, you are waiting for Scripture.
25:59 Amen! here it comes. Ezekiel 18:4
26:04 What book did I say?
26:25 Now according to that text, souls do what?
26:29 Die! The soul that sins shall die.
26:34 Very first text that we read. The second one, God alone has
26:38 immortality. Souls die! Further proof, same book of Ezekiel
26:45 same 18:20
27:07 The very first line, "the soul who sins shall die. "
27:12 Two times in that same chapter and there is a third time in
27:16 the same book of Ezekiel, we didn't and put it down
27:19 but it is in Ezekiel 33, the statement is made again.
27:22 "A soul that sins shall die. "
27:25 Can it get any plainer than that?
27:26 Souls do die! Romans 6:23
27:48 Romans 3:23
27:55 So the punishment for a sin is what? is death!
28:01 The gift of God is? Eternal Life
28:05 So if everybody had eternal life when they were born
28:08 then what is God's gift?
28:13 Doesn't make sense.
28:15 Eternal life is promised to those who are in Christ
28:20 as a gift from God.
28:23 Everybody doesn't have it.
28:26 Amen? Amen! The wages of sin is not eternal life, the wages
28:33 of sin is death!
28:35 So that sooner or later sinners are going to die.
28:41 Now You may not die today, you may not die tomorrow,
28:44 but sooner or later, God says the wages of sin is death.
28:49 Galatians 6:6, 7, "Be not deceived, God is not mocked
28:52 What a man sows he is going to... and the wages of sin
28:56 if you work for sin, you are going to get your wages.
28:59 It would be unfair to have you work for something
29:02 and not pay you what you deserve.
29:03 So the wages of sin is death! Is that plain?
29:07 So that just simply means that everybody doesn't live for ever.
29:11 Sinners are going to die. Amen!
29:16 Very, Very true. 1 Corinthians 15:26
29:30 So one day God is going to destroy sinners and death.
29:36 It is all going to be over.
29:38 Death is no figment, it claimed the life of Christ, but it
29:45 could not keep Him. Can you say Amen?
29:47 Even Jesus did not ascend to heaven immediately.
29:54 Now this is a very important point, even Jesus didn't
29:57 die and go right to heaven.
29:59 Let's look at John 20:17
30:25 So Christ didn't die go right to the kingdom.
30:28 He did not, nor do we die and shoot right to the kingdom.
30:32 We are going to wrestle with that in just a little bit.
30:35 I will come back to that.
30:36 Let's go to the book of Acts, What book did I say?
30:38 Acts 2:34
30:57 Now David's life was an incredible life.
30:59 Those of you who has studied the life of David what a saga.
31:03 When he was good, he was very good, when he was bad
31:08 Lord, he was very bad.
31:11 Just about every sin that you can name, David at one time
31:20 or another, in his life, committed.
31:21 He surely did, as you pick them off, David pretty much
31:26 stepped on all of them.
31:27 Yet God called him a man after Mine own heart.
31:34 One of the reasons he did that was because when David was
31:37 called for his sin, David never made excuses.
31:40 He said Lord if you have to punish me, punish me.
31:44 Just save me.
31:46 You see God can work with that.
31:48 When you say Lord I have sinned, I am throwing myself on Your
31:51 mercy, do what you have to do, just don't block my name out.
31:54 Just don't take my name off the list.
31:57 God can do that.
31:59 If you look at Saul's life, and David's life, Saul the first
32:03 king, David the second.
32:04 Saul was rejected by God, David was not.
32:08 David's list of sins far eclipses Saul's.
32:11 David's, dare we say, rap sheet was much longer than Saul's.
32:15 The difference between Saul and David, is that when David
32:20 was called to account for his sins, David said Lord
32:23 I have sinned and I repent.
32:27 Saul made excuses and he did not repent.
32:33 Saul made excuses, that is a lesson for you and me.
32:36 When God calls you, the best thing you can do,
32:40 the only thing you can do is say Lord, I sinned.
32:43 Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit.
32:49 God knows you sinned.
32:50 You have to admit it to yourself.
32:52 and if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive.
32:58 But David, the Bible says, has not gone into heaven.
33:05 He is dead and buried.
33:07 Right to this day. Acts 2:29
33:23 Now, does it say that David is in the presence of God?
33:26 Does it say that David is dancing around the throne?
33:29 NO! New testament, book of Acts the word is given, David is
33:36 dead and buried in the tomb, to this very day.
33:40 He didn't immediately go to heaven, he didn't really go to
33:42 Hell, in the tomb waiting for something, waiting for something
33:48 and we are going to come to that in just a little bit.
33:49 Nowhere does it give indication, that the great David is in glory
33:54 with the Lord. This is very, very important!
33:57 If anybody would have gotten in, could have been David,
34:00 should have been David, but David is waiting just like
34:04 we are waiting.
34:05 The Bible is singular, straight and secular and makes sense.
34:09 It says David is in the ground waiting.
34:11 1 Corinthians 15:51-54 What book did I say?
34:13 1 Corinthians 15:51-54
35:17 Now let's look at this!
35:18 The Bible says it is going to happen at the last trump.
35:23 The trumpet shall sound and the dead will come up incorruptible.
35:30 At that point death is swallowed up in victory, it's the key text
35:36 that Paul is writing to the Corinthian church.
35:39 You do not go to heaven immediately when you die,
35:42 nor do you go to hell when you die, you wait for the
35:47 trumpet of God, you wait for
35:49 the day of judgment,
35:50 you wait for the return of Christ and at that point
35:54 you put on a incorruption.
35:56 At that point you're corruptible body, your mortal body becomes
36:01 immortal, do you understand that?
36:03 It is very, very important! 1 Corinthians 15:16-23
37:15 Now let's just tie a bow around this, if we can.
37:18 The Bible is saying some very important things.
37:21 He is saying that Christ's resurrection from the dead
37:25 guarantees that those who fall asleep in Christ, will be
37:29 resurrected from the dead. Can you say Amen?
37:32 Resurrected, it means that they will go down and come up.
37:37 But it says that is going to happen when Jesus comes again.
37:44 Not at the point of death, is that clear?
37:47 It is very, very important, because a lot of people are
37:50 teaching you some things that are not biblical.
37:51 You need to know what the truth is.
37:54 Jesus is coming to gather His own.
37:58 If Jesus is coming back with His reward, and you go to heaven
38:05 at the point of death, what is Jesus coming back for?
38:17 So why is He coming back here?
38:20 The saved are there.
38:24 Wasted trip, don't you think?
38:26 Burning gas for nothing.
38:33 Let's go on.
38:34 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
40:22 Now, it's interesting that Paul ends that statement to the
40:26 brethren at Thessalonica with a statement, comfort one another
40:30 with these words, he's saying that because when you really
40:34 know that, it shouldn't distress you, it should comfort you.
40:38 It is designed to be a comfort.
40:42 My dad died in 1979, the year that I was ordained.
40:50 Never got to come to my ordination because he had
40:56 a stroke and was somewhat disabled, couldn't come
41:00 to my ordination.
41:01 I have said this so many times, that I had the privilege of
41:05 baptizing my father one month before he died
41:08 of a massive stroke.
41:10 We were very pleased about that.
41:11 My mother lived on a number of years, it was my privilege
41:16 to bring her into the church and baptize her also.
41:19 But the last ten years of my mom's life, she also suffered
41:24 a number of mini strokes. Each one taking her further
41:29 into herself so that the last 4 or 5 years of her life she
41:34 could not communicate with us.
41:37 She couldn't talk, she could walk some, when I would go home
41:40 I knew that she recognized me, by the twinkle in her eye.
41:45 You know the dance in her eye.
41:47 She would take my hand and squeeze it very firmly.
41:50 But she could audibleize, she couldn't say hello but I
41:56 knew new she knew I was there. My sister determined as a nurse
41:59 that we were not going to put her in a nursing home.
42:01 We determined we would keep her home.
42:03 So my sister took care of her.
42:05 Between the two of us we got our finances together.
42:09 I sold my car and we got a hospital bed for her,
42:12 and we got a number of things for her.
42:14 To try and keep her home, we didn't want to put
42:16 her in a nursing facility.
42:18 My sister decided that she would make that sacrifice
42:19 and said if you are going to make the physical sacrifice
42:22 I will make the financial sacrifice, if I ever have any
42:25 money and you need money, I will send it home so that my
42:28 mothers last years can be fine.
42:30 But she declined precipitated- lessly the last couple years.
42:35 Now do you think if my dad were in heaven looking down
42:39 at his wife of just shy of 40 years, going down to the point
42:46 where she had to be fed through a straw.
42:48 Couldn't take care of her bathroom needs.
42:53 My sister had to bath her, and walk her, and nurse her,
42:57 and actually move her limbs so they wouldn't freeze.
43:00 Do you think my father could enjoy heaven knowing that
43:03 person who had shared his life for 40 years was suffering
43:07 like that, would heaven be heaven if you had to watch
43:09 the suffering here on earth?
43:11 It would not! So the idea that people fly immediately to
43:16 heaven and turn around and look at what is going on down here
43:18 on earth is unbiblical.
43:20 Heaven couldn't be heaven if you have to watch what is going on
43:24 down here on earth.
43:25 I was just looking the other day at all the carnage of 9/11.
43:30 If Saints were in heaven watching that 9/11, could
43:33 heaven be heaven?
43:34 Could you enjoy heaven watching what is going on, what mankind
43:37 is doing to mankind?
43:39 The drugs, the violence, the guns, the pornography, the filth
43:45 even on TV sets, our literature, how can heaven be heaven
43:49 if I'm in heaven watching all that stuff that is going on?
43:51 Heaven could not simply be heaven, it would not be heaven.
43:55 Solomon says that once we die we have no more portion of
44:00 what's going on, on planet Earth
44:01 Our loves, our hates they are all forgotten and we wait until
44:05 the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
44:07 Can you say Amen?
44:08 If we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so God will
44:14 bring with him those who sleep with Jesus.
44:17 There are basically 4 classes of people, I'm looking at my time.
44:20 You have, when Christ comes, the righteous living.
44:23 You have the righteous dead. You have the unrighteous living.
44:28 And the unrighteous dead. Those last two categories
44:31 we don't have time to go into right now, but it is safe to say
44:35 that those of us who are alive, those who have died in Christ,
44:39 at that point will ascend to be with Jesus.
44:42 The Bible says we will ever be with the Lord.
44:45 Can you say Amen?
44:46 A couple more things, then we are done.
44:51 We saw what 1 Thessalonians had to say, and we saw the
44:58 order of ascension.
44:59 What about the idea that souls burn forever?
45:05 Here is the problem, if you buy, I'll use that terminology, if
45:13 you believe that creation, at birth you are given, or mankind
45:20 is given an immortal soul, as I said before, you
45:24 immediately dig a hole for yourself and here's why.
45:28 If you have an immortal soul at birth, that means at death
45:34 you have to put that soul someplace.
45:36 Does that makes sense? Since it doesn't die, you have
45:41 to put it someplace, you have to develop a theology that puts
45:45 So if a person says to you I believe in an immortal soul
45:48 then you don't have to ask them what they believe about death.
45:52 They have already told you.
45:53 One they have to believe that soul goes immediately to heaven
45:58 or hell, they have to believe that because the
46:00 soul is immortal.
46:01 So since it is immortal and does not die, you have to develop
46:05 a theology that says the soul has to go someplace immediately
46:09 at the point of death.
46:10 So that means they also believe in an eternally burning hell.
46:14 Because if the soul is immortal that it has to be someplace
46:19 for eternity, make sense?
46:21 So that means if it is going to hell, then hell has to burn
46:26 forever because the soul never dies.
46:29 You see the closet you sort of box yourself in?
46:32 Then you turn a loving God into a monster,
46:37 because someone is saying, How could God be just and fair
46:42 loving and then burn people forever, it doesn't seem fitting
46:46 for loving God. How could God do that?
46:48 So you have to invent this theology that says people burn
46:53 forever because you have this soul that you say is eternal.
46:58 The Bible says, the soul that sins shall die.
47:02 At creation, our very first Scripture, our first lesson,
47:07 Body plus breath equals soul. Body, no breath, no soul.
47:14 Amen! Well what about fire that burns forever?
47:18 Well let's go to the book of Jude.
47:22 We are running into a little thing the Bible does.
47:24 Look at this! Jude verse 7.
47:50 Hmmm! Sodom and Gomorrah were burned with eternal fire.
47:56 Are Sodom and Gomorrah burning today? No!
48:02 If we got on our plane and went over to Jordan or Israel
48:07 and went to the southern end of the Dead Sea,
48:10 would we find Sodom and Gomorrah burning?
48:13 No! So what does the Bible mean when it is talking about
48:19 or mentions eternal fire?
48:22 What kind of fire is eternal fire?
48:27 Eternal fire is fire that burns with the eternal affect.
48:37 Did you hear me? Eternal affect!
48:42 In other words, when God burns it, it is gone once and for all
48:49 and forever.
48:51 It will never come back again, the effect is eternal,
48:56 not the duration.
49:00 You are mighty quiet.
49:01 The affect is eternal, not the duration.
49:07 Sodom and Gomorrah were burnt with eternal fire.
49:15 Affect not duration.
49:17 Now let me deal quickly in the time is left to me
49:21 with a text that many, many people use to try to justify
49:26 the idea that when you leave the body you go into the
49:29 the presence of the Lord.
49:30 2 Corinthians 5, what's book did I say? 2 Corinthians 5:8
49:35 And what is interesting is that this theology has been based
49:38 on this one text, but you never based a theology on one text.
49:41 The Bible says here a little there a little.
49:43 You look at every place the Bible speaks about a certain
49:45 issue and develop your theology after you read all the Bible
49:48 has to say, not just one text.
49:55 Does that sound to you like a theological statement?
49:59 Shouldn't because it is not.
50:02 It is Paul's desire, because if you read on he says,
50:06 listen, whether I'm absent or present I'm going to be in Jesus
50:08 He is saying I would rather be out of this tent, I'd rather
50:13 be out of this body with its aches and pains
50:15 and be with the Lord.
50:16 It is his desire, it is not a statement that when I leave here
50:20 I'm going to the Lord.
50:21 Now I can say the same thing, I would rather be out of
50:24 body and with Jesus.
50:27 Amen! Anybody else?
50:30 Yeah! I'd rather that!
50:32 I'd rather be out of this world and with Jesus.
50:40 Amen! This world is so good to use you want to stay
50:44 in it forever? NO!
50:46 I'm getting old, hate to admit it, but I am.
50:51 You know when I was a child, we used to go into my
50:54 father's room and I use to watch my dad get up
50:58 in the morning, he had his routine.
50:59 He would get up, sit on the side of the bed,
51:02 and make sure that everything was still there.
51:04 You know! And we would say, daddy, come on, get up.
51:07 Because as children you wake up and you get up.
51:10 but now at 50 years of age, I get up and sort of sit on
51:15 the side of the bed now.
51:16 I don't just jump up, actually what I do is get up and slide
51:20 to the floor and pray.
51:21 but I don't hop out of bed to pray, I slide to the floor
51:25 and pray.
51:27 Yeah! because I'm getting old.
51:29 I wish it were not true, but I am getting old.
51:33 Now don't let this lack of hair be, or let that frighten you
51:41 or disturb you, I am not bald, I am shaved, there is difference
51:45 shaved is volitional, if I let my hair grow it will grow
51:51 but it wouldn't grow right here.
51:52 So rather than deal with that I just took it all off.
51:57 So I'm not bald, I'm shaved.
51:59 Bald means you have no hair. I have hair,
52:01 it's all on the inside.
52:09 So Paul says I would rather be out of this body
52:11 and be with the Lord.
52:12 Now I agree with Paul, but the Bible says we have got to wait
52:16 because Jesus has asked us to wait.
52:18 Now, I'm going to skip over a couple things,
52:20 and go to a very powerful text, John 5, let's go to
52:30 John 5:28
52:35 I'm throwing my graphic guys a curve and jumping a little bit
52:37 because time is getting away from me, but here we go.
52:39 John 5:28-29.
52:57 Is That pretty plain?
52:58 All of those in the grave are going to come one day
53:01 to the resurrection of life, or condemnation.
53:04 I could give you some numbers, like the term Ruwach or Nephesh
53:07 which are the terms that are used in the Old Testament for
53:11 souls being used 388 times.
53:13 None mean a conscious thing that goes
53:16 to heaven immediately when you die, that is not biblical.
53:18 The one text that I really want to come down to
53:21 is in Revelation where Christ says, "I am coming quickly
53:26 and my reward is with me. "
53:31 Jesus says, "hold fast, I am coming quickly and my reward
53:36 is with me. " That is a powerful text because Christ is saying
53:40 to us, I'm coming to get you.
53:44 I love you so much, I'm not going to send you on
53:52 I'm coming back to get you.
53:53 "behold I come quickly, and my reward is with me according
53:58 to every man as his work shall be. "
54:01 We put together a lot of texts and we have gone very, very fast
54:04 but it is an important doctrine, it is important that you
54:08 understand what happens when you die
54:10 so that there is no fear in death.
54:12 There is no consternation in death.
54:14 We go to our graves and we wait the call of Christ and then
54:18 Christ comes with a trump and the graves open and the dead
54:22 in Christ come alive.
54:23 We join those who are dead, those who are still alive
54:26 should that be your case, and we as ascend up to meet Jesus
54:29 and we will always be with the Lord.
54:31 That is God's will for everybody here and everybody across
54:35 the planet and everybody under the sound of my voice.
54:37 It is God's will that you meet Him in peace.
54:41 Should you die, or should you be alive when He comes
54:45 it is God's desire that all of us ascend in the clouds
54:48 and be with the Lord for ever and ever.


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