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The World's Greatest Turkey Dinner

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04:31 Amen.
04:35 Thank you so very much Tonia.
04:37 Beautifully done. One of my favorite pieces.
04:42 Our subject is The World's Greatest Turkey Dinner -
04:47 Eat It If You Can.
04:50 Going to ask you to turn with me if you will
04:53 to the book of Ezekiel.
04:56 Ezekiel chapter 39... and once you've found that
04:59 then I'm going to ask you to pray with me
05:01 as we ask God's blessing on our study this evening.
05:05 Ezekiel 39.
05:09 I do want to thank Tonia while you're turning
05:13 for the music and Pastor Mike and Dr. Lee Horton
05:16 for being with us
05:18 from the Lake Union Conference.
05:19 And Pastor Horton spent a little time in New York
05:23 Anybody that spent some time in New York is
05:25 all right with me... and so we're happy to have him here.
05:30 Shall we pray. Father God,
05:34 we're turning to Your words yet again.
05:37 We know that there is power in the Word.
05:41 We know that there is life in the Word.
05:45 We know that Jesus is in the Word.
05:48 And so, dear Father, this night give us Jesus.
05:51 Lord, we need to hear from Jesus.
05:53 We need to see Jesus.
05:55 Not man or the words of man or men,
05:59 but the heart, the mind, the soul of Jesus.
06:03 And then help us, Lord, once again to be
06:05 doers and not just hearers of Your Word.
06:11 And we thank you for Your presence and Your power
06:14 in Jesus' name. Amen.
06:16 World's Greatest Turkey Dinner.
06:18 I'm in Ezekiel chapter 39. What book did I say?
06:21 Ezekiel 39 and beginning at verse 17.
06:25 A bit of a lengthy reading
06:27 but I want you to follow along with me if you will
06:29 Ezekiel 39 beginning at verse 17.
06:34 The Word of God says:
07:25 Thus saith the Word of God.
07:41 What is God trying to say?
07:46 What's the message that the Lord wants you and I
07:52 to hear? These shocking words,
07:56 these disturbing words,
07:58 this terrible set of statements.
08:01 What is God trying to say?
08:04 Well, somebody's throwing a party,
08:08 and this is the invitation to that party.
08:12 Everybody loves a party
08:16 and you surely don't want to miss this one.
08:20 Or do you?
08:22 All of the fatlings of Bashan will be there.
08:26 Bashan was a fabulous region
08:28 known for its lofty, sturdy oaks,
08:32 incredible healthy livestock,
08:35 fertile land,
08:36 giant, royal, regal inhabitants
08:40 who lived in walled cities
08:43 and ate and lived off the fat of the land.
08:47 The word Bashan actually means fertile plain.
08:51 Bashan was a place you wanted to live.
08:54 Everybody wanted to get a homestead in Bashan.
08:57 And so God is sending a people -
09:00 a message rather - to a people
09:03 who are or at least think they are doing quite well.
09:09 You know the worst kind of deception, ladies and gentlemen,
09:12 is self-deception.
09:14 I used to have a professor in college
09:18 before I went to Oakwood when I was in junior college.
09:21 He used to say: "You know, as bad as it is
09:24 to breathe second-hand smoke, "
09:26 he used to tell us all the time in school,
09:29 "it is worse to blow smoke up your own nose"
09:32 he used to tell us.
09:33 Basically what he was saying: "As bad as it is to be deceived
09:37 or tricked by somebody else,
09:39 it is worse to be self-deceived. "
09:42 It is worse to deceive yourself.
09:45 But that, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters,
09:48 is the nexus... is the root, the heart
09:51 of the Laodicean condition.
09:53 That's the problem with the church today!
09:57 It's a problem that exists in the world
09:59 and it also exists in the church.
10:01 The problem with the church today is it will not take stock
10:06 of itself.
10:07 It is deluding itself
10:11 and deceiving itself as is the world
10:14 that we're doing fine... we're doing all right...
10:17 when really the Bible says we've got problems.
10:24 The world's got problems
10:28 and the church -
10:35 um-hmm -
10:36 has got problems.
10:38 And the only way to fix those problems
10:42 is for the church to fasten its eyes
10:45 squarely upon Jesus.
10:47 You can't look at yourself.
10:49 You can't look at your pastor.
10:51 You can't look at the deacons, the elders,
10:53 the conference president, because like it or not
10:56 sooner or later they might let you down.
10:59 So you've got to fasten your eyes on Christ
11:02 who will never let you down. Amen!
11:04 And only in Jesus can you see yourself
11:07 as you really are.
11:08 Amen? Amen!
11:10 and Amen. So we need to look at and assess and redress
11:14 our own spiritual condition.
11:16 I'm in the book of Revelation. What book did I say?
11:18 Revelation chapter 3, and I want to take a look at
11:21 verse 17. Revelation chapter 3 verse 17.
11:24 Let's read the Word of God. The Bible says:
11:41 That's the true state of the church and the world.
11:46 Jesus says: "Wake up, please, and assess the situation.
11:52 Don't be fooled. "
11:55 God, ladies and gentlemen, has one eternal, everlasting
12:00 all-encompassing message for the human family.
12:04 It is above all, it is in all,
12:07 it undergirds all,
12:08 it drives all that God is and that God does for us.
12:13 The message is the same now as it has always been:
12:17 simple words... "I love you. "
12:22 That's God's message,
12:26 and it is a message that we tend to neglect oft times.
12:30 In this world where the word love may be among the most
12:34 over-used, over-rated, over-saturated,
12:40 over-sentimentalized,
12:42 under-valued, under-appreciated,
12:44 word in this absolute junk yard of a human race
12:48 that we have, God still resorts to three simple words:
12:53 "I love you. "
12:56 No other way to state it.
12:59 No better way that it can be stated.
13:01 Simple, sweet: God loves us!
13:06 Can you say Amen?
13:08 God maintains "I still love you.
13:12 I have always loved you.
13:14 I always will love you. "
13:16 Now let me re-state something
13:19 that I have alluded to before
13:21 and that I suspect you already know.
13:24 Love is risky business.
13:29 It is!
13:32 Loving somebody is risky business.
13:36 See Pastor and Sister, Pastor and Sister, Pastor and Sister
13:41 Kioshina, conference secretary.
13:45 Everybody sitting close to their wives.
13:50 That's risky business.
13:54 Um-hmm.
13:56 Love puts you at risk.
14:00 Love makes you vulnerable.
14:02 Amen? It does!
14:05 You can get hurt loving people.
14:09 Sheila, Raquel... you can!
14:17 When you give someone your heart,
14:20 the first thing you give them is the ability to hurt you.
14:24 Did you know that?
14:26 Before you give the flowers, the candy, all of those sweet things
14:29 the moment you yield your heart
14:31 you place in that person's hands the ability to hurt you.
14:35 Huh? And the ability
14:39 to inflict pain
14:41 is directly proportional
14:43 to the amount of love you give that person.
14:46 So if you give them a lot of love
14:48 they could hurt you real bad!
14:53 Huh? That's why when we were children
14:56 and we used to like the little girls in our classroom,
14:58 you know, we would never tell them we liked them.
15:00 Because when you tell a girl that you like her
15:02 she can mess with you.
15:05 Want to get your lunch money... you know.
15:09 So we never told them.
15:12 In fact, the way you could... when I was growing up,
15:14 if you liked a girl you punched her.
15:20 Dark Ages... what can I say?
15:23 But loving a person puts you at risk.
15:26 It makes you vulnerable.
15:28 Great love unrequited causes great pain.
15:34 Let me show you something beautiful.
15:35 Let's go to the book of Ephesians.
15:37 What book did I say? Ephesians chapter 3.
15:39 I want to begin at verse 16. I'll turn with it...
15:42 turn with it... turn with... turn with it... turn to it
15:47 also. Ephesians chapter... Ephesians...
15:50 I want Ephesians chapter 3 verse 16.
15:53 I will turn to it with you.
15:55 Amen!
15:58 I knew I'd wake you up!
16:42 That's makes you just want to kind of just breathe in
16:47 and breathe out, you know.
16:48 It's a good text. God is saying He wants a kind of relationship
16:52 so that you can know the unknowable.
16:55 So that you can see the unseeable.
16:57 So that you can understand those things that cannot be
17:01 understood. God is saying
17:03 "I want you to know what you cannot know unless you have
17:05 a loving relationship with Me.
17:07 I want to fill you with My love.
17:09 I want to surround you with My love.
17:10 I want to drown you in My love.
17:12 I want to just encompass you with My love.
17:15 But you don't want it. You haven't positioned yourself
17:18 to get it. I want to give you a relationship that is so close
17:21 and so wonderful and so satisfying
17:24 that you'll never need anything else. "
17:26 Amen!
17:27 "But you've got to want that relationship. "
17:30 God is offering us a relationship the height,
17:34 the width, the depth of the world cannot understand.
17:38 They can't know it; they can't see it;
17:41 they can't feel it; they can't touch it;
17:43 they can't taste it; they cannot understand it;
17:46 they cannot hear it; they cannot accept it;
17:48 they cannot enter into it...
17:50 but YOU CAN through Jesus Christ.
17:53 God is offering us a supernatural, superhuman,
17:58 all-encompassing, rock-solid,
18:00 everlasting love relationship,
18:02 and you can have it any time you want it.
18:08 Amen!
18:11 Jeremiah 31:3. What book did I say?
18:13 Jeremiah chapter 31 and verse 3.
18:18 Let's read the Word of God. Jeremiah 31:3.
18:21 Give you a second to find it. Jeremiah chapter 31 and verse 3.
18:25 The Bible says:
18:38 God is saying: "This is not a new thing.
18:40 I've always loved you... I've loved you from afar.
18:42 I've love you from near. I've loved you when
18:44 you're running towards Me; I've loved you when you're
18:46 running away from Me. I've always loved you.
18:47 I love you now and I always will love you. "
18:51 That's God's first and foremost message.
18:56 If no one else loves you,
19:01 God loves you... and He always will.
19:05 His second message: "My grace is sufficient for you. "
19:11 So I'm not just going to stand by and say
19:15 "Hey, I love you! "
19:16 "I want you to know whatever you're going through
19:20 My love, My grace, is enough
19:24 to keep you. " Can you say Amen?
19:26 All God's biddings are enablings.
19:29 And so when God asks you to do something,
19:31 He gives you the power, the authority -
19:33 as we said our last evening or rather two evenings ago -
19:35 to do exactly what He asks us to do.
19:38 If He asks us to live sinless lives,
19:40 it's because with His help, His grace, we can do exactly that.
19:45 That's God's second message.
19:48 Listen. Romans 8:26... God even helps us in our
19:52 prayers through the Holy Spirit.
19:53 The Bible says the Lord takes our prayers,
19:55 dresses it up with moanings and groanings...
19:57 The Holy Spirit, rather, takes our prayers,
19:59 dresses them up with moaning and groaning,
20:01 and brings them before God and says:
20:02 "Hey, God, you've got to help this little sinner
20:04 because he needs it so badly. "
20:08 So His grace is sufficient.
20:10 Number 1: God loves us.
20:12 Number 2: Grace sufficient for all of your needs.
20:16 You got problem? God's got the answer. Can you say Amen?
20:20 And He's waiting to give it to you.
20:21 Number three: In the context with one and two,
20:25 Number 3: God says: "Obey My law. "
20:29 Amen? Amen. What's number three?
20:32 Obey My law. I love you,
20:35 My grace is sufficient, obey My law.
20:38 "For not just the hearers of the Word are just before God
20:41 but the doers of the law will be justified. "
20:44 Now, let's look at what God is now doing.
20:49 I'm in Matthew chapter 23. What book did I say?
20:52 Matthew 23 and verse 34.
20:55 And I'm getting a little antsy 'cause I'm looking at that clock
20:58 already and I've got a lot to go, Raquel.
20:59 I'm trying.
21:01 She's my clock-watcher here.
21:16 That's God's messenger.
21:19 God is saying: "I'm trying to get this message through
21:22 so I'm sending you My Word. I'm sending you prophets,
21:25 but you seem to be a little stiff-necked
21:28 or hard of hearing. And for some reason
21:31 you're not wanting this relationship
21:33 that I'm trying to offer you.
21:35 I've sent you prophets, but you have rejected them.
21:38 What do I need to do more? "
21:41 So then God sends His Word.
21:43 Psalms chapter 119:158. What book did I say?
21:47 Psalms... the book is Psalms
21:48 chapter 119, the verse 158.
21:52 Let's read from the Word of God.
22:00 God said: "I send My prophets.
22:04 I send people to talk to you.
22:05 I send preachers; I send teachers.
22:07 I send individuals to explain the Word of God to you,
22:10 but you don't want to hear.
22:12 So I send now My Word.
22:13 I send the Word. There is power in the Word.
22:16 There is life in the Word.
22:17 There is joy in the Word.
22:20 The Spirit of God is in the Word,
22:22 but you're not reading the Word.
22:24 You don't want to hear and you don't want to read...
22:26 and I want to love you, I want to take care of you,
22:29 I want to save you, I want to be with you...
22:31 but you're ignoring Me.
22:33 What more do I need to do? "
22:35 II Peter chapter 2 verse 8.
22:37 What book did I say? I'm in II Peter chapter 2
22:40 and verse 8. Let's read the Word of God:
22:55 And so He's saying - the Word of God is saying -
22:58 "I'm sending you preachers, I'm sending you teachers,
23:03 I'm sending words I'm asking you to do,
23:06 and you're not doing. "
23:08 You know, years ago I was studying with a family.
23:10 I remember... you know, you come out of college.
23:12 You come out with a head of steam.
23:13 You think you can save the world.
23:15 You're young and sometimes kind of foolish.
23:17 And I was giving a Bible study with a whole family
23:19 and I studied with them for six weeks...
23:21 every Wednesday - one hour - six weeks.
23:24 I got the son to see, and the Lord... had him
23:29 give his heart to the Lord.
23:30 The daughter who was 18 gave her heart to the Lord.
23:32 And after a while the mother gave her heart to the Lord.
23:34 And this father just didn't want to do it.
23:37 Oh my goodness, he was just... he just fought against it.
23:40 And we'd go over the doctrines
23:41 and I said: "Do you see it? Do you understand? "
23:44 He said: "I just don't see it. I just can't see it. "
23:47 And the wife was getting a little short-tempered,
23:50 and the daughter said "Daddy, it's really plain.
23:53 We want to go to this church; we want to serve the Lord
23:55 and we want to get baptized. "
23:57 He said: "Well, I just don't see it. "
23:58 And the mother is saying: "Well, I don't know if I want to
24:00 get baptized if he's going to be fighting against it. "
24:02 And after six weeks the mother just got frustrated.
24:05 She said: "Why don't you just give your heart to the Lord
24:07 and stop being a knucklehead? "
24:08 And I heard myself say: "Yeah, man. Stop being a knucklehead. "
24:12 And I said: "Oh! "
24:16 I said: "I shouldn't have said that! "
24:17 And the wife said: "That's OK because he is a knucklehead! "
24:20 Said "Yeah, you can call him a knucklehead... but I can't;
24:22 I shouldn't. " And I apologized.
24:24 And you know, apologizing to him
24:25 for calling him a knucklehead did it!
24:27 True story.
24:29 I apologized to him. I said: "I'm sorry for... "
24:30 I said: "that's ungodly. I shouldn't have called you
24:33 a knucklehead. I apologize. " And right after he said:
24:35 "OK. You know what, I'm going to give my heart to the Lord. "
24:39 And I said: "Lord, thank you for taking my mistake
24:43 and turning it into gospel. "
24:44 Because that's not what you're supposed to do.
24:46 That's self... that's not Jesus.
24:48 But my point is, God is doing so much for us
24:52 and sometimes some of us can be a little stiff-necked.
24:55 We reject His love, reject His message.
24:58 We reject His Word. What else can God do?
25:01 You know, you've got to fight to walk away from God.
25:06 It's tough to ignore the Spirit of God.
25:08 It is not an easy thing to hear the gospel
25:11 and turn your mind off to the gospel and to the Spirit of God
25:15 which is prodding your heart.
25:17 Remember I told you the other day you feel a little something
25:18 in the pit of your stomach - just a little tickling down in
25:20 the pit of your stomach - that's the Holy Spirit?
25:22 That's His job to just quietly...
25:24 if you get a little squirmy in those cushions,
25:28 it is the Spirit's job to stick a little pin up
25:31 through the bottom of those cushions
25:32 and prick your conscience. That's the Spirit's job.
25:35 So if you feel a little nervous, the Spirit's doing His work
25:38 and you need to respond to the Spirit of God.
25:41 Can you say Amen?
25:42 As bad as it is to believe that God does not exist,
25:46 it is worse to believe that God does exist
25:50 and then live like He does not.
25:53 Amen.
25:56 Running from God is like running from yourself.
25:59 It is like running in a circle.
26:01 You cannot outrun God.
26:02 You can't run too fast, you can't run too far.
26:05 Wherever you go, God is already there. Amen!
26:09 So you might as well serve Him
26:10 because you cannot run away from Him.
26:14 If you read the Word of God, you will be convicted,
26:17 ladies and gentlemen... because the convicting power
26:19 is in the Word. I'm in II Timothy chapter 2.
26:21 What book did I say?
26:23 II Timothy chapter 2 verse 16.
26:33 Gentlemen, I don't think that's what I want.
26:35 Let me just turn here.
26:37 Let me just...
26:46 That is not the one I want.
26:56 I think I may have given my gentlemen the wrong text
26:58 and I'm trying to...
27:03 find it...
27:11 Ah, here we go.
27:14 What I want is I Timothy 3:16.
27:27 Ah, no... I want I Timothy 4:16.
27:31 That's what I want. Here we go:
27:32 "Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine.
27:35 Continue in them for in doing this
27:38 you will save yourself and those who hear you. "
27:41 Amen? So God is giving us a call.
27:43 God is giving us a call to stand by and stay in
27:47 and live for Jesus. In doing so,
27:50 we save ourself, we save our families,
27:52 we save those who are around us.
27:53 See, it's not just about gettin' you saved.
27:56 It's about getting all of those who you have influence over
27:58 saved also. That also is our responsibility.
28:01 God has given us inspiration.
28:03 The inspiration is in His Word.
28:04 We need to read the Word.
28:06 Now, God then sends us the Holy Spirit.
28:09 Hebrews chapter 10 verse 29.
28:11 Hebrews 10:29.
28:14 This is a text that we've
28:15 looked at before, but it is a
28:17 powerful one
28:18 and an important one.
28:35 God is saying: "I'm doing all I can
28:39 including sending God the Holy Spirit
28:42 to get you to listen, to get you to hear,
28:45 to get you to understand how much I love you
28:48 and how much I want to be with you. "
28:50 Lastly, God sent Jesus.
28:55 Amen? I'm in Acts chapter 3.
28:58 What book did I say?
29:00 Acts chapter 3 verses 13 through 15.
29:03 Let's read the Word of God:
29:31 And so Paul is again re-emphasizing this case.
29:36 What more can God do to His church and to this world?
29:40 He sent preachers; He sent teachers;
29:42 He sent prophets; He sent His Word;
29:44 He sent the Holy Spirit;
29:46 lastly He sent Jesus Christ Himself.
29:49 God has done all that heaven can do
29:52 and is doing all that heaven can do
29:56 to save His people. Can you say Amen?
29:58 When we reject the Word of God,
30:01 the prophet of God, the Spirit of God,
30:04 the Son of God, we put ourselves I say again
30:06 in dangerous, dangerous... in a dangerous position.
30:11 I'm in Hosea chapter 4 and verse 6.
30:14 Hosea chapter 4 and verse 6:
30:31 Powerful text.
30:33 God says: "There's no reason not to know
30:35 because I want you to know.
30:37 I have given you My Spirit so you can know.
30:39 I want you to be with Me.
30:41 I want you to love Me.
30:43 I want to be with you; I've got a plan for you. "
30:46 "I know the plans I have for you" Jeremiah 29 says.
30:51 "But you wouldn't do it
30:53 because you have forgotten
30:55 the love of your God. "
30:57 Psalms 119:126.
31:00 Psalms the 119th chapter 126.
31:03 I know we're doing a lot of text-hopping tonight.
31:05 Trying to prove my point.
31:16 God is saying: "The time for judgment is about to come.
31:22 The time of the end is about to be upon us.
31:26 I've done all of these things.
31:29 I am doing all of these things.
31:31 I will continue to do all of these things for you,
31:34 but the truth is: it's coming to an end,
31:38 ladies and gentlemen, and we've got to be ready.
31:41 We have got to be ready.
31:43 All the drinking, all the smoking, all the destroying,
31:47 all the rejection of God's law...
31:49 it's going to come to an end.
31:51 The people who deny His existence,
31:54 the people who don't want to hear,
31:56 the people who just don't care.
31:58 Good friend of mine called us from New York the other day,
32:02 was talking to my wife. And she was saying: "You know, my
32:04 two daughters grew up in the church.
32:06 Both atheists. Both have turned their hearts
32:08 against God. Both want nothing to do with God.
32:10 God has blessed them; they've got really good jobs.
32:12 Really well-paying jobs; really nice careers.
32:15 And their thanks to God is saying 'I don't believe
32:17 You even exist. I reject You. ' "
32:19 That's a dangerous statement to make, ladies and gentlemen.
32:22 You've got atheists... people who deny that God exists.
32:26 People who say: "OK, He exists.
32:31 but... so what? "
32:34 They call themselves agnostics.
32:36 You've got deists: people who say "He's there
32:40 but He doesn't really care about us.
32:42 We've got to run it on ourselves because God's on vacation. "
32:46 You've got humanists: people who say He's
32:49 there but our logic is enough to run this world.
32:52 He is irrelevant and we just don't need Him. "
32:56 You've got secularists
32:58 who say: "Who cares if He's there or not?
33:01 We don't need Him. We're doing fine all by ourselves. "
33:05 I heard a famous talk-show host in this city
33:10 tell a woman on her program: "You know, you've got...
33:12 You lack spirituality. "
33:15 Now she said: "I don't mean religion.
33:16 I'm not talking about going to church.
33:18 You have to be spiritual.
33:19 You need to get in touch with your spiritual self, "
33:22 she said.
33:23 You see, that kind of pseudo- spiritual, sanctimonious
33:26 psychobabble is confusing people.
33:29 Um-hmm.
33:32 That doesn't make you spiritual.
33:35 That makes you metaphysical.
33:37 That makes you New Age.
33:39 That takes you away from God.
33:41 That has you looking for the answers within.
33:44 And Paul says the answers to the questions we have
33:49 are not within... they're...
33:53 in Jesus.
33:55 So instead of looking for God,
33:57 we're looking for the answers within.
33:59 We are functioning under the illusion that mankind is
34:02 still basically good.
34:04 It's an illusion.
34:06 It's not a delusion.
34:07 There are those who think... basically...
34:10 we're good.
34:11 And Paul says: "I know... " Romans 7...
34:14 "in me dwells no good thing. "
34:17 The truth is: it is the Spirit of God
34:21 and His angels that keep this world from exploding
34:24 and destroying itself.
34:26 We look at the nightly news every night
34:29 and yet we are deluded - if not downright deceived -
34:33 that we're good.
34:36 We're not!
34:38 And by the way, we ain't so smart, either.
34:42 Huh?
34:43 God didn't invent guns; God didn't invent bombs;
34:46 God didn't invent hand grenades;
34:48 God didn't invent war.
34:49 We're not so smart.
34:51 Not really.
34:54 Not as smart as we pretend to be.
34:56 But for the power of the Spirit of God,
34:58 this world would have been destroyed long ago.
35:02 We are not yet as post-Christian as Western Europe
35:05 but we are on the way.
35:07 Let me give you in the time that remains to me
35:09 the four mindsets, the four characteristics
35:11 of modern-day society.
35:12 I was playing with this just the other day.
35:15 First you've got the philosophy that we call ontology.
35:20 It is the philosophy that deals with the concept of
35:23 reality... the nature of being.
35:25 It says man owes his existence to no one.
35:29 This is what you find in the world.
35:31 Man owes his existence to no one.
35:34 What I have, I deserve.
35:38 What I am, I make of myself.
35:43 I owe no outside force.
35:46 You know, it's like in the Bible days
35:47 the Sadducees believed that.
35:49 No angels, no miracles, no divine intervention.
35:51 These are modern-day Sadducees.
35:53 They call themselves ontologists.
35:55 Basically they say this: "God is not in charge,
35:59 and what I have I'm responsible for.
36:01 I don't have to thank anybody because it's mine. "
36:04 We call that Nebuchadnezzar disease.
36:06 Heard that before?
36:08 Nebuchadnezzar disease is when you go out to your car.
36:10 You've got a brand new car
36:12 and you look at that car and you say: "You know who got that car?
36:14 I did. "
36:16 "Know whose car that is? Mine. "
36:19 You look at your nice house and you say:
36:22 "You know who works for this house? I do. "
36:24 "You know whose house this is? Mine. "
36:28 "You know who I give credit to and thanks to? Me. "
36:32 That's Nebuchadnezzar disease.
36:34 You go in the closet. You see your suits, your clothes,
36:39 your shoes and you say: "You see all of these clothes?
36:42 You know who bought those clothes? I did. "
36:46 "You know whose money paid for those clothes? Mine. "
36:50 "You know whose clothes those are? Mine. "
36:54 "You know who I have to thank for those clothes? Me. "
36:59 That's ontology.
37:02 "I don't have to thank God for a good job.
37:04 I worked for that job. My job! "
37:09 The second is autonomy.
37:11 We are an independent society.
37:15 We owe no one anything.
37:18 If it's good, it's on me.
37:21 If it's bad, it's on me.
37:23 God then is unnecessary and irrelevant.
37:27 I am the captain of my ship,
37:30 the master of my soul,
37:32 the determiner of my fate,
37:34 and God has nothing to do with it.
37:38 And I've heard people say that.
37:40 The third is relativity.
37:43 And I don't mean relativity like Einstein's theory of relativity.
37:47 I mean everything is relative.
37:49 Nothing is fixed.
37:51 There are no permanent moral absolutes...
37:54 sometimes called situational ethics.
37:56 Right and wrong are not moral goalposts,
38:00 they are just general parameters.
38:02 They are guidelines just like a football game.
38:05 The goalposts move depending on what team is on the field.
38:09 So what's right today may not be right tomorrow
38:12 and if I get in a pinch, I'm going to lie,
38:14 cheat, steal... do whatever I have to do
38:17 to get out of that fix.
38:19 Well that basically denies the power of God
38:22 to rearrange circumstances.
38:24 You see, the Christian says: "When I get in a pinch,
38:26 I know that Jesus is in the pinch with me. "
38:30 So rather than figuring out how am I going to get out of this
38:33 I turn to Jesus and say: "Jesus,
38:35 How are You going to get us out of this problem? "
38:40 Because everything that touches us touches Christ.
38:44 And everything that concerns you concerns Him,
38:46 and you are never alone. Hebrews 13:5.
38:49 You can boldly say God is your helper.
38:53 And the last is temporality.
38:55 We live in a world where the world view is that
38:58 everything is transitory... everything is passing away.
39:01 Every law, every rule, every relationship,
39:05 every moral marker can be and should be
39:08 and will eventually be moved. It is temporary.
39:12 It is only here for a short while.
39:13 That includes contracts, marriages,
39:16 umm, stipulations, any kind of agreement.
39:19 It's all temporary... nothing is forever.
39:22 You'd better get it today because tomorrow it may be gone
39:25 or someone else will have it.
39:27 Get it while it lasts.
39:29 They've come up with this new idea... I heard it on
39:30 TV just the other day...
39:32 the more you spend the more you save!
39:34 And I'm trying to figure out how in the world
39:35 does that make sense?
39:38 Get it now because it may be gone.
39:42 The more you spend the more you save.
39:44 Spend a lot... save a lot.
39:48 And I'm saying the way to save a lot
39:51 is just keep your wallet in your pocket.
39:56 All of these philosophies dismiss the presence
40:01 and power of God.
40:02 That's why Romans chapter 1 verse 22
40:06 says it very plainly:
40:14 Say it again ladies and gentlemen:
40:16 we humans... we're not so smart.
40:20 "The fool hath said in his heart
40:24 there is no God. "
40:28 So God now has done all of this:
40:32 God has sent His Word; God has sent His preachers;
40:36 His teachers; His messengers. God has sent the Holy Spirit.
40:41 God has sent Jesus Christ, His Son.
40:45 What more can God do?
40:48 I say again ladies and gentlemen it's coming to an end.
40:53 So let's talk about the punishment.
40:58 I'm in the book of Isaiah. What book did I say?
41:00 Isaiah chapter 2 and verse 19.
41:04 Isaiah 2:19... we'll read the Word of God:
41:17 and verse 19.
41:21 Give you a second to find it.
41:24 I'm in Isaiah 2 and verse 19.
41:28 "They shall go into the holes of the rocks
41:34 and into the caves of the earth
41:37 from the terror of the Lord and the glory of His majesty
41:43 when He arises to shake the earth mightily. "
41:48 Isaiah is giving us a clue to what's coming.
41:51 God is going to shake this old earth.
41:55 This world cannot and WILL NOT last much longer.
42:00 You can feel it; you can see it.
42:03 It's in the very air we breathe:
42:05 Jesus is coming soon and God is going to call a halt
42:10 to the history of this earth as we know it.
42:13 Something momentous, catastrophic,
42:17 incredible is about to happen.
42:20 Christ is going to end time
42:23 and begin eternity. You've got to be ready.
42:26 I'm in the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah. What book did I say?
42:29 Jeremiah chapter 25. You were in Isaiah,
42:32 over to Jeremiah. Jeremiah 25 beginning at verse 30.
43:46 A frightening text. A sobering text.
43:50 The Bible calls this God's "strange act"
43:54 because punishment is so unlike the Lord.
43:57 And yet the Bible says one day soon and very soon
44:01 calamity is coming upon this earth
44:04 and God is pleading. While you hear His voice,
44:07 when you hear His voice,
44:08 when you feel the moving of His Spirit,
44:11 harden not your hearts...
44:14 follow Him. I'm in Jeremiah - Jeremiah chapter 4 verse 24.
44:19 Same book of Jeremiah. You're just backing up
44:21 several verses for Jeremiah 4 and 24.
44:26 Jeremiah chapter 4 and 24.
44:29 Let's read the Word of God.
44:31 Jeremiah chapter 4 and verse 24:
44:40 "I beheld the mountains, and indeed they trembled
44:44 and all the hills moved back and forth. "
44:47 God's going to shake this world, ladies and gentlemen.
44:50 The calamity that was spoken of
44:53 as coming to Jerusalem
44:54 is a type of the calamity that
44:56 is going to come upon this whole world.
44:58 You know, back in the 1800-1900s
45:01 pastors used to preach what they called hell fire sermons.
45:04 You know, my favorite author - Ellen White - says
45:07 "every now and again you need to hold the saints
45:08 over the flame and let them feel the heat. "
45:11 But we don't preach that much anymore because it's unpopular.
45:13 Folks don't like to talk about judgment.
45:15 They don't like to talk about spankings.
45:17 You know we didn't like to get spankings when we were children.
45:19 You didn't like to see the belt come out.
45:21 But Ellen White says that as there are rewards -
45:25 there is a reward called heaven,
45:27 there is a reward called everlasting life -
45:29 there's also going to be punishment come Judgment Day.
45:31 And every now and again we've got to pull out the truth.
45:33 It makes you uncomfortable...
45:35 not something you like to hear...
45:36 but it's part of the Word of God.
45:40 Calamity is coming on this earth
45:42 and Ezekiel says: "Pastor CA Murray,
45:44 Pastor Mike Horton,
45:46 Pastor Ruel Backus,
45:48 Pastor Richard Pinero,
45:49 Pastor Ernesto Sanchez,
45:50 if you don't preach it, I hold you accountable.
45:53 I require their blood at your hand. "
45:57 So I'm preaching it. Not just because I like to
45:59 preach about hell fire and judgment...
46:01 I'm delivering my soul from hell.
46:03 I'm preaching it because God says: "Preach it...
46:05 or if they don't hear I'm going to hold you accountable
46:08 for telling them everything's going to be fine,
46:10 it's all going to be nice,
46:12 when you KNEW judgment was coming. "
46:15 Amen? Amen!
46:17 So let's close with these three texts.
46:18 Jeremiah 7:33. What did I say?
46:20 Book is Jeremiah... chapter 7 verse 33.
46:23 Let's do it real quick.
46:33 Talking about Judgment Day
46:35 when the scattered of the Lord will be all over the ground.
46:37 Ezekiel chapter 39 verses 17 through 19.
46:40 We began with this one... let's read it again:
47:19 The last one: Revelation chapter 19.
47:22 Let's go quickly to Revelation 19 verse 17.
47:58 It's a summons to the birds.
48:02 It's a summons to all of us
48:04 for a great turkey dinner.
48:08 The problem is... if you go,
48:12 you're not going to be the guest...
48:15 you're going to be the dinner.
48:20 God is saying to His people
48:22 "Come now... while you can.
48:28 In the day that I'm calling, hear My voice
48:34 and respond.
48:36 Don't look to the person on your right.
48:39 Don't look to the person on your left.
48:41 Look to Jesus.
48:44 I love you; My grace is sufficient.
48:50 Obey My law... walk with Me
48:54 and I'll walk with you.
48:57 Stand up for Me and I'll stand up for you.
49:02 Follow Me and I'll lead you through the gates
49:08 into the city. "
49:09 How many love Jesus tonight?
49:12 How many are determined in your mind and in your heart
49:15 I'm going to follow Jesus come what may?
49:18 I don't want to go to this particular party
49:21 because there's another party
49:23 going to be held somewhere up there.
49:26 That's the party I want to go to.
49:28 The one that's going to be held on the sea of glass.
49:30 The one where we stand around the throne
49:32 and sing the victory song of Moses and the Lamb.
49:35 The one where we'll receive our crowns and our white robes.
49:38 The one where we get a personal hug and kiss
49:40 from Jesus Christ Himself.
49:42 That's the party I want to crash!
49:44 That's the one I want to go to. How about you?


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