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Unto the Least of These (Lomacang)

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00:03 Just when I thought I had seen it all,
00:05 my world wind trip to India
00:06 opens my eyes to a whole new world of realities.
00:10 I saw children who are hopeful in spite of their condition,
00:14 met inspiring people who gave heed to God's calling.
00:19 And Jesus Christ said "Inasmuch as you have done
00:21 unto one of the least of these my brethren,
00:23 you have done it unto Me."
00:25 And witness an organization that is making a difference
00:27 in the life's of thousands of children in India.
00:31 Well, I think the big difference
00:32 we've made is that we've been able to give
00:35 so many children are chance of Christian education.
00:40 Come and join me in this extraordinary journey
00:42 to this extraordinary land.
00:54 India is a land full of contrast.
00:59 It's a land great mystery and beauty.
01:03 It's a land of unspeakable despair.
01:06 By traveling through India
01:07 one thing is for sure it's a land filled with people
01:11 who should never be under estimated.
01:14 For the last 40 years,
01:16 Asian Aid has invested in the futures of people
01:19 who have never been given such a chance
01:21 and their investment has proven infinite returns.
01:26 Driven by the vision of Helen Eager,
01:28 dedicated to helping those who have the least,
01:31 Asian Aid is an organization
01:32 implementing diverse development projects
01:35 and sponsoring thousands of children.
01:38 Their outreach spans from Bangladesh to Nepal,
01:41 Srilanka and beyond, from remote villages
01:45 and empty fields to sprawling centers of education,
01:49 from nothing to the unimaginable.
01:53 Now Asian Aid decided to document the work
01:56 it is been doing all these years with a desire
01:58 to show the world what is possible.
02:01 By digging wells in remote villages
02:02 for clean drinking water and bringing much needed
02:05 healthcare to the women of Nepal.
02:08 By providing an education for orphans, deaf
02:11 and blind children giving them a sense of place, a home
02:15 but what we really discovered was being given was hope,
02:19 giving hope to children, giving hope to women,
02:24 giving hope to the one's who need it the most.
02:28 This is Hope In Motion.
02:47 Two days of travel and almost 10,000 miles away,
02:50 we finally arrived in Bangalore, India,
02:53 only to take another one hour flight
02:55 to the city of Vishakhapatnam
02:57 in the shores of the Bay of Bengal.
03:06 It was hard to imagine what we would see
03:08 when we finally arrived in India.
03:11 It was also hard to imagine
03:12 that the weather would be so hot and humid.
03:16 Exhausted from our travel
03:17 we met Jim Rennie the CEO of Asian Aid USA
03:20 and our production team at the airport.
03:30 Driving through the streets of Vishakapatnam
03:32 was an experience in itself.
03:35 I heard lot about driving in India
03:36 but now I was able to see for myself,
03:39 that this was the city of synchronized chaos.
03:43 I thought being raised in New York City
03:45 prepared me for anything,
03:47 but I was about to be introduced to quite a different world.
03:51 In a caravan of cars we made our way
03:53 through the chaotic streets of the city
03:55 until we arrived at a very dingy narrow street
03:59 where Jim said, this is it.
04:01 Yeah.
04:10 Intermingling of smiles and bright colorful
04:12 made of outfits on that narrow alley
04:15 where the sight and smells of despair and hopelessness.
04:19 A slum settlement in the city
04:22 and it was quite a challenge taking it all
04:23 in as we made our way to the slum school,
04:26 a development project undertaken by, Asian Aid.
04:31 Well, welcome to the small city of Vizag,
04:34 here in the slums of India.
04:36 This is one of many cities around the country of India
04:40 and people come here gathering looking for work,
04:42 looking for hope, look for employment,
04:45 often disappointed after not finding anything
04:47 beyond their daily wages and daily labor jobs.
04:52 However we've come here
04:53 let you know that there is an answer
04:54 and Asian Aid has found the answer
04:56 to situations like this in the slums of this country
05:00 and that is, to build a school.
05:10 The room is filled with little children
05:12 and very bright smiles.
05:14 As I tried to put the entire scene together,
05:17 I was told that many of these children
05:19 were the children from this slum community.
05:29 The children sat on the dusty ground
05:30 uncomfortably close together.
05:33 It was such a joy to here them saying,
05:35 I was able to share stories, to let them know
05:37 that Jesus cared about each of their lives.
05:41 How many of you want to be in the king's castle one day.
05:45 Naomi as I later discovered
05:46 is the principal of this small school
05:49 and after looking around I realized,
05:51 that God had called her and her team to a special work.
05:56 God was doing something special here through Asian Aid.
06:00 Jesus told us to go in to the highways
06:03 and the hedges and to invite all to come.
06:07 After we saw the people that are being reached
06:09 in spite of how terrible things looked,
06:11 we then realized that,
06:13 Asian Aid was serious about that commission.
06:17 I'm just in awe of what I see, when I pass the slum area's
06:24 and to see Lord you have to reach them,
06:27 because we know, we're told in the Bible
06:29 that this gospel will be preached
06:31 into all the world as a witness,
06:33 then shall the end come.
06:35 So-- and its not-- the way it's preached
06:38 is through your actions what you can do for others,
06:42 not just preaching to them is doing for them
06:45 and so this is what these facilities are doing.
06:50 They're providing
06:51 the necessities for these children.
06:54 Had it not been for the dedication of Asian Aid,
06:57 the gospel might pass to this community.
07:00 It was not just the buildings in that community
07:02 that were being transformed,
07:04 but also the lives of everyone that live there.
07:09 Later that afternoon
07:10 we were taken to the local conference hall
07:11 that's where we met with pastors and Bible workers.
07:15 It was a humbling experience for me to realize
07:18 that I was meeting with people
07:19 who are driven by the same faith as I have.
07:23 People who are bringing God's message
07:26 to this part of the world,
07:28 Christ return would be hastened because of people like this.
07:32 Before we left we had a wonderful
07:34 time of prayer and encouragement.
07:36 Our first day with Asian Aid was a day of incessant
07:39 and frantic activity.
07:41 It was a small peek into what was in store for us.
07:53 The next day we drove along the coast,
07:55 toward Asian Aid's school for the blind in Bobbili,
07:58 about three hours drive from Vizag.
08:01 As it always happens during missions
08:03 you expect the unexpected.
08:05 As we reached this small town of Vijayanagaram
08:08 we took a detour to visit an Adventist school campus.
08:12 As I spoke to Rukhma, the school principal,
08:14 I learned a precarious condition
08:17 she and herstaff had to manage the school with.
08:22 Well, here I am sitting in one of the classrooms
08:24 in Vijayanagaram in India, on a relatively hot day
08:29 and its not even summer yet.
08:31 I am sitting in a facilities
08:32 that many of you watching this program would never
08:35 have the experience of sitting in,
08:37 desks that are old,
08:38 floor's that are not carpeted or covered with any kind of wood
08:42 and the ceilings are very hot
08:44 and its not even summer yet.
08:47 When it rains, the rain comes in,
08:49 when it is hot the sun and its heat comes in
08:52 and these are the conditions
08:53 under which the students are learning day by day,
08:57 quite unlike the way it is in the United States
08:59 and many of the parts of the world.
09:02 However, there are some plans in place
09:04 actually we looking for a brighter future.
09:06 Asian Aid along with the sponsors
09:08 that partner with it,
09:10 are going to make a difference in this community.
09:12 This is a large campus,
09:13 these conditions are repeated from classroom to classroom
09:17 but there is hope, along with sponsorship
09:20 and those who stand with Asian Aid there are plans
09:22 and we are looking forward to building a new campus
09:26 hopefully two storey's and it's going to be built,
09:29 right over there.
09:36 Now this is a Christian Campus,
09:37 how does that fit with the community?
09:41 Rukhma explains to me that people send their kinds here
09:44 even though it's a Christian school,
09:47 but lack of facilities is deterring many of them
09:50 from sending them here.
09:51 Place where the boys are staying.
09:53 This is our church.
09:55 Since we don't have place,
09:57 so we are keeping all these boys in the church.
10:01 So they are studying here and they are sleeping here.
10:05 And they worship here?
10:06 They worship here. Okay.
10:07 When Saturday comes we pack all the things aside,
10:10 then we put chairs.
10:13 Good afternoon, children.
10:15 Say good afternoon. Good afternoon.
10:16 Good afternoon.
10:17 How are you? Fine, sir.
10:20 Good. Good.
10:21 Wow.
10:22 Well, show us some of their beds where they lay down each night.
10:25 Actually, they don't have proper beds.
10:26 They'll only sleep on mats, mats.
10:30 So they sleep, this is where they sleep,
10:31 this is some of their sleeping ports.
10:33 So this is one of their beds right here?
10:35 Yes sir.
10:36 So where is this -- do they have a pillow?
10:38 No pillow, sir.
10:39 So if I-- could I lay down here and try it out?
10:43 Could I, could I try? This is a wow.
10:45 So this is like a--
10:51 now for me this would be camping,
10:53 but for the students that live here
10:56 this is what they sleep on every day,
10:59 a straw mat a blanket and a hard floor.
11:03 When we think about education,
11:05 when we think about conditions
11:06 that are suitable for children
11:10 this is not our ideal vision, that's why Asian Aid
11:14 and your sponsorship could make a difference
11:16 not only in buildings, but in the ways
11:19 that the students learn and sleep and live.
11:23 What an amazing revolution
11:25 we can start here if we join hands together
11:28 and begin to impact the schools in this region of the world.
11:32 Hey I notice that you're writing in English over here,
11:36 but then you're writing in your own language
11:38 in other places isn't that amazing?
11:41 Wow.
11:42 You know it's a life changing experience
11:45 when you come here to schools like this in India
11:48 and this is one of many
11:50 that have some of the similar conditions.
11:52 We showed you where the children sleep,
11:54 where they study, where they worship
11:56 and for the boys it's in the very same facility,
11:59 this is school, this is home,
12:01 this is also their Church.
12:03 But something else that impressed me
12:04 is that we have so much where we live,
12:07 we talk about technology,
12:08 there are no computers here,
12:10 we talk about iPads and iPods
12:13 and even things that can help
12:15 enhance their learning skills,
12:17 but those are nonexistent here.
12:19 Also, there are some students like this one
12:21 and this one, this is David.
12:23 And what's your name again?
12:25 And Anudeep, these young boys can learn
12:29 like any of our students in America can learn
12:31 or any other part of the world, but an advantages
12:34 that we have is something that they're missing.
12:37 And there may be some of you watching this program that say
12:39 well, now how can I experience this or not only experience
12:43 but how can I make a difference?
12:45 Well, they are learning English
12:46 but conversational English is something quite different.
12:49 And you may think about volunteering to come here
12:52 and help out in the school facility
12:54 and may be even being
12:55 part of the teaching staff to teach these young men
12:58 and also the young women, conversational English.
13:01 What a difference can be made
13:03 in this part of the world if we think about
13:06 how the Lord is impressing our lives,
13:08 to go forth not only with preached gospel
13:11 but with the gospel of experience
13:13 to transform these life's.
13:21 Oh, yeah. This is the office building.
13:24 This is our prayer hall for office.
13:26 For time being we kept all this girls here.
13:29 Twenty eight girls are staying in this.
13:32 And they're all pretty.
13:35 Hi, girls. Hi, sir.
13:42 It's quite a huge campus and Asian Aid has dreams
13:45 for this campus to put up facilities here
13:48 and usher them towards self growth.
13:51 But more importantly provide the children
13:53 with a dignified place to live and study.
14:10 Back on the road, we're headed towards Bobbili.
14:34 Thank you.
14:36 Yes. Good evening, Sir.
14:39 My name is Gangadhar. And I am John.
14:41 Good to meet you.
14:42 You are? David, sir.
14:44 How are you?
14:47 How are you doing? Fine, sir.
14:48 Are you also one of the cricketers? Good.
14:50 Good afternoon, sir. You are tall one.
14:52 Well, here we are at Asian Aid High school for the Blind.
14:57 We had a welcome that I tell you was so warm
15:00 and it is amazing the percentage,
15:01 there's about a 110 boy students to about 60 girl students,
15:07 but the girls far away the guys
15:09 when it comes to beautiful outfits.
15:11 We're gonna take you on a tour of this wonderful facility
15:13 and let you know what God is doing here in India
15:16 and what God is doing through the sponsors of Asian Aid.
15:19 Stay with us.
15:29 I'm here today in Andhra Pradesh, India
15:31 at the Vijayanagaram School with my friend Adarsh,
15:34 seven years old and my family myself sponsor him.
15:38 Every day he's able to have accommodation,
15:40 food, clothes and a good education.
15:44 We want you to know what a blessing this is
15:46 and that you too can make the difference in the life
15:48 of a child everyday, through sponsorship.
16:01 Hey.
16:02 Good evening, sir. Good evening.
16:04 What's your name? My name is Venkatesh.
16:06 What's your name, sir? I am John.
16:08 A warm welcome awaited us
16:09 at the Asian Aid's School for the Blind.
16:12 And here the simple act of a handshake,
16:14 a simple gesture of putting hand on somebody's shoulder,
16:18 gave a whole different meaning for me.
16:21 Touch was for them a communication tool.
16:27 The school for the blind of Bobbili is in a quite
16:29 location surrounded by bright green rice fields,
16:33 an ideal location for learning for those with disabilities.
16:39 I was glad to learn
16:40 from Pastor Paulson the school principal,
16:43 that there was no preferential treatment for admission.
16:45 Once they come into the campus, they are all one.
16:50 And we make it very clear, no religion, no cast
16:56 or no family background nothing is going to stop them
17:01 from we giving them admission.
17:02 We take everyone.
17:04 Our stay at the blind school was quite an eye opener.
17:08 We noticed that the boys and girls
17:09 really worked very well together.
17:12 There was a unity
17:13 that I had hardly seen among people that had sight.
17:16 This what I have noticed just like we see one bird being hurt
17:22 there are ten birds coming together,
17:25 this is what we see in the natural world.
17:27 And I have noticed some how that one child cries
17:31 all that the other children come together,
17:33 they catch hold of him, tell him what it is,
17:36 what is that made you to cry
17:38 and they try to comfort him as far as possible
17:41 and involve him and tell him
17:43 this is good and we are all stay together
17:46 and they live together.
17:47 And this becomes their family.
17:49 And this becomes their family.
17:50 And Asian Aid and all the staff
17:52 becomes their Mom's and their Dad's.
17:53 Yes. Yes.
17:55 In the two days my wife Angela
17:57 and I spent at the blind school,
17:59 I learned a very valuable phrase there,
18:02 a phrase that helps and motivates people
18:04 like Pastor Paulson to work for the blind children.
18:08 There is a phrase that you used that really opened my eyes
18:11 because sometimes we use the word disabled,
18:14 but you say they are not disabled,
18:16 what was the phrase that you used?
18:18 We usually tell them
18:20 that these children are differently abled.
18:23 Differently abled.
18:24 Differently abled. Okay.
18:25 That's how we look at them.
18:26 So they're able to learn differently than we learn.
18:30 Yes.
18:31 All the body parts are the same except the eye sight.
18:33 All right.
18:34 And we decide by looking this is this,
18:37 but those children they tell the same thing
18:40 that we tell in a different way, since they cannot see.
18:44 Talking to Pastor Paulson that day
18:46 I noticed that it's not just the lives of the children
18:49 that we're transforming,
18:51 but we go through a life changing experience too,
18:54 as Pastor Paulson found out.
18:57 Jesus lived on this earth, He likes such kind of children,
19:01 He likes such kind of people
19:03 who are rejected by the community.
19:06 So I thought Jesus Christ has done that
19:08 and why not I do it,
19:10 may be I thought God gave me an opportunity
19:13 to serve such kind of children.
19:16 And Jesus Christ said "Inasmuch as you have done
19:19 unto one of the least of these my brethren,
19:21 you have done it unto Me."
19:22 I ask the children walk in faith,
19:24 I look at all of them observe them
19:26 and talk with everyone,
19:27 I never neglect anyone.
19:29 Even if there is a purpose, I've got a purpose,
19:32 I talk with them make sure
19:34 that I'm in touch with them.
19:35 Wow. And they are with me.
19:56 Sabbath in Bobbili was a solemn experience.
19:59 Church was in the town's center on the terrace
20:01 of the Adventist day school in town.
20:04 Members from town as well as children
20:05 from the Sunrise Home attended the service.
20:08 As I was mentally preparing for the sermon
20:10 I was to give I was moved by the reverence
20:14 of the local people, especially the women.
20:17 Women covering their heads, bow their heads
20:20 to the ground as they prayed.
20:23 In a more unfamiliar twist of events,
20:25 someone brought a chicken to Church as an offering.
20:29 My wife and I were worried about the faith
20:30 that would befall the chicken
20:32 and decided to pay an offering double the prize.
20:35 It also provided me an object lesson for my sermon.
20:45 That Sabbath afternoon
20:46 we made our way to the Sunrise Children's Home,
20:49 about ten miles from Bobbili town.
20:52 When we reached there,
20:54 boys and girls were waiting for us at the gate,
20:57 greeting us and showering us with beautiful flowers
21:00 as we walked into the campus.
21:17 He said two times.
21:20 Hi.
21:23 This is me and my chicken.
21:26 I officially as the CEO of Asian Aid USA,
21:30 hereby name this chicken John Lomacang.
21:35 I also instruct Rama that this chicken
21:37 must be given VIP status in the chicken coop.
21:41 That's right. Thanks you Sir.
21:42 That's right.
21:43 He could be in somebody's kitchen tonight,
21:46 but thanks to him coming to church
21:48 that's what happens when you come to church.
21:50 He was saved and now he can sing because he is happy,
21:55 he can sing because he is free.
22:00 Make sure that you take care of my chicken, okay.
22:02 Yes.
22:03 I don't want anybody--
22:05 I don't want anybody to eat my chicken and girls,
22:08 you make sure that they take care
22:09 of my chicken, is that okay?
22:11 Okay.
22:12 Wow, see I've got a commitment
22:13 out of the children here at Sunrise Children's Home
22:17 we just visited one of mine newest friends of my family,
22:21 a chicken that was saved from church today.
22:23 But this home has been saving life's
22:26 that are much more valuable then chickens.
22:28 This is truly where the sunrises
22:31 on the life's of these boys and girls everyday
22:34 and what a blessing.
22:36 Thank you, to those of you who are standing and praying
22:39 for the ministry of Asian Aid.
22:41 Look at the difference it's made
22:43 in these colorful lives, these bright eyes
22:46 and the future of the church is in good hands,
22:49 because of the work that you're doing.
22:51 God bless you for all that you do
22:53 for this wonderful ministry.
23:00 Rajarama, who is Asian Aid's field officer
23:04 showed me around this new campus.
23:06 So want you to show me is this is the quarters,
23:10 this is where the boys and girls sleep right now.
23:12 Now compared to where they used to,
23:14 this is a great improvement,
23:15 there are 15 rooms
23:18 and boys occupy ten of those, the girls occupy five of those.
23:22 One of the greatest blessings is at the old facility,
23:25 they only had four toilets for 73 students
23:29 but at this one they have 25 toilets for 73 students.
23:34 But there is something also in the works
23:36 because they planning on building
23:37 another dorm to my right
23:39 and its going to be for the girls
23:43 and that dorm is in the plans
23:45 and in the works and right now
23:46 if you look at this facility it's a great improvement
23:49 over what they used to sleep in when they lived in the city
23:54 and what a beautiful campus.
24:04 As Rajarama was showing me around
24:07 I was constantly reminded of difference
24:09 Asian Aid is trying to make here
24:11 in this part of the world for the children.
24:15 Well, I think the big difference we've made is
24:17 that we've been able to give so many children
24:20 a chance of Christian education.
24:25 And we take children based on need
24:28 and they're sponsored by a person at home.
24:31 And these people are making a big difference
24:35 in the life of the children that you've seen everyday.
24:39 This provision for Christian education
24:41 was all the more evident as we were taken down
24:44 to the river side beside the campus.
24:56 When Jesus in the family
24:58 Happy, happy home
25:00 Happy, happy home
25:02 Happy, happy home
25:03 When Jesus in the family
25:05 Happy, happy home
25:07 Happy, happy home
25:22 And well, here we are, down by the riverside
25:25 at the Sunrise Home enjoying sun down worship
25:28 on a beautiful Sabbath afternoon.
25:31 You know, as I am standing over here I realize
25:33 why we've been given counsel to come out in nature
25:37 and enjoy what God has, all the natural beauty,
25:40 the singing of the children.
25:42 This is the place that invites
25:45 the presence of God without any distractions
25:47 far away from the cities,
25:49 far away from the noise,
25:51 far away from the traffic.
25:53 What beautiful sounds to here nature speaking to us
25:56 and the voice of the children as the Sabbath sets,
26:00 this is worship at Sunrise Home.
26:13 On the way back from Sunrise Home
26:15 a thought kept ringing in my mind.
26:17 What a change we can bring about here in India,
26:20 if there are more schools like this.
26:23 There would be more lives that will be changed and saved.
26:34 You know, here I'm sitting at the end of a trip
26:37 that has really revolutionized the way I look at Asian Aid,
26:40 revolutionized the way I think of missions,
26:42 particularly in India.
26:44 For so often I've sat in my living room there
26:46 and watched Asian Aid when it came on television,
26:48 but what a difference to come here
26:50 and experience, to see the lives being changed.
26:53 The children of the blind school,
26:55 the school in Vizag, the school in Bobbili,
26:58 Sunrise Home, to meet the staff
27:01 to see that these individuals are not here for the money
27:04 but boy, the payment is far greater than anything
27:08 that we can write down on paper.
27:10 And I know by personal experience
27:12 and by being here that Asian Aid is not just a program,
27:15 not just a good broadcast, but really it is something
27:18 that's transforming lives and I've got to say
27:20 as pastor preaching and teaching,
27:22 this is really, really blessed my life.
27:25 Really, I'm changed by this experience
27:28 and I will really not be the same, after this trip.


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