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00:02 In today's episode of Hope in Motion,
00:05 we track the journey of Sunrise Children's home
00:08 in Bobbili, India.
00:09 It is such a wonderful place
00:11 to go from such a cramped environment
00:14 to such an expansive free environment.
00:19 We meet brothers Rajesh and Durga prasad,
00:21 who were rescued from the streets,
00:23 and are given a new home and a promising future.
00:26 Like Rajesh and Durga Prasad, there are so many children
00:29 who is having very bad family backgrounds.
00:32 Sunrise home is giving them good directions in their lives.
00:37 And we learned how Asian Aid, is helping prepare
00:40 the next generation of faithful workers for the church.
00:43 I'm proud of this important organization,
00:46 and they are truly beneficial to my union here
00:48 in East Central India.
01:03 Asian Aid is an organization giving hope,
01:06 an organization fostering permanent positive change
01:09 in the lives of disadvantage children
01:11 and their communities.
01:13 An organization that is committed
01:15 to making a difference in the lives of children
01:17 and those who are in need.
01:19 Serving communities in Nepal,
01:21 Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,
01:23 Myanmar and India.
01:33 For the last 40 years Asian Aid has invested
01:36 in the futures of people and their investment
01:38 has proven infinite returns.
01:42 Driven by their dedication
01:43 to helping those who have the least.
01:46 Asian Aid is an organization
01:47 focused on the welfare of children,
01:50 implementing diverse development projects
01:53 and sponsoring thousands of children.
01:55 Their outreach spans from child rescue operations
01:59 to providing an education for orphans,
02:01 deaf and the blind children.
02:04 Giving them a sense of place, a home
02:07 but above all Asian Aid is an organization giving hope,
02:11 giving hope to children, giving hope to communities,
02:15 giving hope to the ones who needed the most.
02:19 This is Hope in Motion.
02:47 Bobbili, a small principality
02:49 near the coastal city of Vizag in India,
02:52 has nothing to offer to a visitor,
02:54 its streets often bustling and chaotic
02:57 are typical of rural towns in India.
03:02 Poverty is widespread
03:04 and people struggle to meet ends,
03:06 doing menial jobs and often tending
03:08 to paddy fields owned by landlords.
03:11 Visits to villages around here only amplify one's perception
03:14 of abstract poverty people living on a daily basis.
03:19 But it isn't just the despairing
03:21 and gloomy environment, we often get to see
03:23 and experience hopefulness and optimism.
03:30 The Seventh-day Adventist church through its schools
03:33 and supporting ministries has brought the love of Christ
03:36 and the promise of eternity to people in
03:38 and around Bobbili area.
03:40 The supporting ministries of the church
03:42 have hasten the mission of the church
03:44 in bringing hope to this receptive community.
03:48 Asian Aid is in the forefront
03:49 of this mission here in Bobbili.
03:51 Over the last 10 years,
03:53 it has undertaken numerous developmental work
03:55 in the community,
03:57 supported schools through its sponsorship programs
03:59 and builds schools for special needs children
04:01 like Asian Aid's school for the blind.
04:05 One of its recent projects is the constructions
04:08 of a brand new orphanage in Karada village,
04:10 the Sunrise Children's Home.
04:21 Established in 2001
04:23 with just a handful of orphan children
04:25 and a small building in Bobbili town,
04:27 the number grew
04:29 and the children soon had to cope
04:31 with the constraints of living in a crowded place.
04:34 When I started with Asian Aid on my first trip to India,
04:38 I visited the Sunrise orphanage and I've been told
04:42 that there were plans to build a new orphanage
04:46 and Asian Aid had actually purchased some land
04:50 and then I visited the orphanage,
04:54 there were two parts to it.
04:55 First of all they were sleeping
04:57 and living in atrocious conditions.
05:00 All the boys would jammed in one room
05:02 and all the girls would jammed in one room,
05:04 and they were sleeping on the floor.
05:06 Secondly they were lovely kids and I fell for them,
05:10 they had beautiful house parents
05:13 that were bringing them up,
05:15 and so because these kids were special
05:18 and because there was a true need,
05:21 Asian Aid USA and its donors see it
05:24 about building the Sunrise home.
05:28 Jim Rennie, CEO of Asian Aid USA,
05:31 equipped with the experience of his visit
05:33 and the vision for a new facility
05:35 for these children went about raising funds
05:38 for the construction of a new home for Sunrise.
05:40 With his perseverance
05:42 and the support of generous donors,
05:44 the new home began to rise from the ground up.
05:47 And the children got to come along this journey
05:49 every step of the way.
05:50 How many of you like this room?
05:54 Okay, so you want to sleep here?
05:57 Yes!
06:11 You know, it's taken time to built the new orphanage,
06:15 and the children have been brought along the journey,
06:17 so they were given an idea
06:19 that they were going to have a better home.
06:21 It's like our saying you're going to go to heaven,
06:23 and we've got a better home,
06:24 so they had this idea of having a better home.
06:27 And they've been asking questions
06:29 as this whole thing was in progress
06:31 and now they have it and they're just so excited.
06:34 It is such a wonderful place
06:36 to go from such a cramped environment
06:39 to such an expansive free environment.
06:45 The children's excitement grew each step of the way,
06:48 and they finally moved into their new home
06:50 on November 14th, 2012.
06:54 November 14th is celebrated as Children's Day in India.
06:57 It was a fitting moment for these wonderful children
07:00 and those who cared for these children.
07:02 When we see these both places,
07:05 we have lot of place here and lot of work to do.
07:09 And children they have lot of place to play there.
07:13 Lot of place to eat.
07:15 And whatever they want they got by the Asian Aid.
07:20 So this is the big, big blessing, isn't it?
07:21 Yeah, it's a great blessing,
07:23 not big blessing, but great blessing.
07:25 Praise the Lord.
07:26 Only this orphanage is having 14 acres of land.
07:31 They are also blessed to have a huge farm area,
07:34 where the children get to grow their own vegetables
07:36 and reap truckloads of corn each year.
07:39 But their biggest blessing is access
07:41 to the river flowing beside the campus,
07:43 and the children love to play in the shallow waters
07:45 at every possible chance they get.
07:49 If you asked the children in the previous orphanage,
07:51 if they had a vision of the future
07:53 they could never have dreamt of this.
07:55 But it gives the space,
07:57 it gives the place for the children,
08:00 it is really something to behold
08:04 and the work of, you know,
08:05 Varma and Lisa in bringing this whole thing across,
08:09 bringing the children, looking after the children
08:11 as if they are their own children
08:13 is something very special.
08:15 The house parents or the parents
08:17 are totally responsible for the child's life.
08:20 And at Sunrise we are very blessed
08:24 to have Lalitha and Varma,
08:26 who are 100% committed to their children.
08:30 And the children called them mummy and daddy,
08:33 if they want to go away for few days,
08:36 it's as if their parents have gone away,
08:38 the kids say where is mummy?
08:39 Where is daddy?
08:41 And so they have an amazing role
08:45 that they have to carry out
08:47 and we're just so proud of what they do.
08:51 Lalitha and Raj Varma care for these orphan children
08:54 as if they were their own,
08:55 and the children responded them beautifully.
08:58 It is not an easy task to bring up 80 odd children.
09:01 As loving and caring as they are,
09:03 Lalitha and Raj Varma have to reach out
09:06 to each individual child's needs,
09:08 as these children come from varied family backgrounds
09:10 and bring their own emotional baggage
09:12 when they come to Sunrise Home.
09:15 They're different-- I know this sound strange
09:17 but there are different types of orphans.
09:19 There are true orphans whose parents are dead.
09:23 Sometimes they don't know what's happened to them.
09:26 Sometimes the children are brought up by grandparents.
09:31 Many a times the mother may die
09:34 and the father may not be able to cope,
09:37 the father may simply desert the child.
09:41 So sometimes they're not a true orphans
09:44 but their life is orphaned.
09:46 They just don't have parents that are there,
09:50 not dysfunctional they are not there.
09:55 Prem Baskar Rao was orphaned at a very early very age
09:58 and grew up at Sunrise Home ever since he was 5 years old.
10:05 When Prem was 9 months old,
10:07 my daughter was pregnant with another child,
10:10 those days we only had home deliveries.
10:13 And my daughter died during child birth.
10:17 Prem's father had a heart condition
10:19 and in spite of being treated at various hospitals,
10:21 his condition worsened and he finally passed away
10:24 in a hospital in Vizag.
10:26 Having lost both the parents before he could learn to walk,
10:29 Prem was left under the care of his grandmother,
10:32 the only immediate family willing to care for him.
10:38 When he was small,
10:39 I used to leave him with the neighbors
10:41 and go to the fields to work.
10:43 I used to work for few hours
10:46 and then come home to care of him.
10:54 Struggling to make a living working in the fields,
10:56 his grandmother found it hard to provide for him
10:59 and the prospect of giving him a good future was unimaginable.
11:04 Fortunately for Prem,
11:05 a newspaper reporter from his village
11:08 told his grandmother about Sunrise Home,
11:10 and recommended her to take him to Bobbili.
11:13 Meeting the basic criteria of an orphan child,
11:16 he was taking in at Sunrise Children's Home.
11:22 If I didn't get a chance to send him to an orphanage,
11:25 I don't know what I would have done.
11:28 I didn't have anything to take care of him.
11:31 I would have no choice but to abandon him.
11:41 Thanks to the sponsors who supported him
11:43 all throughout his life at Sunrise,
11:45 Prem can aspire to pursuing a career
11:47 as a graphic designer.
11:49 When I was young,
11:50 I didn't know anything about my sponsorship,
11:53 and as I'm growing up
11:55 I know the value of this sponsorship,
11:59 and I'm feeling that how the sponsors are helping us
12:03 along with all my brothers and sisters.
12:07 If it is not for their support on us,
12:10 we'll not be in this good education position
12:13 or in good position.
12:18 Please tell the people who are helping my grandson
12:21 that I'm grateful,
12:23 I will always be thankful for them.
12:26 Although Prem spent all of his life growing up
12:28 at Sunrise Home,
12:30 he has not forgotten his grandmother,
12:32 who is there to give him unconditional love
12:34 after the death of his parents.
12:36 When I'm growing up there was nobody to care for,
12:39 only my grandmother was there with all her struggles
12:43 so, whenever I have free time
12:46 I used to visit her and spend some time with her.
12:54 I'm illiterate, I don't know anything about education
12:59 and I don't know anything about the world outside,
13:02 but you are good people, I give him in your hands,
13:06 please take care of him and his future.
13:14 Thanks to Asian Aid's sponsorship program,
13:16 the sponsors and donors who support this program
13:19 and the love and care he receives at Sunrise Home,
13:21 Prem can continue to pursue his higher studies,
13:24 can dream of a career of his choice
13:26 and hope for a better future,
13:27 where he can stand on his own.
13:29 The biggest blessing he has received however
13:32 is the chance to know Jesus and Prem,
13:34 like many other boys and girls who go out into the world,
13:37 can spread the love of Christ to those who don't know him.
13:42 When we come back,
13:43 we meet bothers Rajesh and Durga Prasad
13:45 who were rescued from the streets,
13:47 and see how a new facility at Sunrise Home
13:50 has become a safe haven for boys like them.
14:07 My wife Angela and I are here
14:09 in Andhra Pradesh, India,
14:11 visiting some of the Asian Aid projects to see for ourselves
14:14 how the work that is being done here
14:16 is transforming lives,
14:18 especially the lives of orphaned children
14:21 and abandoned children,
14:22 children from the tribal communities.
14:25 And we've discovered that because of sponsors like you,
14:27 they now have a place that they can call home.
14:29 They have wonderful clothing, nutritious food
14:32 and they are being prepared to propel themselves
14:35 into the future for a promising career.
14:38 But above all that because of sponsors like you
14:41 they now have hope, hope for a better future.
14:59 Well, I am here in Sunrise Home with Sheela.
15:01 Now my family and I have been sponsoring Sheela
15:04 for just about a year now and I can tell you being here
15:07 and spending time with her, I can see the difference
15:10 that sponsorship is making in her life.
15:12 She now has plenty of food,
15:14 she has a beautiful place to sleep each night,
15:16 she has clothes,
15:17 she has a school uniform and an excellent education.
15:21 I can tell you it's made a difference in her life
15:24 and it's made a difference in our lives too.
15:26 Now through sponsorship you too can make a difference
15:29 in the life of a child everyday.
15:56 Asian Aid Sunrise children's home in Bobbili,
15:58 India was established to give a home
16:00 to orphan children in this region.
16:02 And is an important outreach
16:04 for the Adventist church in India.
16:06 From its humble beginning in a cramped building in town,
16:09 the orphanage has shifted
16:10 to a spacious campus in the countryside.
16:13 Situated about 10 miles from Bobbili town,
16:16 the new campus gives the children
16:18 an ideal place to live, learn and play.
16:31 The children still attend
16:32 the Seventh-day Adventist school in town,
16:34 but Sunrise Home has its own bus
16:36 that takes them to school everyday.
16:38 And the bus ride is something the children look
16:40 forward to every morning.
16:47 August 2nd, 2014 was a special day for Asian Aid
16:51 and everyone at Sunrise Home.
16:53 A new boy's dorm was inaugurated by renowned
16:55 Adventist violinist, Jaime Jorge.
17:00 It was very emotional for me to be here
17:02 at the opening of the boy's dormitory.
17:05 It was just so great that Jaime Jorge
17:08 could be here to do the dedication,
17:10 and arguably where we could say,
17:12 it's the end of the project, but it's not.
17:16 The donors the build a great facility,
17:19 but the ongoing need for orphans in this home,
17:22 the ongoing operating needs,
17:25 the ongoing needs for sponsorship
17:27 simply means it's not over.
17:33 Although there is ongoing need for sponsorship
17:35 and other needs at Sunrise Home,
17:38 it is encouraging in knowing
17:39 that this facility has the capacity
17:41 to double the number of children in the future.
17:44 There is facility to build another story,
17:46 thereby having the capacity to facilitate
17:48 the ever increasing inflow of children
17:50 arriving at Sunrise Home each year.
17:53 In my union we have 850,000 members
18:00 and there are hundreds of needs in this union
18:03 especially there are orphan children,
18:05 there are semi orphan children
18:07 and therefore we really face challenge.
18:09 Today expanding and adding this facility to the boys' hostel
18:12 will really be a great blessing
18:13 because these children are adjusting somewhere,
18:15 and they don't have proper facilities.
18:17 They want to feel with their friends
18:19 as if it is their own home.
18:21 And this will be a unique identity
18:23 that will build confidence in them,
18:24 and they'll really develop in the proper way
18:26 in Adventist atmosphere.
18:54 12-year-old Durga Prasad
18:56 and his 11-year-old brother Rajesh
18:58 came to Sunrise Home three years ago.
19:00 They were rescued from the streets by a local NGO
19:04 Child Line after a newspaper article appeared
19:07 in a local daily with the title "Mother for sale."
19:10 Child line immediately followed up the story
19:12 with the concerned people and rescued the boys
19:15 and took them in their custody.
19:19 After we brought them here,
19:21 we came to know that their father died
19:23 and the mother found another man
19:25 and she moved in with him
19:27 but he forced her into prostitution
19:30 and forced the boys into the streets to beg
19:33 and sell newspaper and fruits.
19:35 He used that money in drinking and gambling.
19:48 Durga Prasad and Rajesh woke up every day
19:51 to the blaring of train engines
19:53 where the screeching halt of its iron wheels.
19:56 The buzz and hustle of the streets
19:58 near the train station at Vizianagaram was their domain
20:01 and the rail platform their shelter.
20:04 The boys were forced to go and beg or steal
20:07 by the mother's boyfriend,
20:08 and when they refused they were beaten.
20:10 Fearing the beatings that awaited them at home,
20:13 they spent most of their time living on the railway platform
20:16 earning some money selling fruits or begging.
20:19 After they were rescued
20:20 and taken into custody by Child Line,
20:22 Durga Prasad and Rajesh were brought to Sunrise Home.
20:29 I'm from Bobbili town and I used to live very close
20:32 to where the old Sunrise Home was,
20:35 then I informed my superiors about it
20:38 and recommended these two boys to Sunrise Home.
20:43 Sunrise Home is highly regarded
20:44 throughout the district for its work
20:46 and the shelter it provides to orphaned
20:48 and abandoned children like Durga Prasad and Rajesh.
20:52 Most of the children are coming to Sunrise Home
20:55 recommended by police department
20:58 and non governmental organizations
21:01 and the Child Line and rescued children
21:04 most of them are here, the rescued children.
21:08 In this whole of the Vizianagaram district,
21:10 only this home is best home
21:13 and the government will recommend
21:14 all the children to stay here only.
21:17 Okay, well.
21:20 At our homes like Sunrise,
21:21 we have children from varied backgrounds,
21:24 varied stories and honest
21:26 some of them are hard to comprehend.
21:29 And just like these two boys,
21:30 who were found on a railway platform
21:33 at the train station could you imagine it,
21:36 could you imagine living there,
21:38 having to scrape up an existence,
21:41 they were exploited by many people
21:43 and they had no hope.
21:45 Now at least they have come to Sunrise Home
21:48 where they have a new direction
21:52 and now they have hope of an education,
21:55 they have a hope of a future.
21:57 And the Asian Aid's sponsorship program
22:00 will have a big difference in their lives.
22:04 Durga Prasad and Rajesh are in a place
22:06 where they can leave behind
22:07 the fear of being beaten and exploited.
22:10 Leave behind the struggles of growing up in the streets
22:13 and instead are in a safe and comfortable place.
22:16 A place where they don't feel like
22:17 they are orphaned or abandoned.
22:19 So by having an orphanage we can access this children
22:22 who really won't have the basics in life
22:25 will now can have the basics in life to go forward.
22:28 So that's what orphanages do,
22:30 they get the children who really need help
22:33 and don't have anyone to help them.
22:37 Asian Aid is giving them that help.
22:40 Asian Aid is giving them that new life
22:42 through its special need schools
22:44 and an orphanage like Sunrise Home,
22:46 and is giving them an opportunity
22:47 to receive a proper education.
22:50 One of the great blessings is,
22:51 that we cannot do everything by on our own
22:54 because of certain reasons.
22:56 I thank God for special organization like Asian Aid,
23:00 they are uniquely tuned to meet exactly our needs.
23:05 Where we really need specially
23:07 we need next generation to be prepared
23:09 for the church work and the children
23:11 who are trained up in the homes
23:13 and their help, with their support
23:15 we educate our poor children.
23:17 They are the next generation faithful workers for the church
23:21 and it is really transforming, I really thank God,
23:24 every sponsor that is supporting this work.
23:26 Every leader in this organization
23:28 they are really doing with dedication,
23:30 the work with dedication and commitment.
23:32 They are reaching to us,
23:33 they openly talk their ideas and we tell our needs
23:36 and they really fit in.
23:38 I'm proud of this important organization
23:40 and they are truly beneficial to my union here
23:43 in East Central India.
23:45 It was painful for us to learn
23:46 that the boy's mother is still making her
23:48 living through prostitution
23:49 and does not know the whereabouts of her son.
23:52 Taking the children away
23:53 from the mother may sound cruel and callous
23:55 but extraordinary circumstances call
23:57 for extraordinary measures in intervention
24:00 for the welfare in future of the children.
24:03 Like Rajesh and Durga Prasad there are so many children
24:06 who is having very bad family backgrounds.
24:10 Sunrise Home is giving them good directions in their lives.
24:15 Today, Asian Aid is reaching out to children in need
24:19 and Sunrise Home is a safe haven for this children,
24:23 providing not just their basic needs
24:25 and an opportunity for an education,
24:27 but giving them parental love and affection,
24:31 providing them a chance to know Jesus,
24:33 and giving them hope for a brighter future.


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