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00:05 The medical ministry
00:06 of the Seventh-day Adventist church
00:08 not only attends to the medical needs
00:10 but also shows the love of Jesus
00:12 to those who come to its facilities
00:14 seeking medical treatment.
00:16 In this episode of "Hope In Motion"
00:19 we go to Giffard Memorial Hospital
00:21 and the college of nursing in Nuzvid, India
00:24 and see how Asian Aid is helping
00:25 this pioneering institution
00:27 in training young people in God's service.
00:30 I guess we traditionally think of sponsorship
00:33 of children sitting in a classroom
00:35 but here at Giffard Memorial Hospital
00:37 we see the end result, we see the success of girls
00:42 especially who are now doing full nursing courses.
00:46 So they are making a real contribution
00:48 to the medical work of the church.
00:51 Vinnie Alice Joseph, a gold medal winner
00:54 from its nursing program
00:55 and see how Asian Aid sponsorship
00:57 has helped her achieve this great feat.
01:00 I think it's a great blessing being sponsored
01:02 and I'm thankful for what they did for my life,
01:06 for bringing me to this stage
01:08 and I hope one day that I would do something for them.
01:25 Asian Aid is an organization giving hope,
01:28 an organization fostering permanent positive change
01:31 in the lives of disadvantaged children and their communities,
01:35 an organization that is committed
01:37 to making a difference in the lives of children
01:39 and those who are in need.
01:41 Serving communities in Nepal,
01:43 Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India
01:54 for the last 40 years
01:56 Asian Aid has invested in the futures of people
01:59 and their investment has proven infinite returns
02:03 driven by their dedication
02:05 to helping those who have the least.
02:07 Asian Aid is an organization focused
02:10 on the welfare of children,
02:12 implementing diverse development projects
02:14 and sponsoring thousands of children.
02:17 Their outreach spans from child rescue operations
02:20 to providing an education
02:22 for orphans, deaf and the blind children.
02:26 Giving them a sense of place, a home
02:28 but above all Asian Aid is an organization giving hope,
02:33 giving hope to children, giving hope to communities,
02:37 giving hope to the ones who needed the most.
02:40 This is "Hope In Motion."
03:06 Usha Rani is a second year nursing student
03:09 at the college of nursing at Nuzvid, India.
03:12 As part of the Giffard Memorial Hospital
03:14 the college of nursing brings in aspiring nursing students
03:17 from Adventist backgrounds like Usha.
03:21 Asian Aid over the years has helped many young women
03:24 like Usha through sponsorship.
03:26 Because of the Asian Aid many, many, many students
03:31 could educate themselves in our college.
03:35 It's a tremendous opportunity for the students to grab that
03:41 and to excel in the studies and then educate themselves
03:46 and have a bright future.
03:50 Usha Rani is looking forward to this bright future.
03:53 Having born into a poor Adventist family,
03:56 Usha has been supported by Asian Aid
03:58 sponsorship program from kindergarten.
04:00 She is the youngest of four girls in the family
04:03 and Usha's parents had to constantly worry
04:05 about their financial instability.
04:07 This led to marital issues between her parents
04:10 and they separated when Usha was still a young girl.
04:13 Her mother took care of her and her three older sisters
04:15 by selling vegetables in the village.
04:18 Their hardship was compounded
04:20 when her mother was hospitalized with jaundice.
04:23 By the time they realized that she is suffering
04:25 from jaundice and take her for treatment it became worse.
04:29 They couldn't treat her.
04:30 Doctors said no hopes
04:32 and she was like one week in the hospital
04:36 but no improvement in the health status.
04:39 Like that only she passed away in the hospital only.
04:42 That time also I was in hostel only.
04:44 I don't know anything
04:45 about my mother's health condition.
04:48 Then by the time I came here
04:49 she is no more, she passed away.
04:53 When our motherpassed away
04:55 I wanted to bring my husband here
04:57 and take care of my sister
04:59 because she was still very young at that time,
05:02 but my husband was not willing.
05:03 He said, when your father is not taking care of you all
05:07 why should I take care of her.
05:08 So my husband left me
05:10 and I came here to take care of them.
05:14 Usha's mother died five years ago
05:16 and legal requirements forced her father to be her guardian.
05:20 After when my mother died its compulsory
05:24 I should stay with my father because no source for me.
05:27 Nobody is to take care of us because already
05:29 my three sisters they got married, they left,
05:32 they went to stay with their husbands.
05:34 After that when I was staying with my father
05:37 he also became sick because he is also became old,
05:42 he couldn't work.
05:43 He is diabetic patient.
05:45 Then due to some problem, family problems my elder sister
05:51 she had some problem with her husband
05:53 she came home and now she is taking care
05:56 of my father and me too.
06:04 Poverty passes on from generation to generation.
06:07 Without any education people in rural India
06:10 are forced to follow their parents into working
06:13 in the fields or doing manual labor,
06:15 sometimes as domestic helps.
06:17 Usha's father although old and diabetic is forced to work
06:21 in the fields nearby just so he can earn something
06:24 to support himself and his eldest daughter
06:26 who is caring for him.
06:32 Usha's sister Ratna Kumari
06:35 owns a petty shop selling vegetables.
06:37 Fortunately for Usha she has the opportunity
06:40 to break the shackles of poverty.
06:42 Asian Aid sponsorship has given her that opportunity
06:45 to uplift herself and help her support
06:47 her family in the future.
06:49 If you help the family
06:51 that help may not be for longer time.
06:54 But if you help a child in a family
06:56 and educate the child and that child
06:58 when he gets into job he can take care of the entire family
07:02 and it can be a big blessing to the entire family.
07:05 So therefore Seventh-day Adventist
07:07 wherever we have our colleges, wherever we have a school,
07:11 wherever we have hospitals we take it like a privilege
07:15 to invite students from all backgrounds
07:17 and to educate them so that they would become,
07:20 they would become again become workers,
07:23 come back our institutions and serve in our institutions.
07:27 So what we do it will not go in waste
07:30 but they will come back
07:32 and then help taking care of responsibilities,
07:35 taking care of various jobs that we entrust to them.
07:39 I would say if there is no sponsorship
07:41 I think majority of them
07:43 will not be having this education
07:45 that they are actually going through.
07:47 And if you actually take the financial background
07:49 of many of our students
07:51 they come from very poor backgrounds.
07:53 And some of them have really pathetic background
07:56 and this sponsorship that they are getting
07:59 from very kind donors,
08:01 I mean God's, I pray that God will bless them
08:04 because they're really doing a lot of services
08:06 and by helping these poor students
08:09 in getting some education they are really going
08:12 a long way to build a bright future for these students.
08:15 Without this sponsorship I'm sure
08:16 they will not be able to get this education
08:19 and they will not be able to do what they're doing
08:22 and their future we do not know
08:23 what it could be given the financial condition
08:26 from which they come.
08:27 So I really pray--
08:28 we always remember these sponsors
08:30 because we do not know
08:31 whether they have seen these children or not
08:33 but with kindness they have been helping our students
08:36 and we really appreciate them
08:38 and we pray that God will bless those sponsors
08:40 who have been helping our students.
08:43 I would not have got that sponsorship
08:45 from Asian Aid definitely I'm not sure
08:49 that I would have studied in such Adventist institutions.
08:53 Sponsorship is like they are supporting me financially.
08:57 Everything they are giving, books and all.
08:59 From LKG I was supported by Asian Aid help only, sir.
09:05 Usha Rani has gone through Asian Aid
09:06 sponsorship program since kindergarten
09:09 and Asian aid is continuing to support Usha
09:11 through her nursing program
09:13 at the College of Nursing in Nuzvid.
09:15 Nurses are in high demand and no doubt
09:18 Usha would be employed almost immediately
09:20 upon her completing her nursing program.
09:22 Thanks to Asian Aid sponsorship,
09:24 she will not only stand
09:26 on her own as a working professional
09:28 but also be of service to her family
09:30 and above all to the community as a whole.
09:34 I guess we traditionally think of sponsorship
09:36 of children sitting in a classroom
09:39 but here at Giffard Memorial Hospital
09:41 we see the end result,
09:42 we see the success of girls especially
09:47 who are now doing full nursing courses,
09:50 who are making a real contribution
09:52 to the medical work of the church,
09:55 even to community hospitals.
10:00 My father cannot support us
10:03 and we don't have any brothers to support us.
10:06 I'm so thankful to Asian Aid and my sister's sponsors.
10:11 If Asian Aid is not there
10:13 I would not make her to study this much.
10:15 We would have gotten her married in the village
10:18 and she may be doing some manual labor in the fields.
10:22 Because of Asian Aid my sister is able to receive an education
10:26 and I want to thank the sponsor.
10:28 These are people who do not know us,
10:31 they have not met us and we have not seen them
10:34 but still they are sponsoring my sister.
10:37 I'm able to give my emotional support to her
10:40 only because of these sponsors.
10:42 I'm praying for them.
10:43 I pray that God will prosper them
10:46 and give them good health.
10:48 I thank them with all my heart.
10:52 The healing ministry
10:54 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
10:55 is the forefront of its mission to spread the good news
10:58 and the love of Jesus
10:59 through its clinics and hospitals.
11:02 At Gifford Memorial young people
11:04 are being trained in God's service
11:06 and at school of nursing they're not only trained
11:08 to give manual nursing care but also show Christian love
11:12 and to share God's love with those
11:14 who come seeking medical help.
11:16 When we come back we look at how Asian Aid
11:19 is helping this pioneering institution
11:21 in training young people and this healing ministry
11:24 and meet Alice and see how Asian Aid sponsorship
11:27 has helped her bring laurels to her sponsors,
11:30 her home and to her school.
11:32 I think it's a great blessing being sponsored.
11:35 I'm thankful for what they did for my life
11:39 for bringing me to this stage and I hope one day
11:42 that I would do something for them.
12:00 My wife Angela and I are here in Andhra Pradesh, India
12:04 visiting some of the Asian Aid projects to see for ourselves
12:07 how the work that is being done here is transforming lives,
12:11 especially lives of orphaned children
12:13 and abandoned children,
12:15 children from the tribal communities.
12:17 And we've discovered that because of sponsors like you
12:20 they now have a place that they can call home,
12:22 they have wonderful clothing, nutritious food
12:25 and they are being prepared
12:27 to propel themselves into the future
12:29 for a promising career.
12:31 But above all that because of sponsors like you
12:34 they now have hope, hope for a better future.
12:51 Well, I am here in Sunrise Home with Sheela.
12:54 Now my family and I have been sponsoring Sheela
12:57 for just about a year now
12:58 and I can tell you being here and spending time with her
13:01 I can see the difference
13:03 that sponsorship is making in her life.
13:05 She now has plenty of food,
13:06 she has a beautiful place to sleep each night,
13:09 she has clothes, she has a school uniform
13:12 and an excellent education.
13:14 I can tell you it's made a difference in her life
13:16 and it's made a difference in our lives too.
13:19 Now through sponsorship you too can make
13:22 a difference in the life of a child every day.
13:52 Giffard Memorial Hospital in Nuzvid
13:54 is an Adventist Hospital established in 1935
13:57 and has spearheaded in served the medical needs
14:00 of communities in and around Nuzvid.
14:02 In its 80 history the hospital has treated thousands of people
14:06 who often come from poor villages with problems
14:09 ranging from common illness to snake bites.
14:12 Along with the medical center
14:14 Giffard Memorial has also been instrumental
14:16 in taking the mission and the good news
14:18 of the church to people around Nuzvid.
14:21 Because of this hospital more than 50 churches
14:26 were established all in and around Nuzvid.
14:31 And each church is doing so good.
14:33 From those churches we get the students.
14:36 Here they are doing their general nursing program
14:38 and BSc nursing program.
14:39 We are hoping to start MSc nursing program.
14:42 That means from LKG and till PG course
14:46 they can complete their studies here.
14:48 What a blessing that would be.
14:51 Recently Giffard Memorial Hospital branched out
14:54 to start a nursing program primarily for students
14:56 from Adventist backgrounds who wish for career in nursing.
15:00 Last year the College of Nursing was privileged
15:03 to send out its first batch of graduates.
15:05 It was a proud moment for the college
15:08 as they had 100 percent passing result.
15:11 You know as a principle I founded quite challenging.
15:14 It was the first batch of students
15:15 and we had a lot of difficulties also
15:18 but the good Lord was there with us
15:21 and we put in all our efforts
15:23 to see that our students could get the best.
15:26 With God's help we got quite a few distinctions
15:29 and we had 100 percent pass results
15:32 from the first batch of students
15:33 and we were really very excited about it
15:35 and we thank God for all His blessing
15:38 and the way He has led us marvelously.
15:42 Although the majority of the students
15:44 in the College of Nursing come from Adventist families
15:47 many cannot afford a college education.
15:50 They come from small towns and villages like Usha Rani.
15:53 This is where Asian Aid plays a crucial role in providing
15:56 the means necessary for these aspiring students
15:59 through its sponsorship program.
16:01 I visited a lot of different medical facilities in the US
16:05 so it's a real privilege and very exciting for me
16:07 to come here to this hospital here in India
16:09 where students are being trained
16:11 and are being able to work and serve the community.
16:14 As a sponsorship manager in the US,
16:16 its like I see it from one angle
16:19 and you see the students as they grow and they come here
16:22 and everywhere you go it's someone
16:24 who has grown up through the Asian Aid system,
16:27 who is now serving the community as a nurse
16:29 and what a privilege and what opportunity
16:31 it is for them to serve patients
16:34 and they are vulnerable to share Jesus
16:35 with them in this life of service.
16:40 Alice Joseph joined the nursing staff
16:42 at Giffard Memorial last year.
16:44 She was part of the first batch of the graduating class
16:47 and was sponsored by Asian Aid through her nursing program.
16:50 Last year she brought laurels to the institution
16:53 by winning a gold medal at her graduation.
16:57 Like I just wanted this was like one time accomplishment
17:01 so I just wanted first mark
17:05 but I didn't think of the gold medal
17:07 and by God's grace I got it.
17:10 And one thing that made me happy for getting it for
17:14 from where I came for them a good name
17:17 that is from Sunshine and the Asian Aid.
17:19 I just felt happy for that.
17:21 Even I didn't tell my mom that I got gold medal
17:24 but first I told Beulah aunty
17:26 and I could see that smile on her face
17:29 and she was happy like at least from Sunshine one,
17:32 you're, the one who got it.
17:34 So I'm happy for that.
17:37 I was very proud.
17:38 You know, and so proud that Alice has made it
17:45 and even Ashwini the girl who is from Sunshine,
17:50 who studied with us she got a distinction.
17:53 And both these children have always excelled
17:57 in their studies right from grade one.
18:01 And to see that they kept that constantly
18:04 and tried to do their best even at the college level
18:08 it made me really proud to be,
18:10 able to be there and witness that
18:12 and be part of that celebration.
18:23 Alice grew up at Asian Aid Sunshine home in Bangalore
18:27 and she has fond memories of the place she calls home.
18:31 It's like a family over there and lots of children.
18:35 We can play around and we have-- like
18:39 we feel like we have someone beside us.
18:41 We never feel lonely
18:43 because we had all the children around us.
18:45 So I cherish those moments
18:47 because right now we don't get time
18:50 even to spend time with the children.
18:52 So I miss that one a lot.
18:56 Their mother brought Alice
18:57 and her twin sister Angela to sunshine home
19:00 when they were just five-years-old
19:01 after their father abandoned them.
19:05 The father left abandoning the family
19:07 and the mother had to become the breadwinner
19:12 and she couldn't go for a job
19:13 because she had these two little girls
19:16 and she was desperate to find a solution
19:20 and someone told her about Sunshine.
19:22 And so she came and asked
19:24 if we could take the children in
19:26 and looking at her desperate condition
19:30 we did take the children in so that she could survive.
19:34 Bringing her two girls to Sunshine was hard for her,
19:37 but she had to do it for their survival
19:39 and that of her own.
19:41 Most often in an abandoned situation
19:44 the child will not be able to get the basic requirements
19:47 such as a decent meal a day.
19:49 And in cases where the mother is unable to work
19:51 both the mother and the children
19:53 will eventually face hardship beyond their control
19:56 leading even to their death.
19:59 In Alice's case her mother had to make a sacrifice
20:02 to give her children up in a home
20:04 so that at least for children would have a future
20:07 and that she could be free to find a job just to survive.
20:10 Sunshine did give them a good future
20:12 and thanks to Asian Aid sponsorship
20:15 Alice and her sister were able to go to school
20:17 and be educated.
20:19 The love and care they received at Sunshine
20:21 has had a huge influence on them.
20:24 Basically any child that comes into our home
20:28 is one more added member to the family.
20:31 And the children bond so easily and so fast
20:36 and it's a lifelong bond and they sense
20:39 that they belong to a family it something bigger.
20:42 And I'm sure each of our children
20:46 are proud to be part of Sunshine.
20:50 The children are indeed proud to be part of Sunshine.
20:53 In fact, for a majority of them Sunshine is the only home
20:57 they've know and Alice owes her success
20:59 to becoming a nurse to Sunshine home.
21:02 First I decided I wanted to become a teacher
21:05 like when we write letters and all that was my desire.
21:08 Then as I grew up
21:09 I used to see so many of our sisters in Sunshine
21:13 like nurses with the white uniform,
21:16 giving injections and all that so I had that desire
21:19 that I should also be a nurse.
21:23 We've had about 35 girls who are nurses.
21:27 I think initially the girls who finish nursing
21:32 were role models for these girls
21:34 and everyone looked up to them
21:36 and decided they want to do exactly
21:38 what the older ones did.
21:41 And they have the ability and the opportunity
21:46 to be of service to people
21:48 and they, they enjoyed because being at Sunshine
21:52 its not just looking after themselves,
21:54 each one of them has had responsibility
21:56 of a little one to look after the little ones
21:59 and they develop leadership skills
22:02 and skills in serving others.
22:05 So that's what they like to do.
22:08 The desire to excel in her studies
22:10 and in life grew out of her experience at Sunshine
22:13 and with Asian Aids help she grabbed all the opportunity
22:16 that came her way to becoming a successful nurse.
22:19 The way the child is born is not important.
22:25 To which family the child belongs
22:28 that also is not important but the way this child studies,
22:33 the environment makes a ocean of difference
22:36 and then everybody would get the opportunities.
22:40 Some take it very easy, some take it very serious.
22:44 But in this case Miss Alice took it very seriously
22:48 and grabbed all the opportunities
22:50 and could excel in her studies
22:52 and that makes us very, very happy.
22:54 I'm sure the sponsors who have been supporting her
22:57 would be also very happy.
22:59 I'm sure the Asian Aid Australia, Asian Aid USA,
23:04 sponsors also will be very happy about it.
23:09 Alice is a shining example of why Asian Aid
23:12 wants to continue growing its program.
23:15 We're giving children a chance,
23:16 they can come from a very simple background
23:20 and we can give them a chance of the education
23:23 to the highest level.
23:25 Alice is a shining example of the success of sponsorship
23:29 from where she has come to top of her class
23:31 at Giffard Memorial Hospital.
23:33 It really encourages Asian Aid with its growth strategy
23:37 and it encourages us to tell sponsors
23:40 that we make a real difference in the life of these children.
23:45 The sponsors do make a real
23:46 difference in the lives of these children.
23:49 Being a sponsor is not easy
23:50 for the majority of Asian Aid sponsors.
23:53 It's years of sponsoring a child
23:55 from kindergarten right up to college
23:57 and seeing that the child is using that opportunity
24:00 and using that money the sponsors have sent
24:02 to the best of their ability is a rewarding experience.
24:06 And when sponsored children
24:07 like Alice excel in their studies
24:09 they vindicate the belief
24:10 the sponsors have in the sponsorship program.
24:14 Being sponsored is a privilege
24:16 because if I have to look back and see
24:20 that if I was not in Sunshine and that if I was not sponsored
24:24 I don't think I would have completed my nursing also.
24:27 Because my parents could not afford also
24:30 and I think it's a great blessing being sponsored
24:33 and I'm thankful for what they did for my life
24:37 to bringing me to this stage and I hope one day
24:40 that I would do something for them.
24:44 The ultimate goal of our school system children's homes,
24:47 in our hospitals is to spread the love of Jesus
24:50 and the promise of eternal life to people around us
24:53 and Asian Aid sponsored students like Usha Rani
24:56 and Alice are shining examples of the miracles
24:59 God has promised for His children.
25:01 They have not only accepted Jesus as their personal Savior
25:05 but are in the mission to tell others
25:07 about the promise of eternal life.
25:10 I think there is a tremendous influence
25:12 that homes like Sunshine and educational institutions
25:17 and sponsorship agencies like Asian Aid
25:21 have in directing a child's life
25:26 from what could have been to what has been has made
25:30 such a difference and I think just looking at the,
25:35 you know, the potentiality of a child
25:38 when they come here when they are small
25:39 and seeing through that potentiality
25:42 and making that a possibility, makes a world of difference.


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