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00:14 Child Impact International is an organization giving hope,
00:18 previously called Asian Aid.
00:20 Child Impact International
00:21 is an organization fostering permanent positive change
00:25 in the lives of disadvantaged children
00:27 and their communities.
00:28 Child Impact is committed to making a difference
00:31 in the lives of children and those who are in need,
00:34 serving communities in India,
00:35 Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar
00:39 and will soon expand to other countries.
00:41 For the last 50 years,
00:43 Child Impact has invested in the futures of people
00:46 and their investment is proving infinite returns,
00:48 driven by the dedication to helping those
00:51 who have the least.
00:52 Child Impact is an organization
00:54 focused on the welfare of children,
00:56 implementing diverse development projects
00:59 and sponsoring thousands of children.
01:01 Their outreach spans from child rescue operations
01:04 to providing an education for orphans,
01:06 deaf and the blind children giving them a sense of place,
01:10 a home but above all,
01:12 Child Impact is an organization giving hope,
01:15 giving hope to children, giving hope to communities,
01:18 giving hope to the ones who needed the most.
01:21 This is Hope in Motion.
01:40 Good morning, sir. Good morning.
01:42 Good to see you again. How are you?
01:44 Ladies.
01:47 Oh, thank you.
02:08 I'm Jim Rennie.
02:09 I'm for over the last eight years,
02:11 I've been CEO of Asian Aid USA.
02:14 Asian Aid was established over 50 years ago
02:18 and in that time has helped tens of thousands of children
02:21 in over five countries.
02:23 As a part of a bold new strategy,
02:26 we're changing our name.
02:28 We are now Child Impact International.
02:32 We feel our new name will better encompass
02:35 the work that we do.
02:37 Let me briefly explain what I mean.
02:40 This exciting new name Child Impact International
02:44 will give us momentum as we move forward to help
02:48 thousands of additional children.
02:50 As we work with our focus groups,
02:52 we felt Child Impact International
02:55 describes who we are and what we do
02:58 for the following reasons.
03:00 This name reflects
03:02 far more clearly the critical work
03:04 that we're doing with very needy students,
03:07 their families and mission schools.
03:09 Child Impact International gives momentum
03:12 and direction to a bold growth strategy
03:15 that will impact the lives of thousands
03:18 of additional children.
03:20 This name avoids any confusion in regards to where we work
03:24 and what people consider Asia.
03:27 This name gives a clear distinction
03:30 between this organization and Asian Aid Australia,
03:34 which are completely separate.
03:36 The name Child Impact International provides us
03:40 the opportunity to help more children
03:42 and expand our activity beyond Asia.
03:47 Internally, nothing will change,
03:49 the board, staff, policies,
03:52 and work we do will stay the same,
03:54 and at the same level of excellence
03:57 that we're known for.
03:58 We're staying in Collegedale, Tennessee.
04:01 Philosophically however,
04:03 the new name Child Impact International
04:06 will allow our organization to expand
04:09 and give momentum
04:11 to help thousands of new needy children.
04:20 You have an opportunity to be involved
04:22 in the mission field
04:24 every day, every morning with child sponsorship.
04:27 You can impact on the lives of children
04:29 just like these ones here.
04:31 You can help set their lives on a new course
04:34 and also give them hope
04:36 that can change their lives forever.
04:39 Our funds go directly to support the needs
04:42 of an Adventist mission school,
04:44 which heightens the quality of education
04:46 just not for the children who are sponsored,
04:49 but all the children in the school.
04:52 The reality is that poverty is very hard to change.
04:56 Child Impact International sponsorship program
04:59 takes the child based on need and puts them
05:02 in an Adventist mission school.
05:04 It gives them a direction, it gives them hope,
05:07 and also has an impact in the communities
05:10 and with their families and friends.
05:13 Together, you and I can have a huge change
05:17 on an entire community
05:19 just like the ones around the school.
05:22 For existing donors, the only change you'll see
05:26 is advancement in the communication
05:29 between your child and projects.
05:32 You'll see a real difference by using new technologies
05:36 to keep you up-to-date
05:37 on how you support Child Impact.
05:54 The work of Child Impact International
05:57 will continue to grow in the countries
05:59 we already operate in like India,
06:02 Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
06:06 And as opportunities arise,
06:08 we will expand into other countries.
06:10 The poverty which you see in communities
06:13 like this is real.
06:15 These families struggle to feed and educate their children.
06:19 You can have an impact right here,
06:22 right now by becoming a sponsor of a child
06:25 or partnering with Child Impact.
06:27 Child Impact is a fully supportive ministry
06:30 of the Adventist church and supports children
06:33 and orphans and special needs children
06:36 in Adventist homes and mission schools.
06:39 Each child's life has changed
06:42 and the mission school gains unique funds.
06:46 You have an opportunity to be involved
06:48 in the mission field every day by becoming a sponsor
06:52 or a supporter of Child Impact International.
07:03 On my trip to India,
07:04 one of the highlights was the visit
07:07 to the blind school in a town called Bobbili.
07:10 The school is an Adventist church school,
07:13 but it is 100% funded by Child Impact
07:16 and Asian Aid Australia.
07:18 It was build just over 12 years ago,
07:21 thanks to the generosity of the McNeilus family.
07:24 And it is in the rural setting surrounded by lots of farms.
07:29 The school has over 160 students
07:31 from grade 1 to grade 12.
07:34 The students are either partially blind
07:37 or fully blind,
07:38 and come mainly
07:40 from poor farming communities all around.
07:43 When we arrived,
07:45 they gave us an amazing welcome.
07:48 They lined up on both sides,
07:50 they threw flowers on the road and we walked through,
07:54 and then we had to shake
07:55 the hand of every single student.
07:58 They asked us questions, they touched us,
08:01 because they wanted to know what we were all about.
08:05 I was really moved
08:06 by the excitement that I saw in them.
08:08 They were genuinely interested in us.
08:12 We shared a beautiful evening that night, we had a concert.
08:16 Some of them played instruments and then I did a part for them.
08:20 I talked to them and I played my violin.
08:23 I don't think many
08:25 or most of them had ever heard a violin before.
08:28 So it was really exciting.
08:30 There were two things that I remember in particular.
08:33 Number one, they listened intently
08:37 and then when they knew the songs,
08:39 they sang at the top of their lungs.
08:42 Number two, they clapped so hard
08:45 when every song was over.
08:47 It was a beautiful experience. It is a marvelous place.
08:52 The facilities are great.
08:54 The classrooms are expansive and they are large,
08:57 but there are still some serious needs.
09:00 I'm delighted to have Jim Rennie,
09:01 the CEO of Child Impact here again today.
09:05 Jim, why is this school so important?
09:09 Well, first of all, Jaime,
09:10 it's one of my favorite schools to visit in India.
09:13 The kids just are so hungry to talk to you to,
09:17 to find out about you and they touch you,
09:20 of course, because of they can't see...
09:22 They want to feel you, yes. They want to feel and see you.
09:26 This school is important
09:28 because it fulfills a need that no one else is delivering
09:33 in that region of India.
09:35 First of all, these kids come from very, very poor,
09:40 mainly farming families.
09:42 And when you're born blind
09:45 in a village in that part of India,
09:48 there's no way to go.
09:50 The parents have no idea what to do.
09:53 There's an element of shame in having a blind child.
09:57 And so, this school fulfills the need,
10:01 and I've seen so many of the parents
10:04 of the blind children are so proud
10:08 that their child is getting an education.
10:12 And I went to the blind school one day
10:15 and there was a seven-year-old girl there,
10:18 and she had just come to the school
10:21 and to be honest, it was distressing.
10:24 She couldn't talk, her head was down,
10:27 she would sit in the corner, it was just terrible.
10:32 And I had found her at her house
10:35 and she had been locked in her room
10:38 for three to four years.
10:40 The parents were just so embarrassed
10:42 and didn't know what to do.
10:44 But the exciting thing was,
10:46 when I went back
10:47 to the blind school a year later,
10:50 I just about came to tears
10:52 because here she was...
10:54 She was playing with the children.
10:56 I saw her singing,
10:58 I saw her praying, just amazing change.
11:03 It was all there,
11:04 but she had no way of letting it out.
11:07 So this school makes
11:08 a huge difference with blind children,
11:12 but the need is just overpowering
11:15 from the environment in which they come.
11:18 Yes.
11:20 And even though it is a beautiful facility
11:22 as I've mentioned,
11:24 what are the needs that we currently have there?
11:28 Well, we always have special needs children,
11:30 blind children that need sponsorship,
11:33 but if you can't sponsor a child,
11:36 you can make a donation to the blind school,
11:39 it has a separate fund.
11:41 It's very costly to run the school.
11:44 And these children have exactly what it says special needs.
11:49 So you can either sponsor a child,
11:52 or you can support the blind school fund.
11:56 Okay.
11:57 Now Child Impact also operates and funds a deaf school.
12:02 Can you tell me a little bit about that
12:04 because I haven't been there?
12:06 Well, this is located in southern India,
12:09 south of the city of Bangalore and a city called Kollegal,
12:13 it has just over 95 students.
12:16 Once again, it's a boarding school.
12:18 It's an Adventist mission school
12:21 and the children come from similar backgrounds
12:24 to the children at the blind school,
12:26 very rural community.
12:28 And once again, when a child is born deaf,
12:31 the parents simply don't know what to do.
12:34 They don't know what sign language is?
12:36 It's an embarrassment and so, these children are given hope.
12:41 And once again, you go there
12:42 and you see them singing with sign language,
12:46 and it's just a school that's having a huge impact.
12:53 One hundred and sixty blind children
12:55 and over 95 deaf children
12:58 are getting opportunities to do things
13:00 that they'll never do otherwise
13:02 and that's thanks to your generosity.
13:05 We thank you and we ask for you to continue
13:09 to be a part of Child Impact to reach these
13:12 and many other young people in there.
13:18 I'm Shawn Boonstra,
13:19 Speaker/Director for the Voice of Prophecy,
13:22 and I've been involved with Asian Aid for many years.
13:25 I'm excited
13:26 that they are growing and helping
13:28 more children in need
13:29 and very excited with their new name,
13:31 Child Impact International.
13:34 Voice of Prophecy continues to partner with Child Impact,
13:37 both in rescuing girls from trafficking in India
13:41 and with outreach in Myanmar.
13:43 My family continues to sponsor Sheela,
13:45 the young lady we sponsored in India.
13:48 Child Impact International is going to have a big impact
13:52 on the lives of thousands of children
13:54 in Adventist mission schools and other projects,
13:57 and we at Voice of Prophecy
13:59 are really excited to be a partner.
14:07 Our television series Hope in Motion
14:10 has been a big success.
14:12 And we want to continue to share with you
14:15 some of the field stories
14:16 that we have filmed over the years.
14:19 So just from time to time, it may refer to Asian Aid
14:23 as we reflect on these great stories
14:26 as we share them with you.
14:45 Bobbili, a small town
14:47 near the costal city of Vizag in India
14:49 has nothing to offer to a visitor.
14:51 Its streets often bustling
14:53 and chaotic are typical of rural towns in India.
15:00 Poverty is widespread
15:01 and people struggle to meet ends,
15:03 doing menial jobs and often attending
15:05 to paddy fields owned by landlords.
15:08 Visits to villages around here only amplify once perception
15:12 of abstract poverty people live in on a daily basis.
15:16 But it is in this despairing and gloomy environment,
15:19 we often get to see
15:21 and experience hopefulness and optimism.
15:25 Over the last 15 years, Child Impact International
15:28 has undertaken numerous developmental work
15:31 in and around the Bobbili area.
15:33 It has supported schools through its sponsorship program
15:36 and built a school for the blind.
15:39 One of its recent projects is the construction
15:42 of a brand new orphanage in Karada village,
15:44 the Sunrise Children Home.
15:54 From its humble beginning in a cramped building in town,
15:57 the orphanage has shifted to a spacious campus
16:00 in the countryside,
16:01 situated about 10 miles from Bobbili.
16:04 The new campus gives the children
16:06 an ideal place to live, learn, and play.
16:12 How many of you like this room? Okay.
16:16 So you want to sleep here? Yes.
16:33 You know, it's taken time to build the new orphanage
16:37 and the children have been brought
16:38 along the journey.
16:40 So they were given an idea
16:41 that you're going to have a better home.
16:43 It's like asking, you're going to go to heaven
16:45 and we've got a better home.
16:46 So they had this idea of having a better home
16:49 and they've been asking questions
16:51 as this whole thing was in progress,
16:53 and now they have it and they are just so excited.
16:56 It is such a wonderful place to go
16:58 from such a cramped environment
17:01 to such an expansive free environment.
17:15 The children still attend
17:17 the Seventh-day Adventist school in town.
17:19 But Sunrise Home has its own bus
17:21 that takes them to school every day.
17:23 And the bus ride is something
17:24 that children look forward to every morning.
17:32 August 2nd, 2014 was a special day
17:35 for Child Impact International and everyone at Sunrise Home,
17:39 a new boys' dorm was inaugurated by renowned
17:41 Adventist violinist, Jaime Jorge.
17:45 It was very emotional for me to be here
17:47 at the opening of the boys' dormitory.
17:50 It was just so great that Jamie Jorge
17:52 could be here to do the dedication and arguably
17:56 we could say it's the end of the project, but it's not.
18:00 Yes, the donors have build a great facility,
18:04 but the ongoing need for orphans in this home,
18:07 the ongoing operating needs,
18:09 the ongoing needs to sponsorship
18:12 simply means it's not over.
18:18 Although there is ongoing need for sponsorship
18:21 and other needs at Sunrise Home,
18:22 it is encouraging knowing that this facility
18:25 has the capability to double
18:26 the number of children and in the future,
18:28 there is facility to build another floor,
18:31 thereby having the capacity to facilitate
18:33 the ever increasing inflow
18:35 of children arriving at Sunrise Home each year.
18:38 In my union,
18:40 we have 850,000 members
18:45 and there are hundreds of needs in this union,
18:48 especially there are orphan children,
18:50 there are semi-orphan children,
18:52 and therefore we really face challenge.
18:54 Today, expanding and adding
18:55 these facilities in the boys' hostel
18:57 will really be a great blessing
18:58 because these children are adjusting somewhere
19:00 and they don't have proper facilities.
19:02 They want to feel with their friends
19:04 as if it is their own home
19:06 and this will be a unique identity
19:08 that will build confidence in them,
19:09 and they will really develop in the proper way
19:11 in the Adventist atmosphere.
19:39 Twelve-year-old Durga Prasad
19:41 and his eleven-year-old brother Rajesh
19:43 came to Sunrise Home three years ago.
19:45 They were rescued
19:46 from the streets by a local NGO Childline,
19:49 after a newspaper article appeared in a local daily
19:52 with the title "mother for sale."
19:54 Childline immediately followed up the story
19:57 with the concerned people
19:59 and rescued the boys and took them in their custody.
20:04 After we brought them here,
20:06 we came to know that their father died
20:08 and the mother found another man,
20:10 and she moved in with him.
20:12 But he forced her into prostitution
20:15 and forced the boys on to the streets to beg
20:18 and sell newspaper and fruits.
20:20 He used that money, drinking and gambling.
20:33 Durga Prasad and Rajesh woke up every day
20:37 to the blaring sound of train horns
20:39 or the screeching halt of its iron wheels.
20:41 The buzz and hustle of the street
20:43 near the train station at Vizianagaram
20:45 was their domain
20:47 and the railway platform their shelter.
20:49 The boys were forced to go and beg
20:51 or steal by their mother's boyfriend,
20:53 and when they refused, they were beaten.
20:56 Fearing the beatings that awaited them at home,
20:58 they spend most of their time living on the railway platform,
21:01 earning some money selling fruits or begging.
21:04 After they were rescued
21:05 and taken into custody by Childline,
21:07 Durga Prasad and Rajesh were brought to Sunrise Home.
21:14 I'm from Bobbili town and I used to live very close
21:17 to where the old Sunrise Home was.
21:20 Then I informed by superiors about it
21:23 and recommended these two boys to Sunrise Home.
21:27 Sunrise Home is highly regarded
21:29 throughout the district for its work
21:31 with the shelter it provides to orphaned
21:33 and abandoned children like Durga Prasad and Rajesh.
21:37 Most of the children are coming to Sunrise Home recommended
21:40 by police department,
21:43 and non-governmental organizations,
21:45 and the Childline, and rescued children,
21:49 most of them are here the rescued children.
21:53 In this whole of the Vizianagaram district,
21:55 only this home is best home
21:58 and the government will recommend
21:59 all the children to stay here only.
22:02 Okay. Wow.
22:04 At our homes like Sunrise, we have children
22:07 from varied backgrounds, varied stories,
22:10 and honest some of them are hard to comprehend,
22:13 and just like these two boys
22:15 who were found on a railway platform
22:18 at the train station, could you imagine it,
22:21 could you imagine living
22:22 there having to scrape up an existence?
22:26 They were exploited by many people
22:28 and they had no hope.
22:30 Now, at least they have come to Sunrise Home
22:33 where they have a new direction,
22:37 and now they have hope of an education,
22:40 they have a hope of the future,
22:42 and the Asian Aid sponsorship program
22:44 will have a big difference in their lives.
22:49 Durga Prasad and Rajesh are in a place
22:51 where they can leave
22:52 behind the fear of being beaten and exploited,
22:55 leave behind the struggles of growing up in the streets
22:57 and instead are in a safe and comfortable place,
23:01 a place where they don't feel like
23:02 they're orphan or abandoned.
23:04 So by having an orphanage, we can access these children
23:07 who really won't have the basics in life,
23:09 who now can have the basics in life to go forward.
23:13 So that's what orphanage is doing.
23:15 They get the children who really need help
23:18 and don't have anyone to help them.
23:22 Child Impact is giving them that help.
23:24 Child Impact is giving them that new life
23:27 through its special need schools,
23:29 at an orphanage like Sunrise Home,
23:31 and is giving them an opportunity
23:32 to receive a proper education.
23:34 One of the great blessing is
23:36 that we cannot do everything by on our own
23:39 because of certain reasons.
23:40 I thank God for special organizations
23:44 like Asian Aid.
23:45 They are uniquely tuned to meet exactly our needs,
23:50 where we really need,
23:51 especially we need next generation
23:53 to be prepared for the church work
23:55 and these children
23:57 who are trained up in the homes and with their help,
24:00 with their support, we educate our poor children,
24:02 they're the next generation,
24:04 faithful workers for the church.
24:06 And it is really transforming.
24:07 I really thank God,
24:09 every sponsor that is supporting this work,
24:11 every leader in this organization,
24:13 they are really doing the work with dedication and commitment.
24:17 They reach unto us, they openly talk their ideas
24:20 and we tell our needs, and they really fit in.
24:22 I'm proud of this important organization,
24:25 and they are truly beneficial
24:26 to my union here in East Central India.
24:30 It was painful for us to learn
24:31 that the boys' mother is still making her living
24:33 through prostitution
24:34 and does not know the whereabouts of her sons.
24:37 Taking the children away
24:38 from the mother may sound cruel and callous,
24:41 but extraordinary circumstances call
24:43 for extraordinary measures for the welfare
24:45 and the future of the children.
24:47 Like Rajesh and Durga Prasad, there are so many children
24:50 who are having very bad family backgrounds.
24:54 Sunrise Home is giving them good directions in their lives.
25:00 Today, Child Impact International
25:02 is reaching out to children in need.
25:04 And Sunrise Home is a safe haven
25:07 for these children,
25:08 providing not just their basic needs
25:10 and an opportunity for an education,
25:12 but giving them parental love and affection,
25:14 the chance and hope for a brighter future.
25:40 A couple of years ago, my daughters and I had
25:43 a wonderful opportunity to travel to India,
25:46 and while we were there,
25:47 we met yet another part of our family
25:49 and that's our sponsored daughter, Sheela.
25:52 We had the privilege of sponsoring Sheela
25:54 through Child Impact International
25:57 for more than three years now.
25:59 And you know, while we were there,
26:01 she shared with us
26:02 that her dream was to become a nurse.
26:05 Now, what a wonderful privilege it is for us now
26:09 as a family to know
26:11 that she is fulfilling that dream.
26:13 Sheela is now studying to be a nurse.
26:16 She is in college
26:17 and we could not be happier for her.
26:20 It's been wonderful to be part of that journey with her.
26:23 And you know, sponsoring a child
26:25 through Child Impact,
26:26 it's made an incredible difference
26:28 for our family.
26:30 And I know that for you sponsoring a child
26:32 can make a difference for you too.
26:34 And most importantly, it can make the difference
26:36 in the life of a child every day.


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