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00:10 Our television series Hope In Motion
00:13 has been a big success
00:15 and we want to continue to share with you
00:17 some of the field stories
00:19 that we have filmed over the years.
00:21 So just from time to time, it may refer to Asian Aid,
00:26 as we reflect on these great stories
00:29 as we share them with you.
00:34 In this episode of Hope In Motion,
00:37 we go to Sri Lanka to see how Child Impact International
00:40 is helping the Adventist mission
00:42 in this island nation.
00:44 It makes a huge difference
00:45 when individuals and organizations
00:47 from around the world give support to us
00:50 here at Lakpahana.
00:52 We visited Lakpahana College and Seminary,
00:54 an Adventist institution
00:56 that is preparing soldiers for Christ.
00:58 This school, Lakpahana College and Seminary
01:01 means a lot to our mission
01:04 because this is where we train most of our workers.
01:09 And witness how Child Impact sponsorship
01:11 is helping a young sibling overcome a tragic past.
01:32 Child Impact International is an organization giving hope.
01:36 Previously called Asian Aid,
01:38 Child Impact International
01:40 is an organization fostering permanent positive change
01:43 in the lives of disadvantaged children
01:45 and their communities.
01:47 Child Impact is committed to making a difference
01:49 in the lives of children and those who are in need,
01:52 serving communities in India, Nepal,
01:55 Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar,
01:57 and will soon expand to other countries.
02:00 For the last 50 years,
02:01 Child Impact has invested in the futures of people,
02:04 and their investment has proven infinite returns.
02:07 Driven by the dedication to helping those
02:09 who have the least,
02:11 Child Impact is an organization focused
02:13 on the welfare of children,
02:15 implementing diverse development projects,
02:17 and sponsoring thousands of children.
02:19 Their outreach spans from child rescue operations
02:22 to providing an education
02:24 for orphans, deaf, and the blind children,
02:27 giving them a sense of place, a home,
02:30 but above all, Child Impact is an organization giving hope,
02:34 giving hope to children, giving hope to communities,
02:37 giving hope to the ones who need it the most.
02:40 This is Hope In Motion.
03:05 Sri Lanka is an island nation
03:07 located just a few miles from the southern tip of India.
03:11 Because of its natural beauty and location,
03:13 it is commonly known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.
03:18 Until 1972,
03:20 it was called by its Portuguese derived name Ceylon.
03:23 Like its neighbor India, Sri Lanka is a diverse country,
03:27 home to many religious ethnicities and languages,
03:30 but it's predominantly a Buddhist nation
03:32 with a rich Buddhist heritage.
03:35 Although the Seventh-day Adventist Church mission
03:38 was organized here in 1950,
03:40 the church membership is only around 4,000.
03:43 This is why Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary
03:46 was established in Kandy
03:48 to meet the challenges
03:49 of the Adventist mission in Sri Lanka.
03:51 This school Lakpahana College and Seminary
03:55 means a lot to our mission
03:57 because this is where we train most of our workers.
04:01 Right from the inception of this school,
04:04 it has trained many workers
04:06 who are serving here in Sri Lanka,
04:10 as well as in other countries.
04:12 So we really respect, and we value the school
04:17 because it's a great service
04:20 to the community and to our church.
04:26 Established just outside Sri Lanka's second largest city
04:29 Kandy, Lakpahana, over the decades
04:32 has produced many workers for the mission field.
04:34 We're providing the future really of the church.
04:40 If you were to go around Sri Lanka today
04:44 and look at most of the pastors
04:46 and the leadership of the Church,
04:48 they're all products of Lakpahana.
04:51 And even if you look at some of the leading businessmen
04:53 around the country,
04:54 they're all products of Lakpahana.
04:56 Lakpahana has played a huge role
04:58 in the work of the church here in Sri Lanka.
05:02 Being the only Adventist institution
05:04 for higher education in Sri Lanka,
05:06 the demand for admission is high
05:08 among Adventist community.
05:10 Children also come from
05:11 different socio-economic backgrounds
05:13 and from various parts of Sri Lanka
05:15 and are exposed to the Christian environment
05:17 and to a Christian education and lifestyle
05:20 in this predominantly Buddhist culture.
05:22 But many students in Lakpahana
05:24 like Adventist schools in other South Asian countries
05:27 come from rural and poor backgrounds
05:29 and are unable to pay basic tuition fees
05:31 required to attend a boarding school
05:33 like Lakpahana.
05:35 This is where Child Impact plays a crucial role
05:37 in giving that opportunity for those children
05:39 who are from an underprivileged background.
05:42 We are very happy that there are sponsoring organizations
05:44 such as Asian Aid,
05:47 who has come forward to sponsor
05:51 about 80 or 90 or even more students.
05:55 And because of their assistance,
05:58 we are able to educate these children
06:01 and run this school without much problem.
06:07 Our church work is very dependent
06:11 on Asian Aid children and its workforce.
06:16 And so it's not only the development of that child,
06:21 it's where that child goes.
06:23 And they go in so many directions
06:25 without having an impact
06:27 not only on them but on their community.
06:31 And the other thing is too,
06:32 they have a big impact on their immediate family,
06:35 so they impact on their parents,
06:37 their mothers, their uncles and aunts,
06:40 and in their local community.
06:43 We are creating a future for those
06:45 who really are left behind
06:47 and need someone to give them a hand up,
06:50 never a hand out
06:52 because by giving an education, it's a hand up.
06:55 They can help themselves.
06:57 They don't have to rely on people forever.
07:01 It's not a welfare issue.
07:03 It's creating a new possibility for children.
07:07 And the kids that are sponsored really, really do benefit.
07:14 But not all are lucky to get this benefit.
07:16 The school administration is under pressure
07:19 to secure sponsorship
07:20 for the regular inflow of students
07:22 that come for admission each year.
07:24 Sixty percent of our students are sponsored,
07:27 and with a growing enrollment,
07:29 that means we need a growing base of sponsors.
07:33 At the beginning of the year, which is January,
07:36 we made a faith decision,
07:39 and that was if you came from Adventist parents
07:42 or you're an Adventist,
07:44 you could come here, and we would find a sponsor.
07:47 Now that was a real faith step.
07:49 And the Lord has blessed us immensely.
07:52 But with all of our students are not sponsored,
07:55 and I have a huge waiting list of students on my desk
08:01 who want to come to Lakpahana,
08:02 they're from Adventist backgrounds,
08:04 but we just do not have the sponsorships.
08:08 Child Impact has been a part of Lakpahana
08:10 for a number of years,
08:11 mainly through its sponsorship program.
08:14 Presently, over 90 students are sponsored by Child Impact,
08:17 thus playing an important role
08:19 in the development of Lakpahana.
08:21 If you haven't been in mission field
08:24 in a third world country,
08:26 economics are so different than they are in the United States.
08:29 And the sponsorship of a student is just...
08:33 I mean, I don't even know
08:34 how to describe how important it is.
08:36 It's just, it's our life blood.
08:39 How are you? Welcome back.
08:41 Good to see you again.
08:42 How are you?
08:44 Pastor Brooke Sadler is a retired
08:46 school administrator from Tennessee,
08:48 who served as principal of Lakpahana in the 1970s.
08:52 I was comfortably in retirement in Northeast Tennessee,
08:56 enjoying sitting on the couch, looking at the mountains.
08:59 And I kept getting emails
09:03 that the school here needed some help.
09:07 And so I actually came over on a visit
09:09 and looked at it and realized, yes, it did need help.
09:14 I went home with no intention of coming back.
09:18 And then people started talking to me, and said,
09:22 "Why don't you go back?"
09:24 And I said, "I'm 71 years old, should I be a principal again?"
09:29 And so anyway, make a long story short,
09:32 my wife and I prayed about it.
09:33 We came back, and I'm principal,
09:35 and we've been here 10 months,
09:37 and the Lord has blessed immensely,
09:39 and we'll be here
09:41 as long as the Lord wants us to be.
09:43 Now we were able to get his service
09:46 back here in Lakpahana.
09:49 Although he's now retired,
09:51 but still he has very graciously volunteered
09:54 to come and serve Lakpahana
09:57 and try to do his best to revive Lakpahana
10:00 and bring it to what it was during that golden era.
10:06 Good to see you again.
10:08 Since pastor Sadler's return,
10:10 Lakpahana has undertaken the path to steady growth
10:14 but the going hasn't been easy.
10:16 There were all kinds of areas of need,
10:19 the physical plant, the classrooms.
10:23 But Asian Aid USA has helped us
10:26 with some funding, others have helped us,
10:29 and we're making huge progress
10:31 in bringing this school back to what it really should be.
10:34 And we're just so proud to be able to assist
10:38 with the redevelopment of Lakpahana
10:42 but also to sponsor children there.
10:45 But our key role at the moment
10:47 is assisting in the development of the school.
10:50 This is the only
10:52 Adventist college or institution in Sri Lanka
10:57 that is developing children
10:59 for college degree and college work.
11:03 So it has a very important role to fulfill on this country.
11:08 One of the great things about
11:09 being part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide
11:12 is the support that it helps you.
11:14 And it makes a huge difference
11:15 when individuals and organizations
11:18 from around the world
11:19 give support to us here at Lakpahana.
11:22 Child Impact International
11:24 has been a huge part of this support system at Lakpahana.
11:27 The school under the leadership of Pastor Brooke Sadler
11:30 has taken a proactive approach in relying less on sponsorship
11:34 and providing a recovering source of income
11:36 for the school by reviving and redeveloping
11:39 some of its industries.
11:40 This is our dairy
11:42 in which we have nine cows and three calves, two females.
11:47 We want to expand this very much.
11:49 We use the milk for the cafeteria,
11:51 we sell milk,
11:52 and we're starting to make curd.
11:54 If we make curd out of the milk,
11:56 we make more money, so more income.
11:58 So we want this, again,
11:59 as an income source for the school
12:01 but we also...
12:02 This is where the students work,
12:04 we don't have any help other than students, all the milking,
12:07 everything is taken care of by the students.
12:09 They come morning and evening and milk
12:11 and take care all of it.
12:12 They're a great bunch of kids.
12:17 The poultry has been restarted since I came back.
12:19 We have about 600 chickens laying chickens
12:23 and we get about 558.
12:25 We use it to increase the nutrition at the school
12:28 so that children get eggs more often.
12:30 We also use it for bakery products
12:32 and we sell for income for the school.
12:35 And we hope to increase the number of cows and chickens
12:40 but this is a very important part of what we're doing.
12:41 And again our student labor, it's all done by students.
12:45 Boys who are standing behind you are waiting to go to work.
12:54 The clinic has also become operational now,
12:57 although small it is adequate
12:59 to meet the needs of the students.
13:03 We didn't have a functional clinic before.
13:06 After Pastor Sadler came back, we have started this clinic.
13:10 So now we have facility
13:12 to treat minor ailments and wounds.
13:15 This clinic is a great help
13:17 for children and the staff here.
13:19 A clinic in a campus is essential
13:21 for a large boarding school like Lakpahana.
13:23 For if a child gets a small cut,
13:26 they have to almost get that treated immediately
13:28 or it's gets infected,
13:29 but they are also blessed to have Lakeside
13:31 Adventist Hospital about 15 miles away.
13:34 So when a child needs extra attention,
13:36 they are sent to Lakeside.
13:38 There are also plans to collaborate
13:40 with Lakeside Adventist Hospital
13:41 to start a vocational nursing program at Lakpahana
13:44 so that the school can also provided
13:46 Adventist nurses in the hospital systems
13:48 here in Sri Lanka.
13:54 The school also has a large farm area.
13:56 And with the help of student labor,
13:58 fresh vegetables are cultivated
13:59 to meet the needs of the kitchen.
14:01 Work program is an integral part of hostel life.
14:04 In Adventist institutions throughout South Asia
14:07 and in Lakpahana,
14:08 students actively take part in its upkeeping
14:11 and are encouraged to participate
14:13 and help in the various industries
14:14 inside the campus.
14:16 This not only helps
14:17 lead a disciplined life in the campus
14:19 but it helps them acquire skills needed
14:21 for work in the future.
14:24 When we come back, we look at how a key industry in Lakpahana
14:27 was revived since Pastor Sadler's return.
14:30 And meet Sachikala and Shaan,
14:32 and witness how Child Impact's sponsorship
14:35 is helping them overcome a tragic past.
14:43 I just got a letter
14:44 from our sponsor daughter Sheila.
14:46 I've got to tell you,
14:47 there is nothing like getting one of these letters.
14:50 Our family has been able to sponsor her through
14:52 Child Impact International.
14:54 And because of that,
14:55 she's got a great place to live,
14:56 she's got good food, she's got great clothing.
14:59 Best of all,
15:01 I now found out she's in college,
15:03 she's in nursing school.
15:04 There's nothing like getting a letter like this.
15:08 You need to start getting these letters too.
15:10 Listen, through Child Impact,
15:11 you can make a huge difference in the life of a child.
15:15 And I promise you,
15:16 it's going to make a huge difference
15:18 in your life too.
15:29 At Adventist mission schools like this one on Bangladesh,
15:33 Child Impact International sponsors hundreds of children.
15:37 We often think that sponsorship
15:39 only impacts on the life of the child
15:42 but it's much wider than that.
15:44 It impacts on the parents and on the community.
15:47 But more important, it impacts on the school.
15:51 It becomes valuable income for this school,
15:54 and then in turn,
15:55 it impacts on hundreds of other the children.
15:57 I just asked that you would consider
16:00 sponsoring a child with Child Impact
16:02 or supporting one of its valuable projects
16:05 that will improve education and Adventist mission schools
16:09 like this one right here.
16:42 Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary
16:45 is the only Adventist institution
16:47 in Sri Lanka for higher studies.
16:49 Since its inception in 1923,
16:51 it has served a wonderful variety of students
16:54 from many cultures and religions
16:56 represented in Sri Lanka.
17:01 In a comfortable rural setting,
17:03 the college and seminary provides
17:05 both a quality Adventist education program
17:07 and vocational training
17:09 to prepare the students for life after school.
17:12 Pastor Brooke saddler is the principal of the school.
17:15 Since his return from retirement,
17:17 the school has witnessed a revival.
17:22 One of the key industries that has been revived
17:25 since Pastor Sadler's return is the bakery.
17:28 We started this bakery project from last December.
17:32 Before that we have product only for the cafeteria
17:35 to deliver the breads for the students,
17:37 but now we have good demand outside.
17:40 Per day we were making 120 loaves
17:43 before the project starts.
17:44 After the project starts
17:46 we will start to make 300 breads per day.
17:48 And we don't have any vehicle facilities
17:50 before to deliver things outside
17:52 but now we have a new vehicle to deliver outside.
17:56 So we are making some profit for the school.
18:04 A large institution
18:05 like Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary
18:08 draws attention from all quarters,
18:10 and if it has to maintain
18:11 its standards and build on its reputation,
18:14 it has to have basic facilities
18:16 to attract a large number of paying students.
18:19 Let me start with the need about telling
18:20 my second day here.
18:22 I was sitting in my office
18:23 and I heard these horrible scraping sounds,
18:26 and I discovered that the students
18:29 came the first period they captured a chair
18:32 and took it with him the rest of the day
18:34 because we didn't have enough chairs
18:35 and even 70% of those were broken.
18:38 And the limitations right now for us
18:43 are sponsorships number one,
18:48 and desks and chairs for the classrooms,
18:53 beds and mattresses for the hostels or dormitories,
18:58 those are really the critical needs.
18:59 We have the classroom space.
19:01 We really have the teaching staff,
19:04 some of our classes are small,
19:05 but we just don't have really the basics.
19:09 Every provision made
19:10 and every development envisioned at Lakpahana
19:13 is student-centric.
19:14 There is no question when we invest in a child
19:17 whether it is through sponsorship
19:18 or investing in facilities,
19:20 we endow them with the ability to go through life
19:23 with more than just an education.
19:37 Today is a special day at Lakpahana.
19:39 We are fortunate to witness their Annual Prefect day.
19:43 The chief guest Asanka Weerathunga
19:46 is a naval officer in the Sri Lankan Navy.
19:49 As a person called Asanka Weerathunga
19:53 was designed by this.
19:56 So now I'm proud
20:00 I came here.
20:03 Something like a mother gave a birth to a child,
20:09 Lakpahana gave birth to me.
20:13 Asanka is a former student of Lakpahana.
20:16 Born into an Adventist family, he was a sponsored student.
20:21 There's no question that we change lives,
20:25 and sponsorships change lives
20:27 because these young people come,
20:29 they come from so many different varying backgrounds.
20:32 We just had a special day called a Prefect Day,
20:34 which doesn't mean much in the US,
20:36 but it's where we have student leaders,
20:39 and we had a ceremony for the day and blessing.
20:42 And the chief guest is...
20:44 We have chief guest here is a former student here,
20:47 and he's a naval officer.
20:49 And he will tell you,
20:51 "You know, I came here and I was one person.
20:54 I left I was someone else
20:56 and I've been in the Navy 15 years
20:58 and this has given me a life change."
21:02 Former Students like Asanka
21:04 are living Testaments of the role Lakpahana
21:07 has played in their lives
21:08 and bear witness to the impact sponsorship
21:10 can have on a child's future.
21:13 And we really have a family atmosphere here
21:16 that is wonderful for the kids
21:18 and gives them an opportunity
21:20 to really find Christ
21:22 and to put purpose in their life,
21:25 and that's something that we really, really work hard.
21:30 Sachikala Nishadi
21:32 is a tenth grade student at the school.
21:34 She and her brother Shaan
21:36 come from a village next to Lakpahana.
21:38 Their father is a daily laborer
21:40 working in a small restaurant as a cleaner.
21:44 I'm a daily laborer and I work as a cleaner in a restaurant.
21:49 I go to work at eight in the morning
21:51 and come back late night.
21:53 I get a small amount doing that job,
21:55 and I had difficult time taking care of my children.
21:58 That's why I agreed to send my children to Lakpahana.
22:14 Although hesitant at first,
22:16 Sachikala confided to us
22:18 when asked about the whereabouts of her mother.
22:20 Her mother had set fire to herself
22:22 and died a few years ago.
22:24 And the memory of that fateful day
22:26 is still fresh in her mind.
22:31 When my son was six years old
22:33 and my daughter, nine years old,
22:35 my wife set herself on fire and I went to intervene,
22:39 and I got burned and I fainted.
22:42 And I was admitted to the hospital.
22:45 When I regained consciousness,
22:47 I learnt my wife had passed away.
22:51 Confronted with this unexpected personal tragedy
22:54 and the burden of caring for his young children,
22:56 Sujith Suranga was hoping for a miracle.
23:09 Every Sabbath we came here and then I met this family.
23:15 I saw this little boy, I don't know...
23:18 My heart got touched in.
23:21 I thought I should take him to Lakpahana.
23:24 Then I asked father
23:25 you like to put the children there?
23:27 "I'm waiting", he said,
23:29 "I'm waiting to put them in Lakpahana."
23:33 Moureen de France Kitty's corner
23:34 in charge of Lakpahana
23:36 was moved by the predicament of this family,
23:39 and informed the school administration
23:40 about the children.
23:42 Although not from an Adventist background
23:44 Sachikala and Shaan
23:45 were immediately brought to Lakpahana
23:47 and enrolled with Child Impact's sponsorship program.
23:54 I like to study here because the school
23:56 has a good name in the community.
23:58 All the teachers are friendly and I have good friends here.
24:01 I'm very happy to be here with my brother.
24:06 The real joy is to give people the opportunity
24:10 to see a different future.
24:14 And by seeing it, they can create a future,
24:17 and they don't have to be trapped by their past.
24:21 That is so, so exciting.
24:26 Sachikala and Shaan today are in a place
24:28 where they can overcome their tragic past
24:31 and look forward to a long future
24:32 that lies ahead of them.
24:37 I want to study hard and complete my education.
24:41 And I wish to be a teacher,
24:43 and my brother wants to be an engineer.
24:47 God will bless those who are sponsoring my children.
24:50 I don't know who they are,
24:52 but they're doing a selfless thing,
24:54 and I pray to God that He will bless them
24:56 for what they are doing.
24:59 Today, Child Impact sponsorship program
25:02 is spreading the light of hope to children in Sri Lanka
25:05 and education is transforming their lives.
25:07 This transformation is not just to give them an education
25:10 but give them an opportunity to make a choice for eternity.
25:14 An Adventist institution like Lakpahana
25:16 is giving them that opportunity to make that choice
25:20 and provides them a chance to make a difference
25:22 in the church and the community.
25:24 Lakpahana, of course, as the light of Lanka,
25:27 and it was designed to educate students,
25:32 children for service.
25:34 And I wish
25:35 that it will continue to function in that manner,
25:38 and it will educate our students, our children
25:41 to serve in Sri Lanka.


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