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00:15 The school for speech and hearing in Kollegal, India
00:18 is very special for Child Impact.
00:20 Here, special needs children with hearing disabilities
00:23 are given opportunities to learn, to acquire skills
00:26 and opportunities to transform their lives.
00:29 In today's episode of Hope In Motion,
00:31 we witness how this school
00:33 is helping a struggling single mother
00:35 with a deaf child.
00:36 We meet Divya and her brother
00:38 and discover how your sponsorship
00:39 is impacting their lives.
00:42 Sponsorship makes the greatest impact upon a child.
00:46 Having worked here for the last 10 years,
00:47 I realized that seeing children
00:49 from their young age coming up and then getting into work
00:52 and seeing them standing on their feet
00:54 and supporting their parents, what a joy it is.
00:57 I can tell you that sponsorship is the greatest investment
01:01 that a person can make in the life of another person.
01:15 Children are our future.
01:18 They are full of dreams and desires.
01:21 But in a world of unspeakable despair,
01:23 these ignited minds live in poverty and privation,
01:26 helpless and hopeless.
01:31 Child Impact International is an organization giving hope.
01:35 It is an organization fostering permanent positive change
01:38 in the lives of disadvantaged children
01:40 and those who are in need,
01:43 serving communities in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,
01:48 Myanmar, and beyond.
01:50 For the last 15 years, Child Impact has invested
01:54 in the futures of children
01:55 and their investment has proven infinite returns.
01:58 Driven by their dedication to helping those
02:01 who have the least,
02:02 Child Impact is an organization
02:04 focused on the welfare of children,
02:07 implementing diverse development projects,
02:09 and sponsoring thousands of children.
02:12 Their outreach spans from child rescue operations
02:15 to providing an education for orphans, deaf,
02:18 and the blind children,
02:20 giving them a sense of place, a home.
02:24 But above all, Child Impact is an organization giving hope,
02:28 giving hope to children, giving hope to communities,
02:32 giving hope to the ones who need it the most.
02:40 This is Hope In Motion.
03:08 The school for speech and hearing in Kollegal, India
03:11 is an institution that has, over the years,
03:14 transformed the lives of hundreds of children
03:16 with hearing disabilities.
03:18 Since its beginning nearly 20 years ago,
03:20 it has provided quality education to deaf children
03:23 and has empowered them to stand on their own feet.
03:26 A majority of the students that attend the school
03:29 come from poor rural communities
03:30 around Kollegal town.
03:43 Life in rural India can be unimaginably difficult.
03:46 In a world where disability is viewed as a curse,
03:49 parents face the hostility and humiliation of the society
03:53 and their deaf child grows up neglected
03:55 and utterly hopeless.
03:58 Illiteracy, discrimination,
03:59 and unemployment is the story of India's deaf population,
04:03 but education can change this scenario dramatically.
04:07 Here at the school for speech and hearing in Kollegal,
04:10 simply known as the deaf school,
04:12 children are given the opportunity
04:13 for this dramatic change.
04:17 Divya Kemparaju is a sixth grade student
04:20 at the school.
04:21 She and her brother Mahalinga
04:23 came to the school five years ago.
04:27 Divya and her brother
04:28 came to our school five years back
04:30 along with her mother and grandfather.
04:33 They come from a very poor background
04:36 and they both were born deaf in the family.
04:39 And we found in the last five years
04:42 that they were here,
04:43 Divya is very, very smart, very good in her studies,
04:47 and in all the other activities of the school
04:50 very eager to participate,
04:52 a very bright prospect for the future.
04:56 Being born into a poor household
04:58 comes with its own deprivation and difficulties.
05:01 In such adverse circumstances, one can imagine the troubles
05:04 parents would go through
05:06 when two of their children are born deaf.
05:08 Eventually, Divya and her siblings
05:10 had to deal with the reality of their parents' separation
05:12 and came to live with their grandparents.
05:51 We came to know through Divya's mother
05:53 that Divya's mother and her husband
05:56 don't stay together anymore.
05:57 From the time that the children were very young,
06:01 they have lost their love and affection
06:04 from their father.
06:05 And though the children want to go
06:08 and visit the father's home,
06:10 they're not permitted to do so,
06:11 and they really miss their father a lot.
06:13 In fact, they have an elder brother
06:15 who is able to speak
06:17 and he's the only fatherly figure
06:19 at home actually.
06:22 Divya's older brother Raghavendra
06:24 has completed high school studies
06:26 and had a strong desire to go to college,
06:28 but seeing his mother struggle
06:30 and his grandfather unable to support him
06:32 after his retirement,
06:33 Raghavendra put an end to his higher studies
06:36 and took it upon himself to find a job
06:37 to support his family.
07:30 Poverty is a vicious cycle,
07:32 it truncates a child's dreams and desires
07:34 to greater achievement.
07:36 In a society where finding their basic needs
07:38 is a priority,
07:39 formal education is a luxury they can't afford.
07:42 Parents expect their teenage boys to work
07:44 and support the family.
07:46 Girls are relegated to the kitchen
07:47 and other household chores.
07:49 A girl child born with a disability
07:51 is just a burden.
07:55 You know, there are people who are poor,
07:58 who are really struggling to bring it up,
07:59 to look after their family and bring up their kids,
08:02 and then what happens if you're a girl in the family?
08:04 You know, where do you sit in the hierarchy?
08:07 How are you accepted in society?
08:09 Are the boys given education about the girls?
08:11 So straight away, the girls really have
08:13 an extra challenge here.
08:15 And imagine if that girl has a disability,
08:18 where does that person sit?
08:20 So the need to provide
08:23 special support for all children,
08:25 but especially for girls who have disabilities,
08:28 is an amazing opportunity to help them
08:32 because there is very little that can be done.
08:34 And if they are in their family environment,
08:37 they can't really contribute,
08:39 they can't work and contribute to their families,
08:40 so they're a real burden to the family.
08:42 So we can transform not just the child,
08:46 but the family as well by creating a whole new world
08:49 for this child and for the family.
08:53 You know, there are so many children
08:55 in the villages around India
08:57 where they don't have the opportunity
08:59 to have an education.
09:01 Only if they find a good place where they can study
09:04 and have an education,
09:06 will the potential of the child will be seen.
09:09 There are so many of them who are not able to have
09:11 that kind of an opportunity what Divya is having,
09:14 and we thank God that Divya's mother
09:17 was more than willing to bring the child here
09:19 to our school.
09:20 Usually, many of the parents
09:22 do not want to bring a girl child
09:24 to the school to have an education.
09:25 They feel that the girl should be at home
09:28 to take care of the husband
09:30 and to wash the dishes and to take care of the home,
09:32 they don't want to bring them to the school.
09:34 But we're so glad
09:35 that Divya's mother and her grandfather
09:38 decided to bring her to the school
09:39 and have this wonderful opportunity of education.
09:43 Divya's mother had to overcome
09:44 her psychological and emotional troubles of her domestic life
09:48 to see that her children to not suffer.
09:50 Although illiterate, she wanted to make sure
09:53 Divya and Mahalinga go to school.
09:55 In spite of their inability to hear or speak,
09:58 she believes attending a special needs school
10:00 and receiving a proper education
10:02 can help them stand on their own feet.
10:40 Since the time she joined the deaf school,
10:43 Divya has shown exceptional maturity
10:45 and proven to be a bright student.
10:48 Imagine somebody who is smart like Divya
10:52 stays back in the village, and we all know in the village,
10:56 it's a custom here to get them married so early,
11:00 and if they are girls especially,
11:01 they will be married.
11:03 If Divya happened to stay back in the village,
11:06 by now either should have been married
11:07 or she'll be doing all the household activities.
11:10 But coming to this school has become a blessing for her,
11:13 in turn, it is blessing for us to give her a good education.
11:19 Meeting Divya's family at their village,
11:21 it was clear her family loved her very much
11:24 and she loved her family.
11:25 Even though they live a minimalistic life,
11:28 hospitality was evident.
11:30 Seeing how they are with what they have
11:32 is such a blessing and a valuable lesson
11:34 to all those addicted to consumerism.
11:37 For someone like Divya,
11:39 having a loving family is a blessing.
11:41 Because her mother wanted the best for her,
11:43 she was willing to break away from the shackles
11:45 of her long observed customs and traditions
11:48 in regard to a girl child
11:49 and bring her to a school's boarding environment
11:51 just so she could give her the education
11:53 she otherwise would be unable to provide.
11:56 Divya's mother is so grateful that her two deaf children
11:59 have the opportunity to attend a special needs school
12:03 that caters to their sensitivities.
12:05 Although the pain of life struggle
12:07 was deep within her,
12:08 one could sense how happy she was
12:10 knowing that her children,
12:11 especially her daughter Divya is well taken care of,
12:14 and she is thankful to Divya's sponsors
12:16 for the positive impact they are having
12:18 in her daughter's life.
12:21 Sponsorship makes the greatest impact upon a child.
12:25 Having worked here for the last 10 years,
12:26 I realized that seeing children
12:28 from their young age coming up and then getting into work
12:31 and seeing them standing on their feet
12:33 and supporting their parents, what a joy it is.
12:36 I can tell you that sponsorship is the greatest investment
12:40 that a person can make in the life of another person.
12:54 Divya and Mahalinga
12:55 and every single child sponsored
12:57 are happy to be at the school.
12:59 Most of these children
13:01 understand their difficulties at home
13:02 and understand the opportunities
13:04 they have been given by their sponsors
13:06 and organizations such as Child Impact.
13:10 When Jesus was on this earth, He invited the poor, the blind,
13:13 the lame, the deaf into the temple
13:16 and had fellowship with them.
13:18 Jesus mentioned that when we do service
13:19 to the least of these,
13:21 we are doing service to Him, and He commissioned us
13:23 to take care of the ones who are less fortunate than us.
13:26 What a blessing it is for us to be in His service.
13:49 At Adventist mission schools like this one in Bangladesh,
13:52 Child Impact International sponsors hundreds of children.
13:56 We often think that sponsorship
13:58 only impacts on the life of the child,
14:01 but it's much wider than that.
14:03 It impacts on the parents and on the community,
14:06 but more important, it impacts on the school.
14:10 It becomes a valuable income for the school
14:13 and then in turn, it impacts on hundreds of other children.
14:17 I just ask that you would consider
14:19 sponsoring a child with Child Impact
14:21 or supporting one of its valuable projects
14:24 that will improve education at Adventist mission schools
14:28 like this one right here.
14:40 A couple of years ago, my daughters and I
14:42 had a wonderful opportunity
14:44 to travel to India, and while we were there,
14:46 we met yet another part of our family
14:49 and that's our sponsored daughter Sheila.
14:51 We had the privilege of sponsoring Sheila
14:54 through Child Impact International
14:56 for more than three years now.
14:58 And you know, while we were there,
15:00 she shared with us that her dream
15:03 was to become a nurse.
15:05 Now, what a wonderful privilege it is for us now as a family
15:09 to know that she is fulfilling that dream.
15:13 Sheila is now studying to be a nurse.
15:15 She is in college
15:17 and we could not be happier for her.
15:19 It's been wonderful to be part of that journey with her.
15:22 And, you know, sponsoring a child
15:24 through Child Impact,
15:26 it's made an incredible difference
15:28 for our family.
15:29 And I know that for you sponsoring a child
15:31 can make a difference for you too.
15:33 And most importantly, it can make the difference
15:36 in the life of a child every day.
16:16 Advith Sampath Kumar was born deaf
16:19 and his unfortunate birth brought disharmony
16:22 between his parents' married life.
16:24 In rural communities in India, marital discord is not uncommon
16:27 between spouses that have a disabled child.
16:30 Advith was just three and a half years old
16:32 when he was brought to the school
16:34 for speech and hearing in Kollegal, India.
16:36 A special needs school for deaf children,
16:38 which is supported by Child Impact International.
16:57 When Advith came with his mother to our school,
16:59 he was just three and a half years old,
17:01 and we were wondering whether he'll be able to cope up
17:04 with the school routine.
17:06 But we were so much surprised,
17:08 the first day after his mother left him here and went,
17:11 he was telling bye to his mother
17:12 when she left.
17:14 And we saw that he was slowly learning
17:16 how to eat on his own and get along with the students
17:20 and follow the program of the school.
17:23 It's so amazing.
17:25 He was such a person who was able to adjust
17:28 with the other children very well,
17:30 and we're so glad that he has come here
17:32 and doing a good...
17:34 He's having a good education.
17:36 Within a week, he was able to,
17:37 you know, write the alphabets and,
17:40 you know, the numbers, and his teacher was showing me
17:42 and I was so encouraged.
17:44 If such a young child can do this, man,
17:47 miracles can happen over here.
18:00 Like Advith, a majority of children
18:02 that live and attend the school for the deaf
18:04 come from broken families.
18:07 When his father realized Advith would be deaf for life,
18:10 he abandoned his family
18:11 and demanded divorce from his wife.
18:46 Her husband began ill treating her
18:48 and his family became acrimonious toward her,
18:51 blaming her for her son's disability.
18:54 With no one to support her,
18:55 Advith's mother had to move into a small rented home
18:58 and deal with her ordeal all on her own.
19:01 For a young single mother like her,
19:03 it is not an ideal situation,
19:05 especially in a rural environment.
19:09 When I go to visit the homes of our children,
19:12 sometimes I feel so helpless.
19:14 What more can we do?
19:15 We are able to help the child to come up,
19:17 but there's literally nothing actually we can do
19:20 to change the situation of the family now.
19:24 And we hope that through the help
19:26 that Child Impact is doing to the child,
19:30 one day the child will be able to give hope to the parents
19:34 and make the life of the parents better.
19:36 Advith's mother being single
19:39 and literally not having any support
19:40 from her brother and brother's family
19:42 because the brother's wife is not so in favor of her
19:46 staying in with her brother,
19:47 so she has taken a separate home and, you know,
19:51 putting herself in risk of being misused by other men.
19:54 And we worry about such things but there's literally nothing
19:58 that we can actually do to change the situation.
20:01 Fortunately, Advith's mother came to know
20:04 about the school of speech and hearing
20:05 through an acquaintance and brought him to the school.
20:08 Understandably, she misses him at home,
20:10 but she can take comfort in the fact
20:12 that there is a school that provides her son
20:14 with not just a special education he needs,
20:16 but a school that provides him a safe and homely environment
20:19 to grow up in.
20:56 Sponsorship and individual sponsors play a huge role
20:59 in the development of the deaf children
21:01 when they are at school.
21:02 Without sponsorship, many parents would not be able
21:05 to send their children to a special need school
21:07 such as the deaf school in Kollegal.
21:09 Advith does not have a sponsor yet,
21:11 but the school administration is confident
21:13 that someone will come forward to sponsor him this year.
21:17 Sponsorship is such a worthwhile investment
21:22 that I can assure you that not a single pie
21:24 that is sent by the sponsors has gone waste.
21:27 I have seen the lives of many, many children
21:30 changed from nothing
21:32 to getting on their feet, supporting their parents,
21:34 and living in a fulfilled lives.
21:37 And I want to tell you that this institution,
21:39 though we are able to send out students every year
21:42 for their highest studies,
21:44 it was my dream to see that
21:45 we start some vocation subjects here.
21:48 Vocation subjects such as,
21:50 you know, welding or tailoring or,
21:53 you know, commercial practices or computer education,
21:56 these will add life skills to these children
21:59 before they leave our institution
22:01 and it'll make them,
22:02 you know, confident to face the world.
22:05 This school established in this place
22:08 has been really a blessing to many.
22:12 In that regards,
22:14 I would like to say that there are many children here
22:16 who are from very poor background,
22:18 and if it is not for this school,
22:20 they would have been back at home
22:22 doing some odd jobs.
22:23 And this school has become a blessing for many children
22:27 and for the parents because they are here
22:31 having a good education, having good shelter,
22:34 and above all,
22:37 they are forming a good character to be kind,
22:39 to be sharing,
22:41 and they feel like a family here
22:42 because all the children are here of their same kind,
22:46 so they are like brotherly, sisterly kind here.
22:50 And there are many other children
22:52 who have finished their studies
22:54 and they are standing on their own feet
22:56 and they are a good example for these children,
22:58 they look up to them and they have dreams
23:01 and they have hope that their dreams
23:04 will be fulfilled one day.
23:09 Child impact is a partner
23:11 in the development of the deaf school,
23:12 and individual sponsors
23:14 are a huge part of the support system
23:15 for this school.
23:17 The school for speech and hearing
23:18 has opened new possibilities
23:20 for hundreds of young girls and boys like Advith
23:22 and it continues to present them
23:24 with a new outlook
23:25 in their very challenging lives.
23:29 I'm so glad that the church, with the support of NGO
23:33 such as Child Impact International
23:35 and many other NGOs, are supporting the downtrodden,
23:41 the neglected members of the society,
23:44 the special needs people,
23:45 and schools such as this deaf school
23:48 or the blind school,
23:50 helps us to have the focus of ministry
23:54 to such group of people.
23:57 Our special schools have a special impact,
24:00 and the reality is that
24:01 many people at all levels of society
24:04 are becoming to know our work
24:06 through these special homes and schools.
24:08 So they're impacting the child, the family, and the community
24:13 with what Christianity
24:14 and Seventh-day Adventists are all about.
24:18 Special needs ministries is an area in which
24:22 we are very, very interested in
24:24 and very proactively working,
24:26 helping the world field to understand that
24:29 there are many people
24:30 in various areas and sectors of the population
24:33 that have not been touched.
24:35 Special needs ministries in Child Impact
24:38 is also extremely helpful to God's church
24:42 because those who are physically impaired,
24:46 those who are visually impaired,
24:48 or perhaps hearing impaired,
24:51 they are the individuals
24:53 that are being wonderfully serviced
24:55 through Child Impact in India and in other places,
25:00 six different countries that Child Impact is active in.
25:04 You know, the Lord really wants us to attract
25:08 and to be friendly to and help
25:11 those who are the least of these,
25:14 and they in turn will then become
25:16 great missionaries for the Lord
25:18 within their sector and people group.
25:34 Today, this school for the deaf
25:35 is a beacon for Christ in this area.
25:38 With this special school in Kollegal,
25:40 Child Impact is not only bringing hope to deaf children,
25:43 but also to the community
25:44 as it sees practical Christianity in action.
25:47 The church could not have scripted a better outcome.
25:50 Just being there and demonstrating love
25:53 on a consistent basis reflects the image of God.


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