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John Lomacang at Mountain View College, Myanmar

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00:09 I'm sitting in one of the classrooms here
00:10 on the Southeast Adventist Seminary
00:12 in Myanmar.
00:14 Child Impact International has chosen this
00:16 as one of the locations where they have sponsored
00:18 more than 600 children across Southeast Asia.
00:22 Ninety-five percent of this country is Buddhist.
00:25 That makes it very difficult for the gospel
00:27 to be shared among people that do not know the name Jesus
00:30 or have chosen through cultural reasons
00:32 to not understand who Jesus is.
00:34 But the Seventh-day Adventist Church
00:36 has been established here more than 115 years ago,
00:39 yet there is a tremendous challenge.
00:40 How do you get the gospel out to those individuals
00:44 who have been influenced by quite a different religion?
00:47 This is where Child Impact International
00:48 has come aboard.
00:50 And so you're going to join me today
00:51 as we see the difference that this ministry has made
00:54 in carrying the gospel among the Karen people
00:57 and throughout Southeast Asia.
01:09 Child Impact International is an organization giving hope,
01:13 previously called Asian Aid.
01:15 Child Impact International is an organization
01:18 fostering permanent positive change in the lives
01:21 of disadvantaged children and their communities.
01:24 Child Impact is committed to making a difference
01:26 in the lives of children and those who are in need,
01:29 serving communities in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,
01:33 Myanmar and will soon expand to other countries.
01:37 For the last 50 years,
01:38 Child Impact has invested in the futures of people
01:41 and their investment is proving infinite returns,
01:44 driven by the dedication to helping those
01:46 who have the least.
01:48 Child Impact is an organization
01:50 focused on the welfare of children,
01:52 implementing diverse development projects
01:54 and sponsoring thousands of children.
01:56 Their outreach spans from child rescue operations
01:59 to providing an education for orphans,
02:02 deaf and the blind children giving them a sense of place,
02:06 a home but above all,
02:08 Child Impact is an organization giving hope,
02:11 giving hope to children, giving hope to communities,
02:14 giving hope to the ones who needed the most.
02:17 This is Hope in Motion.
02:38 Child Impact International is an organization
02:40 that is committed to making a difference in the lives
02:43 of needy children
02:44 by providing them with an education
02:46 through its sponsorship program.
02:48 Child Impact is an organization that believes in fostering
02:51 permanent positive change in the lives of children
02:54 and their communities,
02:55 and a primary way of bringing about this change
02:57 is through education.
03:02 Child Impact has been active in Myanmar
03:04 for the last few years,
03:06 sponsoring over 600 students
03:08 through its Educate Myanmar Fund,
03:09 helping poor children from various backgrounds
03:12 attend Adventist mission schools.
03:14 In mission fields like Myanmar,
03:16 Child Impact Sponsorship Program
03:18 not only helps fund children's education
03:20 but has a bigger role in supporting
03:22 the mission of the church.
03:44 My wife Angela and I have had an opportunity
03:46 to travel to many mission fields
03:48 around the world in many countries
03:50 to see how the church works.
03:51 But we have never been to Myanmar.
03:53 So when Jim Rennie invited us to come to Myanmar,
03:56 we were very excited to begin to see a country that,
03:59 up until that point, was a great mystery to us.
04:02 Myanmar formally known as Burma is located in Southeast Asia.
04:07 It borders China, India, Bangladesh, Laos, and Thailand.
04:11 And for that reason,
04:13 it has absorbed many other cultural impacts,
04:15 both religiously and socially.
04:18 For many years, it was ruled colonially,
04:20 and then military rule, but now civilian rule.
04:25 It has opened the doors to the outside world,
04:27 and Myanmar is now free,
04:30 and friendly, and peaceful.
04:32 And, friends, that's very good news
04:34 for the Seventh-day Adventist Church
04:35 and for Child Impact International.
04:46 Pastor John Lomacang and his wife Angela
04:49 are longtime supporters of Child Impact's work.
04:52 And today, they are traveling with Jim Rennie
04:54 to the Mountain View Academy in Central Myanmar.
05:26 It's Monday morning here at Mountain View Academy.
05:28 You know what's exciting?
05:29 The day begins with worship.
05:32 As I was walking and I was listening
05:34 to the young boys and girls
05:35 singing to the top of their voices
05:38 to the glory of God,
05:39 they were smiling, they were excited,
05:42 they look so wonderful in their uniforms,
05:44 and I was so excited to be able to be here
05:46 and begin the day with them.
05:48 What a difference it makes when you begin
05:51 your day with Jesus.
05:52 So I'm going to join them for worship now
05:54 and have the same blessing that God is preparing for them.
05:59 Their visit begins promisingly as they attend morning worship
06:02 with the children,
06:03 but their main objective in visiting the school
06:05 was to see for themselves the impact
06:08 sponsorship is having on underprivileged children
06:10 in Myanmar.
06:12 For Pastor Lomacang and Angela,
06:14 this impact was very evident as they were taken
06:16 around the campus.
06:18 They saw bright, bubbly children
06:20 sitting in their classrooms,
06:21 even though learning conditions
06:23 were not what they were used to seeing.
06:25 These children were being given an opportunity
06:27 to get an education in a very unlikely place.
06:30 This school is an oasis
06:31 in the midst of extreme hardship.
06:35 One thing that moved me coming to this school here in Myanmar
06:38 is the children.
06:40 I love children and I love to see children
06:44 that are content and happy.
06:46 And the children here at this school
06:47 seem to be content and happy,
06:50 and it gives me such joy
06:52 to see the smiles on their faces,
06:54 the peace of God in their hearts.
06:56 So I just praise God for being here,
06:58 for giving me the opportunity to be here,
07:01 to be with Child Impact International
07:03 and for the work that they're doing worldwide.
07:08 Myanmar is a poor country where families struggle
07:11 to provide for their children.
07:13 In a world where they strive to make ends meet,
07:15 sending their children to school
07:16 becomes very difficult.
07:18 But all parents want the best for their children
07:20 and they do view education as a catalyst for change.
07:23 This is where organizations like Child Impact step in
07:27 to make it possible for hundreds of children
07:29 like Esther to attend school
07:31 and receive a quality education.
07:33 Thank you so much.
07:35 Here I am standing with a wonderful family.
07:37 Ethita, whose name in English means Esther,
07:41 her siblings, her mom and her dad, Santu,
07:44 a wonderful family reaching out in their own way as layman
07:49 in this community sharing Jesus.
07:51 But the challenges are great
07:53 because Santu is the only one
07:54 bringing in income into this family,
07:56 and sponsoring their children in the endeavors
07:59 of Christian education is a wonderful
08:01 but a challenging thing.
08:03 The mom is not as well as she'd like to be.
08:05 So how can that possibility, how can that challenge be met?
08:09 Here's where you come in.
08:11 With your prayers and your financial support
08:13 of Child Impact International,
08:15 these lives can be sponsored,
08:16 not just for education, but for eternity.
08:20 I want to invite Chin to come in
08:22 and answer some questions for me
08:24 because she understands the language very well.
08:25 Chin, come stand with me right here.
08:27 Okay, sir. Appreciate it so much.
08:29 I want to ask the father,
08:31 how is it possible,
08:32 how are you providing the needs for the family?
08:43 He works for part-time and do some constructions
08:46 and do the farming.
08:47 Okay, he works part-time in construction and farming.
08:51 And how difficult is it for him on a monthly basis financially?
09:05 They have to be very good
09:11 in managing the money and also very,
09:13 use little amounts for the family as well,
09:16 so it's very hard.
09:17 It's not enough always.
09:19 Not enough always.
09:20 Not enough always, very difficult,
09:21 very challenging to make the ends meet for this family.
09:24 A lot of prayer, I bet so...
09:26 A lot of prayer,
09:27 putting their lives in the Lord's hands,
09:29 and so far he has sustained them wonderfully.
09:32 But what you can do will make amazing differences
09:35 in the lives of all these children.
09:37 I'm sure that Santu and his wife will really,
09:39 deeply appreciate that.
09:41 So thank you for reaching out.
09:43 And in your prayers and your financial support,
09:45 changing and transforming lives
09:47 for this family.
09:54 Esther is studying in the third grade at the school.
09:57 And along with her siblings, she embodies to dreams,
10:00 promises, and the possibilities
10:02 of what good education can provide.
10:04 Even though her parents struggle to educate them,
10:07 they are steadfast in the belief
10:08 that educating their children is the only way out
10:11 and do their part to support them.
10:29 Mountain View Academy has about 360 students
10:32 enrolled at present
10:33 and Child Impact sponsors 60 students.
10:36 There is always a need for sponsorship in schools
10:38 such as this which were mainly established
10:40 to cater to the needs of lay members' children.
10:43 But these schools also have other pressing needs.
10:45 And for organizations like Child Impact,
10:47 it becomes a challenge to strike a balance
10:49 between providing education to the children
10:51 and helping fund infrastructural needs
10:54 at the school.
10:55 As I visit Myanmar,
10:57 I can see that some people have done
10:59 some amazing work here.
11:01 There's been some large donors who have stepped forward
11:04 and invested in infrastructure.
11:07 And now we have a golden opportunity
11:10 to use this infrastructure,
11:12 and sponsorship is a key way that we can ensure
11:15 that children come from the non-Adventist villages
11:19 and from communities,
11:21 and their lives are impacted by the resources
11:24 that we do have here.
11:29 These resources that were envisioned
11:31 by church leaders and generous donors years ago
11:34 continue to be a blessing to hundreds of children
11:36 that pass through its gates.
11:38 It is indeed a golden opportunity
11:40 for us to ensure
11:41 that it continues to benefit needy children
11:42 and their families in this region.
11:44 Sponsorship is a key way to make certain
11:47 that these facilities are not neglected
11:49 and fall into disrepair.
11:51 For Esther's friend, Thine Siet Shey,
11:53 Mountain View Academy has been her home
11:55 since she was brought to the school
11:56 when she was just a child.
11:58 Her parents live far away and have never come to see her.
12:01 Today, Child Impact sponsorship has not just given her a place
12:05 to live and learn,
12:06 but it's given her a chance to know
12:07 and accept Jesus as her savior.
12:10 Having a good day?
12:12 Friends, here I am sitting down with Esther's friend, Thine,
12:17 who's been on this campus for five years.
12:19 She's been here since kindergarten,
12:21 and now she's in the second grade.
12:23 What an amazing story.
12:25 One of our local pastors became aware of her story
12:27 and her family's plight and then he brought her
12:30 to this campus where she's been,
12:32 now in the second grade.
12:33 Not only is she in the second grade,
12:35 all that time, she's not been able to see her family.
12:38 But her life has been transformed and changed.
12:40 And the smile that you see today
12:43 is because she's not only been here
12:45 but she's been baptized,
12:46 she's been able to meet Jesus as her personal Savior.
12:49 And the difference has been because of what you've done,
12:51 her life is being transformed and changed.
12:54 Her world is not what it used to be.
12:56 Her world is expanding and growing.
12:58 And the donations may seem small
13:00 but the impact to her life is something
13:02 you'll never be able to measure in this life
13:05 but maybe in eternity.
13:07 So thank you for all that you do
13:08 for Child Impact International and thank you for what you do
13:11 to make a difference in the lives of young ladies
13:14 like Thine and Esther.
13:19 Ellen White says,
13:21 "True education is the harmonious development
13:23 of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers.
13:27 It prepares the student
13:28 for the joy of service in this world
13:30 and for the higher joy of wider service
13:32 in the world to come."
13:33 What an opportunity for us
13:35 to impact the lives in the mission field.
13:38 Your sponsorship is not just preparing
13:40 these precious children for the world outside
13:42 but for the world to come.
13:44 Sponsors have a huge role in the mission field.
13:48 What it does,
13:51 it goes a long way, sponsorship,
13:53 it helps with their books, their education,
13:56 food, a dormitory, but most of all,
13:59 it prepares them for eternity.
14:01 They're learning about the Jesus
14:03 they have never known at home.
14:05 But when you sponsor a child,
14:08 it is truly preparing them for eternity.
14:11 And that's what this is all about.


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