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00:07 Child Impact International is an organization giving hope,
00:11 previously called Asian Aid.
00:13 Child Impact International is an organization
00:15 fostering permanent positive change
00:18 in the lives of disadvantaged children
00:20 and their communities.
00:21 Child Impact is committed to making a difference
00:24 in the lives of children and those who are in need.
00:27 Serving communities in India, Nepal, Bangladesh,
00:30 Sri Lanka, Myanmar,
00:32 and will soon expand to other countries.
00:34 For the last 50 years,
00:36 Child Impact has invested in the futures of people
00:39 and their investment has proven infinite returns.
00:42 Driven by the dedication
00:43 to helping those who have the least,
00:45 Child Impact is an organization
00:47 focused on the welfare of children,
00:49 implementing diverse development projects
00:52 and sponsoring thousands of children.
00:54 Their outreach spans from child rescue operations
00:57 to providing an education for orphans,
00:59 deaf, and the blind children,
01:01 giving them a sense of place, a home.
01:04 But above all,
01:05 Child Impact is an organization giving hope,
01:08 giving hope to children, giving hope to communities,
01:11 giving hope to the ones who needed the most.
01:14 This is Hope In Motion.
01:20 Our television series
01:21 Hope In Motion has been a big success
01:24 and we want to continue
01:26 to share with you some of the field stories
01:29 that we have filmed over the years.
01:31 So just from time to time, it may refer to Asian Aid
01:35 as we reflect on these great stories
01:38 as we share them with you.
01:42 Welcome to Myanmar.
01:44 I am standing on the bank
01:46 of the Delta region of this country
01:48 and as we look out onto the river,
01:50 this plays an integral part in the lives and economy
01:53 of the people in this country,
01:55 through fishing as well as transportation.
01:58 Ninety percent of the people in this country
02:01 practice Buddhism.
02:02 In fact, Myanmar
02:04 is one of the most religious Buddhist countries
02:06 in the world.
02:08 When looking at the proportion
02:09 amongst the people, population
02:12 as well as the amount of income that they spend on religion.
02:18 This presents a great challenge to the mission
02:20 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
02:22 here in Myanmar.
02:23 But this is beginning to change slowly.
02:26 Adventist education plays a central role
02:30 in the spreading of the gospel in Myanmar.
02:34 But challenge is that a decent education
02:37 is expensive,
02:39 most people can't afford it.
02:41 But this is where
02:42 an organizational like Asian Aid
02:44 has such a great deal of impact.
02:46 They are concerned and committed
02:49 to the welfare of children in need here.
02:52 Join me on a journey
02:55 as we see what Asian Aid is doing
02:58 to strengthen and further the mission
03:00 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Myanmar.
03:07 Myanmar or Burma
03:09 as it used to be called is in Southeast Asia.
03:12 It borders China, India, Bangladesh,
03:15 Laos and Thailand.
03:17 It has naturally absorbed some of the cultural influences
03:20 of these neighbors.
03:22 For years, colonial rule was seen here but then,
03:26 rampant ethnic strife
03:28 caused a military backed government
03:30 to take power.
03:32 But more recently,
03:33 civilian rule has come to be established
03:37 and the country has opened up its doors
03:38 to the outside world.
03:41 There is peace and freedom.
03:44 This is good news for the mission
03:45 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Myanmar
03:48 and these supporting ministries like Asian Aid.
04:00 Myanmar is predominately a Buddhist country
04:03 where over 85% of the population
04:06 practices Buddhism.
04:08 Public evangelism is banned,
04:11 but the Adventist message is slowly trickling through.
04:15 The main reason for that is our school system.
04:18 Our Adventist schools are a wonderful place for us
04:21 to introduce Jesus to the children
04:24 at a very early age,
04:26 but being a poor country,
04:28 many children struggle to attend school
04:31 and get a good education.
04:33 This is where Asian Aid has its biggest impact.
04:37 Last year at the GC session in San Antonio,
04:40 I was privileged to do a benefit concert
04:42 for Asian Aid
04:43 so that more children could be sponsored.
04:46 When I heard about the work
04:47 that is also being done here in Myanmar,
04:49 I was naturally curious
04:51 and I wanted to come here and see for myself.
04:53 I wanted to see exactly what Asian Aid is doing
04:56 to bring hope, salvation, and a future
05:00 to children in need in Myanmar.
05:20 I was first taken to Myanmar Union Adventist seminary
05:23 or MUAS,
05:25 as it is commonly known here.
05:27 Now, MUAS is the only Adventist institution of higher learning
05:33 in Myanmar,
05:34 and it plays a very important role
05:37 in developing young minds
05:39 to be future torchbearers for the church.
05:43 We have only one Adventist College in Myanmar,
05:48 and it is very important
05:49 because all youths of Adventist Church in Myanmar,
05:54 they come here to study.
05:58 It helped them
05:59 to get the education for their life,
06:02 and also their spiritual education
06:05 to prepare for testimony to others
06:10 about the love of God.
06:12 Right now we have over 600 students
06:15 this semester.
06:18 And most of our students
06:20 come from financially poor background.
06:24 And our members scatter all over Myanmar
06:30 from different regions and states.
06:33 So in my union mission,
06:37 the church have a good anticipation
06:41 on these young people.
06:43 They are the future of the church.
06:45 And they have solid Adventist education
06:50 in this institution only.
06:56 The seminary is a beautiful campus.
06:59 As I was given a quick tour,
07:01 I heard music coming from the auditorium.
07:04 Intrigued by the sound of violin filling the air,
07:08 I went to the auditorium
07:09 to find beautiful young ladies practicing.
07:15 Using and developing your talents
07:17 for God's honor and glory.
08:44 All right.
08:45 Fantastic.
08:47 I have been here at the seminary
08:48 for just a few hours,
08:50 but one of the things
08:51 that has brought me the most joy
08:52 was to hear them practicing.
08:54 We were walking around the campus,
08:56 but we could hear this wonderful beautiful music.
08:59 You know, these young people come from different places
09:02 and different backgrounds.
09:04 But something has brought them together,
09:07 music and Jesus Christ.
09:09 You see, some of these songs
09:11 that praise the Lord are the first exposure
09:14 that they have to Jesus,
09:16 but this is a way
09:17 in which they are coming to learn about Jesus Christ.
09:20 Asian Aid is making it possible
09:23 for these young people and many others
09:25 to be able to dedicate their talents and their lives
09:28 to share the love of Jesus with others.
09:33 Young people using their talents
09:35 for the glory of God
09:37 and witnessing it
09:38 on one of the frontier mission fields
09:40 of the church is a true blessing.
09:43 In fact, the spirituality that emits
09:45 from the students and staff alike
09:47 is very encouraging to me
09:49 and many other visitors
09:51 who have visited this campus over the years.
09:54 It reinforced my belief in the Adventist school system
09:58 and the role education plays in witnessing
10:01 for our Lord and Savior.
10:04 I believe that in the country of Myanmar,
10:07 probably more so than in many other countries
10:10 in the world, education is vital.
10:12 And I believe so,
10:14 because education seems to be the platform
10:18 in which many non-Adventists or Christians
10:23 get to know about Jesus Christ.
10:25 And so from my particular perspective,
10:27 education is vital in this country.
10:30 It is important that we subsidize it,
10:32 it is important that we,
10:34 that we really create the environment
10:37 in which children have an opportunity
10:40 to learn about Christ.
10:43 But a good education is not easy to get,
10:46 particularly in rural areas.
10:49 Especially in a poor country like Myanmar
10:52 where obtaining a good Adventist education
10:55 is not within reach
10:56 of a majority of Adventist families.
11:00 As you know, Asian Aid operates in six countries in Asia,
11:04 and recently into Myanmar.
11:07 Now traditionally, Asian Aid takes the child
11:09 based on need
11:11 and places them in an Adventist school.
11:14 Poverty is a vicious cycle.
11:16 And in Myanmar,
11:18 there is a lot of poverty.
11:20 And the great thing about education
11:22 is that it helps break that cycle,
11:25 that cycle that has an impact
11:27 not just on the child but on the family.
11:30 And this is why sponsorship in a country like Myanmar
11:34 is very, very significant for the total population,
11:39 not just on the child but on the family
11:42 and on the village they come from.
11:45 I truly believe
11:46 that our Adventist schools and seminaries
11:48 not only serve as an educational institution,
11:51 but also as a beacon of light to the community it serves.
11:57 Talking about community,
11:59 I was anxious to visit some of the neighboring villages
12:03 and see for myself, some of the circumstances
12:06 that these students come from.
12:37 I am in a small poor village, deep in the heart of Myanmar.
12:41 You wouldn't know it,
12:43 but our school is actually not too far away.
12:46 In our western comfortable cultures and countries,
12:49 we've probably heard about poverty,
12:52 we've read about it, we've seen pictures
12:54 but unless you are here,
12:56 it's hard to fully grasp and understand what it's like.
13:01 The children you see behind me live in this village.
13:04 Their parents go out and work
13:06 under backbreaking conditions all day.
13:09 That means that these children stay here,
13:12 they don't have the chance to go to school,
13:14 and when they grow up the cycle is perpetuated.
13:18 They can only go to work where their parents worked
13:21 and this continues.
13:23 But Asian Aid is making it possible
13:25 for these young people
13:26 to be able to go to a Christian school,
13:28 get an education, love Jesus
13:31 and then serve others and God.
13:35 I just got a letter
13:37 from our sponsored daughter Sheila.
13:38 I've got to tell you,
13:40 there is nothing like getting one of these letters.
13:42 Our family has been able to sponsor her
13:44 through Child Impact International.
13:46 Because of that,
13:47 she's got a great place to live.
13:49 She's got good food.
13:50 She's got great clothing.
13:52 Best of all,
13:53 I now found out she's in college.
13:55 She's in nursing school.
13:57 There's nothing like getting a letter like this.
14:00 You need to start getting these letters too.
14:02 Listen, through Child Impact,
14:04 you can make a huge difference in the life of a child,
14:07 and I promise you,
14:08 it's going to make a huge difference
14:10 in your life too.


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