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00:07 Child Impact International is an organization giving hope.
00:11 Previously called Asian Aid,
00:13 Child Impact International is an organization
00:15 fostering permanent positive change
00:18 in the lives of disadvantaged children
00:20 and their communities.
00:21 Child Impact is committed to making a difference
00:24 in the lives of children
00:25 and those who are in need,
00:27 serving communities in India, Nepal, Bangladesh,
00:30 Sri Lanka, Myanmar,
00:32 and will soon expand to other countries.
00:34 For the last 50 years,
00:36 Child Impact has invested in the futures of people,
00:39 and their investment has proven infinite returns,
00:42 driven by the dedication
00:43 to helping those who have the least.
00:45 Child Impact is an organization
00:47 focused on the welfare of children,
00:49 implementing diverse development projects
00:52 and sponsoring thousands of children.
00:54 Their outreach spans from child rescue operations
00:57 to providing an education for orphans, deaf,
01:00 and the blind children
01:01 giving them a sense of place, a home.
01:04 But above all, Child Impact is an organization giving hope,
01:08 giving hope to children, giving hope to communities,
01:11 giving hope to the ones who need it the most.
01:14 This is Hope in Motion.
01:21 In my role as CEO of Child Impact International,
01:26 it was my privilege to visit Myanmar again.
01:29 Myanmar used to be called Burma.
01:33 Most of the country is very low lying
01:36 and consists of rivers and deltas,
01:39 and much of the transportation
01:41 both for people getting from here to there
01:44 and for industry
01:46 and freight is done on the river.
01:51 Myanmar is one of the most devout
01:53 Buddhist countries in the world.
01:55 And it was my privilege to visit
01:56 one of the larger temples near the seminary.
02:00 And here I am
02:01 with the principal of the seminary,
02:03 as he showed me around the temple.
02:06 The temple was actually closed on this day.
02:09 But we were able to get in and have a look around.
02:12 You have to take your shoes off
02:13 and that can be very uncomfortable
02:16 walking around the rough floor of the temple.
02:19 Some of this is real gold and some is imitation gold.
02:23 It's actually very interesting that Myanmar has
02:26 one of the highest giving rates per person
02:29 despite being a very poor country.
02:33 After we left the temple,
02:35 we left by car to visit one of the local villages
02:39 near the academy.
02:41 This village located near the academy
02:43 has actually about 10 of its children
02:46 that attend the local Adventist school
02:48 and academy.
02:50 And I went to visit the village leaders
02:53 just to talk to them about how important
02:56 the education of their children is.
02:59 This lady is one of the village leaders,
03:02 and also one of the village elders
03:04 was there.
03:05 And through the principal
03:06 were able to express their extreme gratitude
03:09 for the fact that their children
03:11 can attend the local Adventist mission school,
03:14 and the older children can go to the academy.
03:18 These children are very happy
03:20 and live a very peaceful village life.
03:23 But still, Myanmar,
03:25 poverty is twice as high on the rural areas.
03:28 And some of these families struggle to survive.
03:32 After visiting the village, we returned to the seminary,
03:36 and in this classroom,
03:37 five of the children are from the village
03:40 that we had just visited.
03:43 At this time, the Myanmar church
03:45 was celebrating 125 years,
03:48 and it was my privilege
03:49 to travel with our world leader,
03:52 Pastor Ted Wilson.
03:53 The great emphasis, of course, in many parts of the world
03:57 is to reach out to many people who are not members
04:01 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
04:03 We're doing this recording right here in Myanmar
04:07 where Child Impact
04:09 is having a very strong impact
04:13 on many of the students.
04:14 It's an amazing opportunity and these mission schools
04:18 to touch the lives of young people,
04:22 not just for their professional lives
04:24 in the future, but eternally.
04:27 As I visit these classrooms,
04:29 I can really see the difference
04:31 that you the sponsors are making for these children.
04:35 These children come from very poor backgrounds,
04:37 and to see their eagerness to learn
04:40 and to see them singing songs about Jesus
04:43 really shows me that sponsorship
04:46 is a very effective way of sharing the gospel.
04:49 Sponsoring children in activities
04:54 like these mission schools and opportunities
04:57 is a tremendous way to help form the character
05:01 of young people as they look to the future.
05:05 They will never forget their association
05:08 in a Christian environment.
05:10 And by God's grace, many of them will become
05:13 members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
05:15 It is absolutely a powerful witness
05:19 to sponsor a child in Child Impact
05:22 and so many other organizations
05:24 that help young people to find Jesus.
05:31 Welcome back to our program about Child Impact,
05:35 and one of these projects that you have going
05:37 is called Operation Child Rescue.
05:40 When I was there,
05:42 I saw a little bit of this program.
05:45 It is really, really awesome and exciting
05:48 as well as very important.
05:50 Jim, tell us about Operation Child Rescue?
05:52 Well, when you operate in India,
05:56 you start to understand what trafficking is.
05:59 To be honest, it's hard to comprehend the size of it.
06:03 But it's believed that about 20% of the trafficked children
06:08 are in India.
06:10 Obviously, with young girls in the sex traffic
06:13 and brothels,
06:14 but also with young boys in beggary operations
06:18 and child labor.
06:20 And so, we just feel we had to be involved,
06:23 so we've partnered with a lady
06:26 who runs a rescue operation in Bangalore.
06:31 And she actually goes in and rescue girls,
06:36 raids these brothels and rescue girls.
06:39 And to be honest,
06:41 it takes a lot of something to do this,
06:44 but she ties them with the police force
06:47 where she can.
06:48 And we are so excited
06:50 that we can help fund this rescue work,
06:53 it's girls from brothels
06:55 but it's also young boys and...
06:57 Young boys from slave labor operations
07:02 in factories
07:03 and that sort of thing.
07:04 Okay.
07:06 We've also funded a rescue center,
07:09 so we've fully sponsored
07:12 the three years a home in Bangalore
07:15 where these girls can go,
07:18 they're safe there, they're secure.
07:20 There's very tight security.
07:23 And we are funding that rescue home
07:28 for the girls.
07:30 The second part that we're involved in
07:33 is baby rescue.
07:35 Yes.
07:36 We have an Adventist gentleman
07:37 that runs a baby rescue operation
07:40 in Bangalore also.
07:42 We have children that are abandoned
07:44 on the streets,
07:45 are abandoned in police stations,
07:47 are abandoned at hospitals
07:50 are taken to the baby rescue center.
07:53 Very touching to visit there,
07:55 to see little babies that have been rejected
07:58 or just left somewhere.
08:01 And so, supporting that, we believe is very important.
08:05 Indeed.
08:07 The next part of the rescue program
08:10 is slum rescue.
08:12 And we support
08:15 the Vizag slum school.
08:18 A large amount of the children
08:20 come from very rough backgrounds.
08:23 Now, you've visited the Vizag slum school
08:26 when we were on the trip.
08:29 What were your impressions and takeouts from that visit?
08:34 Well, the visit to that slum
08:36 is something that I will never forget.
08:38 Right in the middle of this bustling city,
08:41 we walked into this place
08:43 and the stench was everywhere,
08:46 the thin, frail bodies of the people who live there
08:49 who make $2 a day or less,
08:53 truly made an impression upon me.
08:55 But the thing that brought me
08:57 a degree of comfort was visiting that school
09:00 that is operated and supported by Child Impact.
09:04 Dozens of precious children
09:07 are going there to get an education
09:09 and to have the opportunity of a better future.
09:12 And an excellent example
09:14 was that beautiful young lady that you introduced me to.
09:18 She went through that school,
09:20 thanks to Child Impact,
09:22 was also sponsored to go to secondary school.
09:25 And she is now studying to be a nurse,
09:27 and when I asked her,
09:28 "Why do you want to be a nurse?
09:30 And where you want to go when you finish studying?"
09:33 She said, "I want to come back right here to my slum
09:35 because both of my parents have AIDS.
09:38 I want to take care of them,
09:39 and I want to take care of the people here."
09:42 Can you imagine what would happen
09:45 just in that slum
09:46 without the support of Child Impact?
09:50 And that's right, and that's why
09:52 our rescue program in the slums
09:55 by giving a child an education,
09:57 we're actually rescuing them
09:59 from the potential of being trafficked or sold.
10:02 That's right.
10:04 Now the fourth aspect of Operation Child Rescue
10:06 is the rescue of orphans.
10:08 Now, yes, quite often orphans are brought by family members,
10:12 but also we rescue children.
10:15 We rescue them from railway stations,
10:18 we rescue them from the streets,
10:20 and we take them to an orphanage.
10:22 Now about six or seven years ago,
10:24 we built Sunrise Home
10:27 which is located in the country in Bobbili
10:29 near the blind school.
10:31 Yes.
10:32 Fantastic place.
10:33 Now once again, you've visited Sunrise,
10:36 what did you think of Sunrise?
10:38 Well, I was really impressed
10:39 because they have built that place beautifully.
10:45 It is secure, it is large, in fact,
10:48 a dorm was just dedicated when we were there.
10:51 We had hundreds of people
10:53 coming for worship that day, do you remember?
10:55 Yes.
10:56 And what I can't forget
10:58 is the smiles of those children.
11:00 Yes.
11:01 Those children who have been left to die
11:05 in many cases.
11:06 Their families can't afford them
11:09 or there's something wrong with their health
11:13 or something else, and they're just dumped.
11:17 And every week,
11:19 children are brought to the gates of Sunrise Home,
11:23 and there they find a place.
11:25 They find love, they find parents,
11:28 basically their spiritual parents,
11:31 the sponsors here and the teachers there.
11:35 But one of the things
11:36 that really, really hit me the hardest
11:40 was to learn
11:41 that the area is surrounded by venomous snakes.
11:46 Yes.
11:48 And people get bit,
11:49 and they die all the time around there.
11:51 Yeah.
11:52 And yet, the director of that school told me that
11:54 not one time
11:56 has there ever been a snake found inside the orphanage.
11:59 And that tells me
12:01 that angels are standing guarding that orphanage
12:05 so that the children are not harmed by these snakes.
12:09 That speaks to the power of God and His blessing over Sunrise.
12:14 Right.
12:15 So you've heard about the four aspects
12:17 to Operation Child Rescue,
12:19 and the unique thing about Operation Child Rescue
12:23 is not that we're giving the kids an education
12:25 which we are,
12:27 it's not that we're giving the kids a home to live
12:30 which we are,
12:31 but we are rescuing them, many of them from death.
12:35 We are actually giving them life
12:38 and giving them hope.
12:39 And I just hope that you would give consideration
12:43 to supporting this important project
12:45 with Child Impact
12:47 and its Operation Child Rescue.
12:51 Hi, I'm Jean Boonstra,
12:53 associate speaker at the Voice of Prophecy.
12:56 Now I'm sure that you're aware
12:57 of the global problem of human trafficking.
13:00 At Voice of Prophecy,
13:02 we are privileged to partner
13:04 with Child Impact's Operation Child Rescue
13:07 to help these young girls
13:08 that are caught in prostitution,
13:11 the young boys doing labor at a very young age,
13:14 and these young babies that simply need a home
13:17 and someone to love them.
13:19 It's our privilege to partner
13:21 with Child Impact's Operation Child Rescue
13:24 and be part of the solution
13:26 to give that hope.
13:28 Now is this something that appeals to you,
13:31 and would you like to learn more about
13:33 and be a part of this?
13:34 Well, I encourage you to get in touch
13:36 with Child Impact International today.
13:39 They would love to hear from you.


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