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00:01 Welcome to Healthy Living, I'm you host Margot Marshall.
00:03 You've probably seen several programs by Dr. Eddie Ramirez
00:07 whose research covers many health topics.
00:10 Have you ever wondered how this health knowledge
00:14 translates into meals?
00:15 Today his wife and daughters take center stage
00:19 as the Ramirez family shares some of their favorite
00:22 Mexican recipes.
00:49 Hi, welcome to the kitchen of the Ramirez family.
00:53 We're going to be sharing with you some healthy dishes
00:56 from Hispanic origin.
00:58 Today we have a series of recipes that are easy to do
01:03 and that you can do at home, yet they are good for you.
01:09 I am a physician, Dr. Eddie Ramirez that believes in
01:12 healthy cooking and today I have with me my wife Susan.
01:16 Hello. And my daughter Talitha.
01:18 Hi. And we'll be sharing with you...we're going to start with
01:22 a very wonderful dish that is a favorite of our family
01:26 that is called Civiche. Civiche is a dish that has influence
01:31 from the Arabic's, from the Europeans and from the natives
01:35 from the American continent.
01:37 This food is composed of fresh ingredients.
01:42 Let me ask my wife to introduce those ingredients.
01:46 Ok, so we are going to start off with cauliflower.
01:49 The cauliflower has been cooked for about 5 to 8 minutes,
01:52 just so it is soft on the outside and crunchy on the
01:56 inside...You can use raw Civiche it just depends on your taste.
01:59 I recommend you try both and see which one you like better,
02:02 and we have some olives, onions, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber...
02:10 we have cilantro which is also referred to as dry
02:15 coriander, olive oil, oregano, salt, a little chili,
02:19 tomato sauce and lemon juice.
02:22 Actually in Mexico, they actually don't use cauliflower
02:27 for this dish, do they, what do they use?
02:29 Originally what they do is raw fish and they put the lemon
02:34 and they claim that the lemon cooks the fish.
02:37 In fact a lot of people get sick by eating the original
02:41 Civiche, that's why I don't en- courage you to eat such things.
02:44 This is a much better, healthier version. Yeah, it sound better
02:47 to me, I think even if I wasn't vegetarian, which I am,
02:50 I am not sure I would want to try the raw fish version.
02:53 Civiche is from Mexico and my daughter here, she was born
02:59 in Norway. What do you know about Mexican food?
03:02 I love it. You love Civiche? Yes, and the fact that we have
03:06 actually made this on a number of occasions, for birthdays
03:09 it's something that you can make easy and it's very easy
03:12 to eat. So to start with, we have our cooked cauliflower
03:16 here, we're just going to dump this in the bowl like we are
03:18 going to do everything else.
03:20 You'll see that it's quite fast once... the work is involved
03:24 in cutting up all the vegetables and that's why you get your
03:29 children on board, right Talitha.
03:30 So they can help doing all that cutting work.
03:33 One of the keys here is you are going to use healthy ingredients
03:39 that are fresh, that makes a big difference.
03:43 Some people like to put this Civiche in the fridge after it's
03:49 prepared so it's nice and cold, this makes it an ideal dish
03:53 for a hot day but you can use it immediately after putting
03:57 all the ingredients. Another thing I want to mention
04:01 about chili, there's a little misconception about chili's.
04:05 In Mexico there's more than 100 different types of chili's.
04:10 When people think chili, they think jalapeno, spicy.
04:14 That's actually the wrong association, there is a wide
04:18 variety of chili's, some of them just give color,
04:21 some of them just give taste and I actually discourage
04:25 people from eating chili's that are spicy because that's
04:31 irritating, that's actually not the best thing for you.
04:33 But chili's that give color, chili's that give flavor
04:37 are actually really good for you as they provide a good amount
04:42 of antioxidants. So now we have put all the ingredients...
04:46 So now what are we doing? We are just stirring this
04:48 and I also want to mention too, here we've used fresh tomato
04:53 juice. Now in Mexico what they use is something called Clamato.
04:58 What kind of tomato juice is that?
05:00 It's a tomato juice that they add clams, so that's not the
05:06 best thing for you, so it is better for you to use
05:10 tomato juice. You can make your own or you can get
05:13 a store bought tomato. Yeah and some people I think even use
05:17 ketchup to don't they. Or ketchup also, you can add it
05:20 if you want that little sour taste.
05:24 One key here is lemon, make sure you have nice acid lemons
05:30 and if you feel that it is not acid enough, just go ahead and
05:35 add a few more. Now in Mexico when you say lemon,
05:38 are you referring to the yellow lemon?
05:41 In Mexico what they call lemon is the little lime that
05:46 in some other parts of the world they call the lime,
05:48 that is called the lemon in Mexico.
05:50 So usually this dish, after you prepare it,
05:54 the way that you serve this is you like to put it either on
05:58 crackers or this toasted tortilla's that are called
06:04 tostadas', or you can put it in a little dish and eat it
06:10 with some chips.
06:11 Yes, and some people eat them with chili's on top,
06:14 we don't use chili's, what do we like to put on top?
06:18 Avocado. That's right. So as you can see that Civiche
06:22 is very beautiful, it looks attractive and it tastes
06:26 wonderful. We hope that you try it at home and you can learn
06:29 to enjoy it as much as we have.
06:33 Now we will go to one of our favorite recipes from our
06:37 household. But in order to help us with this recipe
06:41 we have today... Rebekah. Rebekah.
06:45 Actually I delivered Rebekah, it wasn't planned like that
06:49 but it ended up coming very fast and even though I am not
06:52 an OBGYN doctor, I end up receiving her at our place.
06:56 This recipe is very native from the Mexico because beans
07:06 are one of the main staples of the culture of the Aztecs.
07:11 And for this dish, we are going to be using which ingredients
07:14 Susan? Well, we are going to be using prepared black beans
07:19 which I've prepared. We soaked and we cooked the black beans
07:22 and you know in Mexico when my mother-in-law makes
07:25 black beans, she doesn't chop up the onion and the garlic,
07:29 she actually just puts in the whole onion and the whole garlic
07:33 in with the beans while they are cooking and once the beans
07:36 are cooking, then we actually take out the onion and garlic
07:40 and discard it. But we are going to also be using...
07:44 since these are going to be like refried beans,
07:46 we're going to be using a little onion and garlic extra
07:50 to add more flavor to the refried beans.
07:52 As I said, this is something we really like, don't we Rebekah?
07:57 We love it. We love it. You are right.
07:59 You're right. And actually a friend of mine told me once
08:02 when we were living in Norway Eddie, that she thought I was
08:05 actually more Mexican than you because of my love for beans.
08:08 And I do love beans, so I love this recipe.
08:10 So we are going to go ahead and get started.
08:12 What we're going to do first is we're going to go ahead
08:15 and turn on our oven, our stove and we are going to heat up
08:23 a little bit of oil. We're just going to sauté a bit
08:29 our onion and our garlic and Eddie would you please
08:32 pass me the salt.
08:38 Thank you. And this is such an easy recipe,
08:43 the cooked beans, if you have a crock pot, you can leave them
08:47 overnight, this is what we do often at home.
08:49 And in the morning as you're getting ready to go to work
08:54 or school, you have your beans ready and you just do
08:56 this procedure.
09:00 Then Enfrijolada's are actually something that you can make
09:04 with brown beans, you can make them with black beans,
09:07 we always have them with black beans at our home
09:09 we like them with black beans.
09:10 Eddie's youngest brother Roberto told me that if he's going to
09:14 have Enfrijolada's, he likes to have pinto beans with
09:19 flour tortillas and if he's going to have black beans,
09:23 he wants to have corn tortillas.
09:24 Also traditionally with Enfrijolada's put things
09:29 in the middle of Enfrijolada's, they put cheese...
09:32 We don't do that do we? No, you can also get creative
09:37 and you can cook some potatoes and put them inside.
09:40 We like to have them simple, just the beans and so forth.
09:45 Also it is important to have something to give them a little
09:50 bit of color, we'll show you what we do at the end
09:54 to make them even more attractive.
09:56 So once the onion and garlic are cooked a little bit
10:03 we are going to go ahead and add our black beans
10:05 and you will see that this is going to be pretty soupy,
10:12 we want it to be soupy because the beans are going to actually
10:15 provide a salsa for a tortilla.
10:19 So I am going to go ahead and add a little more juice
10:31 that's good. Rebekah would you put that underneath for me?
10:34 Thank you. Now we have our beans cooking and we have the olive
10:42 cooking and the garlic, we are just going to start mashing
10:46 and this something you guys can help me with too, right,
10:50 at home? Sometimes if I am getting ready for the day,
10:54 I'll ask, girls, can you please smash the beans?
10:57 It's not such a hard job to do.
10:59 So the girls can help me with that and I think it's important
11:03 for mother's to be able to find food that's quick and easy
11:08 and nutritious. Something that I can have and this is
11:11 something...when do you usually eat Enfrijolada's Eddie?
11:14 Many people use them for breakfast but some people
11:18 like to have them for their tea or also in the middle of the
11:23 day type of meal, but at home usually we have them
11:26 mostly for breakfast. This is the type of breakfast
11:30 you want to have, nice nutritious that will give you
11:34 that energy that will last the whole day, especially in the
11:38 morning as you are starting your day.
11:40 And so people, you are going to using some tortillas...
11:45 some people like to fry the tortillas.
11:47 It's not the best thing to fry those tortillas because
11:51 you add more fat and so forth, it is much better to just warm
11:57 the tortillas and put it in the dish as Susan will do that
12:01 in a minute.
12:03 You know speaking of having the beans for breakfast,
12:06 when Talitha was having finals in her school
12:10 I asked her, okay Talitha, what food do you want to have for
12:14 breakfast. She said mom, I want to have beans because she knew
12:17 that beans were going to give her the energy and the clarity
12:19 of mind that she needed to do well in her finals and she did,
12:22 she did very well in her finals.
12:23 So now that I have my beans smashed, and there are
12:27 some people that prefer to put the beans actually in a blender,
12:31 but I like them smashed myself, I don't like them to be
12:34 so liquid. So we are going to take our heated tortillas
12:39 which we have here. We're going to actually immerse them
12:43 into the liquid and just fold it over and set it on the plate.
12:54 We'll do that. How many of these do you think that
12:58 you could eat Rebekah? I could eat three.
13:01 Yes, I can eat three. How many do you think daddy can eat?
13:04 I don't know, something like eight. Yes!
13:08 Yes, I think that's right. So you fold them like that nicely
13:12 as many as you want...and we're going to make this plate for
13:18 Rebekah. Are you hungry Rebekah?
13:20 Yes. You can eat them just like that but it's nicer if you go
13:26 the extra mile and do a little bit of garnish...
13:30 So now we have here a few options.
13:33 We have some sour cream, vegan sour cream, we have some Tofu,
13:40 we have some Green Salsa which is actually not spicy,
13:44 and we have some avocado. This green salsa you can get it
13:50 in the store, just look for the green salsa, or you can make it
13:54 with tomatillos. That's something that you can find
13:57 online, they are an easy recipe.
14:00 Again, it's not spicy, it just gives it a nice color.
14:04 And we find that green salsa, the salsa with tomatillos
14:08 tastes very good with black beans.
14:11 We're not done with this, just like many of our other recipes.
14:14 Rebekah, what do we need to eat with this?
14:17 Avocado. Avocado. Everything tastes better with avocado...
14:20 We hope you are able to try this at home and you enjoy it
14:23 as much as we do.
14:26 Now we are going to demonstrate you one of the recipes
14:30 that have the most nutrition. This is a recipe that can be
14:33 used by diabetics because it helps them stabilize their
14:38 blood sugar. We have with us our smallest daughter,
14:43 what is your name? Elizabeth.
14:45 She actually has always been fast, I also delivered her
14:49 also not planned, but this happened also and she was
14:52 delivered so fast she even broke her umbilical cord.
14:56 We'll be demonstrating this recipe of
15:02 Sopa de lentejas, what does that mean?
15:06 It's Lentil Soup. Lentil Soup. Lentils are one of the most
15:13 nutritious foods that you can eat. Simple and nutritious.
15:18 Susan tell us what we are going to need for this recipe.
15:21 So for this recipe, we are going to need lentils, tomatoes,
15:26 potatoes, carrots, we have some celery, some olive oil, onion,
15:33 garlic, chicken like seasoning, salt, this is oregano,
15:39 we have garlic powder, onion powder, cilantro and for
15:43 garnishing we have lime and avocado.
15:46 So the process of this recipe is simple so let us start with
15:54 the process. Okay, so first what we are going to do is
15:58 we are going to sauté the vegetables,
16:01 we're going to sauté our onion and our garlic, our celery
16:07 and carrots. We're going to do that until that is caramelized,
16:11 put that underneath for me please.
16:12 I always like to start sautéing the onion first and let that
16:21 cook a little bit...You know whenever we go and visit Eddie's
16:26 mom and we eat lunch there, what is the first thing we eat?
16:33 before our main course? What do we eat?
16:36 She always serves what? What does Avalita always serve?
16:39 Soup? Yes. Soup. We always have soup first.
16:44 In fact Elizabeth is one that always asks, mom can't you
16:48 always make soup like Avalita? and so when we go there
16:55 we can be sure that this is the lentil soup is one of ones
17:00 that we are going to eat.
17:04 We have celery. And usually the type of lentil
17:10 that they like to use in Latin America is the brownish type
17:16 of lentils. It doesn't mean that you have to use that one
17:18 but that's commonly the one that we use in the dishes.
17:23 So this is lentils with the type of garnish from Latin America.
17:30 Once we have the vegetables nicely caramelized
17:37 we are going to add our seasonings like this.
17:42 This is the country seasoning, I add the seasoning just so we
17:46 can kind of develop a little bit of that flavor before we
17:49 add the water...Hand me that onion and garlic powder please?
17:57 Thank you. It's always nice to have little helpers in the
18:10 kitchen...Do you like to help mommy cook Elizabeth?
18:12 Yeah. Yes you do. So now we are going to add our potatoes
18:18 and our lentils and last but not least, the water.
18:25 We're going to let the lentils cook for 20 minutes and
18:38 I want to mention that these lentils...these lentils
18:46 have been pre-soaked and I would suggest that you would soak them
18:52 at least an hour. These ones have been soaked overnight
18:55 and that's easy for me as a mother, I can just soak them
18:59 overnight and then the next day they are ready to cook
19:01 and they cook very quickly.
19:03 So while those are cooking, I'm going to ask Eddie
19:06 if he could blend the tomatoes for me.
19:31 Great, now that we have out tomatoes nice and blended.
19:34 With these tomatoes, you can actually cook them first before
19:39 you add them into the lentil soup, it helps the tomatoes
19:42 develop their flavors, but if you are in a rush and you
19:45 don't have time to do that... and for this recipe,
19:47 we're going to use them just straight from the blender
19:50 into our nicely cooked lentil soup.
19:53 Now 20 minutes hasn't really passed but that's the magic
19:55 of television, that we have some that are already cooked
19:59 and we are going to add our tomatoes...nice fresh tomatoes,
20:04 they smell so wonderful. Can you put that under for me please?
20:08 Into our lentil soup and what gives this a nice Mexican flavor
20:15 and feel is an ingredient that is used very often in Mexican
20:24 cooking and that is cilantro. cilantro, yes.
20:31 Cilantro gives this soup a very nice flavor...we'll add that.
20:35 Cilantro or coriander, in the South Pacific they like to
20:39 call it like that. Yeah fresh coriander.
20:42 So we are going to let that cook for another 5 or 10 minutes
20:46 and then our soup would be ready to serve and usually
20:51 when we eat lentil soup... when we eat soup period...
20:56 Some people are used to eating soup with bread...
21:01 Do we use bread when we eat soup? No.
21:04 What do we eat soup with? tortillas. tortillas.
21:06 Yes, that's right. So we will take a tortilla and we'll put
21:11 inside an avocado and we'll put inside lemon and we'll
21:14 just roll it up and there we have a nice meal good to go.
21:18 So as you can see, very simple and very tasty,
21:22 you are going to enjoy it when you do it at home and it has
21:26 those nutrients that you need for your brain to work properly.
21:30 One serving of this soup will you 120% of the Folate
21:35 that you need for a day. So go ahead and try it
21:37 you are going to enjoy it very much.
21:42 So as you can see, this is the final product of the good effort
21:47 of my daughters and Susan. Thank you. Thank you.
21:52 As you can see this looks good and in a moment we are actually
21:57 going to try it out.
21:59 So the final product is this Civiche, we have the
22:03 Enfrijolada's and we also have a nice lentil soup.
22:08 A nice complete healthy meal that anybody can enjoy
22:13 simple to prepare. They say that you can tell if somebody
22:19 is from Mexico by the way they grab the tortilla, it's true.
22:23 This is the way that you should grab the tortilla,
22:25 or you can or you can also roll it and have it like this.
22:30 The tortilla is an essential thing and every meal has some
22:37 tortilla's usually in Mexico.
22:38 So let's go ahead and try those Dishes Talitha. Umm!
22:45 Is that good? How is yours Rebekah?
22:49 How is it? It is very good. And yours Elizabeth?
23:00 The best lentil soup I've ever had.
23:07 Ahh, and she's honest. Good job.


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