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00:15 Welcome to Healthy Living, I'm your host Margot Marshall.
00:18 Today's guest is a doctor from Melbourne, Australia
00:22 who prescribes food as medicine, and with her is one of her
00:27 patients who had many health problems which have been helped
00:31 with a change of lifestyle. Stay tuned.
01:03 Thomas Edison has been described as America's greatest inventor
01:08 and is best known for inventing the light bulb
01:11 but he also penned this famous quote "The doctor of the future
01:16 will give no medication, but will interest his patients
01:19 in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause
01:24 and prevention of disease."
01:25 Well today, we have such a doctor in our studio
01:29 with living proof in the person of one of her many patients
01:33 who can testify about the potency of what we call
01:37 lifestyle medicine.
01:39 Welcome to Dr. Jigau and welcome to you Leila,
01:43 it's wonderful to have you here on this program and thank you
01:46 for coming interstate out of your busy practice to come and
01:49 talk to us about this, and thank you too Leila
01:52 because you have a story to tell. Perhaps you can talk
01:55 about this together. So what were some of your many
01:59 health problems? I have suffered into stage two
02:05 liver cirrhosis and that has taken a really severe beating
02:11 on my body. I have suffered over 30 times of coma...
02:18 Coma, 30 times? Yes, over. I stopped counting on 30
02:23 and I also suffered over 10 times, severe hemorrhages
02:28 which left my left leg completely dead.
02:33 I had to be in a nursing home for 16 months, sorry 18 months
02:39 where they had to lift my leg down and lift it up,
02:43 it was completely damaged and I also suffered from fibromyalgia,
02:50 sjogren's syndrome, diabetes... That's quite a list of problems.
02:57 Yes. And some blockages in the arteries and I was a mess,
03:03 complete mess. That must have been a very very difficult
03:08 and distressing time. Although after 6 months of the operation,
03:12 I left the nursing home, but I was still so run down
03:19 completely and I went and I saw Coralia on the 6th of
03:27 last November. Alright, so when did these problems start?
03:32 I think that was back about 09.. Yes, that's when I discovered
03:36 the liver cirrhosis, and by 2011 I had 9 viruses in the
03:43 esophagus, where they burst and I suffered severe hemorrhage.
03:49 Wow. And you've only caught up with this lovely doctor...Yes.
03:53 I was so lucky. That's very recent, how long ago was that,
03:56 was that? A couple of months and what a life change.
04:00 She just looked at me and the way I looked, I was gray,
04:07 I couldn't...I was limping, I had sever pains all over
04:13 and she looked at me and said, don't worry, you won't know
04:18 yourself in 6 months. It's a miracle really. She explained
04:27 to me how changing your food will help me and she checked my
04:36 blood, and found how many deficiencies I had and
04:42 corrected them and with...
04:46 I don't call this a diet, now this is the way
04:51 I live and it's surprisingly to say, but in 6weeks,
04:59 I've lost 10 kilos. Wow! Wow, I'm sure there's a lot
05:05 of viewers out there who wish they could be saying that.
05:07 I have been trying all my life to lose weight, but I kept
05:11 losing and gaining and losing and gaining, but nothing
05:15 like this. You want to mention you have been on
05:18 plant based diet. Oh yes. And Leila have done this change so
05:24 quick. When I explained to her how it's working, she was really
05:29 determined to go in every detail and do everything what is right.
05:32 It is hard, it is not easy to do such a big change,
05:37 but because of her health situation and she was really
05:41 desperate, she was happy to do it.
05:44 Yes, I started as soon as I left her office.
05:47 That's it, I had a freezer, it's got meat and chicken and fish
05:54 and I cleaned the lot. I said no more, nothing refined in the
05:59 cupboards...Being diabetic, anything you find
06:04 will lift my sugar, my diabetes. I used to reach 25, 32
06:11 and I was on insulin twice a day. Just let's clear,
06:16 that 25, 32, that was your blood sugar reading and
06:20 how bad is that doctor? It is not bad, it is extremely bad.
06:26 And it's wonderful because with the lifestyle changes Leila has
06:32 done, we've been able to take her off her insulin.
06:36 So now she's taking just tablets. In just a couple of
06:39 months? And her blood through her liver it is really
06:43 well controlled and we intend to cut the medications slowly.
06:48 Yes. As we progress. Now my sugar level is 6.5,
06:53 it might reach 7, but usually on the lower part.
06:58 It's amazing isn't it, in just that time, it's...
07:01 I've never had cravings to eat what I used to eat at all.
07:08 I don't use sugar completely, I use fruits, I use even
07:15 dry fruits and that doesn't release my sugar because it's
07:19 not refined. That is wonderful, it's a wonderful story
07:24 and that's wonderful that she was able to catch up with you
07:27 doctor, to support her through these stages. She came with
07:30 multiple problems and she had multiple medications.
07:35 She had so many tablets she shouldn't be on, three types
07:38 of anti-depressants, pain killers, a handful, and we cut
07:46 them down slowly because when she came to me
07:50 she couldn't walk.
07:51 Yes. My leg it's all the nerve damage in my left leg,
07:57 I was mainly dragging it and limping.
08:00 But you walked in here and came up the stairs. Right.
08:03 Because my leg is 80% better. In a couple of months. Yeah.
08:08 Two and a half months exactly. I explained to her how lack of
08:11 nutrients...because the way she was eating before and a lot of
08:16 medication had an impact on her body...What we put in our
08:20 mouth, it's so important...we cut her pain killers slowly
08:26 and I asked her Leilata exercise because she was not moving.
08:31 I told her, it is not just one fact, the lifestyle is not
08:35 just food, lifestyle is exercise,
08:38 lifestyle is dealing with the stress,
08:40 lifestyle is staying in the sun and I advise her stay in the
08:44 sun at least 1/2 hour a day. The second time when she was
08:48 seeing me, she had a fall in the garden and she stayed
08:52 there for, how long had you been there?
08:54 Oh, over, about 40 minutes. Because she was not able to
08:58 lift herself up to walk. Yes.
09:02 What an incredible turn around. I mean...It's not that I just
09:06 lost 10 kilos, now I have lost 13 kilos. I have stopped the
09:12 medication I was taking for the nerve pain. I stopped the
09:17 pain killers and I was wasn't doing Panadol, I was on OxyNorm
09:21 and Endone and they are a lot more freeing, you know.
09:28 That's all gone...How's your pain level now?
09:34 I never knew what it was like to wake up without pain.
09:39 At the moment, I am pain free. Oh my goodness.
09:43 Completely pain free. Isn't that an amazing thing, just beautiful.
09:48 To me it's a miracle. Well I'm glad you met a doctor of the
09:52 future's promising, it isn't a couple hundred years ago.
09:55 Oh yes! I don't know what I would have done without her.
09:58 Really, she helped me so much... Lifestyle is a very
10:02 potent thing.
10:03 Look it was back at about 2005 I think it was that the
10:07 US Surgeon General said that he attributed health status,
10:13 10% to genetics, 10% to environmental factors,
10:18 10% to medical care and 70% to our lifestyle choices.
10:25 Absolutely. Yeah, so it is very, very, very powerful.
10:30 I am glad that you understand that, you are a doctor who
10:33 understands that. It is fascinating how it happened
10:39 to me, so not only to Leila but we let our health go until
10:45 we are desperate. When we are desperate you have no choice.
10:49 You know, it is supposed to start working
10:52 a little bit early.
10:53 But some people do not do it until it's late, it is late
10:59 but it is working. That is fascinating and that is what
11:02 I learned. You know the mechanics of healing our body,
11:05 it is inbuilt by God in our body, it is there as long as we
11:12 don't assault our body with food, our body, it will repair,
11:20 slowly and surely, we don't have a quick effect.
11:25 You know, these days people want a tablet,
11:27 they want a tablet, take a tablet and I'm pain free.
11:30 So what, in the next six hours you have to take another tablet.
11:32 So that's what it is, God's way of healing, it is slow,
11:37 it's taking time, it is taking a long time to do the damage,
11:42 it is taking a long time to do the repair.
11:45 But it is happening and as you are committed to do what we know
11:51 what you have to do. Yes!
11:53 I actually read something by Dr. Roger Greenlaw who
11:57 was a gastroenterologist and he worked a lot with lifestyle
12:02 medicine with the Chip program going back some years.
12:05 He explained how this disease reversal actually takes place.
12:09 He said that he observed as a gastroenterologist that
12:13 in seven days you have a completely new stomach lining.
12:15 In a month you have a whole new layer of skin, in four months
12:23 all new red blood cells and in one year 98% of our body
12:29 cells have been replaced. So we literally are what we eat.
12:35 That was amazing. He said the change of the cells takes place
12:39 at about 11/2 million a day. Now I got the calculator
12:43 and did a bit of math on that and by the time we've watched
12:46 this program...Now I've forgotten you see.
12:49 It was several hundred... I have explained to Leila
12:54 what happened...I have explained to him what the latest sciences
12:57 confirming...what you put in your mouth, it's the most
13:01 environmental change and gene change. Until now, we realize
13:06 food is just micronutrients... we have proteins, we have
13:09 vitamins, we have minerals... which we need them.
13:12 We now know our body does not work like that, our body food
13:17 is information for our genome. Food talks to your genes,
13:21 you eat the wrong food, your body will produce genes
13:26 which will implement inflammation in your body.
13:29 You have proper food, your body is repairing, so it is much more
13:34 deeper than the science of today and the science of microbiome
13:37 and microbiota...The bacteria in which we have in our gut,
13:41 and 20 years ago we did not know, that's where your health
13:44 is happening, in your gut.
13:47 That's where your second immune system, that's where your
13:51 second liver, that's where the toxification happens
13:54 and that's your second brain.
13:56 It's fascination what happens in the gut and what is more
14:00 fascinating is we are able to manipulate what happens there.
14:04 What you put in your mouth, it will feed the bacteria
14:08 which you have there. You have a bad bacteria or you have
14:11 good bacteria, it depends on what you eat and it can change
14:15 and these bacteria as I explained to Leila...
14:18 you know you have bacteria in your gut which is doing
14:21 gamma-aminobutyric acid which is similar to Valium,
14:25 the tablet which will give you to settle you and not to be
14:29 anxious anymore and instead of taking your tablets
14:31 eat proper food and your body will manufacture this by itself
14:37 as it was designed. When we eat the way we eat,
14:41 we make such a big destruction in our body. We have no idea,
14:45 I did not know. We have to go on God's formula because we've
14:51 been designed to eat as God had planned and the science
14:56 today is taking years over years to discover what God said.
15:03 Forty years a scientist...I read a book now written by
15:08 Professor Ameron Meyer at the University of California,
15:11 Los Angeles. Forty years he discovered the God brain
15:15 connection. Forty years, it is fascinating you know.
15:21 He's talking about God's design and the foods...I mean,
15:25 the foods that you are recommending,
15:27 the plant based foods... It's interesting that the
15:32 World Health Organization now recognizes those foods
15:37 as healthy foods. I came across, I didn't actually intend to
15:41 but I stumbled on their web- site across this healthy diet
15:44 fact sheet and it lists five foods as healthy and they are
15:48 up on the screen. There they are:
15:55 Right back at the beginning of time, that's what God
16:00 recommended to our first parents and finally,
16:04 finally at least one organization,
16:06 The World Health Organization is recognizing that as the case.
16:10 I hope the rest of the world catches up and I hope
16:13 it's really understood because we want to hear stories
16:16 like your' s Leila. I mean the pain that you had been through
16:20 and the trauma...Years... More than 30 times you've been
16:25 in a coma. Yes...That's a frightening thing and you were
16:29 so unwell. Look at you now. I mean you are just absolutely
16:33 glowing and you are walking and you don't have pain. NO...
16:36 completely, I'm pain free. You have to mention you've had
16:41 your liver transplant. Yes, and I also had...
16:44 That happened before her liver transplant.
16:46 Yes. Eventually they found a match donor.
16:50 Maybe if I would have met Coralie when I found that I had
16:54 liver cirrhosis, maybe we would have reversed that instead of
16:59 ending up... having to go through all that because that
17:02 was a long time wasn't it? It was a 131/2 hour operation.
17:07 Oh dear. And a long time to recover the body from such a
17:14 beating...Yes...Over five years of side effects.
17:18 Well I'm glad that you have found...been in touch with
17:22 Dr. Karelia and so many others. I'm interested that you
17:26 said Leila was very keen to get started right away.
17:32 As soon as she walked out the door, she was ready to go.
17:34 Do you find that that's the case with other patients?
17:37 All of your patients? It's not the case with a lot of patients
17:41 lack the motivation because it is a very big change.
17:45 So I learned to help them to help them to motivate them
17:50 but the best motivation is when you start feeling good,
17:53 you'll see, I feel much better and it was not like that before.
17:56 You say, oh yeah, it is working and it's gradual work.
18:01 In a way it's hard to change and I advise my patients to
18:04 do gradual change. It's not easy when you eat a heavy
18:08 animal based diet to change on a plant based diet and
18:13 you have to do it gradually... your body to adjust with the
18:17 changes. And it depends how sick they are and I realize
18:21 that most of my clever patients, they are able to do it
18:25 straight away you know. A lot of patients find it hard to
18:28 change. It's hard to change but you have to reason, you know.
18:32 Sometimes it takes... Why you do this, it's really
18:35 it's really...Once in a while to do this or not so sure
18:41 if I have to do it or not. I couldn't wait.
18:44 Now, we start this evening. No way I'm even going to cook
18:50 that, I cleaned it out. I cannot wait to see how Leila will be
18:56 in a year from now. Yes because 98% of your body cells
19:02 will have been replaced. You will have almost a new body.
19:06 I haven't felt this way even when I was in my 30's.
19:10 Wow! I was aching constantly and my energy was always low.
19:16 I discovered by accident that I was diabetic and I also have
19:24 my brother has suffered with liver cirrhosis, he's stage A.
19:31 I took him to my specialist that was looking after me.
19:37 His name is Steve Lontos and he found he had two viruses
19:45 that if he would have left them, they would have burst
19:48 and caused him internal hemorr- hage similar to what I suffered.
19:53 I think you said that when that happened and they burst
19:56 and you were taken to the hospital and they didn't expect
19:58 you to live through the night. Oh no, no, no, they didn't.
20:00 They told my son that she's not going to make it through
20:03 the night, you better call the family. He did and my other son
20:09 and my daughter came. My daughter was very much informed
20:14 of my situation and she told him, she doesn't have
20:19 a tear in the stomach, she has viruses and you better
20:23 check it. She really told him. Yes. If she don't and she dies,
20:29 I'm going to sue the hospital. But when Caleb changed his
20:34 diet, after three weeks he had seen his liver specialist again.
20:38 Just going back to him. Your brother? Yes. And his speicalist
20:43 looked at his blood test and said, what have you done?
20:46 He told him, I changed completely on a plant based
20:50 diet, I lost weight and I'm exercising, I'm staying in the
20:53 sun and he said, that's great. Your liver has already improved.
20:58 In three weeks. Yeah, in three weeks. He said keep going
21:02 what you are doing...- Whatever you are just keep going.
21:05 So might it be the case if Leila hadn't known this in the
21:10 early stages, she might not have had to go through
21:12 all of that. We don't know, we have different causes
21:15 for the liver but you know we can control it. Yes.
21:20 It was not due to alcohol, never anything like that.
21:24 Now normally you would associate alcohol with liver problems
21:27 but you never...No, never, I don't drink so I couldn't...
21:33 I didn't define why. They said oh, I don't know,
21:37 maybe your diabetes affect it, maybe this.
21:40 But they were not sure why and they wouldn't really
21:46 put me on the list for liver transplant, only when I started
21:52 to get worse. Because they said they won't do it unless
21:58 it's the end. And I was lucky, not really lucky but I do believe
22:03 that it was a blessing from God. Yeah. He saved my life.
22:07 The first hemorrhage, all through my comas,
22:12 my liver came just in time... It was God. Glory to Him! Really.
22:19 So would you have a lot of patients who've had their health
22:25 turned around in one way or another because of this same
22:29 sort of recommendations that you have. I did have a lot of
22:32 patients and some of them will give their testimony here today.
22:35 Yes. It is reversing, it is working and I have some
22:40 extraordinary stories which one were mentioned to you.
22:44 Her father which was 89... Oh yeah, we talked about that
22:47 in the whole program. Yeah. Recover from...correct his
22:54 kidney failure because he was end stage with kidney failure
22:57 and he was supposed to start dialysis and he's still
23:01 two years after and his kidney function is much better.
23:05 So roughly, if you had to stop and think of a rough figure,
23:08 how many patients have you had who have actually embraced
23:12 the lifestyle change and seen some good results?
23:14 I have a big clinic and a lot of patients, about 30% of the
23:17 patients, they start listening and they improve their health.
23:24 Another one, they go like they went before,
23:26 they take their tablets and they don't do any change.
23:28 Some people are doing the change for a while and they
23:33 get much better... I have a lady which has
23:35 ulcerative colitis, which is really bad.
23:38 We have proven by the...some tests how bad it was
23:43 and I told her what to do, she change everything and she
23:47 become better, after a while she went back to her previous
23:52 lifestyle...I said Sorry! I said you start again,
23:56 there's nothing else that you can do so you have to do it
23:59 by yourself. That is the problem with the lifestyle medicine,
24:01 it's involving the patient. The patient has to do the
24:06 change, not the...I cannot do it for you. I can recommend it,
24:12 to you. But you have to do, so you have to do a hard work.
24:15 You know most of the patients say my cardiologist,
24:19 my gastroenterologist, what about you?
24:21 Where's your responsibility? So that's where the problem...
24:24 comes back to the patient. If you want to do the change,
24:30 you'll have the benefits.
24:33 But your support has played a big role, I do know that because
24:36 I was just speaking to one of the other patients just before
24:39 we started filming and they said look, your support played
24:43 a huge role because they had already understood
24:46 the kinds of things that you're recommending, but really didn't
24:50 feel well enough to just, you know, to embrace it to get
24:54 hold of it and it was because of you and your ongoing support
24:58 and your kindness, your under standing, your empathy,
25:01 all those beautiful attributes that you have, you don't just
25:04 have the good advice. But as a beautiful doctor and a lovely
25:08 bedside manner as we call it, has played a really big role
25:12 and I think that needs to be acknowledged. Absolutely.
25:15 Thank you, but what I tried to do, I tried to explain a
25:20 bit of physiology which is going behind because you have to
25:24 make the people understand what's going on, why I have to
25:28 do this. And you explain, if you do this, you will have this
25:32 outcome. If you don't do this, you'll go...That's what Thomas
25:36 Edison said, you explain about the cause and prevention of
25:39 disease and treatment. So you are doing all of that, that's
25:43 wonderful. Most of the time I was just given the pain killer
25:47 to stop the pain. No one really bothered to know the cause of
25:52 the pain, to get rid of the cause and there would be no more
25:56 pain. That is what is lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle medicine
25:59 treats the cause of the problem.
26:01 We try to address the cause because
26:04 as you address the cause all that won't come back.
26:07 Absolutely, it's amazing. I encourage anyone who has any
26:14 kind of problem, to try it and they will see a lot of benefits
26:20 out of that. I've been there, I have taken such a beating
26:25 but the body does recover if you feed it the right diet.
26:32 And it's not a diet, it's a change of life. That's right.
26:37 You know, I've come across something, so there are other
26:39 places out there practicing lifestyle medicine and I
26:42 noticed this recently. There was a study in San Francisco
26:46 and they provided people who had either diabetes or HIV
26:50 in that particular case, those two, diabetes, HIV, 100% of
26:54 their dietary requirements for six months along with
26:58 nutritional counseling, a lot like you're doing...
27:00 and in that study it was estimated that it costs about
27:04 half as much to feed people for six months as to spend
27:09 half a day in the hospital. Amazing, and that's why they are
27:12 doing it, that's why they are doing it. Because it's working
27:15 and six months free food and nutritional counseling
27:20 and it costs them half as much. Yeah, it costs half as much
27:26 as one day in the hospital. Incredible.
27:29 So it's good for the health care system and it's definitely
27:34 good for the patient. -Yes, for the patient, very much.
27:37 What would you...Just in closing Dr. Coralia, what would you say
27:40 to people that they who maybe one of the 30% who like Leila
27:45 and the 60% that say ah, no. What would you say? -Try.
27:49 to them? Try to see the goodness of God.
27:52 You have to try, it is there for you. Do your best.
27:56 Do not reject what God gave us as a gift. Yeah.
28:00 We've been designed to eat plant based diet and we
28:04 have to keep going on plant based diet.
28:07 I think God is very full of surprises too with some of the
28:12 good things that He's put in the food.
28:14 So the take home message is that lifestyle choices have
28:17 by far the greatest impact on our health status, so be sure
28:22 to tune in to future programs to discover how to prevent
28:25 and reverse other diseases. Remember you can watch our
28:29 programs on demand, just visit
28:34 and click on the Watch button. God bless you.


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