Heart Lift

Transformation: A Spirit-Filled Heart, Part 2

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Participants: Jill Morikone


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00:01 Welcome back. We're talking today about
00:02 a Spirit filled heart; how the Holy Spirit wants to cover us,
00:08 saturate us with dew.
00:11 He wants to come into our hearts and lives,
00:14 and fill us completely.
00:17 We want to wait for the dew.
00:19 We talked about that last program.
00:21 We want to be watered by the dew, and to be equipped through
00:26 the dew for work, for ministry, for service.
00:30 I have a Styrofoam cup here.
00:32 And if I were to say, say it was full of water, and then I said,
00:39 Okay, I want to be filled with the Spirit, but I'm already
00:43 chock full of my own self, my own thoughts,
00:47 my own wishes, my own desires.
00:50 What would happen?
00:51 The Holy Spirit would try to fill me, and I might get this
00:57 much; just a little bit.
00:59 But what were to happen if I were to tip it?
01:01 There's no water in here, but what if I were to tip it
01:04 and empty out all of that water?
01:07 What would happen?
01:09 If I turned it right side back up, and the Holy Spirit poured
01:14 His transforming grace and power into my life, I could be filled.
01:20 Why? Because I'm emptied of myself.
01:23 I believe that surrender is crucial.
01:27 Surrender is important to receiving the Holy Spirit.
01:33 I told you before I have four nephews, and this story happened
01:38 when Caleb was just two years old.
01:41 Every time my sister has a new baby, I fly out for a week
01:45 to spend time with her.
01:47 The boys at this time were six, four, and two,
01:51 and Caleb was two.
01:53 We were playing hide and seek; Auntie Jill trying to keep them
01:57 busy while my sister could spend some time resting,
02:00 and being with the new born baby.
02:02 I started counting: one, two, three...
02:05 I could hear their little boyish feet as they scampered away.
02:08 ...four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, number ten.
02:13 Here I come, ready or not!
02:15 And so I started into the living room and I said,
02:17 I wonder where the boys are?
02:19 And I heard a little voice from down the hall, Ca-wub here!
02:23 And I ignored him, and I went into the bathroom.
02:26 Maybe Caleb's behind the shower curtain.
02:28 And I heard down the hall, Ca-wub here.
02:31 And then I went into the bedroom, and there was Caleb.
02:35 He had his head and his torso underneath the bed,
02:40 but his legs, and part of his trunk, and his little hands
02:44 were sprawled out in plain view.
02:47 You know how two year olds hide.
02:48 He didn't know that he wasn't hidden.
02:52 He thought he was hiding.
02:54 So I ignored him and I looked all the way around the room,
02:58 and finally I pounced on him.
03:00 Caleb's here underneath the bed!
03:02 He came out, his little baby face wreathed in smiles.
03:06 He toddled off to hide again.
03:09 And I thought, That's what God does to me.
03:13 I want to surrender my heart to God, and God never once
03:16 has said, Jill there's the greater part of your life
03:19 sticking out underneath the bed in full view.
03:24 There's a lot of junk you don't know about.
03:26 He never once criticized or ridiculed me;
03:29 not once, not ever.
03:31 Instead gently, day by day, as I spend time in His Word,
03:35 as I open my heart up to receive His Spirit, He shows me every
03:40 day a little more of the junk inside.
03:43 And when He shows it to me, He says, Give it to Me.
03:46 Surrender it to Me.
03:48 This week pray for the dew of the Holy Spirit in your life.
03:54 Our program, next program, next week,
03:57 is about the witnessing opportunity we have
04:01 as God's children.
04:02 Our closing Scripture: Now may the God of hope fill you with
04:05 all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope,
04:08 by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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