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00:01 Hello, I'm
00:03 and I'd like to welcome you to Heaven's Point of View!
00:04 Our topic for this series is the gift of the Holy Spirit.
00:07 Now being a charismatic pastor for so many years allowed me
00:10 the opportunity to see the bad and the good,
00:12 and the error and the truth of the handling and the mishandling
00:15 of the charisma gift of the Holy Spirit.
00:17 However, the misuses of the gifts
00:19 of the Spirit were nothing in
00:21 comparison to the attempts to have power and control over the
00:24 Holy Spirit Himself. There are many who believe the Holy Spirit
00:27 was given to them to cater to their every little whim.
00:30 This has never been and will never be the purpose of the
00:34 Holy Spirit. And today we are going to look
00:37 at the original purpose of the Holy Spirit.
00:39 So... don't go away, and we'll take a look at the Holy Spirit
00:42 from Heaven's Point of View.
01:05 There are many misconceptions concerning the purpose of the
01:08 Holy Spirit and His prime directive.
01:10 For many years there has been a sci-fi program on television
01:13 called Star Trek. Captain James T. Kirk states the
01:16 Enterprise's prime directive at the beginning of every episode.
01:20 The statement is always the same and very clear: to boldly go
01:24 where no man has gone before.
01:26 What a revelation it would be for the church
01:28 to grasp the truth of the Holy Spirit's prime directive.
01:31 If you ask people from different denominations what they believe
01:35 the purpose of the Holy Spirit is for the church,
01:37 you would get many different answers.
01:39 The reason for numerous responses could be that we have
01:42 a tendency to place the Holy Spirit into our belief mode
01:46 and allow Him to only be and do what we feel is correct.
01:52 says the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.
01:55 However, what is the prime directive?
01:58 The primary purpose of the Holy Spirit?
02:00 To fully understand the purpose of the Holy Spirit, we must
02:03 go back to the beginning. Genesis 1:1 says:
02:17 Please note: the earth was without form and void
02:19 until something earth-changing happened.
02:22 The Holy Spirit moved or hovered over it.
02:24 Until the Holy Spirit moved, nothing happened.
02:27 In other words, had the Holy Spirit not moved,
02:29 the earth would still be without form and void.
02:32 This is the prime directive of God's Holy Spirit.
02:36 This is one of the most important responsibilities.
02:39 He is waiting and wanting to hover over anyone who is
02:42 without form and void. He desires to move upon our
02:46 misery and our brokenness, our doubts and our fears, and let us
02:51 know that He is with us and wanting to make something out
02:54 of nothing. We have a tendency to think we are less than
02:58 acceptable to God because other people are apparently better
03:01 than us because of what seems to be blessings on their lives.
03:04 But the truth is: the Holy Spirit is hovering over those
03:08 who are willing to conform to what He is saying and doing.
03:12 They must align themselves to His agenda, not try to align Him
03:16 to theirs. The only way the Holy Spirit can lead and guide
03:20 us into all truth is for Him to be the leader and us to be the
03:24 followers. The Spirit of God was not given to be misused
03:29 or to make us feel spiritual or superior.
03:31 He is ready to hover over us and form us into the image of
03:35 of our Lord. The misconception of most Christians is that if
03:39 you are in a down time or in a low point in your life,
03:42 the Holy Spirit has abandoned you. This is the furthest
03:46 thing from the truth. Now, let's get back to the
03:48 prime directive. The purpose of the Holy Spirit
03:52 is to be with you in those without form and void times -
03:55 more than any other time. When a defeated man named Samson
04:00 was treading out grain in the enemy's dungeon, weak, defeated
04:04 with his eyes burned out, something miraculous happened!
04:07 He was without form and void when the Spirit of God came
04:10 came on him. He then slew more in his death than he did in his
04:14 life. When Daniel was in the lion's den, do you think he was
04:17 alone and forsaken? Or do you believe like I do that the
04:21 Holy Spirit was there along with heaven's angels
04:23 working His prime directive? Was it not the Holy Spirit standing
04:27 between Daniel and the den of hungry lions?
04:29 Then there were the three young Hebrew children in the fiery
04:34 furnace. If that isn't a thing without form and void, then
04:37 nothing is. But there was a divine intervention for them.
04:41 They came up and out of the furnace without even being
04:44 scorched, and didn't even smell like smoke!
04:47 When Paul and Silas were in jail they were without form and void.
04:52 What moved on them to cause them to sing such praises to God
04:55 that it would cause an earthquake?
04:57 When Christ was on the cross, forsaken by those He loved
05:01 and all of those He was about to die for, what would cause Him
05:05 to have hope in all that had been prophesied about Him?
05:09 He knew the Holy Spirit was there - hovering, moving,
05:13 and just waiting to raise Him from the dead - and then
05:16 open the tomb to show the world that Christ had risen.
05:20 The prime directive of the Holy Spirit is to move upon
05:23 and fulfill all that God's prophets have spoken since the
05:25 world began. Even when it is without form and void.
05:30 Acts 3:21 says "Whom the heavens must receive until the time of
05:33 the restitution of all things which God has spoken
05:35 by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began "
05:40 One translation reads like this: "Whom the heavens must keep
05:44 until the restoration of all things. "
05:47 We must allow the Holy Spirit to hover over every area of our
05:50 lives and our churches to fulfill this scripture.
05:54 We must not underestimate the Father, the Son, and the
05:58 Holy Spirit's promise to be with us continually.
06:02 Hebrews 13:5 in the Amplified says: "For He, God Himself, has
06:06 said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you up nor leave
06:10 you without support. " I will not, I will not, I will not
06:15 in any degree leave you helpless nor forsake, nor let you down
06:19 relax My hold on you. Assuredly not. Praise God!
06:22 The Holy Spirit has set up His abode within us and is patiently
06:26 waiting to bestow divine gifts upon us in order to establish
06:31 the kingdom of God in the earth.
06:32 Any church where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not in
06:36 operation or are not allowed to operate, is something less than
06:40 the church founded on the Day of Pentecost.
06:43 The gifts of the Holy Spirit were given to build up
06:46 the church and make it the most powerful force in the universe.
06:50 These gifts were given to demonstrate the power of the
06:54 Word and the Spirit. I Corinthians 2:4 says:
06:57 "My speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's
07:01 wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and the power. "
07:06 The Apostle Paul, the one who cast out devils and even raised
07:10 the dead declares he did it by the Spirit of God.
07:13 If we neglect or reject the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit,
07:17 it will be to our own detriment.
07:21 Now, in order to have a better understanding of the gifts,
07:25 let's look at the Greek terms that are used to describe
07:28 spiritual gifts. The first use of the word gift in Corinthian
07:32 letters is in italics and was not in the early manuscript.
07:44 In I Corinthians 12:1, Paul uses the word pneumatikov.
07:48 It is usually translated spiritual gifts, but a more
07:51 literal translation would be spiritual things - or simply
07:55 spiritual. It comes from the word pneuma - another Greek word
07:59 used in scripture to describe the Holy Spirit of God.
08:02 Pneumatikov tell us that the gifts are activated by the
08:06 Holy Spirit - who is already in us - rather than by our natural
08:10 ability. Paul is addressing two direct errors of the Corinthian
08:14 church in this first verse. First is the misuse of the gifts
08:19 by the Corinthian church and second is their ignorance
08:22 concerning the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
08:24 Geneva Bible Notes breaks this verse down into two parts.
08:28 First, Paul enters into the third part of this discourse
08:31 touching the right use of spiritual gifts in which he
08:34 gives the Corinthians plainly to understand that they abused
08:38 them - for they that excelled bragged ambitiously of them
08:44 and robbed God of the praise of His gifts.
08:47 And having no consideration of their brethren abused them to
08:51 a vain display and so robbed the church of the use
08:54 of those gifts. On the other side, the inferior sort envied
09:00 the better and went about to make a departure so that all
09:03 the body as it were scattered and rent in pieces.
09:08 So then going about to remedy these abuses, he wills them
09:12 first to consider diligently that they have not these gifts
09:16 of themselves but from the free
09:19 grace of God to whose glory
09:22 they ought to bestow them all.
09:24 The second thing is he expresses their ignorance to what
09:27 purpose these gifts are given.
09:29 The next word for gift is in I Corinthians 12:4:
09:38 Paul uses the word charismata - which is most often translated
09:42 simply as gifts. The term gift of grace would more accurately
09:46 describe the meaning of the Greek. This is Paul's most
09:48 popular word for the spiritual gifts, and it denotes that they
09:52 are bestowed by the Spirit as an act of divine grace.
09:56 The gifts are such that they are freely given to anyone who
10:00 desires them.
10:01 Now, once again, the Geneva Bible Notes breaks this
10:04 scripture into two parts. First, Paul lays another
10:07 foundation - that is these gifts are different as the functions
10:12 are also different and their office is different.
10:15 But that one self-same Spirit, Lord, and God is the giver
10:20 of all these gifts. Now there is the Trinity if you need it.
10:23 And that the one end that is for the profit of all.
10:27 The second Paul is saying the Spirit is plainly distinguished
10:30 from the gifts. The next word for gifts is in
10:33 I Corinthians 12:5.
10:38 Paul uses the word diakonia to describe spiritual gifts.
10:41 The word is translated in the New Testament into the following
10:44 English words: administration, minister, office, service,
10:48 relief, administration. These are not the nine gifts of the
10:51 Spirit but plainly show us that the gifts of the Spirit are
10:55 limitless. It is a firm reminder that the gifts are for
10:59 the wellbeing of others. The verb diakonia is used in
11:03 Mark 10:45 by Jesus where He is speaking of Himself. He says:
11:07 "The Son of Man also came not to be served but to serve and to
11:12 give His life a ransom for many. "
11:14 Now, we need to have that attitude in our desire to bless
11:19 others through the spiritual gifts. The gifts of the
11:22 Holy Spirit are our tools to enable us to minister to others
11:26 in a God-glorifying way. Paul continues in chapter 12
11:30 and asks this question in I Corinthians 12:27-30.
11:34 "Now ye are the body of Christ and are members in particular
11:37 and God has set some in the church: first apostles,
11:40 secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles
11:44 then gifts of healing, helps, governments, diversities of
11:47 tongues. " Are all apostles? Are all prophets?
11:51 Are all teachers? Are all workers of miracles?
11:54 Have all the gift of healing and do all speak with tongues?
11:57 Do all interpret?" Because Paul links the apostles, prophets,
12:01 teachers with the charisma gift, some people mistakenly believe
12:06 these ministries are gifts given by the Holy Spirit.
12:09 They are NOT! These gifts are doma gifts and they were given
12:14 by Jesus to the church. Now I am going to conclude
12:17 this series explaining these doma gifts. OK?
12:20 Ephesians 4:8-11 says:
12:23 "Wherefore He has said when He
12:24 ascended up on high, He, Jesus, led captivity captive and gave
12:29 gifts unto men. " Now He that ascended is He that also
12:33 descended first into the lower parts of the earth.
12:35 He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above
12:39 all heaven that He might fill all things.
12:43 Now get this: and He gave SOME apostles, and SOME prophets,
12:47 SOME evangelists, SOME teachers, and pastors and teachers.
12:50 The charisma gift given by the Holy Spirit was given to
12:53 demonstrate the authority of the believer while the doma gift
12:57 was given by Jesus for the equipping of the saints so they
13:01 could do the work of the ministry.
13:03 The charisma gift was given to promote the church while the
13:07 doma gifts are given to perfect the church.
13:12 Now, let's quickly do an over- view of the 9 gifts of the
13:14 Holy Spirit. It is through the diversity of all 9 gifts of the
13:17 Holy Spirit that God is able to meet the needs and challenges
13:20 of His children in everyday life.
13:22 The gift of prophecy: this is a Holy Spirit given utterance
13:27 that may benefit those hearing it whether it is individual
13:30 or to the body of Christ as a whole.
13:31 This gift may be used for edification, exhortation, and
13:35 comfort. This is where most people kind of stop the purpose
13:39 and the progress of this gift. However, there are other
13:42 purposes for the gifts of prophecy.
13:44 For example, there is the purpose of ordaining.
13:51 Amplified says: "Do not neglect the gift which is
13:53 in you. " That special inward endowment which was directly
13:57 imparted to you by the Holy Spirit by prophetic utterance
14:00 when the elders lay their hands upon you at your ordination.
14:04 Then prophecy may also be used as a sending forth.
14:09 says "Now there were in the church that was at
14:13 Antioch certain prophets and teachers. That's Barnabas,
14:17 that's Simeon that was called Niger, Lucius the Cyrene, and
14:21 Manaen which had been brought
14:24 up with Herod the patriarch, and Saul.
14:28 As they ministered to the Lord and fasted,
14:31 the Holy Ghost said 'Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work
14:34 whereunto I have called them. '
14:36 When they had fasted and prayed, they laid their hands on them
14:40 they sent them away. "
14:42 Now, there is the gift of tongues.
14:44 This gift was given on the Day of Pentecost and it was used for
14:48 no other purpose other than
14:51 to declare and magnify and preach
14:54 the goodness of God and the gospel of Christ.
14:57 Example:
15:01 It says: "They were all filled with the Holy Ghost
15:02 and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them
15:05 utterance. And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews and
15:08 devout men out of every nation under heaven.
15:10 Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together
15:14 and were confounded because they heard every man speaking
15:20 his own language.
15:21 The gift of interpretation is next. The gift of
15:25 interpretation of tongues. This divinely bestowed charisma
15:30 gift is given by the Holy Spirit. It cannot be earned.
15:34 It cannot be learned. It is used by someone to impart a
15:38 known, known, known language he or she has never
15:42 heard before. An example of this...
15:45 An example of this may be someone who speaks English
15:48 that is sharing the gospel with a group of people in India
15:51 who speak Hindi. They can't understand the speaker because
15:54 he doesn't speak their language but God wants them to hear the
15:57 message of the gospel. The Holy Spirit endows one of these
16:01 Indians present with the gift of interpretation.
16:04 This gift will allow the recipient to understand what is
16:08 being spoken in English even though he or she has never
16:11 spoken it. Then he or she would be able to translate this
16:16 message of the gospel for the others in Hindi.
16:20 Now next there is the word of wisdom.
16:22 This is exactly what it says it is: a WORD of wisdom.
16:27 Not total wisdom within itself. The word of wisdom will always
16:33 be associated itself with knowledge in order to be
16:37 effective. It may be a tiny portion of God's wisdom
16:41 graciously given at a specific time for a specific circumstance
16:46 for God to accomplish His will for the recipient.
16:49 This gift has several other functions, and we will explore
16:53 them later in this series.
16:55 An example of this is in 2 Kings chapter 3.
16:59 Three kings that told Elijah that the Moabites were coming to
17:03 capture them. First Elijah does not know what to do. Then he
17:07 calls for a minstrel and listens and praises the Lord.
17:12 Then a gift of the word of wisdom was given to him, and
17:15 Elijah told them to make the valley full of ditches.
17:18 You will not see wind nor rain but the valley shall be filled
17:22 with water. The Moabites were defeated
17:25 and three kingdoms were saved.
17:28 Now, next is the word of knowledge.
17:30 The gift of the word of knowledge.
17:32 The Holy Spirit is omnipresent and He is omnipotent.
17:36 He is everywhere and knows everything.
17:38 When we understand that John 3:34 states that Jesus was
17:42 the only one that was given the Spirit without measure,
17:44 we begin to realize the truth of this gift's only being a word
17:49 of knowledge not all knowledge.
17:55 says: "Jesus saw Nathanael coming to Him and
17:59 said to him 'Behold an Israelite indeed in whom is no guile. '
18:03 Nathanael said unto Him, 'whence knowest Thou me?'
18:06 Jesus answered and said unto him 'Before Philip called thee,
18:10 when thou was under the fig tree I saw thee. '
18:14 Nathanael answered and said unto Him, 'Rabbi, Thou art the
18:19 Son of God. Thou art the King of Israel. '"
18:22 The next is the discerning experience.
18:24 I know I am moving fast but we are going to go back and cover
18:26 every one of these in detail.
18:27 The discerning experience. This gift allows one's senses and
18:31 mental faculties to discriminate and distinguish
18:35 between what is morally good and noble
18:38 and what is evil and contrary either to God's divine law or to
18:42 human law. The gift of discernment allows you to see
18:45 past the false facade of those that desire to deceive.
18:49 It will give you the ability to judge whether something is from
18:53 God or from Satan, from fallen angels or unfallen angels.
18:59 Now, a good example of this is in
19:03 It says: "It came to pass as we went to prayer, a certain damsel
19:07 who was possessed with a spirit of divination met us
19:10 which brought her masters much gainsay by soothsaying.
19:14 The same followed Paul and us and cried saying 'These men
19:18 are the servants of the Most High God which show us
19:22 the way of salvation. ' And this did she many days - but Paul,
19:26 being grieved, turned and said to the spirit
19:32 'I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her'
19:36 and he came out of her the same hour. "
19:40 Now the next one we are going to look at is the working of
19:43 miracles. This is an immediate, instantaneous manifestation of
19:48 the Holy Spirit that will cause a divine change in a person's
19:53 body, soul, or spirit. However, the working of miracles
19:57 is not limited to humanity. All of God's creation must bow
20:03 to this divine appointment. Now let me give you an example.
20:08 says: "And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell
20:13 from him and smote the waters and said: 'where is the Lord God
20:17 of Elijah?' And when he also had smitten the waters,
20:20 they parted hither and thither and Elisha went over. "
20:26 Now next is the gift of faith. The gift of faith is when you
20:30 are prompted to action by the Holy Spirit without regard
20:35 to what you may see, hear, touch, taste, or smell.
20:41 It is a supernatural, supernatural virtue given by
20:46 inspiration and assistance of the Holy Spirit.
20:48 This gift of faith accepts the prompting of God to be true
20:54 apart from any reasoning. The gift of faith rests totally
20:58 on the power of God knowing that He will not do anything contrary
21:03 to His word. An example of this is in Acts 14 verse 8
21:09 "And there sat a certain man at Listra, impotent in his feet
21:16 being a cripple from his mother's womb who never
21:17 had walked. The same heard Paul speak
21:22 who steadfastly beheld him and perceiving that he had faith
21:25 to be healed said with a loud voice, 'stand upright on thy
21:29 feet. ' And he leaped and he walked. "
21:31 Another example is some of the gifts can work in concert.
21:35 Here, we have the gift of faith and the gift of healing.
21:41 "And a certain woman which had an issue of blood
21:44 and had suffered many things
21:46 of many physicians and had spent all that she had
21:49 and was nothing the better but rather grew worse.
21:53 When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind him
21:57 and touched His garment for she said 'If I may touch but His
22:01 clothes I shall be whole. ' And straightway the fountain
22:06 of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that she
22:10 was healed of that plague. And Jesus immediately knowing in
22:15 Himself that virtue had gone out of Him, turned Him about in the
22:19 press and said 'Who touched My clothes?' And the disciples
22:22 said unto Him, 'Thou seest the multitude thronging Thee
22:25 and sayest Thou 'Who touched Me?' And He looked round about
22:29 to see her that had done this thing. But the woman, fearing
22:35 and trembling, knowing what was done in her, came and fell down
22:39 before Him and told Him all the truth, and He said unto her
22:43 'Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole, go in peace
22:46 and be whole of thy plague. '"
22:48 Next is the gift of healing. And we are going to take a look
22:53 at that in just a few minutes.
22:54 We are going to take a short break.
22:56 Don't go away. We'll be right back.
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23:46 The gift of healing is the last gift that we are going to be
23:49 talking about today. The gift of healing are
23:52 extensions of God's covenant name: Jehovah Watha - the
23:56 Lord our Healer. The gift of healing is God's way of healing
23:59 all manner of sicknesses and diseases that afflict humanity.
24:03 A great example of this is:
24:08 It says: "And Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their
24:12 synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom
24:15 and healing. " Listen to this! Healing all manner of sickness
24:19 and all manner of diseases among the people.
24:22 And His fame went throughout all Syria and they brought unto Him
24:27 all sick people that were taken with diverse diseases
24:30 and torments and those that were possessed of devils,
24:35 and those which were lunatics and those that had the palsy,
24:40 and He healed them. " Not healed them some - He healed them all!
24:45 The remnant church will need all these gifts as God begins to
24:50 pour out the Latter Rain. It will be our God-given
24:53 responsibility to allow the gifts of the Holy Spirit
24:57 to operate through us to bring souls into right standing
25:03 with Christ. You see, that's what I'm here doing today.
25:08 This is where my heart is. This is where Molly and I
25:14 want to stand and say there is truth in the gifts
25:18 of the Spirit. There is anointing in the gifts of the
25:23 Spirit. And Sr. White says that we need to be so acquainted
25:28 with the workings and the operations of the gifts of the
25:33 Holy Spirit lest in the outpouring of the Latter Rain
25:38 that we would look at them and say fanaticism.
25:45 God help us to understand the workings and the operations
25:50 of the gifts of the Spirit. You see, here is the other side
25:54 of it. A lot of people out there have seen nothing but the
25:58 negative. I've seen them both. I've seen the real workings of
26:02 the Holy Spirit. I've seen manifestations of healings.
26:06 I've seen miracles through the years. But I have also seen
26:10 Brother "Wonderful" and Sister "Greatness"
26:14 out there in the televangelist position
26:18 that claim to be doing great
26:21 manifestations and great miracles for God.
26:24 And so much of it is not real. But I am here to tell you today
26:30 that this old country boy right here has seen the proof of the
26:35 gifts of the Spirit. Manifestation of the
26:37 gifts of the Spirit. I have seen them to the point
26:41 to where there is nothing that could change my heart or
26:45 change my mind about the true manifestations of it.
26:49 And what we desire to do in this series as we teach and
26:55 break down which we will start in our next program.
26:59 We are going to break down each gift, and what I hope to do
27:02 is to show you an explanation of what that gift is.
27:08 Then to show you the true manifestation of that gift
27:14 along with the true error that is out there
27:19 to where we will be able to look at it
27:21 whenever somebody says that I am this,
27:25 I am that, I've got this - to where it won't be like somebody
27:29 saying "Hey, I'm a carpenter. Do you want to see me hammer?
27:32 Do you want to see me saw? Do you want to see me measure
27:35 something?" "No, I want to see something you've built. "
27:38 When somebody says that they move in the gifts and they move
27:42 in the in the manifestation of it, then here's what I've got
27:45 to say. "I don't want to just see you do it, I want to see
27:49 the results of it. I want to see the person that was healed.
27:52 I want to see the person that was healed. I want to see the
27:56 true life-changing spirit, and that life-changing spirit will
28:00 firmly declare. We will not know them by their gifts
28:04 but we will know them by their fruits. "
28:30 On our next Heaven's Point of View program, we will continue
28:33 with an in-depth study of the spiritual gifts.
28:35 The outer court gifts to speak, the holy place gifts to know,
28:38 and last the holy of holies gifts to do. So check your 3ABN
28:42 World for dates and times, and we'll see you there.


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