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00:01 Hello, I'm
00:03 and I'd like to welcome you to join us in our study
00:04 on the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.
00:06 Today on Heaven's Point of View we'll look at the overview
00:10 of what we've learned so far and then we'll do a summary
00:14 on what we have studied about the gifts to speak,
00:16 and then we'll start a new study on the gifts to know.
00:19 They are the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge,
00:21 and discerning of spirits. I encourage you
00:24 to get your Bible and study along with us
00:27 as we counteract the counterfeit with the living Word of God.
00:52 You know I talk almost daily with disheartened Christians
00:56 who no longer associate themselves with any church
00:59 or denomination. And when asked why, their common response
01:03 is I became disillusioned with the church.
01:07 What they are saying, they don't realize it,
01:09 but what they are saying is they were living in an illusion
01:12 and finally got out of it. Many of these individuals
01:15 sought truth which would draw them out of worldliness
01:18 and bring them closer to God. Thousands are no longer
01:21 attending church because they were seeking the voice of God
01:25 and were only hearing the rhetoric of men.
01:28 Well, what can we do to help these displaced and discouraged
01:32 Christians? Many of these wonderful people started out
01:36 in pursuit of God and were disappointed by the church
01:39 yet they still maintained their relationship with the Lord.
01:42 These disheartened Christians are still looking for the truth
01:45 and our doors and hearts must be wide open to receive them
01:49 back into the true church. The modern-day tongues phenomenon,
01:54 as this series has endeavored to explain,
01:57 is not the tongues of scripture. We may ask, "If it's not
02:01 scriptural, if it's not God-inspired,
02:03 then why are so many people drawn into this erroneous
02:06 teaching?" The true Light of this World, Jesus Christ,
02:10 compelled those who sought Him to come out of this world's
02:13 darkness and come into His kingdom.
02:15 These dear people have heard His call and gladly obeyed
02:19 His command. These new babes in Christ started out in truth;
02:23 however, some ending up thinking they were continuing in truth
02:27 when they were actually trapped in error.
02:29 Those with pure hearts for God will never stop seeking
02:34 the truth and will continue to pursue God.
02:37 We must be prepared to welcome them warmly.
02:41 Now there is strength in all of us that can drive us to
02:44 seek truth, but there are also resident weaknesses
02:47 that may allow us to be deceived.
02:49 Then there is Satan, always waiting in the shadows,
02:53 to try to mix his error with God's truth.
02:56 Now here are some possible reasons why so many good people
03:00 are seduced by this tongues phenomenon.
03:04 Some may need spiritual recognition and spiritual roots.
03:09 Innate within us is a need to be included with the herd.
03:13 Even a false arena of worship will bring some people to a
03:17 secure place where they can belong and they can feel that
03:20 they have it all together. There is shared among them
03:23 the common ground of speaking in an out-of-this-world,
03:27 incoherent, babbling language.
03:30 However, it's an unscriptural NON-language.
03:34 They have a desire for spiritual understanding.
03:37 Most people have an empty God space inside.
03:41 These Christians really want to know and to be spiritually
03:44 minded. They are told the best way to satisfy their emptiness
03:48 is by receiving the gift of tongues.
03:51 Deception causes them to think that this is the ultimate
03:55 self-actualization time of their life.
03:59 Then, many of these people are responding to an inability to
04:04 acclimate to their environment. What do you mean?
04:07 I mean that they are sometimes lonely and limited
04:11 in their personal and social activities.
04:14 They are fearful of a dangerous society that they encounter
04:18 on a daily basis. By obtaining this unchallenged
04:22 charisma tongue, they can disconnect from society
04:27 and reconnect with what they think is the supernatural.
04:30 How tragic. Also, many are looking for instant spiritual
04:34 gratification. Since this group considers tongues a sign of
04:39 spiritual maturity, those who seek external affirmation
04:43 may seek this environment to appear spiritual.
04:47 They feel an advantage by not having to study for themselves.
04:53 They think tongues has to be scriptural because so many
04:59 Christians embrace it. They have a craving also for
05:03 spiritual expression. Many are seeking ways to express
05:07 themselves spiritually because they don't feel they are part
05:11 of their local church. Speaking in false tongues
05:15 makes it easier for them to fit in because it doesn't require
05:18 a deep relationship with God or much knowledge
05:21 of the scripture. They are not accountable or answerable
05:25 to anyone because what they are saying cannot be understood
05:28 and therefore cannot be judged. It doesn't have to be correct,
05:32 scriptural, or even from God because no one
05:35 in his or her crowd will ever know the difference.
05:41 Next, they may have a desire for revelation.
05:43 Through the years it's been said by some that no one is able
05:47 to understand the Bible unless they are baptized
05:49 in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.
05:51 Their statement to confirm someone is spirit filled
05:54 is tongues are the initial, physical, supernatural
05:57 evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
05:59 This is a sign to many that God has devised a shortcut
06:03 to the revelation of His Word. Not so!
06:06 What they end up with is a lot of emotionalism
06:09 and a false sense of having a personal unknown tongue
06:13 hotline of prayer straight to the throne of God.
06:17 With this series I have endeavored to recognize that
06:20 the gift of tongues is as real as any other gift of the Spirit.
06:23 God has blessed His church with many wonderful spiritual tools
06:28 and gifts to further the Gospel. The beauty of the gift
06:31 of tongues is first declared by Jesus in Mark 16:17.
06:35 "They shall speak with new tongues" is that tongues were
06:39 to be used as a powerful evangelistic tool.
06:42 This tool was given to the disciples so they could go
06:45 to the nations where they did not know the native language.
06:48 Once there, they were able to preach the Gospel
06:52 to the people in their own cultural language by using
06:55 the tool of the gift of tongues. This is why God gave them
07:00 the gift of tongues. It was a time in history when there were
07:03 no telecommunications or mass reproductions
07:06 of printed material as there are today.
07:09 The gift of tongues was definitely a Godsend.
07:12 The apostle Thomas may have used this gift to go into the depths
07:15 of India and establish a foundation of faith
07:18 from which we are now reaping the benefits.
07:20 In our age of technology, there are unfathomable methods of
07:25 Gospel presentations available for everyone of every culture
07:28 and language. This greatly reduces the need for the gift
07:34 of tongues in our present age.
07:37 This could be the reason for Paul using two different words
07:40 for cease. In:
07:43 "Charity never faileth, but whether there be prophecies
07:47 they shall fail. Whether there be tongues, they shall cease.
07:51 Whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. "
07:53 When Paul wrote about the failing of prophecy
07:56 and the vanishing of knowledge, the verbs he used meant that
08:00 they would cease by some outside force or influence.
08:03 However, the verb he used for tongues ceasing
08:06 meant that they would eventually stop of their own accord.
08:09 The verb used for the prophecies and knowledge
08:13 to cease would be like someone snuffing out a burning candle
08:16 while the verb used for tongues ceasing is like a candle
08:20 burning out of its own accord. Now that Christianity
08:24 is reaching the world through a diversity of media and languages
08:27 the gift of tongues is less essential.
08:30 The need for the gift of tongues is not required as often today
08:33 as it was in the day of the disciples.
08:35 Because a large segment of the world has become so open to the
08:40 Gospel, American evangelists can go to Russia
08:43 and use an interpreter to translate his English words
08:46 to the listeners in Russian. Because language barriers
08:50 are breaking down all over the world, preaching through an
08:53 interpreter has become commonplace.
08:55 There are presently world-wide television ministries
08:58 broadcasting the Gospel to several countries
09:01 in that country's native language.
09:03 One such ministry, thank God, Three Angels Broadcasting
09:07 Network, that currently presents the Gospel in English,
09:10 Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese with plans to expand
09:15 to other languages. This network alone covers 99%
09:20 of every inhabited continent on the face of the earth
09:24 and is reaching more people than we could have ever imagined.
09:28 Remember what Jesus said in John 14:12?
09:43 However, if there is one person left somewhere in a remote area
09:48 of the world who has not heard the Gospel,
09:50 God may send someone, maybe even you, to him and allow
09:55 the gift of tongues to work through that person.
09:58 God can still use this gift, give by the Holy Spirit,
10:02 to tell that individual about the wonderful works of God.
10:08 Now, concerning spiritual gifts, brethren,
10:11 we need to get it right! We use catch phrases
10:15 that are used to describe manifestations or events
10:18 that are not theologically correct or Biblically sound.
10:21 One such phrase is expressed as a message in tongues.
10:26 Nowhere in the scripture is this statement used,
10:30 and it is therefore unscriptural.
10:32 There is no such things as a message in tongues -
10:36 only the gift of tongues. Another phrase is
10:40 praying in the spirit - which is also unscriptural.
10:44 There is no scriptural evidence of anyone being slain
10:47 in the spirit. It is scriptural to be knocked off your horse
10:51 to the ground as with the apostle Paul; however,
10:55 this is not a Biblical example of what we see happening
10:58 in Christianity today. The next phrase that is grossly
11:02 misinterpreted, ridiculously, is the secret rapture fallacy.
11:08 Thessalonians is an awfully noisy book with a shout
11:12 and a loud trumpet. That's not very secretive.
11:15 We will not be using any catch phrases or clichés
11:18 in this study. We will be using the Word of God
11:22 and reliable resources. I refer to these gifts
11:27 as an outer court gifts to speak because they are all used
11:32 to present or preach the Gospel. The gift of prophecy,
11:35 the gift of tongues, and the gift of interpretation
11:39 of tongues. The outer court of the tabernacle of Moses
11:42 represented salvation, "whosoever will," through the
11:46 brazen altar and water baptism through the brazen laver.
11:53 says: "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord
11:56 shall be saved. How then shall they call upon Him whom
12:00 they have not believed, and how shall they believe in Him
12:04 they have not heard? And how shall they hear
12:07 without a preacher? And how shall they preach
12:10 except they be sent? As it is written, how beautiful
12:15 are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of peace
12:18 and bring glad tidings of good things. "
12:21 Now let me give you a definition for the word of knowledge.
12:26 It is a tiny portion of God's infallible knowledge imparted
12:32 by the Holy Spirit through fallible man.
12:35 The gift of the word of knowledge may also be a
12:38 special endowment God gives to some members
12:41 of the body of Christ to discover, assimilate,
12:45 analyze, and clarify information and ideas that
12:49 are relevant to the spiritual growth of the church
12:52 and the wellbeing of the body of Christ.
12:54 The word knowledge seems to especially affect the intellect
13:00 and enable the person having the gift to understand the deeper
13:03 truths of the Gospel. The Holy Spirit is omnipresent,
13:08 He is omnipotent, He is everywhere
13:10 and knows everything just like God because He is God.
13:13 When we comprehend that John 3:34 says that Jesus
13:17 was the only one given the Spirit without measure,
13:20 we begin to realize the truth of this gift only being,
13:25 hear this, please hear this, only being a word of knowledge
13:28 not all knowledge.
13:32 All knowledge ultimately rests with the Lord.
13:35 says: "In whom are hid all
13:37 the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. "
13:38 It is therefore acceptable to believe that God can impart
13:43 any part of His divine knowledge at any time as He wills.
13:46 The word of knowledge is supernatural insight
13:49 or understanding of God's Word, circumstances, situations,
13:53 problems, or a compilation of facts by revelation.
13:57 That is, without assistance by any human resource
14:00 but solely by the divine aid of God.
14:03 Now there are several key reasons the Holy Spirit
14:06 uses the gift of the word of knowledge through us.
14:29 Now let's take a look at some real manifestations of the word
14:32 of knowledge in God's Word.
14:34 Some examples of words of knowledge:
14:36 Jesus knew about Nathaniel before He met him.
14:42 "Jesus saw Nathaniel coming to Him and sayeth of him
14:45 'Behold an Israelite indeed in whom is no guile. '
14:48 Nathaniel said unto Him: 'Whence knowest Thou me?'
14:51 and Jesus answered and said unto him
14:52 'Before that Philip called thee, when thou wast under the
14:56 fig tree, I saw thee. ' Nathaniel answered and saith
14:59 unto Him, 'Rabbi, Thou art the Son of God,
15:02 Thou art the King of Israel. '"
15:05 The prophet Elisha knew that Gehazi lied to Naaman.
15:12 says: "But Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, the man of God,
15:16 said: 'Behold, my master had spared Naaman the Syrian
15:20 in not receiving at his hands that which he brought. '
15:24 But, as the Lord liveth, I will run after him and take somewhat
15:29 of him. ' So Gehazi followed after Naaman, and when Naaman
15:33 saw him running after him, he lighted down from the chariot
15:37 to meet him and said: 'Is all well?'
15:39 And he said, 'All is well. My master has sent me
15:42 saying behold, even now, there be come to me from
15:45 Mount Ephraim two young men of the sons of the prophets.
15:50 Give them, I pray thee, a talent of silver and two changes
15:54 of garments. ' And Naaman said: 'Be content, take two talents. '
15:58 And he urged him and bound two talents of silver in two bags
16:03 with two changes of garments and laid them upon the two of
16:06 his servants. And they bear them before him.
16:09 And when he came to the tower, he took them from their hand
16:13 and bestowed them in the house. And he let the men go,
16:18 and they departed. But he went in and stood before his master.
16:23 And Elisha said unto him: 'Whence comest thou, Gehazi?'
16:27 And he said, 'Thy servant went no whither. '
16:31 And he said unto him: 'Went not thine heart with thee
16:35 when the man turned again from his chariot to meet thee?
16:39 Is it a time to receive money and to receive garments
16:44 and olive yards, and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen,
16:48 and menservants, and maidservants?
16:50 The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave upon thee
16:55 and unto thy seed forever. And he went out from his presence
17:00 a leper as white as snow. "
17:02 That's the word of knowledge.
17:04 The prophet Samuel knew that Saul's donkeys had been found
17:11 says: "And Samuel answered Saul and said: 'I am the seer.
17:14 Go up before me unto the high place for you shall eat with me
17:17 today, and tomorrow I will let thee go and I will tell thee
17:20 all that is in thine heart. And as for thine asses
17:24 that were lost three days ago set not thy mind on them
17:27 for they are found. And on whom is all the desire
17:31 of Israel? Is it not on thee and on all thy father's house?'
17:36 Now next we have the fact that Peter knew that Annanias
17:40 had lied about his property. Acts 5 says:
17:43 "But a certain man named Ananias with Sapphira his wife
17:47 sold a possession and kept back part of the price -
17:50 his wife also being privy to it. And they brought a certain part
17:55 and laid it at the apostle's feet, but Peter said:
17:58 'Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie
18:02 to the Holy Ghost and to keep back part of the price
18:05 of the land? While it remained was it not thine own
18:09 and after it was sold was it not in thine own power?
18:12 Why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart?
18:15 Thou hast not lied unto man but unto God. '
18:19 And Ananias, hearing these words, fell down and gave up
18:23 the ghost, and great fear came on all them that heard
18:26 these things. And the young men arose, wound him up,
18:30 and carried him out and buried him. And it was about the space
18:34 of three hours after when his wife, not knowing what was done,
18:37 came in. And Peter answered unto her, 'Tell me whether ye
18:40 sold the land for such and such, and she said 'yea, for so much '
18:45 Then Peter said unto her 'How is it that ye have agreed
18:48 together to tempt the Holy Spirit of the Lord?
18:51 Behold the feet of them which have buried thy husband are
18:54 at the door and shall carry thee out. ' Then fell she down
18:59 straightway at his feet and yielded up the ghost
19:01 and the young men came in and found her dead
19:05 and carrying her forth, buried her by her husband,
19:08 and great fear came upon all the church
19:13 and upon as many as heard these things. "
19:16 I like that. Praise God!
19:18 Although there are numerous Biblical examples
19:20 of true manifestation of the gift of the word of knowledge,
19:23 there are far more examples of false words of knowledge.
19:28 I have witnessed hundreds of these manifestations
19:31 while involved in the charismatic movement and I now
19:35 realize the vast majority were false manifestations.
19:39 Now let me give you some for instances, OK?
19:43 This is a statement from a charismatic web page.
19:46 This is phenomenal. In the charismatic meetings
19:50 it says the word of knowledge is also most impressive.
19:54 There is a man here who is a Mormon.
19:57 He is being healed now of his left arm,
20:01 and the Mormon comes out shouting and crying,
20:04 raising his left arm he could not move for 20 years,
20:07 and he becomes a Catholic.
20:09 I said that right! He becomes a Catholic.
20:13 And it is the most exciting episode in the meeting.
20:17 Everybody is praising the Lord with great, incredible joy.
20:42 Then there is the false word of knowledge -
20:46 physical words of knowledge. This is NOT the gift of the
20:51 word of knowledge. For example, someone will have
20:54 a feeling or a sharp pain in his shoulder.
20:56 It may indicate bursitis, pain in the chest may indicate
21:00 a heart condition, hurt, or anger.
21:03 Pain in the ear may indicate that the person has an
21:06 ear problem, and so on, and so forth.
21:08 This is not only unscriptural but it is also Satanic.
21:14 The Word of God declares in Isaiah 53:5:
21:18 "But He, being Jesus, was wounded for our transgressions
21:22 He was bruised for our iniquities.
21:24 The chastisement of our peace was upon Him,
21:27 and with His stripes we are healed. "
21:30 Jesus has already borne all of our pains,
21:33 and He in no way will ever transfer anyone else's pain
21:38 to any of His disciples - which are us.
21:40 The false words of knowledge are extended to other areas too.
21:45 Auditory. I have heard this for years. Auditory words of
21:48 knowledge. Example: you may hear the still small voice
21:52 give you information about a person's health
21:55 of past in order to stir faith and receive prayer.
21:59 Speaking softly, this is what this website says,
22:03 We don't give the website
22:05 and I am not putting down the person.
22:07 I am talking about the message. It's wrong; it's error.
22:11 It is not scriptural. It says speaking softly in tongues
22:15 is recommended when desiring to hear words of knowledge.
22:20 This will heighten your spiritual sensitivity. How sad.
22:44 Extreme false words of knowledge, odorous words of
22:48 knowledge. Now this is on this website.
22:50 Odorous words of knowledge. For example: The Holy Spirit
22:52 may open your sense of smell to reveal to you that a demon
22:55 is present. This smells like sulphur. Oh, really?
22:59 Or may reveal the smell of alcohol to reveal the condition
23:03 of alcoholism. How sad these things are.
23:07 How sad that someone would really and truly believe
23:10 something that contradicts the Word of God.
23:12 Now, we are going to be back in a few minutes,
23:14 and we are going to put a capstone on this and do a little
23:16 bit of summary right after this message
23:19 so don't go away because we will be right back.
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24:11 On today's program we took a look at the true gift
24:15 of the word of knowledge. We saw how the true gift operated
24:19 in the Old Testament, operates in the New Testament.
24:21 And for it to operate in the church, it does not
24:24 go to extreme. Then we took a look at some extreme false words
24:29 of knowledge. Words of knowledge involving pain.
24:32 Words of knowledge involving smell.
24:35 And, you know, once again it is the word of knowledge.
24:38 It is not the smell of knowledge. An example
24:43 of an extreme word of knowledge would be...
24:46 although you may not feel, hear, see, or smell anything,
24:51 you may strongly sense what's going on.
24:55 A sensory word comes simply as a knowing. Now understand,
24:59 this is not real. If you didn't catch the first part
25:02 of the program, this is not the way the word of knowledge works.
25:04 This is from a website that is telling you things that are not
25:07 scriptural and are not godly.
25:09 It may be simply as a knowing of the person's condition.
25:13 Sensory words of knowledge are very common words of knowledge
25:16 but are easily overlooked. THIS IS NOT SO!
25:20 Now I want to encourage you as we just share here with you
25:25 for a moment, I want to encourage you to
25:29 hear what I am about to tell you
25:31 because all of us are open for the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
25:36 They are for the authority of the believer,
25:39 and there may be some of you that God speaks to a lot.
25:42 You might be walking through the grocery store
25:44 and God will give you a word of knowledge.
25:45 Some you are to act on and some you are not to act on.
25:50 You are to get in your prayer closet and go before the Lord
25:53 Let me give you an example. Back several years ago
25:57 a lady came to me and told me "I was in the kitchen cooking
26:02 and God, she said, I feel like God really spoke to me and said
26:05 there is a good friend of mine, a sister in the Lord,
26:08 that there is going to be great harm done to her.
26:10 What should I do? And I said: "If God gave you
26:13 that word of knowledge, it wasn't go to her and allow
26:16 the enemy to use a spirit of fear to bring her down.
26:19 You get on your face, you lay on your face,
26:21 and you cry out to God. You get on your face
26:24 and you intercede for that person because
26:26 that word of knowledge you know what happened or how it happened
26:30 and you can stop this from happening. "
26:32 Well instead of doing that, she went to this lady
26:34 and told her this. This lady got in such fear she would not
26:38 get out of the house. She had to get somebody to take her
26:41 children to school. She could not even function.
26:44 God doesn't give you a gift to tear down.
26:48 God gives you a gift to build up the body of Christ.
26:51 The other day I got an e-mail from a brother, and he said
26:54 that he had seen that there was going to be a great sports
26:57 disaster. There is going to be a terrorist attack.
27:00 And I e-mailed him back, and I told him
27:02 "I thank you for sending this to me and I do not doubt that
27:06 possibly God showed you this. But, I said, is it a possibility
27:11 that God showed you this, gave you direction,
27:14 gave you purpose, in order for you to pray and intercede
27:19 and keep this thing from happening?"
27:22 Now I haven't heard back from him,
27:24 but I want you to know this, OK? If God speaks something to you,
27:27 a word of knowledge that will not encourage someone
27:31 uplift someone, bring them back into the kingdom of God
27:34 and right standing with God, then what I encourage you to do
27:37 is you get on your face, you lay on your face,
27:42 you cry out to God for that person
27:46 and what God has shown you.
27:47 I want you to know that there are true gifts
27:49 and there are false gifts, and God wants us to work and move
27:53 in the true gifts of the Holy Spirit -
27:55 and the word of knowledge is one of them.
27:57 I pray that you will be open to whatever the Spirit of God
28:02 has for you in this last day, and the latter rain,
28:05 the outpouring of God's Spirit, you'll be one that will say
28:08 "God - use - me. "
28:31 On our next program in this series,
28:33 Heaven's Point of View on the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
28:36 we will start on the gift of the word of wisdom.
28:38 So check your 3ABN World for the dates and times,
28:42 and I'll see you then.


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