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00:01 Hello, my name's
00:03 and I welcome you to Heaven's Point of View.
00:04 Today's program will conclude the doma gifts given by Jesus
00:08 at His ascension to be used for the perfecting
00:11 or the equipping of the saints so they could finish the works
00:14 of the ministry. The last three gifts are
00:16 the evangelist, the pastor, and the teachers.
00:20 I invite you to get your Bibles and study along with us today
00:25 from Heaven's Point of View.
00:49 The first thing we want to do on today's program
00:51 is look at our foundational scripture
00:53 which is Ephesians 4:11-13.
00:56 It says:
00:57 "And He gave some apostles and some prophets, some evangelists
01:00 and some pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the saints
01:05 for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the
01:07 body of Christ, till we all come into the unity of the faith
01:11 and of the knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man
01:15 unto the measure and the stature of the fullness of Christ. "
01:19 When Jesus ascended, the Bible tells us, "When He ascended
01:23 up on high, He led captivity captive and gave gifts
01:28 unto men. " Please be aware that these gifts were not given,
01:32 WERE NOT GIVEN, until Jesus ascended.
01:35 Not before He ascended. This fact will change some
01:39 erroneous thinking and teaching. According to scripture,
01:43 Jesus was the five-fold doma ministry
01:47 while He was here on earth. However, at His ascension,
01:50 He broke down what He was and dispersed it to man.
01:57 Jesus the apostle, according to Hebrews the 3rd chapter
02:02 and the first verse says: "Wherefore, holy brethren,
02:05 partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the apostle
02:09 and high priest of our profession Christ Jesus. "
02:13 And then there is Jesus the prophet.
02:18 says: "And the multitude said this is Jesus the prophet
02:21 of Nazareth of Galilee. "
02:24 And third is Jesus the evangelist.
02:28 says: "From that time Jesus began to preach. "
02:32 This is what an evangelist does is preach
02:34 and to say "repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. "
02:38 Next is Jesus the pastor. Hebrews 13:20 says:
02:42 "Now the God of peace that brought again from the dead
02:46 our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep,
02:50 through the blood of the everlasting covenant. "
02:54 And last is the teacher - Jesus the teacher.
02:59 and these are just some of the scriptures.
03:01 There are so many.
03:03 says: "The same came to Jesus by night and said unto Him,
03:06 'Rabbi, we know that Thou art a teacher come from God
03:10 for no man can do these miracles that Thou doest
03:13 except God be with Him. '" The Greek word for evangelist
03:18 is evangelion, I like that lion on the end, which very simply
03:23 means a preacher of the gospel, hence - an evangelist.
03:26 This word describes one who will announce good news -
03:30 especially the gospel. One who declares, brings,
03:34 or shows the glad tidings. One who preaches the gospel.
03:39 Webster's Old World Dictionary - I like the Old World version
03:43 of this - An evangelist: in the early church,
03:46 one who first preached the gospel to a nation
03:49 or a people. In modern times, a traveling preacher - not
03:53 usually a regular minister in any church.
03:56 Also, one who holds meetings often in the open air
03:59 or in a tent. I love it!
04:01 All of these definitions pretty much tell us the meaning of
04:05 what most of us believe an evangelist to be.
04:08 Now let's look at a few verses then I'll share some other
04:13 slightly different views of what an evangelist can be.
04:17 Acts 21:8-9
04:19 tells us of Luke's and Paul's visit with Philip.
04:23 "The next day we left and came to Caesarea and we went into
04:27 the house of Philip the evangelist - one of the Seven -
04:31 and stayed with him. He had four unmarried daughters
04:34 who had the gift of prophecy. " Philip, although called
04:38 an evangelist here, was one of the seven men chosen by the
04:42 twelve apostles to serve as assistants under them.
04:46 Some people refer to them as deacons, but whatever they were,
04:51 they were especially touched by God for they had power
04:56 and they had favor. These, according to Acts 6:3
05:00 were seven men of honest report full of the Holy Ghost
05:05 and wisdom whom we may appoint over this matter.
05:10 Now, you might be wondering, Do I have the heart
05:14 of an evangelist? Well then you need to do some heart math.
05:18 What I am referring to is Christians who know how to
05:22 share the love of Jesus. The sign of an evangelist is love.
05:26 I am talking of those who know and understand how to pray
05:30 for the need of someone they are sharing Christ with.
05:33 All of us must learn how to minister to others.
05:37 None of us are born with this ability. And hear this:
05:42 None of us are necessarily born again with this ability, either.
05:46 We all must learn to overcome our fears and our insecurities
05:50 when it comes to witnessing and soul winning.
05:52 Nevertheless, what if after learning and knowing how to
05:57 do all of this, you still don't necessarily feel
06:01 the witnessing campaign and the Tuesday night
06:04 soul winning classes are for you?
06:07 Well, maybe you don't have the heart of an evangelist.
06:11 I have a very simple answer. If this is your case,
06:15 you may not be called to be an evangelist.
06:18 What, you say, what do you mean?
06:22 What I mean is this: there are so many gifts and callings
06:26 in the body of Christ, as we have already established
06:29 in earlier lessons, what generally happens in most
06:32 churches is this: the leaders of most churches see that there
06:37 are areas within their churches that seem to be lacking.
06:42 Usually it is the numbers in the church that are lacking.
06:46 Too few numbers to be exact so the church must do something
06:51 about it. Go out into the highways and the byways
06:54 is how it's referred to sometimes.
06:58 Bring more people in is the issue. But to do that
07:02 someone has to go out in order to bring them in.
07:04 That usually means rounding up volunteers.
07:09 God's not looking for volunteers -
07:11 and that may mean YOU that they're looking for.
07:15 Now, here is the problem: there are those who love
07:18 to go out into houses and highways and byways.
07:22 They love to knock on the doors, contact people,
07:25 hand out literature. Does this make these people
07:28 more spiritual than you because they love to do such things
07:33 and others don't? No, not exactly.
07:37 If we do all these things in the natural course
07:41 of whatever our calling might be, then we have no reason
07:45 to think we are any less than those who go boldly
07:50 out into the witnessing field and soul-winning trail.
07:55 It may just simply mean this: those people
08:00 may have the call of an evangelist on their lives.
08:03 We may not. You may not.
08:06 It really can be that simple.
08:10 Then the question arises,
08:13 why are these gifts in the church?
08:17 Why did the Lord leave them when He ascended?
08:20 You see, all of the five gifts of Christ's gifts to the church
08:24 as well as the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit,
08:26 must be accepted by the church. When all are in place
08:31 and operating as they should, there will be no lack.
08:35 Churches will not feel the need to persuade those not called
08:39 to evangelism to do the work of an evangelist.
08:42 Or to put it in another way, when the gifts and callings
08:46 of God are all working at full force, the evangelists will
08:51 gladly do their job and we will be free to do ours.
08:55 The proper way to allow a church to grow is by teaching it,
09:00 by encouraging it, and by showing it how to function
09:04 as it ought. Too many of us and too many churches
09:08 are going about building our churches the wrong way.
09:12 Don't start out by expecting the sheep of the Lord
09:15 to be perfect. I've seen too many ministers
09:19 take that approach. That approach will only frustrate
09:22 the people. Teach them! Show them!
09:25 Help them to first understand who they are in Christ.
09:30 To know who they are and know who the enemy is.
09:32 Once you can show them this, you can then move them
09:36 to a place where they will delight to serve Him
09:39 thus making it very easy to find out what gifts
09:42 they may have been given by the Lord.
09:45 Once they know their giftings and callings, then they can
09:50 actually help you prepare others for ministry and help to edify
09:55 and build up the local church. It is a process.
09:58 It is a teaching process. Some learn more quickly
10:03 than others do - so patience is of the essence.
10:07 Well, Pastor Hal, what is the work of an evangelist?
10:11 II Timothy 4:5 says: "But you, Timothy, be watchful
10:16 in all things, enduring afflictions, doing the work of
10:20 an evangelist and making full proof of your ministry. "
10:23 Paul had a special affection and bond for Timothy.
10:26 As you read the two letters which he wrote to his son
10:30 in the faith, you will quickly see that Timothy was more
10:33 than a son.
10:34 Paul taught, discipled, and mentored Timothy
10:39 leaving no stone unturned and leaving nothing to chance.
10:43 In the verse we looked at, Paul admonishes his son in the Lord
10:47 to be watchful, to endure afflictions, to carry out
10:51 to the full extent his ministry. And what was his ministry?
10:55 We see in this verse that he was, among other things,
10:59 an evangelist. Do the work of an evangelist.
11:03 Timothy had other giftings, other callings, other offices,
11:07 but Paul reminds Timothy to not fail in that call
11:12 as an evangelist.
11:15 Once churches, ministers, and leaders can accept their
11:20 responsibilities according to Ephesians 4 by teaching
11:24 and helping all gifts and callings of God,
11:27 then we - the whole body - can move, grow, and function
11:32 as we are meant to. And the apostles, the prophets,
11:37 the pastors, the teachers, evangelists will be free
11:40 to minister, to edify, and build up the church
11:43 the way that Christ intended evangelists to be:
11:45 encouraged in our churches not exploited. Did you hear that?
11:50 Evangelists need to be encouraged in our churches
11:53 not exploited. Preparation needs to be made to have
11:57 evangelists in and be able to meet their expense.
12:00 I don't believe that in the ministry that you ought to
12:03 go out there to make big bucks. But I also don't believe
12:06 that you need to go under the unction of God and it be a
12:10 burden upon you. Now see that goes for all five of these
12:14 special anointed gifts of Christ.
12:15 You need a soul winner? Find someone who has the gift
12:19 and call of an evangelist. You need to send someone out
12:23 witnessing? Get hold of the evangelist.
12:27 You want someone to canvass the neighborhood?
12:30 The evangelist would be happy to do it.
12:32 Of course, once the Lord sends that evangelist out
12:35 to the rest of the church and to the world and His witnesses,
12:38 you may not see him very often if at all.
12:42 One other point. If we as pastors and teachers
12:47 do not teach and encourage and bless the five-fold ministry
12:51 within our churches, then we cannot expect to find
12:54 that evangelist. Did you hear that?
12:56 If we do not embrace them, if we do not accept them,
13:00 then you will never find that evangelist or the other
13:03 ministers of the five fold. When we may need him or her
13:08 they will not be accepted or any of the helpful gifts
13:12 Christ has so graciously given to His church.
13:14 The one thing that I have seen do much harm to the body
13:19 of Christ concerning the gift of the evangelist, is
13:22 for a true evangelist to try to pastor a church.
13:27 The heart of an evangelist is somewhere out there
13:33 in the fields, the highways, and the byways - not in the
13:35 local pasture or with the local sheep.
13:41 Now, next we want to look at the gift of the pastor.
13:45 I said at the beginning of the program this is an overview.
13:48 It's not an in-depth study. But the gift of a pastor is so
13:53 powerful. The Greek word of poimaino defines the ministry
13:58 a calling of the shepherd who is called of the Lord.
14:01 However, if we look at the Hebrew word for shepherd -re'a -
14:05 specifically where shepherd is used in Psalms 23.
14:10 "The Lord is my shepherd. " We see a much wider and clearer
14:15 picture of who a shepherd is. Here the word ra'e means to
14:20 tend a flock, to pasture it, to prepare it for grazing,
14:26 to rule - but more in the sense of leading than dominating.
14:31 This is the pastor. It also suggests that a shepherd
14:34 makes friends or has a friendship with his sheep.
14:37 As a herdsman who keeps sheep.
14:40 This is brought out very nicely
14:43 in the teachings of Jesus and the good shepherd
14:46 in John 10:14. It says:
14:51 "I am the good shepherd and I know my sheep,
14:56 and I am known by those who are mine. "
15:00 >From this one portion of scripture in John 10 here,
15:04 we are reminded of just how important we are to the Lord.
15:08 For example, He cares for you.
15:13 He cares for us. He knows each of us by name.
15:17 Can you imagine it? We are in His fold, the sheep
15:21 of His pasture. He speaks to us and we hear, understand,
15:26 and trust Him. Jesus goes before us when we go out
15:32 and leads us when we come in. He tells us that He gives
15:36 us life more abundantly than we could ever hope for.
15:41 His life - eternal life. He assures us that we will
15:46 know His voice and have no need to fear the ravenous wolves
15:51 that lurk about. He will feed us, clothe us, give us water
15:57 to drink, and He will always be our protector and our
16:02 covering, never leaving or forsaking us.
16:05 And lastly, but most importantly,
16:08 the good shepherd is willing to lay down His life
16:14 for His sheep, and He will do it willingly,
16:17 and He will do it gladly.
16:20 Some churches and some pastors, not all, say they not
16:25 known nor they have never even heard about the doma gifts.
16:28 It makes me want to ask this question: why is that?
16:33 These gifts are clearly expressed in scripture.
16:36 They are not hidden. They are not disguised
16:39 in mysterious words or in convoluted texts or symbolisms.
16:44 There are even healings, prophets, miracles,
16:48 and mighty acts of God in the Old Testament.
16:51 They are there for us to see as examples
16:55 if we will but have eyes to see them.
16:58 It may be this is why Jesus only gave
17:03 some of each.
17:04 Maybe some churches, maybe some Christians,
17:08 didn't fully understand their responsibilities
17:12 for the five-fold gifts and they did not receive them.
17:16 Let's move in and claim them even as the Children of Israel
17:21 moved in claiming all of the land of promise
17:24 for the time is short. There is no doubt that the
17:27 present-day state of the church needs these gifts.
17:30 Now, we are talking about shepherds.
17:34 Who are the shepherds? Especially, who are the good
17:38 shepherds? Pastors who are good shepherds will care for the
17:43 Lord's sheep and for the Lord's people. A good shepherd will
17:47 know each of the sheep by name. No one sheep will feel unknown,
17:52 unloved, or rejected. Sheep will feel safe in a good
17:57 shepherd's fold, rejoicing to be in that shepherd's pasture.
18:01 A good shepherd will seek God's voice and will hear,
18:06 understand and trust Him because he serves the one true shepherd.
18:12 A good shepherd will go before us when we go out and lead us
18:16 when we come in. We will not feel alone or isolated.
18:21 A good shepherd will teach us about Christ's life. He will
18:25 teach us about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ -
18:27 helping us to grow more abundantly in Christ.
18:31 His life, eternal life. A good shepherd, a good pastor,
18:37 will assure us and teach us how to know the voice of Christ
18:41 and have no need to fear the ravenous wolves that lurk about.
18:45 Pastors who are good shepherds will teach us to trust Christ
18:50 who will feed us, who will clothe us, who will give us
18:54 water to drink, and he will always be our protector and our
18:58 covering. Never leaving us or forsaking us.
19:01 And lastly, but most importantly a good shepherd will be willing
19:07 to lay down his life for his flock
19:09 who are really God's sheep. This sacrifice was done
19:14 willingly and gladly. As we look at this list,
19:17 let's remember that we have taken these traits
19:21 from the words of Jesus himself in describing himself.
19:25 He gave us a clear picture of what a true pastor or shepherd
19:30 should endeavor to be like and that is to be like Jesus.
19:34 Of all the gifts He gives to the church, the gift of the pastor
19:38 is the most clearly defined and easily seen
19:43 in the Word of God. For this reason alone, no pastor
19:47 of God's flock should feel as though he has no direction
19:51 or no goal for which to aim. The calling and the duties
19:55 of a pastor are so very clearly revealed there should be
20:00 no doubt as to what is expected of him. It is, I know, a
20:04 tough job. I've been there, done that. It's a difficult job,
20:08 one that needs all the help and aid possible.
20:10 And without the gifts God has given to the church,
20:14 we are intended to feel any lack of strength, any weak areas.
20:20 Pastors really do have it hard.
20:25 But last, and not the least of the gifts,
20:30 of the teacher.
20:32 I personally believe from my heart. I personally believe
20:37 this to be the most powerful of the five-fold gifts.
20:39 I believe it is the one to be the most reverenced because
20:44 of what it produces. Matthew 7:22-23 says:
20:49 "Many will say unto Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not
20:53 prophesied in Thy name and in Thy name have we not cast out
20:57 devils in Thy name and done many wonderful works?
21:00 And then I will profess unto them I never knew you.
21:06 Depart from Me, ye that work iniquity. "
21:09 It will not be enough to just
21:11 do something or teach something in the name of Jesus.
21:14 We must be so intimately acquainted with Jesus
21:18 that it is only His word
21:22 and His will that will flow from us
21:25 and never our own. For 18 years I taught that the
21:30 evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit
21:32 was speaking in incoherent tongues.
21:34 Due to my own misunderstanding of the true baptism of the
21:38 Holy Spirit. I was wrong. I was wrong.
21:41 I now thank God that He has given me the opportunity
21:45 to repent and now teaches the truth through me
21:50 to the saints of God. You see, He gave some apostles,
21:54 and some prophets, and some evangelists, and some pastors
21:57 and teachers for the perfecting of the saints.
22:01 Hey, we are going to take a short break, and we will be
22:04 right back after that - so don't go away.
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22:54 You know, although the five-fold ministry gifts that Jesus gave
22:58 to the church appear to be given individually, it is possible
23:02 for someone to be an apostle teacher, or a prophet teacher,
23:05 or an evangelist teacher, or a pastor teacher.
23:08 Someone may also stand in the office of the teacher only.
23:12 Those who have only a teaching ministry usually travel.
23:16 Some pastors may also serve as itinerant teachers as well.
23:21 Those who do must always keep their home flock
23:26 as their number one priority. During the 18 years
23:30 that I pastored, I would preach and teach for other pastors.
23:33 However, my own home flock was always my number one concern.
23:38 They were where my heart was. Matthew 6:21 says:
23:44 "For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also. "
23:48 A pastor teacher could easily lose a congregation
23:53 by not keeping them his number one concern.
23:57 Excellent teachers, excellent teachers are always excellent
24:02 students. This is the only way to excel in this supernatural
24:06 office. Teachers are always open to experience
24:09 present truths. A good example of this would be my wife,
24:14 Molly Sue, and our friend, Shelly Quinn, who are both
24:17 excellent teachers. They came into the truth more readily than
24:22 most people because they have the ministry gift of a teacher.
24:26 The teacher will diligently study the scriptures so as not
24:31 to be fooled or confused.
24:36 says: "And a certain Jew named Apollo's, born in Alexandria,
24:40 an eloquent man and mighty in the scriptures, mighty in the
24:43 scriptures, came to Ephesus. This man was instructed in the
24:47 way of the Lord and being fervent in the Spirit, he spake
24:51 and talked diligently the things of the Lord.
24:54 Knowing only the baptism of John he began to speak boldly in the
24:58 synagogue whom, when Aquilla and Priscilla had heard, they took
25:02 unto them and they expounded to him the way of God
25:05 more perfectly. "
25:08 Obviously, obviously, when Aquilla and Priscilla approached
25:12 Appolos, he was humble enough to receive their instruction.
25:17 They had the further revelation of the New Testament he needed
25:22 and he was willing to pay the price to get it.
25:25 No doubt they shared the foundational doctrines of
25:28 Christ with him. The apostle Paul refers to these doctrines
25:32 in his letter to the Hebrews. Hebrews 6:1-2 says:
25:35 "Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of
25:40 Christ let us go on unto perfection, not laying again
25:43 the foundation of repentance from dead works,
25:47 and of faith toward God and the doctrine of baptism and the
25:51 laying on of hands and of the resurrection of the dead,
25:54 and of eternal judgment. " An excellent teacher,
25:58 an excellent teacher is grounded in all of these.
26:01 An excellent teacher is also grounded in major Bible
26:03 doctrines. For example, the oneness of the Trinity.
26:07 The deity of Christ. The fall and the redemption of man.
26:11 The church ordinances and government.
26:14 The ministry office. Scriptural gifts, divine healing,
26:18 and the advent of Jesus, the reign of Jesus Christ, the final
26:22 destiny of the righteous and the wicked, the great controversy,
26:26 Revelation, and all these areas and more are the marks of a true
26:31 New Testament teacher. The teaching office is
26:35 supernatural. Just because someone is a school teacher,
26:39 does not necessarily mean he or she can teach the Bible.
26:43 No one calls himself or herself to any of these five-fold
26:47 ministry offices. There must be
26:49 an anointing from the Holy Spirit
26:51 to stand in any of these supernatural offices.
26:53 There must be a divine calling
26:56 by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
27:00 What we've been looking at for these last 13 programs
27:05 are the gifts of the Spirit and the gifts given by Jesus.
27:09 Why have we been looking at them?
27:11 Well, the truth is so much of the church world knows very very
27:16 little about any of these gifts. How they do operate
27:20 and how they don't. Mostly what we know is there
27:24 is a lot of error surrounding the use and the misuse of
27:28 these gifts. But they are real. Do you hear me? They are real!
27:32 And they are given to the church by the Holy Spirit
27:35 and by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in order that
27:38 He might protect us from the wiles of the enemy.
27:41 And the doma gifts that they might perfect us in order that
27:44 we might grow into the maturity of Christ.
27:47 Be willing, please be willing to embrace them.
27:50 I pray that somehow, some way, I have spoken something
27:53 into some of your lives that will help you overcome the enemy
27:58 in these last days and move out in the ministry gift that God
28:02 has placed on you through Jesus Christ.
28:05 And do the work of the ministry.
28:06 And cause this thing to come to a complete end.
28:31 On our next Heaven's Point of View, we will be looking at the
28:34 purpose of the Holy Spirit for the church today.
28:37 So be sure and check your 3ABN World for the date
28:41 and the time, and we'll see you there.


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