Heaven's Point of View

The Gift of All Things

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Program transcript

Participants: Frank Fournier


Series Code: HPOV

Program Code: HPOV000015B

00:01 Hey, friends, do you have a Bible?
00:04 Do you know what you have in your hands?
00:07 Do you know how many promises there are in Bible?
00:09 Now some folks will say that there are 3,500 promises.
00:13 You know I've never counted them.
00:14 As a matter of fact I don't need 3,500 promises,
00:17 I'm glad to have them.
00:20 My God shall supply all your needs
00:22 isn't that promise enough for you,
00:23 is promise enough for me?
00:26 And in Matthew 6:33, it says
00:29 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
00:32 all these things shall be added on to you."
00:35 Do you need more things than that?
00:37 No, no.
00:38 All the gifts of God are in His promises.
00:41 His promises are in His Bible,
00:44 His Bible is in your hands.
00:47 Do you know that with His Son
00:50 you have all things?
00:53 Now, the elder brother didn't get to wear the robe.
00:58 He didn't get a ring on his hand.
01:00 He didn't get shoes for his feet.
01:02 There was no feast thrown for him.
01:04 He did without all of that
01:06 because he leaned on himself rather than on God.


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