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Blessings Disguised

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Participants: Frank Fournier


Series Code: HPOV

Program Code: HPOV000016B

00:02 Onetime I was sitting on my dad's knee
00:06 and I was driving the car.
00:09 I assume I was about four years old at that time
00:11 also I can bring you right where it was,
00:13 I remember where it was.
00:14 We were driving the road and everything was wonderful,
00:17 wonderful until I looked down
00:21 and I saw my dad's hand on the steering wheel.
00:25 I was so insulted.
00:26 I wanted to drive the car,
00:28 I didn't want him to drive the car.
00:30 And so I convinced him to let go.
00:32 Do you know what happened?
00:34 I went straight for the ditch and I over corrected
00:37 and I went straight for the other ditch
00:39 back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
00:41 Do you know, I still needed my dad
00:45 and so do we need our heavenly Father.


Revised 2014-12-17