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Participants: Frank Fournier


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00:02 In 1 Corinthians chapter 12,
00:03 we find the Apostle Paul suffering.
00:05 He says, he's got a thorn in his flesh.
00:07 Do you remember that in Damascus,
00:10 on his way to persecute Christian,
00:12 Paul was knocked off his high horse
00:14 and he was blinded,
00:15 God sent Ananias to lay hands on him
00:17 and to restore him his sight.
00:19 But do you know that the Apostle Paul's sight
00:21 was never fully restored?
00:23 He's what we would call today
00:24 someone who was legally blind and Paul thought for sure
00:28 that if he could have his sight fully,
00:30 he would be more useful to God
00:32 and so we find him in 1 Corinthians chapter 12
00:35 pleading with God,
00:36 three times he says, he plead with God
00:38 that God would take away this affliction,
00:42 this thorn in his flesh.
00:44 But God said, no, wait a minute,
00:46 My grace is sufficient for you
00:48 and then He says to the Apostle Paul,
00:51 I would not have you to be exalted above measure.
00:55 Isn't that amazing?
00:56 You ever wonder why you have to suffer somethings sometime?
01:00 Ah, friends, it is so that you and I
01:03 will not put the glory of God in our own hearts,
01:06 we would not take the glory to ourselves
01:08 but give glory to God.
01:10 All things do work together for good.


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