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It's Your Call

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Participants: Frank Fournier


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Program Code: HPOV000018B

00:01 I've got one last question for you.
00:04 When does God strengthen us?
00:05 Is it before or after we decide?
00:08 Well, friends, most people will realize
00:10 that it's after we decide,
00:11 but it isn't because the power is not there.
00:14 Satan is a defeated form and all the power
00:18 that we need is available right there,
00:20 but it's not available to us until we make a decision
00:24 to believe what God says and to act accordingly.
00:27 When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane,
00:29 He pleaded with His Father
00:30 that He'd not have to drink that cup,
00:34 but when He made a decision
00:36 God sent an angel to strengthen Him,
00:39 because by the decision
00:41 He showed that He had faith in His Father.


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