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00:01 Hello, my name is Frank Fournier.
00:02 I'm here to welcome you to Heavens Point of View.
00:05 We've been studying the Parable of the Prodigal Son together.
00:08 I hope it's been a blessing for you.
00:10 Go get your bible come join us one more time,
00:12 it's a blessing to you all.
00:43 Welcome back, want to invite you now
00:46 to turn with me to Luke Chapter 15
00:49 we're studying the Parable of the Prodigal son.
00:51 We're looking at verse 22 we're moving right along,
00:54 as a matter of fact in this lesson we find ourselves
00:57 completing the topic on the Prodigal Son himself
01:01 and for the next two lessons
01:02 we will be looking at his elder brother.
01:05 So right now we're in Luke 15:22
01:09 "And the father said to his servants,
01:11 bring forth the best robe, put it on him,
01:14 put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet."
01:17 Well, we've already discussed the best robe.
01:19 Everyone knows that this is speaking about
01:22 the robe of Christ righteousness.
01:25 What the young brother had done
01:27 he has come home to his father and he had disrobed,
01:31 he had taken off his filthy rags
01:33 and the father by the angel said put the best robe on him,
01:37 put upon him the robe of my own righteousness.
01:40 This will give him entrance into the kingdom of heaven.
01:43 We all understand that it's a beautiful concept
01:46 we all may have that experience and I hope that you do.
01:49 Now we are going to look at the ring.
01:51 Now what would you say is the symbolism behind a ring?
01:56 A lot of people will conjuncture really
01:59 they would like to say "well, you know when people get married
02:02 they put a ring on each others finger
02:04 and so must be it means something to do with that."
02:08 No, not exactly.
02:12 I'm going to have you turn with me to Genesis Chapter 41.
02:17 Genesis Chapter 41, this is the story of Joseph.
02:22 You know, Joseph grew up not in Egypt,
02:25 but he grew up in Canaan around his father's tents.
02:29 Joseph was something of a spoiled young man,
02:33 he loved the Lord, he was obedient
02:36 but he was considered by his father
02:38 to be the prince of the family.
02:40 And you can see some of this
02:41 because the father made for him a coat of many colors
02:44 which was representing the fact
02:46 that he would be the prince of the family
02:48 and it didn't rub his other brothers very well.
02:51 Not only that, but Joseph had dreams do you remember.
02:54 And in the dreams
02:55 he had his brothers bowing down to his sheave.
02:58 In another dream he had
02:59 the sun, moon and stars bowing down to him
03:02 and even his father at that point
03:04 was not very happy with Joseph.
03:06 Are you going to tell me
03:07 that your mother and I are going to be bowing down to you?
03:11 Well, all that Joseph was doing was relating the dream he had
03:15 but it didn't rub the family very well.
03:19 Some day-- or on another day
03:21 the father sent all his brothers
03:23 to feed the sheep some where far away
03:25 and it was far away, as far as I know
03:27 I think it is about 50 miles.
03:29 Some days later the father said to Joseph
03:31 "go check on your brothers"
03:33 and he went to check on his brothers
03:35 and then as he was coming over a hill
03:37 and he saw all his brothers there
03:39 his brother saw him coming
03:41 and they said "here comes that dreamer,
03:43 lets see what happens to his dreams
03:46 when we are done with him."
03:49 You know, the brothers knew what they wanted to do,
03:51 they wanted to kill Joseph.
03:53 But, Reuben was not comfortable with that
03:56 and so he convinced the brothers
03:57 that they should not kill their younger brother
03:59 after all he was-- he was blood.
04:03 And so they decide to throw-- decided to throw him into a pit.
04:07 Now when Ruben went away we don't know where he went
04:10 it just so happens that the Ishmaelite came by
04:14 and Judah he decided that he could make
04:16 a few dollars from this negotiation,
04:18 so he sold Joseph to the Ishmaelite
04:22 who in turn sold Joseph to a man named, Potiphar,
04:25 the captain of the Pharaoh's guard
04:27 and Joseph became a slave for-- a slave for Potiphar.
04:31 He did very well working for Potiphar
04:33 until of course Potiphar's wife caught an eye for Joseph,
04:38 and then she wanted to take Joseph to bed with her.
04:41 Well, that didn't work
04:42 because Joseph was a servant of God
04:43 and one day he was in the house, she was in the house,
04:46 she laid hold on him and he left his jacket in her hands
04:49 and now she had the proof
04:51 and she began to try to convince everyone
04:55 that Joseph of course had tried to rape her.
04:58 Well, that wasn't true
04:59 but you see Joseph was just a slave.
05:02 And Potiphar had a responsibility
05:05 and in those days a slave would have been killed
05:07 even right there, just finished but Potiphar understood.
05:11 He understood his wife and he understood Joseph,
05:13 instead of killing Joseph he put him in a dungeon.
05:17 Do you know that Joseph was in a dungeon
05:20 for nearly ten years?
05:22 It's amazing he was there a long time.
05:24 While he was in the dungeon
05:26 and by the way, he rose to the top again to the place
05:30 where he was a superintendent of the dungeons.
05:33 While he was there two men were thrown into prison,
05:36 one was the Pharaoh's baker
05:38 and one was the Pharaoh's butler.
05:41 And one day he is doing his rounds
05:43 and he comes to this cell
05:44 where the baker and the butler are
05:46 and they are looking super sad.
05:48 Now what is wrong with you guys
05:50 there must be something wrong
05:51 you have such a long faces
05:53 being in such a nice place I can't understand it.
05:56 And so they said in effect
05:58 "well, we've had dreams
06:00 and something to do with three baskets on my head
06:03 and three this and three that"
06:05 and Joseph said no problem I can interpret dreams.
06:08 And so he interpret the dream for the butler.
06:11 And it turned out that the dream said
06:13 that the butler would be released in three days
06:15 and that was encouraging
06:16 and the baker thought well, may be it will be as well for me
06:19 and so interpret my dream,
06:21 but Joseph interpreted his dream
06:23 to mean that in three days you're going to loose your head
06:25 and of course in three days the baker did lose his head.
06:29 Now one day as the butler is going out
06:32 Joseph said to him "now wait a minute,
06:34 when you get up there to the Pharaoh remind him
06:36 that I'm here that I'm in Israelite,
06:38 I don't belong in here, I don't belong--
06:41 you know I shouldn't be a slave and I don't belong in here"
06:44 tell the Pharaoh for me.
06:46 Now did the butler actually tell the Pharaoh?
06:50 Well, yes he did
06:52 but it was two years later that's a long time.
06:55 Two years later the Pharaoh has a dream
06:58 and it's seven skinny cows and seven fat cows
07:03 and the seven skinny cows eat the fat cows
07:05 and the Pharaoh's doesn't understand what's going on
07:09 and there is the butler hits himself in the forehead
07:11 and he says, there is a man in the dungeon
07:15 that can actually interpret dreams.
07:17 And so they have Joseph come up.
07:19 Joseph interprets the dream and he does such a good job
07:22 of interpreting the dream
07:24 not only that does he interpret the dream
07:26 but he actually teaches the Pharaoh
07:28 what he must do in order to manage this to his own profit.
07:32 The Pharaoh was so impressed
07:35 that he decided to make Joseph the manager,
07:38 the governor of all Egypt.
07:42 And what is the token of that?
07:43 Well, turn with me to Genesis Chapter 41,
07:47 we're looking at Genesis Chapter 41,
07:49 we're looking at verse 41
07:51 "And Pharaoh said unto Joseph,
07:53 See, I have set thee over all the land of Egypt.
07:56 And Pharaoh took off his ring from his hand,
07:59 and put it upon Joseph's hand,
08:00 and arrayed him in the vestures of fine linen,
08:03 and put a gold chain about his neck,
08:04 and he made him to ride
08:05 in the second chariot which he had,
08:07 and they cried before him, bow the knee,
08:10 and he made him ruler over all the land of Egypt."
08:14 Isn't that amazing?
08:15 Joseph came out of the dungeon
08:17 and in one day he was governor over all of Egypt,
08:20 it hardly make sense at all.
08:22 But that's how it was
08:24 and the Prodigal Son came out of the pigpen of sin
08:26 and when he got home on the very same day
08:29 he was made equal with his father on that estate.
08:32 Well, friends, it's the same thing with you and I.
08:36 We come out of bondage to sin
08:38 and the Bible says that "when we do
08:40 we are made priests and kings onto God."
08:43 Isn't that wonderful?
08:45 As many as received him to them gave he power,
08:49 authority to become the sons of God.
08:53 Not just to live a life of obedience
08:56 but to live a life of sacrifice
08:57 and service and Christian activity.
09:00 Ye shall receive power,
09:02 after that the Holy Ghost is come up on you.
09:05 This is what the life of a Christian must be
09:07 and this is what the ring symbolizes.
09:10 It symbolizes authority.
09:13 And so the father put a robe of righteousness around him,
09:16 put a ring of authority in his hand that's what it says.
09:20 Turn with me to Mark Chapter 13.
09:22 Look at Mark Chapter 13
09:24 we're going to be looking at a very short parable
09:27 is as matter of fact.
09:28 It's a one verse parable in Mark Chapter 13:34,
09:35 beautiful little parable here.
09:37 Mark 13:34.
09:41 "For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey,
09:44 who left his house"
09:46 by the way who is the Son of man?
09:49 Oh, Jesus is. Now where is He going?
09:51 It says He is taking a far journey.
09:53 Well, Jesus was speaking the parable
09:55 and he is telling them "I'm leaving,
09:57 I'm going" is now what it says
09:59 "the Son of man is taking a far journey
10:02 going back to heaven who leaves his house"
10:04 and what does the house represent?
10:05 It represents the church
10:07 "and he gave authority, power to his servants"
10:11 and not only that, "to every man his work."
10:14 Do you know that God has non-employed servants?
10:19 Do you remember Y2K?
10:21 Some of you are old enough, I assume year 2000.
10:23 Well, year 1999 it's about to turn to the year 2000
10:28 and someone decided that all the computers
10:30 in the world would crash
10:32 as soon as the time change from 1999 to 2000
10:37 and then the world would be thrown into financial chaos
10:40 such as the world has never seen.
10:42 That was huge hoax, you remember?
10:45 What did you do because of this hoax?
10:48 Did you go out as many people did
10:49 and buy barrels full of beans
10:53 and save up water, put in barrels?
10:55 Did you go and buy weapons?
10:56 Did you buy a cabin in the woods in order to protect yourself?
11:00 Did you buy machine guns
11:01 so no one would take your stash from you?
11:03 A lot of people did stuff like that
11:05 but do you know that I did none of it
11:07 and I did none of it based on this verse,
11:10 because God is saying here
11:12 that God has no unemployed servants,
11:16 to every man he gives his work.
11:18 If you are God's servant you are employed by God,
11:21 He wants you to work for Him.
11:24 And if Y2K was a hoax then so be it.
11:27 If Y2K was not a hoax,
11:29 I had worked to do before Y2K
11:31 and I figured if this thing was going to crash
11:33 the whole world was going to go to pieces
11:37 then I knew that I would have more work
11:39 after than I had before,
11:41 because that's what it says here.
11:42 Sure.
11:44 Now does God pay His people?
11:47 Turn with me to Mathew Chapter 20, I believe,
11:52 Mathew Chapter 20 this also is a parable.
11:56 In Mathew Chapter 20 there is a landowner
11:58 is God actually, He owns the vineyard,
12:01 He goes to town center every few hours
12:04 to hire everyone that's there.
12:06 He goes at 6 o'clock in the morning.
12:08 He goes at 9 o'clock, he goes at noon,
12:10 he goes at 3 o'clock and then in the parable
12:12 he ends up going back even at 11 o'clock at the eleventh hour.
12:16 Do you know that we are living at the eleventh hour
12:18 and this parable was written for us?
12:21 Oh, yes.
12:22 So God goes to the town center at the eleventh hour
12:27 and he goes there to hire every one that's there.
12:29 Now that hardly makes any sense but that's what he did.
12:33 Now what would he pay these people
12:35 if they only worked one hour.
12:36 Look at verse 6
12:39 "And about the eleventh hour
12:40 he went out, and found others standing idle
12:42 and said to them, why stand ye here idle all day."
12:46 Well, they said to him
12:47 "Because no one's hired us that is why.
12:50 And so he said to them, Go ye also into the vineyard
12:53 and whatever is right that shall ye receive."
12:56 Now what were they going to receive?
12:59 Well, what-- what God decided was right.
13:02 And I'm telling you this
13:03 because God wants you to work for Him.
13:06 But don't go asking God
13:08 how much are You gonna pay me?
13:10 Do you know that that is the question
13:12 that the world asks?
13:13 If you hire someone
13:14 what do you suppose their first question is?
13:16 Well, what are you gonna pay me?
13:19 No, no.
13:20 we don't need to ask that
13:21 because if God says I want to here,
13:22 I want you there, I want you in the North Pole,
13:24 I want you in the South Pacific,
13:25 He has determined what is right
13:27 and He will give you what is right.
13:29 When I used to work in the mines
13:31 this is 40 years ago mind you,
13:32 40 years ago I was making
13:34 $100 a day working in the mines.
13:37 I built a house when I was 20 years old
13:38 I had a brand new car in to driveway,
13:40 I had all the toys of the era
13:42 which was hunting and fishing equipment
13:44 and a canoe and all the rest.
13:46 All these things I had
13:48 because I was making good money.
13:49 But when God called me
13:51 put His hand on my shoulder
13:52 and He says "I want you to sell
13:53 every thing I want you to follow Me"
13:56 and so friends, I did.
13:58 I sold every thing and followed Him.
14:01 I joined a little work at Woodland Park Foundation
14:04 Missionary Training School.
14:05 It was a little, little self supporting work
14:08 and I became staff there, I was there eight years.
14:10 Do you know how much remuneration I was getting?
14:13 Remuneration I guess is the right word.
14:16 They were paying me $20 a month.
14:18 Now tell me is there a difference
14:20 between a $100 a day and $20 a month?
14:23 Oh, well, there is a big difference.
14:25 But friends, I never lacked anything.
14:30 Never did.
14:31 Do you know that I went to Africa
14:33 and I spent ten years in Africa
14:35 and in Africa I was being paid $50 a month?
14:37 This was a local wage.
14:39 I was there ten years
14:40 it cost more than $50 a month to live in Africa.
14:44 And after ten years I had as much in the bank
14:46 as when I first went to Africa.
14:49 How does this happen anyway?
14:51 It doesn't make sense,
14:52 except that there is a God in heaven
14:54 who says I will supply all your needs.
14:58 And so God has a specific approach
15:00 to this thing called remuneration.
15:03 He knows what He is doing
15:04 and He does not deal with every person the same way.
15:07 We don't decide.
15:08 If God asks me to work for Him I will work for Him
15:10 and I don't care what the wages are
15:12 because I know He will supply all that I need.
15:16 If you will turn with me to the Book of Job.
15:20 We're going to the Book of Job and we're going to chapter 1.
15:24 This is where it's really exciting in the Book of Job,
15:26 God calls a meeting of the Sons of God.
15:30 Now I assume that these are all the people
15:32 that God set in the different planets
15:35 that he created and I don't know all of that
15:37 but he calls the Sons of God
15:39 and of course in this planet in this earth
15:42 the Satan has usurped Adam's power,
15:44 so Satan shows up in place of Adam
15:47 and when God sees him there
15:48 he says "it's a good time to challenge Satan."
15:52 So, He says "Satan have you noticed My servant Job
15:55 that he is perfect and upright and all that stuff."
15:59 Look at verse 8 "And the lord said to Satan,
16:03 have you considered my servant Job,
16:05 that there is none like him in the earth,
16:06 a perfect and upright man,
16:08 one that fears God and His escheweth evil?"
16:11 He shuns evil and Satan says yeah, yeah, yeah
16:14 I have noticed him for sure verse 9.
16:17 Satan answered the Lord,
16:18 and said "Does Job fear God for nought?"
16:22 That is for nothing.
16:23 Do you think Job is working for you for nothing?
16:26 Would you work for God for nothing?
16:28 That's the question and that was Satan's question.
16:31 Do you think he is doing it for nothing?
16:33 Job is the richest man in the world
16:35 that's why he is doing it?
16:36 Take away every thing he has got
16:38 and he will curse you to your face
16:40 and God said the bet is on, I like that challenge.
16:43 Do what you can against him
16:45 and friends, Satan did do what he could against Job.
16:47 You know that he took everything from him even his children.
16:51 But did Job curse God to His face?
16:54 No, he didn't.
16:55 He was true to God,
16:57 he was working for God even for nothing.
17:01 Well, there was another meeting
17:03 and God saw another opportunity to challenge Satan
17:06 and He said to Satan "have you seen My servant Job?"
17:09 He doesn't curse me to my face see what you did to him.
17:11 And Satan said "skin for skin, you make him sick
17:14 and you'll see what he is going to do,
17:16 he will curse you to your face."
17:18 But friends, Job did not curse God to His face.
17:23 Job was willing to work God to work for God for nothing.
17:30 Now here is the question, what about you?
17:33 God wants to hire you if that's the right word.
17:37 We've already said that He --
17:39 that He gives to every man His work.
17:42 He gives to every woman her work,
17:44 He wants you as a missionary.
17:46 Now are you going to question God
17:48 as to what He wants to give you?
17:50 No, when God calls you go
17:54 and do the thing that he's called you to do.
17:56 He's put a robe of His own righteousness around you,
17:59 you can be His witness
18:01 and then he puts a ring of authority
18:03 and He says go out there like My son would go out there
18:05 and do his work because I give you the power to do it.
18:10 So now let's turn back to Luke Chapter 15.
18:17 We're going back to Luke Chapter 15
18:19 and I believe that in the verse that we read before
18:22 after the robe and then the ring of course there came the shoes.
18:29 Now why would you need shoes
18:31 and what would the symbolism of shoes be?
18:35 We have the robe, we have the ring and now shoes.
18:40 Have you put some shoes on this morning?
18:42 Why did you put shoes on?
18:44 Well, for one thing it's mighty cold outside.
18:46 If sometimes it's not so cold and it's pretty rocky,
18:50 I know that if have to go from house to the church
18:53 going bare feet being a tender foot like I am
18:56 I would never get there.
18:57 And so we put shoes on to protect our feet.
19:00 It's amazing but in this parable that's what God is doing.
19:03 He wants to put shoes on your feet
19:05 because He says go,
19:08 go into all the world and preach the gospel.
19:11 This is what this is all about.
19:13 Turn with me to Romans Chapter 10.
19:16 We're going to Romans Chapter 10
19:20 and we're looking at verses 13 to 15 in Romans Chapter 10.
19:26 If I can get my Bible to turn with us we will be happy.
19:31 Romans 10:13-15.
19:35 We're starting at verse 13
19:36 because it's one of my favorite verses.
19:38 "For whosoever shall call upon
19:40 the name of the Lord shall be saved."
19:42 Oh, how wonderful is that.
19:45 "How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed?
19:48 And how shall they believe in him
19:49 of whom they have not heard?
19:51 And how shall they hear without a preacher
19:54 and how shall they preach except they be sent?
19:56 As it is written how beautiful are the feet of them
19:59 that preach the gospel of peace
20:01 and bring glad tidings of good things."
20:05 Wonderful this is what we want, this is what we want to be?
20:08 Do you know that we've just
20:11 explained the gospel full circle?
20:14 The Prodigal Son starts out as sinner.
20:17 He wants his inheritance
20:18 because he is self centered and he is self caring
20:22 and he wants all this money
20:23 because he intends to have good time with it.
20:26 He goes out into the world
20:27 to dissipate away his life in sin
20:29 but God wants him and God wants him to the point
20:33 that even if the son will not hear God's voice
20:36 saying I love you and the gifts he is giving him,
20:38 God is able to take away the gifts that He has given him.
20:41 He is appealing to his heart
20:42 that young man ends up in the pigpen
20:45 and finally he comes to take three steps.
20:48 He comes to his senses about his spiritual condition,
20:51 he comes to himself the Bible says.
20:53 He comes to God who alone can help him
20:56 and then he confesses his sins
20:58 there by disrobing of his filthy rags
21:00 and receiving the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
21:03 Jesus puts a ring on his finger and puts shoes on his feet
21:07 and He says go, that is the whole gospel.
21:12 It's amazing but that's the way it is.
21:15 Now we go back to Luke Chapter 15.
21:17 Luke Chapter 15 and there is more to it
21:22 we're going to look at verse 23 and 24.
21:28 "And bring hither the fatted calf,
21:30 and kill it, and let us eat, and be merry.
21:34 For this my son was dead and is alive again,
21:36 he was lost and now he is found.
21:38 And they began to be merry."
21:41 Now the feast here is really a symbol of heaven
21:44 and I suppose you realize
21:45 that is going to be joy in heaven right.
21:48 The Bible says even the Parable of the Prodigal Son says
21:50 and there was joy in the heaven over one man that is saved.
21:54 Well, for sure there is joy in heaven
21:56 should there not be joy down here below?
21:59 Well, for sure when we get to heaven
22:01 we're all going to sigh a collective sigh of relief,
22:04 it will be a tremendous blessing
22:05 but in the mean time let me tell you something
22:08 God wants us to be filled with joy.
22:11 Turn with me to 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5
22:14 we're going to 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5
22:18 and I want you to see something special
22:21 in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 and we're looking at verse 18.
22:27 Now we're in 1 Thessalonians
22:30 we're in Chapter 5 we're looking at verse-
22:31 Well, let's begin with verse 16 actually it says there
22:35 "Rejoice evermore" that's a command look at verse 18
22:39 "in everything give thanks
22:41 for this is the will of God concerning you."
22:44 Well, can you imagine that God is asking us
22:46 to give thanks for absolutely everything?
22:49 Does that make sense doesn't God know
22:51 some of the troubles that we face down here below?
22:55 Well, yes, God knows
22:57 but I don't think it's what God doesn't know
22:59 I think it's what we don't know.
23:01 Don't we know that God would never ask us
23:05 to give thanks for anything that would do us harm?
23:07 I have this from the pen of Ellen White,
23:09 as a matter of fact it's in the book
23:10 Ministry of Healing, page 255.
23:13 Watch this, this command talking about 1 Thessalonians 5:18.
23:18 This command is in assurance
23:20 that even the things which appear to be against us
23:23 will work for our good.
23:26 God did not bid us be thankful for that
23:28 which would do us harm
23:29 and what is it that God bid us be thankful for?
23:32 He bid us to be thankful for everything.
23:36 So how many things are going to do us harm?
23:39 None of it.
23:40 Friends, if we had faith even to grasp this promise
23:43 we would be so positive, we would be so optimistic,
23:46 we would be so confident and so full of faith
23:49 that the people would see the difference.
23:52 Now I would have you turn with me Genesis Chapter 42.
23:56 I want you to see
23:57 something special in Genesis Chapter 42.
24:00 We're still talking about Joseph in Genesis Chapter 42.
24:05 Joseph is in Egypt, he is now he is the governor of Egypt.
24:08 His brothers show up in Egypt they want some food.
24:12 Now the governor is pretty rough with them
24:13 because the governor is Joseph
24:15 and he knows who they are and he is testing them.
24:17 And before it's all over he has got Simeon in prison
24:20 and he is telling all the other brothers
24:22 to go home and not come back unless they bring Benjamin.
24:25 Now the brothers understand they can't tell their father
24:28 that they've got to go back with Benjamin.
24:30 So they tried to hope and pray
24:32 that this drought, this famine will not last so long
24:36 and they hold out as long as they can, as long as they can
24:39 because they just cannot approach Jacob with this request
24:42 but God is in charge and of course the famine
24:45 is going to last longer than that.
24:47 Finally, the brothers come to Jacob and they said listen
24:50 the governor over there is pretty rough okay,
24:53 and he said we are not to comeback
24:55 unless we bring Benjamin
24:57 we've got to bring Benjamin.
24:59 Now I want you to notice how Jacob relates to this thing.
25:03 This is amazing, do you know why?
25:05 Because Jacob is the man of God
25:08 and yet notice how he relates to it we're in verse 36 here.
25:13 "And Jacob their father said to them,
25:16 Me have ye bereaved of my children,
25:18 Joseph is not, and Simeon is not,
25:22 and ye will take Benjamin away,
25:24 all these things are against me."
25:27 Now friends, were all these things against him?
25:31 Why no, all these things were for him.
25:35 God was organizing a place there in Egypt called Goshen
25:39 where the children of Israel could grow up to be a nation.
25:43 God is in charge and Jacob should have had faith in God.
25:47 He should have believed that all things worked together for good.
25:49 He should have known that nothing bad
25:52 would happen to him in the end
25:54 and yet he was questioning God's faith.
25:58 How is it with you?
26:00 Do you question God's faith?
26:03 Do you know that He calls you to give thanks for all things
26:06 and He is not asking you
26:08 to give thanks for anything that would do you harm.


Revised 2014-12-17