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00:01 Hello, my name is Frank Fournier.
00:03 I am here to welcome you to Heaven's Point of View.
00:06 We're still studying the Parable of the Prodigal Son
00:09 and you're invited to stay with us, hope you enjoy.
00:42 I like to invite you to turn with me
00:44 to Luke Chapter 15.
00:46 We finished studying the younger son
00:48 in the Parable of the Prodigal Son.
00:49 This young man was without God in the world
00:52 but praise God he found his way
00:54 through Jesus Christ, through salvation.
00:57 Now we're going to turn our attention to the elder brother.
01:01 But he's without God too.
01:03 The problem with him is that he is in the church
01:07 and he doesn't know that he is without God.
01:10 And do you know that if there is a problem
01:12 with you and I this would be the problem
01:15 we might be in the church putting our salvation,
01:19 putting our hearts and our hopes to a salvation
01:22 that doesn't exist because we don't understand
01:25 that it's not enough to belong to a church,
01:27 it's not enough to be religious.
01:31 We're going to-- we're in Luke Chapter 15
01:34 we're gonna start with verse 25 today.
01:37 Luke 15:25.
01:41 "Now his elder son was in the field,"
01:44 now take note this as a Christian,
01:48 he's not out in the bars, he's not dancing,
01:51 drinking and fornicating with harlots,
01:53 this man is in the field, in the mission field.
01:57 If you please he's working for his father,
01:59 the father in the parable represents God.
02:01 He's in the churches employ and not only that
02:04 but the parable tells us
02:06 that he keeps all the Commandments of God
02:08 and yet something is drastically wrong
02:11 with this young man's Christian experience.
02:14 Verse 25, "Now his elder son was in the field,
02:19 and as he came and drew nigh to the house"
02:21 now remember in all the parables of Jesus Christ
02:24 the house always represents the church.
02:27 And so here we are,
02:28 the elder brother is in the field,
02:29 he's coming out of the field
02:30 and he comes by the church as it were
02:33 and he heard music and dancing
02:36 and this caught him by surprise apparently
02:39 because he called one of the servants
02:41 and asked what these things meant.
02:43 Now this is a mystery in my mind,
02:45 if there's one place in the world
02:47 where a man should be happy.
02:49 If there's one place in the world
02:50 where we should hear music and rejoicing
02:53 and where there should be dancing
02:55 whether it is figurative or not, it should be in the church.
02:59 There's misery all over the world
03:02 but if there's one place
03:03 where there should be joy it's in the church.
03:06 And yet when this young man comes by the church
03:09 he's surprised to hear that there's music there,
03:11 he's surprised to hear that there is rejoicing there.
03:14 Isn't that amazing?
03:15 Verse 27, "And he said to him" that is to the servant.
03:19 No, the servant said to him,
03:21 the elder brother "Thy brother is come,
03:24 and thy father hath killed the fatted calf,
03:27 because he has received him safe and sound.
03:30 And the elder brother was angry."
03:35 Now that's hard to understand.
03:37 You would think that the elder brother--
03:39 the elder brother would have been happy
03:42 but he wasn't.
03:44 So now we need to try to understand
03:46 what's going on in this young man's head?
03:49 We need to get into his own shoes
03:51 and see if can understand this.
03:53 You see his younger brother hasn't done any work
03:56 around the place for a long time.
03:58 He's been happy to go out there to party
04:00 and to drink booze and to take drugs
04:02 and to have sex and to play games
04:04 and to sin pretty well all together.
04:06 Now he's got the goal to come home
04:09 with his hand out looking for or begging for a handout.
04:13 And worse than that his father receives him like
04:17 he's a celebrity and on top of that
04:20 the father applies the merits of the fatted calf to him.
04:25 He's done no pennants. He's done no work.
04:29 He spent no time on probation
04:31 while the elder brother has never left home,
04:35 he's always obey, he's always worked
04:36 and he's denied himself the pleasure of sin.
04:39 And you get the idea that perhaps
04:40 he would have enjoyed a little bit of sin now and then
04:43 but he wouldn't allow himself
04:45 because he was legalistic about this thing.
04:49 He stayed with the church
04:50 and he did all that hoping to be recognized.
04:52 He did all that hoping to be seen of men.
04:56 He did all that hoping to receive the robe, the ring,
04:59 the shoes and the feast and he received none of this
05:03 and it precipitated him into a spiritual crisis
05:06 because he just couldn't grasp what was going on.
05:09 He just didn't understand what he was going through
05:12 and he was confused and frustrated.
05:16 He didn't release that his kind of religion
05:19 did not save him.
05:21 I would like to have you turn with me to Romans Chapter 9.
05:25 We're going to Romans Chapter 9.
05:28 The Apostle Paul here in Romans Chapter 9 speaks to us
05:32 of then older brother and a younger brother.
05:35 Actually he's speaking to us about
05:37 the Jews in the days of Paul
05:38 and the Gentiles in the days of Paul also
05:41 and we're looking at verse 30.
05:43 Look at verse 30 with me in Romans Chapter 9.
05:46 "What shall we say then?
05:48 That the Gentiles,"
05:49 that's the younger brother in my mind
05:51 "which followed not after righteousness"
05:54 Did you grasp that?
05:55 They followed not after righteousness.
05:58 My Bible in Psalms 119:172 says,
06:03 "All thy commandments are righteousness."
06:05 So in other words here we find the Gentiles
06:07 not attempting to keep the commandments of God
06:10 and yet the verse goes on to say,
06:12 "They have attained to righteousness."
06:15 They did manage to do the right thing.
06:17 They did manage to keep the Commandments of God
06:19 "even the righteousness which is by faith."
06:22 Isn't that amazing? How does that happen?
06:25 And look at the next verse,
06:26 verse 31 "But Israel," which I equate
06:30 to the elder brother in this context.
06:34 "But Israel, which followed after the law of righteousness."
06:38 These people as you know--
06:39 the Jewish people in those days would multiply commandments
06:43 in an attempt to guard from breaking
06:46 the Ten Commandments, you see.
06:48 They were hard on the track of keeping the law.
06:52 "But Israel, which followed after the law of righteousness"
06:56 notice here "they attained not to it,
06:59 to the law of righteousness."
07:01 And then the next verse,
07:02 ask the question why, "Wherefore?
07:05 Because they sought it not by faith,
07:09 but as it were by the works of the law."
07:13 But I appreciate is next few words--
07:17 We're going on to Romans Chapter 10.
07:19 But you know that in the original Bible
07:22 there's no chapter division,
07:24 this is the same discourse here.
07:27 And I want you to notice
07:29 how this is explained by the Apostle Paul.
07:32 Turn with me to Romans Chapter 10,
07:34 we're looking at verses 1-4.
07:37 "Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer for God,
07:40 to God for Israel is, that they might be saved."
07:44 Talking about the Jews.
07:46 "But I bear them record that they have a zeal for God"
07:49 they are really religious, they know their Bibles
07:52 "but not according to knowledge."
07:55 There's something they don't understand.
07:57 "And they being ignorant."
07:59 Can you imagine that these people
08:00 would have been ignorant?
08:01 But they were ignorant.
08:03 They had misinterpreted the scriptures.
08:06 "For they being ignorant of God's righteousness"
08:08 that is the gift of God's righteousness.
08:11 They went about and trying to establish
08:13 their own righteousness have not submitted
08:17 themselves unto the righteousness
08:19 that is the gift of God's righteousness for Christ,
08:21 which is the gift of God by the way.
08:23 "God so loved the world He gave His Son."
08:26 For Christ is the end.
08:27 The fulfillment of the law for righteousness
08:30 to everyone that believes."
08:33 Amazing, it's a fantastic theology.
08:37 It's beautiful and we can see here
08:40 that all we have to do is receive the gift of God,
08:43 the gift of His righteousness and like the Gentiles
08:45 we may attain to righteousness.
08:47 We can do the right thing by the power of God,
08:50 the power of His grace.
08:52 Now as you know the broken law makes
08:55 two claims upon a human being.
08:58 And the first claim that it makes is that
09:00 we live a perfect life from the day
09:03 we're born till the day we die.
09:06 And if we fail of living a perfect life
09:09 from the day we're born till the day we die
09:11 than the law demands that we die, of course.
09:14 That we die not just a normal death
09:17 but as the Bible speaks of the second death
09:19 that we die an eternal death.
09:21 Now obviously we failed already.
09:24 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God,
09:26 we can't live that perfect life
09:28 therefore we are facing the sentence of eternal death
09:31 and who wants to pay that?
09:33 Can you imagine how lost we are?
09:35 If we saw in reality our spiritual condition today,
09:40 we would understand
09:41 that we're hopelessly, helplessly lost.
09:44 There's nothing that we can do about it.
09:47 We are done expect for one thing,
09:50 "God so loved the world
09:53 that He gave His only begotten Son."
09:55 And do you know that, that Son Jesus Christ
09:58 has met the claims of the law on both accounts?
10:03 Jesus lived a perfect life from the day
10:05 He was born till the day He died.
10:07 He was tempted in every respect just like we are,
10:10 yet He never sinned, perfect life.
10:13 And not only that, at the end of a perfect life
10:15 He didn't have to die
10:17 but He chose to be sacrificed on our behalf,
10:19 He took our death
10:21 and paid the penalty that we deserved.
10:24 After this He was resurrected, He ascended to heaven
10:27 and He came to His Father in heaven
10:29 after He had paid the price.
10:32 In one hand He presented to His father,
10:34 His perfect life in this world out of the other hand
10:37 He presented to His Father
10:39 a perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world
10:41 and His Father said it is enough,
10:45 give to the human race the gift of salvation.
10:48 And so that's what Jesus Christ has done.
10:50 He's given to us the gift of salvation
10:54 and by this we're saved.
10:57 We cannot be saved by anything else.
11:01 The elder brother, the Jews of old,
11:04 some Christians today and all the other religions
11:07 think that religion and good behavior
11:10 and hard work and a reformed lifestyle
11:13 will make a way for them to the Kingdom of heaven
11:16 but, friends, it won't.
11:18 Consequently the Jews lost their place
11:20 as God's chosen people.
11:22 And the elder brother did not experienced
11:25 the gift of the robe and the ring
11:27 and the shoes and the feast
11:28 and unless you and I understand
11:32 the gospel as it is, as I've just explained it
11:35 then you and I are preparing ourselves
11:39 for one of the worst surprise that we could ever experience.
11:42 We don't want this at all.
11:44 I'll have you turn with me to Luke Chapter 17.
11:49 We're going to Luke Chapter 17 now,
11:54 Jesus in Luke Chapter 17,
11:58 in some respect it appears to be
12:00 out of context, out of character.
12:03 We're in Luke Chapter 17, it's a little parable.
12:06 I want you to see that in verse 7.
12:08 We're going to go to from verse 7
12:10 to verse 9 in Luke 17.
12:13 "But which of you, having a servant plowing
12:15 or feeding cattle, will say unto him by and by,
12:18 when he is come from the field,
12:20 Go and sit down to eat?
12:22 And will you not rather say,
12:24 make ready where with I may sup,
12:26 and gird yourself and serve me,
12:28 till I have eaten and drunken
12:30 and afterward thou shalt eat and drink?"
12:32 And this is why I say that
12:33 this is kind of out of character for Christ
12:36 because Jesus came to this world to be the servant of all.
12:40 He's the greatest servant that ever lived
12:42 and yet in this parable He's saying, hey,
12:44 how many people do you know
12:45 that go around hiring people in order to serve them?
12:49 Well, we don't hire people to serve them.
12:51 We have a job that needs to be done.
12:53 We hire them so that they can do the job, okay.
12:56 Well, Jesus has a point in all of this.
12:58 He's trying to teach something, verse 9.
13:01 "Do you thank that servant because he has done
13:04 that which you have commanded?"
13:06 Then He says, no way. Look at verse 10.
13:10 "So likewise you, when you shall have done all those things
13:15 which are commanded you."
13:17 Look you, when you have kept all the commandments of God,
13:22 I want you to stay,
13:23 we are yet unprofitable servants,
13:25 we have only done what that which is our duty to do."
13:29 Can you see it?
13:30 We can keep all the Commandments of God.
13:32 There is grace for it and I'd like to encourage you
13:35 to keep the commandments of God.
13:36 But, friends, after you and I have done
13:39 with the keeping of the commandments,
13:40 after we've done our best and we're good citizens,
13:43 do you know that it doesn't work for us
13:47 to get into the Kingdom of Heaven
13:49 and does not get us any favor with God,
13:51 we've just done our duty.
13:53 Friends, the reason for that of course
13:55 is that we're already sinners,
13:58 we've already broken the law, haven't we?
14:01 What would you think of a man
14:04 who is accused of murder showing up before the judge?
14:08 And he says to the judge, now listen judge,
14:10 I want to promise you,
14:11 I will never kill another man in my life again.
14:14 What would the judge say?
14:16 Oh, the judge will say,
14:17 you're not on trial for the men you haven't killed.
14:20 You're on trial for the one you've already killed.
14:22 You've already fallen.
14:23 You've already sinned, you've already done it
14:25 and this is why you're on trial.
14:27 But, friends, you and I
14:28 are on trial for the very same thing.
14:30 We can't promise God we will never sin again,
14:33 even if we did never sin again it would be too late
14:37 because we already had sinned,
14:39 we're already lost.
14:40 The only way to the Kingdom of Heaven
14:43 is through the righteousness of Jesus Christ as a gift to us,
14:46 that's the only way.
14:48 I hope you understand that because that is the truth.
14:52 Now someone will say, well,
14:53 isn't there a verse in the Bible that says
14:55 we have to work hard to be good?
14:57 Turn with me to Luke Chapter 13
14:59 because that's what it seems to say there.
15:02 But I would like to dispel this notion because it isn't so.
15:06 Oh, it doesn't mean we don't have to work hard,
15:09 but it's not to be perfect because it just doesn't work.
15:13 Go with me to Luke Chapter 13, we're looking at verse 24.
15:21 "Strive as in agony."
15:23 By the way I added the words as an agony
15:25 because that's what in the margin of my Bible.
15:28 It starts with the word strive to enter in
15:30 but it's actually saying,
15:32 "Strive as in agony to enter in at the straight gate,
15:36 for many, I say unto you,
15:37 will seek to enter in and shall not be able."
15:40 Now doesn't it sound like
15:41 it's really hard to get into the Kingdom of Heaven?
15:44 It says, here it's so hard as a matter of fact
15:46 you have to strive as an agony to get in there.
15:50 But, friends, did you ever take into consideration
15:53 what it is actually saying here?
15:55 Strive as an agony to enter in through the straight gate.
15:59 What does the gate represent?
16:01 Can I have you turn in your Bibles to Luke--
16:03 excuse me to John Chapter 10?
16:05 We're going to John Chapter 10 here,
16:08 in our Bibles John Chapter 10
16:12 and we're going to look at verse 1 and also verse 9.
16:16 Look at John 10:1, 9.
16:20 "Verily, verily, I say unto you,
16:23 He that enters not by the door"
16:25 by the way that's the gate
16:26 "He that enters not by the gate into the sheepfold,
16:29 but climbs up some other way,
16:30 the same is a thief and a robber."
16:32 Look at verse 9. "I am the door."
16:37 Jesus is saying, "I am the gate,
16:40 by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved,
16:44 and shall go in and out, and find pasture."
16:48 Listen, friends, the verse we read in Luke Chapter 13
16:51 is not saying that we need to place
16:53 our efforts in being good.
16:55 It's not saying that we need to put our efforts
16:57 in keeping the commandments
16:58 or trying to protect Christian character.
17:00 Listen, I wouldn't want to discourage you
17:02 from trying to protect Christian character.
17:04 This is what we want to do.
17:05 We want to reflect Jesus Christ to the best of our ability,
17:09 this is what we want to do,
17:10 but we don't enter heaven that way.
17:12 We only can enter heaven through the straight gate.
17:16 And so the efforts we put in is in guarding ourselves
17:19 against thinking that we can do it ourselves.
17:23 It's in guarding ourselves against thinking
17:25 that there's any other way into the Kingdom of Heaven
17:27 but through the gate, through the door,
17:31 Jesus says, I am the door.
17:36 Turn with me to Matthew Chapter 19.
17:40 We're going to Matthew Chapter 19.
17:42 We're going back to the story of the rich young ruler.
17:46 As a matter of fact in our very first study
17:48 we started with rich young ruler.
17:51 He had this question, what must I do
17:52 to inherit eternal life?
17:54 Jesus said, why do you call Me good?
17:56 Because he had asked him good master.
17:59 There is none good but one and we established by this
18:02 that there is the very foundation of salvation.
18:05 And we need to know that we're lost
18:07 and we need help to get to the Kingdom.
18:09 Well, Jesus finally eventually tells the young man--
18:12 He answers his question in verse 21
18:14 and He gives fives verbs in that verse.
18:18 He says, go, sell, give, come and follow.
18:22 And apparently the rich young ruler
18:24 didn't like that recipe
18:25 and so he turned his back on Jesus
18:28 and he walked away sorrowful.
18:29 Well, do you know that, that left Jesus
18:31 with a huge problem with His disciples?
18:33 Because the Jews in those days
18:35 believed that if a man was wealthy
18:39 because he was saved and God was favoring him.
18:41 And so here a young man shows up,
18:44 he's good looking, he's young,
18:47 he's got education, he's wealthy,
18:49 he's a ruler and he wants to be a disciple.
18:51 I mean, they look at this guy and they say, what an addition
18:55 to our little band of disciples here.
18:57 He would make a wonderful edition
18:59 and Jesus sends him down the road sorrowful
19:03 and they just can't understand it
19:05 and so Jesus has to deal with this.
19:07 Okay, so we're looking in Matthew Chapter 19,
19:10 we're looking at verse 23 and 24.
19:15 "Then said Jesus to His disciples,
19:17 Verily I say unto you, that a rich man shall hardly"
19:20 that is with great difficulty
19:22 "enter into the kingdom of heaven"
19:24 and I'm sure that the disciples are scratching their heads.
19:27 What do you mean? He's already there.
19:28 He's got the favor of God, he's wealthy
19:30 and Jesus is trying to teach them something.
19:32 No, no, it's the opposite.
19:34 It's really hard if you're wealthy
19:36 to get into the kingdom of heaven.
19:38 And so Jesus tells them a story
19:40 or uses a parable or an object lesson.
19:43 Verse 24, "Again I say to you it's easier for a camel
19:47 to enter into the eye, through the eye of a needle,
19:50 than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."
19:53 Traditionally we think that this eye of a needle here
19:57 is a little door on the wall
19:59 of that surrounds the city of Jerusalem.
20:01 In the days of Jesus there was a wall around the city
20:04 and there was a main gate
20:06 and if people didn't get through the main gate
20:08 before the doors were shut in the evening
20:10 than if a man came late he had to find another wall
20:14 where there was a little door
20:15 and that door was called the "eye of a needle."
20:17 Well, if you had a camel all loaded up
20:19 you would have to unload the camel
20:21 and then the camel would have to get on his knees
20:23 and he would have to scrunch his way through that little door
20:26 if he was going to get into the city.
20:28 And a lot of evangelists was used
20:30 that as an example of what it means to be saved,
20:33 but friends, using that as an example ruins the gospel.
20:37 That isn't true.
20:38 You can't be saved even if you work as hard as a camel.
20:43 Just doesn't work, just doesn't work.
20:45 When Jesus was speaking about
20:46 going through the eye of a needle,
20:47 putting a camel through it,
20:49 He was speaking about the eye of a sewing needle.
20:51 Now tell me how hard is it to put a camel
20:55 through the eye of a sewing needle?
20:57 Why? It's impossible, isn't it?
21:00 As a matter of fact, for me it's probably impossible
21:02 to put one hair of the camel through a sewing needle.
21:05 So you can see how impossible it is.
21:07 And, friends, that's exactly what Jesus is trying to say.
21:10 Look at verses 25 and 26.
21:14 "When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed,"
21:18 and it's like "Who then can be saved?"
21:21 It appeared to them like nobody could be saved.
21:23 If rich people can't be saved than nobody can be saved
21:26 because we thought that they were favorite by God
21:30 that's why they were rich and they just were blown away.
21:34 And Jesus had them just where He wanted them.
21:37 Verse 26, "And Jesus beheld them and said to them,
21:42 With men" this is what?
21:45 "Impossible."
21:46 Do you know that it is impossible
21:48 with men to be saved?
21:50 But look at the rest of the verse.
21:52 It says, "But with God all things are possible."
21:57 In other words, God can save us.
21:59 We can not save ourselves,
22:01 trying to save ourselves is impossible.
22:06 Can you see it?
22:08 Now it's not as if we have nothing to do.
22:11 I would like to have you turn with me to Mark Chapter 9.
22:15 We're going to go to Mark Chapter 9,
22:17 that's the book just next to Matthew
22:19 and we're gonna look at verse 23 in Mark Chapter 9.
22:25 Beautiful verse
22:26 and it kind of as a just the right text
22:30 following the one we've just read.
22:31 We're in Mark Chapter 9 and we're reading verse 23
22:35 "Jesus said to him, if you can believe,
22:39 all things are possible to them that believe."
22:43 Do you see it?
22:44 With God all things are possible.
22:47 All things are impossible with men
22:49 as far as salvation is concerned.
22:52 But all things are possible to them that believe.
22:56 Do you have faith?
22:58 Can you believe that God can save you?
23:01 Can you put yourself in God's hands and say, hey,
23:04 I can't save myself, I've tried it doesn't work.
23:06 I can't even straighten up my life in anyways.
23:10 Lord, help me.
23:11 Do you think He can do it? Why?
23:13 With God all things are possible.
23:18 Now the question remains,
23:19 why is it hard for a rich man to be saved?
23:22 Do you know that Jesus also gave an answer to that.
23:25 We're going to go to chapter 10 in Mark.
23:28 That's just one chapter over.
23:30 We're going to chapter 10 of Mark
23:32 and I want you to look at verse 24.
23:34 This is the very same story.
23:36 It's the rich young ruler, it's just in Mark words.
23:39 And we're looking at verse 24
23:41 and Jesus or Mark here explains it to the point
23:45 where we can not fail of understanding.
23:48 "The disciples were astonished at his words"
23:51 because of course he was saying that
23:53 this is rich man couldn't make his way
23:55 into the kingdom of heaven with his riches.
23:58 "The disciples were astonished at His words.
24:01 But Jesus answered again, and said to them,
24:04 Children, how hard, how difficult is it for them
24:08 that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God."
24:12 What's wrong with riches?
24:14 Well, the problem with wealth
24:16 is that we have a tendency to put our trust right there
24:19 and that's what was wrong with the rich young ruler.
24:22 It's not that Jesus didn't love him--
24:24 as a matter of fact the Bible says,
24:25 Jesus loved him and was very sad to see him go.
24:29 But do you see it? Do you see it?
24:33 We tend to put our trust in riches.
24:38 Do you know that you're wealthy?
24:40 Oh, you may not be wealthy
24:41 with a lot of money in your pocket
24:43 or a lot of money in your account,
24:45 but do you know that you're wealthy just the same?
24:48 You may be wealthy in education.
24:50 You maybe wealthy in good looks, you maybe very intelligent,
24:53 you maybe, hey, who knows what else
24:56 but for sure god has given you a talent,
24:58 God has given you many gifts and you are wealthy.
25:01 And do you know that the tendency
25:03 is to put your trust in that which God has given you
25:06 instead of putting your trust in God
25:08 who Has given the gift, that's the way it is.


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