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00:01 In Luke Chapter 15, I'm reading from verse 28,
00:05 it says that "he was angry
00:07 and would not go in to the feast,
00:11 therefore came his father out to entreat him."
00:15 God loves us, even when we sin.
00:18 God came out to entreat the elder brother,
00:20 do you know that in the story of Cain and Abel
00:22 that God came down to talk to Cain
00:25 because of the nonsense that he was going through
00:28 and when Adam and Eve sin God came down
00:31 to entreat them as well.
00:33 Do you know that if you fail God will send His Holy Spirit,
00:37 God will send Holy angels,
00:38 God will do what He can to come and entreat you too.
00:42 But in the case of the elder brother
00:43 in verse 29, it says, yeah, but look,
00:47 I've kept all of Your commandments
00:49 and You've never given me a kid
00:50 that I might make merry with my friends,
00:52 its just not fair, its just not fair,
00:55 the merits were never applied to me,
00:57 I never got the ring, I never got the shoe,
00:59 I never got the robe I don't understand.
01:02 Well, if you turn with me to Matthew Chapter 7,
01:05 Matthew Chapter 7,
01:07 I don't-- we're going to try
01:09 to get through this very quickly.
01:11 Matthew Chapter 7:21.
01:16 "Not everyone that says unto Me,
01:18 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter into the kingdom of heaven,
01:20 but he that does the will of My Father."
01:23 And the elder brother could say,
01:24 that's exactly what I've done, I've done the will of my father
01:26 but watch what it says in verse 22,
01:28 "Many shall say unto me in that day
01:30 'Lord, Lord,' have we not prophesied in Your name?
01:34 And in Your name cast out devils and done many wonderful works."
01:38 And Jesus said, I never knew you.
01:41 Now why would Jesus say that?
01:43 They were doing all these wonderful things.
01:46 Well, friends, how do we know that
01:47 something is wrong with their Christian experience?
01:50 Can you seek to what it is that they are pointing
01:53 as to gain favor with God.
01:55 They have done many wonderful works,
01:57 they've cast out devils and they've done
01:59 all these great things and God says,
02:02 sorry, that's not the way into the kingdom of heaven,
02:05 I have never known you.
02:10 Friends, look to Jesus,
02:13 that is the only answer to the gift of salvation.
02:17 God bless you.


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