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Instructions to Husbands, Part 1

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00:16 Welcome to Heaven's Point of View.
00:18 My name is J.D. Quinn, we have a series called,
00:22 "Love, Marriage, Sex, and Divorce
00:24 according to the New Testament. "
00:26 I'm happy to be able to co-host with Dr. Tom Sheperd, Ph. D.,
00:32 Professor of the New Testament Interpretation
00:35 at the Andrews University Seminary.
00:38 We were talking about degrees a while ago,
00:44 Tom is a very educated man
00:45 and I just absolutely loved what he said,
00:47 "Let's not concentrate on degrees,
00:50 let's concentrate on the Word of God"
00:52 and so, that's what we're paying attention to, today,
00:56 is, "What does the New Testament say
00:59 about instructions to husbands?"
01:02 But before we go there, Tom,
01:05 what I'd like to do is to kind of review back
01:08 talking about instructions to the wives
01:11 and then we'll move forward.
01:13 Yeah, we're talking from Ephesians chapter 5,
01:16 is what we were looking at,
01:17 and the Apostle Paul, in this section of Ephesians,
01:21 he has a series of instructions for the Christian household.
01:26 There are three groups of people
01:28 that he talks to in the household,
01:30 he first talks to wives and then to husbands
01:33 and to children and to parents, then to slaves and to masters.
01:38 These were common groups
01:40 in the Greco-Roman world that Paul lived in
01:42 that would be in any household of any person,
01:47 now they may not all have slaves
01:49 but slaves were fairly common in the ancient world,
01:51 it wasn't the same kind of slavery as in...
01:54 There were just more members of the family,
01:58 they might not have been related.
01:59 Yeah, and... I mean... slavery is never good,
02:02 never has been good,
02:03 but it was probably worse here in the United States
02:06 than it was back in the ancient world.
02:08 People could buy their way out of slavery
02:09 and some other things
02:11 but we're focusing on this instruction to the household.
02:15 Now, the Book of Ephesians, as we've said before,
02:17 breaks into two sections,
02:19 the first three chapters are about Theology,
02:21 the last three chapters are about how you apply that,
02:24 how you show it in your life
02:25 and we come to chapter 5,
02:27 and we've already been looking at Ephesians 5
02:30 in some detail,
02:31 we said that the only way for the family
02:36 to really have success is to be submitted to the Holy Spirit
02:39 and we saw that in verses 15 through 21,
02:44 when we came to the instruction to the wives,
02:46 very interestingly we found in verse 22,
02:49 of Ephesians 5 that...
02:52 in most translations it will say,
02:53 "Wives, submit to your husbands. "
02:55 Interestingly enough, the word "submit"
02:57 it isn't even in there... in Greek.
02:59 Hmmm...
03:00 It's borrowed from the previous verse
03:02 which is good Greek but not good English.
03:05 All right, you've to have it show it...
03:07 but the trouble is that, too many times
03:09 this partly comes just before Ephesians 5:22 and onwards...
03:15 is broken off as a separate section
03:17 when actually, Ephesians 5:22 and onwards
03:20 is a continuation, so Paul says,
03:23 "You've got to be filled with the Holy Spirit
03:25 and then this has an effect in your life,"
03:27 and the effect that it has on your life...
03:29 the thesis statement that he makes in verse 21 is,
03:32 "Submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ. "
03:34 Mr. Quinn: Amen.
03:36 And so we come to the wives and he tells them
03:38 to submit to their husbands as to the Lord
03:40 and he describes this idea of
03:42 the husband as the head of the wife,
03:44 we said that that illustrated...
03:47 that there are three different ways
03:48 the word "head" would be used,
03:49 and Paul used all three but probably here he's speaking of
03:52 the husband as the "Representative" of the family,
03:55 like you would say, "the head of the household"
03:57 but representing the family
03:58 and then he makes this comparison
04:02 he talks about Christ as the Savior of the Church,
04:06 the Savior of the Body, and he says,
04:09 "But, as the church submits to Christ,
04:12 so wives are also submit to their husbands in everything. "
04:14 He makes a distinction between Jesus and the husband.
04:18 The husband is not Jesus. Mr. Quinn: Amen.
04:21 And, the husband is not the savior of the wife
04:24 and the wife is not the body of the husband
04:27 so, the husband has the role of Leadership
04:31 but it's not the same as the Leadership Role that Christ has
04:34 and the husband, when we actually come...
04:36 he's been talking to wives,
04:38 too many times there are men
04:40 who want to focus on what Paul says to the wives
04:44 when really, what they should focus on
04:46 is what Paul says to the husbands
04:48 because when they start saying, "You need to submit to me... "
04:51 well, now, that's the wrong kind of attitude,
04:53 that's the wrong look, you see the Apostle...
04:56 the same Apostle says over in Galatians,
04:57 "There's neither male nor female, neither slave nor free,
04:59 we're all one in Christ, we're all equal,"
05:02 so, equality is an important concept,
05:05 and we also indicated in a previous program
05:09 that "submission does not mean inferiority,"
05:12 Jesus submitted to his parents
05:15 and He was certainly not inferior to them,
05:18 submission does not mean
05:20 that the person has no relationship to God,
05:23 that they only go through their husband
05:26 for something like that,
05:27 Paul addresses the wives themselves,
05:30 and he says, "You submit to your husband as to the Lord,"
05:34 so, they have a personal relationship
05:36 with Christ themselves,
05:38 third, "submission does not mean that you're a doormat,"
05:42 there are some things that you don't submit to,
05:45 there are some things that go too far
05:47 and that are wrong,
05:48 and that should never happen in the home,
05:51 and so, Paul, reorganizes the concept of the Christian home
05:55 with Christ at the center.
05:57 What would be a synonym for "submit?"
06:00 What in the Greek... I mean, what happens?
06:04 The term actually is two terms put together,
06:07 it's epotasso, "epo" is under
06:09 and "tasso" is actually, to line up
06:11 and so, you would say,
06:14 "To submit to be under or to accept the role of Leadership"
06:22 maybe something like that.
06:23 So, it has nothing to do with "submission,"
06:27 it has to do with just the "place in the family,"
06:31 there is the Leader, there is the Head,
06:33 so, since there should just be one Head,
06:36 well then, of course, then, underneath that
06:39 is the wife, taking her rightful place,
06:42 with her role... her executive duties, yeah.
06:46 Yeah, yeah and so, he emphasizes equality
06:50 between the two people but he talks about submission.
06:53 Now, really when we think about it in life,
06:55 all of us submit to somebody, we all have employers,
06:58 we all have people that are above us,
07:01 in different Organizations, and so,
07:04 submission is something that every Christian does
07:07 and the kind of role of Leadership
07:09 that Paul is going to talk about here,
07:12 really ties in with what Jesus said,
07:15 so, we'll see that, so now we'll turn over to
07:18 what he says to the husbands,
07:20 and I like to read verses 25 through 33,
07:23 this is really the whole section to the husbands,
07:25 it will take a couple of sessions
07:27 for us to go through all of this
07:30 but let's read the whole section so we get the context.
07:34 Okay, starting with verse 25, "Husbands, love your wives,
07:39 just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her,
07:42 that He might sanctify and cleanse her
07:45 with the washing of water by the word,
07:47 that He might present her to Himself a glorious church,
07:51 not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing,
07:54 but that she should be holy and without blemish.
07:57 So husbands ought to love their own wives
07:59 as their own bodies;
08:01 he who loves his wife loves himself.
08:03 For no one ever hated his own flesh,
08:06 but nourishes and cherishes it,
08:08 just as the Lord does the church.
08:11 For we are members of His body,
08:13 and of His flesh and of His bones.
08:15 'And for this reason,
08:16 a man shall leave his father and mother
08:18 and be joined to his wife,
08:19 and the two shall become one flesh. '
08:22 This is a great mystery,
08:24 but I speak concerning Christ and the church.
08:27 Nevertheless let each one of you in particular
08:30 so love his own wife as himself,
08:32 and let the wife see that she respects her husband. "
08:37 Okay, thank you. Amen... Amen.
08:40 Now, we notice that this section when Paul writes to the husband,
08:45 is much longer... much longer
08:49 than the section that he wrote to the wives.
08:51 Of the pairs of people that he had,
08:53 we said that he speaks first to the wives then to the husbands,
08:57 he speaks to the children then to the parents,
08:59 he speaks to the slaves and then to the masters,
09:01 the two groups that have the most said to them
09:04 are the husbands and the slaves.
09:06 Interesting... Hmmm... hmmm...
09:08 Probably, because they had the most "changing" to do
09:12 in terms of what it meant to be a Christian
09:15 in that Greco-Roman world. Amen.
09:18 They had to go through more modifications, you might say.
09:22 You see, it's kind of interesting
09:24 that he addresses the wives first
09:26 because, in the Greco-Roman world,
09:28 the husband... he was called the "Pater familias"
09:30 he was large and in charge,
09:32 he was pretty much the...
09:34 the guy with all the power in the family,
09:37 what he said was pretty much, "Law,"
09:40 so, typically, you would think
09:42 if you're going to address the family,
09:44 you would start with talking to him.
09:46 That's not what Paul does. Hmmm...
09:48 He instead starts by talking to the wives.
09:50 So, he gives you a little indication maybe there
09:53 from the beginning saying to you,
09:54 "I'm throwing you a curve ball here. "
09:56 Yeah.
09:58 You know, you need to understand that...
09:59 that the Christian home isn't like
10:01 what other homes are like,
10:03 it's a bit different than those other homes.
10:06 I'm not going to talk to the top dog first,
10:08 I'm going to talk to somebody lower down first...
10:10 so he talks to them,
10:12 but then he does come to the husbands
10:13 and he describes what he wants them to do.
10:17 And the big surprise is, he said to wives,
10:22 "submit to your husbands,"
10:23 what would be the natural word to go with "submit?"
10:28 Why, you think it might be something like, "Rule"
10:33 or "be in charge," right?
10:35 Yeah.
10:37 Be over them, right?
10:38 Yeah, "get behind me. "
10:40 Yeah, that's right, that's right.
10:41 But instead, he says, "husbands love your wives. "
10:46 Amen.
10:47 And just in case you didn't understand what I meant by that,
10:52 "as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her. "
10:57 Okay.
10:58 Now, we've been talking about love, you and me,
11:01 we've been looking at... we had a look awhile back
11:04 when we looked at 1st Corinthians 13.
11:07 Hmmm... hmmm...
11:08 and that verb that we used there,
11:10 was the verb, "agapao" its noun is "agape"
11:16 okay, and that's the term that Paul used in 1st Corinthians 13.
11:22 Do you remember some of the kinds of terminology
11:24 that we used... in terms of defining what love is like?
11:27 Love is like this and like this and like this...
11:30 you remember any of those terminologies?
11:31 I know that it is patient, kind, loving, showing mercy...
11:37 Doesn't brag, doesn't break out in anger,
11:41 doesn't keep track of wrongs...
11:43 Mr. Quinn: Yeah, no shameful deeds, that's right.
11:45 Believes all, trusts all, and so it's...
11:47 Mr. Quinn: And I remember the green stamps.
11:50 The Green stamps, yeah, we talked about green stamps,
11:52 that you don't put those green stamps in there
11:55 and store them up, so, this is the kind of love,
11:58 that Paul wants husbands to have,
12:00 "love your wives,"
12:02 so all the things we said there
12:04 in 1st Corinthians 13 about love
12:07 and the kinds of things that we said when we studied
12:10 "Hecedh" back in... it wasn't with you,
12:14 it was with your wife,
12:15 when we studied the Old Testament word
12:18 for "Loving Kindness"
12:20 and how you help somebody
12:22 who needs your help but can't insist on it,
12:25 that's loving kindness, all that kind of idea,
12:28 the patient actions, the kind deeds,
12:32 the showing of mercy, the keeping of confidentiality,
12:36 the "never giving up" on the other person,
12:39 and not bragging, and not bursting out in anger,
12:42 no shameful deeds,
12:43 no seeking your own advantage, no keeping track of...
12:46 all that stuff... that's what Paul wants husbands to do.
12:50 Amen.
12:51 Now you think about that, my! that is a very different way
12:56 of thinking about the home.
12:58 And it sounds... I mean these are terms
13:02 that we deal with all the time
13:04 and so it doesn't seem that foreign to us,
13:06 but, imagine, back then, this was "foreign thinking. "
13:10 Yeah, I think you're right.
13:11 So, this is kind of a paradigm shift, exactly.
13:17 Yeah, see, we seem to little realize, I think,
13:21 the great impact
13:22 that Christianity has had on our culture.
13:24 Now, our culture today,
13:26 is going in the other direction, I'm afraid,
13:29 it's becoming more pagan...
13:31 it's going more in the direction away from that,
13:35 but, there are so many influences of Christianity
13:38 that are seen in the structures of our Society,
13:42 in our Laws,
13:43 in the patterns of how we just think
13:47 that's the way you ought to act,
13:49 that is what Paul plants the seeds for here
13:53 when he says that's the way
13:55 the Christian home is supposed to be.
13:56 And the irony of it is... if things don't turn around,
14:00 well then, some day,
14:02 if this world were to continue as it is now,
14:04 which we believe that Christ will come before then,
14:07 is that this may become foreign again,
14:13 yes, this language could become foreign again,
14:16 yeah, how sad!
14:18 Self-sacrificial kind of love
14:20 that is a "giving love" towards the other person,
14:23 see it's that Christ loved the church
14:25 and gave Himself up for her.
14:27 It's wonderful when husbands and wives
14:29 show this kind of love to one another.
14:32 I remember an experience some years ago,
14:34 I was teaching at Union College
14:38 and it was our 25th Wedding Anniversary
14:41 time period, now, we've just celebrated, recently,
14:44 our fortieth wedding anniversary so that's...
14:46 this is a few years back, and we had gotten into the habit
14:52 of sending each other roses on our anniversary.
14:57 Sending each other...
14:58 Yeah, yeah, I would get roses for her,
15:01 I usually get... the number of roses for the number of years
15:05 and then I would also add a white rose in there as well
15:08 Mr. Quinn: So you're a romantic.
15:10 Yes, and my wife is too,
15:13 so, I come to my office that morning,
15:16 and I walk into my office and here is a bouquet
15:20 of 25 red roses, and I just laughed out loud
15:24 because she had done this surprise for me, you know,
15:28 and she had this vase with these 25 red roses in it
15:32 and actually then I got me... it gave me impetus
15:35 and I called up and I ordered 25... plus the white rose
15:39 now she would have those as well,
15:40 but I still remember this, it was at lunch time,
15:45 I was scheduled to go to the cafeteria,
15:48 to the Union College Cafeteria
15:52 and to meet with a Club of Poets,
15:55 it was a Poetry Club that I had helped to establish
15:59 and so, I'm the kind of guy that if you got good news
16:03 man! you got to share it, you got to share the good news,
16:07 so, it was lunch time,
16:09 I took those 25 roses in that big vase
16:12 and I walked over to the cafeteria
16:15 and I didn't know exactly, I didn't remember exactly
16:18 where this Poetry Club was meeting,
16:20 it turns out it was at the beginning,
16:22 right towards the beginning,
16:23 when you walk into the cafeteria but I didn't realize that
16:26 and I walked all the way through the cafeteria
16:29 looking for this group of people,
16:32 now, I don't know if you've ever carried 25 red roses in a vase
16:37 through a cafeteria, I'll tell you what happened,
16:40 everybody was turning, looking at those 25 red roses
16:46 when you have good news, you have to share it,
16:48 so, she had done something loving.
16:50 Hopefully they knew who they were going to
16:54 or who they were from.
16:55 Again, I was impressed with
16:58 how red roses...
17:00 like those 25 red roses really turned their head,
17:02 You bet! my goodness, I just can't believe this,
17:08 not only are you a romantic but you're into Poetry too,
17:12 it doesn't get any better than that, girls.
17:14 I wrote poems for my wife, I wrote sonnets for a while
17:19 and made her cry when she realized how much I loved her
17:23 so, showing love, I mean, those are small things,
17:26 see, the kinds of things that Paul stresses here
17:30 are really giving yourself, for the Apostle Paul,
17:34 the Cross is the paradigm for the Christian home.
17:37 The Cross is the paradigm for the Christian home...
17:40 It's the paradigm for how the husband is to show...
17:44 it's the self-giving sacrificial love.
17:47 Christ was the model for the wife,
17:50 it says, "as to the Lord,"
17:52 she is to submit... as to the Lord,
17:53 and Christ is the model for the husband,
17:56 he is to love as Christ loved the church
17:58 and we really shouldn't be surprised at this
18:00 because this is Christian, it's a Christian marriage
18:06 and Jesus said, "Whoever will come after me,
18:10 let him take up his cross and follow me. "
18:13 So we shouldn't be surprised,
18:15 a Christian marriage involves sacrifice
18:17 and the very practical aspect of following Jesus,
18:22 is the way you're supposed to treat other people,
18:27 you are to treat them the way that Jesus treated you.
18:30 You're to forgive, you're to be loving,
18:32 you're to give up your desires to help and bless them,
18:36 see the whole Greco-Roman thing of the husband being in charge,
18:39 it all focuses on his desires, now Jesus turns that around
18:43 and there's a new reference point,
18:45 the new reference point is Christ,
18:47 you're supposed to be it... then...
18:49 then, this is nicely illustrated by an interesting story
18:53 about killing flies, killing flies...
18:56 I used to have trouble killing flies,
18:58 you know, you take the fly swatter and
19:01 swat at it... and the fly... just flies right away,
19:05 you know, until I learned
19:07 some of what the Scientists, you know,
19:10 your tax dollars at work, they studied the flies,
19:13 you know, and they noticed
19:15 that they take these slow-motion pictures...
19:18 you know, lots of pictures all at once,
19:21 and the fly... when it goes up, it shies away from where the
19:26 fly swatter is coming down, in fact,
19:30 I think... even some of them...
19:32 they come up and they go backwards
19:34 and so, if you hit where they're sitting,
19:39 you just missed them
19:40 because they're not there anymore,
19:42 they have those eyes that see a bunch of stuff,
19:45 you know, so, actually what you have to do
19:47 if you want to kill flies, is, you have to aim behind them,
19:52 so you aim... just behind them
19:55 and you get them just about every time.
19:57 Now, I'm... my guess is that means here at 3ABN
20:02 there's going to be a lot of... more dead flies happening.
20:06 Well, it was kind of amazing when you started telling
20:08 that was my strategy
20:09 because I'd heard that some place. Tom: Yeah.
20:11 You can go back further than that
20:13 and I don't know how this all started
20:15 and, of course, we grew up on a farm
20:16 and they had no air conditioners back then,
20:19 and there are flies everywhere.
20:21 Flies everywhere.
20:22 And they took cotton balls and put it on the screen doors
20:26 and if somebody knows the Science behind this,
20:31 I'd like to hear it,
20:33 but those cotton balls were supposed to keep the flies away
20:36 well I guarantee it didn't work,
20:38 you know what I mean,
20:40 and then I'd heard later on in life
20:43 after I had passed the torch of "fly swatter"
20:45 to someone else, you know,
20:47 is that... it did kind of back up a little bit.
20:50 And now so, this is my point, the reference point is different
20:53 the reference point, you know,
20:55 the old reference point was to shoot where the fly was
20:58 and you will get it, you know, the new reference point is
21:00 "shoot behind him and you'll get it,"
21:02 so the old reference point for the home
21:04 was my selfish desires,
21:06 the new reference point for the home
21:09 is to be like Jesus and to have His desires.
21:12 Remember, again we said,
21:13 "This is only possible
21:14 by the Holy Spirit living in our lives. "
21:16 This is a very practical concept
21:19 of what it means to be a Christian.
21:22 Sometimes people get this idea of sort of an ethereal...
21:24 "Oh, we just believe the truth,
21:26 you know, and all these truths about... "
21:27 No, you know what?
21:29 The truths of the Bible are very practical.
21:31 Are you treating people in your home in a loving manner?
21:36 If we were to ask the people in your home,
21:39 "Is this person acting like Jesus?"
21:42 No...
21:44 and what they said, and if they're not,
21:45 if they said, "Well... sometimes... "
21:48 but if they say, "Well, no not really... "
21:51 that's a wake-up call, I need to be cognizant.
21:53 There was one time a story about a...
21:57 I think it was a Mennonite Preacher
22:00 and another Preacher,
22:02 an Evangelical Preacher had moved into town
22:06 and he came and he met the Mennonite Preacher
22:09 and he asked him if he'd been born again.
22:10 Okay... he asked him if he had been born again,
22:14 I kind of assumed that the pastor would be born again,
22:17 but this guy asked him if he had been born again
22:19 and the Mennonite guy said to him,
22:21 "Well, you're asking the wrong man,"
22:23 he said, "I can give you some names of the people
22:28 in my church or in my town
22:29 that I've had disputes with
22:31 that I've need to make things right with
22:33 and I'll give you the names of these people
22:35 that I've had disputes with and you can go ask them
22:37 if I've been born again. "
22:38 See, that's really more of a test
22:41 than my own testimony about it, what did my family say?
22:45 Did they say, "Oh, he's a loving person?"
22:47 Do the people I work with in my office...
22:50 do they recognize me as that kind of a person
22:52 or are they glad to see me leave?
22:54 Of course, he's out of town for...
22:57 He's out of town, okay,
22:58 but we'd better press on here to verse 26 and 27.
23:01 Let's read those again.
23:02 Okay, 26 and 27, "that he might sanctify and
23:07 cleanse her with the washing of water by the word
23:10 and that He might present her to Himself,
23:13 a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle
23:16 or any such thing,
23:17 but that she should be holy and without blemish. "
23:20 All right, now, Paul again makes a comparison to the church here
23:26 okay, he launches off in fact into the topic
23:30 almost to the point that people say,
23:32 "Awww... Paul, are you...
23:34 are you still talking about the home
23:37 or are you talking about the church?"
23:40 He talks about how Jesus made the sacrifice that He did,
23:44 why He did that,
23:45 the purpose was... to redeem people.
23:48 To produce in their lives a holy and blameless character.
23:52 The washing of water, is a reference to baptism,
23:55 they would have the baptismal, we say today,
23:58 "I baptize you in the name of the Father,
24:00 the Son and the Holy Spirit"
24:01 washing of water by the Word, the washing of water...
24:04 at the same time that the statement is made,
24:07 the goal of baptism and Christian teaching
24:10 is a sanctified, holy life, that you live like Jesus
24:15 and this really links in to Paul's Ecclesiology,
24:20 this whole teaching about the church
24:21 which runs through the book of Ephesians.
24:24 He's got a lot to say about the church
24:26 and he doesn't forget to talk about it
24:28 when he's talking about the Christian home,
24:29 he's still talking about the Christian home,
24:30 but he places a lot of things in here about the church
24:35 so, I'd like to just review briefly,
24:37 we've only got a couple of minutes left
24:38 but I'd like to review briefly just his teaching about
24:44 the church in Ephesians 1 verse 22,
24:47 he says that Christ is the Head of the church,
24:51 that God gave Him this role,
24:53 Christ is the Head of the Church.
24:55 In chapter 3 verses 10 and 21, he says,
24:58 "The Church is where God reveals wisdom to cosmic powers
25:02 His glory is revealed in the church to all generations. "
25:05 Now that's a pretty striking statement
25:07 because a lot of people think
25:09 the church is pretty much nothing.
25:10 They think it has nothing to do with anything important.
25:14 You know what? That's not true.
25:16 It is in the church
25:19 where God reveals wisdom to cosmic powers,
25:21 in 5:23, he says the church is the body of Christ
25:25 and Christ is the church's Savior
25:27 and in our passage right here in verses 24 to 29,
25:30 he says, the church is to be subject to Christ
25:34 and is nourished and cherished by Him.
25:36 So there's a process the church goes through
25:40 in becoming holy, it's an initial washing
25:44 in the waters of baptism
25:45 and then he sets aside the church...
25:47 he sets aside for Christ,
25:49 but then He purifies the church and perfects it,
25:52 so when you think of this in terms of a Christian home
25:55 kind of a concept, you say to yourself,
25:58 Well, this role of Christ cleansing the church,
26:03 does it mean that the husband is supposed to correct his wife,
26:07 you know, make her do this
26:08 or make her do that,
26:10 but he is to think of his role in terms of,
26:13 "How can I bless her,
26:14 how can I help her to be happier?
26:17 how can I help her to be
26:19 the better Christian that she wants to be?"
26:21 It's not a controlling kind of, "I'm going to direct you... "
26:24 it's a self-sacrificing kind of love
26:27 like Jesus made for the church.
26:29 Yes, servanthood to each other.
26:31 Right, service to each other and taking care of each other
26:36 so, even as he digresses and talks about the sacrifice
26:41 that Christ made for the church,
26:44 he's still talking about Christian marriage,
26:46 he's still talking about the Christian home,
26:48 and you know, you could also say
26:51 he's talking about Christian Leadership.
26:53 We think about Leaders in the church
26:55 and too many times,
26:57 well, I don't know about "in the church"
27:00 I think most people in the church,
27:02 they want to follow Jesus, that want to do what's right,
27:04 sometimes we get examples...
27:05 At least they know the terminology
27:07 to use and they are there because
27:08 they're looking for something better.
27:10 Yeah, people out in the world,
27:11 they're about the power,
27:13 or about getting it for themselves,
27:14 but in the church, it's different,
27:15 so, this kind of Leader shift
27:17 in the home, shown in the home
27:20 where there is self-sacrifice made... is not hard to follow.
27:24 Yeah...
27:25 Yeah... you just make it so practical and so... so simple,
27:30 I appreciate this very much.
27:32 We thank you for spending this time with us,
27:36 we do hope that you've gained something from it,
27:40 we look forward to the next teaching
27:42 in the meantime,
27:43 we've learned more about the instructions to husbands.
27:46 God bless you.


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