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Sex Outside of Marriage

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00:16 Hello, and welcome to Heaven's Point of View.
00:19 And this series is on, Love, Marriage, Sex and Divorce
00:23 from the New Testament perspective.
00:26 I'm Dr. Yvonne Lewis
00:27 and our featured host is Dr. Tom Sheperd,
00:31 who is and I'm gonna name all of these things,
00:35 he is the director for the PhD
00:38 and ThD programs for religion is it?
00:42 Yes, at Andrews University.
00:43 At Andrews University,
00:45 and professor of New Testament Interpretation
00:48 at Andrews University.
00:49 He's also an MPH and a doctor of Public Health as well.
00:54 So Dr. Sheperd has a long, long.
00:59 Hopefully not like a Festus said to Paul
01:01 "Much learning hath made thee mad.
01:05 No, Doctor, you've been given us
01:06 some great insights, you know.
01:09 You know, the Bible has such relevance.
01:13 To our lives today.
01:14 And, this is, this is so important
01:16 because we look around us,
01:17 and we see the erosion of the family.
01:19 We see how relationships are so just messed up.
01:22 We see people not getting married
01:25 and just living together.
01:27 We see all of these things and so, you're going to give us
01:30 a biblical perspective on relationships.
01:33 And today we're going to talk about sex outside of marriage.
01:36 That's correct.
01:37 Which is really, which really an important thing to look at
01:41 because it's so rampant.
01:43 In our society today.
01:45 Millions of people involved.
01:47 We just looked at in the last couple of programs
01:51 at I Corinthians 6, and what it had to say,
01:54 but we want to look at some other passages as well.
01:57 Yes, what does the Bible say about where sexual relation
02:02 should and should not be practiced?
02:04 Well, the first place to begin is the Ten Commandments.
02:08 So we should turn over to Exodus Chapter 20.
02:11 And we want to read there the seventh commandment
02:15 which is in Exodus 20:14.
02:18 It's very short but right to the point.
02:21 Exodus 20:14. Go ahead and read that for us.
02:26 "You shall not commit adultery."
02:28 Yeah, I mean, it's just very brief,
02:31 but it says, "Don't commit adultery."
02:32 Now adultery is a married person
02:35 having sexual relations
02:37 with somebody who's not their spouse.
02:38 That's the definition of adultery.
02:41 There are three commands in this second section
02:44 of the half of the Ten Commandments
02:48 that are a combination of Hebrew word
02:51 that means, "No" the word is, "Low"
02:55 that means, "No" and then a verb.
02:57 So it's no and then this verb so it's don't do this.
03:01 And those three commands are found right in a row
03:05 in verse 13, 14, and 15 of Exodus 20,
03:09 "You shall not murder.
03:11 You shall not commit adultery.
03:13 You shall not steal." Right?
03:15 Three very brief, right to the point commands
03:19 about relationships between people.
03:23 They talk about life, life itself, "Do not murder."
03:27 They talk about marriage, "Do not commit adultery."
03:31 And they talk about personal ownership,
03:33 "Do not steal."
03:34 These simple commands,
03:36 they get at the basic simple central stuff of life.
03:41 Life itself, our person, our family and our property.
03:46 Without safety for these three things,
03:50 human life is on the edge.
03:53 And growth and development
03:54 are greatly hindered or denied as a process.
03:57 And isn't it interesting that in the middle of those
04:00 is, "Do not commit adultery."
04:02 Exactly, yeah.
04:03 Now, you see most people
04:06 abhor the idea of killing people.
04:09 They're saddened by it, they say, "It's wrong."
04:11 It's just you know, and I mean, this is what makes it news,
04:14 when there is war
04:16 or when there's somebody that was shot,
04:17 or somebody was killed or even kill themselves.
04:21 This is news because we abhor that.
04:24 'Cause life is so important.
04:26 On the other side,
04:28 we think the same thing about stealing.
04:30 It's wrong to steal.
04:31 And when we hear of theft show, we hear banks closing
04:36 because of somebody you know, was siphoning off funds,
04:39 you know, we are all are upset by that.
04:43 But the strange thing is,
04:45 that this middle one about adultery
04:49 doesn't seem to be as
04:51 you know, it doesn't seem to bother people
04:53 quite this much.
04:54 At least now, it doesn't as much as it used too.
04:57 You know, that is so true.
04:59 When you look at where the culture has gone,
05:03 when, when I was growing up,
05:04 we had little programs on television
05:07 like Father Knows Best and--
05:10 Leave it to Beaver and things like that.
05:12 I'm dating myself now by the way.
05:15 But now you have programs on that emphasize sex
05:21 and sex outside of marriage and adultery
05:25 and I mean, the culture has gotten so jaded.
05:31 With sexual things and it's by design
05:34 Satan has led us into that, through media.
05:38 In a lot of ways through music, through media,
05:40 through what we see on television,
05:41 the printed word.
05:43 So many things are leading and alluring people.
05:47 It's, it's a frightening thing
05:51 to see what Satan has done with it.
05:53 And it's because I believe sex is such an important,
05:57 God created it. Yes.
05:59 He gave it to Adam and Eve for a reason.
06:03 And Satan has taken it and done what he's wanted to do with it
06:07 and so I'm so glad we're dealing with this topic
06:10 because it is critical.
06:11 What we see go on society now,
06:14 it's just so far from God's ideal.
06:17 Yeah, there are, there people that want to suggest that
06:20 well, the media isn't important it's not--
06:23 it doesn't have that much impact on our life
06:26 and the people who make films
06:27 always want to try to downplay that the violence there
06:31 and their focus on sex has any impact.
06:33 That's just not true.
06:35 You see if it, if it were true
06:37 that the media had no impact on people,
06:39 then I imagine the advertiser would stop,
06:42 they would stop putting ads on television and...
06:44 Exactly.
06:45 And everywhere, because they know
06:47 that those ads sell their products.
06:49 That's right.
06:50 And Hollywood has learned
06:52 that if they put together sex and violence,
06:54 that these make money for them.
06:57 They're not, they're not concerned
06:59 about the moral issues that we, that we describe here
07:01 and the kinds of issues we read the other time
07:04 about that people who are married
07:06 have sex more often,
07:08 people who are married enjoy sex more.
07:12 Hollywood will never tell you that.
07:14 In fact, they tell you the opposite.
07:16 They make sex outside of marriage
07:19 seem much more interesting than sex within marriage.
07:22 Why is that?
07:23 Because Satan again, has his plan for destruction.
07:28 And God has His plan, which is the ideal plan.
07:32 Yeah, which actually makes for happiness.
07:34 And for more joy and I mean, sex is one of the greatest,
07:39 we've said in this program before,
07:40 sex is dynamite.
07:42 It's one of the greatest joys of life.
07:44 And God wants us to have more joy.
07:46 So what does He say, "It belongs in marriage.
07:48 Not outside of marriage."
07:49 And guess what?
07:51 The US government came along and found out
07:53 that what the Bible teaches is true.
07:56 Isn't that amazing? It's wonderful.
07:57 It's often how you know, the US government it comes
08:00 and it corroborates science.
08:03 You know, with, with what the Bible teaches
08:05 about the body and health.
08:07 And now, there's this with marriage
08:09 so it's really interesting.
08:13 We talked about in Exodus 20, you know,
08:16 "Do not commit adultery" and all.
08:18 But Jesus talks about adultery as well.
08:22 He does. What does He say?
08:24 We should turn over to Matthew 5,
08:26 which is the Sermon on the Mount,
08:28 kind of the inaugural sermon where Jesus describes
08:32 what He wants His disciples to live like
08:34 and how they're supposed to think about things,
08:37 and how they're supposed to carry on their life.
08:40 And in Matthew 5:27 to 30,
08:43 He brings up the subject of adultery,
08:47 which we just read in the Ten Commandments.
08:48 You see, this issue is so important
08:54 that God planted it
08:56 in the heart of the Ten Commandments.
08:58 I mean, the Ten Commandments the moral law,
09:00 I mean, people recognize that this is the big ten
09:03 these are the biggest issues of life.
09:06 That is such a fundamental issue,
09:08 the stability of the family.
09:11 And Jesus has something to say. Let's read it.
09:13 Matthew 5:27 to 30. Okay.
09:16 "You have heard that it was said to those of old,
09:19 'You shall not commit adultery.'
09:21 But I say to you
09:22 that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her
09:25 has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
09:28 If your right eye causes you to sin,
09:31 pluck it out and cast it from you;
09:33 for it is more profitable for you
09:35 that one of your members perish,
09:37 than for your whole body to be cast into hell.
09:40 And if your right hand causes you to sin,
09:42 cut it off and cast it from you;
09:45 for it is more profitable for you
09:46 that one of your members perish,
09:48 than for your whole body to be cast into hell."
09:53 Now this is one of six passages that are called antithesis
09:57 where, where Jesus will say,
10:00 "You heard that it was like this.
10:01 But I say this." All right.
10:03 That's an antithesis and sometimes people
10:06 when they see this they say, "All well, Jesus doesn't take
10:09 the Old Testament commands importantly."
10:11 You know, "He said this.
10:13 But I say" so and so. All right.
10:15 It's not a contradiction.
10:17 No, no it's not a contradiction.
10:19 And in particularly,
10:20 if you go back just a few verses earlier in,
10:22 in verse 17 and onward Jesus says,
10:25 "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law
10:27 or the Prophets."
10:29 "I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them
10:31 for truly I say to you until heaven and earth pass away
10:34 not an iota not a dot will pass from the law
10:37 until all is accomplished."
10:38 So, Jesus actually didn't come to.
10:41 When he says, "I came to fulfill it."
10:43 He doesn't mean I came to set it aside.
10:45 He said I didn't come to abolish it.
10:47 He said, "Came to show its full extent."
10:51 Right, so in Jesus' day people were saying
10:54 adultery was the physical act of having sex with somebody
10:57 that is not your spouse.
10:59 And, of course, that is the definition.
11:02 We've already said of adultery
11:03 if you're having sex with somebody
11:05 that's not your spouse.
11:06 But Jesus shows
11:07 that adultery doesn't start with the physical act.
11:10 Adultery starts in the mind, okay.
11:13 And so He says, "I say to you that everyone
11:16 who looks at a woman with lustful intent
11:18 has already committed adultery with her in his heart."
11:22 Now, this, this is,
11:26 most men struggle with this actually.
11:29 You and I were talking beforehand
11:31 and you mentioned how men are visually oriented.
11:35 A lot of men, most men struggle with this issue
11:38 and they kind of wonder what is Jesus saying here,
11:40 is he saying you know, just wear blinders
11:43 and you know or don't, when a women comes,
11:46 just look the other way.
11:49 You know, that's the way
11:51 that some people get the idea of what He's saying.
11:53 But if we look at it carefully,
11:56 and knowledge of Greek helps here.
11:59 I, one time had a young person come to me
12:02 and say, he was a graduate from one of our colleges
12:06 and he said, "Dr. Sheperd,
12:08 why should we study Greek and Hebrew?"
12:10 Now to say that to a New Testament professor
12:12 is kind of like taking a red cape
12:14 and waving it in front of a bull you know.
12:17 But it was like I had been touched with inspiration
12:20 that one moment I said, "Young man,
12:21 I have a one word answer for you."
12:23 And I said, "Intimacy, intimacy with the Word of God."
12:28 And then I said, I said,
12:30 the original languages help you with that intimacy.
12:33 But then I said too,
12:34 I thought something that he could understand.
12:36 Well, I said, "I mean,
12:37 would you rather have a goodnight handshake
12:38 or good night kiss?"
12:41 Intimacy with God's word.
12:43 So when you know some Greek and Hebrew.
12:45 It helps you because Jesus says,
12:47 "Anyone who looks at a woman"
12:49 and the tense is the present tense in Greek.
12:52 This is like a line
12:53 that has an ongoing kind of concept of action.
12:56 So you could translate and say, "Anyone who keeps on looking."
13:02 Now what do you call it when somebody keeps on looking?
13:04 Staring. Staring, yeah.
13:06 You're staring.
13:07 He's staring and he's watching that'll go by, okay.
13:11 That's the stare that He talks about.
13:12 Jesus is not saying that a man cannot recognize
13:15 that woman's beautiful.
13:16 Right. But it's that stare.
13:18 Now it's also true in the English standard version
13:22 I'm reading puts it very nicely. It helps it.
13:23 He says, "Anyone who looks at a woman with lust full intent."
13:28 Now the question is which came first,
13:30 the look or the lust.
13:34 And according to what Jesus is saying here
13:36 in the way the Greek construction is,
13:38 the lust comes first.
13:40 Wow!
13:41 Now you would think that the look comes first
13:43 which elicits a lustful feeling.
13:45 Well, it can be that too.
13:47 By the way, by the way He's constructed here.
13:49 He's, He's is talking about where does adultery begin.
13:53 It begins in the mind. In mind.
13:55 Yeah, and so He's talking about that,
13:56 that look that is focused on that for a purpose.
14:00 And the purpose is to lust after that person.
14:02 And can not one have a lustful spirit?
14:08 Yes.
14:09 That will then cause one to stare.
14:12 Yes. Yeah. So that lust comes first.
14:15 I can see how that could come first.
14:17 So what has to happen is the,
14:19 where, where things have to change,
14:20 it's not just actions.
14:22 It has to go back into the heart.
14:24 Go back to the mind where, where these things begin.
14:28 Okay. So that's that verse. So, Jesus condemns adultery.
14:35 But what about sex with people that aren't married?
14:38 You know, you have adultery that's between married people.
14:42 What about people that aren't married?
14:43 All right, so we've got a number of passages
14:45 we want to look at to understand
14:47 what does the Bible say about sex outside of marriage.
14:51 Now we're going to move from married people.
14:52 That was a question of adultery.
14:54 You're not supposed to break your marriage bond
14:57 and go have sex with somebody else
14:58 than your spouse.
15:00 But what about people who aren't married?
15:01 Can they just... Right.
15:03 You know, sleep around. Is it okay?
15:04 Right. Turn over to Genesis 34.
15:08 A rather sad story
15:10 but one which we take note of several times in these,
15:17 in this series of meeting.
15:18 This is, this is Genesis 34.
15:20 It's the story of Dinah and Shechem.
15:24 So let's just read the first seven verses.
15:26 Okay.
15:27 "Now Dinah the daughter of Leah,
15:29 whom she had born to Jacob,
15:31 went out to see the daughters of the land.
15:33 And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite,"
15:36 excuse me, "prince of the country, saw her,
15:39 he took her and lay with her, and violated her.
15:43 His soul was strongly attracted to Dinah
15:45 the daughter of Jacob, and love the young woman
15:48 and spoke kindly to the young woman.
15:50 So Shechem spoke to his father Hamor, saying,
15:53 "Get me this young woman as a wife."
15:55 And Jacob heard that he had defiled Dinah his daughter.
15:59 Now his sons were with his livestock in the field;
16:02 so Jacob held his peace until they came.
16:05 Then Hamor father of Shechem went out to meet Jacob
16:08 to speak with him.
16:10 And the sons of Jacob came in from the field
16:12 when they heard it;
16:13 and the men were grieved and very angry,
16:16 because he had done a disgraceful thing
16:18 in Israel by lying with Jacob's daughter,
16:20 a thing which ought not to be done."
16:23 It was pretty clear isn't it?
16:25 This was wrong. Right.
16:26 Now were these people married? No.
16:29 No, obviously not married.
16:31 But they had sex. Right.
16:33 Did that make them married?
16:34 No. No.
16:36 He raped her. He raped her, right.
16:37 So this young man, forcing himself
16:40 on the on this young girl, it's over,
16:44 and over the text indicates that it's wrong.
16:46 Right. Right. What he did.
16:47 It says that, "Jacob holds his peace."
16:50 He was upset but he was going to talk
16:52 till his sons came home.
16:54 Right.
16:55 And when his sons came home, they are indignant.
16:57 Right. And they are very angry.
16:59 Right.
17:00 He says he's done an outrageous thing.
17:03 "Something that ought not to be done."
17:05 I don't know if you can get much clearer
17:07 that this is a wrong.
17:08 Right.
17:10 And I mean, everybody in society recognize today
17:12 that rape is evil and wrong.
17:13 Yes. And should not happen.
17:16 But for some people who get the idea that,
17:19 just having sex makes you married.
17:21 No. No.
17:23 It doesn't make you married.
17:25 Sex is not marriage.
17:26 Marriage is a ceremony; marriage is a relationship
17:29 that's created in a society's presence,
17:32 in the presence of other people
17:34 and that is what produces marriage.
17:37 So sex which is forced on somebody is wrong.
17:41 And if you're not clear on that, get the message.
17:44 Right, now what about when it's done willingly?
17:46 Okay, then we look at some other passages.
17:49 We turn over to Genesis, Exodus 22,
17:51 Exodus Chapter 22:16, 17.
17:56 Just after the Ten Commandments.
18:02 Now this is again, of course,
18:03 the setting for the life of Israel,
18:07 but it's still the principles hold true
18:08 so we're looking at Exodus 22:16 and 17.
18:13 And it says it, "If a man entices a virgin
18:15 who is not betrothed, and lies with her,
18:18 he shall surely pay the bride-price
18:20 for her to be his wife.
18:22 If her father utterly refuses to give her to him,
18:25 he shall pay money according to the bride-price of virgins."
18:29 All right, now first, we need to look,
18:31 now, first what happened.
18:32 Well, it seems that what happened was there
18:35 was a young fellow and,
18:37 he started talking to a young girl
18:39 and he seduced her.
18:41 So that idea gives you the sense that,
18:44 well, she was naive.
18:47 She didn't understand where this was leading.
18:50 And before she knew it, they were sleeping together.
18:53 Okay?
18:54 Now what the text says here is that,
18:58 when they're found, when that this is found out,
19:00 he has to marry the girl.
19:02 That's that that was their rule.
19:04 This is how seriously sex is taken.
19:07 Yeah. That he has had sex with her.
19:10 Now he needs to marry her. Yeah. He has to marry her.
19:13 And actually it says that he has to pay the bride price.
19:16 Now we don't do bride price in our society today.
19:18 Right.
19:19 People look at this and they say,
19:21 "What bride price, you're,
19:22 you're buying the girl, what is this?"
19:24 No, its, it's not buying the girl.
19:27 She's not a piece of property that you buy.
19:30 Bride price was a concept of a young man showing
19:35 that he was capable of supplying
19:38 the needs of his family.
19:39 So he has to come up with a certain amount of money
19:42 and be able to show that he can support this girl
19:47 that he's interested in marrying.
19:48 So he brings the bride price.
19:50 And the bride price would stay,
19:53 now in different times it would be different things,
19:55 but it was stay on reserve, and if there was a divorce,
19:58 the bride price would go to the girl as she left.
20:00 So it was some protection for the young women
20:03 against the kinds of thing that would happen.
20:05 Now the foolishness of this young man
20:10 and seducing this girl and having sex with her
20:12 is also illustrated, if the father just says, "No"
20:15 course this is a male lineal, patrilineal society.
20:18 The fathers were very much involved
20:20 in these kinds of issues.
20:22 And if the father just refuses and says,
20:24 "No, this girl, I cannot give my girl."
20:27 This guy's a jerk.
20:28 I'm not going to give my daughter to him.
20:30 Right.
20:31 He still has to pay the bride price.
20:34 Now so there's a fine.
20:35 So you think about it, he was stupid enough
20:38 that he had sex with this girl and what did he have to do,
20:43 he had to pay the bride price
20:44 and he doesn't have a bride to show for it.
20:46 So it is very clear, it's wrong,
20:50 it's wrong for him to seduce her.
20:52 All right.
20:53 Now what about somebody who just slept around?
20:57 The willing participants.
21:00 Yes. Yes. Yeah.
21:01 What if both of them are, are willing?
21:03 Now, we turn over to the book of Deuteronomy.
21:05 So we're talking about consensual sex.
21:07 Consensual sex, yeah, is it okay?
21:09 Deuteronomy 22:13 to 29.
21:17 I teach at Sabbath School class and usually say to them.
21:19 Well, you know, we don't have time for anything else,
21:21 we read the Bible.
21:22 Yes.
21:23 Because that's important too so this is a long section
21:27 but it's all about laws about sexual immorality.
21:31 So it's Deuteronomy 22:13 to 29.
21:35 Okay, you want me to read it? Yep.
21:37 "If any man takes a wife, and goes in to her,
21:39 and detests her, and charges her
21:41 with shameful conduct,
21:43 and brings a bad name on her, and says,
21:44 'I took this woman, and when I came to her
21:47 I found she was not a virgin,'
21:49 then the father and mother of the young woman
21:51 shall take and bring out the evidence
21:53 of the young woman's virginity
21:55 to the elders of the city at the gate.
21:57 And the young woman's father shall say to the elders,
21:59 'I gave my daughter to this man as wife,
22:01 and he detests her.
22:03 Now he has charged her with shameful conduct, saying,
22:06 "I found your daughter was not a virgin,"
22:08 and yet these are the evidences of my daughter's virginity.'
22:11 And they shall spread the cloth before the elders of the city.
22:15 Then the elders of that city shall take that man
22:17 and punish him;
22:19 and they shall fine him one hundred shekels of silver
22:21 and give them to the father of the young woman,
22:23 because he has brought a bad name
22:26 on a virgin of Israel.
22:27 And she shall be his wife;
22:29 he cannot divorce her all his days.
22:31 But if the thing is true,
22:33 and evidences of virginity
22:34 are not found for the young woman,
22:36 then they shall bring out the young woman
22:39 to the door of her father's house,
22:40 and the men of her city
22:42 shall stone her to death with stones,
22:44 because she has done a disgraceful thing in Israel,
22:46 to play the harlot in her father's house.
22:49 So you shall put away the evil from among you.
22:52 If a man is found lying
22:54 with a woman married to a husband,
22:55 then both of them shall die,
22:57 the man that lay with the woman, and the woman;
22:59 so you shall put away the evil from Israel.
23:02 If a young woman who is a virgin
23:04 is betrothed to a husband,
23:05 and a man finds her in the city and lies with her,
23:08 then you shall bring them both out to the gate of that city,
23:11 and you shall stone them to death with stones,
23:13 the young women
23:14 because she did not cry out in the city,
23:16 and the man because he humbled his neighbor's wife;
23:19 so you shall put away the evil from among you.
23:22 But if a man finds a betrothed young woman
23:24 in the countryside,
23:26 and the man forces her and lies with her,
23:28 then only the man who lay with her shall die.
23:30 But you shall do nothing to the young woman;
23:33 there is in the young woman no sin deserving of death,
23:37 for just as when a man rises
23:38 against his neighbor and kills him,
23:40 even so is this matter.
23:42 For he found her in the countryside,
23:44 and the betrothed young woman cried out,
23:46 but there was no one to save her.
23:48 If a man finds a young woman who is a virgin,
23:51 who is not betrothed,
23:52 and he seizes her and lies with her,
23:54 and they are found out,
23:56 then the man who lay with her
23:57 shall give to the young woman's father
23:59 fifty shekels of silver,
24:01 and she shall be his wife because he has humbled her;
24:04 he shall not be permitted to divorce her all his days."
24:08 All right, so these are, are laws that were,
24:11 you know, that Israel used.
24:13 And you can see that they were considered
24:15 as very serious crimes.
24:17 Yes. Very serious crimes.
24:18 So there's five different sexual scenarios
24:23 that are described here.
24:24 The first is the young woman who did,
24:26 or did not live as a harlot.
24:29 And the sign of her virginity
24:31 would be the blood stained cloak.
24:32 Right.
24:34 Of her when she started to have her menses.
24:36 Then there's the case of the adulterer,
24:38 there's the case
24:39 of the consensual sleeping together in the city,
24:43 the case of rape in the countryside,
24:45 and the case of the young betrothed virgin
24:47 in verses 28 and 29.
24:49 Now what these all have in common
24:52 is in one way or another
24:53 that sex outside of marriage is punishable by death
24:57 or by some kind of fine, or some kind of penalty
25:01 that the person, you know, has to pay.
25:05 If the person was unable to escape, they are not guilty.
25:08 Like the young woman out in the country side.
25:10 She's raped. Yeah. Yeah.
25:12 In none of these cases is merely having sex
25:15 consider marriage, all right.
25:17 And the violation of sexual purity is taken
25:20 very seriously,
25:21 sometimes to the point of imposing the death penalty.
25:25 So in summary, we can say that the Bible teaches
25:28 that sexual relations are reserved
25:30 rightfully for marriage alone, right.
25:34 They are not to be practiced outside of marriage.
25:38 But they are to be enjoyed within marriage.
25:41 And why? Why only within marriage?
25:44 Yeah, yeah. Biblically, why only...
25:46 That's, that's the kind of question now,
25:47 we have already noticed
25:49 that the US government found that
25:50 it's better in marriage,
25:52 you know, you have you have more joy
25:53 and everything but you see sex is dynamite.
25:55 We've already said this before but sex is dynamite
25:57 and it's, it's very powerful.
26:00 Because it's so powerful, you have to handle it carefully.
26:03 I mean, you would take a stick of dynamite
26:05 and just throw it around.
26:06 It's, it's too powerful. Well, sex is the same way.
26:09 There's a great benefit that's possible.
26:11 But there's also great risk.
26:13 The other thing is that the power of dynamite
26:17 is enhanced when you confine it,
26:19 when you put it into a space that,
26:23 you know, it can't move or anything,
26:24 it will blow up much more
26:25 and have much more powerful effects.
26:27 So when you confine sex to marriage,
26:30 there is much more power.
26:32 Number three, it protects children.
26:35 That's why sex is only for marriage.
26:37 It protects children and women.
26:40 So again, you know, we have science or studies
26:44 corroborating what the Bible says that,
26:47 "Women and children
26:49 are protected through marriage."
26:51 Yes, and I think people find that actually
26:53 in just everyday life.
26:56 They recognize that broken homes
26:58 are a much harder to manage and everything.
27:02 So the Bible's message that sex is only for marriage,
27:06 is both reasonable and of course,
27:09 it's theologically sound.
27:10 It's based on what the Scripture says.
27:12 No, sex outside of marriage for married partners.
27:16 No sex for people who are, you know, rape is wrong,
27:20 and seducing somebody is wrong
27:23 and consensual sex,
27:25 even if they both agree on it is also wrong.
27:29 It's to be avoided. Sex is only for marriage.
27:33 That's where the blessing belongs.
27:34 Yes, and that's where the blessing is.
27:37 And that's, this is some powerful stuff Dr. Sheperd.
27:40 Thank you so much for sharing these insights with us.
27:44 What are we going to talk about next?
27:46 Well, next we will turn to the question of
27:48 is that there is it ever wrong to have sex in marriage.
27:50 I mean, there's a time in marriage
27:52 when it, when you should step back from,
27:54 from sex and not have it.
27:55 So we'll be looking at I Corinthians 7,
27:57 a passage that's often misunderstood.
27:59 Great, thank you so much Dr. Sheperd.
28:01 And thank you, for tuning in.
28:03 Please join us next time
28:04 as we share these wonderful biblical truths.


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