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00:09 Our world is confused about what's right,
00:11 what's wrong, and what's true.
00:12 It won't be long until God sets the record straight
00:16 and that's our topic here on His Voice Today.
00:22 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:24 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:30 Have you ever witnessed a head-on collision
00:32 between two vehicles? It's not pretty.
00:35 Most of the time, people don't survive
00:38 that kind of an accident.
00:40 That's what's going to happen to our world.
00:45 Our world is heading for a collision
00:46 with the big day,
00:48 and the big day is the return of Jesus Christ.
00:51 That return is described in the book of Revelation
00:54 chapter 19 verses 11 to 16, it's like a collision
00:58 between God and His planet and when the collision hits,
01:02 it's not going to be pretty
01:03 for those that
01:05 aren't on His side...
01:06 for those that don't know the Lord
01:08 and so we're about to have a Bible Study
01:10 this is called "Behold the White Horse"
01:11 from Revelation 19 verses 11 to 16
01:15 describing the coming of Jesus Christ.
01:17 We're going to talk about moral issues...
01:20 about what's right and what's wrong,
01:21 about what's true so that we can be ready
01:25 for the big day when Jesus Christ comes again.
01:28 If you have a Bible,
01:31 I invite you to follow along with me.
01:33 Revelation chapter 19 starting with verse 11,
01:38 the Bible says,
01:40 "And I saw heaven opened,"
01:43 first of all we're going to dissect this.
01:46 John said that he saw heaven, he saw heaven... heaven opened,
01:50 it's no secret that we live in a very secular age.
01:53 A lot of people don't believe in heaven anymore.
01:56 When I was a teenager, I used to listen to the Beatles
02:00 and a lot of other Rock 'n' Roll groups,
02:02 Mild Rock, Heavy Rock,
02:04 and I listened to John Lennon many times
02:05 and I listened to John Lennon many times.
02:08 I've listened to one particular song called,
02:10 "Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try... "
02:14 that John Lennon used to sing before he died.
02:18 I imagined that he believed that.
02:20 He wasn't a practicing Christian that's no secret,
02:24 he wasn't a Bible believer and so he created this song
02:28 or at least he sang the words, "Imagine if there is no heaven,
02:30 it's easy if you try. "
02:32 Well John Lennon is dead and he was dead wrong.
02:35 There is a heaven and the Bible tells us...
02:39 that one of these days heaven is going to crack open
02:42 and something big is going to happen.
02:44 "I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. "
02:49 Now I personally don't believe
02:51 that there's a real horse up there,
02:52 I don't believe that Jesus is grooming some Arabian Stallion.
02:57 This is "sacred symbolism" that's found in Revelation.
03:02 Revelation has a lot of symbols,
03:04 Revelation talks about a harlot riding a beast,
03:07 we talked about this in a previous program,
03:10 it talks about a beast with seven heads and ten horns,
03:13 it talks about a
03:15 great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns,
03:17 it talks about a lamb with seven horns and seven eyes,
03:21 and all of these are "sacred symbols"
03:24 that are designed to teach us lessons,
03:26 lessons about truth and about righteousness
03:30 and about deception and when Revelation describes
03:33 heaven being opened
03:35 and one of these days a white horse appears.
03:38 This doesn't literally mean that there's like a
03:41 saddled horse up there that needs to be fed,
03:44 but this is Revelation's description
03:47 of the return of Jesus Christ
03:49 which is going to be real, there's no doubt,
03:52 there are many verses that say this,
03:53 Revelation 1 verse 7 says, "Behold he's coming
03:55 with clouds; and every eye will see him... "
03:58 Matthew 24 verses 30 and 31, Jesus said that
04:01 one of these days the sign of the Son of Man
04:03 will appear in the sky
04:05 and all the tribes of the earth will mourn,
04:07 and they will see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven
04:10 with power and great glory.
04:12 In Matthew 24 verse 27, Jesus said,
04:15 "... as the lightning flashes from the east,
04:16 and shines all the way to the west;
04:18 so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. "
04:21 So the Bible is very clear that Jesus Christ is coming
04:25 and in Revelation 19,
04:28 He's described as coming on a white horse.
04:31 What lesson can we learn from this passage... "white"?
04:35 There's a big lesson for us in the word "White. "
04:38 Now, this doesn't mean that God is prejudiced,
04:41 it doesn't mean that He likes White people
04:44 and doesn't like Black people or Brown people or Red people.
04:47 It doesn't mean this at all.
04:48 In fact there are verses in the Scriptures
04:51 that are very clear that the Lord loves all people,
04:54 He created all people.
04:55 Somebody once asked a friend of mine,
04:58 he said, "Well, why are there Black people and White people
05:00 and different kinds of people in this world?"
05:02 And his response was, the simple reason is,
05:04 because God loves variety, and He built into the genes
05:07 of Adam and Eve all the varieties
05:10 that eventually we see around us.
05:13 In the book of Acts chapter 17 verse 26
05:18 tells us that from one blood God made all the nations
05:23 to dwell upon the face of the whole earth.
05:26 That's Acts 17 verse 26,
05:28 that verse has really impressed me
05:30 that our skin may be different, but we all have the same blood
05:33 as far as the basic kind of blood...
05:37 if you break any of our skin,
05:39 whatever the color of the skin is...
05:41 when the blood hits the oxygen, it's going to turn red
05:44 and John chapter 3 verse 16,
05:46 Jesus said that God so loved the world,
05:49 that He gave His only begotten Son
05:52 that whoever believes in Him should not perish,
05:55 but have everlasting life.
05:56 I grew up in Los Angeles
05:58 and I had friends that were black,
06:00 I had friends that were brown,
06:01 I have friends now that are on the red-skin side,
06:06 Native Americans, and I have a personal passion
06:10 to teach others that prejudice is wrong.
06:14 When that book of Revelation describes Jesus Christ
06:17 coming on a White Horse,
06:18 it's not talking about the color of skin,
06:20 meaning that God is prejudiced one way or another,
06:23 in fact, God is not prejudiced at all
06:24 and white represents purity, it represents his moral purity,
06:30 and prejudice is wrong,
06:32 and there are all kinds of things in this world
06:34 that are wrong and when Jesus Christ comes
06:37 as He's described in Revelation
06:39 as coming on a white horse,
06:40 this is Revelation's way of impressing us
06:44 that Jesus is coming down from the sky in perfect purity
06:49 and if we have any impurity or sin or prejudice,
06:53 that we're cherishing inside of our hearts
06:56 then it doesn't bode well for us for the big day
07:00 when the collision occurs between God and Planet Earth.
07:04 Lots of lessons we can learn
07:07 from this chapter.
07:08 I saw heaven open... there's a real heaven,
07:11 and the Bible says, "Behold a white horse... "
07:14 now the word "horse" if you read this in the Bible,
07:17 in the Scriptures... do a study on "horse. "
07:20 A horse represents strength, God is a powerful God,
07:25 He is an almighty God, He is the all-powerful God,
07:30 and there are no forces in this world...
07:33 there is no wickedness in this world...
07:35 there's no evil in this world...
07:37 there is no prejudice in this world...
07:38 that is going to stand in the great day
07:42 when Jesus Christ returns to Planet Earth
07:45 to set things right eternally.
07:49 A White Horse... "... and He that sat upon him"
07:53 this is talking about the rider on the horse,
07:57 "... He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True,"
08:04 the rider of the horse in Revelation 19:11,
08:06 is none other than Jesus Christ Himself.
08:09 I don't know if you know this or not,
08:12 but our ministry that I'm a part of is called...
08:15 that I actually direct...
08:16 is called "The White Horse Media. "
08:18 We picked the name "White Horse" because of Revelation 19:11.
08:21 We picked the word "media"
08:23 because we are trying to communicate God's living truths
08:27 through media, through television,
08:29 through radio, the internet, and God is blessing us
08:32 because we are taking a stand
08:34 for the principles of what is right.
08:37 And this verse says that
08:39 Jesus is ultimately the rider on the horse.
08:42 Now some people, you know, ask me about this...
08:45 "Why did you pick the name 'White Horse Media?'"
08:46 And I tell them it's from Revelation,
08:47 sometimes we might have a little Bible Study
08:50 and I'm always very careful to say,
08:51 that Steve Wohlberg is not the rider on the horse.
08:56 Even though I'm the Speaker/Director,
08:59 of White Horse Media, the ultimate Guide,
09:02 the ultimate Director, the ultimate Speaker,
09:05 the ultimate Leader of our Organization,
09:07 is Jesus Christ Himself.
09:09 And I believe that that is the way
09:11 all true Christians should feel about their ministries,
09:14 and about their focus,
09:16 is that Jesus is to be the center of our lives.
09:19 He is the rider on the horse, not you and not me.
09:22 And as we keep reading, it says that
09:25 He has some special names,
09:27 it says that He is called Faithful
09:30 and He is called True.
09:32 I like that word "Faithful. "
09:34 Jesus Christ is a faithful Savior.
09:36 A long time ago, He and His Father,
09:39 His Eternal Father,
09:40 the Eternal Father and the Eternal Son,
09:42 along with the Eternal Holy Spirit,
09:44 they covenanted together
09:48 that if Adam and Eve should sin,
09:50 that the Son of God would come down to this dark world
09:53 and He'd be born in Bethlehem, He would live a pure life
09:58 in spite of all the attacks of the devil,
10:00 to bring Him down, to tempt Him,
10:01 to lead Him into sin, to get Him to yield to hatred,
10:05 to prejudice, to hostility, to anything that was wrong
10:10 and Jesus covenanted that He was going to be faithful
10:13 to His mission, and when He was born in Bethlehem,
10:17 the clock ticked and the plan started going forward.
10:22 When He met the devil in the wilderness,
10:24 and He was tempted, three times... Satan tempted Him
10:27 and Jesus said each time, "It is written...
10:29 it is written... it is written... "
10:30 He resisted the devil and He was faithful
10:32 faithful to His Father.
10:34 At the end of His life,
10:35 He entered the Garden of Gethsemane,
10:38 He gathered to Himself all the sins
10:40 of the whole world and He made the faithful decision
10:44 that He would drink the cup that no matter what happened,
10:46 no matter how much a pain it was going to cause,
10:50 between Him and His Father,
10:52 He was going to go through with the royal plan.
10:54 And finally, at the end of His life,
10:57 His hands were nailed to a piece of wood,
11:00 His body was lifted up, His feet were nailed,
11:03 thorns were placed on His head,
11:05 and blood dripped down
11:06 and all the way to the very last moment,
11:08 when He finally said,
11:09 "It is finished... "
11:11 and then He bowed His head and He died,
11:13 Jesus Christ was faithful to the plan,
11:16 He was faithful to His Father,
11:19 and He's faithful to you and He's faithful to me.
11:21 That's why He did that, He did it for us...
11:23 so that He could pay the price for our sins
11:25 so that He could rise from the dead
11:27 and so that He could give us a chance
11:29 to make a choice to turn away from the evil of this world,
11:31 from the Godlessness of this world
11:34 from the immorality of this world,
11:35 from the wickedness of this world,
11:37 and have a chance to have eternal life
11:40 through repentance and through faith in Him.
11:43 Jesus Christ is called faithful,
11:45 not only was He faithful to this mission,
11:48 but He's faithful to you.
11:49 In 1st John chapter 1 verse 9, the Bible says
11:53 that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and He is just
11:57 and He will forgive us of our sins and He will cleanse us
12:01 from all unrighteousness.
12:04 Jesus is faithful to you to forgive your sins
12:06 if you repent and trust in Him.
12:09 Let's keep going... He that sat upon the horse,
12:14 the rider is called faithful and true.
12:18 He's also true.
12:20 In this world today,
12:21 everything just seems to be up for grabs.
12:23 Relativism is the wave of life on earth today.
12:28 People say, "Well, if it is true for you, it is true...
12:30 if it is true for me... you know, it's my truth,
12:32 this is my truth and this is your truth,"
12:35 and as a result there's not very much truth
12:39 in this world, everything is just confusing,
12:42 full of confusion, everything seems to be gray...
12:45 people don't know what's right and what's wrong.
12:47 But in the Bible, it's not that way.
12:50 God is a God of truth and the Scripture says
12:54 that when Jesus comes again, that His name is called
12:58 faithful and true.
13:00 If you do a study of the word "true"
13:02 it's very clear in this book
13:03 that there are definitely standards of truth
13:06 in John 17 verse 17 Jesus said, "Your Word is the truth. "
13:10 In Psalm 119 verse 142,
13:13 the Bible says that God's law is the truth.
13:16 In John chapter 16 verse 13,
13:19 Jesus talked about the Spirit of truth,
13:22 who will guide you into all truth.
13:25 Somebody once said that morality is like art.
13:29 It starts with drawing a line.
13:30 Jesus also said in John 14 verse 6,
13:33 "I am the way, and the truth, and the life:
13:35 no man comes to the Father, but by me. "
13:38 And to me it's very impressive, then in Revelation 19:11,
13:42 Jesus is called "faithful" and He's also called "true"
13:46 when He comes again.
13:47 God wants us to know the truth.
13:49 He doesn't want us to be confused
13:52 and Jesus Christ Himself
13:53 and His book... this is the truth.
13:56 And this is the truth that we need to know
13:58 to get ready for impact... to get ready for "Collision Day"
14:02 when Jesus Christ returns to Planet Earth.
14:04 Let's keep reading, "... He that sat upon the horse
14:09 was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness... "
14:14 Righteousness basically means what's right
14:18 in contrast to what's wrong,
14:21 and this goes along with the word "true"
14:23 and again this world is full of confusion
14:25 and people don't know what's right and what's wrong anymore.
14:28 People are confused about men... about women...
14:32 about boys... about girls... about raising kids...
14:37 about health... there's just all kinds of confusion,
14:42 about politicians, about who to vote for,
14:45 about the future, about what the Bible says,
14:48 confusion reigns... this is the age of confusion.
14:52 But when Jesus comes, He comes in righteousness
14:56 which is designed to teach us before that day comes
15:00 that there is a "right" and there is a "wrong"
15:02 and God wants us to be on the side of "right"
15:05 and not on the side of "wrong" in order to be ready.
15:08 "... in righteousness he judges" and then it says,
15:12 "and He makes war. "
15:13 He judges and He makes war.
15:15 When most people think of Jesus, they don't think of the judge.
15:17 They think of like...
15:19 the Nativity Scene during Christmas time,
15:21 they think of the "meek and mild Jesus"
15:24 who was born in Bethlehem as a little baby.
15:26 And it's true... He was born in Bethlehem as a little baby
15:29 and it is true that Jesus' heart
15:31 is a heart of meekness and humility
15:33 and gentleness and love.
15:35 But that's not the whole story, when Jesus looks at the world,
15:39 He looks at all the evil in this world,
15:41 He looks at all of the child abuse, and the terrorism,
15:44 and the injustices and the prejudice,
15:47 at the murders, at the crime, and the hypocrisy,
15:52 and all the things that are breaking the Ten Commandments,
15:54 on all sides of us... Jesus is...
15:57 He doesn't like those things,
16:00 He doesn't want those things to continue forever,
16:03 He wants to get rid of them
16:05 from His world
16:06 and this verse says, that when He comes,
16:09 He's coming as the "judge," it says,
16:11 "... in righteousness He will judge. "
16:13 And Jesus is not the kind of judge that will take a bribe.
16:17 He's not an unjust judge,
16:19 He's a judge that judges what's right and what's true
16:23 and He will make those final decisions when He returns
16:27 and we want to make sure if we're going to be ready for
16:30 "Collision Day," for the Big Day...
16:32 that we are on His side,
16:34 doing what's right and not doing what's wrong.
16:37 It says, "... He judges and He makes war. "
16:40 He makes war...
16:41 now that's not a word that we normally think of
16:43 in connection with Jesus Christ, but it's true
16:45 and Jesus is a warrior, and in Revelation 19:11,
16:48 He's described as a "Holy warrior... "
16:51 like a hero coming down from heaven... from the sky
16:55 on a White Horse... He's faithful and true...
16:58 and he stands up for righteousness
17:00 and He judges and He makes war.
17:02 Now, the next question is,
17:04 "What is He going to make war on?"
17:05 Well, if you just look at the context,
17:07 and Jesus will make war on everything that's not right.
17:10 He'll make war on everything that's not true,
17:13 He'll make war on everything that is impure,
17:16 that is not white like the horse,
17:20 Jesus will make war on sin,
17:23 He'll make war on evil,
17:25 He's coming to defeat it, He's coming to conquer it,
17:28 He's not coming as a meek and mild Savior
17:30 to be born in Bethlehem, He's coming as a Holy Warrior
17:34 to get rid of sin and to put it down.
17:38 Verse 12 says,
17:39 "His eyes were like a flame of fire,"
17:42 His eyes were like a flame of fire,
17:44 There's a verse in the Bible that says,
17:46 "The eyes of the Lord run too and fro
17:49 all throughout the earth, looking to see
17:51 whose hearts are perfect before Him,
17:53 so He can stand strong in their behalf. "
17:56 God's eyes are like a flame of fire,
17:58 He searches His people,
17:59 He searches those who profess to follow Him.
18:01 "His eyes are like a flame of fire,"
18:04 He knows what's in our hearts,
18:05 He knows the kind of lives that we're living.
18:06 He knows whether we are hypocrites
18:08 or whether we're doing things behind the scenes
18:10 that we shouldn't be doing
18:11 or whether we are truly on His side.
18:14 "His eyes are like a flame of fire,
18:17 and on His head were many crowns.
18:20 He has a name written that no man knew but He himself.
18:24 And He was clothed in a vesture or a robe dipped in blood,
18:30 and His name is called The Word of God. "
18:34 Revelation chapter 19 verse 13,
18:39 "His name is called the Word of God. "
18:41 What lesson can we learn from that?
18:43 When Jesus comes down from the sky,
18:45 His name is not the opinions of men,
18:47 it's not the philosophies of men,
18:50 it's not the psychologies of men,
18:52 it's not the traditions of men,
18:54 His name is not the theories of men,
18:56 His name is the Word of God and that should impress us
19:02 there's a lesson for us in this Revelation
19:05 that we need to follow the Bible
19:07 instead of the traditions of men,
19:09 we need to follow God and the Holy Spirit
19:12 and what this Book says
19:14 instead of yielding to the age of confusion that we're in
19:18 whether it's moral confusion or doctrinal confusion.
19:21 God wants us to follow the Scriptures.
19:23 When Jesus dealt with the devil in the wilderness,
19:26 and He was tempted three times in Matthew chapter 4
19:29 every time Jesus said, "It is written... it is written:
19:32 it is written: man shall not live by bread alone,
19:35 but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. "
19:38 And if we are going to be ready for His coming,
19:40 then we need to have His Word living inside of our hearts.
19:45 1st John chapter 2 verses 13 and 14,
19:49 tells us that we can overcome the devil
19:53 because the Word is abiding inside of our hearts.
19:58 Jesus wants His Word to be in us
20:00 and if the living Word is inside of us
20:01 through the Holy Spirit,
20:03 then when He comes again, then we will be ready
20:07 to meet the personal Word of God, Jesus Himself,
20:10 when He comes down on the great day.
20:13 Verse 14 continues and says,
20:26 Heaven is full of purity, it's white, it's clean,
20:30 it's pure, it's holy,
20:31 all of the ungodliness that we see around us
20:34 in this world, it's not up there,
20:36 and when Jesus comes down, He's going to get rid of it
20:39 and so it's not going to go on forever all around us.
20:42 Jesus is going to conquer the forces of evil
20:44 and He wants us to be on His side.
20:47 Verse 15 says that, "... out of His mouth... "
20:51 out of the mouth of Jesus when He comes,
20:54 "... goeth a sharp sword,"
20:57 now this doesn't literally mean that Jesus is going to come down
21:01 and open His mouth
21:02 and a sharp blade is going to pop out,
21:04 and it's going to start cutting, no...
21:07 In Ephesians chapter 6 verse 17,
21:09 Paul talks about the armor of God
21:11 and he says to believers, he says...
21:13 he said, "Take the sword of the Spirit,
21:15 which is the word of God:"
21:17 Jesus' word is like a sword,
21:19 and when He comes, He's going to speak
21:21 and His word is going to separate and divide
21:24 those that are on His side
21:25 versus those that are not on His side.
21:27 Verse 15 says, "Out of His mouth goeth a sharp sword,
21:30 that with it He should smite the nations. "
21:33 He will smite the nations,
21:35 so His word is going to smite
21:38 the nations of the world because the nations of the world
21:40 are not in harmony with His word.
21:42 We need to be willing to be different
21:45 from the nations of the world
21:47 if we are going to stand on that day.
21:49 Somebody once said that
21:51 most people would rather die than be different
21:54 and then the same... he was a minister...
21:56 he said, "and they will probably...
21:59 they will die... because they're not willing to be different
22:02 to be followers of Jesus Christ. "
22:04 We need to be willing to be different
22:06 from the godless ways of this world
22:08 to be true followers of Jesus,
22:10 or we're not just going to be ready
22:11 to stand on that great day.
22:13 The Bible says that with His sword,
22:17 Jesus will smite the nations
22:18 and He will rule them with a rod of iron
22:21 and He treads the winepress and the fierceness
22:24 of the wrath of the Almighty God.
22:27 The wrath of the Almighty God,
22:29 Jesus' character, according to this Book,
22:31 is not just the character of gentleness, humility, kindness,
22:36 and love, but He also has wrath, and justice,
22:40 and I believe that behind wrath and behind justice,
22:44 is a heart of love
22:46 and that the reason why God is going to punish evil
22:49 and pour out His wrath upon wickedness,
22:52 is because He loves, He has a passion of love,
22:56 and He wants to get rid of sin
22:58 so that it doesn't ravage and destroy His world forever
23:02 and that's why He will do this, and He will do it
23:04 and the Bible tells us
23:06 His character is a blend between mercy and justice
23:09 and the Scripture says that He will tread the winepress
23:14 of the fierceness and the wrath of the Almighty God
23:17 as Jesus comes down to do battle,
23:19 to do war against the forces of evil
23:22 and to defeat these forces.
23:24 In verse 16, "... He has on His vesture
23:27 and on His thigh a name written:
23:31 which is KING OF KINGS
23:36 There are a lot of kings in this world
23:38 but Jesus Christ is above the Kings.
23:40 There are a lot of those that consider themselves
23:43 "Lords, Presidents, Rulers, Statesmen,
23:46 People in Responsibility," but Jesus is above them all.
23:49 He's above them all.
23:50 He is the King of Kings and He is the Lord of Lords.
23:54 So, the big question again is, "How can we be prepared
23:58 for the big day... for the Collision Day...
24:01 when Heaven opens and Jesus comes down,
24:04 as a Holy warrior to do battle against evil.
24:07 The answer to our preparation
24:09 is found in verse 8.
24:12 Verse 8 is describing God's people, His saints,
24:16 it says, "to her was granted that she should be arrayed
24:19 in fine linen, clean and white:
24:21 for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. "
24:24 Jesus had us a robe of righteousness.
24:27 Revelation 7 verse 14 describes a whole group of people
24:31 from every nation, tribe, tongue and people,
24:33 from all the nations, Black, White, Red, Yellow,
24:36 all the people of the world, who choose to turn away from sin
24:40 and choose to follow Jesus Christ,
24:42 they will be clothed in white robes.
24:44 Jesus is coming on a white horse
24:47 that's the symbolism of Revelation,
24:50 and He wants us to participate in that whiteness
24:55 and to be clothed with the white robe of His righteousness
24:59 which He's willing to put on each of us
25:02 if we are just willing to make a choice
25:04 to turn away from sin and from evil.
25:07 I heard a story about two men and they went for a boat ride
25:12 inside a little boat, down a river one day
25:16 and they had two life jackets and one of the men
25:19 put the life jacket on and the other man decided,
25:22 "Well, I'll just put it next to me on the seat
25:25 and if I need it, I'll put it on. "
25:27 So, they started going down the river
25:29 and it was a beautiful day and everything was fine,
25:32 the water was running smoothly, but after a few turns
25:36 they ran into some unexpected rapids
25:38 and the boat turned over
25:40 and as they went over into the cold water,
25:43 the man that had the life jacket on,
25:45 that had put it on before they got to the rapids,
25:48 he went down and popped up, and he swam ashore.
25:51 The other man who thought he'd put the life jacket on
25:54 when the waters got rough, he made a mistake
25:58 and he never did come up...
25:59 and there's a lesson for us in that story,
26:04 we need, right now,
26:05 to choose to give up sin, the ways of the world,
26:08 confusion of the godless age that surrounds us,
26:11 and to trust in Jesus Christ,
26:13 to turn from our sins and trust in Jesus,
26:15 and clothe ourselves with a white robe
26:18 of His righteousness and to be
26:21 true followers of Jesus Christ in our hearts,
26:24 in our characters,
26:26 in our words and in our actions.
26:27 If we do that, we'll be ready for Collision Day
26:31 when Jesus Christ returns as described in the Bible.
26:35 Revelation 19:11, the Scripture says,
26:38 "I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse. "
26:41 May God help us to be ready for that big day
26:44 when Jesus comes.
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