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00:08 Is the United States of America
00:11 pinpointed in the book of Revelation?
00:13 You'll find out on His Voice Today.
00:18 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:20 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:27 Welcome to His Voice Today.
00:29 My topic is a controversial one, it's the place of America
00:33 in Bible Prophecy.
00:35 I remember very clearly, I was in Northern California
00:38 in the summer of 2007 and I received a very unusual e-mail.
00:42 The subject line said, "Declassified"
00:45 and as I read the body, it was an invitation
00:48 from the Chaplain's office of the United States Pentagon
00:52 inviting me to come to the Pentagon
00:54 and to share my views on prophecy.
00:56 I said a prayer and made a quick decision
01:01 that "Yes, I would come"
01:02 because how many opportunities do you have
01:04 to go and share in front of the Military Leadership
01:07 of the most powerful nation in the world
01:10 about your views of prophecy, and so I did it,
01:14 and it was quite an experience for me.
01:17 I picked
01:19 the role of American prophecy,
01:20 I attempted to prove from Scripture
01:22 that, "Yes, America does have a place in God's prophetic Word,
01:27 it was quite a crowd of Military Brass in front of me,
01:31 that listened with their eyes and their ears,
01:34 and their hearts, and as I went down through
01:37 my points, point by point,
01:40 I could tell that they were quite shocked
01:44 at the information.
01:45 When it was all over,
01:47 I attempted to prove the unthinkable
01:50 and that is... that this nation which has stood for so long
01:54 for religious freedom and the principles of truth
01:59 and righteousness
02:00 in not using force in matters of religion
02:03 that... in the final remnants of time...
02:06 this Country would deny its own principles of freedom
02:10 and it would eventually become a tyrant and do...
02:14 again... the unthinkable... which is prophetically
02:17 it would actually be involved in the enforcement
02:20 of the Mark of the Beast.
02:22 When the meeting was over, the Chaplain...
02:25 his name is Chaplain William Broome,
02:28 he was the one that invited me, he presented me with a coin
02:31 from the Chaplain's Office,
02:33 he gave me a letter from the Department of the Army,
02:36 thanking me for coming,
02:38 and then he actually presented me with this flag
02:41 which was very memorable to me,
02:44 a flag that was flown in my honor
02:46 over the Pentagon itself on that same day
02:50 and I have the privilege right now of sharing with you
02:54 the same information that I shared with them
02:57 in 2007... and you be the judge
02:59 and God will be the judge whether America is truly
03:03 mentioned in His prophetic book.
03:06 So let's go to Revelation chapter 13
03:09 and let's look at verse 11.
03:11 This is the main text that I want to focus on,
03:14 Revelation 13:11... it's a very mysterious verse
03:18 lot of different views about it,
03:20 that are current, in the prophecy-minded world,
03:24 but here we have what God says,
03:26 Revelation 13:11, "I beheld another beast
03:29 coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb
03:35 and he spoke like a dragon. "
03:38 What is this verse all about?
03:40 There is a lot of speculation in the religious world,
03:43 all kinds of ideas that are floating around
03:44 as to what prophecy actually means and who this beast is,
03:48 but the first thing we need to establish
03:51 is... what is a "beast" anyway in prophecy.
03:54 That's the big foundational question.
03:56 When Revelation talks about a beast coming up,
03:58 what is the beast?
03:59 Is a beast a big computer some people think that
04:02 the beast is going to be a big, super computer in Belgium,
04:05 but that idea is just as true as a...
04:07 just as phony as a three-dollar bill,
04:10 it's not in the Bible,
04:11 so, how do we know what is a beast... anyway?
04:14 The key to that question is found
04:17 in another Old Testament book which is Daniel chapter 7.
04:20 When you compare Daniel 7 with Revelation 13
04:24 it's very obvious that both chapters
04:26 go together like a lock and a key.
04:28 They fit together perfectly.
04:29 Revelation 13 talks about a lion, a bear, a leopard,
04:33 a dragon-like beast, ten horns, a mouth speaking great things,
04:37 and war on the saints,
04:38 the exact same things are described in Daniel chapter 7,
04:41 same beasts, same war, same mouth, same thing
04:44 and most scholars recognize this
04:46 that the two chapters go... right together.
04:48 Daniel 7 verses 3 to 7
04:55 describe four great beasts.
04:57 The first was like a lion,
04:58 then there's a bear, then there's a leopard
05:00 and then there's a fourth beast...
05:02 a dragon-like beast with ten horns.
05:05 Now again the question is, "What is a beast in prophecy?"
05:08 I don't believe God wants me to be like a magician
05:12 who pulls an interpretation out of my hat,
05:15 we have to have something more solid than that
05:17 and we do, because the answer
05:20 to the question is found in verse 23
05:22 here we have an angel talking to Daniel in his dream,
05:28 Daniel had this dream and in verse 23,
05:31 thus he said... this is what the angel told Daniel in his dream,
05:34 that the 'The fourth beast would be the fourth... '
05:38 not the fourth computer,
05:39 but the "fourth kingdom upon the earth,"
05:43 so the fourth beast is the fourth kingdom
05:46 and obviously if that's true... which it is,
05:48 then the third beast would be the third kingdom,
05:51 the second beast would be the second kingdom,
05:52 and the first beast would be the first kingdom.
05:54 In other words... a beast in Daniel 7
05:57 which parallels Revelation 13,
06:00 represents, not a man,
06:02 and not a computer, but a great nation,
06:04 and if you pick up a Bible Commentary,
06:07 in a Christian bookstore, if you go online and do
06:11 Bible studies about Daniel 7, it's pretty obvious
06:15 and I think about 98% of all Scholars
06:18 who have studied Daniel 7 would agree
06:20 that the four beasts, the lion, the bear, the leopard,
06:23 and the dragon-like beast with ten horns
06:25 that they represent the great nations
06:28 of ancient Babylon, followed by Persia,
06:31 followed by Greece,
06:32 followed by the powerful Roman Empire,
06:36 these four beasts,
06:37 these four nations would rise and fall
06:39 on the stage of human history.
06:41 These are simple facts from Daniel 7 and from history.
06:46 Now, in that light, let's go back to Revelation
06:50 chapter 13 and let's look at verse 11...
06:56 chapter 13:11... the Bible says,
06:58 John looked into the future and he wrote,
07:01 "... and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth,
07:06 and he had two horns like a lamb
07:08 and he spoke like a dragon. "
07:11 So, fact number one, a beast in Revelation 13
07:16 which perfectly parallels Daniel 7,
07:19 does not represent a man, it does not represent a computer
07:21 it represents... as the angel said,
07:24 a great nation or a great kingdom upon the earth.
07:27 So we know that...
07:29 that this is talking about a great nation.
07:33 Now, if we keep going, the text also says,
07:38 that he would be coming up verse 11 says,
07:43 "this great nation would come up,"
07:45 now when does it come up,
07:47 does it come up way back in ancient history
07:49 in the time of Babylon, Persia, Greece or Rome,
07:51 or does it come up down near
07:53 the closing of earth's history?
07:56 Well, we can find the answer to that without speculation,
08:00 by looking at verse 16, verse 16 says that eventually
08:03 this same beast would cause all, both small and great,
08:07 rich and poor, free and bond,
08:09 to receive a mark
08:10 in their right hand or in their foreheads. "
08:11 Now, let me ask you, when does the Mark of the Beast come?
08:14 Does the Mark of the Beast come in ancient history,
08:16 or does it come down hear the end of time?
08:19 The answer is obvious,
08:20 the Mark of the Beast is something
08:22 that prophecy predicts
08:23 would take place in the closing moments of human history,
08:26 and the Mark of the Beast would be enforced
08:28 by this beast in Revelation 13 verse 11
08:32 so when the Scripture says that he's coming up
08:35 we know that relatively speaking
08:37 as far as the vast expanse of human history,
08:40 that this beast or nation would rise up...
08:44 it would come up into power somewhere down...
08:47 near the end of time.
08:48 Now, another clue as to who this is,
08:51 is the Scripture says
08:53 that he would come out of a certain location,
08:56 he would come up out of the earth, Revelation 13:11,
09:01 the beast comes out of the earth.
09:03 Now, significantly, in Daniel 7, the four beasts
09:07 that Daniel saw in his dream, the lion, the bear, the leopard,
09:10 and the dragon-like beast, they all came up...
09:12 up from the sea...
09:14 that's what Daniel 7 verse 3 says,
09:16 that the four beasts come out of the sea...
09:19 but the beast in Revelation 13 verse 11
09:24 comes from a different location out of the earth.
09:26 Now, what does the sea or the water represent?
09:29 That will give us a clue to what the "earth" represents,
09:32 if you compare the Scriptures with Revelation 17 verse 15,
09:36 Revelation 17 talks about a harlot named Babylon
09:39 who sits upon a beast
09:41 and the beast is sitting upon the waters
09:44 and in Revelation 17, verse 15,
09:47 and I'll read the verse to you
09:50 so you know that I'm not speculating,
09:51 verse 15 says,
09:54 here's an angel, again,
09:56 talking to John now instead of Daniel,
09:58 he said to me that the waters which you saw
10:01 where the whore is sitting, are peoples, multitudes,
10:04 nations, and tongues.
10:06 So, water in prophecy,
10:08 represents lots and lots of people,
10:10 nations and tongues, and it's a fact...
10:12 it's a historical fact
10:13 that the nations of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome...
10:16 that they grew up out of the sea
10:19 of the multitudes of people in Europe and the Middle East
10:22 but the beast in Revelation chapter 13 verse 11,
10:27 comes from a different place, chapter 13:11 says,
10:32 "I beheld another beast" or nation...
10:35 "coming up out of the earth,"
10:37 now if the water represents multitudes of people,
10:40 nations, tongues... all kinds of different nations,
10:44 then what about the earth?
10:46 The earth would then represent an area
10:49 that is much more sparsely populated
10:52 an area that does not have a lot of nations, a lot of people,
10:56 and there were some here... when America got started
10:59 but relatively speaking
11:01 compared to the rising of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome
11:06 the land that America got started on was a wilderness area
11:10 so, that's another clue to the text.
11:13 Now, if we go back to chapter 13 and look at verse 11,
11:17 let's keep putting the pieces together.
11:19 "... I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth,
11:22 and he had two horns" two horns...
11:27 "like a lamb... "
11:29 now, what can we say about these horns,
11:33 two horns... as part of this nation
11:36 would represent a division of power
11:39 within its Governmental Structure
11:42 and significantly when Revelation 13:11 describes
11:47 these two horns, these horns do not have crowns on them,
11:51 there are actually two beasts in Revelation 13,
11:54 there's the first beast in verses 1 to 10,
11:56 and the second beast in verse 11
11:58 that enforces the mark of the first beast
12:00 and in verse...
12:02 if you go back to chapter 13, verse 1,
12:05 it describes the first beast
12:06 and the first beast has seven heads and ten horns
12:11 and verse 1 says "upon his horns he would have ten crowns,"
12:18 crowns represent kingly power,
12:21 so the first beast is connected to kings,
12:24 but the second beast
12:25 could only have two horns instead of ten
12:27 and these two horns are crownless horns,
12:30 they have no crowns which would represent
12:32 that the Government of this nation
12:35 which comes up out of the earth down near the end of time,
12:39 would not have a king that would rule over it.
12:45 This would be a "kingless" nation...
12:49 so that's another clue now let's keep going,
12:53 it also says in verse 11, that this beast would have
12:58 two horns representing a division of power,
13:01 without a king... two horns like a lamb...
13:04 like a lamb... now a lamb... in Revelation
13:07 and throughout the Bible represents Jesus Christ.
13:10 Now, I do not believe that this beast is Jesus,
13:13 but it has certain lamblike principles,
13:17 and two horns like a lamb... a lamb is also a baby sheep
13:21 so at some point this nation would be a new nation...
13:24 it would be like a baby nation,
13:25 and it would be rising up
13:27 and it would have two horns like a lamb.
13:28 Two horns that are reflective somewhere
13:34 of the teachings of Jesus Christ.
13:35 We don't have time to read all the verses right now,
13:39 but in Matthew chapter 22, there's a fascinating account
13:43 where Jesus was confronted by the Pharisees
13:46 and as the Pharisees challenged Him and tried to trap Him,
13:50 they tried to trick Him,
13:54 they didn't realize they were talking to a man
13:56 that had an IQ of a billion, can't outwit the Son of God...
14:01 Jesus finally said, "Show me a penny,"
14:03 and they gave Him a penny, and He looked at the penny
14:05 and He said, "Whose image and superscription is on this penny"
14:08 And they said, "Caesar's... "
14:10 they had asked Him first, they said,
14:12 "Should we pay taxes to Caesar or not?"
14:14 And they thought that they had Him licked,
14:16 they thought, if He said, "No, don't pay taxes to Caesar"
14:19 they would complain to the Roman Government,
14:20 and Jesus would be accused of sedition against Caesar.
14:23 They thought that if He said,
14:25 "Yes, you should pay taxes to Caesar"
14:26 then they would go to the Jews and they would say,
14:28 "How can you say that this is your Messiah,
14:30 He's loyal to the Roman Government,
14:32 He's says that we should pay our taxes... "
14:34 So they thought that whatever answer
14:35 He gave... that they had him,
14:37 but Jesus was much smarter than they were,
14:39 and so He said, "Show me a penny"
14:41 and he said, "Whose face is on the penny?"
14:42 and they said, "It's Caesar's... "
14:44 and then in verse 21,
14:47 Jesus gave a marvelous
14:50 response... that they had no answer for.
14:52 "They said to Him, 'it's Caesar's image'
14:55 on the coin, and then Jesus said to them,
14:58 'Render therefore to Caesar the things which are Caesar's,
15:01 and to God the things which are God's. '"
15:04 In other words, Jesus said,
15:07 "Caesar's things are over here, and God's things are over here.
15:10 Yes, you should pay taxes because you need to give
15:12 the things of Caesar to Caesar representing the Government
15:16 but you give the things that belong to God... to God. "
15:19 And they were stumped, they walked away,
15:21 they had nothing to say, and here we have Jesus Christ
15:24 the Lamb of God, giving a principle
15:26 and the principle is
15:28 that the things of Caesar and the things of God
15:31 are not the same,
15:33 Jesus is here separating Government
15:35 and the things of Government from religion
15:39 and amazingly that principle is what was eventually incorporated
15:44 into the Constitution of the new nation
15:46 of the United States of America into the Bill of Rights
15:49 which states that Congress shall not make a law
15:53 to establish religion
15:54 or to prohibit the free exercise thereof.
15:57 That's called the
15:59 First Amendment of the Bill of Rights
16:01 and the Scripture says
16:03 in Revelation chapter 13 verse 11,
16:07 that this new nation coming up out of the earth
16:12 down near the end of time, verse 11 tells us
16:16 that he would have two horns like a lamb.
16:21 It was Jesus that separated Government from Religion
16:24 and this Nation has done the same thing.
16:28 Now, let's go on to the last part of the verse,
16:33 verse 11... at the very end says that eventually
16:38 the lamb-like mild principles of freedom that are professed
16:46 by this Nation would eventually break down
16:49 and he would speak as a dragon.
16:52 Two horns like a lamb
16:54 but he would eventually speak like a dragon
16:57 and when you keep reading, we know what this means
17:00 because verse 16 tells us that he would "cause"
17:03 and the word "cause" means force.
17:06 "Cause" has to do with
17:07 compulsion and the denial of freedom.
17:19 And that no man might buy or sell,
17:22 save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast,
17:24 or the number of his name. "
17:26 So, at the final moments of time,
17:29 the lamb-like profession breaks down
17:32 and this Nation would speak as a dragon and use force...
17:37 and he would "cause" and when the text says
17:40 he would cause all both small and great,
17:43 rich and poor, free and bond, that also gives us a clue
17:46 and it tells us that this Nation would eventually become
17:49 a super power... capable of enforcing something
17:54 upon the entire world,
17:56 he would cause all to get the "Mark"
17:59 and that's what the Bible says
18:01 that this power would eventually resort
18:05 to the degrading principle
18:08 of force and he would be involved
18:11 tragically in the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast.
18:16 Now, let's
18:18 put these pieces together
18:20 and this is what I did at the Pentagon at the Prayer Breakfast
18:23 I had this crowd in front of me, I had a screen,
18:27 I had my computer, I kept pushing my buttons,
18:30 I kept putting these points up on the screen... one by one
18:33 and let me just summarize what I shared in 2007
18:37 and I'll share it with you, let's just look at the evidence.
18:41 Revelation 13:11 tells us,
18:44 John wrote, "I beheld another beast
18:49 coming up out of the earth; he had two horns like a lamb,
18:56 but he would eventually speak as a dragon. "
18:59 Let's put the facts together, we know from Daniel 7
19:03 without speculation or wild and crazy ideas
19:06 there are a lot of them out there, these days,
19:09 I remember Harold Camping,
19:11 the minister with American Family Radio
19:14 he predicted that Jesus Christ would come
19:16 that the "Rapture" would take place on...
19:18 first it was May 21, 2011... that didn't happen,
19:22 then he revised his opinion to October 21, 2011,
19:26 and that didn't happen,
19:27 and finally he just faded off
19:29 into obscurity as a false teacher
19:33 because his predictions didn't happen
19:35 and there are all kinds of wild predictions
19:37 and interpretations about prophecy today,
19:40 what's going to happen,
19:41 what does the Scripture really mean,
19:43 so, let's just try to put away some wild ideas
19:45 and let's just look at the Biblical facts,
19:48 Revelation 13:11 talks about a beast
19:50 and according to the Bible, what is a beast?
19:53 The angel said in Daniel 7:23,
19:56 the fourth beast would be the fourth kingdom upon the earth
20:00 it's a nail in a sure place... a golden nail,
20:03 so we know that this beast would represent a great nation,
20:06 the Bible says that he would be coming up...
20:09 coming up... now when does he come up?
20:11 He doesn't come up in ancient history,
20:13 he comes down... near the end of time,
20:15 because in verse 16, he's involved
20:17 with the tragic enforcement of the Mark of the Beast.
20:20 So we have a nation rising up down... near the end of time
20:25 and he becomes a key player at the end of time.
20:29 Verse 11 also says that
20:32 the location of his rise would be "out of the earth,"
20:34 in Daniel 7, the beast came out of the sea.
20:37 The nations of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome
20:41 rose up out of the midst of the peoples and nations
20:44 of Europe and the Middle East
20:45 but the second beast in Revelation 13 verse 11
20:48 would come out of a different area,
20:50 he would come out of the earth or a wilderness area
20:53 where there's not as many people so that's another solid fact.
20:58 He would have two horns representing a division of power
21:02 those two horns would not have crowns representing kings
21:05 that this Nation's Governmental Structure
21:08 would not be a monarchy,
21:10 it would be a different kind of Government,
21:12 where the Leadership would be elected
21:15 instead of inheriting or just
21:19 passing on rulership like a monarchy.
21:22 Two horns representing a division of power
21:26 and those horns would be like a lamb,
21:28 a lamb is a new animal, it's a baby animal...
21:32 a baby sheep,
21:33 showing that this Nation would have new features
21:36 and it would have Christ-like features,
21:39 because the Lamb ultimately in Revelation...
21:42 is a symbol of Jesus Christ and we also know
21:45 that Jesus, when He was here,
21:47 when he was challenged by the religious leaders,
21:49 He said, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's
21:51 and give to God, what is God's. "
21:53 Jesus separated the things of Caesar or Government
21:56 from the things of Religion.
21:58 This is the principle of the lamb
22:00 and the prophecy says that this Nation
22:03 would have two horns like a lamb
22:06 representing the principles of Jesus Christ
22:11 and then the Prophecy says sadly, tragically,
22:15 that eventually, in the final moments of time,
22:18 the profession of freedom,
22:21 the mildness of its characteristics
22:24 would eventually disintegrate,
22:26 and it would do the unthinkable
22:28 it would be involved in the use of force,
22:31 Revelation 13:11 said, "He would speak as a dragon,
22:36 he would use compulsion, verse 16 and 17 says,
22:40 that "He would cause" again... using force...
22:43 "he would cause all" showing that he's a super power,
22:46 he's become a super power,
22:47 "both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond,
22:50 to receive a mark
22:51 in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
22:53 And that nobody might buy or sell... "
22:55 in the final moments of human history...
22:57 unless they go along with the mark.
22:59 Now, let me ask you, how many nations are there
23:04 that fit this prophetic prophecy...
23:08 this description that we find in Revelation,
23:12 how many nations have come up
23:14 down... near the end of time out of a sparsely populated area
23:19 with a division of power, without kings... like a lamb...
23:23 representing the principles of Jesus Christ
23:25 separating the things of Caesar from the things of God
23:29 and eventually becoming a super power
23:33 capable of enforcing something in an hour of desperation
23:37 upon the inhabitants of the entire world?
23:41 When I was at the Pentagon, I looked at this crowd,
23:43 I built this case, I put my points on the screen
23:46 and then I looked at Chaplain Broome,
23:47 and I looked at people that had their military brass on
23:52 a very earnest crowd that...
23:54 they were following along with their Bibles,
23:58 and I looked at them and I said,
24:00 "How many nations fit this prophetic description?"
24:03 And then I said, "There is only one Tiger Woods"
24:07 he's famous... as a golfer,
24:10 and there's only one Tiger Woods in this world,
24:12 in spite of his moral problems, many people know who he is
24:15 and when they see him on the golf course... it's him
24:18 and the fact is
24:19 that when you look at the prophecy
24:20 and you look at the points, there's only one nation
24:22 that fits this prophetic scenario
24:26 and that is
24:27 the United States of America.
24:30 I challenge you to find any other nation
24:32 that fits every single point of the prophecy
24:35 except for this Country
24:36 now when I mentioned this to this crowd,
24:38 they looked at me and they nodded their heads,
24:41 they said, "Wow! we've never understood this before,
24:45 but we can see it right in the Bible. "
24:48 I'm glad that I'm an American, I love this Country,
24:53 I appreciate so many of its values,
24:56 and when I travel overseas, I'm thrilled to get back,
24:59 I know that in spite of our problems
25:02 on every coin it says, "In God We Trust"
25:04 our National Pledge of Allegiance...
25:07 when we put our right hand over our hearts,
25:10 we still say, "with liberty and justice for all,
25:13 one Nation under God,"
25:15 and I believe that God has blessed America
25:18 God has been with this Country
25:20 in spite of its faults, in spite of its problems,
25:22 but I also believe this Book and I know...
25:25 and I'm sorry to tell you... but it is true
25:28 that there are dark days ahead,
25:31 that the prophecy predicts
25:33 that this great Nation in the final moments of time
25:37 will eventually yield to pressure,
25:39 it will yield to the pressures of the devil himself,
25:43 and it will sacrifice and deny its principles of freedom
25:47 and it will be involved in the enforcement
25:51 of the Mark of the Beast.
25:53 That's what Bible prophecy predicts
25:56 is the future of this Country
25:58 and when that time finally comes,
26:00 when the two horns like a lamb break down,
26:02 and this country speaks like a dragon,
26:04 then, we'll have to make a choice,
26:06 everybody will have to make a choice.
26:08 Are we going to follow the true lamb, Jesus Christ,
26:10 or are we going to follow the dragon
26:13 which represents the devil and submit to his authority?
26:17 Who will you serve during the final moments of time
26:20 who will you follow, whose side will you be on,
26:22 will it be on the side of the lamb, Jesus Christ,
26:24 or will it be on the side of the dragon who is the devil
26:28 who is Lucifer who is trying to destroy
26:31 everyone who follow him?
26:33 May God help us all... that when everything goes crazy,
26:37 that we will follow the lamb and reject the dragon's voice.
26:42 You have just heard His Voice Today.
26:45 One of the most astonishing predictions in the Bible
26:48 is that the United States would one day rise to power
26:52 some two thousand years before America became a nation,
26:55 the implications of this prophecy
26:58 are critical to understand today.
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