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00:09 Will God send one final message before the end of the world
00:12 to get human beings ready for the return of Jesus Christ?
00:15 You are about to find out on His Voice Today.
00:19 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:22 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:29 Human history is checkered with great discoveries.
00:32 In the year 1492, Columbus discovered America.
00:35 In the year 1947, there was a young Bedouin shepherd boy
00:39 out in the Middle East near the Dead Sea,
00:41 and he was throwing rocks into caves,
00:43 and he heard a clink sound and that led to the discovery
00:47 of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
00:48 In the year 1985, there was a group of French Researchers
00:53 on a ship way out in the Atlantic ocean,
00:55 they were closely monitoring the ocean floor
00:57 with very sophisticated video equipment,
00:59 and lo and behold,
01:01 as they were looking into the monitor
01:02 one night, they saw these words materialize
01:06 on the side of the wreckage of a ship,
01:09 and it was SS Titanic.
01:11 The discovery went from ship to shore
01:15 and then from shore to shore all around the world.
01:17 Great discoveries... but believe it or not,
01:21 there is a greater discovery that lies waiting for us
01:25 in the waters
01:27 of God's last book,
01:28 which is the book of Revelation,
01:30 the deep waters of God's truth
01:32 and it is the message of the three angels...
01:36 three angels' messages which we're told, in Revelation,
01:40 have been specifically sent by God to prepare human beings
01:44 for the return of Jesus Christ.
01:46 Revelation chapter 14 verses 6 to 12
01:51 contain these powerful messages
01:53 and I'll just read them right now
01:55 just by way of introduction and overview...
01:57 and then we'll go a little bit more carefully
02:00 into the details in a little while.
02:02 Hold on to your seats and listen to this.
02:04 Revelation 14 verse 6, the Bible says:
02:33 In verse 8 we have the Second Angel's message.
02:48 Verse 9 to 12 contains the message of the Third Angel.
03:40 Those are the three angels' messages in Revelation 14
03:44 and when you look at verses 14, 15 and 16
03:47 which follow right after,
03:48 it tells us that right after
03:49 these messages sound out to the world,
03:52 this is followed by the great event
03:54 of the return of Jesus Christ.
03:56 Verse 14 says:
04:26 So, in Revelation 14, we have three angels,
04:29 that send messages to the whole world,
04:31 and in verses 14, 15 and 16, we have a powerful description
04:36 of the final return of Jesus Christ
04:39 in the clouds of heaven.
04:40 So, three angels... return of Jesus.
04:42 And this is God's way of telling us
04:45 that He is sending these messages
04:48 to help people to understand the issues
04:50 and to get ready for the return of His Son.
04:54 It makes sense, if you think about it
04:57 that God would send a special final message
05:00 to His world before the end
05:01 because He always sends messages to humanity
05:04 before any major event that happens in human history.
05:08 In the days of Noah, God looked upon the world
05:12 and He knew that it was wicked
05:14 and it was time for a cleansing flood
05:18 to wash wickedness away from His planet
05:21 and so God raised up a man named Noah
05:24 and He gave him a special message about building an ark
05:27 and calling people to get in
05:29 to that ark before the water came down.
05:32 When Jesus Christ was born, many hundreds of years later
05:37 in fulfillment of Bible prophecy
05:39 God sent angels to announce to shepherds
05:42 that in Bethlehem, the baby...
05:45 the baby of all babies had been born
05:47 and that baby was Christ the Lord.
05:52 When Jesus Christ began His public ministry,
05:55 he raised up a man named John the Baptist
05:57 and John the Baptist was called by God to give a special message
06:02 to announce the coming of the Messiah.
06:06 We read about this in Mark chapter 1... it's very clear
06:10 that God had a messenger with a message.
06:13 Mark chapter 1 verse 1 says:
06:34 And then verse 4 and onward talks about John the Baptist
06:37 and God raised up a man with a special message
06:40 to announce that the Messiah finally had come
06:43 to appear in a public ministry to the world.
06:46 The greatest event of all events was when Jesus Christ
06:50 the Messiah, heaven-sent Savior
06:54 finally gave His life upon the cross,
06:56 He died on the cross, He said, "It is finished"
06:58 and then on the third day He rose from the dead
07:00 on the day of Pentecost,
07:01 the Holy Spirit came down with power
07:03 upon the early Christian church
07:05 and the disciples went out with a message
07:08 a powerful message which lightened the world
07:11 in those days, that the Messiah had come
07:14 that Jesus Christ had died
07:15 and that He had risen from the dead
07:17 and that He was, indeed, the Savior of the world.
07:22 Two thousand years have come and gone
07:24 since the days of John the Baptist
07:26 and the days of Jesus Christ,
07:27 Jesus is up in heaven and we are not far away
07:30 from the day when He will return
07:33 and when you study the book of Revelation carefully
07:36 it's very clear that the second coming of Jesus
07:40 is a big event
07:41 and God wants people to get ready for this event
07:44 just like He raised up John the Baptist
07:46 to announce the first coming of Christ
07:47 to give a special message, so He has sent
07:51 in Revelation 14 three angels' messages
07:54 with special information
07:57 that human beings need to know to help them to avoid deception,
08:01 help them to avoid Babylon and the beast
08:04 and the mark and help them to get ready
08:06 for the return of Jesus when He comes
08:08 in the clouds of glory,
08:10 this is what Revelation chapter 14 is all about...
08:13 the sending of God's special message.
08:16 Now, let's go back to the days of Noah,
08:18 and let's look at the parallels because Jesus, in Matthew 24,
08:23 specifically said that what happened in Noah's day
08:26 would be very similar to what will happen
08:29 at the end of the world.
08:31 In Genesis chapter 6,
08:33 we find the Lord looking down upon His world,
08:37 and it was a sad sight.
08:39 He saw that life was a lot different from the
08:43 days of the Garden of Eden
08:45 when Adam and Eve were first created,
08:47 when the animals were all friendly,
08:49 and human beings were pure.
08:51 After Adam and Eve sinned, humans multiplied
08:54 and history... fallen human history...
08:57 our world... onward... in Genesis chapter 6
09:01 in verse 5 we find that God looked upon the earth:
09:32 Can you imagine... God's crowning work of creation
09:35 had strayed so far away from Him,
09:38 human beings were so reflecting the image of the devil
09:42 instead of the image of God,
09:44 that the Lord looked at man and said, "Enough is enough,"
09:48 there is just too much sin, I have to wipe the earth clean
09:51 from humanity's wickedness,
09:54 but thankfully in verse 8 the Bible says that
09:58 there was a man named Noah,
10:00 and it says that Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
10:04 God found a man, and this man was a faithful man
10:08 and He raised him up and He gave him a special
10:11 message to help people...
10:13 at least those that were willing to listen
10:15 to get ready for the big event
10:17 which was... the flood.
10:19 In verse 14, Genesis 6 verse 14,
10:24 God gave Noah special instruction about what to do.
10:29 He told him to make an ark,
10:31 God said, "Make an ark of gopher wood"
10:33 and He gave him the dimensions of the ark...
10:36 the length, the breadth, the width of the ark,
10:38 and in verse 16... this is very interesting,
10:42 verse 16 says that the ark was to be made up of
10:45 three different stories,
10:47 "there was a lower, a second and
10:50 third stories, you shall make of it. "
10:54 A three-story ark
10:56 that God told him to make in the days of Noah.
11:00 Now, if you think about it,
11:02 God didn't tell Noah to make
11:04 five boats or ten boats,
11:07 He didn't tell Noah to give a message to people and say,
11:10 "Pick a boat, whichever boat you like...
11:12 that's the boat that you can get in. "
11:15 No, how many boats were there in the days of Noah?
11:18 The answer is obvious, there was only one boat
11:21 and that was the boat that Noah was building.
11:24 I'm sure he had friends, people that...
11:26 before the flood hit that helped him
11:28 his family helped him, his sons helped him,
11:30 and they built and built for a hundred and twenty years,
11:34 finally at the end of those 120 years,
11:38 the Bible tells us in verse 17 and 18,
11:42 that it was almost time for the flood to come
11:46 and God gave instructions about what to do.
11:51 Verse 17 says,
11:52 "Behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters
11:54 upon the earth, to destroy all flesh,
11:56 wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven;
11:59 and every thing that is in the earth shall die.
12:02 But with you I will establish my covenant;
12:04 and you shall come into the ark,
12:07 you and your sons, and your wife,
12:10 and your sons' wives with you. "
12:13 So God gave Noah a special message
12:15 and He said,
12:17 "When you're done building this boat,
12:18 I want you to call as many who are willing
12:22 to get into the ark.
12:24 Sadly, only eight people got in
12:27 and a vast majority of the people
12:29 that watched Noah build that ark for a 120 years,
12:32 and heard him preach and
12:34 heard the sound of the hammer hitting the nail,
12:36 hitting the nails day after day, year after year,
12:40 their hearts were hardened
12:41 and when the Holy Spirit spoke to them... one last time,
12:43 and said, "This is it, now is the time,
12:45 now is the time to get into the one three-story ark
12:49 because the flood's about to come. "
12:51 Sadly, the majority of people... they rejected the call,
12:54 and they didn't want to get in,
12:56 and when Noah and his family entered,
12:58 the Bible says that the door of the ark finally closed
13:02 seven days went by,
13:03 and then the rain began to come down,
13:05 the water hit and then everybody changed their mind
13:08 they realized that Noah was right,
13:10 he wasn't just a crazy old lunatic with a wild idea
13:13 but he really was God's messenger
13:15 with God's message, and...
13:16 by that time, it was too late
13:19 and there was no way to get in
13:20 because the door had been closed
13:22 and it was closed for good
13:25 and so the water continued to come down
13:27 and then finally all the worldly-wise men
13:29 and all the mockers and all the scoffers
13:30 and all the people that laughed
13:32 and everyone thought he was just a crazy deluded fanatic,
13:34 eventually they ended up under water and they died
13:38 and God cleansed His world with the waters of the flood.
13:44 Now, the Bible story of what happened in Noah's day
13:47 is not just history,
13:49 it's just not academic history
13:51 for us to just enjoy and tell our children about the story
13:55 of Noah and the ark,
13:56 but when we look at the New Testament,
13:58 you look at the book of Matthew,
14:00 Jesus made a profound statement.
14:02 In Matthew chapter 24 verses 36 to 39
14:09 in reference to His return,
14:11 Jesus said, "But of that day and hour
14:14 knoweth no man, no not the angels of heaven,
14:17 but my Father only.
14:19 But as the days of Noah were," back in the past...
14:23 "so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be" in the future
14:27 "For as in the days that were before the flood,
14:29 they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage,
14:32 until the day that Noah entered into the ark,
14:35 and they knew not until the flood came
14:38 and took them all away,"
14:39 and then Jesus gives His punch line...
14:41 He said, "so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be"
14:48 so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.
14:51 In other words, according to Jesus Christ
14:54 there is going to be a perfect parallel
14:58 between what happened in Noah's day
15:00 and what will happen at the end of the world
15:02 when Jesus Christ returns.
15:05 In Noah's day, the world was wicked,
15:07 in our day, the world is wicked.
15:09 In Noah's day, God saw that an end was coming,
15:12 as God looks upon the world right now,
15:14 He sees that another end is coming.
15:16 In Noah's day, God raised up a man,
15:17 and He gave him a message, He told him to build a boat,
15:21 that had three stories... a three-story ark...
15:24 and He called people to come in to that boat
15:27 to be protected from the water when it came down.
15:30 And it's the same in the book of Revelation
15:34 chapter 14 verses 6 to 12 we find messages
15:37 very clearly... messages of three angels
15:41 instead of a three-story boat, it's a three-story message
15:44 and that message is designed,
15:46 instead of preparing people for the time of the water,
15:48 when the flood hits,
15:50 the three angels' messages are sent by God
15:52 to prepare human beings for the great apocalypse,
15:56 for the grand finale, for the return of Jesus Christ
15:59 in the clouds of heaven, and to help us to understand
16:02 what the issues are so we can be on God's side
16:06 and not on the side of the enemy
16:08 when the final crisis hits.
16:10 So, let's go back to Revelation chapter 14
16:14 and let's take a closer look at these three angels,
16:17 and as we go on into future programs on His Voice Today,
16:21 we'll go deeper and we'll look even more closely
16:25 at these messages.
16:27 But let's get a brief... again... a brief overview
16:31 and look at a few more details.
16:33 In verse 6 the Bible says, "I saw another angel"
16:37 now the word "angel" in the Greek... it's "angelos"
16:40 which is... can literally be translated
16:44 "Messenger" and it's significant
16:45 that it's the same word that's used
16:47 in Mark chapter 1 in reference to John the Baptist,
16:49 when the Bible says, "Behold, I send my messenger
16:51 the word is "angelos,"
16:53 John the Baptist was a messenger with a message
16:56 to get people ready for the first coming of Christ
16:58 when the Messiah came and in Revelation 14:6
17:01 we have another "angelos" another messenger with a message
17:05 and he's seen flying in the midst of heaven
17:09 which means he's center stage right in the middle of heaven
17:13 and he has the everlasting gospel
17:17 which we'll talk more about in our next program.
17:19 The everlasting good news,
17:21 to preach to them that dwell upon the earth
17:24 to every nation, tribe, tongue and people,
17:26 in other words... this message is to go
17:28 to the whole world... it's a special burst...
17:31 of final good news to the planet
17:34 before the end comes.
17:36 In verse 7, the angel says with a loud voice,
17:39 "Fear God, and give glory to Him;
17:42 for the hour of His judgment
17:46 is come:"
17:48 we'll talk about that in the next program
17:50 the hour of judgment...
17:51 God says that we're in a special time
17:53 "the hour of His judgment is come"
17:55 and then it says,
17:57 "and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea,
18:00 and the fountains of waters," there's a special call
18:03 to worship the Creator of heaven and earth.
18:06 And then verse 8 goes into the second angel,
18:08 and it's a warning... a warning about something
18:11 mysterious called "Babylon. "
18:13 Verse 8 says, "there followed another angel,
18:16 and he said, 'Babylon is fallen, is fallen'"
18:18 is fallen away from God...
18:20 "that great city, because she made all the nations... "
18:24 the whole world is involved in this deception,
18:27 "all nations drink of the wine of the wrath
18:30 of her fornication. "
18:32 So, verse 6 and 7
18:35 goes out to all the world announcing the gospel
18:37 and that we're living in the judgment time
18:39 and that we need to worship the Creator
18:41 and then verse 8 warns about Babylon falling away from God
18:45 and deceiving all the nations...
18:47 those same nations that need the gospel
18:49 are being deceived by
18:51 something called, "the wine of Babylon"
18:54 and as we'll see later on,
18:55 the "wine of Babylon" represents the false teachings
18:58 of a conglomeration of false religion
19:01 that is designed to lead people away
19:03 from the gospel of Jesus Christ
19:06 and the worship of the Creator of heaven and earth.
19:10 Verse 9 is the most solemn warning in the Bible.
19:14 Verses 9, 10 and 11...
19:15 "... the third angel followed them, with a loud voice,
19:18 and when it says "loud voice"
19:20 God does not want these messages to be stuck in a corner,
19:23 He doesn't want them to be given with a whisper,
19:25 He wants them to be heard loudly all over His planet,
19:30 just like Noah didn't whisper,
19:33 when he said "the flood is coming"
19:34 Noah gave a very clear definite warning
19:36 and God wants a definite warning to be given
19:39 to humanity before Jesus Christ comes back again.
19:43 The third angel followed them, saying
19:45 with a loud voice, "If any man... "
19:47 this applies to the whole world,
19:50 "worships the beast and his image,
19:53 and receives his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
19:56 the same shall drink the wine of the wrath of God,
19:59 now, here we have two wines, we have the wine in Babylon,
20:01 those that drank the wine of Babylon
20:03 which means her false doctrines and deceptions that lead away
20:07 from the Bible and Jesus, and if they get the "Mark"
20:10 then they will drink the wine of the wrath of God.
20:12 I don't want to drink the wine of Babylon
20:16 and I don't want to drink the wine of the wrath of God,
20:20 I want to drink into my life the pure truth of Jesus Christ
20:24 and I hope you do too
20:26 and that's what these messages are all about.
20:27 "the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God,
20:31 which is poured out without mixture
20:33 into the cup of His indignation.
20:35 He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
20:37 in the presence of the holy angels
20:40 and in the presence of the Lamb,"
20:42 when it mentions the "lamb" there,
20:44 the "lamb" is Jesus Christ, He is our Savior,
20:46 and what Revelation is doing is
20:48 ultimately it's saying
20:49 that people have to make a final choice
20:51 between the beast or the lamb.
20:52 I don't want to follow the beast,
20:54 I want to follow the lamb don't you?
20:56 If you had a choice between a beast or a lamb,
20:58 who would you choose?
21:00 God wants us to choose the lamb representing His Son.
21:04 Verse 11 says, "And the smoke of their torment
21:06 ascends up for ever and ever: they have no rest day nor night,
21:10 who worship the beast and his image,
21:12 and whoever receives the mark of his name. "
21:14 And then verse 12 is the verse that describes the safety zone.
21:18 It's describing a final people who don't follow the beast,
21:22 they don't get the mark, they're not part of Babylon,
21:25 they're not drinking the wine
21:26 but they are getting ready for Jesus to come.
21:29 Verse 12 says, "Here is the patience of the saints;
21:32 here are they that keep the commandments of God
21:36 and the faith of Jesus. "
21:39 We'll talk more about his in future programs
21:41 but God is looking for people
21:43 who believe in Jesus, who trust in Jesus...
21:46 the word and name "Jesus" is the last name before the period
21:50 at the end of the third angel's message,
21:52 He's the foundation of the message...
21:53 the everlasting gospel,
21:55 He's at the middle of the message... He is the lamb
21:57 and He is at the end of the message...
21:59 and that we need to have faith in Jesus,
22:02 but it also says that we need to become saints
22:04 who keep the Commandments of God...
22:06 we need to become moral people whose lives are changed
22:09 by the grace of Jesus Christ.
22:11 We don't to just talk and say that we're Christians
22:14 but we want to really live for Christ
22:16 just like Noah did, he lived for his God
22:19 and he was faithful... he prepared an ark
22:21 he gave God's message... he called people to get in,
22:24 and he was protected when the water came down
22:27 and God is going to be protecting
22:30 a final group of people
22:32 during the final hours of human history,
22:34 who are faithful to Jesus, who love the Lord,
22:37 who love the Bible,
22:38 who stay away from the doctrines and deceptions of Babylon,
22:42 who worship the creator of heaven and earth,
22:44 who want nothing to do with the beast or the mark
22:47 but who want to follow Jesus Christ
22:49 and
22:51 the Commandments of God
22:52 as written in the Bible...
22:54 they are the ones that will be prepared
22:57 for the return of Jesus in verse 14...
23:00 where it says:
23:10 It's harvest time...
23:11 harvest time... at the end of the three angels' messages.
23:16 Verse 16 says:
23:25 Jesus is coming...
23:26 I don't know when He's coming, I'm not a prophet,
23:28 but I know that one of these days...
23:30 He will come and the Bible
23:32 describes Him coming with a sharp sickle,
23:34 representing the harvest where He will separate
23:38 the world into two classes,
23:40 those who follow the beast... those who follow Babylon...
23:42 those who follow the doctrines of the devil,
23:44 in contrast,
23:46 we have those who are His true followers,
23:48 who truly love Him,
23:49 who believe the good news of the gospel,
23:50 who don't just talk, but who walk their talk,
23:53 and who have given their whole lives to Christ.
23:55 They not only believe in Jesus,
23:58 but their belief and their faith is manifested
24:01 by their works of obedience to the Lord...
24:03 they love God... and they love their neighbor as themselves
24:07 as Jesus says we should do in His Book.
24:10 The three angels' messages...
24:12 they're in the book of Revelation,
24:14 this is a greater discovery than the discovery of America,
24:20 than the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls,
24:22 or the discovery of the Titanic in the waters of the Atlantic...
24:27 this is a Titanic discovery in God's last Book...
24:31 the message of the three angels.
24:33 I found that a little bit humorous...
24:35 some time ago when I read an article
24:37 that came out of the Associated Press,
24:39 about a swarm of crazy ants that invaded Houston.
24:45 Here's the article... it says, "In what sounded like a...
24:47 sounds like a low-budget horror film,
24:49 voracious swarming ants that apparently arrived in Texas
24:53 aboard a cargo ship are invading homes and yards
24:56 across the Houston area,
24:57 they are shorting out electrical boxes,
24:59 messing up computers,
25:00 the hairy, reddish-brown creatures
25:03 are known as 'Crazy Rasberry Ants'
25:05 'crazy' because they wander erratically
25:07 instead of marching in regimented lines,
25:10 and "Rasberry" after Tom Rasberry, an exterminator,
25:13 who did battle with them early on.
25:16 'They are itty, bitty things, about the size of fleas
25:19 and they're just running everywhere,'
25:21 said Patsy Morphew of Pearland
25:24 who is constantly sweeping them off her patio
25:27 and sweeping them out of her pool by the cupful.
25:29 'There's just thousands and thousands of them,' she said,
25:32 'they're going fast, fast, fast, they're crazy... '"
25:36 and then the article concludes by saying that the
25:38 Texas Department of Agriculture is working with the
25:41 Environmental Protection Association
25:43 to stop the ants,
25:45 stop the ants... ants all around the world...
25:48 as I think about those ants,
25:49 I can't help but think about the devil
25:51 and his deceptions and his delusions
25:53 which are all around the world which have invaded Planet Earth
25:56 which are trying to distract us and to lead us away
25:59 from the truth of Jesus Christ and the message of heaven
26:03 to get ready for His return.
26:04 God has a message that will stop the ants,
26:07 it will stop the Babylonian delusions of this world
26:09 and the message is the message of the three angels
26:13 in Revelation 14 verses 6 to 12, designed to prepare us
26:16 for the return of Jesus Christ.
26:18 Just like in Noah's day,
26:19 God had a boat with three stories
26:21 so in the last days He has a message of three angels
26:25 to prepare you and me for the return of Jesus Christ.
26:29 May God help us to study these messages,
26:32 to discover them, they're bigger than the Titanic,
26:34 or the Dead Sea Scrolls or America,
26:36 and through discovering them, we'll be ready for His return.
26:39 You have just heard His Voice Today.
26:42 One of the most astonishing predictions in the Bible
26:46 is that the United States would one day rise to power,
26:49 some 2,000 years before America became a nation,
26:53 the implications of this prophecy
26:55 are critical to understand today.
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