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00:09 Are you tired of bad news? Would you like some good news?
00:12 You're about to hear it on His Voice Today.
00:16 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:18 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:26 Our program today is called "Everlasting Good News."
00:29 This phrase is taken from the Book of Revelation
00:32 which is the last book of the Bible.
00:34 In our last program, we zeroed in
00:36 on Revelation Chapter 14
00:39 which describes the Three Angels' Messages.
00:43 The phrase Everlasting Good News
00:45 is in verse 6 which is the first angel's message.
00:49 Now, let me just give you a quick review
00:50 of what we've talked about previously.
00:53 Revelation 14:6-12 describes
00:55 three holy angels giving messages
00:58 to all the world before the return of Jesus Christ.
01:01 And they are designed by God to help us
01:03 to understand the issues to avoid deception
01:06 and to get ready for Jesus' coming.
01:09 Verses 6 and 7 talks about "the everlasting gospel
01:12 or good news to be preached to every nation,
01:15 kindred, tongue and people."
01:16 Verse 7 says, there's announcement,
01:19 "Fear God, give glory to him,
01:20 for the hour of his judgment is come."
01:23 And how we need to worship the creator
01:25 of heaven and earth.
01:26 Verse 8 talks about Babylon and its fall
01:29 and how Babylon has made the whole world drink
01:32 its wine, and its mysterious wine.
01:35 Verses 9 to 12 talk about the message of the third angel
01:38 being given with the loud voice
01:40 and warning humanity about the beast
01:42 and the image and the mark of the beast,
01:44 and then describing the consequences
01:46 that will be poured out on those
01:48 that get the mark of the beast.
01:49 It says, "They will receive the wine of the wrath of God."
01:52 And then verse 12 describes a group of people called saints
01:56 who are on God side
01:58 and it says that they keep the commandments of God
02:00 and they have the faith of Jesus.
02:02 And these messages are followed by verses 14, 15 and 16
02:07 that describe the return of Jesus on a white cloud
02:10 with the sharp sickle to reap the harvest of the earth.
02:14 I've been a Christian for about 33 years
02:17 and when I first started
02:19 reading the Bible in Southern California,
02:21 I was at my father's house and I still remember,
02:23 it was many years ago.
02:25 I was reading the Book of Revelation
02:27 and I was reading about the Three Angels' messages.
02:30 And the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart
02:32 and I was just under deep conviction
02:35 that God was calling me Steve Wohlberg,
02:38 just a Jewish young man from L.A.,
02:42 to get involved in the ministry and to study my Bible
02:47 and to eventually become a preacher and a teacher
02:50 of the Three Angels' Messages
02:53 that are in Revelation Chapter 14.
02:55 And I struggled with this.
02:56 I remember wrestling back and forth
02:58 and then I spoke to God out loud,
03:01 and I said, Lord, I'll do it.
03:03 I will give the Three Angels' Messages
03:06 if You'll open the door, if You open many doors.
03:09 And that was 33 years ago or 32 or 31
03:13 however long ago it was and from that time until this,
03:17 I've dedicated my life to reading and studying
03:19 and trying to understand
03:21 the holy messages of the three angels
03:24 and I've done my best to try to share them with the world.
03:27 And that's what this program,
03:29 His Voice Today is about directing your mind
03:32 to Revelation 14
03:35 and taking a close look at God's message for the world.
03:41 The heart of Jesus' message in the Book of Revelation,
03:45 in the Three Angels' Messages
03:48 is the message of Jesus himself.
03:50 I believe that there is no message
03:53 that God will ever sent to this world
03:56 that isn't centered in His Son.
03:58 It has to be centered in Jesus Christ
04:01 and this message is.
04:02 It's right there in Revelation 14:6.
04:07 The Bible says, "I saw another angel
04:09 flying in the midst of heaven
04:11 and he had the everlasting gospel to preach
04:16 to those who dwell upon the earth,
04:19 to every nation, tribe, tongue and people."
04:22 And, let's really analyze this phrase,
04:25 the everlasting gospel.
04:28 If you look up the word gospel in the dictionary,
04:31 you will find that it is really a combination of two words.
04:34 It literally means good news,
04:37 that's what gospel means, the good news.
04:40 In the world today,
04:43 news is generally something that's new.
04:46 In fact if it's not new,
04:48 then people don't consider it to be news.
04:51 If I ran into your house one day and said,
04:53 I've got news, I've got news
04:55 and then if I told you that my news
04:57 was that in 1492, Columbus discovered America,
05:01 you wouldn't think that was really news.
05:04 If I told you that I've got news,
05:06 Ronald Regan died.
05:09 That wouldn't be considered news
05:10 or Soviet Communism collapsed in 1991.
05:13 That wouldn't be considered news.
05:15 Again in the world,
05:17 news is usually considered to be something new.
05:21 If it's not new, it's not news.
05:25 But God's ways are different than man's ways.
05:28 I saw a cartoon, little, those little strip ones
05:32 and at the end of the cartoon,
05:34 little strip one in the magazine or a newspaper
05:36 somewhere said Christian cartoon.
05:39 There was a picture of a man
05:41 that was standing at the crossroads,
05:43 was one road going one way
05:44 and another road going another way,
05:46 and there was a sign in the middle
05:47 which had two little signs going both ways.
05:51 And one sign said
05:53 this is God's way and the other signboard said,
05:57 this is every other way.
05:59 And the point was
06:00 that God's ways are different than man's ways.
06:04 And we need to follow God's ways
06:06 instead of all the multiplicity
06:08 and all the different multitudinous
06:10 and myriads and plethora
06:12 and all the different ways of this world.
06:15 God has His own truth and His own news
06:20 that He wants us to understand.
06:22 And so back to Revelation 14,
06:25 we have a message that is to be given to the whole world.
06:29 It's part of the first angel's message
06:32 and it is called the everlasting gospel
06:36 or good news that is to be preached
06:39 to every nation, tribe, tongue and people.
06:47 If this is news, is it new or is it old?
06:53 Well, the truth is that God's news
06:56 is different than the world's news.
06:58 God's everlasting good news in the Bible
07:03 is a message that's been around for a long time.
07:06 It's actually been around for thousands of years
07:09 and it's called everlasting good news
07:12 which points us even to the future
07:14 which means that it will always,
07:15 for all eternity, it will always be good news.
07:19 Now, how can it be news if it's not new right now
07:23 or if it's been around for a long time?
07:25 Well, the reason is, it's very simple
07:27 and as I explained this to you,
07:28 hopefully you will get it.
07:30 The reason why God's news is called everlasting good news
07:35 is because it is so powerful, it is so life changing.
07:39 When you really understand it,
07:41 that it's always something that's new
07:43 even if you've heard it a thousand times,
07:45 it's something that comes from God
07:48 and will never ever, ever lose its power.
07:53 And I'm going to explain to you what that good news is
07:56 in just a few moments.
07:58 I'm sure you know that most of the news
08:01 in this world is not good.
08:04 I've watched many news reports.
08:05 I do a lot of research for the books
08:07 that I have written and I do my homework
08:10 and I scan the news
08:12 and I watch what's going on whether it's on the internet,
08:15 whether it's magazines, newspapers
08:16 when I travel in airports or flying around
08:21 from place to place, so I often pick up U.S. News
08:23 and World Report or I watch CNN,
08:27 scan Fox News, look at ABC, CBS.
08:31 And I'm sure you know that most of the news today
08:34 is definitely not good.
08:36 How many times have you heard a news anchor
08:38 or a reporter say our good news for today is
08:41 and then he will tell you just a great story.
08:43 Most of the time the news is bad,
08:45 it's about this or that disaster
08:47 some hurricane, some earthquake, some tornado,
08:50 some crime, some bloody murder,
08:53 some affair that some person in politics,
08:57 some person high up in the military
08:59 has got involved in something about
09:01 or you might hear something about some new disease,
09:04 some new outbreak about weather patterns,
09:07 just list goes on and on and on.
09:09 The news of this world is rarely good.
09:13 It's almost always bad news.
09:16 But in the Bible, in Revelation 14:6
09:22 there is a message and here it is.
09:25 "I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
09:29 having the everlasting gospel, which means good news,
09:35 to preach to them that dwell upon the earth,
09:39 to every nation, tribe, tongue and people.
09:45 And this message is to be given with a loud voice.
09:49 It's called everlasting good news.
09:51 The reason why it's everlasting is because it never dies.
09:56 The reason why it's called good is because it's always good,
10:00 it never wears out.
10:01 And the reason why it's news is because even though
10:04 it's been around for a hundred years,
10:06 a thousand years, two thousand years,
10:09 it's still fresh, it's still powerful,
10:11 it's still life changing
10:13 and it will never ever, ever grow old.
10:17 Everlasting good news, Revelation 14:6.
10:23 And it is to be preached as the Bible says,
10:26 preach to every nation tribe, tongue and people,
10:28 that means all of the United States,
10:30 it's to be preached in Canada,
10:32 in Europe, in South Africa, in Russia,
10:35 China, New Zealand, Australian down under,
10:39 all around the world, the islands of the sea
10:41 and it is to be preached on the radio,
10:43 on television, through the internet,
10:45 personally people going door to door,
10:47 giving out literature.
10:49 There is-- There are countless ways
10:51 that this news can be preached
10:54 and is being preached today in this world.
10:58 And it is represented in Revelation 14
11:01 as being communicated by an angel.
11:04 Verse 6 says, "I saw another angel
11:07 flying in the midst of heaven,
11:10 having the everlasting gospel to preach
11:12 to those who dwell upon the earth.
11:14 The message is represented
11:15 as coming from above in the midst of heaven
11:18 to people that live upon the earth,
11:20 to people that live in a sinful world,
11:23 to people that are surrounded by trials and pain
11:26 and suffering and darkness and delusions
11:29 and all the problems that we see around us.
11:31 And when we really understand this good news,
11:34 it is designed by God
11:36 to lift us up above the ways of this world,
11:39 above the discouragement of this world,
11:41 above the sins of this world,
11:43 and it is designed to prepare us for heaven,
11:46 to get us ready for eternity,
11:47 to get us ready to live in a place
11:49 that is much better
11:50 than anything that we've ever seen,
11:52 ever seen down here.
11:54 That is the effect of the everlasting good news,
11:59 once we really get it and understand it
12:02 and appreciate it and experience it
12:05 and understand and realize its power.
12:09 And so what is it?
12:10 What is this everlasting good news?
12:13 Well, we don't have to speculate,
12:14 we don't have to guess.
12:15 I'm not like a magician
12:17 who pulls an interpretation under my hat.
12:19 I've been convicted long ago that God does not want me
12:22 to be a speculator or a theorizer
12:25 or a philosopher or someone
12:27 that just comes up with my own opinions.
12:29 But I as the director and speaker of His Voice Today,
12:34 I'm committed to showing you what this book says,
12:37 so that you hear his voice
12:39 instead of just the voice of Steve Wohlberg.
12:43 So let's find out, what does God say is the good news?
12:48 What is the gospel?
12:50 We have an answer in 1 Corinthians 15.
12:53 We don't have to speculate, we don't have to guess.
12:57 I don't have to just give you my opinion.
13:00 We can know for sure exactly what is it.
13:03 1 Corinthians 15:1-3.
13:08 The Apostle Paul who wrote most to the New Testament,
13:12 he tells us exactly what the good news is.
13:16 So let's read it in our Bibles.
13:18 1 Corinthians 15:1,
13:20 Paul wrote to the Corinthian Church many years ago.
13:23 He said, "Moreover, brethren, I declare to you the gospel,
13:27 which is the good news, which I preached to you,
13:30 which also you have received and wherein you stand."
13:34 You stand on this gospel.
13:36 Somebody once said if we don't stand up for something,
13:38 we will fall for anything.
13:39 And Paul said, ''I have given you the gospel,
13:41 I preached it to you and you are standing on it."
13:44 Verse 2 says, "By which also you are saved..."
13:47 This is a saving gospel.
13:50 "If you keep in memory what I have preached to you
13:52 unless you have believed in vain."
13:55 And then in verse 3, he defines the gospel.
13:58 "For I delivered to you first of all
14:01 that which I also received..."
14:04 Paul said, I've received it,
14:05 I got it from God and I'm giving it to you.
14:07 I didn't make it up. It's not my own opinion.
14:10 I delivered to you what I have received,
14:13 how that and here it is.
14:15 Here's the gospel. Here's the good news.
14:17 Are you ready? Don't miss it.
14:19 "Christ died for our sins
14:25 according to the scriptures,
14:27 and that he was buried,
14:30 and that he rose again the third day
14:33 according to the scriptures."
14:35 Now, let's analyze this.
14:37 Let's take a look at closely what these words mean.
14:40 When Paul wrote that Christ died,
14:44 he is referring to Jesus Christ.
14:45 If you read your Bible,
14:47 you will be amazed to discover who Jesus Christ really is.
14:51 In Micah 5:2 it says that the one
14:54 that was born in Bethlehem was from everlasting.
14:56 Jesus didn't originate in Bethlehem.
14:58 He came down from heaven and He was born as a baby.
15:01 In Philippians 2:6 the Bible says
15:04 that Paul wrote that Jesus is equal with the Father
15:07 that He is God Himself in human form.
15:10 In John 1:10 John wrote that "He was in the world
15:14 and the world was made by Him and the world knew Him not."
15:19 In other words that the one came down here
15:21 born in Bethlehem,
15:22 that walked the dusty roads of Galilee that he is actually,
15:27 was actually and is actually not just the Son of God
15:31 but He is God Himself and He is the one
15:33 that formed planet earth in the beginning.
15:36 When Genesis says,
15:38 that the world was made in six days
15:40 and God rested on the seventh.
15:42 And John 1:10, it says
15:43 "He was in the world and the world was made by Him
15:47 and the world knew Him not."
15:49 This is telling us that Jesus Christ
15:51 is actually our creator.
15:52 There are many verses that teach this, Ephesians 3:9,
15:55 Colossians 1:16, John 1:1-3,
15:59 all tell us that Jesus Christ is more than just a man
16:02 that He is God Himself.
16:04 He is the son of God, He is divine,
16:05 He is God and He is the one that made this planet.
16:09 And so in the light of all that,
16:11 when Paul wrote that Christ,
16:13 this incredible being who became human
16:17 that He died Christ died.
16:24 This is something that we're going to be contemplating
16:26 and studying and learning about
16:28 and wondering at through all eternity
16:31 that God himself became a man
16:34 and gave His life on a cruel cross.
16:37 God died the Bible says. Jesus Christ died.
16:44 Why did He die?
16:47 The Bible says Christ died for our sins.
16:52 For our sins according to the scriptures.
16:56 He stopped breathing.
16:58 He said, "It is finished."
16:59 His breath went out of His body and He died
17:03 and He was laid in a tomb,
17:05 Joseph's new tomb the Bible tells us.
17:08 And he was laying there silent,
17:11 silent until resurrection morning.
17:13 And why did He die? Why did He go through all this?
17:15 Why was He separated from His Father?
17:17 Why did He cry out, My God, My God?
17:19 Why have you forsaken Me before he died?
17:21 Bible says He died for our sins,
17:23 our sins and our means your sins and my sins.
17:27 It means the sins of every person that you know,
17:29 every person you ever will meet or ever have met.
17:33 It applies to Protestants, Catholics.
17:36 It applies to Jews, Muslims, atheists,
17:39 people that are involved in witchcraft and Wicca.
17:42 It applies to people that live in America,
17:45 New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Russia.
17:48 It applies to people that are alive right now
17:50 and people that have lived in history,
17:52 all throughout history,
17:53 ever since the days of Adam and Eve,
17:55 all the way down through history,
17:57 all the way to right now into the time of the last man
18:01 and woman and child
18:03 before Jesus Christ comes again.
18:05 Jesus Christ on the cross,
18:07 took the sins of the whole world
18:10 into His mind and into His heart
18:11 where human beings have broken the Ten Commandments,
18:14 where they've broken the law of God,
18:15 where they've sinned against their maker,
18:17 where they've done their own thing,
18:19 gone their own way,
18:20 not loved God with all their heart,
18:22 soul, mind and strength
18:23 and haven't loved their neighbor as themselves.
18:27 All of these sins of humanity and we see sin all around us.
18:31 Everywhere we look, we see sin and its effects,
18:35 all of these sins.
18:37 Two thousand years ago went into the mind
18:39 and into the heart of a person name Jesus Christ,
18:42 the God man who came down here, was born in Bethlehem,
18:46 lived a prefect life, suffered in Gethsemane
18:49 and ultimately died on a cruel, on a cruel cross.
18:52 But for you and for me, Jesus Christ is our savior.
18:57 The Bible says, He died for our sins
19:03 according the scriptures.
19:06 And not only that, it says He was buried.
19:08 He was buried in the cold damp dark tomb.
19:11 People today, they idolize beauty,
19:15 Hollywood idolizes beauty.
19:18 They're on the covers of magazines,
19:19 you see handsome men, you see gorgeous women,
19:22 they are in the movies, they are on television,
19:25 they are in on billboards.
19:28 Hollywood is just, the world is glorying pretty people.
19:32 But you know what, no matter how handsome someone is
19:34 or how pretty they are,
19:36 eventually they are going to die
19:37 and they're going to go down into the ground
19:39 and they're gonna be buried
19:40 and their bodies are going to rot in the grave,
19:43 and they're not going to look pretty when they are dead.
19:46 And that's just the way it is.
19:48 That's the way it is of this world.
19:49 And the fact is that unless a person
19:51 has Jesus Christ in their life,
19:54 or less if it wasn't for Jesus Christ,
19:57 nobody is coming out of the ground.
19:59 Now, we'll talk later on about the two resurrection
20:02 the Bible talks about good resurrection
20:04 when Jesus comes and about a bad resurrection
20:06 at the end of the one thousand years,
20:08 but the reality is nobody is getting out of the ground
20:12 if it wasn't for Jesus Christ.
20:13 The Bible says that
20:15 "He died and He was buried but wonder of wonders,
20:19 He rose again from the dead
20:23 on the third day according to the scriptures."
20:26 On the third day on Sunday morning,
20:28 early in the morning, the women went back to the tomb,
20:30 they wondered how we're gonna get that stone away
20:33 that have been rolled over the entrance of the tomb.
20:37 They found that it had already been rolled away.
20:39 A holy angel had come down,
20:40 rolled away the stone and Jesus Christ,
20:43 the Son of God, God Himself in human form,
20:46 equal with the Father, the maker of heaven and earth,
20:49 my savior and your savior, He rose from the dead alive,
20:54 never to die again.
20:57 Never to die again.
20:59 And that is according to this book,
21:02 not according to Steve Wohlberg,
21:03 but according to the Bible, according to God Himself,
21:07 that is the message of the everlasting good news.
21:14 It's good for me, it's good for you,
21:16 it's good for us all.
21:18 It is a message that will never ever grow old.
21:23 This world is full of things that grow old.
21:26 People grow old, I'm growing old. I am 53.
21:29 My hair is not as brown as it used to be.
21:32 My back doesn't feels good as it used to feel.
21:35 I've got, you know, my own aches and pains
21:37 and if Jesus doesn't come soon
21:40 which I hope He will, I'm going down
21:42 the grave just like everybody else.
21:47 This world is filled with pain and suffering.
21:52 People die, they get old
21:55 and the news of the world gets old.
21:57 We've heard it once and then, you know, it's not longer news.
22:02 But in the Bible, in this book, God has news.
22:06 He's got good news.
22:09 He's got something called everlasting good news.
22:14 It's described in Revelation 14:6.
22:18 It's the message of the first angel.
22:21 Revelation 14:6 says,
22:24 "I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
22:28 having the everlasting gospel to preach
22:32 to them that dwell upon the earth,
22:34 to every nation, kindred, tongue and people."
22:39 It's a powerful message.
22:41 It's an everlasting message.
22:43 It's the message that will never ever grow old.
22:46 And the center of that message
22:48 is someone who died on the cross.
22:51 Jesus said in John 3:16, "For God so loved the world,
22:55 that he gave his only begotten Son,
22:58 that whosoever believes in him should not perish,
23:01 but have everlasting life."
23:04 I grow up in the Hollywood Hills
23:05 of Southern California,
23:07 grew up in Jewish home, not a religious home,
23:08 I didn't read the Bible.
23:11 As a teenager, I didn't pray.
23:13 I was surrounded by the influences of Hollywood,
23:15 all the glamour, the entertainment,
23:18 the drugs, the alcohol.
23:20 And as a teenager,
23:21 I pretty much went off the deep end
23:23 and just got involved in a very destructive life,
23:26 and I would have died.
23:28 I don't think I would be alive today,
23:29 I wouldn't be happily married with my wife Kristen
23:32 and my two beautiful children Seth and Abigail
23:35 if it wasn't for this book, but when I was 20 years old,
23:39 I began to read the Bible
23:40 for the first time 33 years ago.
23:43 And as I read eventually, I came to understand.
23:49 I came to understand a message
23:53 that you generally don't hear on the 6 o'clock news.
23:57 It's a message that has changed me.
24:00 It's a message that was good news
24:03 for me 33 years ago and it's good news today.
24:07 It's a message that will never ever grow old.
24:11 It's a message that is revealed all throughout the Bible,
24:15 really from Genesis to Revelation,
24:17 from the first sacrifice
24:19 outside of the gates of the Garden of Eden,
24:21 all the way down to the moment when Jesus
24:23 stretched out His arms and said,
24:26 it is finished and then He died.
24:28 The Bible says, Christ died for our sins.
24:32 Whatever you've done,
24:34 whatever you've done that's bad,
24:35 we've all sinned.
24:37 Romans 3:23 says, "All have sinned
24:39 and fallen short of the glory of God."
24:41 Romans 6:23 says, "The wages of sin is death."
24:45 We deserve to die because of our sins
24:48 against the holy God.
24:50 Somebody once said, we often complain
24:52 that we don't get what we want,
24:55 but we should all be thankful that none of us
24:57 has yet received what we deserve.
25:01 The reality is that if we got what we deserve,
25:04 if I got what I deserved,
25:08 I would go down and come up no more,
25:11 and there would be no hope for me,
25:12 there would be no hope for you.
25:14 But, the good news is and in spite of our sins,
25:17 in spite of what we've done, in spite of your past
25:19 and in spite of the change that bind you,
25:23 whatever sins have gotten hold of you,
25:26 whatever you've done,
25:28 the good news is
25:29 that there is a God in heaven that loves you.
25:32 And that send His Son who died on the cross
25:36 2,000 years ago in payment for your sins.
25:40 He paid the price.
25:42 He took your sins and He died and then He rose from the dead.
25:45 He rose from the dead.
25:47 And because He rose from the dead,
25:49 we can rise also when Jesus Christ returns.
25:51 He went to heaven
25:53 and the good news is that one day,
25:54 He is coming back again.
25:56 He is coming back to get us
25:57 and to get us out of this world of sin to raise the dead,
25:59 to change the living and to bring us up into a place
26:02 where there is no more sin, suffering, sorrow or death,
26:06 where we can be with Him and with holy angels
26:08 and with all God's redeemed people.
26:11 Purified from sin with new bodies
26:13 and happy faces and happy hearts,
26:15 full of love for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever,
26:19 if we accept it right now with our whole hearts.
26:22 That's the message of the Bible.
26:24 That is the message of the everlasting gospel.
26:28 The everlasting gospel that you have just heard.
26:31 It is His voice today.
26:33 May God help us all to accept it fully.
26:37 The question, how the world end
26:39 is one of the most searched topics on Google,
26:42 revealing that a lot of people are looking at things
26:44 happening in the world and they sense
26:46 something big and decisive is about to take place.
26:50 Steve's pocket book,
26:51 "The End of the World, Fact or Fiction"
26:53 deals with this important topic about the end of the world.
26:56 Order your free copy today by calling 1.800.78.BIBLE.
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