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00:09 Did man come from God or monkeys?
00:12 That's our topic on His Voice Today.
00:15 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:18 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:26 'The Evolution Delusion,' that's our topic.
00:30 I'd like to start with
00:31 the very first line of the Bible, Genesis 1:1,
00:37 God's book says "In the beginning,
00:39 God created the heavens and the earth."
00:44 Going down to the Book of Exodus Chapter 20,
00:47 it's the chapter on the Ten Commandments,
00:49 The big ten which God wrote with his own finger on stone,
00:52 in verse 11,
00:54 which is the conclusion of the fourth commandment,
00:56 God says, "For in six days the Lord made the heavens
01:01 and the earth, the sea, and all that in them is,
01:04 and He rested the seventh day.
01:06 Wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day,
01:08 and hallowed it."
01:11 Going down biblical history,
01:13 all the way down to the last book of the Bible,
01:15 the Book of Revelation Chapter 14,
01:18 and we've been talking about this in previous programs.
01:21 Talks about the Three Angels Messages
01:24 which are special messages that God has set to the world
01:28 just before the return of Jesus Christ,
01:31 these messages are described in the Chapter 14:6-12,
01:35 and then in verses 14,
01:37 right after these messages are complete
01:41 and given to the world.
01:42 Verse 14 says "I looked, and behold a white cloud,
01:45 and upon the cloud one sat like the Son of man,
01:48 having on His head a golden crown,
01:50 and in His hand a sharp sickle."
01:52 It's harvest time.
01:53 Jesus comes to reap the harvest of the earth.
01:55 So right before the harvest, before the return of Christ,
01:58 we have the messages of the three angels,
02:01 and if you go down to Chapter 14: 7,
02:06 we have the conclusion of the first angel,
02:08 which is a special call
02:10 to worship the maker of heaven and earth.
02:13 The Bible says with the loud voice
02:15 "...worship Him that made heaven and earth,
02:19 and the sea and the fountains of waters."
02:23 In other words, worship the one who made all life,
02:27 the one who made you, and the one who made me.
02:31 This is a special call in the last book of the Bible.
02:35 It's a special message,
02:37 which is to sound around the world
02:39 right before the coming of Jesus.
02:42 It is no secret, that the majority,
02:46 at least in the scientific community,
02:49 do not believe in the Genesis account,
02:51 they don't believe in the Ten Commandments,
02:53 they don't believe in the Book of Revelation,
02:55 and they don't believe what the Bible says
02:57 that God made the heavens and that the earth.
03:00 They believe,
03:02 at least a lot of them believe in a teaching,
03:04 in a doctrine called 'Evolution.'
03:08 Evolution is taught today in most public schools.
03:12 It's taught in textbooks of all ages, all levels.
03:17 It's taught in the national parks,
03:19 in museums, science centers, on television documentaries,
03:23 cartoons, I was reading a book recently about vitamin D,
03:28 it's a great book dealing with our need for sunshine
03:32 and how vitamin D affects the whole body
03:34 and how every cell has a vitamin D receptor.
03:38 And as I was reading this great book,
03:40 talking about getting out in the Sun appropriately,
03:42 not too much, not to burn.
03:44 Then it also talked about
03:46 how we've been around for millions,
03:47 and millions, and millions of years.
03:49 And I thought to myself, "Are you sure?
03:53 You've got a lot of science behind your,
03:55 your book dealing with that nutrition,
03:57 and the body, and the skin, and the liver, and the kidneys,
04:01 but what about dealing with that evolution?
04:04 Where is the science?"
04:06 Last December, my wife and my two little children,
04:10 Seth and Abby, Abby is 4 and Seth is 8,
04:13 we were in Southern California visiting my mother,
04:15 she lives in Palm Springs,
04:17 and as we were driving down highway 10,
04:19 we were getting closer to my mom's house
04:22 and we look on the left side of the highway
04:24 and we saw this gigantic dinosaur,
04:26 I think it was a brontosaurus, and it was huge,
04:29 advertised as the biggest dinosaur in the world.
04:32 And my kids just really wanted to go over there
04:34 and take a look.
04:36 So we pulled off the highway and went over,
04:37 and I was surprised to discover
04:40 that this dinosaur was actually hollow
04:42 and inside of it there was--
04:44 there was a bookstore.
04:46 And so we thought we'd go upstairs and take a look.
04:48 And as we walked up the steps, there was a big sign,
04:51 right as you're going up, and the sign said,
04:56 "Is planet earth really billions of years old?
05:00 And I thought, "Oh, that's a good question."
05:03 And as I got up to the top
05:05 of the biggest dinosaur in the world
05:06 that was advertised,
05:08 I was pleasantly surprised
05:10 to see Bible verses on the walls
05:12 all around this bookstore talking about how in six days
05:15 the Lord made the heavens and the earth
05:17 and how He rested on the seventh day.
05:19 And all these verses talking about creation
05:21 and coming to find out that there was a bookstore in there,
05:23 there was lots of toys that promoted creation,
05:27 and the museum was actually put together
05:31 by a group of creationists
05:33 who were trying to enlighten the public,
05:35 as Paul Harvey used to say, "with the rest of the story,"
05:39 telling them about creation in contrast to evolution.
05:43 We went in and we browsed around for quite a while
05:46 and bought our kids a couple little knick-knacks,
05:50 and I looked around at the bookshelf
05:53 and I was intrigued,
05:54 especially by this book called 'Darwin's Demise,'
05:58 'Darwin's Demise.'
06:00 'Why evolution can't take the heat?'
06:02 And it's written by a man named Dr. Joe White
06:06 co-authored with Dr. Nicholas Comninellis.
06:10 And I bought this book and I was thrilled
06:14 as I read it, I definitely recommend it.
06:17 It's a good book, it's very eye-opening,
06:20 it's very scientifically substantiated,
06:23 and it's very convincing.
06:26 This book deals with all of the theories,
06:28 the evolutionary ideas, it deals with the big-bang,
06:32 the concept that a long, long time ago
06:33 there was just a big bang,
06:35 nobody knows exactly how it happened,
06:37 why it happened, and apparently after millions, and billions,
06:41 and even maybe trillions of years,
06:44 that's how you got here, and that's how I got here,
06:47 just mindless forces in this universe.
06:51 This book talks about spontaneous generation,
06:54 the idea that life just came out of nothing,
06:58 things like positive mutations,
07:00 how apparently mutations have taken place in life forms
07:05 and that has improved life to eventually get to us,
07:09 natural selection, survival of the fittest,
07:12 the geologic column is looked at,
07:14 the different layers of sediment
07:15 that you find at the Grand Canyon
07:17 and around the world, the fossil record,
07:19 and the different creatures that are entombed in these,
07:22 in the rocks and various dating methods,
07:25 all of this was looked at in "Darwin's Demise"
07:28 and the message of this book is very clear,
07:31 and that is that evolution,
07:33 in spite of how scientific it sounds,
07:36 it is really just a theory
07:38 that really has no real scientific,
07:42 solid evidence for the idea.
07:47 You know, I know that may sound absolutely ludicrous to you
07:51 if you are an evolutionist, but if you are an evolutionist,
07:55 and if you have any interest, this book "Darwin's Demise"
07:59 is extremely, extremely compelling.
08:02 As I read the book, there was one particular argument
08:05 that really, to me, it was,
08:09 it was just the end of all arguments.
08:11 And it had to do--
08:12 with two words, two words that are used in the book
08:16 and they are 'incomprehensible complexity'.
08:23 When you boil it down and look closely
08:25 at the things of creation, at the things of nature,
08:28 especially, inside the human body,
08:30 and if you look inside the human cell,
08:34 the words 'incomprehensible complexity'
08:38 definitely, definitely apply.
08:42 Modern evolution
08:44 is largely as a result of the teaching
08:50 of one particular individual, one man.
08:53 Now it's a conglomeration of different people,
08:56 but I think we can put the onus on one man,
08:59 his name is Charles Darwin.
09:01 Charles Darwin was a British naturalist
09:04 born in 1809 and he died in 1882,
09:08 73-year-old man.
09:09 In the year 1859 his book "Origin of Species,"
09:14 hit the press and began to circulate around America
09:19 and around the world, at that time, it wasn't really,
09:24 evolution was not something that was really strong
09:27 in the scientific community, but it was growing.
09:30 By the 1870s, Darwin's ideas began to take more firm route.
09:35 By the 1930s to 1950s,
09:38 it was largely accepted as just a fact of life
09:41 that yes, of course, there was a big-bang,
09:43 yes, of course, we evolved,
09:44 yes, of course, we came from monkeys,
09:46 and yes, of course, the Bible is not true.
09:50 Now here's the biggest problem.
09:53 And if you read the book "Darwin's Demise,"
09:55 it'll become very clear.
09:57 The biggest problem is that in the 1850s
10:00 when Darwin's book was published
10:02 and when evolution began to take a route
10:04 into the scientific community,
10:06 science was extremely primitive in the 1800s.
10:12 You've heard the expression, "We've come a long way, baby."
10:15 Well, nothing is truer than when it comes to science.
10:18 In the 1850s, scientists, especially Darwin,
10:23 he thought that the cell was simply a very simple matter
10:29 that originally just again,
10:31 came from came from mindless forces.
10:34 He said it came together by chance
10:36 from a primordial soup, a long, long time ago.
10:40 A man name Ernst Haeckel,
10:43 who popularized Darwin's theories in Germany,
10:46 his view of the cell was that it was quote
10:50 "a simple lump," that's all it was,
10:52 that's what he thought.
10:54 Well, the reality is that today science has advanced a long way
11:00 from the 1840s and 50s, 60s, there are disciplines now,
11:05 like biology, microbiology, molecular biology,
11:08 biochemistry, genetics, and it goes on and on and on.
11:13 And as a result, especially,
11:14 of the development of high tech microscopes,
11:18 scientists have been able to look inside the human body.
11:21 And they had been able to look closely
11:23 at the composition of a human cell,
11:26 and keep in mind that they are, scientists say,
11:29 somewhere between 50 and 100 trillion
11:33 of these little guys inside of your body
11:35 and inside of mine.
11:37 We all have these little cells.
11:38 And as they look inside of cell,
11:41 they saw amazing things.
11:43 They've seen more than they can,
11:45 that they can even really begin to comprehend,
11:48 the nucleus, the mitochondria,
11:50 all of the different components of a cell,
11:53 it is absolutely, really incredible.
11:56 Especially, something inside the cell called DNA,
12:02 and there are untold numbers of these little DNA strands
12:08 inside of the human body.
12:10 Here's a picture in "Darwin's Demise"
12:12 showing the cell
12:14 and the different parts inside of the cell,
12:17 and when it talks about the DNA,
12:19 this is just absolutely incredible.
12:21 On page 25 of Darwin's Demise,
12:24 it says 'the quantity of information
12:26 that can be stored in a pinhead's volume of DNA
12:32 is equivalent to the pile--
12:33 to the content of a pile of paperback books,
12:37 spanning the distance from the earth to the moon
12:40 five hundred times,
12:42 each book being unique from the other.
12:44 So in other words, there is more information
12:46 in one little DNA strand
12:48 that can go up and down to the moon
12:50 in five hundred books
12:52 or books up and down five hundred times.
12:56 In other words, it's practically incomprehensible.
12:58 There is incomprehensible data
13:01 and incomprehensible complexity inside of one strand of the DNA
13:06 which is inside of your body.
13:09 As you continue to read about this, in this book
13:11 it talks about the incredible complexity of the human eye,
13:16 well, I've got two eyes
13:17 and I know I'm getting a little bit up there
13:20 that's why I need my glasses sometimes.
13:23 But it says here that the eye can handle
13:26 1.5 million simultaneous messages.
13:30 Simultaneous means that all at the same time,
13:33 there's a million things that can be going on
13:35 inside of my eye at the same time.
13:37 It talks about the ear,
13:39 the heart, the liver, the brain.
13:41 The brain has 10 billion circuits,
13:45 any memory of, I can't even count all these,
13:48 there's a one here followed by 21 zeros.
13:52 21 zeros that's how many circuits
13:55 and memory bits are inside of the human brain.
13:59 The human brain with its 12 billion brain cells
14:02 and 120 trillion connections
14:05 is the most complex arrangement of matter in the universe.
14:10 This book builds a case that,
14:12 that the incomprehensible complexity
14:15 that is inside the human body
14:16 and inside the things that we see around us,
14:20 and there's just no way that this could have evolved.
14:22 It's, kind of, like a tornado passing through a junkyard
14:26 and creating a 747.
14:29 The whole idea that this--
14:30 all of this that, just, we see around us,
14:33 all the complexity in the sky, the heavens, the earth,
14:36 the sea, the human body, the eye, the brain, the ears,
14:43 all of the components that make up you,
14:45 that this is all just the result
14:47 of mindless forces of chance and chaos,
14:51 you know, really, does that really make any sense at all?
14:57 It doesn't make sense to me. Now what does the Bible say?
15:00 Let's go back to what the Bible says about our Creator.
15:04 And let's take a closer look at who really is the Creator
15:07 according to the New Testament.
15:09 In Colossians Chapter 1 there's an amazing...
15:12 this is an amazing chapter, gets me excited to read it.
15:17 Colossians 1:13 talks about how God has delivered us
15:24 from the power of darkness, and he has translated us
15:27 into the kingdom of his dear Son.
15:30 Verse 14 talks about how we have redemption
15:33 through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins.
15:36 Now verse 16
15:39 is an amazing revelation of who the son really is.
15:43 Verse 16 says, "For by Him," referring to Jesus Christ,
15:47 "By Him were all things created that are in heaven,
15:50 that are in the earth, visible and invisible,
15:53 whether they be thrones or dominions
15:55 or principalities or powers.
15:57 All things were created by Him and for Him.
16:01 And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist."
16:05 So verses 16 and 17 tell us that Jesus Christ,
16:10 according to the New Testament
16:12 really is the one, a long, long time ago
16:15 in the very beginning of the Bible,
16:17 in Genesis Chapter 1,
16:19 who made the heavens and the earth.
16:21 And Jesus did not originate in Bethlehem.
16:24 In Micah 5:2,
16:26 it says that the one who was born in Bethlehem
16:28 had an origin that is of old from the days of eternity,
16:32 from the days of everlasting.
16:34 John 1:10 tells us that, when he came into the world,
16:38 "He was in the world, and the world was made by Him,
16:42 but the world did not know Him."
16:43 The world had no idea
16:44 who was actually walking the dusty shores of Galilee
16:48 and who walked across the water,
16:50 who preached in Jerusalem
16:51 and who ultimately died on a cross.
16:53 They had no idea.
16:54 People had no idea who they were looking at.
16:57 Going on, in Colossians 1: 20, Paul says
17:03 that "Jesus made peace through the blood of his cross
17:07 to reconcile all things to Himself,
17:11 whether things that are in heaven
17:13 or things that are on earth."
17:14 Verse 21 says, "And you," "you that were sometimes
17:18 alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works,
17:22 yet now has he reconciled."
17:26 Verse 23 says,
17:27 "If you continue in the faith grounded and settled,
17:31 and do not be moved away from the hope of the gospel,
17:35 which you have heard, and which was preached
17:37 to every creature which is under heaven,
17:39 where of I, Paul, am made a minister."
17:42 So Paul says that Jesus is really our creator.
17:48 The one who died on the cross to save us
17:51 is really the one who made us,
17:54 and we need to hold on to this truth
17:56 and not let the powers of darkness
17:58 take this truth away from us,
18:01 and we need to remain grounded and settled
18:03 and not moved away from the hope,
18:06 that is described in the Bible, that tells us
18:08 really how we got here and who our Savior is
18:12 and how to get out of this life into a much better life
18:16 that we can't even, we can't even comprehend.
18:20 Now going down to verse 27.
18:23 Verse 26 and 27 tells us that this is a mystery,
18:27 "The mystery which has been hidden from generations
18:30 and from the ages,
18:31 but is now made manifest to the saints."
18:33 Verse 27 says, "To whom God would make known
18:37 what is the riches of the glory of this mystery
18:41 among the gentiles, which is Christ in you,
18:45 the hope of glory."
18:46 So God calls this a mystery.
18:49 It's beyond human comprehension.
18:52 It's an incomprehensible mystery
18:54 and yet it's been revealed to us in the Bible
18:56 that the one that made the earth
18:59 at the very, very beginning,
19:01 which we also find revealed in the Ten Commandments,
19:04 is also, according to the New Testament,
19:06 the one who came down here and who sacrificed His life
19:11 on a cruel cross for you and for me
19:14 so that our sins can be forgiven,
19:16 so we could be reunited with our Creator,
19:18 so that we can have the gift of eternal life,
19:21 and we can be with Him forever and ever and ever and ever.
19:25 That's what this book says.
19:26 And the Bible calls this a mystery
19:28 that our Creator is actually willing
19:31 to die on a cross for us, forgive our sins
19:35 and then come into our hearts so that Christ in you,
19:39 the hope of glory, can be experienced,
19:42 that Jesus can actually live inside of us
19:45 by the Holy Spirit.
19:47 Going back to the Book of Revelation,
19:49 in chapter 10:7, there's another amazing verse.
19:53 It talks about what God is seeking to accomplish
19:56 in the final days of this world's history.
19:59 Verse 7 it says,
20:00 "In the days of the voice of the seventh angel,
20:02 when he shall begin to sound,
20:04 the mystery of God should be finished,
20:07 as He has declared to His servants, the prophets."
20:10 And that mystery is the Creator in His creatures,
20:14 the Holy Spirit bringing Jesus and His love
20:17 and His character into our heart
20:19 so that His character and His love
20:20 and His goodness can shine out through us.
20:25 Back to chapter 14.
20:27 Revelation 14
20:30 tells us the amazing, the amazing message,
20:35 'How to get ready for these last days.'
20:39 Revelation chapter 14 describes Three Angles' Messages.
20:44 Three angels that are sent from God,
20:46 from a holy God to prepare a people
20:49 for the return of Jesus Christ.
20:53 At the heart of these messages, is the first angel's message
20:58 that lifts up Jesus, the everlasting Gospel,
21:02 we've been reading about this.
21:06 says that the message of the everlasting gospel.
21:10 "The good news of Jesus is to be preached
21:12 to those who dwell upon the earth
21:13 to every nation, kinder, tongue and people."
21:16 And then verse 7 at the end of the verse.
21:18 It says, with a loud voice we need to hear the call.
21:22 It says, "Worship Him that made heaven and earth,
21:27 and the sea and the fountains of waters."
21:30 Worship the one who made everything.
21:35 In other words,
21:37 the Book of Revelation appeals to us,
21:40 not to be duped by evolutionary theory.
21:44 I have done some research in the life of--
21:45 about the life of Charles Darwin
21:47 and Darwin propagated his theories
21:49 when he was a young man.
21:51 But as he got older and older and older,
21:53 he began to question his own theories.
21:56 And he was known to read the Bible
22:00 in the last days of his life before he died.
22:03 He also made a comment where he was--
22:05 he saw how his theories had taken hold
22:07 in so many people's lives and minds and he said,
22:10 "You know, I was just sharing my theories
22:13 what I thought was right."
22:14 But as I mentioned before he--
22:18 Before he breathed his last breathe
22:20 he started reading the book and he called it
22:22 the royal book, the royal book,
22:24 God's book which teaches creation not evolution.
22:31 First angel's message in Revelation 14,
22:34 this contains a very special call
22:36 in verse 7, "To worship him that made heaven and earth."
22:39 It is a direct challenge to evolution.
22:43 God does not want us to believe that we came from monkeys.
22:45 God made you in His image.
22:47 It didn't start with the big bang.
22:50 It didn't go down from primordial soup.
22:52 There aren't mindless forces that are out there,
22:56 that eventually put all your trillion cells together
22:59 that made your-- that put your brain together,
23:01 your liver, your lungs, your heart,
23:04 your eyes, your ears, all the complexity,
23:06 the incomprehensible complexity,
23:09 even one little DNA strand--
23:12 There's as much information on a pinhead of a DNA strain
23:17 as could fill books stacked up to the moon and down 500 times.
23:23 There is no way that all of this just evolved.
23:27 We are not here by chance.
23:29 We are here as the result of a marvelous God
23:32 who has a wonderful plan for you and for me
23:35 and who gave His life
23:37 3,000 or approximately 2,000 years ago
23:40 on a cruel cross outside of Jerusalem.
23:43 I have a little girl named Abigail.
23:46 We call her Abby.
23:48 Abigail Rose Wohlberg, She is almost of five.
23:52 On her forth birthday party,
23:54 we got together with some church friends,
23:56 and a few of her little friends,
23:58 and grandma and grandpa were there,
24:00 we live in North Idaho in our home.
24:02 And grandma and grandpa got Abby a gigantic present
24:06 which was in a big box.
24:07 And she had no idea what it was,
24:09 it was the biggest box in our house.
24:11 And when the time came finally for her to open her presents,
24:13 she just couldn't wait to get this big box open.
24:16 And so she started ripping off the wrapping paper
24:21 and finally she looked at the side of this box
24:24 and she saw what it was.
24:26 She saw a picture on the outside
24:28 of a big dollhouse.
24:29 My little girl she just loves dolls.
24:32 And all confessed that I Steve Wohlberg,
24:35 that I play with dolls too.
24:37 And the reason why I do is because my little girl
24:39 grabs my hand and says,
24:40 "Daddy, will you play with me and my dollhouse?"
24:42 I just can't resist, I just can't resist her.
24:45 Well, anyway, she looked at this package
24:47 and she saw this big dollhouse and she was so excited,
24:50 she couldn't believe it and then,
24:52 and then she looked at grandma and grandpa
24:54 and we got this on--
24:56 We took a picture of her face, it was amazing.
24:58 It was so touching.
24:59 She looked at grandma and grandpa
25:01 with this stun look on her face and she said,
25:04 "Grandma, grandpa."
25:06 She looked down, she looked up, and she said,
25:09 "Is this really for me?"
25:12 "Is this really for me?"
25:14 And of course, they looked at her and said,
25:15 "Yes, dear, of course, it is for you.
25:18 It's all for you."
25:21 I think about that little story and I can't help
25:23 but think about my God becoming man
25:28 and giving His life on a cross,
25:29 the one that made me, dying on a cross to save me.
25:34 And if you look at the cross and think about the cross
25:36 and really understand what the cross is all about,
25:39 that it's your Creator who made you,
25:41 who made your brain, your cells, your body,
25:43 who made everything in this whole universe,
25:46 that He's the one that gave His life on the cross
25:48 to pay the price for your sins and to rise from the dead.
25:51 It's appropriate to say, is all of this really for me?
25:56 And the answer is 'yes, it's for you.'
25:59 God so loved the world, He so loved you
26:01 that He gave his only begotten son
26:03 that whoever would believe in Him
26:04 should not perish, but have everlasting life.
26:08 The Book of Revelation chapter 14
26:10 has a special call to the world
26:12 before the return of Jesus Christ.
26:14 In chapter 14:7,
26:16 the conclusion of what's called the first angel's message says,
26:19 "Worship him that made heaven and earth,
26:23 and the sea and the fountains of waters."
26:26 Don't be duped by evolution. You didn't come from a monkey.
26:29 You came from God, He loves you,
26:31 He died for you, He's coming back for you.
26:33 That's what the Bible says,
26:35 you have just heard His voice today.
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Revised 2016-01-11