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The Mark of the Beast and Gethsemane

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00:08 Is there any connection between the mark of the beast
00:12 and the suffering of Jesus Christ?
00:14 That's our topic on His Voice Today.
00:20 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:23 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:28 This message is called
00:29 "The Mark of the Beast and Gethsemane."
00:31 That's actually part two in a little mini series
00:34 that we're doing dealing with the biggest issue in the Bible,
00:36 the issue of the mark of the beast.
00:38 In the last program,
00:39 I identified from Revelation 15 facts about the mark.
00:44 And today, we're going to go deeper
00:46 and look at Revelation Chapter 14
00:49 and we're going to tide in with what Jesus Christ
00:52 endured for you and for me in the Garden of Gethsemane
00:56 and on His cross,
00:58 so if you're ready, let's go, let's go deep.
01:02 I've often thought about Revelation
01:04 and the different kinds of people that study Revelation,
01:07 and I've concluded that there is really two different ways
01:10 to study this book.
01:12 One is to be a water skier
01:15 which just skins the surface of the book
01:18 and doesn't really go deep.
01:19 And the other way is to be a deep sea diver.
01:22 And I want to be a deep sea diver,
01:23 and I hope you do too.
01:25 So here we go, Revelation 14:9
01:29 gives the message of the third angel.
01:31 Verse 9 says, "The third angel followed them,
01:34 referring to the other two,
01:36 and he said with the loud voice,
01:38 If any man worships the beast and his image,
01:43 and receive his mark in his forehead,
01:46 or in his hand,
01:48 The same shall drink the wine of the wrath of God."
01:54 The phrase, the wrath of God
01:56 does not mean that God is gonna at some point
01:58 throw a heavenly temper tantrum.
02:01 He is not a meanie, is meanie, He is not cruel,
02:04 He is not wicked, He is not arbitrary.
02:08 When the Bible talks about the wrath of God,
02:10 it refers to His pure and holy justice
02:14 against legitimate evil, against sin.
02:18 And this verse tells us that at some point,
02:21 God's wrath is going to fall,
02:23 that justice is going to drop upon this world,
02:26 upon those who get the mark of the beast.
02:29 "The wine of the wrath of God,
02:31 which is poured out without any mixture
02:35 into the cup of his indignation--"
02:39 Now there is a lot here.
02:41 I've contemplated this for many years.
02:44 We've done other programs on this.
02:47 I've preached on this across America,
02:51 in Canada and in other countries.
02:53 I've written books on this
02:54 because there is just so much power in this one verse
02:58 that we need to understand.
03:01 So let's take a close look.
03:03 The wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out
03:06 without mixture into the cup, this mysterious cup, this cup,
03:11 the cup of God's wrath
03:12 that the world is going to drink
03:14 at some point in the future is going to be a cup inside
03:18 of which is a brew without any mixture.
03:24 When you study carefully the Bible,
03:27 you learn that the God who is up above us,
03:30 the great God of heaven and earth,
03:32 the God who created this world,
03:34 His character is a blend of different attributes.
03:39 Exodus Chapter 34
03:41 describes the revelation of God's character to Moses
03:43 and He described Himself as merciful, gracious,
03:46 longsuffering which means patient,
03:49 abundant in goodness and truth.
03:51 It says that He forgive sins, He keeps mercy for thousands,
03:55 but then it also says that
03:56 yet He will by no means clear the guilty.
03:59 But He does eventually punish, He punish the sin.
04:03 And those attributes to put Him together
04:05 basically are that God's character
04:08 is a blend of mercy and justice rooted in love.
04:14 Mercy and justice rooted in love,
04:16 that is the true character of God,
04:19 of the God of the Bible
04:21 of the Lord of heaven and earth.
04:23 And when the Bible says that His wrath
04:25 which is His pure justice against sin
04:28 is finally poured out on those who get the mark of the beast
04:31 without any mixture.
04:33 That word mixture means
04:35 that there is no mixture of mercy
04:40 in the final outpouring of God's wrath.
04:44 There is another passage in the Book of Hebrews
04:46 that really brings this out very clearly.
04:50 In Hebrews 10:28-31,
04:55 10:28-31, this is what the Bible says.
05:00 In Old Testament times,
05:02 "He that despised Moses' law
05:06 died without mercy under two or three witnesses."
05:11 So those in Old Testament days, in the time of ancient Israel
05:14 that rejected God, that despised Him,
05:17 that completely chose to follow evil instead of God
05:20 and instead of good.
05:22 It says that they died without mercy.
05:25 In other words, the justice fell upon them
05:27 without any mercy at all.
05:30 When you look at human history,
05:31 ever since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden,
05:34 God's mercy has been bathing this planet.
05:38 It's been over this planet in spite of its sins.
05:40 Now there was a time in the days of Noah
05:42 when for the whole world finally mercy ran out.
05:46 When Noah got into the ark and his family got in
05:49 and when the door finally closed
05:52 after 120 years of preaching,
05:55 when that, when the door of the ark closed, that was it,
05:58 mercy had come to an end, and then seven days later,
06:02 that's when the water started coming down
06:04 and that's when justice fully kicked in.
06:08 And Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah,
06:11 so it shall be the coming of the Son of Man.
06:13 In other words, there would be a parallel
06:15 and what the Bible is telling us
06:17 in the message of the third angel
06:19 is that at some point in the days ahead,
06:23 right after the mark of the beast crisis,
06:25 when everybody makes their choice
06:26 to be on the side of Jesus or the beast,
06:29 then finally the wrath of God is going to be poured out
06:33 without mixture upon the whole world.
06:36 As I continue to read in Hebrews 10.
06:40 "He that despised Moses' law died without mercy
06:43 under two or three witnesses:
06:45 Of how much more sorer punishment, suppose ye,
06:49 that he shall be thought worthy,
06:53 who has trodden under foot the Son of God,
06:57 and has counted the blood of the covenant,
07:00 wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing,
07:03 and has done despite unto the Spirit of grace?"
07:07 And that's what's gonna happen at the end of the world.
07:08 In Noah's day, people despised the spirit of grace.
07:12 It says that, God said,
07:14 My spirit will not always strive with man.
07:16 And eventually when the world chose to reject God
07:20 and Noah's message, then justice fell.
07:24 Verse 30 says, "We know him who said,
07:27 Vengeance belongs to me,
07:28 I will recompense, says the Lord.
07:31 And again, the Lord shall judge his people.
07:34 It is a fearful thing
07:35 to fall into the hands of the living God."
07:39 It is a fearful thing
07:40 when mercy finally comes to an end
07:42 and then justice strikes.
07:44 In the message of the third angel
07:45 is that one of these days
07:48 when the mark of the beast hits,
07:50 and everybody has a chance
07:51 to chose between Jesus or the beast
07:54 and people chose the mark,
07:56 then finally
07:58 God's mercy is going to run out for the whole world,
08:02 and then the wine of the wrath of God
08:04 will be poured out without any mixture,
08:09 fearful thought.
08:11 And it says, ''It will be poured out without mixture
08:13 into the cup of His indignation--"
08:17 And notice that word cup, the cup of His indignation.
08:21 "And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone
08:24 in the presence of the holy angels,
08:25 and in the presence of the Lamb."
08:29 Not only His wrath described in this passage
08:34 but the Lamb surfaces
08:37 right in the middle of this fiery language.
08:42 The Lamb is Jesus Christ.
08:45 And it's amazing
08:46 when you really contemplate this verse
08:50 and look at it carefully, and think about the wrath,
08:54 and think about no mercy, and think about the cup,
08:57 and then think about the presence of the Lamb.
09:01 There has never been a time in human history
09:04 where God's justice has fully been poured out,
09:09 totally and completely without a drop of mercy,
09:13 so that people are punished for all of their sins,
09:18 that has never happened, not even in the days of Noah.
09:20 When Noah entered the ark
09:21 and the door closed and the water came down.
09:24 This was just really justice upon their physical lives
09:28 because of their sins
09:30 but they weren't actually punished for every sin
09:33 that they've ever committed.
09:35 This didn't even happen in the days of Noah.
09:37 There's never been a time in human history
09:39 when anyone has ever completely and fully
09:43 drank the cup of the wine of the wrath of God
09:47 without a drop of mercy except for one time.
09:53 It happened once and it happened in the Garden,
09:58 called the Garden of Gethsemane.
10:00 And inside that garden was a man
10:04 who the Bible refers to as the Lamb,
10:06 the Lamb of God
10:08 who takes away the sin of the world.
10:10 And in the Garden of Gethsemane,
10:12 Jesus Christ wrestled
10:15 with whether He was going to drink that full cup or not.
10:20 And I firmly believe
10:22 that when we really understand the depths
10:25 as that we're not just water skiing
10:27 but we're deep sea divers,
10:28 and we understand the depths of the third angel's message
10:32 that we'll see in the middle of all of this fiery language
10:36 about wrath and justice.
10:37 We will see the deepest revelation of mercy
10:43 that we've ever seen
10:45 and we will be brought directly into the presence of the Lamb.
10:51 So let's turn in our Bibles reverently
10:57 to the Book of Luke,
10:58 and let's take a look at the scene
11:00 that is described in God's book.
11:04 The scene that takes us to the sufferings of Jesus.
11:08 We're on holy ground as we look at this.
11:11 Luke 22:39,
11:14 this was the night before Jesus died a long time ago
11:18 just outside Jerusalem up a slope, east of the city,
11:25 the slope that went up a mountain
11:26 called the Mount of Olives.
11:28 And Jesus and His disciples went into a garden
11:31 called the Garden of Gethsemane.
11:33 The Bible says that Jesus came out of the city
11:35 as He was--
11:38 as He was want or as He was willing to do,
11:41 and then it says He went to the Mount of Olives
11:43 and His disciples also followed Him.
11:45 And when He was at the place and the place was the garden,
11:50 the entrance of the garden.
11:51 He told His disciples pray
11:53 that you enter not into temptation
11:56 and He was withdrawn from them about a stone's cast
11:59 and then He knelt down and He prayed,
12:02 and Jesus left eight of His disciples
12:05 at the entrance of the garden.
12:07 He took three of them in farther,
12:09 in Matthew it tells us this in Matthew's account.
12:11 He took Peter, James and John and Judas was already out
12:15 doing his awful deed in the night
12:18 meeting with the priests and taking the money
12:21 and getting ready to betray Christ.
12:24 And so, Jesus left eight at the gate or near the gate,
12:29 He took three of His closest disciples
12:32 into the inner recesses and then He went farther,
12:35 He went farther all by Himself where no human eye could see.
12:39 The Bible says He knelt down and He prayed.
12:43 Verse 42 and He said, He said, "Father, Father,
12:48 if You are willing, remove this cup from me."
12:54 Notice the word cup.
12:56 It's the same word we read in Revelation 14:10
12:59 that people will drink the wine of the wrath of God
13:02 without mixture
13:04 which is poured out into the cup.
13:06 And now here Jesus is praying in the garden
13:09 and He is calling God, His father
13:11 and He is praying and He said, Father,
13:13 if You are willing, remove this cup from me,
13:18 nevertheless not My will, but Your will be done.
13:23 Now, friend, what was in that cup?
13:26 It doesn't mean that Jesus was actually holding a glass
13:29 in His hand or a plastic container,
13:33 it wasn't a literal cup, that the word cup is a metaphor
13:37 for what Jesus was about to drink,
13:39 which means what He was about to take in
13:41 to His, into His soul.
13:44 And what was it?
13:45 What was Jesus about to choose to drink
13:48 to take into His soul?
13:50 What was inside that cup?
13:52 It was a number of things,
13:55 one of which was the sin of the whole world,
13:58 the sin of from Adam,
14:00 all the way down to the end of time
14:01 of every single human being that has ever lived,
14:04 saint and sinner alike.
14:06 Jesus was about to drink
14:09 the cup of sin of the whole world,
14:11 and also within that cup
14:14 was the wine of the wrath of God,
14:17 the justice of God
14:19 without a drop of mercy.
14:24 And it was a horrifying thought for Jesus to contemplate this.
14:29 His whole life had led up to this moment.
14:35 All of the ancient prophecies were about to be fulfilled
14:39 and He was there in the garden struggling with this cup.
14:44 Verse 43 says,
14:46 "There appeared an angel to Him from heaven,
14:49 strengthening him."
14:50 And I personally believe, I can't prove this,
14:53 but this is just my personal opinion.
14:55 As I thought about this that if the angel didn't come down
14:58 to strengthen Jesus in the garden,
15:01 then He probably would have died right there.
15:04 The pressure and the conflict inside of Him was so great
15:09 that He could have just drop dead in the garden,
15:12 but that was not the plan.
15:13 He needed to be lifted up on the cross
15:15 so that the world could see what He was going through
15:18 and His love for humanity.
15:21 "So the angel came and strengthened him."
15:23 And verse 44 says,
15:24 "Being in agony, He prayed more earnestly.
15:27 And His sweat was as it were great drops of blood
15:32 falling down to the ground.
15:36 The sweat was coming out of His head.
15:37 This is actually a medical condition, it's a,
15:40 there's a word that describes it.
15:41 It's too long of a word, I can't even pronounce it.
15:44 But if you look in the medical literature,
15:45 you'll find out that there have been certain instances
15:48 where certain people have been under so much stress and strain
15:54 that they've actually sweat drops of blood
15:56 out of the pores of their skin in their foreheads.
16:00 And that's what Jesus went through
16:02 and the Bible says that He was in so much agony
16:05 that His sweat was as it were great drops of blood
16:07 falling down to the ground.
16:09 Now, it's significant that the mark of the beast
16:11 in Revelation goes in the forehead
16:14 and in the hand,
16:15 and in this passage here we see Jesus suffering
16:20 and the intensity of the suffering is going on,
16:23 it's not inside His hand, it's not inside His foot,
16:25 it's not inside His knee, it's inside His forehead,
16:28 it's in His mind, that's where Jesus was suffering,
16:31 that's where He was wrestling
16:34 and dealing with the pressure of the sin of the world
16:37 and with the justice of God against sin.
16:41 Now, I want to make it very clear
16:42 that it doesn't mean that Jesus is full of love and mercy
16:45 and His Father is full of just justice,
16:47 it's not justice, it's not that.
16:49 Jesus said in the Book of John Chapter 10,
16:51 "I and My Father are one."
16:53 They're united, they're together
16:55 and it's their mutual character of justice and mercy
16:59 that was being played out
17:01 and illustrate in the Garden of Gethsemane.
17:04 And Jesus doesn't want anyone to get the mark of the beast.
17:06 He doesn't want anyone to drink the wine of the wrath of God
17:10 or the justice of God against sin,
17:12 He doesn't want this. The Father doesn't want this.
17:14 No, none of the angels in heaven want this.
17:17 And in order to give humans a chance
17:22 to avoid the justice of God against sin,
17:25 Jesus came down here and He took our sin
17:29 and He bore our justice,
17:32 so that He could legitimately give us His mercy
17:36 and that we could be forgiven
17:38 and that we would never have to worry
17:40 about receiving the pure justice of God
17:43 in His wrath.
17:44 That's what's going on in Gethsemane
17:46 and the conflict was so great,
17:47 the conflict was so terrible inside His heart,
17:50 Jesus just wrestled and thought Father, Father,
17:54 Father, if I go through with this,
17:57 that means I'm gonna take the sin of the world
17:59 and I'm gonna take Your pure justice against sin,
18:03 and I'm gonna be separated from You.
18:06 And we can't even imagine
18:09 what that was like even when we get to heaven.
18:11 When the saved get to heaven
18:13 and when we live with Jesus throughout eternity,
18:16 we will never fully understand the suffering
18:20 that Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane.
18:23 In Gethsemane, Jesus drank the cup
18:26 that is described in the third angel's message.
18:28 He drank the cup of the wine of the wrath of God,
18:31 so that He could extend His mercy
18:34 to lost human beings who choose to repent
18:37 and to trust in Him as their savior,
18:40 so that they don't have to bear that justice.
18:43 It's the heart of the plan of salvation.
18:46 It's the heart of the great controversy
18:48 is what happened in Gethsemane and on the cross,
18:52 and the third angel is a warning
18:55 about the wrath of God that is coming upon the world.
18:58 And then it points us to the cup and to the Lamb,
19:03 and the purpose of that revelation
19:05 is to ultimately point us to Gethsemane and to the cross,
19:09 and to break our hearts, to change our lives,
19:12 and so that we are so moved by what we see
19:15 what Jesus went through
19:16 that we want Jesus in our foreheads.
19:19 We want His love in our hearts.
19:20 We want His power inside of us,
19:23 so that when the mark of the beast hits
19:24 and we can't buy or sell, we can't go, you know,
19:27 we can't continue to live in this world
19:29 without going along with the beast
19:31 that we still say no, there is no way,
19:34 I'm not gonna do it.
19:35 It's just my mind is settled on my Lord Jesus Christ
19:41 because of what He did for me in the Garden of Gethsemane
19:44 and on the cross, and there is no way
19:46 that the devil is gonna put a mark in my head,
19:49 in my forehead
19:50 'cause I want to be on Jesus' side 100 percent.
19:57 I've been moved by verse 42 where Jesus said,
20:01 "Father, if You're willing, take this cup from Me."
20:07 Since I've become a dad myself, a father,
20:11 I have just grown in my appreciation
20:15 of what I see in the Bible
20:17 and what Jesus Christ did for me.
20:19 My wife and I, My wife's name is Kristen,
20:22 and we have two children,
20:24 Seth who is at this moment, he is eight years old
20:26 and little Abby, Abigail Rose Wohlberg,
20:29 she just recently turned five.
20:32 And my wife and I, we just love our kids so much.
20:34 We would do anything for our children.
20:36 And I thought about what it would be like
20:39 if my little boy or my daughter came to me and said,
20:42 daddy, daddy, please take this cup from me.
20:46 If I drink this cup, we're gonna be separated.
20:49 And I don't want to be separated from you.
20:52 You know what would I do if they told me to do that?
20:59 To be honest, I'm not sure what I would do,
21:02 but my mind thinks about my heavenly Father
21:05 and His Son in the garden.
21:07 And when Jesus said, Father, if You're willing,
21:09 take this cup from Me.
21:15 The Father longed to do that.
21:18 He didn't want, at least a huge part of Him
21:22 didn't want to see His Son suffer,
21:24 but the Father and the Son had covenant together
21:28 before sin entered this world that if man sinned
21:32 that they would go through with this,
21:33 that they would do it together
21:35 because of their love for human beings.
21:37 So Jesus said, Father,
21:40 if there is any way to take this cup from me,
21:42 do it, but then He said,
21:44 nevertheless not My will but Your will be done.
21:50 And I'm deeply convicted that just as Jesus surrendered all
21:54 and He was already surrendered
21:56 but He continued to surrender all in the garden
21:59 and He said, not My will Father but Yours be done.
22:03 I'll do it if that's what it takes
22:04 to save Steve Wohlberg and to save you,
22:07 to save your family and everyone that you know
22:09 and that you love if they choose Jesus,
22:12 Jesus made that choice
22:15 without any mixture of reservation.
22:20 He said, not My will, not Mine, not My will at all,
22:24 I don't want anything
22:25 apart from to do with My human will,
22:27 I want Your will to be done.
22:31 And that is the prayer that we need to pray as well.
22:34 We need to pray a prayer without mixture,
22:38 which basically means that we say God,
22:40 I don't want any mixture of me, of self, of my will,
22:43 I'm going my way in this issue or any issue,
22:47 I want to completely give my life to You,
22:51 not my will but Your will be done.
22:54 That is the prayer that we need to pray
22:56 in order to have Jesus fully in our hearts,
22:59 fully in our lives, so that we can get ready
23:02 to stand up against the mark of the beast.
23:08 Sometime ago when I was in Oklahoma,
23:10 my little boy Seth and I were taking a walk, he would say,
23:13 this was a number of years ago, he was three years old.
23:16 And he started playing with some rocks.
23:19 We were out in the field on a hot day,
23:22 and he found a pile of rocks and he grabbed a rock
23:24 and he just without thinking about it,
23:26 he threw the rock behind him.
23:27 He was just a little guy and he still had strong arm
23:29 and he threw the rock behind him
23:31 and I was standing right behind him
23:32 and the rock came flying through the air
23:33 and hit me right in the mouth.
23:35 And immediately I dropped down to my knees
23:37 and I felt my lips and my lips were puffing up,
23:39 thank God, my teeth didn't break,
23:41 but I felt the blood dripping down,
23:44 and I knew that, you know, I've gotten hit pretty hard.
23:47 And so, when I knew that my teeth weren't broken,
23:49 I thought, well, how can I help my son
23:51 to learn something from this,
23:52 so I turn him around and I had him look at my mouth.
23:56 And I said, Seth, look, look at he blood.
23:58 I said Seth, you hurt daddy. And say, I'm sorry daddy.
24:02 And like a little obedient robot
24:03 Seth said, I'm sorry daddy.
24:06 But I realized right away that he didn't really,
24:08 you know, understand
24:09 and how much could you expect from a little boy like that,
24:11 little kid, but at least he did it.
24:14 And so, I thought, well, at least he obeyed me good
24:16 and I went back to nursing my lips
24:18 and my puffed mouth,
24:20 but then within just a few short seconds,
24:22 Seth had actually turned around
24:23 and go back to playing with rocks
24:25 but then he turn back around on his own free will
24:28 and he looked at me with the very intense look,
24:30 and he looked at the blood dripping down my cheeks.
24:34 And then he said, daddy, he said, I'm sorry.
24:38 I'm sorry, daddy.
24:39 And my heart soared for joy when he said that
24:42 because I knew that the Holy Spirit
24:44 was working in his little childish conscience
24:48 and convicting him to be genuinely sorry
24:52 that he had hurt his father.
24:55 Well, there is a lesson for us in that.
24:59 You know, we can pray our prayers and we can say,
25:00 oh, God, forgive my sins,
25:02 I'm sorry for what I've done to You and Jesus.
25:04 Help me to get ready for heaven,
25:06 but we may not really mean it in our hearts.
25:08 We may just it like robots
25:10 because we know that's we're supposed to say.
25:12 But the Lord doesn't want us to do that.
25:13 He wants us--
25:15 I mean, He wants us to say those words,
25:16 but He wants us to say from the heart,
25:18 just like my son realized that he hurt me.
25:21 God wants us to realize that we've hurt,
25:24 that we have hurt Him, and that we've hurt His Son,
25:27 and that the sins that we've committed
25:29 are worse than we realize.
25:30 And in the Garden of Gethsemane,
25:32 Jesus took the cup, He took the sin,
25:36 He took the wine of the wrath of God
25:38 into His mind, into His heart, He chose to do it
25:42 because He loves you and me.
25:44 He doesn't want us to experience
25:45 the wrath poured out
25:47 on those who get the mark of the beast.
25:48 And because of that,
25:50 He chose to drink the cup Himself
25:52 in Gethsemane and on the cross,
25:55 so that we would choose Him and follow Him now and forever.
26:00 And no matter what happens
26:01 when the mark of the beast is enforced,
26:03 we will never let the devil put a mark in our foreheads
26:07 because we are on the side of Jesus Christ.
26:11 At the heart of the third angel's message,
26:13 the Bible talks about the presence of the holy angels
26:18 and the presence of the Lamb.
26:21 And may God help us to choose the Lamb,
26:25 to choose Jesus,
26:26 to choose His presence and His power
26:29 to make the choice to go His way
26:31 instead of any other way
26:32 because that's God's will for us right now.
26:36 You have just heard His Voice Today.
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