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What the Bible Says about the Antichrist

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00:08 The Bible says,
00:10 you have heard that Antichrist shall come.
00:13 Is there more to the subject than you've been told?
00:16 Sick with me on His Voice Today.
00:22 Welcome to another His Voice Today,
00:24 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:29 I imagine you've heard the story of the Titanic,
00:32 the apparently unsinkable ship
00:33 that went down in the year 1912,
00:36 somewhere out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean,
00:38 with half of a passengers still on board.
00:42 It's an amazing story, with a lot of lessons for us.
00:45 We are going to tackle a Titanic subject today
00:49 and the title is called,
00:50 What the Bible says about Antichrist?
00:53 And there certainly a lot of ideas and theories
00:55 that are swirling around,
00:57 which according to how I read my Bible,
01:00 though they might be consider by their promoters
01:03 as unsinkable, they really don't hold water.
01:07 So we're gonna do
01:08 as we're gonna tackle this subject,
01:09 we're gonna look at it from the Bible.
01:12 For your information, the word Antichrist,
01:16 is only used five times in God's book.
01:19 And all five of those references
01:20 are in 1 John and 2 John.
01:23 And we're gonna take a look at every single one of them
01:26 and see what the Bible actually says.
01:28 It's no secret that
01:30 when most people think about Antichrist today,
01:34 they imagine a one super human,
01:38 half man or half devil,
01:41 some super bad guy
01:43 that's gonna show up at the very end of time.
01:46 Often the people think he'll come after the rapture,
01:49 he will arise somewhere in Europe,
01:52 he'll possibly rebuild
01:53 the ancient city of the Babylon,
01:55 he'll gain control of the United Nations,
01:57 he will be some
01:59 very charismatic political figure
02:02 that rises entirely outside of the Christian church.
02:07 This idea has been communicated through
02:09 novels, and books, and movies,
02:12 radio programs, television shows
02:14 on and on and on.
02:16 And yet, as I've looked at those ideas,
02:19 and as I've looked at my Bible,
02:23 they don't always agree.
02:25 And so, let's just find out, you know,
02:26 what does the Bible really say about the word Antichrist.
02:31 In the next meeting we'll talk about the beast
02:34 and we'll actually identify the beast.
02:36 So hold on to your seats, we got lot to do.
02:39 1 John 2
02:42 is where the word Antichrist is used
02:45 first time in the Bible.
02:46 And I want to give us the context
02:48 before we look at that verse.
02:50 1 John 2:1, the Bible says, "My little children,
02:55 these things I write to you that you sin not.
02:58 And if any man sin,
02:59 we have an advocate with the Father,
03:01 Jesus Christ, the righteous,
03:04 and He is the propitiation or the sacrifice
03:07 for our sins and not for ours only,
03:09 but also for the sins of the whole world."
03:13 John wrote this to the early Christian believers
03:16 and he's basically saying
03:17 that God doesn't want us to sin,
03:20 sin is a terrible thing
03:22 that has cost so much damage in God's universe
03:25 and down here on planet earth.
03:27 And the Lord doesn't want us to sin,
03:29 he would rather us stay away from it entirely.
03:32 But the verse continues and says,
03:35 "But, if any man does sin,"
03:38 which has happened to all of us.
03:40 If we fall in the sin, if yield to temptation
03:43 then we still have hope.
03:44 The Bible says, "If any man sin
03:47 we have an advocate with the Father."
03:50 And the Father here is the Father in heaven,
03:53 it is God himself.
03:55 And our advocate,
03:56 which means our mediator or intercessor
03:59 is Jesus Christ, the righteous one.
04:02 And verse 2 says,
04:04 "He is the propitiation or the sacrifice
04:07 for our sins and not for ours only
04:10 but also for the sins of the whole world."
04:16 The good news of the Bible is that Jesus Christ,
04:19 our mediator and our sacrifice,
04:22 that when he died on the cross,
04:23 he died for the sins of the entire world.
04:25 He died for your sins, he died for my sins,
04:28 he died for the sins of Catholics,
04:30 the sins of Protestants, the sins of Buddhists,
04:34 and Baptists, those who believe in witchcraft,
04:38 he died for Hindus,
04:39 he died for Russians, for Americans, for Japanese,
04:42 wherever we live around the world,
04:44 he died for every single politician,
04:46 believe it or not.
04:47 He died for the republicans, for Democrats,
04:50 for Osama, and Obama, for every one,
04:54 Jesus Christ gave his life on the cross
04:58 for the sins of the world.
05:00 John 3:16 says that, "For God so loved the world
05:03 that he gave his only begotten Son,
05:05 that who so ever believe in him should not perish
05:08 but have everlasting life."
05:11 And the Bible is very clear
05:12 that if we commit a sin or if we've fallen in the sin,
05:16 if we've lived a life of sin then heaven's doors are open
05:20 and then we can come to God through Jesus Christ.
05:24 We can go directly to the Father through the son,
05:28 Jesus is our advocate,
05:29 he is our sacrifice, he is my savior,
05:32 and he is your savior,
05:34 especially if you choose to belief
05:36 and to give your heart to him.
05:38 So that is the context,
05:40 the context of 1 John 2 is Jesus Christ.
05:43 And we have to understand Jesus Christ
05:46 and him as our sacrifice, and as our mediator,
05:49 and as our advocate, and as our savior
05:51 in order to even begin to understand
05:53 what the Bible says about Antichrist.
05:56 Because ultimately, Antichrist is against Jesus Christ
06:00 and tries to lead us away from our savior.
06:04 So with that context,
06:07 here is the first reference in the New Testament
06:10 to the word antichrist itself.
06:14 1 John 2:18, John wrote, "Little children,
06:20 it is the last time,
06:22 as you have heard that antichrist shall come,
06:27 even now,
06:28 " John wrote, are there many antichrists,
06:32 whereby we know that it is the last time."
06:37 Did you catch that? This is an amazing verse.
06:40 So when most people think about the word antichrist,
06:43 they think only about one person,
06:46 and yet this verse says there are many antichrists.
06:50 When most people think about antichrist,
06:51 they think about only one person
06:53 that's coming in the future.
06:55 And yet, John wrote, even now
06:58 are there many antichrists.
07:00 And so that there's more to the subject of the antichrist
07:04 than just one super bad guy who supposedly will come.
07:09 And at the end John said,
07:10 even now there are many antichrists,
07:13 and he said, whereby we know,
07:14 because we see all these antichrists around us,
07:16 we know that it is the last time.
07:20 This is the last time according to the Bible.
07:22 Now verse 19, John gives us some more information
07:26 which is really shocking about antichrist.
07:28 In verse 19, John said,
07:30 "They," referring to these many antichrists,
07:33 he said, "They went out from.."
07:37 and the next word there is "us," u-s, us,
07:41 "they went out from us."
07:43 Now, when you really think about it,
07:44 when John said us,
07:47 he's not talking about people out there,
07:49 outside of Christianity, he's talking about himself
07:52 and the leaders of the early Christian church.
07:56 And when John said that,
07:57 these many antichrist went out from us,
08:01 he's talking about a development
08:03 which is an apostate development,
08:06 it's a false development.
08:07 But never the less, it is the development
08:09 that is coming from within the Christian church.
08:14 That's what John is saying,
08:16 they is many antichrist went out from us.
08:21 Now as you keep reading, in verse 22,
08:24 he goes into more detail
08:26 about what these many antichrists were doing.
08:30 Verse 22 says, "Who is a liar,
08:32 but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ?
08:37 He is antichrist,
08:40 that denies the Father and the Son."
08:42 Now this was the third reference
08:44 to the word antichrist.
08:45 The first is in verse 18 about antichrist coming,
08:49 and then, also at the end of verse 18
08:51 about many antichrists,
08:53 and now in verse 22
08:55 we have this, the text that says,
08:57 he is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.
09:02 This tells us then antichrist, whoever or whatever it is,
09:05 or how many where are, or whether it's just one
09:07 or a whole host of different people,
09:11 we know that antichrist denies
09:15 that Jesus is the Christ,
09:17 and he denies the Father and the Son.
09:20 And when the Bible says the Father, again,
09:22 it's talking about a God as our heavenly father,
09:26 and it's talking about Jesus is the only way to the Father.
09:30 I'm a Christian,
09:31 I believe in Bible, I believe in Jesus,
09:33 and I know that I don't have to go
09:35 through anyone else to get to my Heavenly Father.
09:39 I can go directly through Jesus Christ alone,
09:43 He is my savior.
09:44 And yet, the scripture says that antichrist denies this,
09:49 antichrist tries to usurp the place of Christ
09:53 and to remove Jesus
09:55 from being the centre of our focus.
09:58 And the centre of the pathway from man to God,
10:02 it is through Christ, through Christ alone.
10:05 And the Bible says, "He is antichrist
10:08 who denies the Father and the Son."
10:11 I think of an another verse in 1 John, not 1 John,
10:15 it's John 14:6 where Jesus said,
10:18 "I am the way, and the truth, and the life,
10:21 and no man comes to the Father,"
10:25 which is talking about the heavenly Father,
10:27 "no one comes to the Father,"
10:29 Jesus said, "except through me."
10:33 He is the way to heaven
10:35 and to resist that or to deny that,
10:39 according to 1 John 2:22, is antichrist.
10:46 In verse 26, John continued, and he wrote,
10:51 "These things I have written to you."
10:54 Now the ''you'' applies to Christians.
10:57 John is writing to the early Christians.
10:59 "These things I've written you concerning them,"
11:02 and the ''them" is these many antichrists
11:04 that have been coming out
11:06 from within the Christian church.
11:08 "These things I've written to you
11:10 concerning them that seduce you."
11:14 So these antichrists coming out from within Christianity
11:18 were trying to seduce true Christians
11:21 away from Jesus Christ.
11:23 And in the first century
11:24 when John wrote this the battle was on.
11:26 And the battle is on today.
11:28 It has been continuing unabated for over 2,000 years,
11:34 and we are in midst of a struggle
11:36 between God and Devil,
11:37 between antichrist and Jesus Christ.
11:40 And we don't want to be seduced
11:43 by many antichrists that tried to lead us astray
11:47 from our savior.
11:50 Chapter 4, 1 John 4:3,
11:54 this is the next verse
11:56 that talks about the word antichrist.
12:01 And it gives us a new dimension to the subject.
12:03 1 John 4:3, John wrote,
12:06 "Every spirit that confess not
12:10 that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh,
12:14 this is that spirit of antichrist,
12:20 whereof you have heard that it should come,
12:25 " John told the Christians, he says, you've heard
12:27 that an antichrist is coming.
12:29 And then he said,
12:31 "even now already is it in the world."
12:35 So John is not telling Christians
12:37 that antichrist is just a way off in the future,
12:41 John is telling them that antichrist
12:44 is right there, right now,
12:46 and that the battle is on.
12:47 And John also informs us that antichrist is more
12:51 than just a flesh and blood,
12:54 there's something much deeper to this topic than just a skin.
12:59 He says, this is that spirit of antichrist,
13:03 there's a spirit of antichrist.
13:04 And that spirit of antichrist can circle the world,
13:08 that spirit of antichrist can work in all kinds of ways,
13:12 in all kinds of a subtleties
13:15 to try to lead Christians away from Jesus.
13:19 In the next verse, John clarifies a little more.
13:23 He said in verse 4, "You," writing to the believers,
13:26 "You are of God, little children,
13:28 and you have overcome them."
13:31 And the "them" is these many antichrists
13:33 and the spirit of antichrist
13:35 that deny Jesus Christ as the only way to the Father,
13:40 but you have overcome them
13:42 "because greater is he that is in you,
13:45 than he that is in the world."
13:47 Now, a lot of Christians think that antichrist
13:49 is just something coming in the future
13:51 and that it's just the people
13:53 who possibly miss the rapture
13:56 that have to do with antichrist.
13:58 But that's not what John said in the passage.
14:03 In this verse, John is very clear
14:05 that the battle is between Antichrist
14:08 and true believers in Jesus,
14:11 between true Christians.
14:13 And that Christians are called by God to overcome
14:19 these many antichrists, and the spirit of antichrists.
14:21 That's what he said, "You have God, little children,
14:24 and you have to overcome them,
14:27 because greater is He that is in you
14:29 then He is in the world."
14:30 The only way that we can overcome antichrist
14:33 is if we have the power of Jesus Christ in our hearts,
14:36 that's what we need, we need Jesus.
14:39 I'm a father, my children are Seth and Abbey,
14:43 Seth is eight and Abbey is five,
14:45 and we have morning and evening worship,
14:47 we pray together a lot.
14:49 And one of the teachings from the Bible
14:52 that I stress to my kids is "Children, Seth, abbey,
14:56 you need Jesus Christ in your heart."
14:59 And I remember taking to my little girl one day,
15:03 I was talking about, "Abbey how, you know,
15:04 we need Jesus in our hearts
15:06 in order to be ready for haven,"
15:07 and Abbey said "Daddy, I am ready, I am ready."
15:12 Because she's just given her whole heart to Christ.
15:15 And out of the mouths of babes
15:17 we cannot learn lots of lessons,
15:19 and we all need Jesus in our hearts.
15:22 We need to be God's little children
15:24 who trust him, who trust the Bible,
15:25 who trusts what the Lord says,
15:27 and we have the power of Jesus Christ in our hearts
15:30 then we don't need to be afraid.
15:32 And by God's grace we can conquer,
15:34 we can over come
15:35 the sprit of Antichrist
15:36 and whatever the devil throws at us.
15:39 So again, my main point is that the battle is going on
15:42 inside the church.
15:44 That's what John is writing about,
15:45 that's the whole, the whole trend
15:48 of his council here,
15:49 and we need to overcome antichrist
15:54 so he doesn't overcome us.
15:56 Now going on, that's four references,
15:59 we've seen two in 1 John 2:18,
16:04 we've seen one in 1 John 2:22, that's three.
16:08 We've seen another one in 1 John 4:3
16:11 that talks about many antichrists
16:13 and the sprit of antichrist that has come into the world.
16:16 And now, here is the last reference,
16:18 number five is in 2 John 7.
16:23 John wrote,
16:25 "For many deceivers are entered into the world,
16:30 who confess not
16:31 that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.
16:35 This is a deceiver
16:38 and an antichrist."
16:43 And what can we learn from this text?
16:45 Again, just like in 1 John,
16:47 John said in 1 John, there were many antichrists.
16:49 So this verse says, there are many deceivers.
16:52 And this also tells us that Antichrist
16:55 is something very deceptive.
16:57 It's not obvious, it's not something that
17:00 when everybody looks at antichrist,
17:03 they're all going to go "Oh, no,
17:05 that's it, that's antichrist."
17:07 No, the only people
17:08 that are actually going to be able to discern antichrist,
17:12 the many antichrists, and the sprit of antichrist
17:14 is those who have the Holy Sprit,
17:16 those who are true believers in Jesus,
17:19 they'll be able to discern this
17:22 and watch out and avoid the deception.
17:26 Many deceivers are entered into the world.
17:29 John said they're here now, just like in first John.
17:32 And he said, they don't confess
17:35 that Jesus Christ come in the flesh.
17:37 Meaning that Jesus has himself come down,
17:40 He's a human being,
17:42 He is the man, He is the way, the truth, the life,
17:47 nobody comes to the Father but through Him.
17:49 I'm also thinking of 1 Timothy 2:5 that says,
17:53 there's only one God and there is only one mediator
17:57 between God and men, and it is the man Christ Jesus.
18:03 And those who deny that, John said,
18:05 they are deceivers
18:08 and an antichrist.
18:13 So these are the facts
18:16 form 1 John 2, Chapter 4,
18:20 and 2 John 7.
18:23 These are the biblical facts.
18:25 The title of this program is called
18:27 What Does the Bible Say About Antichrist,
18:30 and now we know.
18:33 When you look at
18:35 what is often taught about antichrist?
18:38 This what I've heard, what I've watched,
18:40 what I've seen, what I've read in novels
18:43 and what I've seen in movies,
18:45 and all kinds of popular productions,
18:47 generally speaking,
18:49 people think of antichrist again,
18:51 as just one bad diabolical sinister man
18:57 who's going to come at the very end.
18:59 He's coming outside of the church
19:02 and he used to, he's going to try to deceive
19:06 as a charismatic political figure,
19:09 he's going to try to deceive those who in many views
19:14 have missed the rapture.
19:16 That's the common view.
19:18 And yet, when we look at the Bible,
19:20 what does the Bible actually say?
19:24 You know, it reminds me, this whole thing reminds me
19:26 of an experience I had years ago,
19:29 when I held a Bible prophesy seminar
19:31 in the little town of Corinth, Mississippi.
19:34 I still travel a lot,
19:35 I've been doing this for many years.
19:37 I crisscross the country
19:38 and I hold meetings in different churches,
19:40 sometimes in public auditoriums.
19:42 And we talk about the Bible and biblical topics,
19:45 the Book of Revelation, what the Bible says is coming.
19:48 We talk about the beast, we talk about antichrists,
19:50 just like we're doing rite now.
19:52 Well, anyway,
19:53 I got an invitation to go to Corinth, Mississippi, so
19:55 I got into an airplane, and I flew,
19:57 and I landed in Memphis, Tennessee.
19:59 And as I got out of the plane
20:01 and as I went over to the rental car place,
20:03 I picked up my, I think I was an enterprise,
20:05 and I picked up my car,
20:07 and I went up to the desk, and I asked the person
20:09 that I was doing the transaction with.
20:11 I said, what is the quickest way
20:13 to get to Corinth, Mississippi?
20:15 And he said, "Oh, that's really easy."
20:17 And then he reach down underneath the desk
20:19 and handed me a map.
20:20 He said "Here's them up," and he said ''Its real easy."
20:22 He said, ''You just go out of here
20:23 and you get on the freeway, you'll get on to Highway 55,
20:26 and then you just head south.
20:28 And if you just head south"
20:30 he said, ''It's about two hours,
20:32 you cant miss it."
20:33 He said ''You'll get to Corinth by and by."
20:35 I still remember that man saying that,
20:36 "You'll get to Corinth by and by."
20:38 Well, I had no reason to doubt him
20:41 because you know, he knew and I didn't,
20:42 I'm from California,
20:44 I'm not form Tennessee or Mississippi.
20:46 And so handed me the map, I went and picked up my car,
20:50 got in the car, started the engine,
20:52 went far as instructions,
20:54 and I got on the Highway 55, south.
20:57 And so I'm driving for, oh, about may be 20 minutes
21:00 and this little voice inside my conscious
21:02 started talking at me,
21:03 and the voice said that,
21:05 "Steve, you need to check your map."
21:07 And I resisted that voice and I thought to myself, Why?
21:11 I don't need to check my map,
21:13 this man knows what he's talking about.
21:16 He is in authority on where to go
21:18 and he told me just get on the highway and head south.
21:21 So I kept going, and then after another five or ten minutes,
21:24 the voice got louder in my mind and my conscious telling me,
21:27 Steve, you need to check your map.
21:31 And I resisted that voice, I thought,
21:33 I don't need to check my map, you know,
21:35 I got an another hour
21:36 on the road until I get to Corinth,
21:38 then I'll check my map.
21:39 Well, as I kept on driving
21:41 the voice got louder inside my head.
21:44 So finally, on open stretch
21:46 when there were hardly any cars around,
21:48 I know my wife probably wouldn't like
21:50 to hear that I did this,
21:51 although we weren't married back then.
21:53 But as I'm driving on the highway, I reached over,
21:55 picked up the map off the front seat,
21:58 and just quickly opened it up while I'm driving,
22:00 and I look down.
22:02 And when I saw the map,
22:03 it was right there in front of me,
22:05 I was shocked to see that I was on Highway 55,
22:07 like I had been told
22:09 and I was heading straight south,
22:11 and if I kept on going,
22:12 I would eventually get to Jackson, Mississippi by and by.
22:15 And then I looked over on the side,
22:17 and Corinth was dead east
22:20 on Highway 72 from Memphis,
22:25 from Memphis, Tennessee.
22:28 And when I saw that I realize
22:29 that if I would have continued on Highway 55,
22:33 I never would have got to Corinth by and by,
22:35 that I was on the wrong road.
22:37 And so, I, like a puppy dog with my tale you know,
22:42 beneath my legs, I turned around,
22:45 lost a quite a bit of time getting to Corinth,
22:48 got back on the road, headed the other direction,
22:51 back to Memphis, and then picked up Highway 72,
22:55 and begin heading east.
22:57 And I eventually did get to Corinth by and by.
23:02 I learned a lesson from that experience,
23:05 and the lesion is as much as you may trust someone,
23:07 and as much as, you know, you think that person knows
23:10 what he's talking about,
23:12 what we need to do,
23:14 we all need to do is check our map,
23:17 check the map yourself.
23:19 And when it comes to the topic of antichrist in the Bible,
23:23 you may have heard of lots of things
23:25 and you may trust the people
23:27 that you've heard them from.
23:29 And they may be honest people,
23:30 they may be some sincere people,
23:32 I'm not questioning that,
23:33 but the reality is that we all as Christians
23:37 hoping to get haven,
23:39 we need to be looking at our map,
23:41 which is the Bible and to find out
23:43 what the Bible actually says.
23:45 And we have to trust God's word
23:48 more than any man's opinion.
23:52 Now when we look at the Bible, what does it say?
23:56 We already read five references in the New Testament
23:59 to the word 'Antichrist', and this is what we read.
24:03 The Bible says in 1 John that,
24:05 "Even now are there many antichrists."
24:10 This is how we know we're in the last time right now.
24:13 John also said that "They came out,
24:16 they went out from us."
24:17 They come out from within Christianity.
24:20 They don't come from the out side
24:21 they come from the inside of the church.
24:25 They deny the Father and the Son in a subtle ways.
24:29 They are deceptive,
24:30 there is a spirit of antichrist,
24:33 according to the Bible.
24:35 The battle is on,
24:36 the battle is on inside the Christian church,
24:41 and it is to true believers, true followers of Jesus
24:45 who need to overcome the antichrist, antichrist,
24:48 the many antichrists, and the sprit of antichrist.
24:51 And we can do this through the power
24:53 of the God living in us
24:56 and by sticking closely to our maps,
25:00 and to following what the Bible has to say.
25:03 These are the facts.
25:05 Now in our next program
25:06 we're going to talk about beast.
25:08 There is a beast
25:09 described in the Book of Revelation,
25:11 there's also a little horn described in Daniel 7,
25:15 which definitely is antichrist.
25:17 And we'll find out
25:19 what the Bible actually has to say about this.
25:20 There's a lots of different ideas, and opinions,
25:22 and theories, and speculation going on around the world
25:26 from many people that are very sincere,
25:29 but the most important question is really,
25:32 what does the map have to say, what does the Bible say?
25:36 So encourage you to stick with me to come back,
25:38 to tune in next time for another program
25:41 called Identifying The Beast.
25:44 1 John 2:18,
25:50 this is what John wrote.
25:52 He wrote "Little children, it is the last time;
25:56 as you have heard that antichrist shall come,
26:00 even now are there many antichrists;
26:05 whereby we know it is the last time."
26:10 Verse 22 says, "Who is a liar
26:12 but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ?
26:16 He is Antichrist,
26:19 who denies the Father and the Son."
26:23 By the grace of God, lets commit our selves
26:26 to being on the side of Jesus Christ
26:28 and not on the side of antichrist,
26:30 and to stand up for the Lord, to stand up for the Bible,
26:33 to stand up for the truth in these last days
26:36 before Jesus comes again.
26:38 You have just heard His Voice Today.
26:42 We hope you've enjoyed this timely message
26:44 from Pastor Steve Wohlberg,
26:45 and we want you to know that White Horse media
26:47 is deeply committed to bringing you
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