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00:09 The book of Revelation talks about seven last plagues
00:11 that will soon be poured out upon the world.
00:14 What are they really all about?
00:16 That's our topic on His Voice Today.
00:22 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:25 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:30 "Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues"
00:31 that's our subject.
00:33 Revelation chapter 16 describes seven final terrible plagues
00:38 that will be poured out upon the world
00:40 right before the second coming of Jesus Christ,
00:43 what is this all about, you'll find out as we move in
00:47 from the Bible.
00:49 If you've got a Bible, open up to Revelation 16
00:52 verse 1... this is what we read.
01:08 The voice from heaven said, "Go... "
01:12 "Go your ways, and pour out the wrath of God. "
01:16 Somebody once said... we often complain
01:19 that we don't get what we want
01:21 but we should all be thankful
01:22 that none of us has yet received what we deserve
01:26 and the reality is that this world is heading for trouble
01:31 and this world deserves... deserves a lot of justice...
01:36 because God has been giving mercy for so long...
01:41 so long... for thousands of years...
01:44 and yet people have just spurned His love,
01:47 despised His mercy and have had no interest
01:51 in His... in His royal plan of salvation
01:54 and so, because of God's mercy
01:58 the plagues have not yet been poured out
02:01 this voice has not yet been heard... up in heaven
02:04 saying to the angels, "Go your ways... "
02:06 I heard a story once about a university professor,
02:09 he was an Atheist... he despised God...
02:12 he didn't believe in the Bible, he didn't believe in Jesus
02:15 and one day, he looked at his class
02:17 and he said, "Students... "
02:18 he said, "I am going to prove to you
02:20 that there is no God...
02:22 the idea of God is just a... a myth,
02:24 it's just a fiction in people's imaginations... "
02:26 and he said, "What I'm going to do is this,
02:28 I've got a stopwatch here and I'm going to push my button
02:31 and it's going to count out 60 seconds... "
02:32 and when those... during those 60 seconds... "
02:34 he said, "I'm going to swear...
02:36 I'm going to blaspheme, I'm going to curse...
02:37 nobody who is up there... I'm going to curse God...
02:40 and I'm going to challenge Him and say,
02:42 'God, if you're really there, strike me dead
02:44 and prove that you exist'" and he said,
02:46 "Students, you just watch, nothing will happen
02:48 because there is no God... "
02:50 so, all the students held their breaths,
02:52 and the university professor pushed his button
02:57 and for the next 60 seconds... this man mocked and screamed
03:00 and ranted and raved
03:01 and said everything he could think of against God...
03:04 and he challenged Him... "and if you're really there,
03:06 strike me dead and prove that you exist. "
03:09 Well, at the end of 60 seconds, guess what happened?
03:12 Not a thing... silence from heaven...
03:15 and so, the man looked at his class
03:18 and he said, "You see... " he said, "there's no God... "
03:20 Well, most his students were just...
03:23 pretty shocked by all of this
03:25 but in the back of the class, there were two Christians...
03:28 two Christian boys... and they got into a little...
03:31 quiet conversation about what they had just seen
03:35 and one of them said to the other,
03:37 he said, "That fool, that fool,
03:39 he thinks he can wear out the patience of God
03:43 in only 60 seconds... "
03:44 those students obviously knew their Bibles,
03:49 because the Bible says that God is extremely merciful...
03:53 He's patient... He's longsuffering...
03:56 He's full of forgiveness and compassion
03:58 and for thousands of years,
04:00 God has been putting up with an awful lot
04:02 and He's putting up with a lot now,
04:03 all kinds of crime and horror and sin and darkness
04:07 and evil... and just... open rebellion against His Word,
04:12 His love, His law and His authority
04:14 and He's continuing to be patient
04:16 but Revelation chapter 16 tells us
04:19 that one of these days
04:21 God's patience is finally going to run out.
04:24 After the Mark of the Beast is enforced
04:26 and everybody makes their final choice
04:29 and sadly the majority of the world
04:31 choose the beast instead of the Lord,
04:34 then, finally, after so many years,
04:37 finally, the voice of God is going to be heard
04:41 up in the heavens to His Holy Angels,
04:45 and that voice will say, "Go, go your ways...
04:53 and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth"
04:57 and so, at that point the seven last plagues will begin.
05:02 Verse 2 says, "And the first went,
05:05 and he poured out his vial upon the earth;
05:09 and there fell a noisome and grievous sore
05:13 upon the men which had the mark of the beast,
05:17 and upon them which worshipped his image. "
05:20 Strange sores are going to appear on people's bodies,
05:24 they're not going to be measles
05:25 they're not going to be chickenpox
05:28 they're not going to be normal rashes
05:30 that people get these days,
05:32 it's not going to be a form of skin cancer or melanoma,
05:35 this is going to be a supernatural judgment
05:38 I'm sure it's going to be picked up by all the major networks
05:41 like CBS, NBC, CNN...
05:44 they're going to be doing cover stories
05:46 on these strange... these strange boils and sores
05:49 that are suddenly showing up on people's bodies,
05:52 the media won't know what is happening
05:55 but those of us who know our Bibles...
05:58 we will know that the plagues have begun.
06:02 Now, notice, when you look at verse 2...
06:06 it says that this sore comes
06:08 upon those that get the Mark of the Beast...
06:11 in our previous "His Voice Today" program
06:14 we spent a whole... whole section
06:16 talking about the Mark of the Beast,
06:18 we've actually been building up, we've had a whole host of
06:21 of programs... dealing with the issues
06:23 of what the Mark of the Beast is...
06:26 what it's going to be like when it's enforced,
06:28 who the beast is, et cetera...
06:30 we're not going to go over all of that again,
06:32 if you missed those programs and you want to watch them,
06:36 just go to YouTube. com forward slash, whitehorse media
06:40 but now I want to make the point
06:41 that the seven plagues... the seven last plagues...
06:45 the first plague only falls
06:47 on those that get the Mark of the Beast,
06:49 now there's a theory that's out there
06:51 that says that Christians...
06:53 that true Christians... that the Church...
06:54 is not going to go through that final time
06:56 that God's going to get us out of here,
06:58 before that time comes, personally, I don't believe that
07:01 I believe that God's church is going to be here
07:04 all the way to the end...
07:05 but I believe that God's true and faithful people
07:08 will be protected from these plagues.
07:11 Verse 2 says that the...
07:13 the first plague comes upon those that get the mark
07:15 but not everybody is going to get the mark,
07:18 if you go back to chapter 15 and verse 2,
07:20 the bible says,
07:34 So, this verse tells us that God's going to have people
07:38 that had the victory over the beast
07:40 and over the image and over the mark,
07:41 they're not "Mark of the Beast getters"
07:43 and so they are not "plague receivers"
07:45 it's very significant when you look at the seven last plagues
07:48 in Revelation chapter 16 and you compare them
07:52 to the ten plagues that fell upon the Egyptians
07:56 in the days of Moses, those plagues are very similar
08:00 there were boils in both,
08:01 there is water turning to blood in both...
08:04 there is darkness in both... there is hail in both...
08:08 and if we go back to the days of ancient Egypt,
08:11 where were the Israelites, where were God's people?
08:13 Did God get them out of Egypt
08:15 and deliver them from Egypt before the plagues fell
08:18 or did He protect them while the plagues fell?
08:23 The latter answer... that's the truth...
08:27 when you read Exodus chapter 6, 7, 8, 9,
08:30 10, 11, 12... that whole section...
08:32 you discover that the Israelites
08:35 were right there in Egypt but they were protected
08:38 plague after plague after plague because they were on Lord's side
08:44 and it's the same with the end of the world,
08:47 when the Mark of the Beast is enforced
08:49 and multitudes choose to go along with it,
08:52 God's going to have a people who stand up,
08:54 who say, "No, I'm not going along with this... "
08:56 by the grace of Jesus Christ,
08:58 they get the victory over the beast,
09:00 over the image and over the mark
09:02 and so, when the plagues begin to fall,
09:04 the plagues don't fall on those who get the victory...
09:07 they only fall upon those who receive the mark,
09:12 so that's plague number 1,
09:14 is boils on those who get the mark,
09:17 number 2 is found in verse 3, "the second angel...
09:29 The third plague is similar in verse 4,
09:39 So, the ocean... at least part of the ocean turns to blood
09:43 and the rivers turn to blood
09:44 and I can imagine people turning on their faucets
09:48 in their houses to get a glass of water
09:50 and this strange smelly red liquid
09:54 comes right out of the faucet,
09:56 no doubt the water tables will be affected as well,
10:00 and the wells and the rivers all around the world...
10:03 people are going to be looking
10:05 at this strange red liquid substance
10:08 seeping out of their pipes in their own homes
10:13 and they're going to see the same thing in the rivers
10:15 and out in the ocean... and I have a conviction
10:20 that when that time comes, people are going to finally...
10:23 it's going to dawn on them one by one
10:24 what's really happening that those who have stood up for God
10:29 and for Jesus and chosen not to get the Mark of the Beast,
10:32 they were right... they were right,
10:34 and the rest of the world is wrong
10:36 and now God is sending...
10:38 He's sending His judgments upon the world
10:40 and I think there is going to be a whole host of people
10:43 that are going to start feeling their need
10:44 for the blood of Jesus Christ,
10:47 for the cleansing blood of Christ
10:49 but by that time... it won't be available...
10:51 just like in the days of Noah...
10:52 when Noah finally entered the Ark and the door closed...
10:55 that was it... Noah and his family were inside
10:58 and the rest of the world was outside
11:00 and even when the water began to come down
11:02 and people changed their minds and people started realizing
11:05 that they should have listened to Noah...
11:07 they should have believed his preaching...
11:09 they should have gotten in the Ark...
11:10 and they started banging on the door,
11:12 by that time... it was too late...
11:14 too late... and it's the same thing here
11:17 in Revelation 16... when these...
11:18 when this voice says, "Go... " to the angels...
11:21 and the first plague hits and the second plague hits
11:24 and the third plague hits it's too late...
11:27 for people to change their minds...
11:30 and to choose to come back to God...
11:33 in verse 7 we have plague number 4,
11:36 "I heard... " I'm sorry it's in verse 8,
11:39 verse 8 said:
12:01 So, plague number 1 is boils on those that get the mark,
12:05 plague number 2... is the ocean...
12:07 at least part of the ocean turns to blood,
12:09 plague number 3...
12:10 is the rivers and fountains of water turned to blood...
12:13 and plague number 4... is that the sun
12:16 is given power to scorch men with fire.
12:19 Fire... in the New Testament... is represented sometimes
12:25 as a symbol of the Holy Spirit,
12:28 on the Day of Pentecost,
12:29 the disciples received the Holy Spirit
12:32 and the evidence of that was that they had
12:34 little tongues of fire that appeared on their heads.
12:38 Fire is often used to represent the Holy Spirit
12:44 and when you keep reading about this fourth plague,
12:47 it tells us that once people
12:50 are getting scorched with this fire,
12:52 it says that they will finally repent not... to give him glory
12:56 to give God glory... now why don't they repent?
12:58 You would think that when boils are happening
13:00 and water is turning to blood and water tables
13:02 and rivers are turning to blood, you would think that
13:06 and after the sun starts scorching people,
13:08 they would wake up and they would be
13:10 wanting to repent in droves,
13:11 but as I said, by this time it's going to be too late
13:16 and the reason why they don't repent,
13:19 is really because they can't repent,
13:22 they're not able to repent and the reason is
13:25 because the only way that anybody can repent of their sins
13:29 is if God supernaturally moves upon their hearts
13:33 and brings them to repentance
13:35 and that's what He does through the Holy Spirit.
13:38 If we don't have the Holy Spirit in our lives,
13:41 then it's impossible to repent
13:42 and the fact that people around the world
13:45 are getting scorched with fire and they're not repenting...
13:48 this gives us a very clear lesson,
13:51 a clear message that the Holy Spirit
13:54 by this time has been completely withdrawn from the earth,
13:59 they can't repent because there is no Holy Spirit
14:02 to bring them to repentance
14:04 they have resisted all of His pleadings,
14:06 all of His striving... like it says in Genesis 6:3
14:10 in the days of Noah, God said,
14:11 "My Spirit will not always strive with man"
14:14 God strove with man for 120 years
14:17 until finally Noah entered the Ark and the door closed
14:20 and then the water came down and that was it,
14:22 when the door closed... that was it...
14:25 and when the voice is heard in heaven,
14:27 "Go" to the angels... that's it
14:29 and if we haven't responded to the Holy Spirit by then,
14:33 it will be too late... so now is the time
14:37 Hebrews... the book of Hebrews says,
14:39 "Today is the day of salvation"
14:41 let's not put off our response to the Lord,
14:45 we don't want to... we don't want to wake up
14:47 during the time of the seven last plagues
14:49 and realize that it's too late.
14:52 Verse 10 says,
15:05 and they repented not to give him glory...
15:10 they repented not of their deeds... "
15:13 same thing... again, God is telling us
15:16 from these verses
15:17 that during the time of the seven last plagues,
15:19 it's impossible to repent because the Holy Spirit...
15:22 the Holy Spirit is gone...
15:24 and when I think about darkness,
15:25 falling upon the seat of the beast,
15:27 I'm sure that is going to be picked up
15:28 by all the major news networks and people are going to be aware
15:32 of who the beast really is
15:33 that we talked about in a previous program
15:36 and I believe the reason why God sends darkness upon the seat
15:39 the seat of the government of the beast
15:42 is because the beast has brought traditions and false doctrines
15:47 into God's world and has... has spread...
15:52 the beast has spread these doctrines all over planet earth.
15:56 It reminds me of a verse in Psalm 119 verse 105
16:00 where the Bible says, "Your word is a lamp to my feet,
16:05 and a light to my path. "
16:08 God's Word is the source of our light and of our information
16:13 and if we reject God's Word the result is darkness
16:16 and the world will continue to reject God's Word
16:19 on a wide scale... globally...
16:22 until finally, God withdraws His Spirit...
16:24 He withdraws His light... He sends His plagues...
16:27 He basically says, "my patience has worn out,
16:29 I've been so loving and so patient
16:32 and so merciful for so long
16:33 but you have chosen the beast... you have chosen the Mark...
16:36 you've chosen to go against... against God...
16:39 and now, only justice remains. "
16:43 And that justice will be poured out in those plagues.
16:49 Back to Revelation 16, verse 12
16:54 concerning the 6th plague
16:57 it says:
17:08 I've heard people say, this is their opinion
17:11 that the great river Euphrates that dries up
17:14 in the sixth plague is the literal river Euphrates
17:17 over in the Middle East that flows through modern Iraq...
17:20 but there's more to this than meets the eye,
17:23 when you look back in...
17:24 we'll actually go forward to chapter 17,
17:26 we read about Babylon... Mystery Babylon...
17:28 and it says in verse 1, that
17:31 "mystery Babylon is sitting upon many waters"
17:33 in the Old Testament there was a literal city of Babylon
17:36 that sat upon a literal River Euphrates,
17:38 in the book of Revelation, there's another mystery Babylon
17:41 and she's a woman who sits upon many waters,
17:44 she sits upon the mystical waters of the river Euphrates
17:48 and what do these waters represent?
17:50 In verse 15... we don't have to guess...
17:53 Revelation 17:15... "the angel said to John,
18:05 And the waters of Euphrates represent
18:08 all the people who support mystery Babylon
18:13 and the beast and the false teachings
18:15 that are belting the world right now
18:18 that are leading away
18:19 from the simple pure truth of the Word of God.
18:22 We don't want to be among that group,
18:25 we've got to be willing to stand up for our Lord
18:28 and for what's right... and for Jesus... no matter what.
18:32 Back to chapter 16, verse 13,
18:43 Now this is interesting, first of all there are...
18:46 there are three of them... three unclean spirits like frogs
18:51 when you look at Revelation 16,
18:53 the three unclean spirits like frogs
18:56 represent the global forces of Babylon
18:58 and the forces of deception
18:59 and those forces are in contrast with the three angels' messages
19:04 that are found in chapter 14 verses 6 to 12,
19:08 Revelation 14:6 to 12 contains the message of three angels
19:12 warning about the beast,
19:14 warning about the image and warning about the Mark
19:16 and those who choose to follow the three angels,
19:19 they take us down on God's side
19:22 and then when the plagues are poured out,
19:24 they don't get those plagues
19:25 but those that reject the three angels
19:28 and choose the beast and the Mark...
19:31 they eventually will be further invaded
19:34 by the three unclean spirits
19:37 like frogs that go out around the world.
19:41 Frogs were also one of the plagues of Egypt...
19:44 was one of the ten plagues
19:46 but the Israelites were protected from the frogs
19:48 and God wants to protect us from the frogs...
19:50 the frog-like spirits as well.
19:53 These frogs come out of...
19:55 these spirits come out of the mouth of the dragon,
19:57 out of the mouth of the beast
19:58 and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
20:01 Verse 14 says, "they are the spirits of devils
20:03 and they go out and work miracles,
20:06 which go forth to the kings of the earth
20:08 and the whole world, to gather them to the battle
20:11 of the great day of God Almighty. "
20:13 This is Satan's last burst of demonic darkness
20:17 to gather the world to completely and fully
20:20 be under his control and to be on the devil's side
20:25 when Armageddon finally hits.
20:27 Verse 15... Jesus gives a warning and He says,
20:41 Jesus Himself inserts
20:43 a line right here... right before Armageddon,
20:47 verse 16 says:
20:52 And in verse 15, Jesus is warning His people
20:55 in advance how to be on His side
20:58 not on the devil's side when the final battle hits
21:01 and the way to be on His side is to be watching...
21:03 doesn't mean to watch a lot of television programs,
21:06 it means to be watching out for deception
21:09 and for Satan's subtleties.
21:12 Jesus also told Peter,
21:14 he said, "Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation"
21:17 we need to watch and we need to keep our garments
21:19 which represent the garments of Christ's righteousness
21:22 not our own garments, we need Jesus' righteousness,
21:24 His white robe to cloth us
21:27 and we need to hold on to those garments
21:29 and keep them so that we don't lose them
21:32 and walk naked and be ashamed... and Armageddon...
21:36 verse 16 again talks about that word, "Armageddon"
21:40 now what is Armageddon really all about?
21:41 Amazingly, the word, "Armageddon"
21:43 is only used one time in the Bible,
21:45 it's not used in any other place,
21:47 it's only one time and when you read the context
21:50 it does not say that it's just a Middle East battle
21:53 but it tells us clearly that it's a global battle
21:56 between God and the global forces of Babylon
21:59 at the very end of time.
22:01 When you read the context, verse 14 says,
22:06 "it is the battle of the great day of God Almighty. "
22:09 Verse 17 says:
23:33 So those are the seven plagues
23:35 number one is boils on those that get the Mark...
23:39 number two... ocean turns to blood,
23:40 number three...
23:42 waters and rivers and fountains turn to blood
23:45 number four... we have the sun scorching people with fire,
23:48 number five... we have darkness upon the seat of the beast,
23:51 number six... the waters of the great river Euphrates
23:56 dry up which means
23:57 that the people that support Babylon,
23:59 they realize, finally, that they have been deceived
24:01 and their support dries up for Babylon
24:05 and they realize that they have made a huge and terrible mistake
24:08 this prepares the way
24:12 for the final global gathering of the devil...
24:16 gathering all of his masses who have made a mistake
24:20 but who have no Holy Spirit left in their hearts
24:24 to bring them to repentance
24:25 and bring them back on to God's side.
24:27 "He gathers them all together for the great day
24:29 of the battle of Armageddon"
24:31 and the word "Armageddon" literally means
24:34 "mountain of slaughter"
24:36 referring to the global mountain of the devil's government
24:39 that comes crashing down during the 7th plague
24:44 when the islands sink... the mountains disappear...
24:48 the cities of the nations crumble
24:50 and all around the world
24:51 human beings who've chosen sin and Satan
24:56 and Babylon and deception
24:57 finally realize... to their horror what they have done
25:02 and prior to all of this Jesus gives us the warning
25:06 to watch out and to keep our garments.
25:09 I heard a story once about two men
25:11 that decided to take a river ride
25:14 and they got into a little boat, they had two life jackets,
25:17 they got into the boat and they went down the river,
25:19 one of the men decided to put his life jacket on
25:22 the other one put it on the seat next to him and said,
25:25 "I'll put it on later if I need it"
25:27 and as they were going down the river,
25:30 they went around the turn and ran into some unexpected rapids
25:33 the boat turned over and the two men went into the water,
25:36 the man that had put the life jacket on
25:39 before the boat ride began, he popped up...
25:41 he swam ashore
25:43 but the one who decided, "I'll put it on later... "
25:45 he went down and he never did come back up...
25:48 never did come up...
25:50 and that impresses me that we need to put on the garments
25:53 of Jesus Christ's righteousness now...
25:56 we can't afford to wait until the crisis
25:58 because when the crisis comes...
25:59 when the plagues start falling, it's too late
26:02 now is the time for us to choose Jesus,
26:04 now is the time for us to put on the armour
26:06 and put on His robe of righteousness,
26:08 to follow the Word of God, to walk with the Holy Spirit,
26:11 to follow Jesus and to be cleansed in His blood
26:15 because when the final crisis hits,
26:17 and when the plagues fall
26:19 and Armageddon decimates the world by that time,
26:22 it will too late.
26:23 Jesus said in verse 15...
26:33 May God help us to be on Jesus' side
26:35 and to put on our life jackets now.
26:38 You have just heard His Voice Today.
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