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Millennial Madness, Part 2

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00:08 The Book of Revelation says
00:10 that when the thousand years are expired,
00:13 Satan shall be loosed out of his prison.
00:16 Then what?
00:18 To discover the answer,
00:19 stick with me on His Voice Today.
00:25 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:27 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:32 Welcome to Millennial Madness part two.
00:35 And my family which consist of me and my wife
00:38 and my two small children Seth and Abby.
00:41 We often sing a Christian song for the kids
00:43 especially and these are the words,
00:46 "Be careful little eyes what you see.
00:48 Be careful little lips what you say.
00:51 Be careful little hands what to you touch.
00:53 Be careful little feet where you go.
00:56 Be careful little mind what you think,
00:58 and be careful little heart who you trust."
01:03 We are trying here to unravel the mysteries of the Millennium
01:07 and we need to be careful,
01:08 we need to carefully look at what the Bible actually says
01:12 and what it doesn't say
01:13 in order to understand this powerful subject correctly
01:18 and its relationship to our eternal destiny.
01:23 So let's start with chapter 19 Revelation 19,
01:26 which moves us into chapter 20, Revelation 20,
01:29 is the only chapter in the Bible that really
01:32 specifically describes the Millennial period,
01:36 what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end.
01:39 So this is what we're going to pick up on.
01:41 We talked about this in part one
01:43 and we're gonna continue in part two
01:44 so, lets back up to chapter 19 and see the flow of thought.
01:49 Look at it very carefully, chapter 19 verse 11,
01:52 John wrote, "I saw heaven opened,
01:55 and behold a white horse..."
01:57 We pick the name White Horse Media
01:59 as the title of our ministry based on this text,
02:02 Jesus coming on a white horse.
02:04 "And he that sat upon him was called faithful and true,
02:07 and in righteousness he doesn't judge and make war.
02:11 His eyes were as aflame of fire,
02:13 and on his head were many crowns,
02:16 and he had a name written,
02:17 that no man knew, but he himself.
02:20 He was clothed with a vesture, dipped in blood:
02:23 and his name is called the Word of God.
02:27 This was a mighty description of the return of Jesus Christ.
02:31 Verse 14 says,
02:32 "The armies which were in heaven
02:33 followed him up on white horses,
02:36 white representing his purity,
02:39 clothed in fine linen, clean and white."
02:42 Verse 15 says, "Out of his mouth
02:44 goes a sharp sword,
02:47 that with it he should smite the nations:
02:51 and he will rule them with a rod of iron:
02:54 and he treads the winepress of the fierceness
02:58 and the wrath of Almighty God."
03:01 When this verse says that Jesus rules them
03:03 as with the rod of iron,
03:05 this means that He exercises his authority over the nations
03:10 by destroying them again.
03:12 In verse 15 it says, "He will smite the nations,
03:16 he will rule them with the rod of iron,
03:18 He will tread the winepress of the fierceness
03:21 and the wrath of Almighty God."
03:23 And in verse 16, it says, "He has on his vesture
03:25 and on his thigh a name written,
03:27 King of Kings, and Lord of Lords."
03:31 In this verses
03:33 we find God describing the return of Jesus Christ
03:36 as a holy warrior riding a white horse,
03:39 a pure horse to do battle with the global forces of evil
03:45 and He crushes them,
03:46 He smites the nations of the earth
03:49 that are on the side of the devil
03:51 and they end up suffering the wrath of God,
03:56 that's what verse 16 says.
03:58 Now verse 17 describes the effect of all of these
04:01 and what happens next.
04:03 Verse 17 says, "I saw an angel standing in the sun,
04:06 and he cried with a loud voice,
04:07 saying to the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven,
04:11 come gather yourselves together to the supper of the great God,
04:16 that you may eat the flesh of kings,
04:18 the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men,
04:21 the flesh of horses and of them who sat on them
04:24 and the flesh of all men, both free and bond,
04:28 both small and great".
04:29 Now if the birds come to eat the flesh of all men,
04:33 it's obvious that when Jesus comes
04:35 all men who are not ready for his coming,
04:38 who do not go up to be with him
04:40 as we talked about in the last program.
04:43 1 Thessalonians 4
04:44 describes Jesus coming down and picking up His people.
04:48 Chapter 5 describes those who are not ready
04:50 who experience sudden destruction.
04:53 And Revelation 19 describes the extent of that destruction
04:57 and it says that after Jesus comes
04:59 the birds come to eat the flesh of all men,
05:04 all around the world,
05:06 and so it's obvious that their carcasses
05:09 are littering the planet coast to coast,
05:12 country to country around the world
05:15 and so those who do not go up with Jesus when He comes,
05:19 they don't survive,
05:20 they don't survive his smiting of the nations,
05:23 they don't survive his ruling with the rod of iron.
05:26 They don't survive the fierceness
05:28 and the wrath of God Almighty.
05:32 And they end up dead on the ground
05:35 as food for the birds.
05:39 At the end of chapter 19 verse 21 says,
05:43 "That all the fowls were filled with their flesh."
05:47 Now that is the context as we move into chapter 20,
05:52 looking at the millennium.
05:54 Chapter 20 verse 1,
05:55 John continuous his thoughts straight, straight down,
05:59 "And I saw an angel coming down from heaven,
06:01 having the key of the bottomless pit
06:04 and a great chain in his hand.
06:07 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent,
06:10 which is the devil, and Satan,
06:12 and bound him for a thousand years,
06:14 he cast him into the bottomless pit,
06:16 and shut him up, so that he should
06:18 and set a seal upon him,
06:20 so that he should deceive the nations no more,
06:24 until the thousand years should be fulfilled.
06:26 After this he must be loosed for a little season."
06:29 So put the pieces together,
06:31 why is it that at this point in time in the narrative
06:37 Satan is not allowed to deceive the nations anymore
06:41 during the millennium.
06:43 I think the answer is obvious
06:44 because the nations have all been struck down.
06:47 Chapter 19 verse 15 says, "He'll smite those nations
06:50 and they're dead.
06:52 The birds come and eat their flesh.
06:54 All the fowls are filled with their flesh,
06:56 and so the reason why Satan isn't bound
06:59 and shut up represented with the chain
07:03 during the millennium
07:05 is because there are no more nations for him to deceive.
07:11 They're dead on the ground
07:13 and the only survivor of the second coming down here
07:18 is not human beings,
07:19 but its Lucifer and his angels.
07:21 For a thousand years,
07:23 Satan will not be able to deceive anybody.
07:25 He'll be stuck here,
07:26 the Bible says that he will be in a pit.
07:30 If you look up the word pit in the Old Testament,
07:32 the pit is often used to refer to a cemetery,
07:36 a big massive cemetery.
07:37 David prayed in the Book of Psalms
07:39 that he wouldn't be caught by the wicked
07:43 and he wouldn't have to go down into the pit
07:46 referring to the grave or cemetery,
07:48 and the whole world will be one big massive pit or cemetery
07:53 and Satan will be bound it says with the chain
07:56 and it's not a literal chain, it's a chain of circumstances
07:59 because he's stuck here,
08:00 he's quarantined on planet earth
08:02 and he has nobody to deceive for a thousand years.
08:07 It says until the thousand years
08:09 are fulfilled
08:11 and at the end of the thousand years
08:12 then he's gonna be loose for a little season,
08:15 and I'll explain this in just a few moments.
08:19 Going on to verse 4, John wrote, "I saw thrones,
08:24 and they sat upon them, and judgment was given to them,
08:27 this is referring to God's people
08:29 and I saw the souls
08:31 of those who had been beheaded for the witness of Jesus,
08:34 those and for the word of God
08:35 who had not worshipped the beast, neither his image,
08:38 neither had received his mark upon their forehead,
08:40 or their hands, and they lived,
08:43 this is a resurrection of God's people
08:45 and they reigned with Christ for a thousand years.
08:49 Verse 6 says, "Blessed and holy
08:51 is he that has a part in this first resurrection,
08:55 on such the second death has no power,
08:58 but they shall be priests of God and of Christ,
09:01 and they shall reign with him for a thousand years."
09:03 We talked about this in part one
09:05 of Millennial Madness
09:06 that when Jesus comes in 1 Thessalonians 4,
09:10 and the description is there Jesus comes down,
09:12 the dead in Christ are resurrected
09:15 and God's living saints are caught up with dead in Christ
09:19 and we're all taken up into the sky up toward heaven
09:25 where we eventually will enter the New Jerusalem.
09:29 Those that do not go up they're destroyed.
09:32 1 Thessalonians 5:3 says
09:34 they experienced sudden destruction.
09:36 Revelation 19:15 and 16 says the nations will be smitten.
09:41 Revelation 19:17 and 18 says
09:44 that the birds will come and eat all the flesh.
09:47 And then chapter 20 says that the devil will be bound
09:50 for a thousand years, because he has nobody
09:53 to deceive during this millennial time.
09:56 Now, think about it, in chapter 6 or chapter 20:6
10:02 it says, "Blessed and holy
10:03 is he who has a part in the first resurrection."
10:06 That's the good resurrection.
10:07 The blessed and the holy come up in that resurrection.
10:09 If there is a first resurrection,
10:11 there must also be a second resurrection.
10:15 And as we'll see clearly the second resurrection
10:18 takes place at the end of the thousand years.
10:21 Verse 5 says, "But the rest of the dead lived not again
10:26 until the thousand years were finished."
10:30 The rest of the dead who're not the dead in Christ,
10:34 who didn't come up at the second coming of Christ
10:37 in the first resurrection,
10:38 they stay dead and the rest of the nations
10:41 they're destroyed and they all remain on earth,
10:45 dead in their graves or scattered around the world,
10:49 their carcasses which the birds have eaten
10:51 whatever is left of them.
10:52 And they're there until the end of the millennium.
10:58 Let me read it again, verse 5,
11:02 "But the rest of the dead lived not again
11:06 until the thousand years were finished."
11:10 I remember in one of my travels in Southern California,
11:13 I met a lady a number of years ago
11:15 and she told me about a dream,
11:17 very mysterious dream that a friend of hers had
11:22 and she shared this with me
11:23 and she said that in this dream there was a woman
11:26 and she saw a very tall man who look like an angel,
11:30 and he was digging a big grave
11:33 and the woman in the dream looked at the tall man
11:35 and said, whose grave is that for?
11:38 And the tall man said, this grave is for you
11:42 and for your mother and your children.
11:44 And the woman looked at the tall man and said,
11:47 would you mind digging separate graves
11:50 for each of my family members,
11:51 I don't know why she said that but she did.
11:53 And so the angel nodded and said okay,
11:56 and he began digging separate graves.
11:59 And then after this scene there was a new scene,
12:02 things change and there was a great earthquake,
12:05 there was a loud trumpet sounding
12:08 and the whole scene change,
12:09 there was a bright light that flashed
12:11 and the woman in the dream looked
12:13 at these different graves
12:14 and she saw herself coming out of the grave,
12:17 she saw her mother coming out of her grave,
12:18 she saw her children coming out of their grave,
12:20 and then she looked at the tall man
12:22 and the tall man said,
12:23 this is the return of Jesus Christ,
12:26 this is the first resurrection, the good resurrection.
12:30 And as the woman looked at the graves,
12:33 sort of third person
12:34 and saw her family coming out of the grave,
12:36 she looked farther down the line
12:38 and she notice that there were other graves
12:40 that had not opened up, they were just closed
12:43 and then she looked at the tall man,
12:46 the tall nobleman who had a very kind face,
12:49 but a very solemn look on his face,
12:51 and she asked him,
12:52 she said what about those other graves
12:55 that didn't open up?
12:57 What about those people?
12:58 And the tall man looked at her very solemnly
13:01 and he said those graves will open up
13:05 at the end of the one thousand years.
13:10 Oh my, and so this lady shared this dream with me,
13:15 I don't believe every dream that I hear.
13:17 There's people that have all kinds of dreams,
13:19 even you can go to bed at night
13:21 and who knows what you'll dream.
13:23 Some dreams come from, can come from God.
13:26 There are examples in the Bible of this
13:28 and there are some dreams that can come from the devil.
13:31 Satan can give us dreams too
13:33 and we have to test every dream by the Bible.
13:35 And when I heard that dream from this woman,
13:38 I thought you know this dream fits the scripture,
13:41 it fits what the Bible says in Revelation 20:5,
13:46 "The rest of the dead lived not again
13:49 until the thousand years were finished.
13:52 Now when you look at something very carefully,
13:56 we just read verse 5, in verse 7 the Bible continues
14:00 and says, "When the thousand years are expired,
14:04 Satan shall be loosed out of his prison."
14:08 Now if you just put verse 5,
14:10 which says the rest of the dead don't live
14:12 until the thousand years are over
14:13 which obviously means there's gonna be resurrected.
14:16 And then verse 7 says,
14:17 "When the thousand years are expired,
14:19 Satan shall be loosed out of his prison.
14:22 It's obvious when you put verse 5 and verse 7 together
14:25 that what looses Satan
14:27 at the end of the thousand years
14:30 is the resurrection of all of the lost.
14:34 Just like I mentioned there is a first resurrection
14:37 of the good people at the end
14:38 or at the beginning of the one thousand years
14:41 and there is a second resurrection of all the lost
14:43 at the end of the one thousand years.
14:46 And that is what looses the devil,
14:49 and if that's what looses him,
14:50 then it's obvious that what bound him
14:53 was it all those nations were destroyed,
14:55 so he is bound at the end of the millennium
14:58 they are resurrected and so he is loosed,
15:02 and he goes into them.
15:03 In verse 8 John wrote that,
15:08 "The devil will then go out to deceive those nations,
15:12 those same nations, those are his nations,
15:15 which are in the four quarters of the earth.
15:17 Now it doesn't say that they are there
15:18 during the millennium,
15:20 but it says that they are there at the end,
15:22 and the reason why they're there
15:23 is because they're all resurrected,
15:26 and it says they are called,
15:28 they are in the four quarters of the earth,
15:29 they're all around the world,
15:31 and they are called Gog and Magog,
15:34 which does not represent Russia,
15:36 it represents the conglomeration
15:38 of all the lost, and then Satan goes into them
15:42 to gather them together for a battle.
15:44 The number of whom is as the sand of the sea.
15:49 The sand of the sea, in other words
15:51 John couldn't count all these people,
15:53 there is millions, billons probably trillions,
15:58 this is the conglomeration of all the lost
16:01 who had ever lived from the days of Adam
16:03 all the way down to the end of time
16:05 to the second coming of Christ when the wicked are destroyed,
16:08 the righteous are taken up to heaven,
16:10 we're with Jesus for a thousand years.
16:12 At the end of the thousand years
16:13 they're all resurrected to receive your final doom,
16:18 and it says that there are just so many
16:20 that you can't even count them, and Satan goes into them
16:23 and gathers them for a battle.
16:26 And what is he going to try to fight against
16:30 with all these people?
16:32 Verse 9 tells us, it says,
16:33 they went up on the breadth of the earth
16:35 and they compass the camp of the saints about
16:38 and the beloved city and fire came down from God
16:41 out of heaven and devoured them.
16:43 Satan goes into all these nations,
16:45 he picks up right where he left off,
16:46 he was deceiving them before the millennium,
16:49 during the millennium, he took a break
16:50 because the nations weren't there.
16:52 At the end of the millennium they are all resurrected,
16:54 Satan goes into them and gathers them all
16:56 for a final battle against God.
17:01 And verse 9 says,
17:02 they gathered against the camp of the saints,
17:05 the beloved city when you read Revelation 21,
17:07 that beloved city is called the New Jerusalem.
17:10 And Revelation 3:12 says,
17:12 the New Jerusalem comes down from heaven
17:14 and that's what will happen at the end of the millennium,
17:17 God's people are in that city and they come down,
17:20 Revelation 21:2 and 3 also describes
17:24 the holy city coming down at the end of the millennium,
17:29 and all of the wicked are gathered around the city.
17:33 God's people are inside the city,
17:36 and if you put the pieces together
17:37 basically what's happening is,
17:38 this is the first time in the history of the world
17:40 when all of the whole human family
17:43 saved and lost, righteous and wicked,
17:46 those that followed God, those that followed the devil
17:48 are all alive at the same time.
17:50 All the lost are outside the city,
17:52 all the saved are inside the city,
17:54 and they're trying to take the cities.
17:56 Satan is trying to get in and to use these armies,
18:00 these millions and billions of people
18:02 to storm the gates and conquer the city of God,
18:05 but he knows better than that, that's impossible.
18:07 And I think one reason
18:09 why he wants to get into that city
18:10 is because Revelation 22 says,
18:12 inside the city is something called the tree of life
18:15 and Satan knows it if he can just get out that tree,
18:17 and if he can convince these people,
18:19 if they can get through those walls
18:20 and get out that tree, then they will be able to eat
18:23 from the fruit of the tree of life
18:25 and live forever, but he really knows
18:27 that's, that's impossible, he is insane,
18:29 this is his last battle, his last stand,
18:32 and then the end of verse of 9 says,
18:34 "That fire then comes down from God out of heaven,
18:37 and devoured them."
18:39 Now, verse 11 backs up and describes
18:42 what happens before the fire falls,
18:44 and there is a great final solemn judgment seen.
18:49 Verse 11 says, "I saw a great white throne,
18:51 and him who sat upon it, from whose face the earth
18:55 and the heaven had fled away,
18:57 and there was found no place for them,
18:58 and I saw the dead, small and great,
19:00 standing before God,
19:02 here's again the resurrection of all the lost described,
19:05 and the books were opened
19:06 and another book was opened, which is the book of life,
19:09 and the dead were judged out of those things
19:11 which were written in the books,
19:13 according to their works."
19:15 And the reason why the book of life is mentioned
19:17 is because their names are not in that book
19:19 and they look and they see before the fire falls
19:21 as they're gathered around the city,
19:23 they look up and they see a great white throne.
19:25 They see Jesus Christ sitting upon the throne,
19:28 they see books opened.
19:29 They see the book of life opened.
19:31 Their name are not in,
19:33 their names are not in the book of life,
19:34 and there is a great final solemn judgment seen
19:37 of all the lost
19:39 to help them to understand exactly why they are lost.
19:45 As we keep reading describes it again in verse 13,
19:48 "The sea gave up the dead which were in it,
19:51 and death and hell delivered up the dead
19:53 which were in them,
19:55 now they are alive again, they're resurrected,
19:57 they're standing outside the New Jerusalem,
20:01 the camp of God's people and they're looking up in there
20:04 seeing Jesus sitting on his throne and it says,
20:07 they're judged every man according to their works.
20:12 This is not a judgment of the saved,
20:14 this is a judgment of the lost,
20:16 this a judgment of all the people
20:18 who have ever lived from the days of Cain
20:21 who first killed Abel,
20:23 all the way down through history,
20:24 all the people in the Bible that were bad people
20:26 like Jezebel and King Ahab
20:29 and people like Judas who betrayed Jesus Christ
20:32 and going down through history people like Adolf Hitler
20:37 and Saddam Hussein and those whose,
20:39 on whose hands is the blood of countless souls
20:43 that they've executed and murdered and all the lost,
20:46 they're all resurrected, they stand before God,
20:48 they see the great white throne,
20:50 they realize they can't take the city, it's impossible,
20:53 this is Satan's last stand and it's over.
20:56 And when they look up
20:57 and they see the great white throne
20:59 in their whole lives flash before their eyes
21:00 and they're judged according to their works.
21:03 I have a feeling
21:05 that a lot of people are gonna realize
21:08 that they weren't careful about their little eyes
21:11 what they saw,
21:12 they weren't careful about their hands
21:14 what they did, about their tongues
21:16 what they said,
21:17 about their feet where they went,
21:18 about their minds what they thought
21:20 and about their hearts who they trusted.
21:24 They realize that they were not careful
21:27 and now they're lost, now they're lost,
21:29 and as they see Jesus sitting upon the throne,
21:31 finally the gavel will come down,
21:33 the great gavel and it will say guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty.
21:39 And I believe that Jesus will look at the lost
21:41 and somehow they will understand that he loved them,
21:44 that he gave his life for them.
21:46 The nail scars in his hands will probably be visible.
21:50 The great light shining out from his face
21:53 and they'll realize that this one
21:55 who is judging them is one who loved them
21:57 and gave everything for them, died on the cross for them,
22:00 rose from the dead,
22:02 all the people that are inside the city are there
22:04 because of him,
22:05 and they are outside because they've rejected him,
22:08 because they weren't careful about their lives,
22:10 they didn't repent of their sins,
22:11 they didn't trust in Jesus as their personal savior,
22:14 and they didn't choose
22:15 to live lives of obedience to God.
22:19 It's just a very solemn sad, sad scene.
22:22 And then finally as you read on,
22:23 it describes what's gonna happen to them.
22:26 Verse 14 says, "Death and hell
22:28 were then cast into the lake of fire.
22:30 This is the second death."
22:31 See they come up in the second resurrection,
22:33 they're judged
22:35 and then they die the second death.
22:37 And whoever was not found written in the book of life
22:39 was cast into the lake of fire.
22:43 And then chapter 21 continues and says,
22:45 "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth,
22:47 for the first heaven and the first earth
22:49 had passed away, and there was no more sea."
22:52 Verse 4 says that, "God shall then wipe away all tears
22:56 from their eyes, meaning the eyes of the saved,
22:59 because many of them will be weeping
23:00 because some of their people that they know,
23:02 that they love are on the outside of the city
23:04 and they end up in the lake a fire,
23:06 and they're lost and they're gone.
23:08 So God will wipe away all tears from their eyes,
23:10 and there will be no more death,
23:12 neither sorrow, nor crying,
23:13 neither shall there be any more pain
23:15 for the former things have passed away.
23:17 Verse 5 says, "He that sat upon the throne said,
23:19 'Behold, I make all things new.'
23:23 And he said right
23:24 for these words are true and faithful.'"
23:28 After the second resurrection,
23:30 after Satan gathers the lost around the city
23:32 after the great white throne judgment
23:34 where people are judged for their works,
23:36 and they realized why they're lost
23:37 and after the fire falls
23:40 and Satan and all of his followers
23:42 meet their bitter end,
23:44 then the Bible says God will change the scene again
23:48 and there will be a new heaven and a new earth
23:51 where love and righteousness will endure forever.
23:57 And want to be in that place,
23:59 I don't want to end up outside the city
24:02 at the end of the millennium, do you?
24:04 I don't want to be in Satan's crowd, do you?
24:07 I want to be inside the city
24:09 with Jesus Christ and his people, don't you?
24:12 I wan to be someone that has all his sins forgiven,
24:16 don't you?
24:18 And we're all gonna be there at the end of the millennium,
24:21 we're either gonna be inside or outside.
24:23 We're gonna be with Jesus or end up in the lake of fire,
24:25 and after the lake of fire
24:27 it says that God will make a new heaven
24:28 and a new earth
24:30 and just like Noah went out of the ark after the flood
24:33 on to what was left of the earth,
24:35 so the saved will leave the city
24:37 at the end of the thousand years,
24:39 after lake of fire is all over and the lost are all done,
24:42 Satan, sin, sinners are all gone
24:45 and they will walk out on to a new heaven
24:48 and a new earth, or actually a new earth
24:50 and everything will be brand new
24:52 just like it was in the Garden of Eden.
24:55 I heard a story once about a man named Dr. Leo Winters,
24:57 he lived in Chicago.
24:59 He was one of the most famous physicians in the city.
25:01 He got a phone call one night about 2 in the morning,
25:04 the phone rang and the voice said
25:06 Dr. Winters, you got to get to the hospital quickly,
25:08 there's been a terrible accident
25:09 only your hands can heal this boy,
25:12 he's been critically injured,
25:13 so the doctor got up real quick,
25:15 he put his clothes on,
25:17 got into a car and drove as quick as he could
25:19 to the hospital, he knew time was short
25:22 so he took a turn through a bad neighborhood
25:25 which was a more direct route
25:26 and as he stopped at the stop light,
25:28 there was a man that all of a sudden opened the door,
25:32 burst into his car,
25:33 he had a grey hat on and a flannel shirt on
25:35 and he grabbed him
25:36 and he threw Dr. Winters out of the car
25:39 and Dr. Winters said, wait you don't understand,
25:40 I got to go, and the man said, I need your car,
25:42 so he took the car and rode away.
25:45 It took Dr. Winters 45 minutes to find a taxi
25:47 and he finally got to the hospital.
25:49 When he got there the nurse said, it's too late,
25:51 it's too late.
25:53 And then he went into the chapel
25:55 to meet the boy's father and when he walked in,
25:58 he saw man on the ground with a gray hat
26:01 and a flannel shirt on crying his eyes out,
26:04 and that man did not realized
26:06 that he had pushed out of his life
26:08 the only one in the city of Chicago
26:09 that have the hands that were able to save his boy.
26:13 And I want to tell you there's only one person
26:14 in the universe that has the hands,
26:16 the nail scarred hands that are able to save your soul
26:19 and bring you inside the city
26:21 and not have you outside the city
26:24 at the end of the thousand years,
26:26 so that you'll end up in the lake of fire
26:28 and that is Jesus Christ who loves you
26:30 and who wants to be with you forever and ever.
26:33 The Bible says,
26:34 that at the end of the millennium,
26:36 God will say, behold, I make all things new,
26:38 write these words down for they are true and faithful.
26:42 You've just heard
26:44 and may God help us His Voice Today.
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