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00:09 Hell. Is it real?
00:11 Is it place far under the ground somewhere?
00:14 And is it burning now?
00:16 That's our fiery topic on His Voice Today.
00:23 Welcome to another His Voice Today
00:25 with Steve Wohlberg.
00:31 Welcome to the hot topic of hell part 1.
00:34 It was a Sunday night, November 23rd 1998.
00:38 Southern California realtor Bill Weise
00:40 and his wife had been to prayer meeting,
00:43 and then they went to bed somewhere around 11 o'clock.
00:46 At 3 a.m. Bill had a frightening experience.
00:51 In his words as he describes it apparently,
00:54 he was taken in some kind of a vision,
00:56 he was picked up out of his body
00:58 and he was taken to a place called hell,
01:02 and he saw just incredibly scary things.
01:07 His vision lasted for 23 minutes
01:09 and at exactly 3:23, he came out of his vision
01:13 and he just was screaming in the living room
01:16 and his wife woke up looked at the clock,
01:18 saw that it was exactly 3:23, went into the living room
01:21 and found him screaming and crying.
01:25 And when he regained his sanity he told her the story
01:31 of what had happened and how he had been to hell
01:33 for 23 minutes, and that Jesus had shown him
01:36 just a whole host of frightening things.
01:39 It wasn't long until Bill was invited to give his testimony
01:43 in different churches, then he went on the radio,
01:45 he went on television, eventually near 2006,
01:49 his book was published and it went to the top
01:51 of the New York Times best seller list,
01:54 describing his experience of 23 minutes in hell.
01:58 The back cover of the book has this to say,
02:02 "Bill Weise saw the searing flames of hell.
02:06 He felt total isolation an experienced the putrid
02:09 and rotting stench, deafening screams of agonizing,
02:15 terrorizing demons
02:18 and finally the strong hand of God lifting out of the pit.
02:23 And then he heard a voice apparently from Jesus
02:25 that said, tell them that I am coming very, very soon."
02:30 There's a whole lot of people that have read this book,
02:32 they've watched his testimony on YouTube,
02:34 and they've heard him in person.
02:37 And you know, I should think about that
02:39 and you would just try to make sense of his experience,
02:42 we really have one of two options,
02:45 at least major options
02:46 and one is that God gave him this vision,
02:50 this out of body experience to teach us
02:52 the truth about hell, and to direct us to the Bible.
02:57 The other option
02:58 which lot of people don't often think about is that,
03:02 this supernatural experience could have from the dark side.
03:06 It could have come from Satan
03:08 to lead us astray from Bible truth.
03:10 So we are here in His Voice Today
03:15 to examine what God's voice really says from the Bible?
03:19 What is the truth about the subject?
03:22 By his grace we are going to find out.
03:26 So if you have a Bible,
03:28 I invite you to follow along with me
03:31 and let's take a close look at many different Bible verses
03:34 and try to make sense
03:36 at what the Bible actually says about hell.
03:39 The first text we're gonna look at is in Matthew 23,
03:44 a correction that's Matthew 13.
03:46 Matthew 13 gives a series of stories and parables
03:50 that Jesus Christ told when He was here on earth,
03:54 and one of these stories described and explained
03:59 in verses 37 to 43
04:04 is a story where Jesus told about a farmer
04:08 and about a field and about a harvest.
04:10 His disciples asked Him to explain this parable
04:13 and so Jesus did.
04:15 And we can find his explanation going on in verses 37 to 43.
04:22 And in verse 37, Jesus answered and told his disciples.
04:25 "He said, he who sows the good seed
04:28 is the Son of Man,"
04:29 representing Himself, He is the farmer.
04:31 The field is the world,
04:34 the good seed are the children of the kingdom,
04:37 and the weeds are the children of the wicked one.
04:41 The enemy who sowed them is the devil,
04:44 and the harvest is the end of the world,
04:47 and the reapers are the angels.
04:51 Verse 40, "As therefore the weeds are gathered
04:54 and burned in the fire,
04:56 so shall it be at the end of this world.
05:00 The Son of Man shall send forth His angels,
05:03 and they will gather out of His kingdom
05:05 all things that offend, and them which commit sin,
05:09 and he will cast them into the furnace of fire.
05:12 And there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
05:15 Then shall the righteous shine forth
05:17 as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.
05:21 He who has ears to hear, let him hear!"
05:24 Now I certainly want to hear what Jesus had to say,
05:28 and I believe you do too.
05:29 And as we look at these words carefully,
05:31 there's a number of points I want to make.
05:35 And it seems to me and hopefully it impresses you,
05:37 that as you read these words it's very clear
05:40 that Jesus Christ Himself
05:42 certainly believed in a real fire.
05:44 He talked about furnace of fire,
05:45 He talked about people
05:47 eventually are being thrown into this fire.
05:48 He talked about people wailing and gnashing their teeth
05:52 which represents, some people are crying,
05:55 some people are angry, gnashing the teeth has to do with anger.
05:58 And so Jesus definitely portrayed this
06:01 as something very, very real,
06:03 and I want you to know that I believe this.
06:05 I believe that the Bible is true
06:07 and then what Jesus says is real.
06:10 But now notice something,
06:11 there's something significant in Jesus' explanation
06:13 of the parable in verse 39, He said
06:16 that the "Enemy who sowed the bad seeds is the devil
06:20 and the harvest is the end of the world."
06:24 Notice the end of the world.
06:26 The reapers are the angels
06:28 and as therefore the weeds are gathered
06:30 and burned in the fire,
06:32 so shall it be in the end of this world.
06:36 So putting these pieces together,
06:39 we know that there is a real fire,
06:41 Jesus believed in a fire, I believe in a fire,
06:43 I hope you believe that this is what the Bible says.
06:46 And hopefully you believe that it's true.
06:49 But then the second point is according to Jesus Christ,
06:51 this furnace of fire is something that will happen,
06:56 it's not happening right now,
06:57 but he said it will happen at the end of this world.
07:02 Let me read it again,
07:04 "The harvest is the end of the world,
07:06 the reapers are the angels
07:07 as therefore the weeds are gathered
07:08 and burned in the fire,
07:10 so shall it be in the end of this world."
07:14 So Jesus taught there is a real fire
07:16 but He didn't put it
07:18 as something that is happening right now,
07:20 He put it far down to the very end of time,
07:24 the end of the world.
07:26 Now let's see if there is some another verses
07:27 that keeps the same thing.
07:29 Let's go to 2 Peter 3.
07:35 2 Peter 3 is a chapter
07:37 where Peter describes the end of the world,
07:39 the day of the Lord that will come like a thief in the night.
07:42 He described this in verse 10.
07:44 Peter wrote that "The day of the Lord
07:46 will come like a thief in the night,
07:47 in which the heavens will pass away
07:49 with a great noise,
07:50 and the elements will melt with fervent heat,
07:53 the earth also and the works that are therein
07:55 shall be burned up."
07:57 So in the day of the Lord
07:59 which obviously hasn't happened yet,
08:01 there's going to be a fire,
08:03 there's going to be a great noise,
08:04 there's going to be fervent heat
08:06 and it's going to burn up the earth
08:09 and its wicked works, or at least the wicked works
08:12 that people are doing in the earth.
08:14 Now if you go back to verse 7,
08:15 Peter basically says the same thing, he says,
08:17 "The heavens and the earth,
08:19 and the word heaven doesn't mean the place where God is,"
08:22 it refers to the atmospheric heaven
08:24 is where the, where the birds fly.
08:26 The birds flying in the midst of heavens
08:28 the Bible talks about.
08:29 "But the heavens and the earth,
08:31 which are now, by the same word,
08:34 referring to the word of God,
08:35 are kept in store and they are reserved unto fire
08:40 against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men."
08:44 So Peter is basically saying what Jesus said
08:47 that there is gonna be a real fire,
08:49 it's really going to burn,
08:51 but Peter puts it not right now,
08:53 he puts it at the day of the Lord,
08:56 at the end of the world.
09:00 And Peter is very clear
09:02 that the ungodly referring to the wicked,
09:06 they are reserved for that day, reserved
09:11 and the heavens in the earth are reserved
09:13 for fire against the day of judgement
09:14 and perdition of ungodly men.
09:16 So ungodly men are going into the fire
09:19 but it's going to be not right now,
09:21 but it's going to be at end of the world.
09:23 If you go back to chapter 2, and look at verse 9,
09:28 Peter says something similar, he says that the,
09:31 he wrote that, "The Lord knows
09:33 how to deliver the godly out of temptations,
09:36 and to reserve the unjust
09:38 unto the day of judgement to the punished."
09:43 So this verse says
09:44 that God knows how to protect His people,
09:46 He knows how to preserve and keep them from temptations
09:52 but He will reserve or preserve the unjust,
09:56 it says until the day of judgement to be punished.
10:01 So when do the unjust get punished
10:04 according to 2 Peter 2:9.
10:08 He said, Peter wrote
10:09 and this is what the Bible says,
10:11 "That the unjust will be punished
10:13 on the day of judgement,"
10:16 which obviously has not yet taken place
10:20 for people around the world.
10:25 So when you put these verses together,
10:27 we have these significant points.
10:30 Let me read these to you, from my own notes here,
10:34 very clear right from the Bible.
10:35 Point number one,
10:37 is there is going to be a real fire,
10:39 Jesus taught that, Peter taught that
10:41 and there is a lot of other verses that teach this
10:43 and we'll look at many of those other verses.
10:46 According to Jesus and according to Peter,
10:48 point number two
10:49 is that this fire occurs at the end of the world.
10:52 Point number three,
10:53 it is synonymous with occurring on the day of judgement.
10:58 Point four is the fire will burn
11:01 the atmospheric heavens
11:03 and the earth that we are now walking on top of,
11:07 and then point number five is that is when the lost,
11:11 or the unjust, or the wicked
11:13 will finally get their punishment.
11:16 Now, that's what the Bible says,
11:18 that's what Jesus taught in Matthew 13,
11:21 and that's what Peter taught in 2 Peter 2,
11:25 and in 2 Peter 3.
11:28 Now, what we've just read
11:29 is obviously quite a bit different
11:33 from the common view of hell.
11:36 When most people think of hell,
11:37 they think of the dream or the vision
11:41 or whatever it was that Bill Weise had
11:44 and that other people have had.
11:47 Apparently they've seen fire this fiery place
11:50 and most people think of it
11:52 as somewhere way down, down, down
11:54 who knows how many miles down underneath the ground,
11:57 way down possibly in the heart of the earth,
11:59 and they see it as a fiery place
12:03 where a lost soul will go after he dies.
12:08 And many times people imagine or they believe
12:12 that the devil will be down there
12:14 possibly with a pitchfork
12:15 or some kind of instruments and instrument of torture
12:19 and his demons are down there and people are screaming
12:22 and hauling, and there's just all kinds of awful things like,
12:27 just like Bill described in his dream or in his vision.
12:32 Let me read it again.
12:34 He saw the searing flames of hell,
12:36 he experienced the putrid and the rotting stench.
12:38 The deafening screams of agony,
12:40 terrorizing demons and finally the strong hand of God
12:44 lifting him out of the pit.
12:47 This is the common view of hell.
12:49 This is what Bill saw,
12:51 and again did God show this to him
12:54 or was it a supernatural experience
12:57 that came from the dark side to lead people astray?
13:01 The only way we're gonna find out the answer to that question
13:03 is by looking closely at the Bible.
13:07 Now, let me share with you a very shocking fact,
13:11 and it's the truth, you can check it out,
13:13 and I encourage you to check everything
13:15 that I say out from God's book.
13:18 There is only one place in the entire Bible
13:22 that seems to teach the idea
13:26 that hell is under the ground far below us
13:30 and it's a place where a lost soul leaves his body
13:33 at the point of death and goes under the ground
13:36 and begins suffering and writhing in the flames.
13:41 There's only one place that teaches that
13:44 and that is the story of the rich man
13:46 and Lazarus in the Book of Luke 16,
13:50 which we are going to examine closely in part two
13:54 of this little mini series, the hot topic of hell.
13:57 But before we do,
13:58 I want to just impress you with a very important fact,
14:03 an amazing fact.
14:04 And that is that there is no other verse
14:07 not one in the entire New Testament
14:11 or in the entire Bible
14:12 that seems to teach that concept,
14:15 that hell is a place under the ground
14:17 where a last soul goes at the point of death
14:20 and he's burning.
14:21 If you read the Book of Matthew,
14:24 the first book of the New Testament
14:25 you won't find that particular doctrine anywhere.
14:29 You won't find it in Mark,
14:30 you won't find it in the Book of John.
14:33 When you read the Book of Acts
14:35 which is the story of the early church
14:36 and what they preached,
14:37 what Peter preached on the day of Pentecost
14:39 and what Paul eventually preached
14:41 after he was converted from Saul to Paul,
14:44 you can read his sermons, Peter sermons, Paul sermons,
14:48 and you won't ever find them teaching anything like this
14:51 in the entire Book of Acts.
14:53 Paul wrote most of the New Testament,
14:55 the majority of the New Testament books he wrote,
14:57 he wrote Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians,
15:01 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy,
15:03 2 Timothy, he wrote a lot of books
15:06 and yet amazingly
15:07 you will not find anywhere in any of the writings of Paul
15:11 which includes the Book of Romans,
15:13 all of his books this concept
15:16 that hell is a place under the ground
15:18 where lost souls go at the point of death,
15:21 it's just not there.
15:24 James wrote his little book
15:26 close to the Book of Revelation,
15:28 it's not in the Book of James.
15:30 Peter wrote 1 and 2 Peter
15:32 completely absent from Peter's teaching.
15:35 The Book of Jude which is the little book
15:37 right before the Book of Revelation
15:39 talks about judgement,
15:40 talks about God executing judgement upon the wicked
15:43 when Jesus Christ comes,
15:45 but the concept of hell under the ground burning
15:48 it's just not there,
15:49 and when you read the Book of Revelation,
15:52 it's not there either.
15:53 Like I said it's nowhere.
15:56 It's nowhere in the Old Testament,
15:57 it's nowhere in the New Testament
15:59 except one place
16:00 which is the story of the rich man and Lazarus,
16:02 which we would look at in part two.
16:05 The truth is that there are two primary Greek words
16:11 that are translated hell in our English Bibles.
16:16 And the words are Gehenna and the other word is Hades.
16:20 I'd like to show you a text where Gehenna is used
16:24 which is in Matthew 5:29.
16:31 Jesus definitely believed in a fire,
16:34 but notice what he said and what he didn't say.
16:38 Matthew 5:29 and 30,
16:43 Jesus warned about sexual sin
16:46 and he said, "If your right eye offends you,
16:48 pluck it out and cast it from you,
16:51 for it is profitable for you
16:53 that one of your members should perish,
16:55 and not that your whole body should be cast into hell."
16:58 Now the Greek word there for hell is Gehenna,
17:01 and it's obvious when you look at this verse
17:03 and look at the way Gehenna is used in other verses
17:07 that Gehenna definitely refers to a real place of fire.
17:11 In verse 30 Jesus basically said the same thing,
17:15 "If your right hand offends you,
17:17 cut it off and cast it from you,
17:19 for it is profitable for you
17:20 that one of your members should perish,
17:22 and not that your whole body should be cast into hell."
17:25 Now I don't believe Jesus is really recommending
17:28 that we actually take a knife
17:29 and cut off our hands or take out our eyes
17:31 but his, the context from verse 27 and 28
17:35 is that Jesus is talking about sexual sin
17:37 and He's talking about committing adultery
17:39 and not just the physical act
17:41 but dwelling upon these things in your mind and you know,
17:45 seeing either a woman or a man that you really want to be with
17:49 and basically creating a bed in your heart and doing this,
17:55 committing adultery inside of you,
17:58 and Jesus said if your eye is leading you into sin,
18:01 He said it's really better to take your eye out
18:03 than to go into hell.
18:04 It's really better to cut your hand off,
18:06 if your hand is leading you into sin,
18:08 and I think what Jesus is saying
18:09 is that whatever part of us
18:13 is leading us into sexual immorality
18:15 or any kind of immorality,
18:17 we really need to make a strong decision
18:20 to cut out that practice from our lives,
18:23 that's what Jesus is really saying.
18:27 But he uses the word Gehenna here and he uses,
18:31 he talks about hell where people will go,
18:35 and he says that your whole body
18:36 will eventually go there.
18:38 He doesn't say your soul
18:39 is gonna leave your body and go there,
18:41 he says your whole body is gonna eventually
18:42 end up in hell.
18:43 And the word here, again the Greek word is Gehenna
18:45 which basically means a place of burning,
18:48 a place of fire, so again I believe it's real,
18:51 I believe it's coming,
18:52 and I believe that Jesus' warning
18:54 needs to be taken seriously.
18:56 But in theses verses Jesus does not say
19:00 that you're going to go to hell when you die,
19:02 He just says that your whole body will go there
19:05 if you continue to practice sin,
19:08 but He doesn't say
19:10 when it will happen in this verse.
19:12 Now there is another verse,
19:13 there's actually a lot of verses
19:15 where Jesus talks about the consequences
19:17 and going into the fire,
19:19 but in these verses He doesn't say
19:21 exactly when and we did read that in Matthew 13,
19:24 Jesus said, the fire would take place
19:25 at the end of the world,
19:27 and we read in 2 Peter the same thing.
19:30 So now let's look at the word Hades
19:34 and let's see what it means.
19:36 Hades is used a number of times in the New Testament
19:39 and let's take a look at one of them
19:40 which is in 1 Corinthians 15.
19:45 If you did your homework
19:46 and look up the word Hades
19:48 in a reputable Bible dictionary,
19:51 at least one that knows what it's talking about
19:53 and you'll discover
19:54 that Hades really should be correctly translated,
19:58 not a place of burning, it's not under the ground
20:01 somewhere where souls are being tormented by demons
20:04 with pitchforks.
20:05 It is actually a word
20:06 that applies to simply the grave itself.
20:09 We know this for sure
20:11 by looking at how the word is used
20:13 in its context in a number of passages.
20:16 1 Corinthians 15, describes the great day
20:20 when Jesus returns, His second coming.
20:24 Verse 51 says, "Behold, I shew you a mystery:
20:27 Paul wrote we will not all sleep,
20:28 but will all be changed."
20:30 Sleep preferring to death,
20:31 but we'll all be transformed if we're true believers.
20:35 Verse 52, "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
20:37 at the last trumpet."
20:39 And the last trumpet is at the end of the world.
20:41 "For the trumpet will sound, it'll be very loud
20:43 and the dead will be raised incorruptible,
20:46 and we shall be changed.
20:48 For this corruptible must put on incorruption,
20:50 and this mortal must put on immortality.
20:53 So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption,
20:57 and this mortal which is what we are now,
20:59 mortal beings shall have put on immortality,"
21:02 on resurrection day when Jesus comes.
21:06 Paul wrote, "Then shall be brought to pass the saying
21:08 that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory."
21:12 And then in verse 55, he describes the words
21:15 that come out of the mouths of the saints
21:17 on resurrection morning,
21:18 when they come out of the grave.
21:20 "O death, where is your sting?
21:22 O grave, where is your victory?
21:24 Now, I don't know if you can see this
21:26 through the camera lens,
21:27 but in my Bible I've circled the word grave here
21:31 and there is a little footnote
21:32 that takes you to a marginal reference on the side
21:36 and the word there is hell.
21:38 And the Greek word is Hades.
21:40 And so what Paul is basically saying
21:41 is that the saints on resurrection morning
21:44 come out of the grave which is Hades,
21:46 which is also translated hell
21:48 and they come out and they are shouting and praising God,
21:51 because death has no longer any power over them.
21:56 Now, think about it,
21:58 here we have Paul describing the saints coming out of Hades
22:01 and shouting victory over death in the grave
22:05 and obviously in this verse,
22:07 Hades is not a reference to a place
22:09 burning under the ground
22:11 where the saints art being tormented,
22:12 obviously not by demons or devils but pitchforks,
22:15 but again Hades is simply a word
22:18 that describes the grave and Paul is saying
22:21 that when even the righteous die,
22:23 they go to the grave and the wicked also go to grave
22:25 but when Jesus Christ comes on resurrection morning,
22:28 then His people will come out of the grave shouting victory,
22:32 praising the Lord
22:33 that they will never have to worry
22:35 about the grave again.
22:37 So just to summarize,
22:38 we have two major words in the New Testament
22:40 that are translated hell in our English Bibles.
22:43 Gehenna which is a place of burning
22:46 and Hades which literally means the grave.
22:50 Now the word Hades is used in another place
22:53 that I want to share with you before we wind up part one
22:57 and that's in the Book of Revelation 20.
23:01 Revelation 20 is a very, very powerful passage
23:04 describing the end of the millennium,
23:05 the end of the one thousand years,
23:07 and it describes the resurrection of lost people
23:11 in verses 12-14 who eventually are judged
23:15 and then who go into the lake of fire.
23:17 In verse 12 John saw in vision,
23:20 "I saw the dead, small and great,
23:22 standing before God, and books were opened.
23:24 And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life.
23:27 And the dead were judged out of those things,
23:29 which were written in the books according to their works."
23:32 So this is what we call the great white throne judgement
23:35 at the end of the millennium
23:37 and it is the lost who are being judged.
23:39 Verse 13 says, "The sea gave up the dead
23:41 which were in it,
23:43 and death and hell delivered up the dead
23:46 which were in them.
23:47 And they were judged,
23:49 every man according to their works."
23:50 And then verse 14 says,
23:52 "Death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.
23:54 This is the second death.
23:56 Whosoever was not found written in the book of life
23:58 was cast into the lake of fire."
24:01 And I'm gonna hold my Bible up again here
24:03 so you can see this,
24:04 if you got great eyes or just take my word for it.
24:07 In verse 13, I've got the word hell there
24:11 that the lost are coming up out of hell
24:13 and I've circled that word,
24:15 there's a marginal reference which says the grave
24:17 and the Greek word, the original word is Hades,
24:20 just like in 1 Corinthians 15.
24:22 So just like the righteous come out of Hades
24:24 and shout for joy,
24:26 so at the end of the thousand years,
24:29 the lost come out of Hades as well which means the grave
24:34 and then they're judged
24:35 and then they go into the lake of fire.
24:39 Now let me just summarize these different points here.
24:43 Notice the order, at the end of the millennium,
24:45 the lost come out of Hades,
24:46 they're judged and they go into the fire.
24:49 It would certainly be strange if a lost person dies today
24:53 and goes immediately into the fire
24:56 and then at the end of the millennium
24:57 he comes out of the fire to get judged.
25:01 I mean why would God judge a person
25:03 after He throws him into the fire,
25:05 that doesn't make sense.
25:06 And then it would be even stranger
25:08 if that lost person were to then be sent
25:10 back into the fire after he's judged.
25:13 Imagine two people dying,
25:15 one person died a 1000 years ago
25:17 and he was very wicked and he goes into the fire
25:19 and he's burning,
25:21 and then another wicked person dies today
25:22 and then he goes down into the fire
25:24 and he joins that first person,
25:26 that would mean that the second person
25:29 burn for a 1000 years less
25:31 and the first person burn for a 1000 years longer
25:33 because they both,
25:35 because they died at different times
25:38 and now what that make sense.
25:39 And the Bible says the God is gonna judge people justly
25:42 and then he's going to punish them.
25:44 And so it doesn't make sense based on these scriptures
25:47 that a lost person would go down into the fire now
25:51 and then become, and then get resurrected
25:54 and then get judged, and then go back into the fire.
25:57 Revelation 20:15 says,
26:01 that at the end of the millennium,
26:03 "Whosoever was not found written in the book of life
26:06 was cast into the lake of fire."
26:08 I believe in a real fire, it's coming,
26:10 but when does that fire come, how long does it burn,
26:14 do people go there today?
26:16 I don't think so, that's not what the Bible says,
26:19 and what is really the truth about hell?
26:22 Well, this is the conclusion of part one
26:25 in our next installment we'll pick up with part two,
26:28 the hot topic of hell.
26:29 We'll make it very clear
26:31 and we'll do it right from the Bible,
26:33 so that when we're done,
26:34 you will know that you have heard
26:36 not Steve Wohlberg's opinion,
26:37 but you have heard His Voice Today.
26:41 Don't miss part two.
26:43 We hope you've enjoyed this timely message
26:45 from Pastor Steve Wohlberg
26:47 and we want you to know
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