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Publishing - Dead or Alive?

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Participants: Karen Thomas (Host), Java Mattison


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00:28 Welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:29 Today we're going to be talking about the publishing work,
00:32 dead or alive.
00:34 Our guest today is Java Madison.
00:36 He's a publishing director for South Central Conference.
00:39 He's a graduate of Oakwood University
00:41 and Andrews University with a Masters of Divinity.
00:44 Welcome to the program today, Java.
00:46 Thank you so much, Karen, for having me.
00:47 So the publishing work, dead or alive?
00:49 Wow.
00:51 The publishing work is very much alive.
00:53 In this ministry is surrounding the nature of the word of God.
00:58 When you think about
00:59 how the word of God is communicated,
01:02 how it is translated.
01:04 It is the very nature of this work
01:06 and the word of God, the Bible says is quick,
01:09 the Bible says that it is powerful,
01:11 it is sharper than any two-edged sword.
01:13 This ministry is very much alive
01:15 because it is linked with
01:16 the very life of Christ himself.
01:19 So I understand that there has been some restructuring
01:22 in the publishing ministry
01:23 within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:25 Is it still a viable vocation?
01:27 Can people still become literature evangelists?
01:30 Yes, I'm glad that you asked that question
01:33 because we would like to invite
01:35 people to become literature evangelists like never before.
01:38 Really?
01:40 This is an urgent call.
01:41 We're trying to position ourselves to be used
01:44 by God in the best possible way.
01:47 By restructuring we are becoming more nimble.
01:52 We're becoming more capable to meet the demands
01:55 of our communities,
01:57 to give a relevant word for the issues that they face.
02:01 When you think about
02:03 the very nature of this ministry,
02:05 the Bible says that Moses was called into a mountain
02:11 to speak to God.
02:12 When he was called into the mountain,
02:14 you know, he had face-to-face communion with God
02:17 like no one had ever had until that time.
02:20 And God did a few things, he spoke, the Bible says,
02:25 and after having spoken
02:27 and having this authentic intimacy with Moses,
02:31 to recap the experience, God said,
02:34 all right I'm going to write down
02:36 what I just explained to you
02:38 and God in his own way with his own finger
02:42 wrote down the very 10 commandments.
02:45 And then this is what God did.
02:47 He gave them to Moses to give to the people.
02:52 Bam, publishing.
02:53 Publishing.
02:55 That's how we got it.
02:56 Wow!
02:58 So in these times,
02:59 you know so many things are going on right now,
03:01 what's the best way to get the word out?
03:03 Wow, you know there are so many
03:05 different ways to communicate now.
03:06 I mean the internet is just one of those prime examples
03:10 and technology, media.
03:12 So many outlets to actually reach people
03:14 to communicate to them that God actually loves them,
03:18 that he's desirous to be intimate with them.
03:22 But undergirding all levels of communication
03:26 is the one form of media that we cannot dispense without
03:31 and that is the written word of God.
03:34 This is our main safeguard from temptation,
03:38 our main safeguard from the attacks of the enemy.
03:41 Mmm, wow.
03:42 So now, I guess looking back in history,
03:44 things have always been of importance
03:46 have been written down.
03:48 Have always been written down.
03:49 I mean, one of the reasons why we do publishing
03:53 is because I can audibly speak my sermon to a congregation
03:59 and then after the service people will say
04:01 that was a good sermon.
04:02 And then you ask them exactly what it was
04:05 that I actually spoke about and very few people,
04:08 I have found can actually tell me my points.
04:11 Which would mean either one that memory is bad
04:14 or I'm just a horrible communicator.
04:17 And so writing down the revelation,
04:21 the word of God is important
04:22 so people can go back and they can read it.
04:25 And so the point would be this:
04:26 The written word of God endures and lasts throughout time.
04:31 And so that's why we need the written word of God.
04:35 So therefore we need everybody
04:37 to share in the publishing ministry,
04:40 not just to sell books
04:44 but also to share books,
04:47 and this is why the call
04:48 to the publishing ministry is so urgent
04:51 because we need more people sharing the word of God,
04:55 distributing literature, leaflets, tracts,
04:59 small pamphlets.
05:00 Then we need a few people selling the word of God.
05:05 And so therefore everybody can get involved.
05:09 Everybody can be a literature evangelist.
05:12 I was going to ask you that.
05:13 So everyone no matter
05:15 whether or not they're directly coming
05:16 under a particular group, a conference or a ministry,
05:22 selling the books or actually going online
05:25 and buying books
05:26 or actually picking up books from a store,
05:28 you're saying we all are literature evangelists.
05:31 We all are literature evangelists.
05:34 Think about it in this way.
05:36 Literature evangelists a lot of people use the word LE.
05:40 But Paul said it in this way in 2 Corinthians 3:2,
05:46 He says, "Ye are living epistles"
05:51 and then he said, "You are read by all men."
05:55 In other words, Paul took
05:57 this idea of literature evangelism
05:59 to a whole another level where he says
06:02 you are the very book,
06:04 your life is the very book that people are reading.
06:08 Before they even read a piece of literature
06:11 that I could share with them,
06:12 they've already read about who Jesus is
06:16 through the life that I've lived.
06:18 And so in that way everybody is involved.
06:21 Nobody can be an innocent bystander or a spectator.
06:25 Your life is a book.
06:27 People may never read the Bible,
06:29 but they've read your acts of kindness,
06:32 they've read your acts of love,
06:34 they've read the kind words that you've spoken.
06:37 And so this concept of literature evangelism
06:39 is far deeper than we actually have made it
06:43 and God is calling for everybody
06:45 to take an active role.
06:46 You may not be able to preach, you may not be able to pray,
06:49 but you can share a piece of literature.
06:51 But make sure that your lifestyle is lining up with it.
06:54 So, you know, some people look and say,
06:56 you know, I need a reason
06:58 to know that this really is a calling of God.
07:01 Is there anything that we've had that's been written
07:04 or that can let us know that
07:06 this really is an important work?
07:08 I'm glad that you asked that
07:10 because in the Colporteur Ministry,
07:13 which is a kind of a book that's been written about
07:16 why we should do this ministry...
07:18 How long ago was that written?
07:20 Well, this book was written about 100 years ago, you know.
07:24 It still is viable today
07:27 because some of the principles
07:29 that are instilled there still apply.
07:32 But it's Ellen White, she wrote the book.
07:35 She suggests that when the church realizes
07:39 her call to share the word of God
07:43 through our publications,
07:45 she says that our church will rise and will go forth
07:50 and shine as bright as the sun.
07:53 She says our power as a church has a lot to do
07:57 with ourpublishing ministry
07:59 and therefore everybody has to take an active part,
08:04 whether you are in your grocery stores,
08:06 whether you're at the gas station,
08:09 whether you're at you day cares
08:10 where you drop your children off or your schools,
08:14 wherever you find yourself at, there you can leave a leaflet,
08:19 a pamphlet encouraging somebody along the way.
08:23 Let me ask you, because you know,
08:25 cities or out in the country or wherever people are living,
08:29 how are people receiving,
08:31 I mean, do people today are they willing
08:33 to take a pamphlet or a booklet from a perfect stranger?
08:37 You know what?
08:38 I found it to be amazing.
08:40 There are so many beautiful people
08:42 in the world today and people are lonely.
08:47 People are hurting.
08:50 People have been cut off from society in so many ways
08:54 and that's what I've found technology has done.
08:58 While it has brought the world closer together,
09:02 it also in so many ways have separated.
09:04 For example, in my home,
09:06 my daughters and my son along with my wife and myself
09:10 we all have either an iPad or an iPhone
09:15 and we're all at several times of the day on these devices.
09:21 We can all be in the same room but we are so far apart.
09:25 And so technology too has a way of separating us.
09:29 And so there is a ability to have high touch,
09:33 meaning, you can reach a lot of people.
09:36 How so?
09:38 Through technology.
09:39 But this high tech reality has also separated people
09:44 from the opportunity to actually
09:47 having a personal contact,
09:49 just to hear somebody say you know what,
09:51 God is with you.
09:52 To hear, you know, God loves you.
09:54 And that's what a literature evangelist can do.
09:57 So when I go to a home and I knock on a door,
10:00 it's almost in Revelation 3
10:04 when the Bible says Jesus knocks on the door,
10:07 he says behold I stand at the door and knock,
10:10 if any man, any woman, hears my voice
10:13 and opens up I'll come in and sup.
10:16 That is to say, I'll come and have dinner with you.
10:19 Eating with people is one of the most
10:21 intimate expressions that we have in humanity.
10:26 It sure is.
10:27 To eat with someone,
10:28 to treat them to a meal is intimate.
10:31 And so what God is really wanting to do
10:33 through literature evangelism is to bring people
10:36 into intimacy with people who have actually met Jesus.
10:40 So, Java, tell me,
10:41 what kinds of things are being planned
10:43 to get the word out?
10:44 Well, I'm glad you asked.
10:46 In the concept mass distribution,
10:49 total church involvement.
10:51 One of the things that we're looking for is
10:53 in the area that we live in
10:55 what big events are happening?
10:57 Whether there are sporting events
10:59 if you're in a city that has some kind of sports team
11:03 where large crowds gather.
11:05 You know this is an opportunity
11:07 for you to go as a church community
11:09 to share the word of God.
11:11 So in mass distributing you want to reach
11:13 as many people as possible.
11:14 Here's the principle.
11:16 In the book Colporteur Ministry,
11:18 she says that the literature can go places
11:21 where the living preacher cannot go
11:24 and the reality is there are some people
11:26 who would never come into our churches
11:28 and I think we kind of need to just recognize that
11:32 and accept that fact.
11:33 And so we have to go where they are
11:36 whether it's at grocery stores.
11:38 Individuals can share the word of God,
11:40 the literature.
11:42 One of the things
11:43 that we are doing here in the Southern Union,
11:46 we are catering books to sporting events.
11:49 So this book, Let's Win,
11:52 it pictures Jesus as your life coach.
11:56 Everybody wants their team to win
11:59 in whatever sport you're playing.
12:01 But bigger than sports is what some people
12:05 have termed the game of life
12:08 and that's a game that you don't want to lose in.
12:12 And so this book, Let's Win,
12:14 helps you to hear from the master coach, Jesus,
12:18 as he coaches you through every stage of your life.
12:21 This is a book that has been put together
12:24 in large quantities.
12:25 Over 250,000 of these have been put in print
12:28 just within the last few months.
12:31 This is a book that people can share to anybody
12:36 who may have an interest in sports
12:38 and so you can choose an event like that.
12:40 This is one example where you can distribute
12:44 this piece of literature to mass quantities of people.
12:47 Anywhere in the Southern Union you can find this book.
12:50 I also have here with me
12:53 what we call GLOW tracts
12:56 Now these GLOW tracts have different topics.
12:59 This topic says why do I go to church on Saturday?
13:04 You may not ever be able to explain to someone
13:06 why you attend church on Saturday
13:09 but this little leaflet is something that
13:11 can actually convince people,
13:14 share with people...
13:15 Can I see that?
13:17 Yes, why you go to church on Saturday.
13:20 Right. Also...
13:21 Simple to read, it looks like...
13:23 Simple to read.
13:24 You can read just in 15 minutes.
13:25 Also is another topic.
13:27 A lot of people want to know is the world coming to an end.
13:31 Yes.
13:32 Evolution is another topic.
13:34 You know the story of evolution goes directly
13:39 against the story that we have a loving creator.
13:43 Right.
13:44 People need to know that there's a God that loves them.
13:47 These are different methods and ways
13:50 people can actually share their faith.
13:53 Making Sense of Natural Disasters.
13:56 Natural disasters,
13:57 this is something that affects people in so many ways.
14:01 This is a way that you can share.
14:03 I have a few more, Breaking Addictions.
14:06 So many people...
14:07 may be it's a smoking addiction,
14:10 eating addiction,
14:11 maybe it's the addiction of hate.
14:13 You know, some people need to learn how to love.
14:15 That's true.
14:16 Yes.
14:17 Where's God When I'm Hurting?
14:19 So many people are hurting.
14:20 They find it hard to believe that there is a God
14:23 because of the pain they feel in their own life.
14:25 Right.
14:27 Yeah, I like the way that you just pull
14:28 this out of your lapel, you know.
14:30 So you go some place and you just,
14:32 what do you do?
14:33 You just put the tract down?
14:35 Well you know it's exciting to actually see it unfold.
14:38 For example, one time I was in Orlando
14:42 and I was at a Wal-Mart
14:44 and I was going up and down the aisle
14:46 and I was looking for a piece for my computer.
14:50 And there, out of nowhere it just grabbed me.
14:53 I wasn't looking for
14:55 but it was book called Ministry of Healing.
14:59 It just said, Java, and all of a sudden
15:03 I looked and there the book was.
15:04 I picked it up and I knew
15:06 that that was a literature evangelist
15:08 who just left it there.
15:09 You know, this is one thing
15:12 that really excites me about this ministry.
15:14 It is a ministry where there are unseen agencies
15:19 always at work.
15:21 The reason why I know that book grabbed my attention
15:25 because Ellen White, she talks about
15:27 how God positions angels at every piece of literature
15:33 that's placed for someone to actually read.
15:37 God is jealous for this ministry.
15:40 For example, the Bible says
15:42 my word shall not return unto me void,
15:45 but it shall accomplish the thing in which I sent it.
15:50 And so God will, when you place literature,
15:52 whether it's at a bowling alley,
15:54 whether it's at a gas station,
15:56 whether it is at a gas pump.
16:00 I've placed them at gas pumps
16:02 right by the place where you put your credit card.
16:05 I position a tract right there.
16:08 You can leave it anywhere and you can be rest assured
16:11 that God will send someone there
16:13 where it will arrest their attention.
16:16 Wow.
16:17 So I can leave it with my hairstylist,
16:19 getting my nails done.
16:20 Yes.
16:21 Wow, at the health club.
16:23 Just wherever I'm going.
16:24 You're saying that as I'm leaving this,
16:26 I am leaving a request to God
16:29 to send an angel to accompany this literature?
16:32 Yes, yes.
16:34 Because the word of God is quick,
16:36 it is powerful,
16:37 it's sharper than any two-edge sword.
16:40 The word will arrest the attention of the people
16:42 and that's one of the reasons why we're instructed
16:45 for this ministry to be placed in print
16:49 because it arrests the attention of people.
16:53 I was thinking about another example
16:56 when I was just today at a Pilot gas station
17:02 and in the restroom,
17:04 I saw a piece of literature there
17:07 that was randomly placed there on the counter
17:09 and it grabbed my attention.
17:12 I didn't touch it
17:13 because I knew God had placed it
17:15 there for someone else.
17:16 But that's a perfect example
17:17 of how we can be a light for God.
17:21 And can I just share a scripture with you?
17:23 Sure, please.
17:24 The Bible says in Isaiah,
17:26 "Arise and shine for thy light has come,
17:31 gross darkness shall cover the people
17:34 but my light shall shine on you."
17:37 The reason why this tract is called GLOW
17:40 is because Jesus wants us to let our light shine.
17:45 Let it shine everywhere.
17:47 No matter where you go,
17:48 allow the light of God's glory to shine.
17:51 Allow the truth of God's word to be shared.
17:54 Wherever you are that light should shine.
17:57 It should burst forth where people around
18:00 can know that God loves them,
18:01 God cares and he so desperately wants to be with us
18:06 again face to face.
18:08 I don't know about you but as I look at the times
18:11 that we are living in, so much pain,
18:13 so much suffering.
18:15 Yeah, a lot of things going on.
18:17 Controversy, community
18:20 unrest, differences.
18:23 How can the publishing ministry
18:25 help people through these times?
18:27 Well, it is a direct word of the Lord
18:31 for them to that issue,
18:34 which is why there are so many varieties of topics
18:38 that the word of God has been written
18:40 to meet the specific needs of people.
18:43 Wow.
18:45 So I kind of want to go back to something.
18:47 Now how is it that...
18:48 Is it possible that this beautiful publishing ministry
18:52 can be of benefit to individual families,
18:56 to people who are out of work perhaps
18:57 or trying to come up with ways
19:00 to pay for their schooling, their education?
19:03 You know what, there are so many young people
19:06 across the world right now
19:08 who actually take this to another level.
19:12 In that level they have decided to share the word of God
19:16 and when they leave this literature with individuals
19:18 they actually leave a donation,
19:21 and this donation has helped young people
19:23 to stay in school.
19:24 This donation has paid for tuition.
19:28 There's so much that can be done through this ministry.
19:32 God will provide for your needs in this ministry.
19:35 I've seen it done for me in my personal life.
19:37 As a matter of fact, when I left Oakwood University,
19:41 they wrote me a check for $6000
19:44 because I was a literature evangelist.
19:47 Wow!
19:48 So yes, there are ways that people
19:51 who want to do this as a ministry
19:54 that it can subsidize their ministry desire.
19:57 Now how about for the person that just loves the internet?
20:00 We talked about tablets,
20:01 we talked about this mass distribution.
20:03 What are some ideas for an individual
20:06 to be able to use maybe their Facebook or Instagram
20:09 or some of these other ways to get the word out?
20:12 You know, a lot of times in your personal devotion
20:15 as you read the word of God,
20:17 the word of God has an impact on you
20:20 and what I do a lot of times is I take an excerpt
20:23 and I'll post that excerpt from what I read
20:27 in my devotional on my Facebook,
20:29 on my Instagram.
20:30 That's one way
20:32 that so many people are sharing the word of God today.
20:34 We have a website
20:38 People can go there.
20:40 They can receive the literature
20:42 and they can purchase it to give out,
20:44 to share it with their family members,
20:45 to give as gifts.
20:47 I mean anything you can think of
20:49 or any reason you can think of
20:50 to give someone the word of God.
20:52 We should do it because ultimately
20:54 we know it's the word of God that saves our soul.
20:57 So how accessible is it, you know,
20:59 for a person maybe that's not living in the south
21:01 or they're living in another part of the world
21:04 to be able to get these nice little pamphlets
21:06 to be able to pass out to their neighbors,
21:08 friends and other people?
21:11 Is there a website, I mean
21:12 what's the best way for a person
21:14 to be able to get started.
21:16 Just a person, not necessarily a minister
21:19 or maybe young or old?
21:20 What's the best way for them to get started?
21:22 Well I tell you.
21:23 If you are a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church,
21:26 I would suggest that you first start
21:28 with your local publishing ministries director.
21:31 The GLOW ministry the Lord has blessed
21:34 to become global and worldwide.
21:37 Many publishing ministries are now carrying
21:39 the GLOW literature that was birthed by God
21:43 in Central California by Nelson Erts.
21:47 They have placed this literature
21:49 in so many places.
21:50 I'm talking about multimillion of copies
21:53 have gone across the world.
21:55 I would suggest you start there.
21:58 If your ministries leader
22:00 doesn't have these literatures available,
22:02 you're more than welcome to visit our website,
22:05 and again that website is
22:09 There there's a link where you can go to GLOW literature
22:13 and you can purchase this literature
22:16 for a very minimal fee
22:17 of just five dollars for a pack of 100.
22:20 So a small investment of just five dollars
22:23 you can reach 100 people to let them know
22:26 where is God when you're hurting.
22:28 So let's say, I'm at my church
22:31 and I'm listening to Java Madison,
22:33 and I'm all gung ho and I'm all excited you know,
22:35 forward ever, backward never.
22:37 I've heard that at literature evangelisms.
22:39 Forward ever, backward never.
22:40 I'm like yeah, yeah I want to go, I want to go.
22:41 How do I get started? How do you get started?
22:43 What's the best way to organize at my church,
22:47 maybe just a committee of one or how would you suggest it?
22:50 Well definitely, I'm glad you asked.
22:53 If you go to our website, again there is a process.
22:58 The GLOW ministry has a process
23:01 in which you can start
23:02 in your own local church congregation.
23:05 Okay, now let me ask you something
23:06 just for clarification about the GLOW ministry.
23:08 Is this something that all the publishing directors
23:12 and all that are involved in all the conferences,
23:14 they're all kind of working together on this?
23:16 Yes.
23:17 The GLOW ministry is a new initiative
23:20 that breaks down the barrier that we have placed up
23:24 almost unknowingly to keep people
23:26 from this ministry.
23:28 What do you mean?
23:29 Well, the idea of selling the literature
23:32 have made so many people in our church
23:35 feel like that ministry isn't for me.
23:38 Okay.
23:39 So unless they signed up
23:41 and became a formal literature evangelist
23:43 and then people just kind of stayed away from it
23:45 and said it's for the LE's not for me.
23:48 Yes, because of the fear
23:51 or the desire to not want to sell the literature.
23:54 But when everybody can share the literature,
23:58 it makes it possible for everybody to get involved.
24:00 So what does it take for you to get involved?
24:03 Find a friend.
24:05 Gather individuals in your church
24:07 who want to reach people with the word of God.
24:10 That's the only criteria
24:12 that you need to be a literature evangelist.
24:15 Then you equip yourself with the literature.
24:18 That means God is calling for sacrifice.
24:23 That is to say you set aside funds
24:26 that you are going to use to sacrifice
24:28 to purchase inexpensive literature at bulk qualities.
24:34 Okay, okay, so like large numbers...
24:37 Large numbers...
24:38 Bulk quantities. Yes.
24:40 Maybe I'm going to say we're going to target...
24:42 Is this based upon a goal maybe as our group would have,
24:45 say we want to get out 5000 pieces
24:46 of literature that kind of.
24:48 Yes.
24:49 Set your goal high
24:51 because one of the mandates is to spread the gospel
24:54 through the written word of God like the leaves of autumn.
24:57 And if you've ever seen a beautiful autumn setting,
25:00 it's so many leaves that if you had to pick them all up,
25:03 it would just drive you insane.
25:05 But not only like the leaves of autumn
25:08 but also like never before.
25:11 Whatever you have prior experience
25:13 in terms of the success of the publishing ministry,
25:16 God is saying in the last days, which we're in,
25:19 this word will go forth like never before.
25:22 She said like clear streams of light beaming
25:26 around the world like never before.
25:29 So set your goals high.
25:30 If I was in a community of 40,000,
25:33 then I would be saying
25:34 I need 40,000 pieces of literature.
25:36 What would it take for me to order
25:38 40,000 pieces of literature.
25:40 I would organize myself, I would get sponsors,
25:42 I would get donors,
25:44 I would make the sacrifice first
25:45 if I were doing it.
25:47 Maybe for you it would be $1,000.
25:49 For some $10,000.
25:51 I've had individuals write large sum checks
25:54 and they've distributed in some cities by themselves,
25:57 a single individual
25:58 over 200,000 pieces of literature.
26:01 Wow.
26:03 They distributed it in different churches.
26:04 They set up stations
26:05 and one individual has impacted a whole city.
26:09 I want to be that kind of impact player for Jesus.
26:11 I don't know about you,
26:13 but I'm just excited about the thought
26:14 that I can let my light shine.
26:17 It's time if I were in a locker room
26:19 to go hard or go home.
26:22 We're either going to be disciples of Jesus
26:24 or we're not.
26:25 And because I know
26:27 everyone wants to be a disciple of Jesus,
26:28 then I'm saying let's go hard for Jesus.
26:31 Would you mind offering prayer for those of us
26:33 who are asking to become a part of this ministry please?
26:36 Yes, thank you so much.
26:39 Dear heavenly Father, we are again indeed grateful
26:42 that you love us.
26:44 We're glad that this love has sprung up in our hearts
26:49 to fountains of living water that never run dry.
26:54 We're asking as we set our minds to join hands
26:57 to share the word of God with as many people as possible
27:01 like the leaves of autumn, like never before,
27:04 that you bless our efforts.
27:06 Move upon the hearts of people right now
27:08 who may be looking at this show today
27:12 and bless their efforts.
27:15 Impress upon their hearts to make a sacrifice
27:18 to tell somebody that Jesus is soon to come.
27:22 Not only bless our efforts but we're praying now
27:24 a blessing upon the books.
27:26 Send your angels, send your Holy Spirit
27:29 that as people come in contact with this literature,
27:32 that they meet Jesus
27:34 This is our hope, this is our desire.
27:36 And we know they need him to know him is eternal life.
27:39 We love, we bless you in Jesus' name.
27:42 Amen.
27:43 Amen. Amen.
27:44 Thank you so much for coming
27:46 and thank you for joining us today
27:47 in Issues and Answers.
27:49 We hope that you've learned now
27:50 that we all are literature evangelists.


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