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00:05 When my heart begins to fear
00:08 He is my light
00:10 I can smile for He is near
00:12 Jesus my light
00:15 When I am blue and feeling sad
00:17 He is my light
00:19 He reminds me I can be glad
00:21 Jesus my light
00:24 He is the Light,
00:26 Yes, Jesus my light
00:28 In Him is no darkness
00:30 in Him is no night.
00:33 Wherever He leads me He makes my way bright
00:38 I'll shine for Jesus Jesus my light
00:43 Here comes, Aunt Francine.
00:45 Hey kids, I'm so glad to see you.
00:48 Thank you for letting me come to your tree house.
00:52 I'm so excited where we can learn about Jesus.
00:56 Welcome to Jesus My Light,
00:58 where we learn to be shining for Jesus.
01:01 Do you know that Jesus has a very special place
01:04 for you in heaven?
01:06 But you know what?
01:07 He knows everything about you, even before you were born.
01:10 Did you know that? Yeah.
01:12 Yeah, I hope you do, because He is so wonderful.
01:15 He knows everything about you, even before you were born,
01:18 and it doesn't matter,
01:20 the most humble beginnings that you've had,
01:23 wherever you come from, it matters where you're going.
01:25 You know that?
01:27 Isn't He wonderful?
01:28 That reminds me of a song.
01:29 Would you like to sing it with me?
01:31 I'm thinking of a song, isn't He wonderful?
01:33 Can you play that for us, Ben?
01:35 Let's do it.
01:40 Isn't He wonderful Wonderful, wonderful
01:45 Isn't Jesus, my Lord, wonderful!
01:50 Eyes have seen Ears have heard It's recorded in God's Word
01:55 Isn't Jesus my Lord, wonderful!
02:00 Thank you. You're welcome.
02:02 I really enjoy singing.
02:04 I don't hold the note very well, but I like to sing.
02:06 You know what?
02:08 You know, would you help us see if there's any mail
02:10 that we have today?
02:11 I would like to see.
02:13 You know, sometimes we can read a love letter from Jesus.
02:16 We have some mail.
02:17 Oh, really? Yeah.
02:19 Wow, I can't wait.
02:20 I'm so glad that Jesus wrote His love letter for us.
02:23 But you know what?
02:25 I like reading letters for my kids too.
02:28 Do you want to see what it is? Yeah.
02:30 So can we put our crayons away
02:32 and let's see what this letter says.
02:35 I need to see.
02:37 There's a letter right here and it says,
02:39 "Dear Aunt Francine, my name is Aleigha.
02:42 And I'm almost seven years old.
02:44 And for my birthday, I've been saving up money
02:47 for the 3ABN Kids Network."
02:49 Oh, that's so sweet.
02:51 "I would like to be on one of your programs someday."
02:54 Wouldn't that be wonderful if she could join us
02:56 on Jesus My Light?
02:58 Yeah. Yeah. That would be wonderful.
03:00 Hey, thank you for coming, Ben.
03:08 Are you ready for a Bible story? Yes!
03:11 So let's start from the very beginning
03:13 of the New Testament.
03:14 Now who was going to be born in the New Testament?
03:17 Do you know who that is? Jesus.
03:18 You're right.
03:20 And even before Jesus was born, what town was He born in?
03:23 Bethlehem.
03:24 But did His parents come from Bethlehem?
03:26 No. No.
03:27 Do you know where they lived before that?
03:29 Nazareth. You're right.
03:31 And did you know that that was about a 90 mile track?
03:34 Now that might have taken, you right, it's wow.
03:37 It might have taken four to seven days
03:39 for them to travel.
03:40 And I'm assuming since Mary was very pregnant,
03:44 I'm thinking it was closer to the seven days,
03:46 don't you think?
03:47 Yeah. I think so.
03:49 And so when they finally get there,
03:50 what happened?
03:52 Was there room for them?
03:53 No. No.
03:54 Can you imagine that there's hardly any room?
03:57 And Joseph has to help with the delivery of the baby.
04:01 Oh my goodness.
04:02 Can you imagine your parents having a baby
04:04 and not even in a home in your own home?
04:07 That is pretty humble beginnings,
04:08 don't you think?
04:10 I can't imagine what that would have been like.
04:12 And so here they are,
04:14 and who comes to announce the baby?
04:19 To some of the lowliest people.
04:22 Who are they out in the fields? Shepherds.
04:24 Yes, right, the shepherds were out in the field,
04:27 and they were there
04:29 and they saw the beautiful angels?
04:31 And they said, "Oh, we must go worship."
04:33 And were they excited?
04:34 Yeah! I think so.
04:35 They were really excited to see Jesus.
04:38 And so they come.
04:39 And I don't know what they did, but they were weary bit.
04:42 You have to understand that
04:43 one thing is a very interesting,
04:47 you know, shepherds,
04:48 did you know that shepherds weren't really looked upon
04:51 as having an important job?
04:55 People didn't look good upon them very well.
04:58 They kind of looked down on them.
05:00 But you know why Jesus was born
05:02 in Bethlehem?
05:04 And the angels told about Jesus?
05:07 Why do you think that is?
05:09 Can you think of it?
05:10 I think He wanted to say that Jesus is for everyone.
05:15 Do you know that there are some kids
05:16 that have no mommy?
05:18 Or sometimes they have been adopted?
05:21 Yeah.
05:22 Or they go from foster home to foster home?
05:24 And they don't feel like they have the love of Jesus,
05:27 and they don't feel loved.
05:29 Isn't that sad?
05:30 But Jesus wanted to be sure that everyone knew
05:33 how much He loved them.
05:35 And that's why He came and let the shepherds know
05:37 and to welcome baby Jesus.
05:40 But you know what?
05:41 Not only that, do you know that there's a...
05:46 Sometimes a mother sheep is called,
05:49 do you know what it's called?
05:51 What a mother sheep is called?
05:52 Do you know what it is? It's ewe.
05:53 An ewe. Good job.
05:55 It is a ewe.
05:56 And we sometimes for some reason or not,
05:58 we don't know why, she has a baby lamb.
06:03 And sometimes
06:05 she cannot take care of that lamb.
06:07 And she rejects that lamb and says,
06:09 "I don't want that lamb."
06:12 And you know what we call that lamb?
06:13 Doesn't it start with the B?
06:15 You're right. Do you know what it is?
06:17 It's called the bummer lamb.
06:19 Yeah, bummer lamb. Oh, bummer.
06:21 You know how you say, oh bummer,
06:22 and sometimes you make a mistake.
06:24 I sometimes make mistakes and we say, "Oh, bummer."
06:27 And so, yeah, it's a bummer lamb,
06:29 and that poor bummer lamb would totally die
06:33 if it wasn't for the shepherd getting involved.
06:36 And so the shepherd takes that little baby lamb home
06:40 and takes care of it and feeds it.
06:43 And then when that baby bummer lamb
06:47 is now all grown up, and is put back into the field,
06:50 and the shepherd starts calling,
06:52 hello, my sheep, who comes running first?
06:56 The bummer lamb. You're right.
06:57 The bummer lamb comes running first.
06:59 I wonder?
07:01 Because he knows the voice of the shepherd.
07:04 Do we know who the voice of our Shepherd is?
07:07 I hope so. You're right.
07:08 It's Jesus. We want Jesus in us.
07:12 Do we recognize His voice?
07:14 Now there's something in the Bible
07:17 that we know somebody else recognized Jesus
07:20 and it was at his dedication.
07:21 Do you know who that was?
07:23 Do you know who that was? Simeon.
07:25 It was Simeon.
07:26 And Simeon, he wanted, he recognized Jesus.
07:30 But you know what's interesting
07:31 is that the first priest who actually dedicated Jesus
07:36 didn't recognize who Jesus was as the savior of the world.
07:39 Can you believe that?
07:41 Why would He and Simeon recognize it?
07:46 I would like to see what it says in the Bible.
07:48 See, would you like to see some pictures?
07:50 Yes.
07:51 I would like to see what happens here.
07:55 And let's see, do we have this story?
07:59 Here is Simeon.
08:02 And I can just see the dedication of Jesus.
08:07 Wouldn't it be nice to just imagine
08:10 what it would have been like?
08:24 Now, Lord, let me Your servant depart in peace,
08:27 as You have said,
08:29 for I have seen with my own eyes
08:31 how You'll save Your people.
08:33 Now all people can see Your plan.
08:36 He's a light to show Your way to all the nations
08:40 and He'll bring honor to Your people Israel.
08:50 Many Jews will fall and many will rise
08:53 because of this boy.
08:55 He is a sign from God that many will not accept.
08:59 The secret thoughts of many will be made known.
09:02 And the things that happen to you
09:04 will be painful
09:06 like a sword cutting through your heart.
09:09 Joseph. Don't worry.
09:11 God will help us.
09:16 Oh, thank You, Lord.
09:17 I've seen the Savior of the world.
09:19 Blessed be His holy name.
09:21 I have seen Jesus.
09:23 I'm so glad it wasn't only Simeon
09:26 that recognized Jesus.
09:27 Who else recognized Jesus?
09:29 Anna. Anna.
09:31 Do you know how old she was?
09:33 She was 84 years old.
09:35 Wow. She was kind of old.
09:36 But you know what? She prayed and she fasted.
09:39 Do you know what it means to fast?
09:40 Yeah. What does it mean?
09:42 Should not eat.
09:43 Not eat, because she wanted to hear God's voice
09:45 and listen to the Bible.
09:47 I'm so glad that Anna and Simeon recognized Jesus.
09:50 And you know what?
09:51 He wants us to recognize Him too in our hearts, right?
09:54 But how can we do that?
09:56 What can we do to have Jesus? By praying.
09:58 By praying. What else can we do?
10:00 Reading the Bible.
10:01 Now let me ask you this, fellowshipping
10:03 and telling others about it, about shining the light.
10:06 You're right. But you know what?
10:07 How many of you
10:09 actually have done that this week?
10:11 Have you done that this week? Yes!
10:12 Oh, yes.
10:14 We need to be able to do something like that, would you?
10:17 Hey, how many of you are excited about
10:19 having some questions?
10:20 Do you think you can handle some questions?
10:22 Yes! And see if you were listening?
10:25 But even before that,
10:27 let's start with something else.
10:28 I have some interesting.
10:30 Let's see if we can find out a little bit more
10:34 about the bummer lamb.
10:35 Do you see this picture of the bummer lamb?
10:37 Yeah. Does he look sad?
10:39 Yeah. Yeah, he looks pretty sad.
10:41 And here's Jerusalem.
10:43 Do you know how many watchtowers they had?
10:46 Sixteen. No, they had 34.
10:50 And you know what?
10:51 The walls were 2.5 miles long,
10:56 and they were 40 feet high,
11:00 and they were eight feet thick.
11:02 That's pretty amazing. But you know what?
11:04 It was a big center place for everyone to be there.
11:07 Are you ready for those questions now?
11:09 Yeah!
11:11 Everything was pretty big. All right.
11:13 Let's see if you were paying attention.
11:15 Approximately how many miles did Mary and Joseph travel?
11:20 Was it A, let's do some sign language,
11:22 A, 35 miles?
11:24 No. Was it B, 50?
11:28 Or was it C, 90?
11:31 How many of you think you know? C.
11:33 C. You're right.
11:34 Thank you. You're right.
11:37 How about, here's another question,
11:38 how do we know that God knew you
11:43 before you were born?
11:44 Is it A, because it says it in the Bible?
11:47 Is it B, because your parents told you so?
11:51 Or is it C, because I just know it?
11:54 A.
11:56 A. You're right.
11:57 Where's that found? It's in Psalm 139.
12:00 One more question.
12:01 Are you ready for the third question?
12:03 Yeah. All right.
12:04 We know that that little lamb
12:06 that was abandoned was called what?
12:09 A bummer lamb.
12:11 A, a bummer lamb?
12:13 B, you were paying attention, a baby lamb?
12:16 Or C, what?
12:18 Let's see, a little lamb?
12:20 What do you think it was? A.
12:22 We said A, a bummer lamb.
12:23 You're right guys, so all know it.
12:25 Hey, you're ready to do a craft?
12:27 Yeah, Levi, come and bring that craft over.
12:30 We're going to have to make some room.
12:34 And let's see, Ginger, you ready to come?
12:36 Let's make some room.
12:39 Oh, you can put the picture right here.
12:42 And, oh, do you know what this is?
12:44 Since we were talking about the bummer lamb,
12:46 do you know what this is?
12:47 It's a horn. It's a horn.
12:48 It's a ram's horn.
12:50 Do you want to try blowing that for me?
12:55 Oh, that's pretty cool. You're right.
12:58 So how many of you would like to work
12:59 on the curly lamb craft?
13:01 Me. Yay!
13:03 Yes, let's work on that.
13:04 How many of you...
13:06 Would you like to help me pass this out?
13:07 Let's make some room and pass this out.
13:12 It doesn't matter where you come from.
13:14 But what does matter
13:16 is who lives in your heart, right?
13:18 We want Jesus as our example to shine through us
13:21 in every which way.
13:22 So let's pray that Jesus will live in your heart.
13:26 Ask your parents to call 618-627-4651
13:30 to get your own copy of Jesus My Light calling,
13:33 an activity book, to learn more about God's Word.


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