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00:05 When my heart begins to fear,
00:08 He is my light.
00:10 I can smile for He is near,
00:12 Jesus my light.
00:15 When I am blue, and feeling sad
00:17 He is my light.
00:19 He reminds me I can be glad,
00:21 Jesus my Light.
00:24 He is the Light,
00:26 Jesus my Light.
00:28 In Him is no darkness,
00:30 In Him is no night.
00:33 Where ever He leads me, He makes my way bright.
00:38 I'll shine for Jesus,
00:40 Jesus my light.
00:44 Look, here comes Aunt Francine.
00:46 Hi, kid, how are you?
00:48 I'm so glad. Thank you for doing that.
00:51 I'm so glad to join you in the tree house.
00:53 Are you having fun? Yes.
00:55 Whoa, I'm so glad.
00:56 I hope that you're having fun at home.
00:58 Would you like to join us?
01:00 We want to welcome you to Jesus My Light.
01:02 I'm Aunt Francine,
01:04 and we are going to learn more about Jesus.
01:07 Even when He was a child, He wanted to be very helpful.
01:10 What kind of things do you like to do at home?
01:12 Well, I like to play with my Legos.
01:16 I like to help my mom.
01:18 How about you, Khalil?
01:20 I like to help my mom too
01:23 sometimes but...
01:24 What do you help?
01:26 Do you have to help set this table
01:27 or anything like that?
01:28 Sometimes to set the table,
01:30 and I sometimes do the dishes with her.
01:33 Do the dishes. Now that is very helpful.
01:35 You know, cleaning up after dishes is a big deal
01:38 because I like it when I get some help
01:40 cleaning up when I make a mess.
01:41 But step by step,
01:43 Jesus was learning to follow God's will.
01:47 Do you like making steps to follow Jesus?
01:49 Yes.
01:50 That reminds me of a song and I'm...
01:51 Ben, I'm so glad you're here. Yeah.
01:53 Hey, can we sing this song step by step?
01:57 Let's try it?
02:02 Oh God, You are my God
02:06 And I will ever praise You
02:10 Oh God, You are my God
02:14 And I will ever praise You
02:18 I will seek You in the morning
02:22 And I will learn to walk in Your ways
02:27 And step by step You'll lead me
02:30 And I will follow You all of my days
02:35 Oh, thank you for singing that song with me.
02:38 I really like that song because each step we take,
02:42 we can walk closer to Jesus, don't you think?
02:44 Yeah.
02:46 Thank you for joining us. You're welcome.
02:47 So are you ready
02:49 for the next part of our program,
02:51 the story time?
02:53 Yeah. Yeah!
02:55 Let's go.
02:59 So you know where Jesus moved to with His family
03:03 after they left Jerusalem?
03:06 Where did they go to? To Egypt.
03:07 You're right, Egypt.
03:09 And do you know how far Egypt is?
03:10 Four hundred miles.
03:12 How did you know?
03:14 You're right, it was 400 miles.
03:15 Now that must have taken a long trip.
03:17 But you know what?
03:19 They were traveling probably by the sea.
03:22 And why do you think they wanted to go to Egypt?
03:24 What was happening?
03:25 Somebody was the ruler there.
03:27 Who was the ruler there? King Herod.
03:29 King Herod. And what did he want to do to?
03:31 Kill Jesus.
03:32 He wanted to kill baby Jesus
03:35 because he didn't want anybody else to be the king.
03:37 That is so sad.
03:39 They didn't want Him to be king.
03:41 And so Jesus was, what happened?
03:44 We know the story,
03:45 Joseph didn't even wait until morning
03:48 to pack up all his things and leave for Egypt.
03:51 And so they traveled 400 miles.
03:53 Can you imagine walking 400 miles?
03:55 No. That's pretty far.
03:57 You're right. That is pretty hard.
03:58 And so, you know what?
04:00 They didn't even go back home to Nazareth.
04:02 They had to go and flee.
04:04 So they left everything behind.
04:06 And there they started their new home
04:08 and maybe the wise men gave gifts
04:11 that would help them establish the new home.
04:12 But you know, when Jesus was a small boy,
04:15 God had chosen Mary and Joseph to be her parents.
04:19 And I'm so glad for that.
04:20 Because you know what happened, is that they realized
04:23 that it had to be God
04:24 that was leading Jesus step by step.
04:27 And Jesus was small boy,
04:29 and even when He was like two or three years old,
04:32 you know what He was doing?
04:34 He was trying to be helpful.
04:35 How many of you have tried being helpful
04:36 at two and three?
04:38 Yeah, that's how hard a task, isn't it?
04:39 Yeah, 'cause you are young.
04:41 You're pretty young,
04:42 but He wanted to be very helpful.
04:44 Do you like helping too?
04:46 Sometimes? I hope so.
04:48 Because you know what?
04:49 He even then, He wanted to help.
04:51 And the big task back then was to make bread.
04:56 How many of you have ever made bread?
04:57 Do you like making bread?
04:59 I like making bread. How about you at home?
05:01 Every Sunday, I make bread for the week.
05:04 And it takes a little bit of time.
05:05 And I put everything in my ingredients,
05:08 and I put it in my bread machine.
05:09 And I hit the button, and it starts up.
05:12 But back then, do you think
05:13 they had a bread machine like I do?
05:15 No. No.
05:17 They had to do with the wheat, right?
05:19 And you know what?
05:21 I have a basket right there, would you kindly, Roselynn,
05:24 can you get me that basket right there?
05:25 There's a little basket right there.
05:27 And I have some wheat berries in there.
05:31 Thank you.
05:32 There were some wheat berries.
05:34 And so they would have time, oh, she thinks it's a treat.
05:37 But they would be wheat berries like these.
05:40 And they would grab them,
05:42 and then they would try to grind them up.
05:45 And that's kind of a hard task to do.
05:48 And they would grind them up.
05:50 Aleigha, would you like to try?
05:51 Smash it.
05:53 That's kind of hard, right?
05:55 It takes some work.
05:56 And this is, but that's what they had to do.
05:58 They had to grind it up.
06:00 And then they would have the flour.
06:03 Now, back then it took at least three to four hours
06:06 from the time that you already had your flour
06:09 to make the bread.
06:10 They had special ovens.
06:12 And I can just imagine what it was like for Jesus.
06:16 Wouldn't you like to see what it was like?
06:18 And let's see if we can open up a picture book
06:23 and have a look inside what Jesus might have done.
06:28 Let's see.
06:30 Would you like to see some pictures?
06:32 I would like to see little Jesus right here.
06:36 And see, He would follow examples.
06:38 Do you see Him helping His mom
06:40 smash the wheat berries right here.
06:43 And then they would smash it.
06:45 And even before they could make the bread,
06:47 they had to separate the chaff
06:51 and so they would have to throw it up in the air
06:53 and let the wind blow it.
06:56 That's interesting.
06:57 I wonder what it had been like.
07:01 Wouldn't you like to see that?
07:13 That's a good little helper.
07:14 Thank you, Jesus.
07:15 You see, after we gather the wheat,
07:18 we have to separate it from the chaff.
07:20 Now, let's try winnowing the wheat.
07:22 Can you help me put some in here?
08:30 He's praying and then He's ready to eat it.
08:34 Oh, I would have loved to be there with little Jesus.
08:37 He was so very helpful.
08:40 And do you know what it's called
08:41 when they throw the wheat up in the air?
08:45 Winnowing. Winnowing, you're right.
08:47 It is called winnowing.
08:49 And then they would... It was important to do that.
08:52 And you know, it reminds me sometimes,
08:54 Jesus had some brothers.
08:56 Were they always nice to Him?
08:58 No.
08:59 How did you know He had some older brothers?
09:01 Can you sit down?
09:03 But you know what?
09:04 He had to make some careful choices.
09:06 And I'm sure Mary said,
09:08 had a little talk and said, "You know what?
09:10 It's okay that your brothers are playing.
09:12 You can be here and I'm so glad that you're helping me
09:15 do different things with the chores
09:17 and making bread for example."
09:19 How many times do your parents
09:20 have to remind you to set the table?
09:22 Many. Many times.
09:25 So you know what?
09:26 Sometimes it's important to be helpful
09:28 without having to be asked, right?
09:30 Yeah.
09:31 Yeah, He wanted us,
09:33 He wants, our parents want us to be helpful.
09:35 And you know what?
09:37 There is a Commandment that has a promise.
09:40 Do you know what Commandment has a promise in it?
09:44 The Fifth Commandment.
09:45 Oh, what, which is what, Khalil?
09:48 "Honor your father and your mother,
09:49 that the days will be long upon the land
09:51 which the Lord thy God giveth thee."
09:52 You're right.
09:54 So God has a promise
09:55 that if we honor our parents and respect them,
09:58 we will live a long time.
10:00 And so by helping them and being very helpful,
10:02 that is what we can do to grow in favor with God.
10:06 But not only are you growing in favor with God,
10:08 who are you going with as well?
10:10 Your parents. You're right.
10:13 So you know what? Here is some stories.
10:16 I'd like to show you some pictures.
10:20 So here is where Jesus had to travel
10:24 from Jerusalem, you see they were from Bethlehem
10:28 and then Jerusalem,
10:30 and then they probably went here to Egypt.
10:33 Now, Egypt was a beautiful place.
10:36 And it had lots of rich places,
10:38 it was known to be a very dry place,
10:40 but it became a very rich place.
10:42 And that's where people wanted to dwell.
10:49 So during the Bible times,
10:51 how long did it take them to make bread?
10:53 Was it A, one to two hours?
10:57 B, three to four hours?
10:59 Or C, pretty much all day like six to eight hours?
11:03 B.
11:04 B, three to four hours. You're right.
11:07 How about?
11:08 What type of grain was often used
11:11 in the Bible times?
11:13 Was it,
11:15 let's see, barley and wheat?
11:19 Or oats and rice?
11:22 Or was it corn and rye?
11:26 A.
11:28 A, barley and wheat. You're right.
11:31 What is it called when we use the wind
11:33 to separate the wheat from the chaff?
11:37 Winnowing.
11:38 Okay, hold on, was it catching the wind,
11:43 chasing or winnowing?
11:45 What was it? Winnowing.
11:47 Winnowing.
11:48 You already know, I know you at home
11:50 already knew the answer.
11:52 So you know what?
11:53 Let's go get our craft.
11:55 Are you ready to make a craft?
11:56 Yes. Yes, go get it.
11:58 Let's go get it, Khalil.
12:00 So no matter what your age or how young or old you are,
12:04 we can always make a habit of being helpful
12:06 like these little helpful lilies.
12:09 Jesus wanted to be helpful.
12:10 Do you like to be helpful at home?
12:12 I hope so.
12:13 So remember, when your mom ask you to do something,
12:15 I hope she doesn't have to ask you
12:17 two or three times
12:19 or even remind you to set the table.
12:21 So let's get out some crafts.
12:23 And here's a straw for you.
12:27 And Roselynn and Aleigha,
12:30 here is a couple more and Ricardo.
12:33 All right, so you know what you get to do on this one,
12:36 is you get to trace your hand.
12:39 So who wants purple?
12:41 Who wants pink?
12:44 Oh, girls like pink?
12:45 Let's get some colors out and let's have fun.
12:51 Yes.
12:55 What color do you see? Do you see it?
12:57 So you can go ahead and start tracing your hand.
13:01 Yeah, and you want green?
13:05 Okay.
13:06 Oops. Let's see if we have green.
13:07 Okay.
13:09 No matter how negative people are,
13:11 what can we always remember?
13:14 We can always shine for Jesus and be very helpful, can't we?
13:17 At every situation, we can, you be helpful at home.
13:21 Where else can we be helpful?
13:22 Do any of you go to school? Yes.
13:24 Yeah, we can be helpful at school.
13:26 Well, you live for Jesus today.
13:28 I hope you will want to learn for Jesus.
13:31 And we hope you can visit us at


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