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00:01 ♪ ♪
00:06 When my heart begins to fear, He is my Light.
00:09 I can smile for He is near,
00:12 Jesus my Light.
00:14 When I am blue and feeling sad,
00:17 He is my Light.
00:18 He reminds me I can be glad. Jesus my Light.
00:23 He is the Light, yes Jesus my Light.
00:27 In Him is no darkness, in Him is no night.
00:32 Where ever leads me, He makes my way bright.
00:37 I'll shine for Jesus, Jesus my Light.
00:43 Here comes Aunt Francine.
00:45 Hi kids, How are you? You're doing wonderful? I'm so glad to
00:51 be here in the tree house with you. Oh this is always so much
00:56 fun. I'm so glad you're here and I'd like to welcome the kids at
01:01 home. This is Jesus My Light and I'm Aunt Francine and this
01:06 is little Ginger. We're going to learn a little bit about Jesus
01:10 and His character. Are you ready? Yeah. His character was
01:15 sprouting and He loved to spend time in nature and see the
01:17 little critters which reminds me of a song, All God's Critters.
01:22 Do you know that song? Yeah. Would you like to sing it with
01:25 us. Let's sing it together. ♪ ♪
01:31 ♪ ♪
02:06 I think I get out of breath on that one. But that's kind of fun
02:11 isn't it? I know Jesus has fun talking about nature. And you
02:17 know what? I can't wait to see what that is. Thank you for
02:20 joining us. I appreciate you taking the time. Yes, so you
02:25 know what? Are you ready for a Bible story? Yeah. Are you
02:29 ready? All right. Let's get started. So you know when Jesus
02:39 was little, I believe that He left Egypt and went back to
02:44 Nazareth. And you know, there in Nazareth I believe He spent a
02:48 lot of time out in nature and his mother was his example.
02:52 Don't you think? Yeah. Every morning early in the morning
02:54 He would go
02:56 up to the mountain side, first with his mother, and as he got
02:59 older He would probably go and talk to His heavenly Father.
03:02 He wanted to spend time working on His character and God was
03:06 working on Him and I can just imaging Him picking up a little
03:10 bee or watching the little caterpillars on the grass.
03:13 Do you like doing something like that? Yeah. Do you like seeing
03:16 something out in nature? I love nature. I can never get enough
03:20 time out in nature. And so I see Jesus, he would be out there and
03:25 talking to His heavenly Father. And often He would sing. Do you
03:31 like to sing? Yeah. I like to sing. Now Aunt Francine can't
03:35 hold a note but she likes to sing. Wouldn't you like to see
03:37 what it was like back in that time? I would like to see. Let's
03:41 get out a picture book and I think somehow we might see a
03:46 little glimpse of what Jesus might have done and let's see
03:50 on our Bible scene. Here it is. Here's Jesus. And I can see Him
03:56 taking maybe the scroll. We think that He possibly had a
03:59 scroll, whether it was from Isaiah, or maybe he was able to
04:04 borrow it or maybe it was a family treasure but it's
04:08 possible that He had some kind of scripture to go, and then He
04:11 would try to memorize and observe nature. The prophet
04:17 Isaiah says, And the voice said cry out and he said, what shall
04:21 I cry. All flesh is grass and all is loveliness is like a
04:25 flower of the field. The grass withers and the flower fades
04:29 because the breath of the Lord blows upon it. Surely the people
04:33 are grass. The grass withers, the flower fades but the word of
04:37 our God stands forever. Heavenly Father, thank you for
04:47 giving me your word. Thank you for giving me my family like my
04:51 mom so I can give your beautiful flowers to them. In your name I
04:55 pray, Amen.
04:59 ♪ ♪
05:10 Did you see how happy Jesus was coming down that mountain?
05:13 He was surely happy and you know what? Having a happy attitude
05:17 is part of it, but how do you get a happy attitude? Do you
05:19 know sometimes it's just being thankful. Sometimes we need to
05:23 be thankful for the things, like He was thankful for His mother
05:26 and father. And sometimes just being out in nature. We need to
05:29 constantly be thankful that we see Jesus, right, and His nature
05:34 And I'm so happy that Mary and Joseph realized that they
05:38 weren't necessarily teaching Jesus. They were trying to teach
05:42 Jesus the best they could but God chose Mary and Joseph for
05:46 a specific reason and that's to realize that God Himself was
05:51 teaching Jesus by being out in nature. Do you know beside
05:55 learning the scriptures nature is another book of knowledge.
06:00 Did you know that? Do you enjoy spending time out in nature?
06:04 Yeah. Yeah, I sure do. I love to spend time out in nature and
06:08 there's not enough time that I can spend. And I'm so thankful
06:11 that Jesus had a thankful
06:13 spirit and He wanted to learn about nature. Now I have
06:17 something very special but we have to clear the table.
06:21 You want to help me clear this little table. We might even need
06:25 to move Ginger a little bit. And you know what? I have some
06:28 helpers and we're going to move something very special. Ginger,
06:33 you're going to have to move over a little bit, Ginger, just
06:36 right here, okay. And let's move over and let's make some room
06:41 for this hive. Shaylen, can you move over just a little bit?
06:44 So let's see if we can carry this hive in and I got to see,
06:49 which one... Come on in. You boys are doing a good job
06:54 gentlemen. Ohh. That was heavy. And I've got to remember which
06:58 one I wanted to look for. Have you seen a beehive before?
07:02 Yeah. There's some lessons we can learn about bees. Yes. What
07:09 do you know about bees?
07:10 They make honey.
07:12 They make honey. Who doesn't like honey? Do you like honey at
07:14 home. I sure love having honey. And so I want to show you
07:18 something wonderful. Oh, maybe it wasn't this one. Maybe this
07:23 is one of them. Nope, it was another one. We got... This
07:27 turned around. But do you see how they have little cones?
07:29 And some of them have honey. So I've got to see if it's this one
07:34 See how heavy this one is? Do you see how it is?
07:39 That one's got a lot.
07:40 That one has a lot. And there was another one that I wanted to
07:42 show you. They're making... See how they're building it up and
07:47 then they put their honey in it. Isn't that kind of special? But
07:51 what kind of lessons can we learn about bees? There's so
07:55 many lessons that we can learn. Look how heavy this one is. Ooo!
07:59 Yes, it's very... Oh, I need to go... I'm trying to look for a
08:04 particular one. Oh this was it. There we go. See how wide it
08:09 gets. They build it up and then they make their honey. Do you
08:11 know that they have to travel 90,000 miles in order to get one
08:20 pound of honey? That's a lot of work, I would think. And do you
08:25 know that every flight that they take they stop between 50 to 100
08:30 flowers in order to make that honey. That's a lot of work,
08:34 don't you think? Yeah. It is. And do you think that happens
08:40 overnight? No, God has to keep building your character, right,
08:45 constantly. It doesn't happen all of a sudden. Jesus wants us
08:50 to be more like Him and shine for Him and learn about nature
08:53 I'm so glad that we have things like honey. I love honey. How
08:58 about you? I really like to have honey. But you know what. Jesus
09:03 has wonderful things for us and wonderful plans. But you know He
09:08 wants you to work on your character too. Is there
09:11 something that God wants you to work on? Can you think of
09:15 something. I wouldn't say it out loud but sometimes you might
09:19 have some kind of goal that you want to work on too. I can think
09:23 of some. I have a special hat that's over in our treasure
09:27 chest. Shalen can you take it for us. Can you grab it
09:31 carefully. I see a hat there and I want you to think of somebody
09:39 who wore a top hat. Do you know anybody that used to keep their
09:44 notes in their top hat? Abraham. Abraham Lincoln. Now do you know
09:50 the other name of Abraham Lincoln? What was he called?
09:53 Does anybody know. Honest Abe. Honest Abe. You're right. He was
09:59 a clerk and he would know sometimes he forgot to give
10:02 somebody the correct change. And he would go miles to make that
10:06 change correct. Do you think that happened when he was just
10:09 older as an adult? No. How did he get the name Honest Abe?
10:13 Did he chop down a cherry tree?
10:16 Well that was a different president. I think that was
10:19 George Washington our first president. But you Abraham
10:23 Lincoln he didn't do that just from the beginning. He had to
10:27 know what was right and be honest. Do you think his parents
10:30 had something to do with that? I think so. And we can be honest
10:35 and learn there's certain things that we can keep growing and
10:39 sprouting and being like Jesus. I hope that you can make a goal
10:42 somehow, someway to be like Jesus. Are you ready for some
10:46 questions? Yeah. Ooo. Let's see if you were listening.
10:57 Nature. Was it A. nature? How many of you agree it's nature?
11:04 Yeah, you're right. You beat me to it. It's nature. We already
11:08 know that it was nature.
11:14 A. Complaining. B. Being thankful or C. Making fun of
11:25 someone. Which one would help us have a good attitude?
11:32 B. You can help me show me your sign language. Okay last
11:34 question. Are you ready for a third question? Okay.
11:40 That was something in our video that we saw him do. Do you think
11:44 it was A. Singing, B. Screaming at the top of our lungs or
11:50 C. crying. A. A. you're right. Jesus wants us to always be
11:56 happy and live for him. He loves to hear us sing and even though
12:00 Aunt Francine can't hold a note that's okay I hope that I can
12:05 still keep growing to be like Jesus. Even though I can't...
12:08 He still loves to hear me sing. Even though your parents might
12:11 not like hearing you sing. I know God can work things out
12:17 with the angels so that my singing sounds a little bit
12:19 better. Wouldn't you like to sing for Jesus? Would you like
12:23 to go out in nature? Yeah. Shall we go out in nature after this?
12:26 So we'll have our craft. Are you ready to get out craft? All
12:29 right, who wants to get our craft? I can. All right go ahead
12:33 Please. Thank you. Let's get ready for our craft. You know
12:39 what, we are so thankful that we can be a light for Jesus and we
12:42 can grow and I hope that you take this time to grow to be
12:46 like Jesus and learn like the busy bees. How many miles do
12:50 these bees travel? Ninety thousand miles and I want to be
12:57 a hard worker like these bees and have a mission because God
13:00 has a special purpose for you to live for him each and every day.
13:04 Will you please live for him? Let's get ready to paint. Are
13:09 you ready? Let's get some paint. Let's go.
13:11 ♪ ♪


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